Early In The MorningEdit

(  ) Deep into the night. About mmm. 2:00 A.M, Connor would be on the dojo floor, preforming a split, straight, with both of his legs spread outwards and away form him, as he meditated intensively. Pushing his chi to the center of his stomach and letting it pulsate throughout the rest of his body as his brow furrowed, his eyes closed, showing his disconnection to the physical world around him, and more so showing how calm Connor could be if he honestly wanted to. His black fleece sweat pants rested faithfully on his lower half, as his white wife beater clung to his body by the bulk of his shoulders. Connor would open his eyes and push his hands forward, uplifting his body in a hand stand.

connor would begin pumping handstand push ups, as shis shirt would fluff down letting the rest of his upper body into view. He’d continue doing these for a few minutes, using his chi to weight his body down and create resistance.  “Kodiiiiiiiiiiiii. Kodi! Get your thick ass out here and let’s do some sparing. I can’t keep my physical conditioning up by my damn self!” Connor would push himself up off the ground, and land on his feet again. he’d spread his arms out, clenching his fist and popping some bones in his back. He’d flex his muscles, bringing his arms closer inside and stretching out the muscles in the arms and the back.

“Koooooooooooooooooooooodi!” connor waited for her, placing a hand on his hip with a non chalont look on his face.

( )...Being in the bed they shared...Kodi's left eye twitched in grouchy anger...hearing Connor yell out for her..she layed in the bed...The female looked over at the time.. "Two....fucking..A.M.... and he wants to spar.."   “Kodiiiiiiiiiiiii. Kodi! Get your thick ass out here and let’s do some sparing. I can’t keep my physical conditioning up by my damn self!” ... The blonde layed there for a brief moment while pulling the sheets off of her completely.. lying there in her buxon nude body...lesiurely coming out the bed she heard Connor yell out for her."I'M FUCKING COMING GOD... Can't we fucking sleep like normal beings..No we have to train  in the fucking MORNING!!" Yelling in raspy tone, she Stumbled  over to the  where he was calling her she scratched the back of her head grumbling..."Man wtf..." She stared at his muscles as he flexed them.. her cheeks became rosey.. as she stood there naked.. She then ran back to her room put on her body suit for training.. She came back while having her messy bed hair tied in a ponytail.."Man... 2 A.M. I'm going to flip you over" Her left eye twitched more while having bags underneath her eyes... She bared her Shark like teeth walking over to him while glaring at him with a comical anime vein ontop of her head.. She stomped her way over to him pushing him to the wall while pinning amongst it.. glaring deadly at him.."Just... Hurry...Up lets do this I want to go back to sleep!" leaning  toward him she bit his nose roughly leaving a bitemark that bled a bit due to her sharp serated teeth before pulling herself off him then taking five steps back... she fixated her tight body suit.. having a bit of a wedgie due to having such a buxom lower body.. after doing so she raised her fists at Connor...thus flexing her thick muscular thighs.."Alright,Lets just do this and then I'm going to sleep on this god damn floor.. Right .. RIGHT AFTER.." The blonde was really crabby in the morning though Connor already knew this.

Good Time To Train!Edit

Connor would turn to see her buxom body in it’s full nudge glory. A sight Connor hadn’t been able tot ake in and enjoy for a while since he’d been trying to fatten her up a bit and it was working. Her body now it’s natural curve to it abscess rib cage. Just a perfect skinned body…Connor would clear his throat and smile at her. She was such a grouch in the mornings, but Connor found it when she was the most adorable. When she’ d come back in body suit, connor would fold his arms, looking at her as she began to talk. .."Man... 2 A.M. I'm going to flip you over" Her left eye twitched more while having bags underneath her eyes... She bared her Shark like teeth walking over to him while glaring at him with a comical anime vein ontop of her head.. She stomped her way over to him pushing him to the wall while pinning amongst it.. glaring deadly at him.."Just... Hurry...Up lets do this I want to go back to sleep!" Connor would hold his hands up furrowing his brow. “Woman you better calm your happy ass do-hey!” Connor would rub his nose where she’d bitten it, grumbling under his breathe a bit as she walked away. “Fuckiing..shark teeth.” Connor couldn’t help but stare at her ass.. his eyes flourished pink for a second, showing his pulsating lust factor increasing, but he’d close his eyes and fight the urge, simply deciding to focus on the spar rather than the lust factor. .."Alright,Lets just do this and then I'm going to sleep on this god damn floor.. Right .. RIGHT AFTER..” Connor would walk over to her, rolling his arm and sucking his teeth. “Quit your yapping. Sheesh. We have business to take care of pretty early on anyway woman so lets get to it. This session we’re not using any chi. This is a shack. I could break this place by flexing my chi into my left nut, let alone my whole body. “ Connor would inhale and exhale, before gripping his shirt by the base of it, and flinging it off in one smooth motion. 

“Alright “Blondie.” Show me that spark you had when we first fought. I’m not being a bitch with my emtoions this don’t expect me to hold back on you just cause you look good.” Connor would cross his arms across his chest, then bend his left arm to his chest, and extend his right arm in a fist, before bringing his right arm to behind him and his left arm to be outstretched infront of him. 

First, he charges at the kodi and attempts to  punch her in her jaw before reverse side kick in the same area i.e the jaw, before blasting her away in a beeline fashion, both attacks causing heavy muscle damage and bruising, with sprain in the jaw. The kick would be attempted weather the punch connected or not. Then, he’d dash after the opponent . That being said Connor would attempt to get behind Kodi, and grab her by her head in a sleeper hold. The hold, if connected would be tight, with no restrain and all applied pressure put on the neck. Connor would then contain their head and step backwards, and begin repeatedly ramming his knee into the midsection of her back! If the headlock connected, He would use this as a brutal submission but it has side effects. The first knee is the initial one, and would cause lack of breath on impact, with a boney pain in the spine. The second knee would double that pain, and spread the pain to the entire lower back, stretching the muscles out uncomfortably and causing the spine to micro fracture a bit. The third knee would cause the opponents body should it hit to bend completely backwards,  literally over Connor's knee.  He wasn’t aiming to break her back persay, but possibly in some form of way get her to submit. If the chokehold was countered via a physical action brought towards connor (i.e an attack) Connor would quickly drop the floor, and attempt to move his right leg left from right to left, in an attempt to sweep kodi off of her feet, enough force to bruise her right calf and flip her into the air and land flat on her back, in which connor would step back and hold his stance.

"Alright “Blondie.” Show me that spark you had when we first fought. I’m not being a bitch with my emtoions this don’t expect me to hold back on you just cause you look good.”  This only made the female scoff at him while laughing slightly at his statement.. She always knew he wasn't going to hold back..When he had  moved his hands in a stance like motion.. The abrasive female brought her right leg out bending it slightly  ,only to raise up her right fist infront of her.. while Connor charged at Kodi he would bring his fist bringing to punch her.. Kodi swiftly   raised her right leg up too as high as her chest only slightly above it... she would then lunged it forth  Countering his punch by,  jerking her leg out thus smashing the bottom of her foot straight into the right side of  Connors jaw..Kodi used her strength upon her legs by  bashing it abrutly only to send connor five inches back....

. ..As she had  countered,. The blonde would then slammed  her foot back down onto the floor abrutly, thus looking over as he stumbled back, she would start running at Connor at 40mph..thus only to attempt to grapple her right arm around his right arm locking it in her grasp. She kept it in a tight hold while..only to bring her left arm onto the the opposite side of his neck... The female tightened her muscles amongst her arms only to flip him over to smash his spine onto the ground in a rough matter... giving him a mild tension upon his spinal cord ..She made a taunting grunt as she tend to make her next move.

If this connected... Kodi would then grapple her right hand onto his brown locks of hair... only to attempt to lash her left fist directly into the right side of his temple.. she continued afterwards... she then manuevered to the left ..bringing her fist back down onto the same side of his head... sending two hefty weighted punches at Connor..The female stumbled ontop of him only to lash out each of her fists at him multiple times.. each punch was getting harder and harder... bringing atleat 9 punches... The blonde soon skidded back 6 feet while having her fists up in a defensive mechanism...

If successful, The blonde then panted slightly while, fixated her body to sway left and right while awaiting for Connor to get back up...Kodi was riled up.. now... She then extended out her left arm... signaling him to get back up and attack her... She always admired Connor,when he didn't  treat her as a woman when fighting she always loved a hardcore fight.. an the male always gave it to her that way."C'mon Connor, show me what you got mmm?" She taunted him while movin around in her fighting stance.. as she was ready to strike at any moment.

As Connor would’ve come in for this first attack, it was countered as quick as it came, when Connor would be struck in the face by that powerful foot of hers! taking the hit instride, Connor would slide back on his feet by five feet, only to look back ahead and see Kodi coming in and grabbing his right arm in a tucking like maneuver. She’d then bring her other arm up and over connor’s opposite side of his neck and attempt to pull him down into a tripping maneuver, a maneuver connor had become all to familer with in his study of jiu jitsu. Connor would smile as instead of letting her outright throw him, Connor would literally drop his body along with her motion, having control over his own flow rather than  adhearing to her own.  This in turn would lessen the pain on connor’s back as he  knew how to fall so to speak with minimal damage, another jujitsu tatic..laying on the ground, Connor would’ve taken an open guard like position, holding his arms beside his face and eyeing her the entire time with a raised brow and a smirk. As she gripped his hair and went for the first punch, Connor’s seemingly limp body sprung into action! Connor would stop her fist and redirect it so it’d hit the ground behind him. simutaniously…bringing his right leg up from her left side and shoving it around the back of her neck, so his calf would be pressing against said area, and her arm would be pressed between her head and his thigh. Connor would not even a half second, later bring his left leg up onto the right side of her head, and lock in his right leg’s position by bending his knee over his right ankle, which in turn would lead to him attempting to grab the blonde by her hair instead and pull her head downwards, while applying pressure on the back of her neck, thus chocking her in Connor’s favorite position: the Triangle choke. 

A triangle choke, or sankaku-jime (三角絞) in Judo, is a type of figure-four chokehold which strangles the opponent by encircling the opponent's neck and one arm with the legs in a configuration similar to the shape of a triangle. The technique is a type of lateral vascular restraint that constricts the blood flow from the carotid arteries to the brain. Kodi fell into the positioning for this move all on her own, as if the attempt worked thanks to her actions, connor would have the means to literaly begin to strangle the girl! The stragalation would come from her own arm, connor’s leg on her neck being pressed down by his opposite leg, and him forcing her neck at an angle! It wouldn’t take more than 2 seconds for her to already feel light headed from lack of oxygen, dizziness, nuaseia, and one hell of a migraine, which that in itself would lead to irritability to light, and fatigue! Connor wouldn’t hold this to long though, just enough until he’d pushed down on her neck for about 5 seconds..keep in mind it only takes 3 seconds of pressure to the neck to cause a blackout. Weather she’d passed out or not, Connor would then attempt to flip his and kodi’s body into a backwards roll! Slamming her head on the ground first followed by her upper back, both would get a bone chilling sensation of agonizing ache once they’d hit the mat. Connor would now have the full mount position over her, now his legs positioned openly over her arms, specifrically the middle of her biceps. Connor would retrun the favor attempting to the grip her own hair with is left hand and begin throwing punch after punch to the top of her head, the base of her chin, and her shoulder and collar bones! 

in this attempt connor would attempt to sevely batter and weaken kodi’s defenses. Having trapped  her arms with his full body weight, all that was left between his legs were her shoulders and her head. Connor would throw at least 25 punches, all with 0.08 second intervals , which is comparably fast even for conoor, though he rarely show cases his speed. “HAHAHAHAAHA!” connor would cackle smiling at her if this attempt worked. If she didn’t find her way free from the punches, she’d more than likely get at least 10 concussions..minimum.

As Connor grabbed the blonde by the hair only to pull her head downwards...thus wrapping his legs around her neck...She would try to tug her head back while only to fail he started to strangle Kodi within his legs...Her head would turn red.. as she started to feel nauseated and due to her not breathing she then she would swing her fists at the lower sides of his stomach before connor flipped her over after five seconds.. her head slammed on the floor..she gritted her teet getting a heavy headache from it as well as her upper back slamming into the mat.. Only to have the male mount over her...gripping her hair once more..only to have a thrown punch at the top of her..directly at her chin,her shoulder an collar bones...Though inbetween the 5 fives hitting her chin.. leaving it severely bruise thus leaving a crack within the jawline.. Her eyes widened, while flexing her muscles within her legs once more... she then would lunge her legs forth..clamping them down on the sides of Connors mid body..She tight her grip..causing him to bring his breathes shorten to the grip being as tight...The blonde soon lifted his body using the strength within her legs... lifting him off of her... causing his thrown punches to hit nothing but air..Her blue eyes fixated thus launching out her legs out only to fling the male off of her...This causing Connor land onto his feet,standing up straight, due  to the flinging motion Kodi performed.The blonde female soon flipped into a frontward roll,only to attempt to grapple her arms around his thighs locking them tight around each thigh.. She used her upper and lower body strength only to pick up Connor as if he were just a couch..She then sprinted forth in about 5 inches before slamming his back onto the mat once more 

...If connected.. Kodi would then mounted Connor,having his head inbetween her deadly thighs.. she snickered at him before attempting to slam each of her muscular strong thighs straight into each side of his neck.. causing him to not breathe due to the instant compressed pressure placed on his neck.The female would raise each of her fists.. while his head was in place due to her deadly grip... Kodi then swung her right fist first... only to smash straight into the middle of his face... she caused a large gash straight across his nose.. before rearing her right fist to only have the left one smash into his bottom lip at atleast 5 times.. each hit were to become denser and denser.. causing a huge bloody blister to form amongst it.and also turning it purple...only to have him match her bruised face.. If this Connected, Kodi would then lean her upper body back while raising her arms over her head,planting them onto the mat.. she tugged Connors head in a uncomfortable matter... only to flip him over her body..his body would fling over her.. at atleast 7 feet, thus accidently.. slamming him into a couple of weights..The female blinked before manuevering herself to stand up..If successful she would raise her fists up thus spitting on the mat..having a bit of blood in her mouth.

As connor felt his punches connecting, an almost sickening smile would appear on his face as he flet the sastisfaction of punching his lovely dearest. That’s until he felt legs clamping down around his waist. “I thought that was coming…” connor would squint his eyes, scheming, immideatly planning and plotting hies very next counter manueer or anything else he could do for that matter. As she threw him backwards, he’d flip his body and land in a standing position which was odd of her to do until he saw her roll towards him and take grip of both of his legs. “Damn! She’s been training!” Connor felt his body being lifted into the air and slammed down upon his backside! “oof!” Connor took the full force of the hit, luckily exhaling all of his air in his body, so when his body did hit the mant, his diaphragm would force him to breathe in. preventing the loss of breathe is the key to preventing the shock of a hit. When her thickened thighs were around his head, connor felt a bit angsty as his eyes would flash a flurescent pinkish color before she’d launch the first punch against the bridge of his nose, breaking the skin a bit. Connor was fairly durable, but the force of the punch did make him think twice about underestimating her ground game. When she went for the hit twaords his chin, connor took the opportunity again, but this time…he’d open his mouth wide, wide enough to bite her hand from the very top of her knuckle the base of her fist, right around the edges of that specific area. He bit down with just enough force to break the skin of her fist, but also enough force that if she tried to move her hand she’d likely fail the first few times, as being an oni a strong bite is definitely a must have. As connor would do this, if his counter worked, he’d then reach his arms up around her waist, asserting his physical dominace and positioning, and lifting himself and her body up into the air in a standing posisting with her on his shoulders, and him holding her! In a mere second, Connor would grunt and then bring her body down in a powerbomb!!!!

If this connected sucuessfully, Kodi would have the entire back of her head, neck, and upper back slammed onto the mat with such a force the room in itself would rattle a bit, as the dishes would clank and the silverware would rattle then fall to the floor! Kodi would’ve suffred from a nice little sprain on the back of her neck area, meaning if she moved her head to much, she might pop her neck the wrong way, a nice sized lump on the back of her head which would be successive of an instant, but relaxing concussion, and all of this connected by a terrible muscular back pain that would throb consistently. Connor would sit down with her while doing this move so her legs would be positioned over his shoulders and open while connr’s legs would be on each side of her while he held her thighs in his hands. Connor would breathe heavily, staring at her for a moment looking into ther eyes…her clear oceanic eyes…he was euphoric in his stare. He’d push her legs out of the way and pull her up by her waist only to have her sit in his lap, and look up at her before pushing his lips to her own. Even if she’d hit him at this point or tried to  fight it, Connor would push to give her this kiss anyway. A tinge of blood being exchanged between their lips before he’d pull away, giving her a slanted look of entoxication. He’d move his hands up and through her hair, breathing against her lips with his own. “Give me you…” he’d whisper against her lips, tugging on her bottom one a bit with his teeth as his body suddenly got warm and his breathe releases became frosty in coloration…if she took in the breathe he released , she might start to feel a bit in heat herself.

Intimacy In ViolenceEdit

Kodi's eyes widenend when he had opened his mouth to bite the very top of her knuckle of her fist..he then broke skin..She gritted her teeth,while trying to rear her fist back.. feeling his strong grip amongst her fist...Befor she could even react, Connor would wrap his arms around her waist..  he would soon lift er body up into the air...he held her abrutly as she fidgeted around in his grasp... Kodi swung her fist directly at his cheek just before he slammed her body straight into the mat! feeling the ground and room shake a bit... The blonde sneered feeling a little sprain around her neck,also feeling  her back sprained while throbbing a bit fromt he pain as well... Kodi watched as Connor st down with her. moving his legs over her shoudlers as well as having his hands on her thick thighs..the female were about to get up an start fighting until he looked into her eyes with his crimson eyes...gazing at one another for a brief time.. Connor would soon pull the abrasive female by the waist only to set her onto his lip..TIlting her head curiously.. she then blinked when he had pushed his lips against her very own... Casually she punched his shoulder playfully.. only to mush her lips against his in return.. As they pulled away from the kiss a bit.. he moved his hands sensually through her hair... his breath breathing against hers...“Give me you…”  with those words whispered to her.. she felt her self being flourised with pleasure... Connor tugged on her bottom lip...feeling his body temp perk up in  a warm temp...Kodi then inhaled the frosty colored air he released... Her body soon began to heat up in-no time.. Her blue eyes became a rather darkened but filled with lust..Kodi soon pinned him down onto the mat.. Her bodysuit were giving her a wedgie.. that soon exposed her plumped ass cheeks.. Though her breasts fell out of the suit a few seconds ago..only to have her chest pressed up against his. her pink erected nipples rubbed up and down his muscular chest..The female leaned forth, taking a sniff from his scent.. it was exhilerating.. she then kiss from his chin then down to his chest.. as she made it to the middle of his chest.. she took a bite down leaving her shark bite mark on it... She grunted furiously while sitting up only to smack his face with lust and passion..Kodi then slid off of him.. her body felt like it was moving on her own.. Turning around not caring about her sprains an all she layed back on her back only to spread her buxom legs over her head.. only to rip the panty line of the bodysuit only to expose her soaked drenche pussy.. It  had been already wet due to the spar they had.. the Masochism within her was ticking... Her pants shortened.. her body was really hot... she used her right hand to grasp  at a handle of a tonfa weapon that fell around as they trained.. Kodi looked over at Connor before shoving the tonfa into her  tight hole slowly( she groaned teasingly wanting the male to ravage her roughly.. her moans were more feminine this time.. due to the entoxication Connor has put upon the female.  Kodi continued to pull it out an push it into her as she was fucking the weapon... She looked over at the male with plead in her eyes.. though still keeping a lustful glare at him.

Her punch it always did..but he could tell she’d been stricken with the same heat that overcame in him at this very moment. He’d allow himself to be pushed down against the mat, and as he was pushed down against the mat, he saw her exposed breast…it’s almost like they’d gotten a wee bit plumper since their last encounter..her nipples brushed against his chest, and it tingled him a bit. She began to kiss him from his chin, and down his chest, her body receeding, which only caused the wedgie in her ass to become more prominent, as her ass was explosed. Connor bit his lip and let out a rought and stutterd sigh..he’d missed that plump rump of hers. his gaze never left hers the entire time she moved, as she slide off of his body, and layed on her back spreading her legs over her she took a tonfa she’d found from the weapons rack, and began bashing her cunt with it…her moans were like a fine wine. Enough of them would get you addicted in a heart beat..Connor’s growl had become a bit different since last time. Instead of it containing tid bits of his voice usually, this time it literally sounded somewhat beastly in origin, as he’d push himself up, onto his knees. Her eyes…were begging for him. that’s what he liked to see…she wanted it and he knew it. he’d scuffle over to her, touching on the bite mark she’d left on his chest. He’d take each of her legs in one hand and make sure to keep her legs spread apart. “I want you to show me if you still care or not. Fuck me as if you’d never see me again. I want to make’re heart’s still mine.” Connor would take the baton from heer dripping wet cunt, and rub it around the rib of her pussy a bit, tumping her clit with it a few times, making sure it was nice and swollen tender at that. Connor would then take the dripping baton..and pushi it against her anal opening, before shoving the entirety of it up her ass completely, all the way down to the handle base, right to the point where she’d feel the pressure in her  lower back and her stomach. Connor’s grin became menacing as his fangs were exposed as he’d now know pain was what got her off he could fuck her and get back at her at the same time in some form of sickening way of his own personally deilivered karma. Connor would watch the look on her face before mounting himself over her, his head bumping against hers in a head butt. His lip was still a bit bloody, but he’d kiss her nose tenderly, before his long 7inch hardy pal, slid it’s way between her vaginal lips. It was tight…tight as ever…and he didn’t care, as he’d push through like a battering ram, all the way down towards the base of his cock until it disapered inbetween her legs. Connor’s thrust were as powerful as they’d always been, even more so since  his physical abilty was being pushed by his and her lust…they started off with a rhythmic pattern, that left a thud noise instead of a clap, showing he’d left any form of remorse out of the window. The look in his eyes however was a passionate one, as he’d hold her face in his hands for the first few thrust, before his pink eyes glowed and his hands would clasp her neck in a strangle…he’d then start literally attacking her cut with his manhood, pushing and fighting against her tightness with is own force. “Make me believe you want it damn you..” he’d slap her face hard before returning his grip. His thrust pushing his cock and the baton in and out of her holes below, as his abs scraped her swollen clit. ( )

When Kodi felt him take each of her legs..each touch from Connor was a pleasurable sensation... he kept her thick legs spread apart.“I want you to show me if you still care or not. Fuck me as if you’d never see me again. I want to make’re heart’s still mine.”  As he said this.. he pull the baton from her drenched heated throbbing cunt.. while rubbing it around her pussy as well as thumping onto her swollen clit.. She gasped looking at him while her body reacted to the thumps.. her lower body jerked upwards from the sensitivity.. She panted while saliva slid down her chin..just then she felt something being shoved up her ass.. feeling it fit completely... Her blue lustful eyes flickered feeling this new sensation.. it seemed having the baton up her ass turned her on more.she gritted her teeth.. feeling the pressure from her lower back an stomach.. though the feeling was astonishing.. . She can feel her sticky lewd juices seep out from her pussy lips that soon dripped down to her asss...kodi stared at his grin while he bared his fangs.. tilting her head back.. she felt her cunt twitching in a rough matter..Just then Connor mounted himself over while headbutting her head with his... her breathe would hit his lips before he kissed her nose.. leaving a bloody spot on it.. Feeling his lerect manhood.. rubbing inbetween her the lips of her... thus ramming his cock inside her.. while it disappeared within her womb... Her whole body quivered from the sudden rough push .. Kodi would then feel a bit of her juices spurt out, that hit his pelvic area...At first each thrust was rhythmic...feeling his thrusting becoming more and more intense the walls of her pussy tightening up around his shaft.. thus swaying her hips around letting her sensitive walls be hit from the sides of his cock....Kodi Met Connors Passionate gaze as he held her face in place..before clamping his hands around her neck... Her mouth openend while loud moans escaped from her lips... Kodi's mind was mixed with emotions.. Pleasure,lust,passion.... “Make me believe you want it damn you..”  with that he slapped her face roughly.. this brought her sex-drive to the top,she let out a passionate low growl as she would reach over.. and slap him hard in the face as well.. biting her lip.. it seemed the slapped caused her pussy to throb violently. as if her womb was milking him for cum.. the walls of her pussy moved on its own.. massaging the shaft his cock. throughly as he attacked her cunt with his heavy rough thrusting... she then spit at his face taunting while giving him a pleasurable smirk.. Then she started talking shit though this was just her "sex talk" "C'mon Connor I can't even feel it ! Do it harder... my have you gotten slow... DO IT HARDER.. Make me believe that you want me to want you!" She groaned while the walls of her pussy started to make a vibrations against his cock... Kodi then slapped him again only harder.. causing him to get riled up more.

"Alright Bitch...It's Go Time"Edit

Connor watched her facial expression as he’d start to ram himself into and out of her pussy. The sway of her hips only entoxicated connor to a point of a massive euphoric high that made him want more and more…as his hands held her throat, and he slayed her womb with massive amoutns of corce, he’d feel something sticky hit the side of his face. She’d spit on him. Conor didn’t even remotely flinch, as he watched her, but his grip on her neck did indeed tighten up a good bit. As she began to talk to him…that’s when he was getting even more riled up. C'mon Connor I can't even feel it ! Do it harder... my have you gotten slow... DO IT HARDER.. Make me believe that you want me to want you!" Connor grunted for a moment, before pushing his head against hers once again, his lips moving against hers as eh spoke in a tone two octives lower than usual. “Alright’s go time.” Connor would  pick her up by her neck and slam her aching back on the floor once more, before pulling himself and her body back, taking them over to the couch. He’d turn her facing away from him, while he himself sat down. The next manvuer was an odd and uncomfortable one, but nessecary to show her he wasn’t fuckinga round anymore…he’d remove tha tona from her asss. And stuff it inside her womb instead this time, quite far in fact, so much so, it’d literally push her cervix BACK a few inches..he’d then hook his arms underneath her legs, and smoosh her body inwards, so he could then palce his hands behind her head, literally compressing her body into a full nelson head lock, with her head AND arms locked in place. ( ) her body would contort slightly as her thick and jiggly thighs were now hostage to his arm strength. The empowerment from their lust would only camp his arms down not like a man but like a well locked machine, making sure if she’d wanted to struggle or remtotely move she’d have to put her al into..Connor would then plug her butthole with his cock, making sure the first thrust was the first impression of how he was going to fuck her: Unessecarily violently and pain filled. He’d begin by lifting her body up and down upon the length of his meat, his cock swelling inside of her asshole, sstrething it’s limits even further than what the tonf had done, not just in length but in overall girth and weight! He’d repatedly force her body up and down, each thrust bouncing her c-cuped breast so hard they’d slap the base of her chin from the g- force alone…her asshole would have a red tint showing the irritation from the frinction connor’s cock was causing upon her as the thunderous echoes of their hips colliding turned from just that similar to a machine gun clack. “KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA” Connor grunted and growled between each thrust, as he’d sink his teeth into the back of her neck and tighten his grip on her body..even if she did moan she’d have to force a hella breath from the way connor had controtred her diaphragm, as he’ d force his cock into the dephs of her anal walls, the feeling stretching up her spin to the very pit of her stomach. “Take! It! All! You! Fucking! BITCH!” Each word would have 5 thrust accompanig it showing he wasn’t pulling any form of punches as he continued on. by this time..conor’s phereomones would litearall begin hitting their peak as close as she was to him. her clit would enter a state of hypersensitivity and so would the nerves on the inside of her anus and womb, literally intensitying the feeling she was alrady getting but doubled..Connor would then stand him and kodi up holding the same position and but now he’d turn her around and force her head into the  coffe table infront of them. He’d continue to pound her asshole, as the tona assisted in stretching the walls of her pussy to an uncomfortable but pleasureable amount. “Cum! Cum you stupid BITCH! Just like you did for him! GIVE IT TO ME!” Connor snarled at the top of his lungs as the air in the room got hotter and their bodies would become more so encased in sweat and for some reason connor’s cock was getting quite hot as well…

“Alright’s go time.”  With that said Connor had picked up the blonde by her neck only to slam her back on the floor thus her aching back hit the floor.. She let out a painful mixed with pleasure escaped her lips.. Then Connor manuevered the two to the couch.. With her facing away from him.. she shook her plumped ass from left to right... Then Kodi felt the tonfa pulled from her ass.. The blonde then eyes widened feeling it shoved straight into her womb....she made a yelping sound only due to it being deep inside her wound...her body fidgeted around while her juices flowed out of her womb...She felt his hands behind her head.. locking her legs in his arms as well only to have her in a full nelson headlock...She struggled while she would make the baton in her pussy twitch a bit... Kodi tilted her head back .. as when she had cause the batont to twitch.. she felt like she were about to cum..though this was just a sensation...So sudden, Connor plunged his cock into her anus violently... mixed with pain.. Letting out a feminine yelp she felt the pain as it stretched her asshole...Her blue eyes rolled behind her head.. feeling the violent rough feeling... Connor would then lift her buxom body up and down on the length of his erected manhood... Her asshole were to stretch due to getting adjusted to his shaft..though his cock began to swell causing her to stretch to her limit... Kodi's toungue stuck out... loving the pain at everymoment...As he repeatedly fucked her with his thick cock.. her breasts would clap against each other while hitting her chin...Her vision was going blurry due to how much pleasure she was in... a liquid of crimson slid down to his balls... due to her stretching limit.. Kodi would her the echo's of there hips hitting one another.. over an dover again.. it brought her body to chills.. "F-FUCK!" was all she could even yell at this moment.. her cunt tightening against the baton.. Her eyes shot open when Connor had sunk his fangs into the back of her neck thus gripping onto her body.... Her moans would soon be shorten caused by the males grip on her body..She could feel her mind go blank... her blue eyes still glowing in lust...thus hearing him name call her just caused her to use her juices within her pussy to push the tonfa in and out of her womb rather roughly... She could feel Connors cock hit the tonfa feeling them rub against inside her... She clenched her hands into a fist.. trying hard not to climax. “Take! It! All! You! Fucking! BITCH!”   Feeling she lost count after 15 thrusts due to each word... she could feel her asshole being ravaged By the brown haired male.. thus feeling a sudden change in her holes.. the sensitivity was high just like her clit.... Kodi jolted from left to right trying to get off from his grasp.. Though Connor would just stand himself up,turning Kodi around in the same posistion..thus forcing her head on the coffee table... THough this wouldnt stop his violent pleasurable pounding.. just as the tonfa stretching the walls of her pussy... SHe felt like she was stuffed up with both holes being ravaged,also the feeling of double penetration... . “Cum! Cum you stupid BITCH! Just like you did for him! GIVE IT TO ME!” She gritted her teeth while she snickered .. the room got really hot... there bodies drenched in sweat... she could feel the males erect shaft heatting up in her asshole...  Kodi, couldn't take it anymore.. using all her strength she would then push her strong right leg enough for her to get her leg free...The female then pushed Connor off of her.. causing him to get his grip away from her... this would cause him to sit himself onto the couch... while watching his cock still standing... Kodi stood up weakly, due to being in the same position for some time now... each step she toook she felt the tonfa moving against her sensitive walls.. she felt herself squirt atleast a gallon just until she reached toward him... She could feel her asshole gaping due to him violently savaging it... The female soon mounted over Connor.. having the Tonfa still inside.. she reached down an spread  the left side of her pussy,thus the baton as well.. only to slam herself onto heated cock.. she could feel the tonfa about to spurt out only.. to the grab the handle shoving it back in.. she now had his cock an the tonfa in her pussy..She smacked him hard atleast 5 times.."Awww..are you jealous that I came for him CONNOR DID THAT BITCH FUCK YOU LIKE THIS?!" she gritted her teeth,while clawing his broad chest over an over.. leaving claw marks... while she started to ride his hard cock.. moving as fast as 75mph... the quickness of the riding.. caused her walls to tighten up around his shaft and the tonfa.. only to let kodi scream in pleasure... she grappled her breasts around her c-cup chests  before pinching her pink erected nipples.. pulling them roughly before releasing... she stared down at Connor while ravagely.. fucking his cock..."Did she make you feel good like this HUH?!" Her eyes glaring down with lust at him with a hint of envy as well.

Connor felt himself getting in and getting good! Her asshole molding to the shape of his seemingly growing cock while inside of her swelling and spreading itself..When she’d pushed him back however, Connor would tilt and let his body fall backwards, leaning against the couch as his cock twitched..a tint of blood on it from the severe stretching of her anus around his manhood…she straddled over towards him..her womb literally squirting with each step she took towards him, put a sinister smile on Connor’s face. As she mounted him, Connors hands immediately found themselves mounted on her hips, as she’d stretch one side of her womb, letting Connors shaft AND the tonfa inside of her womb. Connor let out a sigh, as he was surprised and now officially curious  as to how far her womb could really go….."Awww..are you jealous that I came for him CONNOR DID THAT BITCH FUCK YOU LIKE THIS?!" saying this all the while she’d slap him once…twice…five times. And then begin clawing his chest shitless, literally digging her nails  into him. Connor grunted after each slap, and when she started to ride him at high speeds, his hair shadowed his eyes completely and he’d bite his lip. Her pussy clamping down, made Connor’s cock only swell in retaliation. He wanted to cum…badly. Fill her up like a waterbaloon, but he wasn’t intent on letting her win. Not by a long shot…as she rode him and caressed her nipples Connor would grunt obscenely loudly. “Oh? At least she didn’t fuck like a DEAD FISH! (get it? XD) Connor yelled, as he’d dig his fingers into her hips, literally…the very finger tips without claws would peirce the skin of her hip, lodging his fingers inside of her hips a bit as he’d meet each thrust halfway! Acting out his own malicious passion upon her as she did to him. Connor’s thrust combined with hers shook the couch and rattled every piece of furniture in the house as a whole..clanks, and rumbles, and roars that only meshed with the sound of raw flesh, as the sweat would make the final and sticky after noise added to her leaking womb to boot. Connor begin letting out demonic sighs, rough in origin after each thrust..eventually using his growing physique to start pushing into her so much so, her body would literally look like it was going into a vertical seizure, as her and connor’s physical iamges at the hips were distorted…reaching an undisclosed speed that would have wind off of each thrust, blowing away Connor’s pappers and what not. Connor would then shoot his arms up to caress here waist in his arms but not so lovingly. He’d literally pour all of his muscle mass into it and bear hug her waist into a form of submission. The strength of his arms squeezing her already hurt previously back, as he’d clench tightly forcing her ass to poke out more than it was before. Forcing the arch upon her body, he’d continue each jack hammer thrust, as the rawness of her ass would be cherry red by now, and her clit would repeatedly slam against his lower abdomen which for her would be incredible. By this point her clit would literally have 4x the normal sensitivity it usually did…meaning each time connor thrusted and brushed against it just as fast, she’d receive a wave of stimulation through her entire body if Connor was allowed to continue slaying her. “I! FUCKING! KNOW! IT’S! IN! THERE! FUCKING! CUM! ALREADY!” he’d increase the grip on here even further, a bit of a “POP” coming from  her back signifying that his pressure would pop her back a bit, as the intensity of it all literally heated his cock further as he’d purge the depths other womb, shooting off precum as he went! He’d bury his face between her tits…even with the malice, lust and spite in the air. On the inside. Connor was incredibly happy.

Oh? At least she didn’t fuck like a DEAD FISH! " Her blue eyes flickered while,Kodi groaned while his fingertips pierced through the skin of her hips... this brought her pussy to tighten up around his cock an the baton rather tightly.... She couldn't handle anymore though she wasn't gonna let him win.. each thrust caushed the couch to shake with such force letting the furnitnure an stuff in the house started rattling with such force...Kodi grew out a fin from her back along with some spurting out from the sides of her back.. along with her arms... though this was just a mechanism due to her Shark hormones bursting out..Gills formed around the side of her face... She bared her serated teeth.. while moaning uncontrollably..Then Connor would grapple his arms around her waist... bear hugging it rather roughly though causing the sprain from her back to hurt a bit but not alot...due to her Shark like hormones all she wanted was for him to cum thus being dominate like the shark herself. Her body forcefully arched, as he continued to thrust like a jack hammer.. She could feel at any moment she could cum... feeling her clit throb even the air hitting her clit would cause her juices to uncontrollably. "F-FUCK!!" She grunted while tilting her head back screaming louder and louder... her screams echo'd out throughout the outside of the city... The male continued to slay her, The tonfa...moved around as he pounded her..“I! FUCKING! KNOW! IT’S! IN! THERE! FUCKING! CUM! ALREADY!”  as he yelled he'd pop her back...! His manhood heated intensely while the he reached the depths of her womb....Literally feeling his hot pre-cum shoot in... she looked back down as he smushed his face inbetween her tits... as he did so Kodi grappled her arms around his stomach.. clawing his back up and down... literally digging her nails into his back..."NOT UNTIL YOU FUCKIN CUM FIRST...!!" she clamped her thighs around his waist while using force causing compressed pressure around his pelvic area... Kodi would then fuck him back with strong brute force... letting it slam against her womb. violently..,Thus using the ridges of the side of her pussy.. causing it to massage his shaft... with high vibrations... thus.. wrapping her liquids around his cock... only to tighten its grip around it a bit only to start jerking his cock of with her densed juices.. she smikred while sticking her toungue out taunting Connor as she started to fuck him while he slammed into her..Kodi was happy.. the sensation from all this was estatic... she could feel herself wanting to climax at any second though..... she continued holding before leaning up to push him over.. causing the couch to flip back... as she started to move her hips up an down as fast as 85mph... she rode him from side to side... up and down.. in a swift motion... her juices continued jerking him off as she grinded into him throughly... she tilted her head back.. as her hips started to move on its own...she was now into deep pleasure...Kodi would then lean down.. laying against him while still driving her lower body into his...The shark-like female then knawed on the side of his neck... grinding her teeth up and down his neck... leaving bits of small cuts... she inhaled the flesh scent.. while licking it tediously... it sent her pleasure,passion and lust off the charts.

“NOT UNTIL YOU FUCKIN CUM FIRST” Connor heard these words and was only turne don more by how resilient she was..even though he himself was literally about to explode. So…much…cum..built up in his swollen manhood. He saw her shark like features come to fruition…even with her oni trigger present, she still had a quality connor just couldn’t help but find beautiful about her. Looking at her oceanic blue gaze, staring into his…it was Connor’s personal heaven, and he’d admit that. As she knocked him and the couch over…the fluids in her pussy felt as if they were vibrating or something…the fluids were thicker and denser..engulfing, consuming, and literally milking his cock like a cow utter. “shit…shit….shit…” “Conoor let her lean over, as she fucked him at such a high speed…all their force focused don the floor now as Connor met her challenging thrust..”shit..shit…shit..shit..” Connor murmed as she bit into his neck..the way she rode him, caused his eyes to glow a hellish pink as Connor’s cock would swell so much inside of her, the tonfa would literally be in there by a prayer, as his cock grew from seven to nine inches, and started to extend the feeling of just the base of her stomach to her gut in general, connor’s heavy heated cock, plowing inside of her back and forth, over and over, in and out. “SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT!” he’d start yelling as he’d dig his fingers into her asscheeks in the same manor as her hips! His hands grasping and cupping her ass kneading it like dough, as he’d spread his legs, and bend them at the knees, so he’d retain the traction he’d had before..”W-WE’RE CUMMING AT THE SAME TIME DAMN  YOU!” as he’d plow her insides and meet her thrust, her clit would now officially be five times more sensitive than it was it was smashed, mushed, and tugged by the base of connor’s monster rock abs…his body was so warm that it’d start to burn kodi’s sensitive clit, giving it a sharp sting each time she was pushed against him, which would turn into a soothing wave, but only after it’d hurt immediately…connor would pick the tempo back up to 35 thrust per 30 seconds, and after 5 more minutes, he’d finally let it lose! A incredibly thick amount of cum would spew from Connor’s cock, hopefully at the same time she’d final let her climax go as well…but Connor didn’t stop. He’d continue fucking her at a speed rate, rearing his head back and talking at her through girtted fangs of overbearing and painful pleasure..”I’M NOT GONNA STOP YET! YOU HEAR ME? TAKE IT…EVERY SINGLE BIT OF CUM YOU MISSED OUT ON!!!” Each thrust at this point would have a literal half pint of cum splurging from Connor’s cock inside of her, such a large amount flooding the tonfa right out of her womb to make more room for his semen. His semen warm and awfully thick as splurgely loads would shoot from kodi’s womb, in rapidly burst and thick lines of the stuff would shoot to the floor after it was done filling her and even then his pounding of her pussy continued as he said it would. If she did climax when connor did,, every single thrust after that thanks to the hormonal effect would cause her clit to convulse and vibrate, giving her a climax for every thrust connor pushed upon her..the effect would replicate connor’s own, as he’d slap her ass, one asscheek after the next. “YOU’RE A WATER USING CUNT, SO FLOOD ME ALREADY!” He’d head butt her drawing a bit of blood between their skulls and peering into her eyes while the messy fest of bodily fluids continued on.

.”W-WE’RE CUMMING AT THE SAME TIME DAMN  YOU!” Kodi had a pleasurable smirk while he plowed deep into her insides...THe blonde couldn't take it she felt the walls of her pussy tighten up so tight against his shaft as his wonderful abs would smash against her clit.. which she finally gave her nerves of her clit made Kodi jolt her hips back and forth screaming loudly. 5 more mins... BUT just as the minutes were up... as Connor soo spurted out a intense thick of cum from his cock. Kodi would then felt as a exploding feeling... she finally climaxed hard... as a creamy yet liquid lewd of juices sprayed out as if a hose on high... it kept going..... and going.. her eyes rolled behind her back... feeling the sudden relief of her cumming...Though this didn't stop Connor he kept on fucking her... at a fast pace.... Her toungue stuck out of her mouth... swaying to the side as she kept on screaming in high pleasure.... I’M NOT GONNA STOP YET! YOU HEAR ME? TAKE IT…EVERY SINGLE BIT OF CUM YOU MISSED OUT ON!!!”Kodi had a kinky smile upon her face... as each time he thrusted into her... her pussy began to squirt out more and more... as his cum would splurge within her... Her lewd creamy juices caused a mess over his lower body.... She can feel her clit pulsing an vibrating... giving the squirts that spurting out her pussy was intensed .. she drenched over connors cock and lower body....Her eyes widened when he had slapped her ass.. the next plumped asscheek to the next.... It rejuvenated her a bit while he yelled.“YOU’RE A WATER USING CUNT, SO FLOOD ME ALREADY!” With those words... it brought the blonde with ectasy of pleasure...her last screaming moan...she arched her back abrutly while spraying an ammount of juices as she came hard once again.... it kept on going and going... flooding the floor an connors waist as well... she panted an moaned a few times..... while slidding off of him while her legs quivered giving out... she tried to stand up only to fall beside Connor.. as she looked up at the ceiling feeling high from the sex they just had..."Man....that was...fucking..amazing...." was all she could say before looking over at Connor... her Shark-like features went away as she went back to her natural face... Kodi nudged connor weakly with her arm as she giggled."I can't fucking fucking cuddle me." She smiled as she punched the side of his stomach,before scooting leisurely toward him. If he had cuddled Kodi, she would the flick the tip of his cock playfully before sighing tiredly yet happily at the same time.

Can't Live Without YouEdit

( )As she let out that last pulse pounding moan, and connor felt as if someonw as dumpng a bucket of water on his waist, shed final climaxed! When he did of course, but after that it was a literal tidal wave of her fluids, spurging all over the floor from her secretions and hers combined, made a terribl mess, even though evertyhinng he put in was swept away by her tidal flourish  of fluids…When she panted,  Connor panted as well, letting her go and resting his arms by his sides, closing his eyes and huffing up and down. He was physically exhausted…and his eyes returned to their usual red hue as he’d come back to his senses. ..."Man....that was...fucking..amazing...." Connor would open one eye to look at her when she’d said that with a smile. “I swear…I can’t get this feeling with anyone else..haha..haha…damn.” Connor laughed a bit. When she looked at him, her shark like features had disappeared and she was back to her usualy blonde self.  Those sirialing oceans she called eyes. She nudged him. ."I can't fucking fucking cuddle me." Connor would sigh and oblige, draping his arm around and behind her, and holding her close. His eyes still closed, as he’d feel her thump the tip of his cock. Connor winced a bit. The shit was sensitive as FUCK right now…”Kodi…” Connor uttered out from his lips. “He’d, lean himself up and hover over her just a bit. His brown bangs which usually rested on his forehead now hanging down..outlining his face a bit. Connor would look away from her…which was odd…he didn’t like to look people directly in the eyes when he was being sincere..especially with her. But as a contradiction..she’s one of the only few people he’d even remotely reveal this side of himself to surprisingly. He’d inhale and sigh, looking back down at her. “Kodi I ah..ugh..dammit. I don’t really know how to say what I wanna say. To be honest..If I knew I guess I’d say it. so I’ll just put it like this.” Connor would look at her face..admiring it for a moment. “Please don’t go away anymore…” Connor crept one of his hands across her abdomen and lead it to caress her hand in his own. “ you a lot and uhm…I mean..i’m not a bitch or nothing..even though I act like one around you at times..i hate it. but I’m use to it so I like it…I don’t know…” Connor would lean down, letting his forehead rest against hers. a drop of water would fall on her cheekbones…two drops in fact. Tough if she paid attention she’d know they weren’t drops. They were tears. Connor shed two tears, which would hit her skin and slide down the rest of her face. He’d whisper to her, in a deep tone, that’d send tingles against her skin. “I don’t…think I can handle you leaving a second time…with out self destructing…if you leave me again..just kill me. Cause…” Connor bit his lip before swallowing a large lump in his throat. His feelings busting forth, like water breaking the floodgates. His bottom lip would brush hers, as he spoke again.“I don’t..wanna live without you…….I refuse..” a 17 year old teenager confessing how he really felt as strongly as he could without going to far. “If I said something wrong just tell me..and I’ll shut up. Connor would  run his fingers in his eyes a bit, removing any water. “I’m such a dweeb…”

( "Kodi...." Blinking a few times as Connor, leaned himself up an hovered over her a bit...Her eyes glistened staring at his face....she could  feel the sincereity in his stare... No man has ever had a chance to stare at the blonde like this.. she'd knock them out before that.. Though Connor was special to her.. ever since that first seemed she was drawn to him. as if a magnetic with metal.Gazing at the male as he inhaled an sighed...he looked down at her.. while he spoke.“Kodi I ah..ugh..dammit. I don’t really know how to say what I wanna say. To be honest..If I knew I guess I’d say it. so I’ll just put it like this.”  She giggled for a moment, to her it was cute when he had became this way though she liked it... Then  had a straight tender stare right after when he say that "Please..Don't go away anymore..." To be honest though she didn't want to go away...the thought  of being away from Connor made her heart sink.. terribly.. it seemed he was her drug, a affectionate drug that she cant bring herself to stay away from. Connor  would caress her soft hand within his own.. his heated touch,began to make Kodi's stomach flutter and her porcelain cheeks becoming rosey,though she blinked feeling two drops on her cheekbones...her eyes widened...Connor shedded two tears for her...her blue oceanic eyes became soft...while watering slightly uncontrollably. The blonde flipped her hand that he was carressing,only to lock it with his slowly... “I don’t…think I can handle you leaving a second time…with out self destructing…if you leave me again..just kill me. Cause…”  her eyes examined him biting his lip thus swallowing hard... she could feel his emotions spurting out... .“I don’t..wanna live without you…….I refuse..” She felt her heart thumping alively... hearing him say if said something wrong an shutting up... Kodi didn't want any of that... not being hesitant..she leaned up giving him a soft tender kiss on his lips...she pulled away while she began to speak.."Connor.... I Could.. never leave you... even if I tried.. I probaly go insane.. or my mind would be gone from drugs... because you make me feel drawn to you..I can't live without you either..." The blonde removed his fingers away from his eyes that wiped the rest of his remaining tears.. only to caress his face with each of her hands... she rubbed his cheekbones with her thumbs...Her eyes had a tender stare....though overflowing with happy tears..."I like you alot too..and yes you also make me like a bitch.. you know how many guys tried to do this shit an yet get battered up... I let you in.. because the moment I saw you...after that match... I felt as if... a magnent was within one of us and either of us were the metal...You showed me how to feel.." She closed her eyes letting the tears stream down her face... before giving him another soft kiss upon his lips..."And your not a dweeb.. well if you are.. then that makes t-two of us right..?  Look at me Im crying but its the tears of happiness.. because... I know that we each other... f-feel the same way.." SHe shut up, Kodi actually pouring her true emotions out toward Connor.. she never talked this much before but..... she wanted to show how much she felt toward the 17 year old she cared oh so dear about.

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