Routine NightEdit

It’d been a while…since the incident on the island when everyone there had lost their lives. Then again it’d also been a while since Leon had done anything remotely close to social…now adays he was practicing becoming the best vigilante he could be. Leanring from one of the best there eveer was, Densuke Ryoji. Leon admired his father and strived to become a hero in his own right…minus the mask of course. On this particular evening, the sun was setting, and bringing district 2 to a twilight. Though the city was in one hell of a condition with mt.olympus a muck, district 1 in slavery, and district 3 run by a daed man, you’d think this specific part of town was shitty. Which it still was, but people were finding reasons to carry on. Confident that the heroes they’d seen throughout the city would come back to aid them once more. Leon walked through the dying streets, his trench coat on and his long flowing black hair sitting across his upper back and shoulders. He’d decided to let it hang for the time being instead of putting it up out right. Walking along, he’d seen a familer area. A building…the same building he’d rescued Aiko from a while back. “Aiko…haha…man it’s been some time since I’ve seen her. She can usually track me down easy but I guess this time shes fed up with me. I abaondoned her when everyone on the island died…I kept her gifts with me the entire way. I guess I’ll just be the reasons she learned not to trust bad boys that I will..” A wind blew past Leon and his hair fluttered a bit as green eyes gazed into the distant lights of the city. “I’ll make it up to everyone I hurt. And attone for my sins by bringing justice back to those who never see a lick of it…but I’m doing it my way.” Leon gripped his blade and continued his stride down the side walk, walking at a calm and steady pace ready for the night.

Aiko was and had been hiding out in random spots since the return from the island. Under the docs, the old building Leon saved her in, and just other random places around district 2. This time she was sitting on the roof of that building typing away on her computer. Data was now an AI and so Aiko was currently trying to find parts suitable for a robotic body. She looked up at the sky and sighed. Aiko wasn't sure if she wanted to go look for Leon or not. There was a big part of her that did want to find him in case he was in trouble. But a small part was kinda worried. A small blip on her laptop brought her attention back to the task at hand. Someone had messaged her about a positionic brain. "Woowoo!" She shouted a bit raising her hands in the air. "The perfect housing for data, well in the brain part. Now for the rest of his body."

Third Times A CharmEdit

Leon continued walking, but his memories weren’t letting him let go of the image of that building so suddenly. “….” He wanted to just circle around in there…see what was going on. He knew there’d be nothing in there to boot but old blood stains and probably abonded stuff, and rusted swords. None the less he decided to stroll down memeory lane and take the chance of it anyway. As he entered the building he’d have flash backs of when he fought the large masses of ninjas to free her for the first time. Leon came to think of it but they never got around to solving the case like they had wanted to…his first big mission and he blew it. he’d shake his head at the notion and continue through the building. As he kept up the steps and neared the top he’d notice an electrical signal coming from the rooftop. Leon can literally see the bio electricity in all living things, giving him a very prominent vision capability, even going as far as being able to "feel" other electric currents in beings, as the ground itself is a universal conduct, a form of electroception one could call it, which deals directly in detecting other electric signals given off seeing as how every being has muscles and nerves, this is always a present and passive thing for Leon. “Hmm..hope it’s not troublesome that I do.” Leon would head up the steps and make his way out of the door, looking around the rooftop and tracing the signature and wouldn’t you know it was aiko. Leon’s heart almost hit the floor as he looked upon her. She still looked the same, and was alive. This meant more to Leon than anything.  “H-..hey.” Leon would shut the door behind him and look away for a second before looking back at her. “we’ve really got to stop this awkward distant meet up thing that we do.” Leon would gesture a smile, treating everything as if it were alright. He had no clue how she was feeling but that was up to her to make it clear for him.

Aiko swiftly turned around setting her laptop down and picking up a knife before realizing it was Leon. "Oh.. H-hi." She blinked a few times looking him over. "I guess we do need to stop that, but it might not be as fun anymore." She put the knife down and stood up. "H-how have you been? Since the whole thing..." She trailed off a bit rubbing her arm. It had been a bit of a shock, which is putting it lightly. "So um you look good." She gave him a small smile then looked away. Her eyes flitted back to him after a while but her head was still tilted down.

Leon looked down at her, and kept his hands by his sides the entire time. His eyes studying her, he could tell from her body motion alone she was nervous as ever…it’s reoccurring with these two so it seems. “I’ve been alright…I got my act together. I’m clean now. I got rid of that “thing “ I was..” Leon would smile as he continued replying to her. “And thank you. I feel better than I have in a long long time. You’re as alluring as ever aren’t you.” Leon would grab her hand and lay a kiss upon it, holding it gently. The sun was almost completely set, and the starry sky start to set in slowly but surely. “I’ve decided I’m going to become a vigilante now, that I am. “ Leon looked serious for a moment. “I wanna help people now…I’m seeking attonment which I may never achieve in my entire life time. But I’ll spend every day trying to achieve  it. Aiko I’m sorry things ended the way they did..hell I never got to finish taking you out of all things. But…I wanna make up for lost time. I just don’t like how the situation results to us being separate form one another all the time.”

As he complimented her, Aiko would scratch her cheek blushing and looking away. "I am not." But a small giggle would escape her lips. She hadn't done anything to her appearance since the incident. Meaning her hair was it's natural light, almost white, blonde. Her eyes were still that deep shade of jade green. And quite plainly she was dressed in a black tee shirt and dark boot cut jeans with a pair of black boots. She looked back at him as he continued to explain his situation now. About being free of the serum and now being a vigilante. But as he grasped her hand lightly giving it a small kiss, Aiko did notice he was still pretty quick. She couldn't help but fully smile now even as she gently chopped the top of his head with the side of her hand. "You goofball, you'll get that attonment. And hey we can make up lost time by me helping you." She pokes his nose and smiled "what's a good vigilante without a techy? The green hornet had kato and batman ended up having oracle. Well I guess she wasn't much of a techy but she was pretty cool. But don't worry I won't make myself wheel chair bound."

He’d take notice of her smile and it made him feel good on the inside. All he’d wanted to do was be there. As she reassured him he’d get the attonement he saught it made him feel a bit better about the journey for it.  As she mentioned helping him out, Leon would get a wee bit defensive…but…she made a good point. Leon’s grandfather Ochigi was still not very trusting of Leon, and even with the gear he’d had now, it wouldn’t be enough, and he knew he’d need more fire power in the ever present crim syndicate. “ make a point.  I can’t do it alone, and my actions have lead to some distrust in my family…but with you I can fix that. Just promise to keep your head low. If anything happens to you, I will not hesitate for a  second to cut someone down…I’m not losing you twice, and you’re not going to die again if I can help it.” Leon took his hands out of his pockets, and took hold of hers. “you always make your way back to me, even under these kinds of circumstances. I’m greatful…even when you don’t have to be here you are.” Leon would look around, and exhale a breathe. “It’s cold..we should get some place warm. How’s your family taking your being back to life? Did it shock them as well?”

She'd blush as he took her hands and would smile. "They were relieved and became a bit more protective. Right now if they peek in my room they will see a life-like hologram of myself in bed." She smirk a bit but then looked up. "What about kat? Does she still trust you? I'm not sure Connor trusted you anymore after that first fight. So no reason to ask about him." She let got of his hands and turned to pack her stuff up and slung the bag over her shoulder. "And you're right I don't have to keep coming back, but some people are worth it. I just had to wait a bit for you to see sense." She pokes his nose and took his hand again. "Where do you want to go?"


Leon would shake his head no. “I haven’t really talked to Connor since the entire event. We joked around for a second, but even I’m not sure if he’s forgiven me..for all it’s worth I’m not sure if I want him to.” Leon sighed through his nostrils. As she continued speaking and poked his nose, Leon would open his eyes and look to the sky. “Some place peaceful…kinda wanna get away from the city. We could head back towards the beach where we first met…it was a serene setting. I liked it a lot..just somewhere we can be alone.”  Leon would turn and look away. “hop on my back. I can get us there in no time. I need the work out anyway. Speaking of which, where’s that AI of yours? Get him to get us to the quickest route there.” Leon could hear sirens in the distance. “Or…we take a detour that we could. See what’s going on in that direction.” Leon’s opportunity was well on it’s way for him to try his hand at being a hero for the frist time. Boy was he ready for he thought anyway.

Saikimi: Aiko smiled and shrugged "Oh he's around I suspect. And I say the detour then yes somewhere alone would be good, but not the beach." She'd blush a bit and still would not get on his back. "I don't need Data anymore to get directions or really anything. He's helping me build his body so he can move around and help me in the physical world.... Oh well it might just be easier to show you. You'll have to catch me." With this she closed her eyes and stood there a moment until an aqua blue aura, persay, formed around her outline in the dark. A sound of what could only be described as information being processed would surround them and continue in speed as Aiko slowly opened her eyes half way. Eventually the information would be moving fast enough that there was hardly any sound. But that is just what was going on that Leon could see. Inside her mind, Aiko was being transferred from one node to the next gathering information on directions along with why there were sirens. "Catch." Was all the said as Aiko began to fall forward, in this state only her mind really worked and then it was more occupied with gathering the information. Once Leon caughter her the direcitons started coming. "In 30 feet take a left down the alley then the first sharp right behind buisnesses"

Leon would turn around, as she mentioned having to catch her. Curiuos, he’d look to see a blue aura seeping from her body. Leon would tilt his head with an open mouth, a bit really processing what he was seeing. Being able to see electricity in and of matter in general, it was a sight to see, as the humming information noise was loud and abrupt but slowly dying down. Then it went away and all leaon heard was “catch”. When he’d heard that, he’d secure her body in his arms. “Aiko?” he said before he heard her speak aobut taking a left in the next 30 feet. Leon quickly responded, and lifted her up, before darting off in the direction he’d been instructed to go! Leon parkured over the gap of a 30 foot building, cutting a front flip and sticking the landing, continuing his run over the rooftops. He’d leap down, from roof top, to rooftop darting  twaords hover traffic. Leon would jump one more time, landing dead ont eh bed of a eighteen wheeler, and hitching a ride. As he rode, Leon would speak. “Alright, where next!  I’m about a block away from the on the run car, help me out!”


Saikimi: Aiko tilted her head up and pointed to an alley way down the street. "Be ready to jump in 13 seconds," The truck was moving at a relatively quicky pace, "That alley way will head off the driver and allow you a speedy capture." In the matrix Aiko started to hunt down the node to the runaway drivers car. Finding it she'd begin to try and take control. Using the brut force programs she had and other softwears she had the ability to use eventually that node would fall to her. In real time she'd take control of it soon enough that Leon would catch up to it and Aiko would stop it. The man would not even be able to unlock his doors for that matter, but glass windows in cars are not bullet proof.

Leon Listened to her, and nodded. “A lil hard to do one handed, but… I can manage.” Leon smiled, as he’d throw her over his shoulder, and extend his hands out. Using his combined chi bases, he’d use his bio electricity to form a stream of lightning in his hands. Using his fortification chi, he’d begin to create a mold an arch, which resembled a bow. It glowed a bright blue being made of lightening, and len would then palce his hand on the center of it. pulling back and using his combined fortification and alteration abilities, he’d construct a lightning arrow, drawing back on the bow.

Thirteen seconds passed, and Leon would jump 30 feet into the air! As Aiko fiddled with the car, the robber would start to freak out, not being able to drive the car. “THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?!?!?” the robber struggled for control, and Leon had the car dead in his sights. “Gotcha.” Leon uttered, as he’d fire the lightinng arrow straight through the roof of the car. Since it was solid, the arrow would peirce the car and stick to a brick wall, dangling and electrictuing the man inside, but only with enough shock to stun him, not to fataly harm him. Leon would smile and latch onto a fire escape railing, securing akio’s body on his shoulder and watching as the cops looked around to see who did it. Leon would look at aiko’s body, her bottom tooted in the air made him blush in a type of way. “Aiko, just what was that, where are  you, and what kind of sorcery is this.” Leon would wonder, hiking her up on his shoulder a bit more as he’d watch the cops arrest the man.

Saikimi: As Leon stood on the fire escape Aiko would slowly come to. She blinked a few times and hearing the sirens she'd push off Leon's back and look over his other shoulder. "Awww did you have to destroy the car? It wasn't terrible." She giggled a bit and noted his blush but kept it to herself. "So I scanned the police systems, everything else is quiet for now." Of course she was just talking as if nothing had happened in the last few minutes. "So somewhere quiet huh? I still think the beach should be out, not as private as other places could be." She was wondering if his blush could get worse or not and so she kept watching his cheeks.

Leon would continue staring at her ass, as she hoisted them both up on to the fire escape. He’d eventually taken them to the rooftop and stood her up. “you you remember anything about the last 10 minutes?” Leon looked her up and down before sighing, and closing his eyes leaving it all to fate. “None the less, theres a hotel near here. I guess we could spend some time in there. There don’t seem to be any distress signals anywhere near by. We should be fine for the time being if you’d like to…” Leon would look away for a second, before running a finger down her cheek. “It’s rare finding a girl who’s as resourceful as she is pretty. You surprise me aiko, more and more. I like that.” Leon would look over in the distance seeing the hotel. It was rather expensive. “So are you going to teleport again, or would you like for me to carry you this time, m’lady?”

Aiko smiled as he sat her down. "Yes I remember everything. You can't take advantage of me in that state." She'd giggle and then stop as his finger went down her cheek and she looked up at him. "Oh i... Umm...." There he went again, finding a way to leave her speechless. "Oh yeah, no I didn't find any more signals... We're good to go relax or umm other stuff." The blush on her cheeks increased by a few shades. "I guess you could carry me again. I can't teleport unless I go into the magic and then I'm basically running along the city grid." Aiko followed his gaze to the hotel and blinked "that's the most expensive place in town... You want to go there?".


Leon shrugged. “Unlike my brother, when my father says “Here’s 10 grand use it wisely.” I’m not one to say no, that I’m not.” Leon would pick her up threshold style, in his arms, and take off. Leaping down the the rooftop, and landing on the rooftop 30 feet below. Leon ran along it’s surface,, before leaping a giant clearing, applying his bio electricity so he could cling to the opposing buildings surface, scaling it like a ninja. Holding Aiko steady, he’d rung along the sides and skip over the windows of multiple structures, hopping the clearings with ease. The ride was a bit bump, but Leon kept a tight hold on aiko, making sure she wouldn’t fall for any reason what so ever. As the arrived at the hotel, stand on the building across the street from it. “However  in this case…I am a vigilante who choses not to wear a mask. They’ll arrest me in a heartbeat. We don’t really need a reservation .” Leon’s eyes would have a spark of electricity in t hem as he’d look up the scale of the building, looking to see which rooms had occupants, via scanning for bio electricity. “There. Room on the 31st floor. Room number…” Leon adjusted his eyes to a different electromagnetic spectrum to see x-rays, and identify the room number. “3123. Easy enough.” Leon would look left and right for passing cars. Traffic was little to none tonight, but luckily two intercepting cars were coming, both on different heights of air traffic. Leon would leap into the air, bouncing off of the first car’s roof and then to the second cars roof, propelling himself 30 feet into the air, before reaching on hand out, cradling aiko in his right arm like a baby and mounting on the wall like a spider. Leon would then begin climbing up the side of the building heading towards the window of the room he’d ID’d and once at the window, He’d gesture to aiko. “Use me as a foothold and open it for me please.”  If she got the window open, Leon would let her get inside first, before getting himself inside after her and closing the window behind the. The room was quite fancy, leon didn’t know it, but he’d picked out a pretty decent suit 

cutting the light on Leon would nod. “this is rather nice. Free to boot. I like this, that I do.” Leon would walk around the room for a minute, checking out the scenery, before taking off his trench coat and laying it on the coat rack. He’d then really just be wearing a black bulky vest, sleevless, and after which he’d take that off to just remain in a black tank top and his combat pants. He’d stride over to aiko, and take her hands into his, pulling her towards him and pressing their bodies together. “is this alone enough for you?” Leon would peck her nose with a kiss. “I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable, that I don’t.”

Aiko held onto him with her arms around the back of  his neck as he quickly made his way across rooftops and walls to get them to the hotel. Once he got them to the window of a free room, Aiko did as he asked and she managed to get the window open and jumped through. "I guess the next question is, should we put the do not distrub sign outside on the door?" She giggled a bit and watched as he took clothes off. She would blush very slightly but seeing half naked or even fully naked men was no big deal to her. Not that she didn't like them but she just saw it as how they were supposed to look. But since it was also Leon she did a bit of higher heart rate, ok it was more then a bit. "I like it too, you did a good job on picking it." Aiko would give off a small giggle and blink a few times as he took her hands and pulled her close. She'd slowly move her eyes upward to meet his and she'd swallow the lump in her throat. "Yes, it's alone enough... And no sand to get in places it shouldn't." After Leon kissed her nose she would wiggle it like a bunny and smile. "I know you don't want to make me uncomfortable and you're not. Remember the first time you came to my house? It's no different."

First Time For EverythingEdit

(click link for song) Leon chuckled at her naughty comments and remarks. She was kind of a pervert, but he didn’t mind it, as leon was a closet one himself, though he’d neeeeeever outright admit it to anyone except her maybe. I know you don't want to make me uncomfortable and you're not. Remember the first time you came to my house? It's no different." Hearing her say this, Leon felt a bit more comfortable about their situation and laxed up a bit, not wanting to become as stiff as a board in the wrong places just yet. “you make a point…I guess..the next part is casual it not?” Leon would tilt his head to the right, and lean in pressing his lips to hers, letting go of her hands only for a moment before cuping her cheeks in his hands and embracing her in a passionate kiss. He’d press his body against hers a bit more..sliding his hands down from  her face to her shouders, and down even further to her curvy toned hips, before daringly placing his hands on her asscheeks in a tight vice grip, pushing their pevlises together. He’d attempt to slip his tongue between her lips, and play patty cake with her tongue, using his own, as he’d press himself against her, the manhood he’d been containing inside of his pants rising rapidly and pressing against her. He wasn’t sure how she’d feel about that but hopefully she’d let him know.

Aiko would feel him relax after her comments and she'd smile while he pulled her close to him. She tilted her head the opposite direction of his and kiss him back letting his tongue slip into her mouth and she'd roll hers up and around his. As he pulled her even closer to him she'd feel his manhood rising to the occassion which caused her to shiver a bit and moan softly before she gasped as he grabbed her ass. She'd jump up a bit wrapping her one arm around the back of his neck while the other slid slowly down his chest and abdomen feeling each of his muscles with her fingertips. Slowly she would tease the edge of his pants before slipping her hand inside and rubbing the hardened rod as she nibbled his bottom lip. "How far do you want this to go?" she looked up at him as her head rubbed around in a circle probably making it hard for him to think straight.

Leon held her close as she wraped her arm around his neck and embraced her into the kiss even more. He’d then jump a bit as he could feel her hand slither into his pants and rub the head of his manhood. Leon sutured a bit…this was his first time a woman had eveer even gone as far as to touch that area so iw as a new experience for him. “I…wanna go…as far as we can..without…with..-“ He’d lean into kiss her again, lifting her body up effortlessly, and pinning her back against the wall, letting his hips be the anchor for her body. He’d lean in and kiss the underside of her neck passionately, holding onto the base of her ass, and nudding her tits with his nose a bit…he’d pull down her shirt using his teeth and reveal on of her tits. He’d poke it with his tongue for a moment before timidly giving it wet kisss. After which he’d start to suckle on it, making sure to leave a nice coat of sticky saliva around her nipple. He’d grope the other one with the opposite hand, while his free hand would begin using his chi to rip a hole right down the middle of her pants, and cutting through her panties to let her hopefully wetened snatch reveal itself. His own member,  would push against her incredibly tight virgin lips, the head barely getting past the front. “Tell me if it hurts, o-okay?” Leon held her in an embrace as his head would peirce the walls. After a moment of pushing,  he’d descend his diver deeper into the dephs of her ocean until h e’d finally broken the mold, and make a home for himself inside of her. He’d let his cock rest there for a moment before timidly pushing it inside and out side, all the way out and all the way in not wanting to hurt her in anyway.

Aiko giggled seductively as he jumped slightly at her touch when her fingers had wrapped around the shaft of his manhood. When he pinned her against the wall she whispered in his ear as her hand rubbed and tugged gently on the rod "take me Leon ... Make me yours." She'd remove her hands from his pants and wrapped it around his shoulders as he kisses her and her legs rested on his hips, their warmth radiating against one another. Aiko tilted her head back as he kissed down her neck reached her chest and using his teeth, she gave him a helping hand by pulling her bra and shirt down under her breasts which held them up higher for his mouth to get around her nipples. Her fingers ran up through his hair on the back his head as he suckled one breast and groped the other. When she felt her pants being ripped she blushed bright red as her slit quivered over his head and a small bit of her juices dripped down onto it. When his tip pressed through her lips her heart began to pound from nerves but she let him push on. She looked down at him after he asked her to warn him if it hurt and she smiled "take it, don't worry about being too rough." And once he finally gave the push that broke her hymen Aiko would tilt her head back and let out a loud moan and gasp as her body quivered, a small trickle of blood fell down his shaft before he began to thrust. Each one sent a shiver up her spine as Aiko wrapped her arms tighter around his shoulders moaning and gasping his name. "F...faster.. Leon!"

Leon could feel her..he could feel her womb cringing around his cock. He could feel her hearbeat echoing his own. When her body quivered, it rocked his entire world, as he remained open mouthed the whole time. When she told him to go faster, Leon nodded in sheer breathelessness, and began doing just as she asked. His hips jutted from in and out of her leg span, his balls slapping her asshole as he plowed her curvy body into the wall with no form of sympathy. He didn’t know what he as doing so much so, but his strokes were deep and heavy hitting, as he slammed her pelvis against the wall repeatedly. He squeezed her asscheeks, almost as if trying to squeeze the secretions from her love box, and he’d  alternate between her left tit and her right tit, with his mouth vigorusling rimming the edges of tem with his tongue, only to have his lips meet hers in a heavy and pulse pounding kiss. He’d let his lips hover over hers momentarily as his gaze never left hers. His cock swelling inside of her he knew he was going to bust soon, but he wouldn’t let that stop him. as he’d occasionally glance to see her bouncing breast he’d bit his lip, holding her and moving her from the wall, to a chair near by. Laying her down back first into the chair, he’d cock her legs open, and hang onto the arms of the chair, as he continued to go to town. Precum began to spray inside of her womb as he’d begin making stuttered sighs. “I-…I’m gonna cum soon! Aiko!”

Her lower legs which had laid limp next to his sides now bounced an kicked around as he pounded faster and harder into her womb. Her breasts even began to move almost in a circular motion as their parts collided into each other. Her stomach felt funny as he managed to get deeper in her, the inner walls clamped down giving her the feelin of being stuffed to the brim. When he moved her from the wall she clung to him and as he laid her down she looked up at his body looming over her and she shivered again then looking down at the view of his cock being able to drive right down into. Her mouth too hung open, a little dribble of drool leaked down one corner of her lips as her eyes closed to half lidded. Her breathing became panting and warm enough to almost emit a puff of smoke with each exhale. Her body was tingling all over from the new sensations and she too couldn't hold out much longer, her body was going to release soon as well. "Leon, yes keep plowing me... Then.. Fill me up!!" She gasped and moaned loudly almost screaming as her pussy clamped down a rush of warmth would flood over his cock and out of what little space it had, she had climaxed but oddly wasn't fully satiated...

“Ahh….ngh….DAMN!” Leon continued to stuff her, actually bending the metallic handles of the chair and squeezing them into a crumble as he gripped them from the overly stimulation his dick was getting. The look on her face of pure lust and intoxication infactuated him further…much further…Leon could fee it. his cock swelling inside of her womb even more! His thrust got more violent, more rampant, as he was plowing her pelvis with two tons of pure muscle mass, the chair on it’s last legs literally as the combination of her bouncing breast and curvy body finally got to him. “I’m c-cu-“ Leon didn’t even finish his sentence before a large amount of semen escaped his cock and shot straight inside of her hole. The liquid wast thick and creamy as a stream would actually push out of her womb around the rim of leon’s meat, while some would splutter upwards towards her mid section. Leon would sigh, now in a state of euphoric lust as he’d lean in to kiss her, pushing his tongue between her lips and lifting her from the chair and holding her in his arms. His cock still inside of her as he supported her body, occasionally pecking her lips with his. “W-what position should we try next?”


As Leon came Aiko was able to look down and watch the semen squirt its way onto her lower stomach and push out around his thickness. This caused her to shudder hard, there by clamping her pussy down around his cock. As Leon leaned down to kiss her Aiko would wrap her arms around him and kiss him back while moving her hips slightly just to keep feeling his cock move around inside her. She'd help him hold her by keeping herself steady before she thought of an answer to his question. “Lay on your back on the bed. I want to try reverse cowgirl” If he did as she asked she would wait for him to lay down and get comfortable before she leaned down to give him a kiss and slowly move herself up off him to turn around. He'd have a perfect view of her round toned ass and her hips would make a nice resting spot for his hands. Aiko had one hand at the base of his cock while the other spread her lips open to let the mixture of juices drip down teasing his head before she pushed him back inside. She sat there shivering in pleasure for a moment, the position allowed for new places inside to get attention. As before his manhood was already pressing against the back of her tunnel. Aiko would slowly move her hips back and fourth pushing and pulling his cock in and out with ease. Picking up the pace a bit a tingle would go up her spine from a certain spot getting rubbed inside her. “I swear this thing is going to drive me insane” she said with a smile while now bouncing. Each bounce would send a small ripple through her ass as their bodies had a small collision. “Do you like the view?” She looked back at him panting a bit.

"Lay on your back on the bed. I want to try reverse cowgirl” Leon heard this and he’d turn his body,  letting himself flop back first upon the bed.  Whens he leaned down to kiss him, he’d reach a hand up to her cheek returning the kiss, and biting his lip a she began to move away from him..when she positioned herself over his cock, the once limp noodle would start to harden yet again at the perfect ass-tastic view he was getting of her rear end. He could feel her shiver and he’d reassuringly run his hands over her hips, moving his hands in circles around her asscheeks like  he’d been doing it for years almost. When she started to  move her hips back and forth, Leon would let out a long drawn out sight, watching her body move upon his pelvis like a snake charming him. When she started bouncing Leon’s mouth meeerly remained open. His cock extra sensitive from nutting earlier, feeling her wet snatch clamp and pull on his cock only made the situation blissfully worse. “I-I like the view a lot! Ngh! Aiko, keep going!” Leon would raise his hand for a moment before slapping her ass and digging his fingers into it. Each time she bounced up and down he’d slap her ass from one butt cheek to the next. He’d spread his legs a bit more so she’d have a bit of something to mount on while she moved herself to and fro. Leon would undo his hair tie and let his raven black hair hang free and lean his head up. he’d poke his finger into her asshole out of curiosity and even start to push her harder so she’d come back upon his dick just as hard.

 Amy Chan: As Leon cried out for her to continue on she'd lean forward and rest her hands on the bed between his legs, from here she could move her hips quicker and be able to bounce a little harder. This also made it easier for him to hold her hips and push her down on his lap more. But what she didn't expect was the finger proding into her ass. This sent a chill up her spine and she would gasp loudly and look back at him "Push it deeper... Or better yet." She'd get up, his harden cock would be covered in juices. Aiko would get on her knees bending forward and reaching behind herself to pull her ass cheeks apart, "Fuck my little ass hole...Please Leon." She would be looking back at him blushing and pouting for it. Her body still very warm with pleasure and endorphines "You should cum in there too, fill all my holes up." She giggled softly and would wait to see if he was repulsed by the idea of anal or would jump on her plead.

Am I Doing It Right?Edit

As she rose up Leon’s eyes would widen at just how much secretion she’d spewed onto his cock. “I…wow…” he thought to himself, his mentality about sex had now changed and he was beginning to feel more and more addicted to the euphoric feeling of it all. When she left his cock completely he’d groan a bit before watching as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks for him. "Fuck my little ass hole...Please Leon." Leon nodded, not wanting to hesitate for even a single second! He’d quickly readjust his positioning and, and put a hand on the back of her head, pushing it down so her face was against the bed. “Just..hold still okay?” I’ll cum in every hole just for you love.” Leon would bite his lip, before taking hold of his soaking wet cock and pressing it against the small hole that was her ass…he’d push his cock deeper inside, splitting the walls of her anus as he went, until he’d finally gotten his cock halfway through and out of excitement he’d force the rest in, sending a sharp pain throughout her pelvis, but only for it to quickly soothe itself as his entire cock rested inside of her. He’d push his hips aagainst her buttcheeks, watching as they folded against his motion. He sighed lustfully watching as he’d pull himself to and from her hole, but remembering she wasn’t the softcore type, Leon would take some authrotiy, and reach over, grabbing her shoulders and keeping her upperhalf face down against the bed, while he took a mounting position on his knees, leaning over and “going to town” so to speak. His precum seaping through, and flooding her anal walls, as his cock would repeatedly slit her anal wall until it was finally adjusted to his size. The thrust went from hard to thunderous, as his chizzled abdomen and body slammed against hers, the backs of her tighs now showing a redish tint in color as would her ass cheeks, as he continued plowing her into sweet bliss. “Ngh…mm…mmm!....MMM!” His balls slapping against the her clit with a sting to it, he’d grunt between thrust and continue slaying her asshole, his balls getting covered in her juices the wetter she got. “I-is this good?”

Amy Chan: Aiko blinked a few times as she watched Leon adjust himself to being on his knees behind her. She shivered at the sight of his cock and it was all she could do to keep from her pussy quivering and pushing out more juices. When he pushed her down she made a small "pomf" noise. When he pressed the head of his cock against her ass she moved her hands and laid them on the bed next to her head and as he started to push in she'd grip the sheets whimpering a little, it did hurt but it was a good hurt. "OH GOD YES!!" She'd scream as he fully shoved himself in her ass splitting it open and forcing her to get used to the thickness. The tingle that ran down her spine didn't stop there, it went to her ass which caused her to clench and moan loudly. And since he waisted no time in beginning to plow her Aiko was screaming for him to continue while gripping the sheets as her ass would attempt to hold his cock inside itself but since he was stronger he just pushed right through. While he pushed harder his balls would slap against her pussy opening soaking themselves and cause small surges of pleasure from that area. Aiko would snake her hand under her body and would reach her clit beginning to play with that roughly. Juices began to puddle on the bed and from the looks of it they weren't just hers. "Yes it's great! Oh god I think I'm gonna cum!!!" She gasp and her ass would begin to clench harder still as her pussy quivered with the soon to be climax. "Yes leon YES!! BLOW YOUR LOAD IN ME!!" She screamed and clamped down hard on his cock and squirted a large amount of juices in her hand and on the bed.

Leon’s eyes grew wide at her moans, before he shut his eyes tight and felt her ass litereally swallowing his cock, with a powerful suction! “Gah…ahhhh…shit!” Leon continued plowing her, his precum spilling out of her as he could feel the puddle of juices created by her womb on the sheets below, as he’d revel in the blissful noise of his hips slaming against the backs of her thighs. It sounded like whipping paper at this point, as he’d gritt his teeth and start groaning loudly. His dominant grip holding her hips in one spot, as his thrust got to the point where her tail bone would almost crack the more he forced himself inside of her! “I-I’m cuming again!!” Leon would press her entire body flat against the bed, keeping his hands on her waist and plowing her a little bit longer, before she’d not long after be able to feel large streams of cum filling her anal walls! The amount of cum was ridiculous as it’d squirt form her ass making a noise similar to that of a water gun, as his cum would fill her dephs.  When he’d pull his cock from her ass, the semen would slowly seep and stream it’s way out onto the bed, and leon would look at what he’d did and pant a bit. He’d hop off of her, and onto the floor, walking over to the edge of the bed where her head was located. “O-one more hole..then I’ll have satisfied Aiko. Right?” Leon, if she was still on her stomach, would take hold of her chin in one hand, and place his other hand at the top of her head. He’d slap each of her cheeks with his cock at first in a bit of a tease, before helping her to open her mouth and inhale his cock inside of it. He’d bite his lip, tensing up a bit as the feeling of his sensitivity was through the roof! wouldn’t take long for him to cum again, and he knew it. but he wanted to do as she asked and cum inside of one more hole..his cock would find it’s way down the deepest regions of her throat, before pulling itself out. He’d repeat this process fucking her mouth hesitantly and slowly, his balls touching her chin each time.

When Leon pressed her against the bed to finish off in her anal walls she would scream and moan feeling the load fill her in there as well. When he pulled his cock from her ass she'd shiver and blush as she watched him move across the bed to position himself in front of her. She'd blink a few times before realizing he was pressing his cock in her mouth. She gasped a bit as more of his shaft was pushed in, slowly going down her throat. She'd tighten the back of it on purpose to keep him from going to far since she didn't know if she had a gag reflex or not. She never hit one when brushing her teeth or anything but you never know. So she slowly let him go deeper and deeper, slowly fucking her mouth, keeping at least this part gentle since he'd be hypersensitive to anything at the moment.

When Leon pressed her against the bed to finish off in her anal walls she would scream and moan feeling the load fill her in there as well. When he pulled his cock from her ass she'd shiver and blush as she watched him move across the bed to position himself in front of her. She'd blink a few times before realizing he was pressing his cock in her mouth. She gasped a bit as more of his shaft was pushed in, slowly going down her throat. She'd tighten the back of it on purpose to keep him from going to far since she didn't know if she had a gag reflex or not. She never hit one when brushing her teeth or anything but you never know. So she slowly let him go deeper and deeper, slowly fucking her mouth, keeping at least this part gentle since he'd be hypersensitive to anything at the moment.

“ahh…aiko….I’m gonna cum again…” He’d continue pushing his cock down her tightened throat… his cock pushing and pushing, not meaning to, as the head of it would beat against her tonsles a bit…his cock began to swell again..he panted…scuffled breathing…he was already so sensitive  it almost was painful for a bit…he’d grip her hair tightly..more tightly than usual….he’d finally thrust his cock further down her throat, balls deep…before he’d pull his cock out, and let his load splurish on her face…the sticky white load would hit her forehead and begin streaming down her face, and over her cheeks…a tad bit of semen hitting the inside of her mouth..Leon would pant, as his cock would finally go limp..Leon would huff leaning over her, and looking down at her. His long black  hair flowing downwards as he stared back at her. ..he'd flop down and lay beside her closing his eyes and heading to bed for the night with her

Leon would find that he awoke in bed in a dashing cold sweat. holding his head he'd shake it twice before sighing. He'd look at his pants and see a stream of white. "A dream....maybe i should call her."

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