Dear Rabbit , I know I'm a Wolf Lyrics

Dear Rabbit , I know I'm a Wolf Lyrics

Kin Tasanagi: It had been 7pm in the afternoon. After murdering Ringo he made his way back to where he had been hiding pippa. In her own home. He knew no-one look there the investigations had gotten to deep now. With all the bars in and locked she wouldn't have a way to escape surely. He has been wearing a white dress shirt they both in pippa bed room at this point wearing black slacks and black business shoes. He had been going over a mental evaluation that he stole from the KPD database." When under a lot of stress, it has been notified that Kin gains Intermittent explosive disorder which involves repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation. Road rage, domestic abuse, throwing or breaking objects, or other temper tantrums may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder.People with intermittent explosive disorder may attack others and their possessions, causing bodily injury and property damage. They may also injure themselves during an outburst. Later, people with intermittent explosive disorder may feel remorse, regret or embarrassment. If you have intermittent explosive disorder, treatment may involve medications and psychotherapy to help you control your aggressive impulses. "Kin knew this to be true due to Multiple facts to this notion would be his attack on pippa during her integration , and even when he killed Ringo Dash in the highly aggravated assualt. When angry , Truly angry he lacks emphaty and emotional feelings. He becomes cold and desolate, which may be a result of the tremendously high murderous intent he gains. This also falls into his Keyome Tasanagi complex. He sighed shaking his head when he began to rub his temples before turning around to Pippa who had been in the room as well. He leaned against the door his eyes dead set on her. " You know why I kidnapped you. You know your not getting out of here... I can feel the venom killing me I'm barfing up blood almost every other hour. Not only will I die but if you don't help me make some form of cure ms. Godfrey. More will surely die. It's over now and your all I got. " He said staring her down through his dark locks of hair. " I need you..."‏

Jynxie: Pippa’s back was to Tasanagi, long golden waves following down, reaching to just above her butt, while she stood, arms crossed over her chest, looking out over the skyline with her fading blue orbs. There was no denying the fact she was glad to be home after all this time she spent in D1, enjoying the warmth of an oversized vibrant purple sweater and tight black leggings that outlined her butt; however, the fact the grotesque cop was in her place churned her stomach in knots with disgust. He tried to ruin her reputation, destroy everything her Grandfather built, just because he thought he could be some petty little hero when Kasaihana didn’t even want one. That’s not how a city was run. The cops worked for the elite, even had deals with drug dealers down in D1. Their hands were as dirty as Pippa’s and yet this guy painted himself some sickening white knight who knew absolutely nothing. “Tch.” Pippa huffed, her glossy pink lips pursing together tightly and her fingers clenched at just the very sound of his voice addressing her, as if he even had the right to. Rage racked her body, tensing up her muscles and leaving her face pale. All the cherry color draining instantly from her cheeks. “You act like I could possibly care about your life or anyone else’s. What are you worth to me besides my captive? I admit, I dislike the spell of blood in my bathroom but that’d be only temporary and as for the others?” Pippa paused, turning slowly to face Tasangi before speaking again in her icy tone, “They’re pawns in a much larger war, my dear ‘friend’. They die. More come. The game goes on and on and on,” The girl narrowed her blues on him in a glare, hatred bringing the dull blue back to life. “There’s no cure and even if there was, I wouldn’t give it to you because you, like most of the people in this filthy hell hole, deserve the sweet release of death, or in this case, excruciating release,” the girl shrugged idly. Any gentleness that was once the glow in Pippa was transforming into a consuming hatred of this man. Pippa didn’t see him as anything but the dirt under her shoes and someone who just…Couldn’t let things go.‏

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) Kin listened to her. Her words had been cold. Ice cold... Sliding his hands into his pockets. " What about Alec.." Was all he had said. Allowing silence to accompany his words before he began to speak again. " Would he want you doing this? Would he want you hurting people... You can cure it. Your brilliant. Think about it. Your a busniess woman right? Well let me speak your language. Talk your to. " Kin said narrowing his eyes. " This is a second chance for you. The people still think your a victim. They think your kidnapped and that your higher ups put you to this. " He said walking over to her. Grabbing her shoulder and turning her around so they had been face to face. " You can use this to your advantage. People have gotten sick there dying over this drug. If you make a cure it'll make you look like a hero. You could even make more profit off that then what you had orginally. Blasting your funds back up, freeing your name and it's help me get the guys who are truly the ones abusing the substance... It'd even help Eden... " He said towering over the female. " Please... If not for me. Do it for your grandfather... Maybe even your mother... She was on drugs to right? Think about the little girls who's mothers your taking away right now. Don't let them share your pain..." He said taking hold of both of her arms with a light but form grip. " Relieve them from it. You can do it... Your incredibly smart. I know you can. " Kin had discovered this information a bit before this investigation. More so when he first stole that information from her computer the first time. In those bright golden orbs held sincerity. He wanted to give Eden and her the benefit of the doubt. " If I can stop these guys. You make the cure. It'll make you a hero to the people... And it'd even clear Edens name. " Kin had been working on the fact that she had been a business benefactor. Despite her age, she did run that orginazation by herself which had been a feat in itself.‏

Jynxie: ( )Ice swam through her veins, chilling her very core like the frost clinging to the grand windows, leaving her body rigid as Tasanagi neared her and held onto her arms. Pippa grinded her pearly whites together at the very mention of her grandfather’s name on this man’s breathe. Pippa’s eyes scanned his golden hues without emotion. “You know nothing. Alec did what he could to build a company, one could say Godfrey is an empire built off the blood and death of this city. How else would he have tested p0roducts efficiently? He was as ruthless and cruel as I am, probably even worse.“ Pippa snapped at him, her hands raising up to his chest to push him away and she ducked under his arms, walking to towards the stairs. “And so you know, my mother died and no one batted their eyes, not even you cops. I was a kid, living on the streets and you know what their solution was? To throw me into a cell and then ship me off to where ever it was convenient,” Pippa’s voice broke at the mention of her mother. He didn’t have the right to bring up these people, who left her alone. Just a kid in a world with nothing to her name. She loathed her mother for her childhood, even her grandfather to a certain point because he raised a taciturn corporate woman from an afraid and broken little girl who had a penchant for money. “Eden can handle his own. He knew what he was signing up for. He’s a soldier of the ‘good fight’, if you even know what that is.” She kicked her foot into the wooden step angrily. “You should have played nicely, now you have to reap what you sow, Tasanagi. I’m not sorry in the slightest bit and please,” Pippa tilted her head back to look at him, “Don’t you fucking dare act like you know one thing about who I am. You’re nothing- till a nobody with no face just like you were in high school. A reject. A cop. A loner.”‏

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) Kin's eyes stayed dead set and focused on her own. Just the sheer burn of her words hit home. What did she know of his life. But he retained from speaking to abruptly. He knew she meant no harm. " Your right... I'm a loner. I'm still that stupid kid from school who doesn't have any friends. Trying to fit in with the cool kids. Even now with you and Eden. Trying to help you two. And your criminals. The both of you. " He said laughing , tilting his head back as he walked over to the window. " What do you know... You don't know anything. Your just a stupid kid... " As he spoke... The windows began to frost over... Despite it being fairly warm outside. Even her breathe would have came out cold in puffs of breathe. " Unlike you. With your popularity. And your friends and your good grades. Being a loner made me strong. It made me rely on my own strength. The only one that matters in the end..." He said turning around to look at her. " What do you know... About being weak. I had my ability to walk taken from me... I had to take my own sisters life. I freed district 1 when they were left to be slaves. ( Ark 19) Where were you then. To help them... No-where. You don't know the good fight.. " he said walking into her. In attempts to keep walking untill he had backed her into a wall. " Your good fight is to gain power. And swallow up everything around you in corruption... You use your past as an excuse to play monster... " He said hover over her now, her back at this point would have been completely backed into a wall. " That's your greatest weakness... Your weaker than me and it's not because of the things I can do. It's because you let things control you. . . You think you have everything handled... Everything together. You don't... Your just a stupid kid. Hiding behind drugs , pride and money. Your no gangster. If I took you to District alone they'd take you and kill you. The same people you consider to be in the 'good fight ' I don't give a damn about the KPD. Or the law. I only believe in doing the right thing to do... If you weren't so caught up in your foolish pride you'd see that. But I'm starting. To think... " He said extending his claws. His eyes glowing red as his voice dropped a few tones lower. " That your just another liability. Another removeable factor... I hate you. I hate you so much... Everything you stand for. From your hair to your eyes... And your scent... " he said clenching his hands untill they began to bleed as he caught her scent , it enraged him. It placed him on the ultimate form of edge. An unbareable one. As he finally opened his eyes , his canines had stretched out to there deadliest length. But he didn't want to kill her. It had been another form of rage. One he hadn't encountered before. As he slammed his right fist into the wall next to her head he'd lower his head. " From your clothese... To that egotistical demeanor... I hate. I hate it all! Why should you deserve to have gotten the nice treatment for killing people! The fucking nerve of you! You deserve death... That's what you deserve ! I just don't understand you! And I think that's why I hate you the most! I could be at home with Suzume but I'm here with you trying to save your meaningless life! " Kin said shouting in her face. His breathing had hastened before Finally began to come to a slow. His eyes drifting onto her own as he lost himself for a moment... They had been claiming him. " I hate you... I hate you so much... How can.... How can something so beautiful... Be so ugly inside... "‏

Jynxie: Pippa clucked her tongue, “And now you bully people smaller than you. How righteous you must be. You rely on hurting people to get answers, like the dog you are. You got your answer. There’s no cure nor will I make one for you. I don’t need your help, nor does my life need saving. I signed my soul over once I took over this company. Death already has already staked a claim in me,” Pippa murmured as she stared up at the monstrous sized man as he backed her into the wall, trapped in a corner like a little mouse, yet she showed no sign of fear. Her breathing hitched in her throat as his claws extended towards her, and she yanked her gaze away from his and tilted her head to the side. “I guess that’s something we have in common: Our mutual hatred of one another, dog,” Pippa accented the word ‘dog’, filling the meaning with disgust the moment it escaped from her heart shaped lips. “I’m not afraid of your threats. If you’re going to kill me, kill me. Virtus will stay on the streets, more of those poor saps will die and then where will you be? A screw up, perhaps, living some fantasy world where there is nothing by rainbow and shits- a world with no corruption? Corruption is always here. It grows in the darkest corners of our thoughts and taints our soul, but I will admit, I started Virtus for a reason to give everyone a chance to be strong against the very people who act out their ‘laws’ and throw them in jails. You give them a life full of misery, I give them a life where they can break the chains of their oppressors and I’d happily die for the cause, won’t you?” Pippa mused in a sickly sweet voice, like a bittersweet key lime pie, finally turning back to face him. But when he called her beautiful, a color, faint rose, warmed her cheeks just slightly, yet it fell at the mention of her inner soul’s ugliness. He was right about that. There was nothing good left in her.‏

Kin Tasanagi: " Yeah... Yeah I would... " Silence broke and kin simply stared her down after her spiteful rant. He understood her though. Her integrity. And her sense of honor for her cause had been incredible within a young girl. Had he taken a different route. They would have been the greatest allies. Despite her comment of her calling him a bully had been a contradiction he'd pay it no mind. " Just.. Shut up ... " was all he'd say as He'd pull his right hand around her small throat , his eyes dead set and focused on her own as he began to breathe harshly... He wanted to kill her. To break her like she did all of those people ... He wanted her to die slowly. Agonizingly slow. He hated her and he had never felt a sensation so powerful before. He couldn't explain it, that obsessive feeling to take her life. Though, it'd take a turn... In the mists of strangling her to death... He'd kiss her. It was impulsive... She challanged everything he stood for. He hated everything she had been! And yet... He'd kiss her. His lips locking onto her own his hands left her throat and met her arms instead. His scowl stayed before he'd finally break the kiss. His eyes locked onto her own... They were glowing. Obviously , a signal of arosual more or less... He couldn't explain it... The stress maybe. Or maybe it had been what he had been wanting to anyways. The sheer guilty pleasure of it all. It was unbareable even now.‏

Jynxie: Something stirred deep within Pippa’s turmoil pit of anger and rage that she couldn’t quite put her hands on. When Kin moved in, Pippa prepared for the worst as his hand found its tight grip on her creamy neck. The pulse of her blood and beating of her heart thumped at a wild pace. If he were to snap it, he probably could- snap it like a twig with now his boost of strength caused by her drug. That thought alone should have frightened her instead of enticing the inner demon she had inside of her. Her gaze zeroed in on his face, cold and piercing, that was until Kin, instead of choking her to death, what she believed was the inevitable, he leaned in to kiss her. Out of shock, Pippa’s eyes widened just slightly, before closing for that short moment their lips interlocked. Relief overcame her body as his hand let go of her neck, sending her into a blind passion. Pippa, though completely backed into the wall, raised her hips to bump into him, one of her arms avoiding his grasp so she could curl it around his neck with her fingers twisting in his hair. As soon as the kiss was broken, Pippa gasped, shame overcame her, but there was something saccharine in the pit of her stomach, like it was something she had wanted to do deep down. “You should probably go check on whoever that girl is,” she said with a twinge of jealousy, though he wouldn’t be able to detect it. “I won’t be going anywhere, except maybe down to my studio. Don’t worry, no one will even know I’m remotely near D2,” Pippa nodded.‏

Kin Tasanagi: "... So your telling me what to do now? " He said turning his back on her. He had a shade of red on his face , and a prominent scowl. " Suzume... Is going through a lot right now. I can't even if I wanted to. I'm to far and to deep in this case now. Besides I can't let you go anywhere alone are you insane? Why would I trust you to return. Not to mention... You could get killed. A lot of people are benefitting from your disappearance. I think there willing to do a lot of things to keep it that way. Even so much as kill you. I don't question your own skills Godfrey but I can't let you go alone. For your own safety, and the sake of district 1's future. " He said turning back around to face her again. He stayed stern to his word. But when he saw the expression of her face he couldn't help but faulter a bit. Sighing , he handed her his pistol. It was a 45 caliber pistol that had been all black with a custom grip. " it's loaded. Safety's on to. Take it with you. Come back before midnight... " He said turning back around to the window in her room as he tilted his head down, placing his hands on the window sill. " When you get back... I'll tell you who stole your drugs. Eden will be looking for you soon as well. Once I tell you.. I'm hoping he'll work with me. Since there isn't a cure. I don't have much time to fix this and stop this guy before I kick the can. I need some time alone. " He said taking the civeratte out of his pack , lighting it and taking some time to smoke it through. Not turning around to face her as if to hide the prominent red on his cheeks.‏

Jynxie: “You apparently do trust me enough,” she chuckled slightly, her hand grasping on the hilt of the cold .45 pistol. It weighed heavily in her dainty hands and for a small fragment of a second, she contemplated on pulling the trigger on herself, or at least on him, at the back of his neck, when he turned back to the window. “I’ll be back, Tasanagi, but I expect take out when I get here. A girl has to eat,” Pippa nodded as she bounded up the stairs, twisting the knob of the door. “And by the way, you should at least give her a call. We girls like hearing a reassuring voice,” Pippa said before vanishing out the door. Her destination would be her art studio, which like her apartment, had been abandoned for quite some time. The truth of the matter, was Pippa could develop a cure, she had a formula in the works until she ordered Jarvis to get rid of all the Virtus Projects information. Pippa even knew she could recreate it, perhaps have a somewhat working cure within a few weeks, but there wasn’t a drive anymore to make one. Why cure what was already plagued with life? Though, it wouldn’t hurt if she… attempted to find a formula in case worse came to happen and so, once she made a the short walk to her studio, hood hiding her face, Pippa set out to pull up the old files hidden behind a brick piece above her drawing table.‏

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) "Kin... I.. I.. think. I might... be.. p..preg..nant.. " He heard Suzume say in the back of his head. He had been in one of the other rooms now. It looked like the master bed room. With a large glass door in the room that allowed one to look out around the city. Woods surrounded the house mostly but out of that one could see the city lights. The new moon shinned brightly and created a glow over Kin's body. He could feel himself fighting the venom... Even now. Behind him had been a desk he found, doing his work from there and connecting evidence. He had made up his mind that tomorrow he would seek out Eden so that he could get him to help him with one final push. Something that clear his name. " Ooooooii... where you been kin man? All these games are coming out bro! And all you do is work ! Hey these are your teen years man don't let em slip away! " " Yeah... Taco I hear you. " " You know I heard Connor Ryoji's back in town. You ever gonna get your rematch with that guy ? " " What if I told you I forgot what we were fighting about... " " I'd say your lame! Either way... Home-comings coming up soon. If you don't do anything come to the dance alright ! " Kin and taco continued to talk on the phone for a good amount of time. Taco, his real name being Leonardo Gonatolis, is form a mafia that been long serving under the Kagemaru clan, even after there destruction. H'11 in height, he weight's about 130 pounds. He has shady blonde hair, and a pair of bright green eyes. Taco's 18years old ( As of Ark 20 ) And he's already dropped out of school despite being how smart he is. He takes most of his time in creating things for Cyborgs and the likes, doing these things on the low for some serious cash. He was the leader of the Keeg Club, and had been for about 6 years, untill Kin fainlly defeated him in a game of Live fight when he was only 16 himself. Taco, now works for Kin though he'd never say it openly. Doing whatever Kin asks of him as long as it doesnt make him look " uncool." Taco wishes to be the best cybernetic's mechanic there ever was. After hanging up. Kin stared at the Chinese take out, and had even took the time to call Suzume during his time alone. " I'm almost done with this case... " He stated to her. Keeping her up to date on everything but the kiss. He felt like crap for it, but he figured she had enough on her plate as is and he'd tell her once things died down. It was 11:45 now. Pippa had been gone a few hours and he was starting to get worried at this point. Sitting on the balcony in the room smoking a cigeratte as he waited . Even if she couldn't cure him he need her help. And despite what she said. Kin believes pippa is just Mis-guided. She's still lost and hasn't found her light yet. At the end of the day, she's just a teenager like him. Forced to deal with things beyond there ages worth. " Two sides of the same coin... " He said after exhaling his smoke.‏

Jynxie: ( The lights in the Art Studio were dimmed down to their lowest. The studio with its chipped walls and all smelled like a mixture of paint and coffee. Stacks of vanilla folders were piled sky high on her drawing table, with a cup of heart Earl Gray sitting next to them. One folder which had the cases of the three distinct survivors, was opened. Pippa’s messy script, in blue ink, was scribbled all over the page; she underlined the symptoms, times, procedures, anything she could find that would link. Another folder was tossed open on the floor whose contents were about the drug Venom, itself. Pippa was looking for compounds in the drug and a starting point to where she could find the cure. This would take time, not like this would be a miraculous easy fix. Pippa was all the way across the room, on a raised platform, sitting indian style on a stump, with a paint pallet in hand. About an hour ago, Pippa reluctantly decided to take a break from the heavy reading, which had consumed hours of her time being in her studio, to enjoy one of the simplest pleasures in her life: art. On her easel, was the sketched outline of the city’s skyline. Blues, oranges, pinks, and purples mixed together to create the breathing-taking sky and now she spent her time, carefully shading white, soft clouds over the dried paint. She had tossed out her warm sweater for a loose fitting smock, splattered in paint and ink, and had her long hair tied sloppily up in a bun, loose golden strands falling in her face. On her right cheek was a dried blue smear from where she had brushed the tip of the brush against her cheek while on her nose was a smidgen of white. Rolling up the white sleeves, Pippa climbed off of the stool, setting the pallet down in her place, making her way to the folders. The clock struck 10. The sound echoed off the walls, hitting Pippa with the realization of how long she had actually been down in the studio. She groaned, piling up the folders into a bag a long with her sketch book and drawing stencils. Pippa detested having to go back to her place to find the mutt there but if she didn’t, it would only cause her more grief. Kneading her woven brown brows together, Pippa shut off the lights of the studio completely and locked the door behind her. The walk was brisk and the wind nipped at her cheeks, bringing life to them. When she reached her apartment door, Pippa slid her key in shakily and twisted the knob. Once inside, Pippa made no intent to notify Tasanagi that she was there, instead she headed straight to her bedroom, which had been the master room. She threw her bag on the purple covers of the bed and started to unbutton her smock, sliding it down her arms and tossed that too on the bed, then one by one started to slide her black leggings down her legs, kicking them away on the hard wood floor, followed by her little blue laced panties with matching bra, and proceeded to head towards what would be a bathroom. Pippa wanted, actually needed a shower badly to wash this guilt off of her.‏

Kin Tasanagi:( ) With how swiftly she had been meaning to get in, she didn't even notice the sleeping kin on her bed with a vanilla envelope opened across his face, he sat up when he heard a shower going and his first reaction had been to grab for his gun. He looked over the now cold Chinese he had gotten her earlier and scowled. It couldn't have been her.. She said she had been starving. He put the gun away , realizing all of the attention gun-fire would bring as he crept the door open. Only to see her... She had been drenched in the water, he could see it all from his current view as the water slid down every twist and curve of her body. She was pretty made out for a girl her age... And for the most part that's what got him the most. He pulled the door shut silently and crossed his arm in response. He actually wanted to go in there! The thought sprouted from his mind like weeds in the spring. " No.. " He said to himself but that's when he heard it... His heart. It began to pound. He knew... That this hadn't been a good sign. An Onihourda's heartbeat does not beat in the conventional sense of a heartbeat. Their hearts are much stronger than a human heart, and as such only beat once every four hours. An Oni's heart is about a few centimeters bigger than the conventional sense, and has much larger valvues that allow twice the blood flow of the norm.This beat is enough to sustain the bloodflow of the body for said amount of time, and actually outputs more blood pressure upon their body, which adds to their physical capability. Because of these stronger rushes, they would also push out bad dieseases or antibodies, using the increased amount of red and white blood cells, to fight anything that may cuase the body to become currupt, sickly, or in stale conditions. Reason being: the body the oni inhabits, doesn't wish to fall pray to convential diseaes such as the common cold and any other wordly diseases that attacks the body in any form, shape, or way. So when his began to pound with it's powerful rhythms. He knew what it had been. Her. He thought of Suzume , pacing back and forth across the room. But everytime his eyes blackened from a blink he could see her...

Those golden locks and those bright blue eyes were tantalizing him. He hated them for it... Clinching his fist he stared the door down... His mind boggled with consequences , and then wants and yearnings to accompany that. Left him in a form of dissary. But eventually... He made his way back to the door. He just had to see again... Just one more time. He opened the door this time... The showers beating against her body and the floor to create the cool sound of rushing water. It masked her from hearing him enter. He made his way to the glass door... His hand reaching up to the glass door... He stopped , but then slowly opened it. Before long his clothing had been gone as well... And he was drenched in the water. His form towering over her again he placed his right hand on her shoulder to turn her around and once and if she had... He'd lock his lips onto her own again. Closing his eyes slowly as he pulled his hands around her waist and pulled her into him. His hands sliding down her ass with his hands firm grip as he gripped onto it tightly. He'd break the kiss again and if she looked him in the eyes during the brief pausing. She'd see his bright red eyes glowing back into her own ocean colored eyes. If allowed, he would have lifted her up kissing her even more aggressively as they both had been caught in the rush of the showers heated blast. Her large breast pressing against his chest as his eyes flared an even brighter red for a moment before dimming back down. Holding her up by her legs her weight had been nothing to him due to his inhuman strength. As he continued to kiss her.‏

Jynxie: Creamy pink soap was lathered on to her soft, succulent skin. Pippa gently ran the bar down her arms, chest, stomach, hips and legs, letting the water mix with the bubbles before she traced over her frame with her small hands to rub the soap in before taking a wash cloth to it. The soap smelled like spring, if spring could be bottled up with all the flowers’ fragrances and smell of clean grass. The soothing, warm water poured down her body from the sprout, soaking her golden hair and leaving small droplets along her body. Showers felt refreshing to Pippa. The water rejuvenated her spirits and cleansed her soul, or that was what she liked to think. A small sigh escaped her lips as she pressed herself into the wall, her hands resting on her face. The best thing about showers was that not even the angels in the heavens would know that one was crying. The water hid tears and just so happened to be her cover as tears streamed down her face. What was she doing anymore? All this hope to be something great had changed into this sickly girl with pride driving her 6 feet under. She never wanted this but somehow, this became her life. She hated it yet at the same time loved it. Could one ask for forgiveness and somehow keep what all they had sinned for? Wasn’t that what troubled everyone- wanting forgiveness but never wanting to give up what one had gotten from sin? Humans were destined to fail. Young and foolish, just like Pippa.

The glass door opened slightly at first. The rattling startled Pippa and she spoke with a slightly raised voice, “What the hell-“ she was cut off when his hand had turned her around so swiftly to kiss her. No protest rose again for her lips. The same thrill of danger pulsed through her body, making her quiver in his gaze slightly. It was something about his demeanor, height, and his eyes. Those red eyes that haunted her skyline of the city she painted, or her scribbles her notepad, tucked away in her bag. Pippa brushed her body against his and curled her arms tightly around his neck in a soft embrace as she returned his kiss with a burning desire. When their lips finely parted, Pippa licked at her bruised lips and met his violent red eyes with her sparkling eyes, which seemed to mirror a storm on the ocean with angry waves of blues. He then hoisted her up and her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as he did so, making her tighten her arms around his neck even more so as she leaned in to kiss him fervently with her teeth grazing on his bottom lip. “Tasanagi…” His name drifted from her breathless mouth in between one of their kisses, filled with ecstasy from the taste of his lips.‏

Kin Tasanagi: He kept her up, driven by simple and pure sexual urges he couldn't help himself at this point, all the guilt had been washed out of the window. As he kept his grip on her he began to move his hips upwards so that his lengths top would press lightly against her entrance. His head rubbed at her slit slowly as he moved himself to do so. Still kissing her even though it had gotten aggressive now. He could do that now... Be aggressive , forceful with her. Not because he didn't care but because he had no reason to hold back. His tongue slipped from his mouth to meet her own in a light wrestle amongst the two. Kin had taken this opportunity to slide his length deeply within her walls with one stroke of his hips. His eyes; rolling to the back of his head due to her cunts inviting grace. He began to move, steady at first , all the while pushing her down onto his length at the same time to create a wet smacking noise of rhythm. " Ah.." With his length beating away at her cunt he'd start to grunt , showing how animalistic he could be as he brutally hammered his way into her. His lips made there way down to her throat as he began to savagely such at her creamy flesh , marking territory almost as he's leave a bright red mark on the right side. Pulling her away from the wall briefly he'd just be holding her in the air at this point showing off his strength as he slammed her down on his rod continuously. His length ramming into her G-spot with each pummeling stroke of his hips. And with each wedging slam of his cock. His balls would slap against her clit in a sense teasing her even further. He grunted heavily , pants and aggressive moans with the rhythmic sounds of slapping flesh echoed throughout the room. He'd finally let her down so she'd be on her feet. With her large breast pressing against the glass window. With his hands on her hips he'd work his length viciously in and out of her , her pussies walls contracting against his monstrous length he'd slam his right hand down on her right ass cheek with a thunderous clap. Using his left hand to tug back on her wet golden locks as he savagely broke through her walls. His eyes slanted.. Focused he wanted nothing but go break her. Not because of what she had said to him or because she had insulted him time and time again but... Because for once he had been challenged. She pushed him made him get to this point not to the point of sex. But to the point where he wanted nothing but to accept her challenge. To prove her wrong in a since.

He watched as her ass slammed and clapped viciously against his masculine form. Kin worked his way into her now. Going at an incredibly aggressive speed... Like a savage animal.

Jynxie: A soft, whimper like moan, escaped her lips as Pippa felt his tip against her wet entrance. She winced slightly at the manner of his forcefulness, the same brute strength that just a few days ago made her cower like a small rabbit. Now, she found his strength and towering size tantalizing, something that was the source of the pulsing waves of pleasure through her body, centering mainly on her tight count. Pippa tangled her tongue with his as they met in another kiss, her body moving up and down, brushing her ample breasts against his chest. Her head threw back as she cried out in mixture of pain and enjoyment of his large length pounding into her tight walls, which contracting even more from how large he actually was compared to her delicate flower. This had turned into a guilty pleasure. An attraction formed from a hatred in which Pippa didn’t even try to deny. This man was her foil, a derailment from the path she was supposed to be on and yet she didn’t thwart is attempts as he rammed up into . Her will had broken the moment he opened the shower door. Now, there she was, legs curled around his waist, her nails raking down his muscled back; the left littered scratches in their wake. With his teeth graze and biting the soft skin of her neck, Pippa sighed and her blue hues closed as bitter sweet desire, pent up from the need of a sort of relief, washed over her face, softening her icy looks to give her more serene like features. Pippa’s entire body trembled and quivered from the building off pressure inside with the more he punctured her g-spot, melting her in his arms. When he set her down, her knees wobbled together, muscles tensing in her thighs and he twisted her around to face the glass, like a mindless puppet tainted by the ecstasy of him deep inside . Pippa curled her arms backward to hook once again around his neck, tilting her bead to nip at his jawline the best she could until she felt the sting from his right hand slapping against her ass cheek, leaving araw red mark .Water splashed against his back and for a moment there, Pippa realized what she was actually doing and it disgusted her, but it was too late to go back, her body was already withering on his length as her cunt grew even more sensitive, filled to the brim with his cock. She whimpered again as her juices soaked the length of his cock.‏

Kin Tasanagi: With the hard thrusts breaking through her walls he'd roll his eyes back in sheer exctasy it was agonizing almost. Turning her back around so she could face him he'd lift her up and take her into the bed room, opening the door with a hard boot. With her wrapped around his waist as he kissed her making his way into the bedroom before he'd lay her down onto the bed the transtion from shower to bed was smooth. Once he had placed her down he'd continue the savage beatings. His thick rod working its way within the very depths of her slick hole, his cock ramming into her savagely. With his eyes dead set on her he leaned his head down and began to kiss her again, her legs spread out wide as he held her legs out to help support himself for his thrusts of his hips. With his eyes dead set and locked onto her own he couldt help but feel his body shake from the tight grip her cunt had on his throbbing cock he'd hold both of her arms down above her head as he laid ontop of her, kissing and sucking on her neck, biting into it as well leaving more marks. His animal side showing as he'd claw her up as well, and bite into her. A 3 clawed slash mark had been on her right hip, and on her left ass cheek. Bite marks littering her form as well. Finally rolling to the right of her she'd be on top of him now with both of his hands on her hips to force her to ride him out, forcing her up and down along his thick cock grunting loudly as he looked up at her. There eyes met again even now as he watched her firm breast bounce up and down due to the poundings. He couldnt help but stare... her blonde hair wet and tangled draping down her back and then some of it on the right side right in between her breast as he forced her to ride his throbbing cock. He loved this, and thats what he hated the most. ( ) With his thick rod working its way into her cunts walls he'd pull her around so she had been on her stomach now, mounting over her plump round ass beating her backside so hard with his bodies collison that her ass had been a bright red from the beatings, CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP! The Echos quaked the room before he'd finally feel his body tense up. " I'm gonna..." He said tensing up, leaning his body down to bite down on her right earlobe while he smashed into the wet depths of clenching pussy. ( ) His blasting the rod of his cock worked in. Fucking her viciously, animalisticly. He wanted her to feel every inch of him as they tossed and turned along the bed like raging animals. He hated her, but if he did what had this been? Infatuation? Lust? Or maybe he did have some sort of feelings for him. Thinking of Suzume made his heart sting but the thought of her due to the situation at hand would diminsh as quickly as it would have came.‏

Jynxie: As Tasanagi lifted her out from the shower towards the feather down bed with the mangled sheets, with his lips on hers, Pippa would push her bag, with the files of paper out from under her and onto the cold hardwood floors, spilling the contents. Her body rocked gently against his brash pace as he’d lay her onto her back. Twisting and tightly clenching the sheets as she withered and moaned from underneath him as his cock continued with his entire length to slam into her walls to the point she could do nothing but roll her head back into the soft sheets with a face of sheer trance. Kin’s red eyes connected with her blues and for a breath moment, there underneath him, a faint blush would rise to her cheeks. They changed positions in the throes of fucking, her now on top, riding his cock the best she could while her muscles juddered and her cunt sent twinges of pleasure like rapid fire up through her entire body while her wet golden locks smacked against the small of her back. Her thighs tightened as her tight walls clenched onto his cock, urging him to release himself. She’d grab viciously at one of his hands, trailing his firm palm up her flat stomach till it reached her ample breasts that bounced from her pounding down onto him the best she could- but before long they switched again with her completely on her stomach and him from behind. Pippa yelped. The pain from his claws on her hips rattled her a bit. She felt the burning sensation of where they were and soon her body would be tender and bruised, down to her lips even, from tonight’s events. “What’s stopping you?” her voice trembled with bliss while they turned amongst the sheets wildly. Her thoughts were jumbled up and silenced by the needs and what’s of her body.‏

Kin Tasanagi: " What's stopping you... " Was all he heard throughout the lustful session , with his teeth biting into her shoulder a bit he'd allow his eyes to glare at the back of her head before finally pulling her back around to face him. With him on top of her yet again he'd began to stroke himself within her walls as hard as his body would allow. He was reaching it.. That breaking point. He grunted loudly his cock bashing , beating away her pussy as hard as he could! Fucking her wet cunt savagely he was going mad. With his fat girth ramming away at her insides , beating so hard she could fill it within the pit of her stomach. With all of the strength he could muster up , he tensed his body starting to shake from the sheer breaking point of a release. " I'm gonna cum.. " He said locking his lips into her own. With each stroke of his hips she'd feel the impacts up smack that echoed throughout the room. He felt his body quiver and shake the build up had been unbareable he was on the brink and before long he'd dump 3 thick loads of his cum within her very walls. His eyes then went from red to there orginal gold. He slumped down over her panting heavily , there bodies still slightly wet. He hadn't even pulled out of her before the white floods began to leak from her cunts opening. No words were said... He pulled himself up a bit and looked at her. Emotions distorted he stood up finally as he walked to her bedroom door. " Yoi should... Get some sleep. I plan contacting Eden tomorrow. So we can finish this thing... " Kin said looking back at her from where he stood before attempting at walking out of the room completely. He hadn't wanted to... But in terms of things what else had he supposed to do. His conscience had been at toying and mocking him right about now.‏

Jynxie: When he let go of whatever was pent up, he filled her delicate flower with his seed. Pippa was panting from the amount force they were exerting on each other. She lay there, after he had finished and they exchanged just one small kiss before he pulled away. “Best way to feel like a common whore,” Pippa chided herself as he vanished from sight of her room. The deep oceans cracked a bit, returning to her frigid and vacant dull blues. Tonight was just.. A simple mistake. That’s all it was; that’s all he probably saw it as too. Tasanagi just up and left after he had finished, leaving her with brief words. Were those to be repentance for what had just occurred? She sneered and rolled out of the bed, her hips swaying as she walked gingerly to her drawers to pull out an oversized purple tshirt and slid on some panties slowly, wincing as her hand brushed against the claw marks. Her lips were still bruised from their kisses, raising her fingers up to tenderly touch the bottom lip, but she shook off the thoughts with distaste. Glancing down at the Chinese food, Pippa went to go hauling it in bed with her only to pause as she looked down at her sheets, her mind filled with the scenes of what just happened. With a sigh, she pulled a blanket tucked away in a box with a pillow and made herself a pallet on the floor and ate slowly. The folders she had strewn over the bed were close to her so she reached over to pull one of them to her laps and flicked it open, blue eyes studying over the words in hopes to finding something valuable.‏

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) Kin pulled himself back into her room a few hours later after she had fallen asleep. Sitting next to her , she'd had left the files next to her. The cure... It had been right here! He could run with it! He could steal it ,maybe get michiko to take it and do it for him! But... No. No he wouldn't do that. It had been beyond that now for him. She wasn't... His enemy anymore. Or Atleast right now. He sighed moving a lock behind her ear as he balled himself up. He thought of Suzume again the guilt now reading it's ugly head but that hadn't been the reason why he hadn't laid with her that night. It had been because he was afraid to. What he did to Suzume. He could never do to another and he hated himself for what he did to her in the first place. He had given in to stop the monsters. He had to become one... To stop them. As he say there looking over her sleeping form he would have sighed starting to recite the code to remind himself who he was. " Bushido code...number 3.. " He said to himself as he pulled his legs back so they'd cross. Sitting in a meditative state. " Mercy; A man invested with the power to command and the power to kill was expected to demonstrate equally extraordinary powers of benevolence and mercy: Love, magnanimity, affection for others, sympathy and pity, are traits of Benevolence, the highest attribute of the human soul. Both Confucius and Mencius often said the highest requirement of a ruler of men is Benevolence. Honor; Though Bushido deals with the profession of soldiering, it is equally concerned with non-martial behavior: The sense of Honor, a vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth, characterized the samurai. He was born and bred to value the duties and privileges of his profession. Fear of disgrace hung like a sword over the head of every samurai … To take offense at slight provocation was ridiculed as ‘short-tempered.’ As the popular adage put it: ‘True patience means bearing the unbearable. ' ". He said finally opening his eyes as he looked at pippa scowling a bit as he brushed a lock out of her hair. " I'm going to trust you... " He said standing again, walking to the corner of her room where the only light had been was the moons from the window. A sun hat on his back he tilted it down and cocked his pistol. If an assassian had been coming for pippa he'd be the first to know. And he'd kill then where they stood. " Don't let me down... " He said finally closing his eyes.‏

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