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Kevin"Koa" Chan

Katsumi Yoru

Discovery Edit

Kevin: Sunset! The time of day when crime starts, but isn’t quite in full swing. The inbetwen period as most vigilantes referrer to it. one of these vigilantes being Kevin Chan aka Web Strider, but clearly only he knows that. Kevin would sit perched on a gargoyle head, looking over the city. Watching the hover traffic and seeing some of those big city lights start to cut on and flair in his surroundings. “Maaaan I love this job. School or not, this is the life. Kicking ass. Taking names. No bitches though. That’s the only downside to this entire gig.  I mean you’d honestly THINK I’d get laid doing this. What do you think jimmy?” Kevin would look at the gargoyle he was perched on. Of course it said nothing ,but kevin didn’t mind. “You’re a good man jimmy. Good man. WEB SWING!” Kevin would dive head first off of the 80 storie building into a free fall letting his arms and legs hang loose as he descended from the air. Kevin would string a web from his right wrist, swinging on the railing of a crane, and looping around it one time before being sent flying air borne, in a series of backflips! Soring the skies, he’d nose dive right into a series of web swings, before looking down and seeing a very, VERY  petty crime being comiitted. A man running off with some woman’s purse. Kevin would shake his head. “I’m here for the big time stuff…..ugh.” Kevin would let go of his web, and come down upon the robbers head with a drop kick, letting his body hit the ground in a skid! Kevin would land on his feet of course, picking up the purse, and dusting it off. He’d turn to look at the elderly woman and see that she was filled with gratitude. “Here  you are m’am! Take care now!” “w-wait young man! Thank you so much! Actually here, you might need these more than lil old me.” The lady would hand him a pamphlet, which had a picture of a japanese style looking home. “Nichibotsu no Yoru huh? Looks interesting….now that I think about it…I’ve had a terrible crook in my should ever since that bird brain pierced it with his razor feathers….alright I’ll take it. thank you m’am, it’s much appreciated!” Kevin would bow to the woman before striking a triumphant post, and  leaping 20 feet forward into the air before deciding to head to the location listed, which was a lake…didn’t even know Kasaihana had a lake but kevin was certain it just spoke for the reknown of the place he’d assume. While swinging kevin made a connection in his head. “Wait a minute…I think Leon said he was going to go here too. Something about an investigation about some disappearances in this area or something like that…hmmm…” Kevin decided to go AS web strider, to make things easy. He might even get a discount, but here’s hoping. He’d land in the public forest area of kasaihana which is where the lake is located, kind of a city park type deal but away from the city for the most part. “Welp here’s hoping they can fix me up.” Kevin traversed the woodlands and arrived the lake which actually had quite the stunning view now that he looked at it. “Wooooooooow. How am I gonna get out there…” Kevin would look around from left to right, seeing now form of boat here or water transport. Kevin would grab a stick off of the ground, and tuck it under his arm, before holding his wrist out and spinning webs, moving his arms in interwoven and intricate directions, until he’d fashioned a make shift raft of webbing to help him travel. Arriving on the isolated platue of a bathhouse place, kevin would make his way twaords the front and whistle for some attention. “yoohoo! Olly olly oxenfree! Gotta customer!...anyone?”

Ana: Katsumi sighed as she strode through the grounds of her clan's business. "Nichibotsu no Yoru, Kasaihana's only Japanese retreat." She stated as a soft breeze blew through the area, lifting her onyx hair up. A couple stood behind her and she bowed in respect and they smiled. "Arigato, nee. Please come back soon." The female nodded and laced her arm through the male's. "We thank you kindly for your hospitality during our time here. We'll definitely recommend our friends to come here." Kat smiled. "It would be greatly appreciated." Another female led the couple out to a boat and then sailed them to the main-land. Here at Nichibotsu no Yoru, otherwise known as Sunset Night, it was Kat's job to keep everything in order, and make sure all customers here were treated like Gods and Goddesses. A soft whistle caught her attention and she looked at two of the girls that stood within the entrance and nodded. "Ji." The girls nodded back and went forward, coming face to face with the stranger. (
Original-kitsune-two-kimono-legs-anime-girls-wallpaper 428808093
) Both females had golden coloured hair and ears sticking out of their heads. They practically looked alike disregarding their eye colors and kimonos. They wore no shoes and their little feet were exposed. They spoke in unison. "Welcome, Masta!" Each had an accent to them and they held out their hand to the male, a smile plastered on their faces. "Please come in?" If and once he had taken their hands, they would've pulled him along through the stone trail where behind two large boulders, stood a Japanese styled home, with a pool, lake, and two ponds were filled with the business' all female staff personnel and they all turned to the male and bowed. "Welcome, Master." For the males that come through Nichibotsu no Yoru, they're called Master, and for the females, Mistress. Giggles from all sounded the male from every direction and then came the sound of a gong. Everyone's head turned and fell upon the Mistress of the Business and they fell silent. "Welcome, Master. How may we Foxes help you this fine evening?" Kat's voice was soft and smooth. Though she wore a kimono like the rest of the females, the only difference was that she was the one with the weapon. (
118655 art-yatagarasu-girl-sword-katana-kimono-flowers-peonies-sitting p
) Strapped her side rested a katana with a matching case and hilt to her kimono, the soft fuschia mixed with gold and black. Her grey eyes stared at the male that stood in front of her, and she almost snapped. Not only was he the one she and Kin had ran into, but he was also the one who made those sexual innuendos... /Bear with it, Kat..../ She sighed. Business comes before personal problems...

Jizzin' and Second Meetings Edit

[11/12/2014 1:12:38 AM] Connor Ryoji: Kevin’s eyes would nearly pop out of their sockets, as he laid eyes upon the golden haired women. As they welcomed him and called him “masta” Kevin would swallow a large lump in his throat and would be bright red. Luckily the mask hid this quite well. “B-….Beautifuuuuuuuul.” Kevin uttered. When they asked him to come in, Kevin nodded like a lost puppy and took both of their hands. Letting them guid him in down a stone trail, kevin looked around in awe. “Man this place is so “feel good”!” it must be bomb ass living here all the time! Haha! As kevin was guided behind the boulders he saw an all female staff…Kevin’s eyes widened as he had a mini seizure, his body shivered in almost every which body part there was to shiver in.”Oh god…..oh….uh…..ugggggh…” Kevin would sigh with a large sexual relief….he pretty much just came. His underpants would luckily keep that fact to himself though. As the women fell silent, kevin would lok around and another voice broke the mold. "Welcome, Master. How may we Foxes help you this fine evening?" Kevin laid eyes upon here, and not only was she a bombshell with a weapon..but a familer one at that. Kevin would tilt his head, folding his arms and staring directly at her for a second. “Looking past the Kimmono…I know you…I have to…I don’t forget girl faces…” Kevin would snap his fingers, and palce his opposite hand on his hip. “Ah! I remember you!  You were with that one guy! The Brooding cop! The girl I said was taking the pipe! How ya been? I didn’t know  you worked here! You the owner?! Ah man that means you can hook me up! do have like a superhero discount right?” Kevin would look at the ladies holding his arms out. “I mean I did put away 2 supervillains in the past week. I’ll tell a couple of you uh, looooovely ladies if your interested. Heh heh heh.” Kevin would put his hands on his hips and look back at the familiar girl. “By the way! Never learned your name! I can’t tell you mine OBVIOUSLY but chea, I don’t wanna be informal. That’d just be rude wouldn’t it?” Kevin would nod non-chalontly waiting for the outcome. “By the by, sorry I’m talking to much, but have any of you ladies seen anything  or one go missing in this area at all? Anyone? Gotta get the hero stuff outta the way before the relaxation.”

[11/12/2014 1:28:07 AM] Sato: Kat stared at him and let out a soft breath. "Yes, I'm the owner of this establishment, Master..." She walked down the stone path and stopped just a few feet in front of him. "Ni." She suddenly said and the girls nodded before returning to their work, along with the golden maidens. The girls blushed as he called them "looooovely" and some planned to stick by him after Kat had finished their business. "If you could, I'd appreciate if you would just.. ease from the flirting, Master." She flipped her fan out and pointed the end towards him and then with a flick of her wrist, opened it. "This way if you please." Once he followed her, he'd be led in a room where a four couches faced each other to make a square, and the seats filled with women, sat in the same position as the next, with their legs curled up underneath them. "And my name? Katsumi Yoru... And if you can't give me a name for you I might as well make one." She though a bit and slammed her fan shut. "Mr. Spider it is. Doesn't that sound fine, ladies?" The women in the room spoke in unison. "Yes, Mistress." And then his next question hit her and left her puzzled. "Missing? Not that I've heard of. All of my customers have come and go safely under the watchful eye of my girls. We may look harmless, Mr. Spider, but I warn you, don't let our pretty faces fool you." And what a warning that was. Oh, a little secret. All staff members are required to carry a knife on the inside of their kimono. Kat finally turned to face him and held her hands behind her back. "Now, that we've gotten your 'hero stuff' out of the way, you may chose any female in the room to service into better health. Nichibotsu no Yoru is known for its traditional Japanese style baths, massages and soothing cares and will always make the customer leave here happy."

The Chosen One Edit

[11/12/2014 1:44:02 AM] Connor Ryoji: Kevin would watch as the maidens flocked to her every command like well trained soliders. It was impressive by all means, and pretty immersive in a Japanese like culture. This way if you please." She spoke. “Leeeeead the way.” Kevin would follow her, and tilt his head up finally hearing her name. “Katsumi Yoru eh? I’ve got it memorized.” Kevin pointed to his noggin.” And if you can't give me a name for you I might as well make one." She though a bit and slammed her fan shut. "Mr. Spider it is. Doesn't that sound fine, ladies?" The women in the room spoke in unison. "Yes, Mistress." Kevin looked around. “Man you guys are like…super coordinated. I almost wanna get a job here, but y’know. Gotta. Gotta dick and all.”  Kevin would palce his hands on his hips, two ladies still clinging onto his tone arms. "Missing? Not that I've heard of. All of my customers have come and go safely under the watchful eye of my girls. We may look harmless, Mr. Spider, but I warn you, don't let our pretty faces fool you." Kevin sighed at the notion that she knew nothing of missing persons in the area.  "Now, that we've gotten your 'hero stuff' out of the way, you may chose any female in the room to service into better health. Nichibotsu no Yoru is known for its traditional Japanese style baths, massages and soothing cares and will always make the customer leave here happy." Kevin would clap his hands together before rubbing them vigorously like a sleezeball, and giggling like a child. “OOOOOOEHEHEHEHEEH! Lets get t his shindig popping! Umm….” Kevin’s eyes scanned the room looking at all of the beautiful women, and boy was the word “beautiful” and understatement. “I---------------- want. “ Kevin would turn and point at Kat. “You Katsumi.” Kevin would smile under his mask. “I think we aaaaaah got off to a rough start, but! We can fix that with you messaging me. I need a FULL rub down…plus my shoulders been kinda edgey since I took a knife to it.” Kevin would turn to the other ladies. “I tell ya this guy? Bout….6’5…built guy, I mean he benched a CAR! Got me good with a switch blade, but I took em down with one hand.” Kevin would point to himself with his thumb. “So what’s up Kat, you down or nah? You gotta make me leave happy right?” Kevin would hold his arms out and smile.///Elsewhere/// A strange presence filled the area surrounding the lake as a whole. A black figure, surrounded by various other black figures, would menacingly look at the bathhouse. The front of the black figures had a cold stare, and a noticible skar over his right eye. He himself however was dressed in all white, with a cape to match. “. . .We wait.” He uttered in a raspy smokers like voice as he and the black cloaked men with him laid in wait.

[11/12/2014 2:02:37 AM] Sato: Katsumi's eyes widened and she was caught off guard by his choice. "M-Me? I mean, I..." She stammered and then hissed a little as her words backfired on her. "As you wish, Master...." The twins fell back from the males arms as Kat took him by the hand and led him out to an open area to where a pool lay in front of them, still and clear. Next to it was a pond with a fountain that poured water and opposite of that lay a row of tables with scented sakura candles and assorted oils. "You may choose one of the stations. We give our customers enough choices as possible to make them enjoy their time here." Kat opened the fan again and waved it gently in the air towards herself. Her mind raced as she thought to herself. /This man's a frickin' pervert... Why chose me..?/ She removed the blade from against her hip and a female took it from her hands before leaving the area. It was always peaceful and quiet here on this island, but something... something was off but she couldn't tell. On the inside of her kimono, there was a small button and then a barely audible beep sounded throughout the grounds and all personnel stopped what they were doing, only few moved and those that did rid themselves of their uniforms and changed into body suits and armored padding. Each one looked the same. 


A white body suit and red armor covering their thighs, chest and forearms, along with dual blades strapped to their hips. ( ) Kevin would've seen a couple of them pass by but hopefully he wouldn't know the difference if anything.

Talk About Service! Edit

[11/12/2014 2:40:15 AM] Connor Ryoji: Kevin smirked as she stutterd at his response. She called him master, and was lead by the hand. Kevin would turn back to the other laides, and wink waving at them with jazz fingers using his free hand. When she lead him to an open pool like area with various stations to choose from. Kevin’s heart sank! He’d never ever EVER had this kind of service in his entire life! “ahh man. Well the message table does sound nice…right about now…with the oils…” Kevin would then exclaim. ‘BUT Need a bath first. I could use one, might help me refresh before I go back to my life of heroism. Tough job y’know but someones gotta do it, you feel me?” Kevin would rub the back of his neck. “So like. Is this the part where I strip and hope in oooooooooooor you gonna grab me towel so my dick isn’t all in your face. I’ll hold all further comments concerning that statement to myself.” Kevin would nod and start to take his outfit off by the neck, pulling it down past his body , to reveal his fair toned skin, and a well chiseled body. Not to much on the body builder side, but athletic enough to tell he was quite active physically. Weather she turned away or not, Kevin would embrace his nakedness, tossing his outfit to the wind and palcing his hands on his hips. Another odd feature that would make itself obvious is his tail…a long black lions tale, whipping back and forth. It was about 3-3 ½ feet long. Swaying back and forth. Kevin would dip the hair of the tail into the water. “Nice temperature, veeeeery nice.” Kevin would step in with his masks till on, and walk towards the middle of the pool. Kevin’s perhipheral vision caught sight of out the wall dressed women, but he paid it no mind as he was purely ready to relax. He sat down, letting his legs hang open and his body slump forward as he’d let out a long and drawn out sigh. “Hey uh. You supposed to wash me or do we like converse from a distance? Not sure how this is supposed to go….do you get in too or do you just stand there like a bump on a log?” Kevin’s tail would wisp above the water, swaying from one direction to the next fashionably.//////// the white cloaked male would be peering in using a pair of Zoom/X-ray goggles. Observing the females as they went about their business…until he’d spotted the white suits. “mmm…they’ve bought it. Get ready to prep the ship… start prepping the barrier as well. The shanmans are ready I presume?” the male beside him would nod. “Very good…they won’t know what hit them. The purge of Demon kind begins very shortly…” in t he distance a large blimp would begin to make it’s presence known being about 5 miles out and heading for the lake area slowly but surely…men in robes would begin to circle the perimeters, setting up long wooden post and enscribing something within them, all in silence. It became a game of chess at this point and the pieces were being put into place.

[11/12/2014 3:06:42 AM] Sato: Katsumi turned a bit red in the face as he started to pull off his suit, noticing how well toned he was, but an appearance like that didn't surprise her much anymore during her training periods but... her eyes fell on his tail, though she tried not to stare so much at his ass. Normally, a tail like that would've thrown of 'normal' people. In her Clan, we were practically born from a fox, so the females were given abilities to change into a different being, but the only person who could, was Katsumi herself. Kat grabbed a towel from off of the rack and held it in her hand as she unbutton her kimono and stripped down into a pure white two-piece bikini that hugged her hour-glass figure. She closed her eyes as the corners of her lips twitched, looking down and holding out the towel for him to take and once he did, she'd move behind him and push him down into a sitting position and she herself got into a kneeling position, typing her hair up into a high ponytail, a strand falling out of place but she didn't mind it as much as she cupped her hands in the water and poured the water onto his body. Her hands moved around, starting from around his waist and moving up, apply pressure to wherever he had felt tense until she reached his neck, using her delicate little fingers to massage that area with most care after seeing him rub it earlier. "So it's hard being a hero, I see. You're very tense, Master." She stood up and took out a small pink bottle and then opened the cap before swiping her arm across the air, light red particles falling on him and around him as the sickening sweet smell of roses filled the air around them. "Don't mind what these are. It's just to smell nice." Katsumi stated before grabbing another towel, walking in front of him and bending down, drenching the towel in the clear water until she pulled it out, the trickling sound being the only sound on her little island. She walked back up to the Kevin and knelt in front of him, rubbing the wet towel gently against his neck area and then moved to the center of his chest, her face calm as her eyes stared blankly at the area she washed.///T The female members that surrounded the island kept watch on everything, patrolling the area when one spotted the blimp making its way towards the area. She held her hand against the sensor, getting ready for anything out of the ordinary in order to signal their leader.

[11/12/2014 4:00:24 AM] Connor Ryoji: Kevin would look up to her, about to stutter his ass off looking at her figure. He mentally made a comment to himself. “God….DAMN….I think I know where I’ll be doing my recovery now adays. Huehuehue…” Kevin took the towel and was pushed down into a more fitting sitting position. He’d sigh for a moment taking in the relaxing atmosphere and closing his eyes. As the water hit his back his entire body laxed completely as he smiled a very goofy smiile. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaan.” He’d utter out in a much deeper voice than he’d been letting out.  As she danced her fingers across his tense spots, kevin’s body recived an overwhelming feeling of relaxing fatigue as he dropped his guard and let the girl do her work. "So it's hard being a hero, I see. You're very tense, Master." Kevin would laugh. “you’ve got no idea. Well I wont say that cause you are a cop, but man oh MAN. I can’t TELL you how many of those costumed villans have some of the most bizzare abilities I’ve ever seen! I recently took down a metal scorpion guy. Who spits acid yo! I could have been offed right then and there…seems like I haven’t really unwound at all. “ Kevin would sigh as she stood up and sprinkled something. Whatever it was it smelled heavenly as kevin took it in with his senses, smelling the strong strong scent of roses. As she went to grab another towel and came back, Kevin would folds his hands infront of him and tilt his head. “Say….that cop you were with. His last name wouldn’t happen to be Tasanagi would it? and on a side not, what made you wanna balance a gig as a cop and a…well..I don’t quite know what this occupation is called…spa worker? Just seems weird.” Kevin would look at her expression as she washed him. “You look bored out your mind. Anyone ever tell you that? You got this scowl to ya. Unless it’s just me.  Speaking of bored, got any snacks? I like snacks. Snacks are great….got any chicken?” Kevin would rub the back of his neck as he rose his hand up he’d splash her with some water on accident. //// The game begun as the man in white cloak used his motion sensing technology to detect the female scouts locations, pinpointing them, and sending the coordinates to his subordinates…all using the visor of his mask. He’d talk low. “Activate the Yokai seal.” With that, the wooden post that were being set up would surround the lake 1 mile out in a hexagonal like pattern. The shamen preist would slice their thumbs and press them against the post creating a wall around the pereimter, that had a purple hue to it. the wall was as tall as 30 stories high and made a low humming noise. “With this…no Yokai leave. No Yokai enter. A perfect little prison for the blistering heathens. Phase one is complete. Begin prep for phase two..infiltration. they’ll notice the wall right away. Preist, activate tenchi self barriers. Send in the calvry..” the blimps compartment would begin to open, and a trail of men in black suits with pale skin would emerge from the opening, sprading their arms and gliding down into the forest dephs! (how they looked minus the child xD topchamp20004ffac84a4732e.jpg ) they’d pitter patter amongst the area, a strong light Hadou coming from them surprisingly. They’d meet with the women romaing around the area, and take shaolin kung fu poses, preparing to engage them in all out combat!

And So It Begins! Edit

[11/12/2014 11:08:34 PM] Sato: Kat's eye twitched. 'Does he have to ask so many damn questions...?' She let out a huffy breath and looked up at him, her eye color changing momentarily from grey to red and then back to grey and she froze for a second before turning her head, hoping that he hadn't seen it. "You're life seems exciting indeed..." Her body rose out of the water a bit, moving a bit closer to him, wedging in between his legs just a bit as she cleaned from his stomach, down to his waist. "Giving you such information about my partners are none of your concern, really... As is my occupation. Just because I work as an Officer and Official to a company such as this is weird as well? Honestly..." She mumbled... "Men like you don't know anything about people like me." There was a hint of anger in her voice but she sighed and waved it off. "And no, we don't have any snacks, and for that I apologize." Her hand traveled up to her face as she yawned, covering her mouth and then she closed her eyes and turned as he had accidentally splashed water on to her, a soft squeaking sound escaping her lips and she blushed at the fact that such a sound came from her. Out around the perimeter, each female pressed their sensors and Kat's ears perked up and her body pulsed and she stay motionless and then everything fell silent. She looked up at Kevin and pushed him down into the water forcefully, keeping his head above the surface and she moved on top of him, grabbing his arm and then she pulled out a small pin from in her hair and apologized to him in advance before she pricked his skin and then the smell of blood hit her hard and she shook slightly. She shut her eyes tightly and then opened them slowly, her once storm grey hue in her eyes replaced by a bright amber instead. Like the twins, ears sprouted from her head and nine tails waved around her figure and sakura petals swirled around her body. All the blackness from her hair disappeared as a reddish tint took to her tails, ears and hair and sighed, water dripping from her body as her bikini burned away, revealing her naked body for only the slightest moment until her tails covered her... parts. She stared down at Kevin and winked before blowing him a kiss. ( ) She then stood tall, towering over him as she held her arms out and then came a blinding light and her body was covered in armor of red, black and gold and a single fox tail swayed behind her. ( ) Katsumi looked at Kevin and helped him up, tossing his clothes into his face and turned. There was something different about her and it wasn't just her appearance alone. "Fuck the formalities and care, Spider-boy. Something's about to happen and it feels like it has something to do with you, Hero." She stepped out of the water and her ears twitched as the sounds of her girls fighting against whoever the intruders were, doing their best to keep them around the outside of the island. She turned back at Kevin and held her hand out to him. "If you're as big and bad as you say you are, then help me take care of this."

[11/13/2014 1:17:08 PM] Connor Ryoji: Kevin eyed her down through his mask watching as her eyes would shift colors. He pretended he didn’t notice it, but there was a strong presence that escaped her being that he couldn’t quite shake. He couldn’t just ignore it either, but he’d most definitely attempt to do so. As she spoke and wedged closer between Kevin’s legs, Kevin blushed, but luckily out of her view. The only woman he’d ever had in between his legs was the baby sitter when he was much younger than what he is now.  "Giving you such information about my partners are none of your concern, really... As is my occupation. Just because I work as an Officer and Official to a company such as this is weird as well? Honestly... Men like you don't know anything about people like me." Kevin could hear a tinge of spite in her voice and under his mask he’d stare at her blankly. . "And no, we don't have any snacks, and for that I apologize." Kevin would stare at her blankly for a moment before speaking. “You don’t have a lot of friends do you do.” Kevin would point at her with a joyus tone in his voice, finding her a bit over dramatic. He wanted to try and relate, but he also knew girls were the most stubborn creatures on the face of the earth.  All fell queit on the area, when suddenly kat changed her position and mounted kevin outta nowhere! Grabbing his arm and pricking it to draw blood. “The hell..are you d-“ When kevin saw her transformation ensuing  his eyes grew wide from beneath his mask. Seeing her nude for a brief second, a drop of blood would’ve made its way form his mask, where his nose was as he’d continue to stare until she’d reached her final form (LOLLOL) now being in combat like armor, Kevin would wipe his nose when she winked at him and speak with a stutter. “I k-knew there was something different about you! You’re fucking GORGEOUS!” kevin would point at her as she helped him up and toss his outfit in his face. Kevin would hop up from the water and put his clothes back on, now being in full web strider gear! . "Fuck the formalities and care, Spider-boy. Something's about to happen and it feels like it has something to do with you, Hero." Kevin would scoff, walking beside her and cracking his knuckles. “D’awww. I’m flattered. “ when she made a quip about how big and bad he was kevin would place  his hands on his hips and laugh. “ HA! Sit back and watch how a real hero works!” ( ) Kevin would stand outside, hearing the commotin and the fighting happening all around him and squatting down upon all fours. He’d flourish his leg msucles with chi, pumping their size and leaping 30 feet into the air off of the island! He’d reach the peak of his height, and sling a web to a near by tree, pulling himself towards it, and simutanoiusly tackling a man down, one of the black dressed ninjas! Kevin would and ontop of the man with a smirk, before standing up on his hands, and shoving his legs into the abomen of two other assailants! Spinning off of his right hand, he’d push his body forward, and see he was now surrounded! “Oh….oooooh….OHKAY . That’s what we’re doing? Let’s go!” Kevin would begin shuffling his feet, and moving his legs in an odd almost street dancer like fashion. ( ) the ninja’s looked at him with their heads tilted, as kevin continud taunting them. “WASSUPWASSUPWASSUPWASSUPWASSU-BOW!” Kevin would lash out with with a jumping spinning back kick, converting it into a low sweep kick taking two with him as he did, and proceeding to put his guard up for the former, before being tackled off into the fray a bit more! “I GOT THIS!”

[11/13/2014 3:54:28 PM] Ana: Kat watched in amazement as he sprung 30 feet into the air like nothing and watched as he disappeared before dealing with her own intruders. She raced over to the east and came face to face with one of the black ninja and she swung her body to the left and outstretched her right hand, grasping it onto the intruder's ankle as he passed by and swung him around in a full 360 before slamming his body into a tree, splitting the wood and sending shards everywhere. The man fell down and his body crash onto the ground below and she continued forward. Two of the ninja raced forward towards her girls right as she neared the perimeter and they held their hands over their heads, shaking in fear when Kat soared over the women and her hands clamped over the faces of their attackers and she spun around smashing the first one into the sand under their feet and the other into a boulder, a deep crater forming underneath his body as she heard the sickening crack. ( ) She looked back at the two girls and nodded, both understanding her message as they raced to help the others fight. All of her girls were trained to be killers, murderers, but only for purpose. As was she, and whoever messed with her Clan, her people, her home, they were going to DIE. Steam blew out of her nose as she let out a huffy breath and as she raced forward, running around the perimeter when she heard Kevin start to go off. /“WASSUPWASSUPWASSUPWASSUPWASSU-BOW!” Kevin would lash out with with a jumping spinning back kick, converting it into a low sweep kick taking two with him as he did, and proceeding to put his guard up for the former, before being tackled off into the fray a bit more! “I GOT THIS!”/ She stared in wonder when a blade pierced the skin of her cheek and flew past her, lodging itself into the ground behind her and there was her attacker right before her eyes and she instantly shifted her body, turning to where her feet were in front and then as she neared, her legs parted and hooked slightly, rounding herself around the attackers neck once, (  ) using her momentum to her best ability as she swung up and then down, bring him along with her and the blade frim the ground stuck up and pierced right through the male's throat and he lay there gasping for air before falling limp and dead. "They just keep coming." Her ears twitched and faint sound of cries caught her attention and her head turned and eyes widened. "That was back at the Bath... NANA!" The scream she heard so many times before from dropping things clumsily was now... Katsumi ran at full speed, weaving her way through the trees when she passed the clearing and Nana lay cowering on the grass, her lip bleeding as the warrior above her raised his sword and swung down. Time seemed to slow as Kat twisted her body around, bending her body back as her index finger touched the ground and she fell down, swinging her body around as gusts of air expelled from her body and she basically flipped back onto her left foot, balancing herself until she was in a complete straight 180 degree angle and shot out her right leg and arm, (  ) air bursting out from both ends as both winds were powerful enough, the one exerting from her foot blasting away the tree in the general direction, making a large clearing, and the one shooting out from her hand aimed at the male as it hit him square in the chest and it sent him flying into the depths of the forest on the other side, but there was one she missed and he came straight took the place of the one before and Kat, using her aerokinetic combat, shot off towards them and covered Nana shouting "Hirogaru!" and the extendable six-inch bo staff took its full length and twelve feet and connected with the male's katana, but it didn't break. ( ) Instead, she moved it forward but to the left and she used the staff, using his momentum against him as she slammed it against his right shoulder and slammed him hard into the ground, mounting on top of him and taking the sword out of his hand and shoving the sharp end underneath his throat. "WHO SENT YOU!?" Kat's voice boomed and her amber eyes peered into his, and she was tempted to use her ocular abilities... but instead she just held him there, not even looking back as she called to the girls behind her, helping Nana up. "Get out of here... now."

Meeting the Hunters Edit

[11/14/2014 1:01:43 PM] Connor Ryoji: ( ) “ENOUGH!” Kevin would slam his fist down atop of two of the ninja’s heads! Instantly giving them open wound concussions and putting himself back on the ground! As for the other two who helped carry him, Kevin would take his wing chun guard, moving in and throwing a straight punch to the one on the left’s throat, before bringing their head down between his knees, to deilever, a straight punch to the back of their neck, cracking the brain stem! Kevin would then flip the body away from him letting it roll 360 degrees in the air before moving to the next physical body! The man would strike kevin with a  3 piece combo, but for every punch he threw, kevin would’ve simultanoiusly blocked it, and threw his own offensive, using the phantom effect: when kevin threw a punch, the effect would actually be delayed, and not kick in until the opponent was stationary! Which in this case kevin would watch as the man would throw one more punch, and boy was it signifigantly slower…or kevin’s movements had signifigantly incrased. As the punch came towards kevin, he would move back just enough to where the man’s arm extended it’s full reach and kiss his fist. “MUWAH! Nighty niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight BITCH!” ( )The man’s eyes suddenly fluttered before the ninja fell face first into the dirt! Kevin would then turn around to see many more men surrounding him. Kevin would start to dance from side to side again, before taking to the ground, preforming a break dance maneuver known as the windmill! Tucking one leg under the other and lashing his enhanced leg at the ninja’s! one by one, ninja by ninja would fall to the ground, hitting their heads with cracked skulls and severed knee caps! ( ) Kevin would stand up to his feet loking around with his hands on his hips. “H-HOOOO! Victor goes to the strider!”  “does it? does it really?” a voice beamed from the now quieted crowd of ninjas more a ppeaed , ready to take kevin on!...but the figure in the white hood raised his fist, and they backed off…fading into black and retreating into the tree tops. The sun had set by this time and the nightfall was beginning…the white cloak of the man shined in the darkness..( ) (how he looked ) “Well, well, well.” Kevin spoke. “The supervillain appears! Nice costume. I’d make a clever quip at it, but since I’m the one in a red and blue leotard, I really have no room to talk.” Kevin would shrug before his body language changed to alert. “So did you come here for me? Leave these girs a-“ “We’re not here for you. Most certainly not a false Onihoruda like yourself.” “A false wha-?” the white hooded man shook his head. “Typical ignorant children. Don’t they tell you your heritage?  I am Tsukimaru. An underground Demon and Sprit hunter. I’ve come to secure one of these Kitsune samples to add to my taxidermy gallery.” Kevin would scoff. “Wel! you really didn’t come here for me? I mean I’m glad cause I’m right and that kat girl is totally wrong bu- DAH I MEAN! I wont let you! Whatever they are, they feel too! Imprisonment is not fair, no matter who’s doing it! I can’t let you go any further!” the white robbed man would with draw 2 dual pistols. “Ah but you see I’ve already won. Even if you defeat me and my counterpart…who should be making his way to your lady friend by now…theres an anti demon barrier surrounding this area within one mile. You’ll never be able to leave…and be forced to fight my endless horde of trained demon hunters. Be prepared.. might just string you up and drag you along for kicks. How’s that sound for fun?”  Kevin would glare, squatting down and placing one hand on the ground in front of him and letting his other hand hover. “Something about this guy…I don’t trust it..this might be the biggest battle of my superhero career….i should’ve had a V8.” ////Elsewhere/// as kat dealt with the threat upon her home, and held a blade to the assailants throat a man would walk inside with a frightening deadly aura to him, but it wasn’t chi. Just pure malicious intent. He wore a skin tight black suit made of a titanium mesh, and was ripped the core with bandages on his hands and a cat like glare in his eyes. ( ) “’re the one he sent me to get. I ask that you come quietly…or I’ll be forced to only bring a body back with me. Let’s avoid that.” The man got down in muay thai guard, raising his right leg up a bit, with his left and right hands hovering beside his head. This man had type 1 supernatural strength Being able to lift up cars to trucks, buses, and trucks of great size. This allowed him to be able to deliver impacts of concussive force, whether directly or remotely, which can knock the target back and cause internal and external damage. They can achieve this either by direct physical force, solid matter, pulse of energy or any other way that causes damage by collusion. (you can npc him just make it good. I trust  you xD)

Katsumi Vs Cat-Man Edit

[11/14/2014 8:51:03 PM] Ana: ( )Kat's ears lowered and rose as she listened to his voice before turning to face him, eyes wide and shining as the moon started to rise. Her hand slowly dragged across the air with the hilt of the blade still in her grasp and the soft squelching sound of the male's throat underneath her split open and blood gushed out, spraying onto her armor and it absorbed the dark red substance. She warily got up to her feet and faced the male, crouching on the blood drenched grass as her tail began splitting apart, the fiery ends growing as did her lust for the bloodshed, but of course, this wasn't just Kat anymore. Ever since her and her great ancestor, Aki Yoru, fused their bodies, Kat inherited Aki's lust for fighting and death caused by her own two hands. With each tail added, the brightness in her amber eyes lightened and it almost seemed as if she hadn't any pupils until the ninth tail formed and Aki pushed herself off the ground and gritting her teeth as her fangs peered from the inside of her mouth and she extended her right arm out, ( ) curling her fingers slightly and a light blue flicker started in her hand and then expanded into the size of a volleyball and she lifted her left leg up slightly, her free arm out and extended with her fingers curled and locked, her nails having grown sharper due to the sudden modifications she had along with the growth of eight extra tails. Her pupils changed from a normal human's to a cat-like slit, so thin, it looked as if it didn't exist. Cat-Man charged at her the same, a wide, toothy grin on his face as he reared his arm back and thrust it forward, spreading his fingers apart slightly, wanting to catch the little fox into his hands. Kat's eyes were locked in on her target and there was a glint in her eyes. Right as his finger tips brushed her shoulder, time seemed to go in slow motion as Kat blew a powerful gust of breath and it lifted her above him, allowing her body to glide over and he turned his head a second to late when she slammed her hand down on the center of his back and the pressure from her attack pressed him towards the ground and once he touched ground, everything sped back up and he was pummeled into the ground from her attack, a crater larger than he formed beneath him.( ) He growled and roared at the top of his lungs as he hit the ground and he shot back up to his feet, baring his teeth as he foamed at the mouth, looking all around him but Kat was already behind him a few feet away with a little smirk on her face. Cat-Man raced towards her, leaving deep foot prints in the ground, a thud with each step as he knocked away everything in his path.(  ) Once he got into arms length, he reared his arm back and brought his fist down with full force and Kat moved swiftly out of the way when his hand made contact with the massage table behind her, splitting it in half and sending wood shards splitting everywhere. (  ) Kat grinned slightly, her eyes lowering but then she was struck across the face with his elbow. The elbow can be used in several ways as a striking weapon: horizontal, diagonal-upwards, diagonal-downwards, uppercut, downward, backwards spinning and flying. From the side it can be used as either a finishing move or as a way to cut the opponent's eyebrow so that blood might block his vision. The diagonal elbows are faster than the other forms, but are less powerful. The Elbow strike is considered the most dangerous form of attack in the sport. There is also a distinct difference between a single elbow and a follow-up elbow. The single elbow is an elbow move independent from any other move, whereas a follow-up elbow is the second strike from the same arm, being a hook or straight punch first with an elbow follow-up. Such elbows, and most other elbow strikes, are used when the distance between fighters becomes too small and there is too little space to throw a hook at the opponent's head. Elbows can also be utilized to great effect as blocks or defenses against, for example, spring knees, side body knees, body kicks or punches. When well connected, an elbow strike can cause serious damage to the opponent, including cuts or even a knockout. In this case, Cat-Man used a Reverse Horizontal Elbow, otherwise known as Sok Wiang Klap, and it made Katsumi's head snap to the left and up, sending her flying into the forest of sakura trees, tumbling through trees, leaves, branches and a couple of her girls who came to help. Katsumi groaned as did the girls below her. "Yoru-S-Sama..." One of them mumbled. Katsumi rolled off of them and wiped the blood that dripped out of her mouth before turning to look at them. "Get out of here, they're here for me." "But, Yoru-Sama, we won't leave without you!" Kat bared her teeth at them and they baked away. "Get the others and GO!" She roared and they nodded, racing back the way they came. The sound of her heartbeat pounded in her ears and she heard a rustle above her and instantly rolled to the side as Cat-Man plummeted back down to Earth after leaping up into the sky, (  ) his feets smashing into the ground below, causing a ripple in the air, sending everything around him, including Kat, fly away in a 10-foot radius. Kat rose unsteadily to her feet when he was suddenly above her and before Kat could even get out a scream, her swung his leg around and his foot connected with her face again and she bit her tongue in the process, the metallic taste of her blood flooding her mouth and she flew towards the right, landing against one of the large boulders that hid the bath, but she caught herself in time to where her feet slammed against the rock's surface instead of her body, causing cracks to spread underneath the soles of her armored boots and she crouched down as far as she could, focusing all of the chi she had in her legs and feet as she pushed off at a blinding speed, headed straight for Cat-Man and he slid his left foot back and right foor forward, moving into a crouched position when he swung his arm around, hoping that Kat would fly into his grasp. The punch techniques in muay Thai were originally quite limited being crosses and a long (or lazy) circular strike made with a straight (but not locked) arm and landing with the heel of the palm. Cross-fertilization with Western boxing and western martial arts mean the full range of western boxing punches are now used: lead jab, straight/cross, hook, uppercut, shovel and corkscrew punches and overhands as well as hammer fists and back fists. As a tactic, body punching is used less in muay Thai than most other striking combat sports to avoid exposing the attacker's head to counter strikes from knees or elbows. To utilize the range of targeting points, in keeping with the center line theory, the fighter can use either the Western or Thai stance which allows for either long range or short range attacks to be undertaken effectively without compromising guard. He had tried for a Swing but then Kat started to slow and her right hand traveled outwards, pushing his hand towards the same path but in a quicker, downwards motion as she touched the ground with her feet and as she pushed his hand down, she pulled him aong, tugging his body towards the ground, releasing her hand as she dropped her body to the floor, ( ) spinning around in a circle once and pushing her body up off the ground with her back bent as far as it could go, her legs wrapping around Cat-Man's neck, knees keeping him locked in as she spun her body around with all her might, using his momentum against him as he spun with her and after going around in a 360 three times, she opened her legs and he flew out of her grasp, flying right through the grounds of the Nichibotsu no Yoru before crashing through both gigantic boulders with a BOOM! and what was left of the sight of the boulders and Cat-Man was a pile of dust and rubble and Kat landed on her stomach, slowly getting up, her body bruised and batter but slowly healing itself as the sound of falling rocks pattered against the ground. "What.. a... monster..." Something didn't feel right about him, and Kat had a feeling that he would come out of that shit poppin' out like a daisy.

Kevin Vs Tsukimaru Edit

[10:50:16 AM] Connor Ryoji: ( ) Kevin and Tsukimaru stared each other down for a few seconds, before Tusikmaru started shooting immediately! Bullets flying from his pistols as the bullets whizzed at kevin! Kevin’s fight or flight instincts kicked in as he’d lean his body down a bit, narrowly letting the bullets graze over his outfit! He’d had 2 rips on his outfit’s shoulders, and would begin flipping into the air, in a front flip, slinging a web at an off direction twaords a tree, and pulling himself towards it! kevin would land perched on the tree! “gotta PUMP UP!” Kevin would flourish his body full of chi, increasing his physical prowess over all, as Tsukimaru would run towards kevin shooting at him, aiming for key vital areas! Kevin would lean and dip his upperbody between and around the bulllets, before tsukimaru with drew a blade and leapt into the air, cutting kevin right down the middle of his outfit! Kevin winced, before flipping off of the tree, and pulling Tsukmaru into a power bomb now being below him! he’d power bomb Tsukimaru right on his back, dirty and debries flying in every which direction! Kevin’s body moved flawlessly as he’d attempt to mount the man and start throwing punch after punch, but! Maru proved he too was a martial combatant, as he’d throw his feet up to warp around Kevin’s waist, and pull him off! Kevin would spring off of his hands into a backflip and land in a squat again, bleeding from the chest! Maru would kick up, flinging his cape open, and releasing a series of flying white disc in the shapes of cresent moons! Kevin’s body went to work, as he back flipped consistently, kicking some of the blades up and way while occasionally turning his body side ways to make sure he got in between the blades rather than getting completely stabbed! Kevin’s plan didn’t go so well, as a couple blades logged themselves into his thigh! Kevin took a few steps back, stumbling and landing on the ground holding his bleeding leg! Maru would stand over Kevin, menacingly. “You’re a rookie aren’t you. New to the ways of the world and fighting.” Kevin would smirk. “Nah not a rookie…just getting a feel of how you do things, eh?” Kevin would suddenly sling a web into Maru’s eyes, or attempt to! Maru caght the web, the moment it left kevin’s wrist, but kevin would fire another one with a signifigantly higher force of impact!!! Kevin's web-shooters he recived from Danny, Who he recived from Densuke, who he recived from Tetsu, who recived them from Donnie Yun are twin devices worn on his wrists that Design and Look can shoot thin strands of a special "web fluid" at high pressure (note: the fluid itself is pressurized at 300 psi, but the actual number has been known to change).  The effect of the very small turbine pump vanes was to compress (shear) the web fluid and then force it, under pressure, through the spinneret holes which cold-drew it (stretches it: the process wherein nylon gains a four-fold increase in tensile strength), then extrudes it through the air where it solidified. As the web fluid exited the spinneret holes, it was attracted to itself electrostatically and thus could form complex shapes. The spinneret holes had three sets of adjustable, staggered openings around the turbine which permitted a single web line, a more complex, spun web line, and a thick stream. The web line's tensile strength was estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. The 300 p.s.i. pressure in each cartridge was sufficient to force a stream of the complex web pattern an estimated 60 feet (goes significantly further if shot in a ballistic parabolic arc). He has two on each wrist and keeps 5 karosels of web fluid., that automaticly rotate to keep from cuasing reload time. The speed of the web's landing, is about the speed of a high  calier sniper riffle bullet. In this case, Kevin shot it at the speed of a sniper bullet! When maru went to catch it, he’d find the force was MUCH harder than anything before, and be sent fidgeting backwards onto the ground! His hand was broken….which led kevin to laugh. “HA! You’re human after all! “ kevin would  stand up and spread his arms, holding his web shooting position. “TIME TO WRAP IT UP!” ( ) Kevin would begin shooting webs left and right, and connecting the web lines together! Maru would go to work trying to slice the webs in two,and succeeded, but for everyone one web slashed, kevin would spin two more, it’ s their place! Soon enough kevin had multiple web lines set up and went to work! He’d perch himself  upon one, and watch as maru came in with a flurry of slashes, each one with only a 1.2 second interval! Kevin would weave between each of them, allowing the bouncing web to aid him in his dodging as his movements were unstable, but he could balance and coordinate perfectly fine! Kevin would then let him self bounce high into the air! Spring boarding off of one web and coming back down twaords marut with a flurry of web balls! ( ) each with the same amount of impact as before! Maru would play smart to throw his cape up and using fortification chi to harden it, the webs merely stuck to the cape and exploded! Kevin smirked, as he’d arrive at Maru, who was going for a vertical upslice! Kevin would grip one of the webs swinging around it like a pole and drop kicking maru in the chest with the force of a shotgun! Maru’s blood spilled, except at first glance his blood was…white? Kevin took note, but ignored it and leap into the air again, slinging a web at maru! Maru gripped it with his arm, planning to counter him, but kevin would use his opposite arm and sling a web behind maru to the ground! Pulling himself towards maru at the speed of a bullet, and planting both of his feet against his face with a loud “THOOM!” wind whipping around and rattling the webs! Kevin would bounce off of the now stunned maru, flipping into the air before repeating the same maneuver but this time to the back of his head! ( )Kevin would dot his one more time before he’d finally land on maru’s face, and ride his body for 6 feet on the ground like a skateboard through the dirt!  After the attack was over, kevin would grip Maru by the cape with his fist over his face. “ALRIGHT GUY! Get your goons outta here,  or I’m gonna punch a hole In your face!” “You won’t kill me. You don’t got the stones to do it…I can tell.” Kevin would smash the man in the face, and pick him up by his cape. “Now that you’re here why don’t you tell me a little about this freak show  you got here huh?!” “Like I’d talk..” Maru would kick kevin in his injured thigh, forcing the blade to go in even deeper than what it was and kevin to wince! Maru would raise his arms above his head and double axehandle smash kevin on the back of his neck! Before running offwards, jets emerging from his boots as he’d begin flying towards the house! “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Kevin would sling a web at the base of his jet boot and be strung along for the ride, heading straight for the bathhouse!

The Demon Within Edit

Ana: - Skip to 1:50 ) Kat instantly shot up to her feet as the pile began shaking violently and with a deafening roar, Cat-Man bursts out of the pile of rubble, clothes torn and bleeding from several places, his eyes fixed on Kat with such a deadly intent that Kat was actually trembling. "What in the fucking hell are you...?" Cat man started walking towards her, wiping the blood from his mouth and chuckling. "I told you to come with me quietly..." He crouched down until his knees brushed across the grass, pouring chi into all points in his body when he shot off of the ground, leaving a crater beneath him and in less thana  second, he was already in front of her, and Kat still being in shock, was caught in his grasp and he grinned like a madman as he started squeezing her and Kat screamed at the top of her lungs, the sound of her ribs cracking echoed, and she lay there not being able to do anything since her arms were trapped. ( ) "NOW YOU'RE MINE!" His grip felt unbreakable and Kat began falling limp but a voice in the back of her mind beckoned her to go on. Tears escaped her eyes and the voice was the only thing keeping her going. 'You can't give up now, Kat... This guy's almost finished and you're gonna let him take you like that? Wake up... Wake up the inner Yokai in you and...." The sound of a heartbeat... "...take..." Another beat. "HIM." The voice grew so loud to the point it nearly deafened Kat. "DOWN!!" ( )Kat's eyes flew open and her cat-like pupils practically disappeared. There was nothing but a blankness as she stared down into Cat-Man's eyes and he stared back into hers and then her pupils grew dark and Cat-Man's eye widened and there was a slight darkness before his sight came back. "Get you're fucking FAT SAUSAGE FINGERS OFF OF ME!" Kat yelled so abruptly and she focused all of her chi into her arms and she broke free out of his grasp, breaking a couple of his fingers in the process and he stumbled back, staring up at Kat, gritting his teeth. "HOW ARE YOU STILL FUNCTIONING? I BROKE A COUPLE OF YOUR RIBS I KNOW FOR SURE!" Kat took a step forward and in the next second, she was right in front of him, foot slamming down a centimeter away from his crotch and the ground beneath her spreading apart until the both of them were in the center of a giant crater. Kat stuck her hand out, fingers curling around that thick neck of his and nails digging into his skin, blood starting to trickle from the openings she created and his hands wrapped around her forearm and with whatever energy he had left, he used his monstrous strength to crush her forearm, breaking it several places but the strength in Kat's hand never lessened. "Still fighting...?" Kat raised her free hand and he stammered. "P-please... I have chi-children. I WAS ONLY DOING THIS BECAUSE HE THREATENED THEM!" Kat's hand twitched slightly but the murderous intent emitting from that small body of hers grew as she mounted him, electricity beginning to circulate in the palm of her hand and grow along with the wind that began circulating with it, creating a soft blue ball of wind and electricity and Cat-Man's eyes widened and he struggled to get out from under her, but she felt so heavy on top of him and she brought her hand down next to his left side of his face, bring them down three feet deeper into the ground and she held her hand there, the fear he emitted absorbed by her body and she grinned psychotically. Fear inducement was one of the pluses to her Hybrid form. Fear Inducement- The user can make people unwillingly very frightened. The user psychically provokes the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals.The victim’s perception is altered, they may see their environment as ominous and the user as dark and foreboding, or even seen as a monster. Can augment the effect to make others go near insane. The effect expires within one to several hours, unless maintained by the user of the power. The user can also paralyze a person in fear or kill them by giving them a heart attack.Some users may be able to sense fear, or gain strength from fear of others. Others might be able to enhance the effect by using it on a sleeping victim rather than an aware one. Kat brought her hand out of the ground and she charged up her wind/electric ball again and this time, she stood up, lifting his body up into the air, his feet dangling a few inches off the ground and there was a sweet innocent look on her face but the aura around her was just... (  ) The area around them darkened, and the pink sakura trees turned black and the petals began falling off, leaving the trees barren and dead and the air around them stilled and it was almost hard to breathe. "It's judgement time, Cat-Man... Any last words?" He struggled to get even a single syllable out. "He.. made me do this... He wants.. your power..." Kat's ears dropped and then her hand around his neck let go and he fell, and just as he though she was going to let him go, Kat reeled her arm back and thrust it through his chest, electricity crackling from her finger tips and he stood there, staring down at her, blood droplets falling onto Kat's body and face. He stared at her and then Kat chuckled, blinking once and her pupils changed back into a human's type and Cat-Man blinked and his hand traveled up to his chest, and his eyes widened, feeling no hole or her anywhere near him. Kat stood a few feet away, laughing as hard as she possibly could before staring up at Cat-Man, enjoying the confused, frightened look on his face. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? If you're wondering.. 'Where's the hole in my chest?' there was never one in the first place... unless you want one." This was another ability that Kat had in her Hybrid Form, called the Amber Factor. The Amber Factor deals with the Hybrids in the Clan. Katsumi Yoru received the Amber Eye once she fused with Aki and gained her nine tails and full Fox - Demon abilities that would help her out through the rest of her lifetime protecting her family for generations to come. The Amber eye actually holds the abilities of the Blood and Colorless Sky in one with the additional ability to the power of illusion. This ability is also called Greek Tragedy: The power to create realistic illusions to the people in her field of vision. Power to send powerful brainwaves to enemies creating mental illusions. This ability may be permanently enabled, however; the user can utilize these illusions to capture the victims in a powerful illusionary effect, ultimately leading to the victim's death. This power depends on the user field of vision. They can only create an illusion if the targets are visible to the user. The illusion can last as long as the victim is in the field of sight of the user. Cat-Man was at a loss for words and he fell to his knees, getting into a kneeling position, tears streaming down his face. "P-Please... N-no more... I surrender..." Kat stared down at him and she started towards him, a soft breeze blowing through the broken island and she stopped in front of him, kneeling down before bringing him back up so that he was face-to-face with her and she cupped his face in her hands, giving a blank expression and he actually... thought she was going to let him go. "Thank you for letting me go..." Kat looked surprised... "Let you go? What ever gave you that idea?" Kat's nails dug into his face and she twisted his head to the left so suddenly, one could hear the snap in his neck and she let him go, standing up and letting his dead body fall into a ground beneath her and she scoffed. Tsukimaru had just reached the area where Kat stood and Kat turned to look at him, seeing the look of shock on his face and she pointed at Cat-Man's dead body before turning her body towards him, her foot sliding underneath the pile of meat. "Does this belong to you...?" Tsukimaru swallowed hard and Kat screamed at him, the sound of thunder rolling throughout the sky as she spoke. "I ASKED YOU A MOTHER FUCKING QUESTION!" Tsukimaru actually took a step back and he shook his head no weakly... "I think... you're LYING!" Kat focused chi all into her right leg and she lifted the body up with ease before swinging her leg around, launching the body towards Maru and he took out one of his crescent shaped blades and cut the body in half, and both halves crashed to either side of him but that was only a distraction as Kat traveled right behind the body and she lashed out her hand out, her fingers curling around his face and she pushed him through the forest, smashing the back of his head into trees until they reached the outer lining of the island and he flew into the lake. Kat stood two inches within the water and Maru burst out of the water, gasping for air and he growled. "DON'T FUCK WITH ME, YOU SPECIMEN!" He raced back at her, swinging his arms wildly with blades in his hand, and Kat moved her body through the path of the blades and he flung them both in her direction and Kat flipped backwards and right when her hands hit the ground, the blades flew past her but when she looked up, Maru had a semi-automatic pistol pointed to her face and pulled the trigger. Kat did her best to dodge by moving to the right but the bullet grazed her cheek and flew through her left shoulder and she cried out in pain, falling in the water and her blood leaked out into the clear waters, a reddish hue starting to spur around her body. Maru walked towards her, blood dripping down his face as his clothes were drenched. He knelt down and his hand grasped Kat by her hair, fingers curling tightly in the wet strands and tugging her head up forcefully, forcing Kat to look up at him and she winced as he pressed the gun underneath her chin and Kat swallowed hard, breathing through her nose and the water grew darker with every passing second. "Now.. you're going to listen to me, and act like an obedient female that God has deemed you as and follow every order I give you do you understand?" Kat didn't answer as the wound in her cheek started to close as did the one in her shoulder and Maru watched in amazement... "Incredible.. you'll be an interesting one..." Kat mumbled something and at Maru leaned in closer... "What was that?" Kat looked up at him and spoke VERY clearly. "Hirogaru..." Her staff shot out from her backside and the end smashed into Maru's face and he yelped in pain, pushing him back though he pulled the trigger and Kat was lucky enough to move to the left, only getting the bullet to the ear. She winced in pain but ignored it, taking advantage of the moment, pouncing on Maru and baring her fangs and hissing, her hands grappling onto his wrists, and she knocked the gun out of his hold and he screamed as she held his hands above his head and leaned down,( Yeah it's creepy I know. XD ) sinking her teeth into the base of his throat, grappling onto it before she tore out a chunk of his throat and he lay there, gasping for air and looking up at her, blood spurting from his throat and leaking out of his mouth. Kat spit out the disgusting chunk of meat from her mouth and looked down at the dying male beneath her. "You've paid for you sins, now burn." Kat released the grip on his wrists and placed her hands into the water, sending an electrical current throughout the water as it began shocking the male, the body now twitching as starting to shrivel and darken. Of course this ability would take too much energy out of Kat and after a few more minutes, there was nothing but a pile of charred bones and burnt skin beneath her and she stood, her body beginning to sway and she fell onto the sand, her ears and tails disappearing and hair returning to it's original color, and armor beginning to fade away, leaving Kat buck-naked on the ground. Her eyes were half-open and then amber shade was replaced with the dark stormy grey they were once before and blood leaked from her mouth as the bruises from her earlier fight with Cat-Man appeared in her rib area. It's true that during her Hybrid state, her wounds would heal but not the visible damages besides healing the broken bones and bullet wounds. The scars would stay. On the other side, Kana and Yin sat on a pile of bodies of the Shamen and the wooden barrier holds were completely thrashed, broken and scattered. Kana brushed her hair back and stood up, Yin following her as they began walking away. "Shouldn't we go check up on your daughter?" Kana looked back at Yin and shook her head. "The girls and that spider-dude will take care of her." She looked back to the group of females that worked at Nichibotsu no Yoru and smiled as they made their way back to their mistress. "Kat.. will become a great leader once I go away." The workers at Nichibotsu could only leave because they had no Yokai in their body. Aki's blood didn't mean anything besides the power that they could harness but none had enough power to even due so. Kat couldn't had left because she was actually the Demon Fox herself... The Moon stared down at the island overhead and everything fell silent on that little island as the bath house was completely torn apart. It needed a few adjustments anyway.

Rescue Edit

[3:53:29 PM] Connor Ryoji: Kevin was whipped along for the ride until  they finally arrived at the bathhouse and dear god was the only thing kevin could think! He’d be detached form his web and thrown onto the ground! He’d look up and see kat but different…the arua form her was pure battle aura..but it was intoxicating to say the least. Kevin would squat down watching from a distance, she kind of scared him. as he watched the fight ensue, he’d follow the movements he could, actually having to use his physical chi to keep up with his rapid eye movements! “W-whoa..” he watched heer make short work of the white cloaked man and literally make him her bitch! The battle didn’t end as well as kevin would’ve wanted…when she bit down and killed the man…Kevin’s stomach sunk. He’d never liked being around death, so for her to be able to do it so easily was stomach churning. Kevin observed as she’d come down and begin to transform into her normal self. Kevin watched in amazement. He was mezmeroized honestly…but the stench of death kept in him in check with reality. “Ah man…you had to kill him. Damn…death is every where now adays. I try to prevent it but…sometimes I can’t save everyone. Even the bad guys..huh.?” Kevin watched as the girls flocked away and Kevin would look around wondering what to do about the preist! He’d pick kat  up wedding style in his arms and make his way outside. The demon preist still held a barrier that neither he nor kat could pass through. The priest communicated with each other. ‘HOLD THE BARRIER! REMAINING WARRIORS! HOLD FAST! AND ATT-GAH1” ( ) a shield came down and hit the preist dead on the side of his NECK! Sending his body flying and causing the entirty of the barrier to fall flat since they all couldn’t support the barrier without each others help! The shield would go flying back to the man that threw it…a man that stood in a blue and white outfit, with red glvoes and boots. He was a muscular built man with a prominent jaw to show form his cowl. Kevin’s mouth droped as he fan girled. “IT’S! IT’S! THE RED DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!!!!!!” The red dawn would walk to the edge of the lake and yell out. “ARE YOU OKAY?! IS EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE SAFE AND SECURE1’ “y-yeah! They’re all good Red!” a bunch of  other vigilantes would come from behind Densuke dressed in costume and looking to Densuke for orders. “What are your orders!” “Secure the premiter. I want all priest handled and dealt with, take into custody and thrown into Tasanagi asylum.’ Red Dawn would remove his cowl, the world already knowing who he was, he’d begin to walk backwards, putting his figner to his ear. “Air unit, I repeat air unit, I want all of the enemy ninja personel captured for questioning. Do not deilever any of tem to the KPD until we’ve extracted information concerning the attack, I repeat no one goes to the KPD until I give the order.” A few helicopters would fly in with search lights securing the premises..the black parade would show up, cleaning up any left over enemy ninja’s, and literally starting repair of Kat’s bathhouse. They’d begin pickig up random debreies, and actually brining in matching debreis, to start immediate repairs to the basic outter layer of the area. Any internal decorating would have to be self done by the owner. Kevin would’ve leapt his way over to Densuke and looked up at him. “M-mr. Red Dawn! It’s an honor t-to see you in person! Can you sign my cowl?!?” Densuke raised a brow. “Are you a vigilante? If so why were you out on your own. Are you in Heroes Inc?” “Well Mr.Red Dawn sir, I am not. I kinda do my own thing y’know?” Densuke would fold his arms. “do you see how far doing your own thing gets you? Trust an expert, it’s dangerous to try and play the one man show. No one ever is. I did see you work though. For a’re halfway decent. You’re fighting style is familer…I feel like I know you’re moves….ahhhh. you must be Danny’s kid.” Kevin would put a figner over his mouth and shush Densuke “HEY! SECRET IDENTITY HERE!?!!” Densuke would laugh. “Sorry. It’s easy to figure by the jawline, and I do have x-ray vision. I don’t know many people with silver and gold eyes.” Kevin would hike kat onto hs shoulder. “none the less I have to get her to the E.R. Thanks for the help, but I’m not a team player. “ “you sure? Your talants you’d rise quickly…I know you failed the test, but I can pardon you.” Kevin shook his head. “It’s okay. It was actually you who inspired me to be like this. A long time ago  you were quoated saying, that a true hero doesn’t need a registration to do what he thinks is right. No offense, but I don’t wana belong to anyone.” Densuke smiled, glad to see the youth heeding his words. “Fine. At least let me do something for you. I’ll drop you two off at the hospital. Also, after seeing your performance I’d like to give  you some…”aid.” So to speak. How does…a utility belt sound?” Kevin took in a deep breathe. “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Densuke laughed and signaled a ladder from one of the copters. The ladder folded down and let them ascend upwards into the copter, where Kevin, Densuke, and Kat would head to the kasaihana hospital, to get her wounds treated. ( ) Shortly after, Densuke told kevin to go ahead and change into his civilian clothes. Kevin did just that, and used his physical chi to accelerate his healing factor so of course, he was going to be just fine. He’d watched as they inserted kat with IV’s and put her on bed rest. Kevin would stand in her room, wearing a grey hoodie and some pants, yawning. “I’d better call that guy. Let him know.” Kevin would’ve dialed the number  he’d gotten from kin a while back and left him a message. “hey, that girl that was with you? She’s in the e.r. you should come see her. Some shit went down and I’ve got her to the E.R. Strange things are happening man. I’ll be on call if you need me.” Kevin would leave with that, heading out of the hospital and heading home for the night…he had school tomorrow unfortunately.

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