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InquisistionEdit The sound of the ground crunching beneath the makings of her black timbs could be heard with ease, her left hand coming forward with a rather large bowie knife encased within in order to cut away the wild leaves that blocked the groups path through the scarce jungles that lay near the village of Zubar. The African sun was at it fullest in the afternoon sky as could be tell by the sweat that was staring to pour down Sian’s attractive face despite her rigorous training with her brother to subdue her susceptibility to heat exertion, the only known weakness of all Yuki-onnas. After another run in with members of the guerilla faction rebels, The Chosen Ones  she and her comrades three of them bring Malik, Tomas, and Gid young men from the village themselves and other being Connor Ryoji a person who up until today Sian hadn’t even known was under the employ of her mother, Tomoko Tetsu had set off away from the tribe to seek out those that might have come as result of the flare set off by their now dead comrades, but so far they hadn’t found any signs of anything out of the ordinary. Yet Sian remained determined none the less also opting to kept her peace after her spat with Connor back in the village too over her ‘code of dress’ ethnics Suijin herself was also quiet too much to Sian’s relief whether it was too hot for her to hiss the fuck off at her for it being as such or she really didn’t want to tick her off even further the 17yr old didn’t really give a shit all she wanted to do was make sure that everyone including her would be able to sleep tonight without having to worry about being attacked in the middle of the night by the rebels. Stopping short of another clearing she turns around facing her team using caution as not all of them had full command of the English language here she deduced the easy words that the others could understand in order to have what she wanted done, done correctly without any confusion what so ever before speaking them. “Everyone spread out each man to a cardinal direction, I want this whole area covered. Tomas and Gid I want you to make sure and refortify those traps we laid out several days ago if there’s anything in them or on them bury or kill it quickly then re-cover them with fresh leaves and dirt. Connor and I will go topside into the trees to have a better look, if there’s any danger you know what to do.” The teenager states to the three other males that were in her company before giving her classmate a look then using her eyes to gesture upwards into the tall massive tree that was to her left as the others proceeded to leave in order to carry out her wishes. “See ya top side.” Her eyes suddenly come a light as she takes off running towards the bottom of it using her peak agility to being climbing it almost like the monkeys who dwelled in here with little to no effort propelling herself with a forward barrel flip once midway up onto a nearby branch before looking down to see if Connor was in fact behind her or still on the ground quite possibly staring at her like she crazy. If indeed he was she give him a smirk giggling before saying, “Race you to the top…ready….set…..go!” before darting to the left on her foot immediately come to rest on another branch then starting the climb up this time a bit more slowly as to be fair to him as she thought that he wouldn’t be able to keep up and get lost if she continued at the speed she most accustomed too, making sure to watch out for any poisonous snakes that might be appear to be vines while napping. ( 0:04-0:12 what it looked like) Oddly enough Sian felt like a kid again doing this having be trained by the chiefs wife Akasha, an Amazon warrior herself of the Earth Tribe (their part of the tribe) how to maneuver through the trees in key with her agile combat moves, it was something very few ppl knew of or would get a chance to see while in the hustle and bustle of the suburbs/city hence why she relished it so now while out here in the forest lands. At least out here she was free….if only for a while. Upon reaching the top of the tree she allowing her head to poke out of the lush leaves slowly her amber cat like eyes taking in the complete scenery and the beauty that was the African jungle resting her right foot against the branches below her while her back rested against the bark at her back side. She could see everything from the river beds to the mounds that were in fact the diamond minds themselves that were surrounded by tanks, snipers, and a host of other factors including a land mines field that was used to kept the prisoners in and anyone that tried to rescue them out, as the corpses of those that tried still remained sprawled about in the dirt of the large holes that had be disturbed by human feet while in the hopes that Connor too had made up with her in order to see shit for what it really was. “The south those are my moms mines, but as you can see that place is almost worst than fort Knox atm. Anyone in or out will be dead at least one way or another.” Sian explains.

( ) Connor trailed behind sian the entirety of the trip. He wasn’t staring at her ass anymore out of sheer lust, but not it was more so to annoy her. For some reason he found himself liking how she reacted to things. She was tough, which was a dangerous thing because Connor’s well aware he’s a sucker for a woman who can take care of herself. However after their discussion in the village, Connor feels his changes might be a bit slim, not that he much cared due to the fact that her attitude was even then still attractive. He shrugged it off for now as violence was the only thing he was focused on and followed behind her, wearing his same wears from before. As she gave the orders’ Connor would stuff his hands into his pockets, and rock back and forth looking at the surrounding area, making mental landmarks and seeing the area for what it’s worth. The place is beautiful connor had to admit, but there was so much negative emotion around him, it just filled him up to no end.  As she mentioned them taking top side, Connor would nod and raise his eyebrows. “Pretty good plan I have to admit.” Connor would smrik as she mentioined seeing him top side, and he’d follow suit, squatting down and running towards the base of the tree, using his inhuman leg msucles to squat down, and leap a good 25 feet with a running start! Once he’d ascended this distance, he’d trail behind her, going the opposite direction she did, actually digging his fingers into the bark of the tree to gain some height before, leaping backwards, and gripping some vines, swinging way ward for a second around the circumference of the tree, before tugging down on a vine thus propelling himself upwards a few more feet. He’d then grip a spot below where she was but only by a few feet until she mentioned a race. “heh don’t underestimate me. I’m pretty quick  on my feet!” Connor took the complete opposite approach, rather than gracefully making his way up the branches as she was doing,  Connor would dig his fingers into the bark and pull himself up multiple feet at a time to gain height. This actually worked as he trailed parallel along side her for the entirty of the race, until  he rached a branch right above her at the same tiem she reached the top of the tree. Connor would peek out as well to see what she was seeing. Sitting in a perched position, he’d drop down beside her, and squat taking in the senery. His crimson gaze dimming, actually giving him a look on his face as if he was at peace, and not so raging. His brown locks covered his eyes most of the time, but the red shined through as he saw the area of the mines, the militia gear, and the piles  of bodies in holes…Connor clenched his fist and growled a bit. “So this is our target. Well todays’ gonna be different. We’ll get your moms shit back, get rid of these sick fucks, and do this area some justice. I’ve never been a hero, but I hate people who pick on the little guys of society. Even though I do it occasionally. Call me a hypocrite, but it runs in my family to…”do the right thing” I guess. Some bullshit like that…” Connor would look up at Sian. “So what’s the plan? We go in quiet or loud? Or are we just scouting out for now, cause I’m fairly certain I could buy us some time.” Connor’s stomach growled as he gritted his teeth. “I knew I should’ve eaten…ugh.” Connor held his stomach and waited for Sian’s next plan. “ Speaking of which..these Chosen ones…are they here now? Or are they elsewhere?”

Sian Tetsu: "Thanks old hunters tricks I learned from the Earth amazons, oddly enough if it werent for them I might not have survived this place a while back." She tells him rather surprised that he made it top side with her at about the same time as she did meaning that his mastery of his own onihoruda powers was at the complete peak of it game compared to her own even without his chi, this of course caused her to cast her eyes downward a bit in worry. ~Will I ever be able to catch up to him and the others in time?~ she thought quietly to herself forgetting that Suijin could in fact hear hear this looking back over the grounds that lead into the mines noting to the land mind fields for a moment. The Lady says, "You will, in time. the fact that you have assemuliated my human identity much quicker than the others their own proves that you have a bit of edge at the moment. Just focus on your training for now and I guide as best I can." Sian nodded hearing both her and Connor speaking at the same time. "Yeah this is them, so far the deaths have been tolled at a 1000 but I suspect more since they been trying to raid the village to gather more workers. Mom called me yesterday to confirm that the bastards are indeed using the gems found to buy the shit theyve been using, most of it has been some pretty impressive gear but the trades are mostly done at night hence why the traps were laid to begin with. Oh I dont doubt that we wont hahaha i wont leave here until we do that shits my birthright too." Shed hear his stomach start to growl her usual poker face suddenly beginning to crack up into a slight smile before starting to laugh quiet a bit at him. "Were almost done here I did this also so that everyone back in the village could prepare our welcome feast and ceremony too. Right now were just scouting I have man a double agent thats agreed to take us further into the war zone tomorrow so that we can really get this shit done. As to you being a hero and picking on others yeaa i know youre a fucking hypocrite already that shit before the tourny was made known all over school. If you think you can stall them further then I welcome you the chance to try Ive got some shit to set up here top side just in case this assholes wanna try and aerial attack." She jumps from the limb shes on towards another side stepping at alarming rates through the lush branches to head off in the directon that Gid hand with the ropes shed left the village with in hand. If connor choose to follow her instead of going about his own agenda hed see tht once shed stopped just what in the hell shed been doing out hear as several large trees that had been carved down to some degree in order for its branches to be covered in sharp wooden spikes on their sides and at each end had bent tied up by several sturdy vines  linking them to the earthen floor as it had been done also at several points in the jungle. Sian would move from each battering ram to checking on them to make sure than if any had been triggered that she reinstated them with the robe she brought before ensuring that all were covered by the trees canopy. "That oughta do it," she heard the sound of the owl being made off in distance, a signal that all traps were clear including a well known pit of quick sand and a croc pit that just so happened to be nearby. She returned their cries with one of her own leaning forward in the form of a swan dive straight down towards the earthen floor below, her graceful body doing a series of cartwheels and tumbles on the way down in order to slow her speed of decent down gradually so that in the end she would able to land with ease onto her feet then turning on her heels to head back with Connor and company (This is only if he doesnt have plans of his

Rough StartEdit

Connor’s prominanat brow furrowed as  he listend to the death toll. For some reason it made him sick to his stomach, to know there were people in the world crueler thanw hat he was. And to be completely on another level of said cruelty, just put a bad taste in Connor’s mouth all the while. Connor was all be it impressed she’d taken such careful precautions with the laying out of traps and various other defensive means. Assuming she had a short time to get all of this set up, she was clearly a brilliant strategist. “So she’s as pretty as she is smart…great…what a pleasure to deal with.” Connor sighed to himself, still low key admiring the girl, though he’d rather lose his throat than admit to it. Whens he laughed at his stomach growling, Connor would look up to her with a raised brow and a smile. Up tot his point, he didn’t’ think she was any kind of capable of laughter, all be it he was learning new things about this..Sian Tetsu. He became curious now, which wasn’t exactly a good thing, but he wasn’t going to deny himself of it either.  As she mentioned him being a hypocrite connor would scoff. “didn’t expect you to agree, jerk..” Connor smirked, as she began to descend her way down, Connor would perch himself on the branch, thinking weather he should go ahead and make his move on the camp and cripple them. Even that much he was unsure of, as it was braod daylight, and there was only so much he himself could get away with…”You think I should wait til nightfall washi?” “All the best tattics are preformed in the shadows Connor. Remember theres no chi available to you here. So you have no choice but to get careful, but I assume you know this already.” Connor would sigh. “You’re no fun…” watching as she was getting further and further down, Connor would make one great leap, accelerating downwards at a high velocity, and catching his hands upon a thickened branch. His body would swing around this branch at least 5-6 times before he’d finally launch his body forward,  flipping  his body in a tucked flip multiple times as he descende towards the ground. 10 feet above the ground, he’d sprad his arms and legs out breaking his own fall and landing effortlessly, all be it some minor impact pain it was honestly nothing. ( )Connor would catch up to her as she was checking up on the traps and looking around his surprise and appeal only increased.  “You know sian before I tell you how vividly impressed I am, I have to ask..why.” Connor would walk over near her, and lean his back against a tree with his arms folded. Picking up a piece of wheat from the ground,he’d place it between his teeth and speak. “A while ago you acted more like a cheerleader than an Amazonian badass. What’s your story? Got tired of sitting on the side lines or cheering for Daisuke all the time?” connor would switch the side the piece of straw was on to the opposite side of his mouth. “take that how you want, but people don’t just decide they wanna wreck shop..i’m curious. Endulge me. Unless of course, I’m a hypocrite for that too in which case you could just say “fuck it”.” Connor would shrug and wait for an answer. Why he took interest in her change was sudden, but he was dying to know. Up to this point, he’d hadn’t even know her outside of what he’d heard, but he could literaly taste the difference on her from then and now.

[10/30/2014 7:51:48 AM] Sian Tetsu: Her own left brow would lift up as her other lowered shifting her stray giggles back into a more somber tone once Connor got into for agreeing with him about being a hypocrite. "Never state something that you don't wish the truth about from a Tetsu, cause we will tell you." She shrugged her shoulders still grinning quite a bit speaking of her family's blunt ass honesty for a moment as Sian's eyes shifted to Connor's direction slightly knowing that an onslaught of questions would soon follow the intrepid display of skills she had put on here despite her lack of participation against that machine that killed them as her mother put it back on the island and in the actual GMAFs to boot. But rather fight against the flow of them she would answer them honestly. "Its be expected Sian, but the boy too also my curiosity I have tried to ease myself into that part of your conscience but your defenses are quite impenetrable even by a gods standards." The lady implies to her. The teenaged beauty smirks mentally hearing Suijin and hearing Connor both at the same time ask her, Why? She sighs lowering her eyes for a bit while continuing the trek back to where the others were prolly by this point waiting on them giving them both her answer in a slow but vivid words. "Damon is why........" she paced herself carefully as she brought the events that lead to her mom's decision for her to be sent here in the first place. "Like all members of Kasaihana's elite fighting class i train in all forms of combat from a small age and im fuckin good at what i do but.....during the first half of the tournament Yun had its grand reopening I was attend it as Dai's date for the evening but I never made it. Damon managed to 'commandeered' the limousine that supposed to bring me. he took me to one of the garages of the building where Arthur and Goldie were waiting and proceeded to launch an assault against me to try and tear Daisuke apart. At first I fought them using all but I was still over taken, from there Damon gave me a choice to either summit and let them have their way or fight and be crushed even harder. I opted for latter in order to get to bottom of his hatred for Dai. If only I had known the price of that choice I would have never made it, not only did he and his goons beat me within an inch of my life but later on once Daisuke became involved in battle Damon forced him to watch as he tried to rape me in wake of yet another foolish one of my decisions in the hopes to save him. After that I....didn't see fighting the same any more and I hated that I wasn't strong enough to protect the one that I love or myself so much that in the end my wish to die came true....but not in a blaze of glory like I thought it would be. You could say that I wanted to fight no more, my confidence in that ability was completely shot and after learning about it from my brother, Akira Mom sent me here in her place prolly hoping that Akasha could help me regain it back." Shed allow her eyes to reopen themselves slowly not looking back at her accomplice for a moment not wanting him to see the soft haze of tear drops in her eyes as it still pained her to know that her lack in confidence in herself might have resulted in the death of the others as well as herself even after being told by those who'd witness the power of that machine that own power wouldn't have done a thing to even tip the scales in their favor in the least as they soon found the clearing where the others stood ready to head back to the village as the sun depicted that they'd been out on recon for about 3-4hrs at best but she could see from Malik's face that something was up, something that wasn't made known when the original calls went up. " Aight is all clear?" Clear on North, east, and west border Puma" the others reported in " good, Malik what troubles you friend?" "To the south militia are gathering." Sian's gaze turned serious, "How many?" "400-600 at best." The male replied. "Puma I fear for my village they will be here by dawn if the traps fail." "Its okay Connor and I got this. Lets get back and tell the Chief once tonight's feast is over we will come up with a safe route for you all to get out the village" Sian tells giving him a reassuring pat on the right shoulder moving past them to continue their journey back to Zubar.

Chen Zhen: Connor shook his head laughing.  “I’ll keep that in mind next time I want a straight forward answer.”  When she shifted her body language, Connor could instantly tell, she was going to tell him something, and as such, his ears perked up to listen. If Connor did indeed suck at everything else in the world, listening to the heart of a woman was something, while he never meant to be, was actually good at. When she mentioned Damon, Connor’s brow furrowed a bit. “Ah..the evil appleseed of the Yun family.” Connor spoke while she paused. ( ) Connor listened intensively to her reasoning. About the tragedy that over took her. About the how her innocence was almost stripped clean from her. Connor could clearly see how much of a Bastard Damon was for doing what he did, and it pained him. Connor on the inside was Glad Daisuke did him in, it shouldn’t have been anyone else but Daisuke who’d had that right. After she opened her eyes and finished her story, Connor would nod repeatedly with raised brows, and a stern look. As she turned away, it didn’t take much for Connor to deduce why…he could taste the sorrow of the thought on the tip of his tongue. And while it was surprisingly delicious and empowering, Connor knew the feeling was genuine.  As she began spouting more orders out and about and as they began to head back, Connor would walk beside sian, pulling the straw out of his mouth for a moment before speaking. “I was wrong about you Tetsu.” Connor placed the straw back in his mouth. “My first impression was mainly that of a spoiled brat when I first talked to you. Pretty concided and self entitled. You’re not so bad though. I give you props turning yourself around like that. But you’re the proud type, so you don’t need to hear it from me now do you.” Connor would shoot her that goofy Ryoji grin, accompanined by a thumbs up. ‘you’re legit. I actually like you as a human being now.” “Wish I could say the same for the serphant…” Washi buted in and Connor would cover his mouth with his fist, wanting to fall on the ground lauging. “Chill Washi. They’re cool now. Glad we actually broke some ice.” Connor would place the straw back into his mouth, and folds him arms behind his head. “So are we pulling an all nighter against this thing or what? 400-600 to the south, and that militia area we just saw, being surrounded isn’t exactly a plan of victory. You and I both know those traps are only going to  hold on for so long, until they overcome them. We’re gonna need more than me I fear…..well..actually….nah I think I’m enough.” Connor would rub his chin legitimately contemplating wether he’d be to much or just enough.  “What kind of fire power are WE packing. I recall you saying you had something to show me. Speaking of which, what’s up with these lands and the lack of chi. Aunti moko told me about it, but never told me the reason for it.” Connor would hope he’d get an answer on the way back to the village or at some point when they got there.

Back To The Village!Edit

Sian Tetsu: As the group walk back towards the Village with night fastly approaching Sian heard both of Connor’s statement about her and his questions with ease part of her chuckling at them while Suijin once again gave another arrogant, “Hmph the nerve of that brat. Making you out into some pre-Madonna...” “Quiet. I have heard just about all I can stand from you madam.” The teenaged beauty tells her mentally sealing off the connection as best she could without her chi knowing that tonight was gonna to be one noisy one once she fell asleep as her sub-conscious was always their place to meet whilst her body rested. “Geez thanks but being spoiled has never been one of my strong points. And you’re right they wont which is why I want the villagers out soon after the feast is over, if not sooner. As to pulling an all nighters the thought crossed my mind but in order to make this dim wits think that the village is still vulnerable we need make it look like things are the same the only issue is how to control and entire community with just the two of us.” She states still walking along the dirt path her eyes looking up at the sky some what lost in the sea of thought as to how to pull a Home Alone 2 move on their attackers. “Back during WWIII one of the countries dropped some very heavy duty experimental shit onto their enemies most of this which you already know from history books of course but unlike the States and other countries where ppl mutated gene wise or completely the harsh lands of African did something totally opposite once most of humanity abandon it for most promising lands and cities. Nature began to reclaim herself, absorbing the toxin that was meant to kill and making it her bitch thus voiding all of damage that humanity had done to this area this included the harmful use of the Gods’ gifts against one another, known to us as Chi. But in her choice nature left those who would use these gifts for good unable to defend the very ppl that worshiped her. Its almost sad really…she defeated her enemies only to have new ones come and using crueler methods to oppress others.” Sian explains the smell of food and hand made perfumes moving through the currents of the air and the sound of women sing tribal song in a tongue long lost to time itself, a truer sign that they were nearing their destination as the echoes of men beating against drums with their large palms became even stronger as the group drew closer in.  The other males that were with them look to one another with great excitement on their faces knowing full well what all of this meant as the moved on their feet towards the village in the hopes to see the young maidens preparing for the dance. Laughing she smiles to Connor, “Well now aren’t you a lucky bastard, you get to see what many can only dream of.” Skipping ahead of him her angelic voice taking flight in song along side the women of the tribe to pull back the brush in order to reveal the village in a new light now fully adorned in ceremonial decorations, men in traditional garbs, and bare breasted young maidens dancing by fire light with their hips sways, agile legs leaping into the air and arms moving about with skill all in their honor and with grateful thanks as the elder men stepped towards the boy in attempt to grab him in order to prepare him correctly dress wise for tonights celebration as did the women for Sian which only made her smile harder being carried off by Akasha and company, to be bathed and oiled then dressed. “See ya later Connor, whatever you do stay away from the ceremonial pipe.” Sian tells her friend waving goodbye to him at least for now…..


Connor furrowed his brow as she explained the details of the story about how these lands rejected anyone with chi, which made it useless in this area. “Geez, who knew Mother nature was such a dick…I guess in a sense it’s poetic justice. Eh. Seems kinda bitchy to me.” Connor kept his hands placed in his pockets, before scratching his nose trying not to look at sian some kind of way, though it was getting increasingly hard not to..when they’d arrived back at the village Connor would see quite the party going on. Men beating on the drums in such a rhythmic pattern, Connor found himself tapping his foot. Raising a brow at his foot, he was upset knowing he wasn’t any kind of a dancer what so ever. “this is some catchy shit!” Connor laughed, claping along to the beat, but his jaw dropped when he began to see bare breasted black women dancing around the fire. Connor would clear his throat, as his eyes flashed an iridescent pink for a second, before he’d shake his head and hold it. “Gaah washi. This place is gonna give me hella sexual frustration….” “Steel your mind, young horndog. You’re on a mssion. Don’t forget that mission. Besides, Kodi wouldn’t approve now would she?” “fuck her…” Connor snipped. “She’s…going down a path I can’t begin to bring her back from. Why should I give a damn.” Connor would then see sian taken away by some ladies, apparently to be dressed or something of that sort. As she spoke to him, it was the sweet side of her voice and not the harsh condescending tone. A triat connor could tell she inherited from her mother. As he was drug off connor would look at the guys. “hey fellas, hahaha you don’t have to do this , you know I’m not really a dancer, I actually look like bill co-HEY! MY PANTS! GIVE THOSE BA-AYE! CHILL I LIKE THOSE GLOVE-DON’T PUT YOUR HAND THERE!!!!!” They threw connor in a pot of boiling water to bathe him. “Let me go! THIS IS PRISO-GLUB-GLUB-GLUB” the men would hold him under water and scrub him clean. After a few minutes, Connor was sprung from the tub and dressed in a grass skirt, with beads around his neck, and white pace painted lines on his cheeks. The men laughed and high fived each other, as Connor would glare them down walking away from them. Connor’s body was still dripping beads of water as he refused to let them oil him up, and as he stepped out he’d look at the fire they were dancing around, and fold his arms with a stern and stubborn look on his face. Washi would appear beside connor to talk to him. “you okay Connor?” “….I was bathed and almost oiled by oily black men who’re built like Arnold Swartchenagger…no I’m not okay. I feel like less of a man…” Connor would see more of the bouncing titty women and pause for a moment. “never mind. I feel good again.” Connor would look around and see the food being passed out and served. Rubbing his hands together, he’d shimmy his way across the dance floor and begin savaging on the food, eaing it vigorously, enjoying the ripe meats of the African land, and the exotic fruits to boot. “You don’t wanna dance Connor?” Washi would be leaning against the table observing things himself. “nah. Not a dancer.” Washi frowned. “Oh come on. Back in the day these dances used to give forms of enlightenment to some. It could be good for you. What you’re looking for.” Connor thought about it. “mmm…nah imma eat! Connor continued stuffing his face for the time being.

Sian Tetsu: (( I couldn’t help it haha)) -Sian stood amongst the women of the village smiling as they moved about her with Akashi, Boro-san’s wife and life partner pouring first water down her back, before motioning the pitcher her left shoulder towards the front of her body this of course causing it to then trickle over the mounds of her breasts flowing over their curves to the flat of her belly to the junction just above her thighs causing the water to creep lower to the space that lay between them that was still tender from her passionate night with Daisuke and yet begged for more. It decent continuing further still to her long agile legs as it hit her feet that were covered by the pool below as the woman continued to add on the sweet scent of rose hip oil and other various things to her person. While some washed her, others scrubbed her flawless skin, while the rest moved away to gather towels and the clothing she had on so that the beauty could be dried then dressed into in something more fitting for tonight’s event. During all of this she kept her eyes close allowing them to pamper everything on her from her hair to even dressing her in a Kinta styled shirt which hung about her neck and tied itself in the mist of her back, to a long skirt that Akashi herself hand made for her that had been bound about her waist so perfectly before jewelry and such were added as well but her mind was further away than any in that room could image (( what she was rocking but you know the skirt fell low cause of the dem of hips.)) “Tonight…the maidens dance….for you Puma.” Akashi, a woman in her 90s, dressed in something similar to that of what she wore tells the younger girl with a smile on her old but lovely dark face which was covered in ceremonial make up as she sat off to the side of the hunt they all were in watching one they added a lions pelt to her shoulders this motion bringing Sian back to the here and now. “And when the time is right….you can join them….as to present yourself like She-demon did…as one of the tribe.” The younger of the two looked at her mother’s oldest and most loved friend wondering just what she meant by that as the dances she saw from the girls in the village were those of fertility ones and announcement that they were of age to wed to the men. Sian thought ~Surely she can’t be thinking..~ “That you are a maiden still, apparently so its not like you’ve told anyone that you and Daisuke-sama have actually slept together” Suijin carefully stated remind Sian that she wasn’t completely sealed off as she originally believed. “You again, seriously Suijin Idk what the hell you are so worried about?” “You don't, huh?” the serpentine deity crooned understanding more about mortal sexuality than she dare give on to her pubescent charge as she allows her voice to curl up and around Sian form like a snake would its prey before speaking again. “You’ve become quite feral in your desires these past few weeks since leaving you’re love, the need to have him take you like a savage, in the most deplorable ways I myself half ever seen of to date AND its gotten worst since being here amongst the grasslands of this country. Its making you crave a release that you couldn’t get on your first time together.” The tomboyish beauty remained quiet hearing the water goddess speak, her words were wrapped about the morals of wisdom and a bounty of truth she had begun to miss Dai in ways that she could have never imagined, hell even want him ways that just made her press her thighs together to hide the fact of just how aroused she was getting at the thought of him dominating her over and over again as they made love as the women around her stepped back to show her just how she looked in a make shift mirror that was being held by one other them and inside of it she could see that her hair surprisingly tamed at least until the dancing and other festivities began. “Perfect Akasha.” Shifting the conversation away from Suijin quickly as she didn’t wish to talk about that now, or not at all really. The older woman nodded her head to her with ease finally getting up from her seat with both of her ark arms outstretched in order to hug her which Sian excepts embracing her back as she was in fact her Amazonian mother and teacher. “Come now its time to dawn the mask and celebrate!” she’d tell her letting out an amazon battle cry with her old voice that could heard through out the village as they both stepped out into the night just in time to hear the tempo of the drums in the middle of the village change the announcement that the woman were ready to join the males. With the elder women leading the pack the younger girls along with men begin to dance and sing ( an ideal of what's happening) about large fire that burned so brightly each using their bodies to tell the story of there tribe which were the descendants of the Zulu like so many were in the region. The girls contorted their bodies in all matters and ways, kicking their feet up into the air like cheerleaders and waving their arms as their lips cried out in celebration. From behind them Sian emerged with Akashi at her side revealing her beauty to the firelight and to those who were gathered about as her own eyes looked for Connor in the crowd of what seemed like many only to find him stuffing his face like a little piglet. Yet again she had to laugh as it seemed most of the guys she met were human garbage disposals but giving the train regime they’ve been on shed guess it came with the program as she spoke briefly to Akasha before taking her leave of her and her husband once he had met them. If Connor were to look up he’d see her wearing outfit chosen for her which covered her up a bit more than the first she had on when they met but again her body would put its purpose to shame. “Having fun?” she asks noting to the girls looking at him from time to time this included the one from earlier on the day.


Connor would chomp down a piece of fruit, only to make a “blah” face, signaling that he really wasn’t feeling the taste of t. ‘Eh…that’s…not my cup of tea. I’ll eat it anyway though, cause I’m a rebel.” Connor would grip the fruit and tilt his head back, letting it drop into his mouth, before chomping It faithfully, only to remark. ‘you know, this doesn’t taste half as bad as I thought. When you eat it all at once. “ Connor would grab one more, and turn around just in time to see the women coming out in full stream this time, dancing with the men and joining them in what looked like a story telling convention. Connor was new to it…but his spiritual mind was able to seemingly make out what they were doing to a degree. And it made him feel peaceful. The clueless stare of the bumbling idiot that was Connor, turned into a look of content. A small smile cracked on his face as he ate the fruit and caught nothing but good vibes from everything around him. his eyes scanned the crowd, trying to spot sian. Why, he wasn’t even sure but more or less he at least wanted someone he remotely knew. (  ) Connor stopped chewing for a second to take a moment to look and really LOOK at what was in front of him. Sian’s outfit screamed African queen, but the curves she had screamed “Temptress.” Everything around Connor’s perception temporarily slowed down as his eyes scanned her body, from head to toe, and from toe to head. Connor’s eyes flourished their hot pink again and Connor would swallow hard before stuffing the fruit back into his mouth, and chewing on it whole before speaking again. “Everything just got ten times better when you showed up, you fiiine fiiiiiine woman.” Connor’s eyes reverted back to red, as his personality changed, and he’d look around, and then look back at sian. “In any case, I’m having a great time. Food’s on point,  you ate yet?” Connor would pretend he didn’t say what he just said,and reach around offering her a piece of fruit as well. “Care to fill me in on what they’re celerbrating? I feel like If I guessed, I’d say something racist on accident. I keep getting this serene feeling from this dance…it’s…nice. Nice to feel good again.” Connor would exhale thorugh his nostrils. “Care to teach me how to dance?” he’d extend a hand out to her, trying not to smile, but failing as he couldn’t help but feel happy.

Sian Tetsu: A chuckle moved over her naturally full lips, her amber eyes completely a light in the fire’s glow whilst the dancers continue to throw down to the beat of the drummers which by all accords were kicking some pretty mean ass beats tonight, that she couldn’t help but do so a bit of a dance to as she swayed her body to the tempo some, her right hand taking one of the rare treats that Connor had grabbed to give to her before taking a bite of it with ease in front of her on her tracks Gid danced with his beloved wife to be both giving her smiles once another set of cries hit the air whilst those who were apart of the dance clapped or sang along. Turning her head gracefully neck in his general direction she lowers her head just enough so that her lips would be a the same level as his left ear then in a soft voice that was too sultry to pass up even without her even trying she tells him, “Good to know, though if you plan on doing something. It’s better to just do it instead staring saves on a lot of second guessing.” As she moves her head back upwards away from him still in a grin and shaking her head some still noting to his long lingering gazes at her. “If you mean would I be interested in swallowing something else other food…maybe or maybe not I kinda keep that gift reserved for someone very special.” Though enjoying things thus far Sian continued to remain ever vigil about her surroundings as that horde was still on its way, during their walk from her home towards the village center she informed Akashi of the matter to the south of them and knowing the elder woman like she did, she too would inform the chief of what the next plan of action was her eyes still catching the head gestures of the elder males as each was informed of the plan to leave for the hills before dawn. “Ironically enough this party is to celebrate our arrival, the very same way they would have done if another chief or high ranking person were to come to the village. It their way of honoring our bravery and thanking us for helping them all at the same but its also to celebrate the Amazonian Festival Purity too. In which one chosen girl is to dance for the man of her choice in the hope of swaying him into bed making him her husband of course the guy know who she is until in the morning lol. It can be a mess at times as there is no divorce that be done and such to get rid of it.” She’d listen to Connor talk for a moment of how calm he felt in the presence of the dancers, how good he actually felt despite knowing that tomorrow could be his last yet he didn’t show it at all from what Sian could tell looking at him before extending his hand out asking her if she didn’t mind teaching him how to dance. “What’s with all of you strong types not knowing how to dance?” –takes his hand with ease heading out into the middle of the dancer made circle still giggling- “Daisuke was the very same way.” She adds allowing her ears to catch onto the beat of the drums first then with ease add the voices into it. “Whether you believe it or not fighting is the very essence of dancing but ill break down the males part of the dance and when I think you’ve got it Ill add the females.” Using her eyes to time the moves she slows what the males warriors are doing down step by step, each time giving him time to go over each and if mistakes were made shed help him work through it before moving on to the next part and then the next until at last all parts were done but what she hadn’t realized that in the mist of the lesson that drummers and singers had begun to do the beat of the Spider, a song that was apart of the Amazon tradition an in beginning the female portion of the dance that is if Connor was comfortable enough to dance on his own with Sian she press her body up against his as some of her movements mimicked dances that were done by the girls back home (especially black ones haha). Though none of her action were of a sexual nature the move that she did could quite possibly have that effect on Connor as her hands caressed his bare chest, her ample ass pushes up against his thighs, and her breasts were pressed up against his back as Suijin’s warning completely flew out of the window completely in her mind before moving around Connors form (if he chose to dance with her) facing him, if not Sian would part from him as the music changes meaning the lesson was over to head back to their spot and sit again tired, gasping for breath.

Intoxication & InfacuationEdit

( ) “Good to know, though if you plan on doing something. It’s better to just do it instead staring saves on a lot of second guessing.” As she whispered these words in Connor’s ear, Connor would swallow hard. He was rarely…infactuated so quickly. Aside from this woman’s inhuman beauty, Connor could smell the pheromones coming from’s almost as if she herself was in heat. Some part of Connor didn’t wanna think that, but then her further tone of voice only enticed Conor’s 16 year old minset even further. It was not official. Connor had lost all sense of modesty, and the lust in his body would consume him in a wave, as his permanent pink hues would remain. While she explained what the dinner was actually for, connor would fold his arms,  tuning in and out what she was saying. Biting his lip. The only thing on his mind, was the heart shaped box between her thighs, and the more he thought about it, the more prominent it became that he wanted it..As she pulled him to the dance floor, Connor’s brain was literally processing everything she said in rapid nano seconds. The movements she’d made demonstrating the males role in the dance, were easy to replicate.  He’d follow her steps , each time she made them, mimicking her muscle movement and still observing everything on her body. Her hips were begging to bitten in his mind…it was unbecoming. His gaze never left her for a second, as if she was a freshly cooked piece of meat, and Connor was the drum beat began to change, Connor would engage in the dance with her, moving, twisting and adjusting, replicating the dance moves as if he’d done them 1,000 times before. As she began to dance upon and around him, Connor would tilt his head back, taking in the feeling of  her hands dancing along his chest, her ass pressing against his chi, mad e his manhood tingle vigorously, and her breast brushing across his back? He was about to pop like a balloon here…as she moved around him facing him, Connor would move with her, following her circle for a moment, before taking her wrist, and pulling her back in a twirl moving his arm above and over her, so her back was now to his chest, and his arm had engulfed her waist. Connor continued to dance with her, in a swaying and stepping fashion, his free hand on heer hip, guiding her own to move with his as if she played along their hips would move in a snake like “s” fashion. Connor would motion his lips against her neck, not quite kissing it, but tenderly placing them there right at the base of her neck. As the dance continued Connor would run his bottom lip of the curve of her neck incredibly tender to the touch, almost a light tickle. While doing so, only wearing a literaly grass skirt, the plumpness of her buttocks, would cause his heavy hitter to uplift, but only to be stoped by the very middle of her rump. His stiff extension tapping against the very base of her ass, the head of it placing itself betweenst her thighs. His right hand would ascend up her side, as he’d wrap his right arm around the base of her breast, in an embrace. His left hand, slide down her opposite hip, his hands even for a fighter as smooth as a massuse’s, as he’d slide his hand down the curve of her hip, and into the dip of her inner thigh. He’d leave his hand there, and by this time his lips would’ve trailed up the side of her face, stopping at her ear, almost as if mimicking her little action earlier on. His voice a hushed and deep whisper, that would vibrate against her ear drum like a cool melodic melody with a deep base. “Don’t fight it…Take us somewhere…” Connor’s breath escaped his lips in a sigh. It had a scent, but not one of the conventional bad breath persay, but almost as if the air in his body acted as a mental aphrodisiac. His hand which was once on her inner thigh would pick itself up, and lightly cup his fingers around her chin, tilting her head towards his own, so her amber gaze could match his hot pink lustful glare. “Now..” Connor’s lips lightly touched hers, but not fully kissed. He was baiting her…something he rarily did as he was usual straight to the point, but something about Sian made him curious. A new side of his sexuality he rarely expressed, using being over aggressive, but this time his approach was more of a dark romantic. While waiting for her answer he’d continue to dance with her if all went to plan. If not Connor would  take whatever happened in stride.

Still dancing she could hear the sound of her blood flowing through her veins her body slowly becoming caught in struggle of power that made the deity inside of her wish that she could use her powers if only for a moment just to put the two teenagers literally on ice but wasnt an option at the moment so she had to resort to another method, one she wasnt too particularly fond of either. "This is bad...this is very bad....Washi you old feather duster I know damn well you are seeing this, now help me stop them." Suijin ordered rather than ask allowing her astral form to project itself out from Sian where only he could see her, the irratation on her face quite possibly being more amusing to the other god than anything else. The dance between she and connor continued though to Sian she could feel the heat of her already rapid desire steadily start to rush through her like a raging storm out onto an ocean as she touched him, taunted and teased his senses with her flesh the fire light starting show the signs of the sweat that trickled on and down her body. Sian was already lost underneath the spell sad part was she knew it and didnt even care once Connor moved to grasp her wrist then proceeded turn her around locking her in place close to his own body with one hand on her hips caressing them as if they were fine silk while the other remained underneath her breasts that bounced slightly once hed changed up their tempo to something to a slower swaying motion allowing her move her lower half in grinding like fashion that allowed her to feel everything causing her cheeks to hit red once she felt him grow so thick and ridged against her ample cheeks then pressed a bit more between her thighs where her heat and wetness were already going into overtime as it coats the head in a glossy new shine. Shed moan sensually at the feel of his lips near the base of her neck brushing the skin there lightly with his lower lip which in itself was a tease that made her crave what came next as she tosses her head back against his left shoulder attempting to rest it there. Sian couldnt deny it Connor held a power that most men claimed to have but never would possess it and like magic it was being worked all over her body causing her lower her eyes more once his touch moved towards the sensual curves of her waist then further still to her inner thigh leaving it there to taunt her even more as Suijin feared the worst would happen if something wasnt done soon. Against her ear she would hear him tell her not to fight it and to lead them away from the others so that they could be alone something made Si resist for a moment her thoughts shifting back to her beloved before feeling a strong hand coming to touch her chin drawing her back into the sin moment as the words, "Now" moved off Connors lips just mere inches from her own. Of course Sian knew she was being strung along, but like most Tetsus she accepted his challenge attemping to take his free hand into her left one in order to lead towards a place where the moon over head could be seen high and no one would disturb them or even know they were gone Suijin was practically screaming to the top of her lungs from all over angles at Sian ordering her to stop and to think of the consquences but it was no use her ferality had kicked in completely blocking the goddess out as the two arrived a what appeared to be a make shift camp near and yet away from the village. Sian turns to face Connor if he had indeed come with her without any fight showing her amber eyes that were glowing in the night before attempting his lips with both agression and passion at the same time no long denying herself what she craved, no needed.

Beast In HeatEdit

Connor could feel it. the thick heat between he and sian had escalated to a level where he’d wanted it to…his fangs barred heavily showing his oni-equse cravings coming to fruition. As she accepted his touch, he could feel the sensitive muscles and nerves in her body responding. The very sensation of her skin against his finger tips was magic in itself. He’d bit his lip, and close his eyes for a moment, as his hypersensitive boner, the head namely was coated in a glossy oily like substance, and the first thought into his head was. “She’s ready…” As suijin communicated with Washi, pleading to stop Connor, washi would rub the back of his feathered head with his wing. “Look, YOU try being in Connor’s body for 17 years, and tell me how easy it is to make him “stop” anything. It’s his nature Suijin…let it play the course. It’s to late now, their primevil desires are out of our hands now.” Washi would shrug, taking his place back into Connor’s subconscious, not really whishing to inturpt the moment with his voice.  As she escorted him elsewhere, outside of the village Connor followed with not form of resistance. Nothing but pussy was stuck on his mind, everything else at this moment to him was a complete liability.  As she turned to him, and collided her lips to his, Connor responded putting a tight hold on her waist, and pressing their bodies together.

While engaging her tongue in a wrestling match her own, his thickened buldge was now making it’s way to the entrance of the dip between her legs, resting there as connor’s hands kept their contact with her skin before pushing on her rear, and letting the length off his septer push against the very lips of her womb. Connor could feel the surprisingly sweet scented nectar coming from her other pair of lips. Weather it had a scent to it in reality or not, Connor’s sense of smell was quite acute as an oni, and he could taste a very sinful lust coming from her body. Enticing her further, he’d make no hesitation to lift the young maiden effortlessly, inserting his hips between her legs, and carrying her off, to a near by rock formation. Sitting her on the edge of , it she’d let him, he’d waste little time breaking his lips apart from hers, and just that quick, her top would’ve been slid down, below the base of her plump breast. It was connor’s first time dealing with breast this big, he’d only been used to C-cups at this point thanks to kodi, but this was a whole new ball game. Connor played a double strategy, letting he head of his extension rest faithfully aginst sian’s clit, assuming she wasn’t wearing any undergarments of course. Already damped from earlier, the feeling would be cool, but stick to the touch, as Connor would push against her, running the base of his cock against her clit, in a push and pull motion. During the pull, if she’d gotten wetter, the base of his manhood would pick up more lovely secretions from her womb, and multiply the feeling he’d be giving her while he grinded like so. Simultaneously, Connor would open his mouth, hovering it over her left tit, before his tongue emerged with an almost inhuman length, as  he’d form a “u” with the tip of his tongue around her nipple, in attempts to stiffen it up a bit. As he did his, he’d literally use his tongue to pull the bulk of her tit by her nipple into his mouth in a powerful suction.  Sucking on her tit, whilst bobing his head around, in a suck and slurp rotation, that would quickly follow up with him switching to the next one. his hands played with the cruves of her body, before pushing her breast together, and altenating his attention between them, continuing his hip motions as such.

Sian Tetsu: Her voice was soft against his lips as a soft erotic moan crept up from the hallow of her throat as she felt his erection press firmly up against the outter petals that were between her honey colored thighs teasing her in every way imaginable as her amber colored eyes reveal the mischeif within them before feeling his hand push against his ample buttock and allowing his shaft to tease her more by parting her with ease. Between them she warm to the touch and wetter the ground after a spring rain, which helped her to glide her hips forwards then backwards over in it the hopes entice him further as she attempted reach for the heavy sack that lay beneath his jutting staff underneath the grass skirt he wore. If successful she would find the delicate jems hanging loose like sweet pieces of ripe fruit just begging to be pluck with her finger tips before allowing them curl about them as to slowly begin rolling them in her soft hands just as Connor moved betwen her thighs. She was picked up and carried off to a rocky incline, then made to sit on the edge just as their kiss came to an end with her panting for air, soon followed by the top she wore being removed by his hands. Sian watched under a hooded gaze as her full lush bosom fell free from finely made woven cloth her cheeks showing just a tad bit of modesty with the rise and fall of her chest as she was breathing whilst the soft mounds at their tips stood up some what perky , begging for his attention. She would rest her bodys weight back onto her elbows watching Connor part his lips in order to allow his tongue move out, over onto the semi erect tips and clasping them between his lips as his hips starting to rock against her cause the base of his shaft move against  the tight sensative pearl that lay between her legs that made her body writh in wonderous bliss in the stone seat that was below her that like Connors cock was becoming saturated in her nectar ever more as she moaned. Every nerve inside of her body was completely on end especially those that he gave the most attention too as sian herself felt as if she were about fall apart at any moment from all the attention her body was getting, the height of her impending climax becoming apparent once her legs began to jerk some moving her own hips against him as she held onto the arms of the seat below her in order to keep from stratching up his back still panting wildly in order to keep those that might be near from discovering as to where the two had gone off two and just what they were doing.

Connor as he opereated on her body felt his etire pelvis tingle, as the touch she laid on his low hangiang fruit, still tinged. It was yearning…longing for her touch, but not yet. Connor was usually so abrasive with his sexuality, but something about sian’s demanoer made him paitent…passionate…more so appriative of just how good the female body could look. How good it could good it could taste.  Her moans were so sublte, as he could tell she was trying not to be loud. The panting she gave off was a key singal he leanred to pick up on as to weather a woman was close to her climax or not. Connor didn’t know her body that well….yet. he was a curious soul and would seek to explore every nook and cranny she had to offer. After leaving her nipples a tad bit numb, and saliva coated, Connor would pull his mouth away from her right tit, a line of salvia still connected to his tongue as his gaze met her own, never taking his eyes off of her own. He got a kick off of seeing the expressions of women in heat. He’d move his attention down elsewhere, dragggin the tip of his tongue down her stomach, leaving a shimmerly little saliva trail , before hitting above the skirt line. Not wanting to take it off, he’d simply lift it above her curvaceous hips as he’d use it for something further in their little erotic session. Connor would lick his lips with a  gleam in his eye actually excited. “I wonder..if you taste as good as you look.” Connor would grip the outsides of her thighs and carefully pull her lower body twaords his head, leaving her head and upper back to lay on the rock, while the rest of her would be in an airborne position seemingly. Her legs opened, Connor would sniff her womb for a moment taking in the pheromones coming off of her. She evens melled enticing…he’d thrust his tongue against the lips of her womb, parting it with the tip, and sliding it up with a timid pace, that was soon thrown out the window by connor’s next move. He’d lick his lips before inhaling her clit between his moist lips. After the quickness of the suction, his tongue would literally begin multitasking, circling her clit as if he was French kissing the girl of his dreams, and after each circle around her clit his tongue would dart down the lips of her womb, and back up the lips in one fluid motion, before he’d start sucking upon her clit again. working his mouth and tongue, in a 3 motion pattern rapidly, made sounds similar to a dog drinking from a water bowl.

For an added tint of curiosity, to see how she tasted, Connor’s thumb, would find itself prooding at her asshole, pressing against, and wiggling around clockwise, until his thumb penetrated the tightness of her rear muscles, as he’d gyrate it inside of her. His finger work flawless as his tumb vibrated inside of her ass violently, accompaiend with his mouth work,  it became a symphony of oral fetish. If this didn’t make her explode, or even if it did, Connor’s next tongue manvuer, would invole him using his nose to rub against her clit, counting on friction to be his friend, while rapidly twisting his tongue back and forth pushing it through the lips of her womb, and rotating it on the way in and on the way out like a drill of some sort. All the while he would place a hand on her lower back, and keep his thumb mounted inside of her, posisting her so her legs would now be drapped over his shoulders, and she’d be sitting upright atop of his face. If she’d climaxed, Connor would literally put his face into it all, drinking her as if she was a giant gord of water, sucking up everything that secreted, but stopping just short, so enough of her cum was left frapping from the base of the opening that was his womb. ”delicious..’ That there was going to be the lubrication. Connor would gently sit her back upon her upper back, letting her hips hang off of the rocky like chair, and her feet/calfs rest on his shoulders. Connor would exhale as a tad bit of steam left his lips showing his body temperature had skyrocketed, but for the better. No words needing to be said, as the pink gaze in his eyes would scream “I want you.” He’d grip his 7 inch starting extension, and push the head against the very edge of her love box, making sure it touched the base of her womb to soak it in her cum. Before long Connor slide ever inch, he’d had inside of her, his manhood disappearing between her thick legs. Connor’s mouth dropped a bit at the moistness and the over all feeling. She was the first differen’t sexual encounter he’d had, and like he’d heard rumor, no pussy was the same. He wouldn’t have beilived it until this night, as he’d pull her hips against himself, while still pushing his own hips against hers. Making sure his first thrust, sailed the dephs of what she’d had. He’d repeat these thrust slowly, trying to see if he could overcome the tightness of her womb paitently, or if he was going to have put a bit more “umf” into it

Sian Tetsu: Sian could feel her body about to loose what reasoning it had left fluttering completely out of her, every nerving inside of her was edge ready to break at the slightest movement from Connor and her eyes were filled with lust. Her lips broke their panting silence and she began to cry out earnestly into night, “More….don’t stop….oh God it feels so good…” Feeling his lips pull back from her hard slight numb nipples their eyes locking for the briefest of moments before moving his attention else where, his tongue blazing a trail further down the flat of her stomach stopping only for a moment just above the waistline of the skirt before he moves it up and over her hips. Her face like the rest of her hide no secrets from him while she watched him do, she wanted him in the worst way imaginable but could tell that Connor wanted to take his time with her none the less in order to build a moment that would perhaps be a lasting one or more before telling her that he wished to sample her wares. Almost intently she could felling his hand grip the outside of her thighs then with care pull her lower half down towards where his head is causing her leg to rest on either side of it while the rest of her remains against the rock. With her leg parted and Connor between them Sian lets hint of red hit her cheeks again as she shifts her gaze away from him just long enough for him push his tongue against her outer lips then gradually parting them in order search out the aroused bud that no longer was hidden by its hood. Once found Sian quickly found out that he didn’t play around at all his lips immediately taking her clit between them before making his tongue go into overtime against it making her hips buck against it as she unsuccessfully fought to keep her hips under control once the tension inside of her started to mount. “Mmmmmm…yeesss that’s it…more…go deeper…mmmmfuuckkk!” she gasps riding the waves of ecstasy at full throttle allowing her hands to become full with her large tits as she began to squeeze and play with her wet nipples shamelessly in front of Connor all of her inhibition seemingly floating away in heat of her passion before letting out another moan just as his thumb was pressed up against her anal passage then vibrated wildly while inside, which to say the least only served to set her off even more as she licked her lips. She could feeling the tension mounting to the point of perfection as her body begin shake once again another sign in most women that their orgasm was at the point of no return as her cries got higher and louder before she finally scream, “MMMMMMMFUUCKKKK I’MM CUMMMINNGG!!!” letting every drop of her cum gush out into his awaiting lips as Sian herself fell limp onto the rock below her trembling feeling Connor plaster his face into her drinking her down like a tall refreshing glass of water. Of course this kinda of display would arouse her again just as easily making her want the main course once he’d pulled back and looked down to her holding his cock in his hand before placing it at her opening and pushing it, nice and deep to the point she moan still sensitive from having cum just moments earlier. Yet and still her walls greeted him with a warm reception by contracting themselves greedily against his hard shaft which fit perfectly into her tight and hot little sheath like a glove (no she isn’t virgin, thank god lol) once she let her hips be pulled closer to his own. A soft moan flowed like an angel sighing from her lips once Connor made the first move pressing firmly into the depths of her body with aid from the libration that surrounded it but yet Sian craved more. “I want it Connor I want it all.” She tell him not wanting him to hold back worth damn.

After Connor made the first penetration, he sighed, and leaned his head back for a moment taking in the warmth her snatch was giving off. Gripping his meat like a well fit and wet glove, he’d look back down at her, hearing an heavenly moan escape her lips. Something about her was appealing to Connor’s sensual love making side, and he’d haden’t a clue why this was. In any case, he’d hear her speak. “I want it Connor I want it all.” Connor would close his eyes for a minute before talking. “Don’t..break.” Connor would utter, as he’d grip the outters of her thighs, his nails digging into them enough to leave nice little red prints from his over aggressive approach. Connor was about to let lose the reigns on his sexual desires so to speak, and while she had the body of a goddess, he would show it treatment of the opposite.even if he didn’t want to. Connor spread his own legs, shoulder width, and spared no expense as his hip thrusting speed gradually increased. Their  hip clapping escalated from soft pitter pats, to loud clapping noises of flesh and force.

Connor would keep his eyes fixate don herds, all the while taking time to watcher her thickened thighs jiggle and her breast vigorously bounce  as his hips attacked her own, but it wasn’t enough. He’d been enticed by her body so much so he wanted to admire it more, to please it more, and to defeat this he’d have to forget the restraints of her pleasure momentarily, and focus on  hiself. Connor would wrap his right arm around the base of of her thighs, locking them in place, and making his insertion a bit tighter. It seemingly didn’t help as out of no where, Connor’s thrust became thunderous in nature! His hips moving in skin colored blurs, as he’d begin to hound her as if she were a woman on the street, plunging his cock literally deeper, and deeper into the dephs of her with every single thrust, until the head of his manhood began to knock on her cervix like a persistent jahova whiteness. Her calfs would be turned outwards, and have connor’s head between them playing peek a boo, as connor would use his free hand to pull her a little more off of the rock’s edge, so literally the very edge of her shoulders were the support she’d have as connor would stand on his tippy toes, and lean into the position, putting his full 175 pounds of pure unadulterated muscle behind each thrust, pressing against not only her womb, but her pelvis as a whole.  His jewels would slap her anus each time, only pushing against it’s small opening made by his finger, and he’d take that same free hand he’d used to scoot her up more, and lick the edge of his thumb and his index finger, before taking his hand down towards the small and prominent pink clit she possessed, and twiddling it’s posisiton around. Twisting it too and fro, like turning a knob on an old television. He didn’t just want her wet, he wanted her soaked. If it worked, the thunderous claping noises, would accelerate almost to that of a machine, but be accompanied by a sticky splattering sensation. AS Connor would continue his thrust, it’s not exaggeration she’d be able to feel the very rock supporting her shaking an wobbling as if it was losing structure.  Before long, Connor’s thrust would literally begin to cave her body into the rock itself, pound, by pound by pound, until he’d drilled her through the rock itself onto the warm back of the ground. Connor’s mentality inhuman as he’d push awat the walls of stone effortlessly, sending them 10 feet away from their position, as he’d quickly take hold of her ankles and counting on her flexibility, push them towards her head, mounting on his tippy toes, again and plunging any fluids from her womb with his thrust, actually bouncing her body away momentarily before she’d land right back in his thrusting position.

Sian Tetsu: Her lungs would take in a deep breath of air releasing it slowly through her nostrils preparing herself as to what would happen next knowing full from the body language shed seen from Connor thus far that her request not hold back was something that he hadnt quite anticipated. Sian let her lips form into a smile her cat like eyes practically glowing in the night once he told her not to break as his hands would grip the outter most parts of her thighs causing inner walls to clentch themselver around his length in anticapation once she felt his nails starting to pierce the makings of her skin and with the first couple of thrust Sian began to feel it. Each thrust he gave her was more powerful than the last to the point at times she fought to stay up against the rock behind her as the echos of flesh slapping against flesh began to becoming  almost deafening too deafening to her ears allowing the once soften cries from lips to become wild seductive screams before the pretty little puma decided to take matters into her own hands once Connor successfully managed to bound her legs together making re-entry almost impossible for himself and his hips began to moving like those of a mad man, she immediately begin to went to work attempting using workings of her inner walls to squeeze and contract around his cock on command as she used what leverage that she did have against the rocking stone beneath her to try and literally throw her hips back into his giving him just as a much pleasure as she took from having him so deep inside her while her necatr continued to reward him earnestly for his efforts along side her screams. Sian though she was complete heaven with the feeling of his balls slapping against her anal door that is until felt Connor pull her up even more before licking his thumb and fore finger with ease then placing them both against her soft clit he began to turn and twist it in manner than caused her to really sceam, "Yess moreeee........oh Goddd........dont stop....mmmm fuck me harder...yes right there!!"

Exposing a very fatal flaw about herself to him one that one another had only the pleasure of seeing. "Mmmmmfuckkkk......pound my pussy harder....yeaa just that like that.." were just some the phrases that she came out from her lovely lips once rock around her was sent flying 10ft from where they were and her legs placed over her head while begin fuck to and fore like a pin pong ball at speeds no normal girl could possible even withstand.

The First BustEdit

Connor Ryoji: “Tch…she’s like a fucking…supernatural…deity! I can’t fucking…Damn Kodi-” Connor thought to himself as he continued plowing away at her womb like there was no tomorrow for him or for her. His voice inuadibly trailed off when he mentioned kodi as Her moans filled his ears, and caused his mouth to drop open a bit, as he watched her reaction. He could feel her womb throbbing against his lower half and it combined with her heavenly voice, and grip her womb put on his manhood, Connor would place both of his fist beside her head, letting her legs fall to her sides as he’d thrust once…twice….5 more times with every thing he had, turning the remaining stone beneath her back into stonemeal powders, as on his final thrust, he’d close his eyes for a minute and grunt, pressing his hips to hers, and letting his swollen cock full of semen unleash it’s load inside of her. His syrup so thick it had an overbaring and heavy feeling to it as Connor’s sheer size would force it to leak out around the rim of her pussy, and pitter patter on the ground.

“ Had to get the first one outta the way. Now that that’s outta the way-!” connor would attempt to reach under her body, and grab her by her lower back, carrying her off towards a near by oak tree, a thick one at that. Connor’s lips would’ve met hers the whole way over there, as he’d suckle on her bottom lip, not wanting to lose a moment of passion between the two of them. He’d fucked around and got lost in her, in the heat of the moment. The sight of her gave him tingles, a branding feeling he’d never had, and wasn’t certain weather he’d forget. As the reached the tree, Connor would literally spin her body around in the air like a top, her legs would spread outwards as she was flipped, so it’d be a complete 180, as he’d plant her feet on the ground. He’d push her knees together, and run his hands across each buttcheek slowly, as his hands would glide up her upperback, pushing her hair off to the side of her shoulder for the moment. Admiring her frame, he’d slip his hands back to her bum, and grip each cheek in hand, before taking one off to grab hold of his shaft and slap it against the moist exterior of her pussy, soaking his cock in the sesspool of fluids she was producing, before pressing the head of it against the edgeing rim of her anus. He threw all fucks outta the window, well aware he didn’t lube it up enough and doing it with a sickening grin, baring his fangs as he’d push all 7 inches inside of her anus in one fell swoop. The interesting thing about Connor, is that usualy after his first nut, his cock grows 2 inches due to the heightened endurance he’d been gainig from feeding off of the woman’s lustful sexual desires. The nine inch meat would push the dephs of her anal walls, and even give her a fairly heavy tummy ache as it grew inside of her.

He’d expect her to mount herself against the tree in some form of way, as Connor would spread his feet shoulder width apart, suffling them and digging them into the ground, before he’d lean over her body, placing his hands on the tree, but higher elevated than she was. He’d whisper against her neck. “It’s time you put some work in…I wanna see you give it your all..” the very sight of her asscheeks pressed against his pevils made Connor prenut rather quickly. Was he going to let her impressive looks overcome his sexual tenacity?

Sian Tetsu: ~Omg.....its this is what its like to bang out by a Ryoji....~ Sian thought placing both hands on her large breasts and squeezing them tight allowing her delicate fingers to roll her hard nipples between them then giving them a hard tug as her tongue licked her lips through each cry she made. ~If this....keeps....up....I won't be able to hold back any longer.~ her face would reflect the euphoria she was in as her left hand left her chest caressing the flat of get tone belly and began to use her index finger to simply give Connor more of show, dipping it between her flooding womb in order to stroke the swollen bud that lay there to enhance the spasms of her tunnel making them a bit more frequent against his twitching cock. "That's it....cum for know you want to."

She chided not really ready to do the same herself once Connor  placed both of his fists on either side of her thus giving her access to truly assault his senses now that she had her legs back. Using what parts of the rock that wasn't already dissipated from Connor's thrusts as leverage Sian lifts just the lower half of her body up by placing both firmly into earth below them to swing her hips in a back and forth motion, combating his own during the last few before he finally grunts letting the first round of cum spill out into eager unprotected womb. Most of it starting spill out from onto the ground as she laid there momentarily trying to catch her breath. "Mhm but it still was a lot....." shed tell him  in ressoftly allowing the fingers were that between her legs to mix and mingle that of his seed with own juices for a bit before having his reach under body in order to grab her lower back, carrying her off towards a large oak one from what she could make of it darkness that was around them. Their lips would meet again the passion between them still as strong as ever, as Sian return Connor's playfulness with some of her own. Her tongue would flick it itself over his lips, she pull on his bottom on with her teeth, even try coax his tongue out for a game or two of twisters against her own. Though she'd tried not to notice it earlier the way Connor looked especially now made Sian quiver in ways that no woman would ignore, hell she knew she couldn't. Which brought her to briefly think of other things. Once near the tree Sian found herself being spun around mid-air, her legs made to open before he allowed her feet to finally touch the ground with her back towards him. She'd moved her knees towards one another wuth Connor's help letting out a long sensual sigh as she allowed his hands to admire her body some from her buttocks to shoulders sweeping her blue hair from her shoulders then back down to butt, grasping both cheeks in his hands. Sian moaned while her dewey slit drips from both of their juices  against her tan colored thighs as she felt Connor slap his cock up against it then proceeded to place it near an area where no man had entered yet before he pushed all 9in in without so much as a warning. This in turn made Sian grit her teeth in pain a bit her hands gripping the tree in front of her as if her life depended on it for some time then finally letting it go once that opening had become accustomed to having him there. Groaning a bit she could hear him tell her that it was her turn do some work and with a smirk shed show him just what else she could do with the body that he'd admire so starting slowly at first winding her lower body in the same motions that used when they danced, attempting to use his cock like her private strip club pole as she applied several techniques used for anal penetration such flexing certain muscles in that region, bouncing her ass on and of his thighs at rapid speeds, and when it started getting really good shed reach down between her lower lips and start finger her womb deeply pressing them not only against herself but him as well threw the thin layer of tissue that separates it and her anus-

Connor Ryoji: Connor’s eyes slanted as he watched….no…studied. he’d study the way she winded her lower body with his cock planted firmly in her ass. Her asshole was incredibly tight, hugging his meat more so than her pussy did, but this was pure muscle grip. She gyrated her ass rather quickly against him, and Connor’s legs actually got weak for a second watching and feeling her performance at work. It even went as far as to go where she’d finger her box of dreams, and connor could feel those twiddling fingers from inside of the other  hole. He released a long draw out sight, which had steam accompanying it as he’d let her work for quite sometime, enjoying the sight of her perfect colored skin pushing and mushing against his hips, but Connor had seen all he’d wanted. “Ah…ahhh…that’s good. Real good..alright I’ve got my second wind now.” Connor would keep his hands planted against the tree, before squatting down just a bit so he could get her from the back at an angle of sorts. The penetration in her ass would get a bit easier thanks to the vigours amount of precum connor would spew inside of her anal walls, slicking it up a bit and letting Connor’s incredibly hip speed go to work again, but with a twist. Instead of bashing her anus with a straight back and forth motion, Connor would circle his hips horizontally, causing his dick to go in at an angle and come out at an angle, but each time their skin collided, the clap was much lounder than it had been this entire session.

The bulk of her asscheeks was amazingly voluptuous, so much so he knew he could pound away at it with little remorse, and that’s just what he did. Keeping to his angled thrust, each impact repeated over and over again, would start to numb the backs of her thighs, from connor’s die hard assault on them. He’d remove his hands form the tree, and grip the curve of her hips, standing straighter up now, and pushing his weight down on her lower back, forcing the arch into her frame, and tooting her rump airborne. This would give Connor the perfect mount as the following “PAT. PAT. PAT. PAT.” Rhythm  he’d been plowing into her, converted into a frenzied “CLAPCLCAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP” .

Each thrust causing a string of precum to loosen her anal friction even more, causing most of it to rim it’s way out as her asscheeks would look like an ocean of skin waves, rippling repeatedly and traveling up to the very edge of her butt. Connor could gritt his teeth, grunting between thrust, and even drooling at the lip a bit at how tasty she looked, taking the full force of his lustful might. The thrusting would go on, until creaks and cracks could be heard, as he made sure she kept that hand mounted on the tree. Suddenly a large horizontal crack would appear below wehre sian’s hand was mounted on the tree, and leaves would begin to fall all around their vicinity. The shockwaves form connor’s physical assault on her body started traveling up and through the tree, breaking large branches and buddles of leaves down, as finally Connor would thrust one more good time before the tree sian was mounted against would tumble forward, falling with a very audilble creaking and crashing noise, and hitting the ground with a large “THOOM!!!” a feint wind being sent out as the solid oak wood tree fell to the ground. Connor would catch sian, keeping his swollen cock planted deep inside of her  and lifting her body upwards, before using the strength in his foot to smooth out the surface of the tree a bit, laying her stomach first on the now fallen oak, and keeping her skirt lifted above her ass for good measure. Connor would hover over her, his own legs spread apart leaving him hovering over her body and the tree beneath her. Connor would make sure to prompt her legs to close, so she was laying like a perfect board on the tree, all the while he’d grip the skirt shoved above her buttocks and cascading her waist, and using it like a handle, pull and push sian on and off of his cock like a wild man.

His grunts got louder as the seismic force behind it all would not only start to literally bruise her asscheeks in general, but she’d feel a pain in her pevic area, signifying Connor’s weighted thrust were beginning to take a physical toll. Depending on how she took it, any longer and connor might actually break her pelvis if she wasn’t up to par. Even without breaking it, the feeling close to it, would be ever present as Connor continued on.  His cock swelling not in length, but thickness as it’d expand her asshole just a bit more and he’d utter out. “Keep taking it this well, and you’ll be tasting the next load…” the tree she laid her body on would probably start to crack in half itself if connor didn’t let up even a bit.

Unwanted GuestEdit

  Sian Tetsu: Sian would cease her actions suddenly in the heat of the moment her senses starting to become a bit on edge as she briefly turns her head towards an opposing direction her luminance eyes picking on a few shadows ducking and dodging while Connor continues his assault on her body. Slipping her fingers from her wet satch she brings them to her lips with ease allowing her tongue lick each finger tip precariously, her nails having extended quite a bit from their bed as a result of her and Connor's game. No longer moaning in euphoric desire her lips crease themselves into a sinincal grin her gaze starting to move from both the left then the right taking note of those who their enemies had begun to surround them no thanks to her own negligence and reckless desires. In the back of the teenager's mind she most certainly could here an "I told you, so" coming from Suijin's mouth though the lady herself was surprisingly, yet stifling quiet to say the lease as Sian began to lower her left hand with ease from the breaking tree in front of her, motioning it backwards with the palm facing Connor's direction before attempting to place it on his grass covered thigh in the hopes to stop him utterly before the first wave of gunmen who were coming into range of the two began to fire. "Connor as much as i know you'd like to finish this, slowly stop and look around. We have a situation." She whispers groaning heavily against the night air trying to keep up the rouse that they hadn't become aware of those who were closing in for kill as she pushes her ass back onto him stand upright with her legs still spread turning her head in his direction she moves her left hand up his body then attempts to place it around the back of his neck to make appear to those coming that she kissing him once she drew her head in closer in order speak. "Its appears to be a garason of at least 100 or more, most are carrying in full red snipers that are motion triggered once locked into firing positions. The only reason were still connected at hip is cause their too far away to make the shot...." the moment these words fell from her mouth Sian suddenly felt something go off immediately she moves her right hand from the tree placing both hands onto his shoulders the Asian beauty tries to push Connor backwards from her disliking his cock from her as she herself makes a be line dive towards the ground in a complete barrel roll towards the direction of a nearby tree just as the first barrage of shots were rapidly fired at the duo. "Son of a bitch! Connor are you okay?!" She asks keeping close to the tree that she was barricaded behind, the assault continuing rain down on them seemingly without end as Sian re-adjusted her top back over her breasts and her skirt lowered back to her thighs. Suijin barks, "Sian quickly, to the trees now!" "Right." The teenager mentally replies back jumping to her feet taking off in what would appear to be a suicide mission for the traps that weren't far from where they were. At the first available branch Sian extended her right arm into the air just barely missing a bullet that was fired at it, throwing her weight into air she swings upwards allowing her feet to land on it before taking to the bark once again like a monkey climbing towards its heights accompanied by a host of bullets. "Persistent little fucks arent they?" She says outline. "Well they wouldn't be here if you would  have just listened to me and left the boy alone!!" Suijin exclaims. Sian couldn't argue against the goddess' words jumping up towards the next branch thinking back to what just happened, the guilt of betraying her first love suddenly setting in as she thought suddenly of Dai, her heart weighing in on things hard now as she reached the first trap with soldiers draw ing her hand up towards the vine that held the spiked covered tree in the air before using her sharp as fangs like nails to cut through it and send it hurtling at its intended victims. "Don't worry about that now, only if the boy pursues you further will you deal with him understood." The lady tells while Sian takes off back in the direction in which she left Connor, hoping against everything that he's alright.

Talk About A N**** MadEdit

( ) Connor continued pounding her asshole, but then got a sense of her presence. He could taste the emotion of her shifting…shifting from lust and sinful desires to alertness. It was empowering to say the least. That’s when connor began to sense multiple negative emotions…lots of them…targeted towards him…Connor’s pink hued eyes shifted form a vibrant pink, to their regular crimson red. “Connor….yooooou clearly feel that don’t you.” Connor nodded mentally. Groaning and complaining to washi in his head. “But washiiiiiiiiii it’s so GOOD!” “And I’m guessing you forgot about the promise you made to Chise already?” Connor’s eyes widened as he realized he had completely thrown his ultimate goal out of the window for a night of lust…though the man in him was going to finish slaying her if they’d gotten the chance. There was little to any turning back now. As she flipped her position and began to sit up towards, him leaining  in for a pusedo kiss, and whispering in his ear. "Its appears to be a garason of at least 100 or more, most are carrying in full red snipers that are motion triggered once locked into firing positions. The only reason were still connected at hip is cause their too far away to make the shot...." “Ahhh…well fuck.” When she finished saying that, she’d push back against him and roll offwards, avoding some gunfire. Connor on the other hand would’ve taken a bullet in the shoulder, causing his body to jerk backwards a bit. Connor’s nude body would break into a roll, as he’d begin sprinting way wards and ignoring the pain in his shoulder. ‘Yoooou bastards are gonna pay for interrupting my nut…I get angsty when I can’t FINISH!” Connor would yell out the last part, as his body would circle around the near by trees. Connor’s eyes adjusting to the darkness, thanks to his oni physiology: Darkness Adaptation which allows the user to better operate in dark environments (especially nighttime conditions), with a circadian cycle programmed for nighttime activity, heightened senses and perhaps darker coloration. In correlation with his Eagle eyes, Connor could literally see…everything. “You should probably leave her Connor. That…is Daisuke’s girl.” Connor scoffed, as he’d be squatted down, running on fall fours, like a mad man, avoiding and outrunning gunfire , in a semi circle pattern. Connor would approach one of the snipers, and lunge his fist out straight into the man’s visor! Gouging his eyes out form his sockets, and pulling them out, connor having the man’s peepers on his fingers! The man screamed in agony, a signal that connor  had struck out!  Connor would eat the man’s eyeballs one after another, before turning his body in a fierce roundhouse kick, snaping the man’s neck on impact and causing his body to drop. Connor would pick up the body on his shoulder, and begin scaling the trees with one hand, climbing in a spiral as more gunfire began to pour it’s way twaords him! Connor arrived to the very tops of the trees, where the men had a legit blind spot but it was brief. They’re motion trackers could catch connor in a heart’s beat. Connor made hast, taking off the man’s pants, and top, wraping it around himself, and now wearing some combat pants with kneepads, and a flak jacket, no shirt underneath. Connor would secure the man’s armory, and place the knife between his teeth only to  jump from the tree, swinging on the branch and darting back down to the ground! The negative emotions around him and the pain from his shoulder were pushing Connor to another physical level as he darted at 100mph on foot towards the bulk of the crowd! He’d had perfect clarity, aim dodging the bullet sprays that came at him, only to drive the knife into the spine of one opposing male, and then hike him up in front of his body, using him a meat shield!! Connor would then force the man to shoot 7 other men in that cluster while rotating in a circle. Connor let the man’s body down, a bullet grazing past his shoulder, and then squatting down. The bullet stung, but it was tolerable like the last one. “hmmm.” Connor peered through the bushes. Even with his abilities numbers matter. Connor -would crack his knuckles and start to dig. A couple of the soldiers would attempt to close in on Connor thinking they’d corner him completely! When they arrived at the spot he was supposed to be in all they’d gotten was a hole!?!? “he’s under-AGHIAH!!!!’ One solider would be pulled underground like a gopher! The other men began to scatter, attempting to retreat to t heir other positions, however connor had started to pick them off one by one like flies! Connor could see the vibrations of the men which made tracking them as easy, as easy could get. However they weren’t idiots, and a pair of them, brought out what appeared to be a bucket full of grenades….tear gas grenades. They began throwing them into the holes, attempting to flush them out!!!! They could hear Connor  coughing in the distance, as the smoke leaked from the holes . the men played smart and used hand signals to signal coming in on the coughing. The snipers were at the ready, as sounds of bushes could be heard rustling all around. They felt secure having their men come out and about to help close in. suddenly a body had jumped from the hole, and everyone was about to shoot it when they came to find it was one of their own!?!? The man landed on the ground coughing and hacking chunks of his lungs up. Connor would be standing in the middle of the field, with his hands in his pockets, and a device in his hand. The men that weren’t hidden would surround him in a circle cocking their guns and ready to fire. “So….I was getting a pretty good piece of ass here. And you guys. Fucked up. My flow.” One of the men shot Connor in the rib. Connor flinched and closed an eye. Laser sights aimed all over his body. Connor would reach into the wound and pull the bullet out with a sigh, as a couple of the men would tlt their heads. “This shit hurts…but I’m to high to care.” Connor would push the button on the device and suddenly the visors the men were wearing would shut down as a pulse of electromagnetic energy would brim from connor’s spot. Shutting down their technological equipment and leaving them only with guns…and no form of vision in the dark.( ) Connor smirked as only the dim moonlight was their light now , and quickly went to work! Connor would thrust his right arm up and his left arm down, dismantlaing and knocking the guns out of his opposers hands, letting them twirl into the air before connor sent a palm to each of their chest!  Sending them flying into the opposing corwd of men! Panic could be heard as the remaining snipers had only their scopes to rely on, but now they couldn’t properly track Connor  as they wanted to. Connor began to put in work  on the crowd, spinning his body in adjacent directions of the bullets pathways, slipping, bobbing and weving between their line of fire only to spin low and deliver a powerful mule kick to a set of two! He’d then spin along the ground, like a wild animal, before gripping one by the collar of their flak, and hip tossing him ontop of another one, smitting their spines with pain. Connor would spin once more, letting the roundhouse style kick slide across not one, not two, but three of the enemy soliders faces, knocking their skulls together in unison! Connor would narrowly escape a bullet to the head by leaning backwards, the bullet grazing the side o his skull, and letting a trail blood run down. The damage empowerenmet and negivtive emotions were feeding connor’s physique, almost suggerting the more spital the opponent the stronger connor can become in the situation, and since connor had four bullet wounds at this point, it’s simple math to see connor was “on some other shit.” Connor continued his onlsought of the crowd of 30, dwindling them down to a crowd of 5 in seconds, bodies flying wayward, blood splatters and the cracks of boens forming a chilling battle medly!

Connor would be met in the face with a gun, before quickly biting the barrel off of it in one chucnk, chewing  on it before boot kicking the man in his gut, a spew of blood pouring from his opposers mouth as he doubled over in pain, as connor would flip onto the man’s back, before spinning like a top and launching hmself towards the two men behind him, his legs colliding to the base of each of their chins knocking them clean from their hinges!

Connor landed on the ground, before turning around to grapple the one he’d just flipped off of, putting a death lock on his waist before lifting up and slaming him  in a german suplex letting his body in the ground and his spine snap! Connor finished  off the last two in rapid sucesscion, slamming a right handed heymakere into the ribs of the man on his left, ducking the gunfire and letting his hand dig an inch deep into the man’s ribs, before his body went flying 25 feet away, while connor would take that same right hand, dip into a spin and launch a fearsome uppercut into the jaw of the last military man standing in the crowd he was in, letting hs body skyrocket, 35 feet into the air!!! 

connor would be met with a bullet to the back of his leg, his calf so to sepak which caused him to wince, and take the knife from his pocket and fling it from the direction the bullet came, a sickening “CHUNK” noise made as the knife entered the head of the man who’d shot him. Connor would then convert his offense intoa  defense, running elsewhere in the darkened forest, and hiding under a log, masking himself in the dark to gain a sense of focuse. “Where ever you are sian be careful…I’ve got about….65 of these guys left on my tail.” Connor would inhale and exhale wondering if he should make a break to go check on sian, but then again these men would follow…he had to stop them at the front before they got to the village.-e-

On the next branch Sian took from the trees to the ground her glowing eyes observing just how many men she'd just impaled with the heavy weight of the spiked tree that had been hurled at them which was only 10 at least before she heard the wild yet final cries of others as they'd sprung the others that lay nearby one of which she hadn't told Connor about, a pit/nest of Black Mambas that thanks to Suijin she'd been able to find without much trouble at all. Chuckling Sian listens closely to screams keeping a good note of just where they were coming from as to make sure that she too wasn't heading in that same direction as she ran at top speeds even while bare footed against forest floor it was then that she heard the crack of twig underneath someone's foot. Sian's gazed moved left befoee proceeding to move right the tempo of her speeds slowing down to what would say as a human's standard, allowing her hauntingly glow irises to capture what could have be on the approach. From behind a tree a girl step out dressed in black t-shirt, muddy shorts, and a very old pair of sneakers around her body she carried several rounds of ammunition and several bombs wireless no doubt that rebels prolly used to coax her into this confrontation. "Help me, please." The coax hoping to prey on the elder of them's sympathy a bit so that she would come closer towards her to see what was the matter. She could tell from how scared she appeared to look, but in the mind of this 17yr she knew a woman as a child was could be a very deceitful creature and it didn't take her long to see why once the girl saw that Sian made no move to even come near her once she stopped in her tracks. Almost at once the girl dropped her helplessness facade charging at her using a fighting style she was quite familiar with as it was partly apart of the aerial fighting tactics that her Amazon family used, that uses a combination of fast kicks, punches, and even blocking techniques in order to either blind their opponent to the next more or confuse them until they're ready to strike. Perhaps the girl was hoping to catch her off guard  once she made her first charge towards Sian, lowering  the upper portion of her body just enough for the older girl's attempt to crack her jaw with a left hook to miss but giving the attacker time enough to extend her both arms in front of her, fingers curled up into a tightly formed fists in order to deliver a powerful blow to the abdominal area of Sian. Instictivately she sees this comforting her lower body away from the attacker's reach in order bring that of her left knee up towards the girl's face this move causing the teenaged beauty once it made impact to her assailant's chin to be sent up into the air as she used this to flip backwards back onto her feet rather than what would have been her landing ass first on the ground. Sian crouch low to the earth once her body unfurls from it she notes that once more that theres company in their mist....the girl was a diversion for the real attack. "Ahh fuck I just can't catch a break tonight, now can I" she says out loud those that were in the bushes start in to step out by the ton. "Enough of these games sweetheart, youve run out of traps and guess what now you die but maybe if you share some of that sweet ass you were giving your bf back there you won't die so slowly." A man taunts his comrades laughing just a bit one of them even having the nerve to stroke the crotch area of his pants some what with his bare hand as gesture towards her causing her laugh scornfully at the bunch that encompassed her. "Might be outta traps but not outta fight. Bf? Naw just a friendly fuck but what you bastards are about to be are corpses!! Come and get it." She taunted curling her lethal looking nail upwards in that very same motion taunting the men she'd know rape her beyond hope if they actually did lay a hand on her, causing more harm than good switching her stance to that of the snake as the  one who spoke spit out, "fucking cunt ill make sure you regret that." As one by one he and the others came at her from all sides and angles. This battle was on!  Using just her sharp nails, procession point touch and knowledge of the vitally known pressure points of the body as taught to her by her mother Tomoko from her mentor Jun Li, and her own fluid snake like speed in order to land each hit Sian excutes technique known as Dim Mak (its going back on her page needed intro it). First going for the points of the neck of man who implied shed fuck him with both of her index and middle fingers, using her elbow to strike a pivotal point in the mist of his spine once the blood starts flow out of his nose with her elbow allowing the force to severe it, if he survives the pain he'd be paralyzed for life from the waist down rendering what he wanted fuck her with useless as lets him falls to earth in heap to deal with next one. The second she goes for the points in both the upper thighs the lower legs cutting off the flow of blood just long enough for her slice open the neck of another steal his weapon, a sledgehammer and return to his comrade in just enough time to smash his leg bones into pieces rendering him using to anyone but the animals of the jungle. One by one each man fell to her hands each death more gruesome than the last as Sian herself became painted in blood, revealing in its flow and hunger until there stood but one left in the sea of corpses the girl, who she saw was very same one from the village she saved now curled up crying and terrified.  A sneer pierce her lips walking towards extending her blood covered hand to cup her face as she sobbed endlessly caressing her wet cheek in a sick sadistic sort of way. "Shhhh dont be afraid it won't hurt, just remember death comes to all those that wait. Unless. They. Fuck. With. ME!" and with those words she uses what seems like unnatural strength to jerk the girls head hard as fuck to left then right in order completely break her neck before letting her hapless body falls to the ground to join the others before resuming her search for Connor.

Pillow Talk?Edit

Connor Ryoji: “HUAAAAAAAAH!  Connor would be uplifting solid oak trees left and right, tossing them up into the air, as a diversionary tatic to lure the soliders attention. It worked, as they’d begins shooting the trees down with suprsing accuracy, putting hole into hole in the trees, making them look like overgrown brown sponges! Connor smirked, as it worked. He only did this…to locate the snipers. Paying attention to the areas shots DIDN’T come from, Connor quickly figured out their locations, and began to hunt them down one by one! Connor approached the first sniper, clotheslining him in a hearbeat, and cracking his sternum, along with every rib connected to it! the snipers body cut a 360 on impact, and Connor would take his pistol as compensation, cocking it and continuing his run. He spotted two more snipers side by side, apart by a few feet! While the regular militia freted in panic, Connor would baseball slide along the ground, taking aim with his right eye and “POW POW” ..popoing each sniper in the eye, and killing them instantly, letting their bodies fall limp and onto the ground with a thud. Connor would secure their pistols as well, combat knife still planted between his teeth, as he’d take their grendades, and twirl the pins in each finger, tossing the grenades into the air and kicking them one after another into the fray of 65 men! The grendades would hit one of them in the head with a “KRACK” and the other in the gut with a “THUD” thus sending their bodies air borne backwards until a loud “KA-BOOM!!” echoed through the small clearing! Smoke and suit flling the area, and body parts flying into the wind. Connor counted the vibration sources…he’d nailed about 45, leaving 20 behind. They began to run, finally fed up with dealing with Connor’s threatening prescence. “RETREAT MEN! AND REGROUP!” Connor tilted his head. “no…you don’t get to run..” Connor took off into the trees, climbing up one like a mad man,  then breaking into a fereal leap and stride across the tree branches, before lunging twaords one of the running men, crossing his arms around his neck, and snaping it. Connor had completely lost control of his bloodlust, and was tracking the men down in savage fashion, arriving at each one in seconds only to mual them with his barehands, breaking their bones, shooting them, and out right tearing a limb off every now and again.  He’d finally ditched his trail of bodies  and arrive at the last man. Connor’s outfit was quite bloody, and almost unwearable..but he’d wear it with pride. “Geez Connor…care to slow down a bit? I’m supposed to be the Oni you know.” Washi and Connor would share a laugh. “Sorry. Just…when I don’t finish I get pissy. Habbit of mine.” Connor would grip the last guy buy his colloar, and look him dead in the face. He’d rear his opposite hand back and bash it into the military man’s helmet, only to pull his fist out with a nice coat of blood on his knuckles. The man’s body would fall to the ground limp. Connor would snff the air, and finally take a moment to calm down, having decimated 100 men or so in his wake. “I’ve gotta find Sian…see what the next plan of action is. I don’t think these guys are gonna wait anymore…” “What are you suggesting Connor? Me personally I think we should go ahead and begin taking them out. You have the physical capability to do it, but you’ve got to be more than feral.” Connor would begin to follow the scent of Sian’s secretions from earlier, an aroma burnt into his brain. “I’ll see what she’s got in mind…I’d like to put a dent in these guys. Without chi it’ll be much harder, but I’ll think of something. It’s what I do best!” Washi would chuckle, ready to help Connor however he needed. Eventually tracing her scent and seeing her just in time to see her make her kill, apparently snapping a neck in the process. Connor would slide as he stopped, and nod. “Having fun? And looking good while doing it I see. Look, I think I can end this entire thing tonight, but what’s your plan. They made the first move, so anything’s fair game right?”

Sian Tetsu: If Connor were close enough he’d hear another crack of the neck, as Sian motioned hers to the left then right her attention still on the corpses below her feet while walking through them hearing him speak. Though most people wouldn’t have guessed it her senses had become completely viably heighten from physical strength to just how she saw her targets and sensed them even in the dark. She’d turn her attention to Connor giving off a bit of a laugh at his words. “Indeed it was a rush…I almost pity the bastards but they had it coming. Still on hard I see haha but those games will have to be put aside for another time we’ve already got caught with our dicks outta our pants as it were.” She chuckles against her joke noting to the face that Connor was still in the grass skirt that the elders put him in originally walking pass him as if what had transpired between them had never even really happened at all but any person with eyes could see that she was putting on airs. She’d caught something for Connor in just the few short hours they’d been around one another but out here she wasn’t sure in hell about to let him know just what that was not after this ambush and most certainly not with Suijin prattle on at her either to boot.  Stopping in mid-stride once Connor starts talking about them being able to finish this tonight, but wanting to know her plans first before he could get started. “We could but not tonight, that would place to many in harms way once we head towards the mines, the loses would be make the known deaths seem like child’s play,”-shaking her head a bit before going on- “first we get the others outta the village for their own safety then at we head for the mines with our guide. I have had enough of this shit for one night.” The 17yr old stated using her head to gesture that they head back to the village to make sure that none of what attacked them here had gotten passed their defenses her chest rising and falling a bit as she spoke the harsh reality that being near Connor still made her crave him starting to really set in though her face reflecting the seriousness of the matter. Suijin crooned, “Ignore it, and let him take away from this night what he has of you. You have your path already waiting and set for you once this mission is over. I will not let you endanger it any further than you have already by completely knocking it out of the woods. 8 months time is all you have left to prepare.” Sian couldn’t help but look to Connor or twice if indeed he’d taken note of her gesture and begun to follow her back through the sea of dead bodies that they’d both left on the path for the vultures and crocodiles. A part of her wanted to say something but the other that was on the same side of Suijin told her it was best that she didn’t at all, but as Sian was she most certainly couldn’t leave this night undone not like this especially when it meant that a mission such as this could go to hell at any moment due to a few minutes of a raw passion. She had to make this right some how. “Connor despite us getting attacked tonight, I don’t regret us having sex as matter of fact I’m happy we did. It let me see just what kind of person you really are…I only hope that who ever the woman is that you do come to love does to before she ends up just like me, alone.” These words fell from her lips slowly as continues to walk on basically telling him as to what happened between herself and Daisuke, after he’d told her that he and the rest of his family were leaving Kasaihana for Wakanda for good. The rest of the way was silent at least from her end as she and Suijin began to come up with their own formula in order to get into the land that was surrounded the mines. It didn’t take long for them to re-enter the village Sian took note that all was quiet with not only just her eyes but her ears too. In several window their burned a few lights most lightly to keep away those who would enter believing none was at home or sleep while a few of the tribesmen with guns stood about with the few weapons she’d given them in hand acting as guards for the village. “Everything looks as it should….” She would say finally breaking the silence between the teenagers but still keeping her steps slow and cautious, taking note of anyone else that might be in league with their adversary before slightly easing up the tension in her own body as she saw that nothing was out of place sighing with relief. “Good…we held them back lets go see Akasha and Chief Boro to tell them there’s been a change in plans after that we can change, meet Varak, and settle this shit once and for all.” She tells him heading towards the chief’s home in haste.

Connor Ryoji: Connor cuaght scent of a final sickening snap noise and winced a bit. Its different seeing women be so hardcore about this stuff . When she pointed out that he was hiding a hard on on his grass skirt. Connor would look down and blush a bit diverting his gaze to the side to avoid eye contact for the time being. As she made her joke and walked past him, Connor would take a deep breathe and exhale it silently. "Connor....after this maybe its best you stray away from that girl. I can tell she exhibits a high that you like." Connor would sigh mentally. "Yeah I know. I need to be focusing on other things lile the mission and helping kodi. its just...fuck. she's so fucking . fuck. I need to quit but I donot really want to. its odd. I'll deal. I'm not gonna bitch about it that's for damn sure." As she mentioned the plan to get the villagers out ta Dodge, Connor agreed. the villager's safety was main priority at this point. as they walked along, Connor would scavenge some combat pants which had knee pads on them. removing the grass skirt he'd put those on instead and leave his shirt off. he already felt primal as hell and kinda liked it. Following along withe the occasional glance at her rear end,  he'd start to walk beside her rather that. behind. he'd take notice she glanced at him on ocasioan. to which he only noticed because he was doing it to. He wasn't going to deny his high but he wouldn't surcome to it if he could help it . When she broke the silence and spoke on the affair they'd just had Connor's ears perked up in a listening posistion. speaking of how she didn't regret it one bit and that she hoped whoever he was with liked it to Connor would rub the back if his neck thinking about Kodi. "Yeah I feel the same way. it was a heat of the moment thing. nothing more nothing less, though I can still smell the pheromones oozinf from ya, that's normal.,"Connor furrowed his brow."what about..? Never mind ." Connor was about to ask about Daisuke but two factors stopped him : he didn't want to cloud her mind about it to sustain as much lust as possible and he didn't want to think about what would happen if Daisuke found out. on the other hand Connor would love a rematch and would welcome it with open arms to boot. when they'd made it back to the village Connor could see the place had already become somewhat vaccant. Nodding that it was for the best he'd nod to sian about checking with the chief. "Good call!" Connor trailed beside her in excitement ready to take on the big bad guy and hopefully do some sight seeing over here.

Preperations At HandEdit

Sian Tetsu: She picked up on the hesitation in his voice, glancing back again at Connor letting out a hum drum kinda sigh, "You might as well know this seeing as Dai saw you as his best friend but you get back to Kasaihana the Yuns will be gone mostly they will have made it to Wakanda, here in Africa idk how the company will be handled and so forth but id tell the rest if those ambitious assholes back there not step foot near Yun Corp at all. Don't look for them to come back anytime this century or the next, they've left for good. So whatever's going on we and others are on our own now. And me I guess you can say im single haha." Sian made this point clear as to what transpired before she left Kasaihana as to what Connor meant about her still radiation a sexual attraction to him well she already knew as much. Comming up on the the chiefs home she could see that Akasha was outside her dark brows furrowing together at the sight of the two looking as if they had been in a complete battle. Sian would speak quickly to the old woman in her tongue before being allowed to enter the house, it didnt take long for the two to converse before she re-emerged to give the old woman a long lingering hug before the chief emerged also personally taking it upon himself to move through the village to alert his people in the dead of night that move was now. Sian takes one last look at the couple with the doting eyes of a daughter knowing that this was much harder for them than anything but without their chi and quite possibly move troops on the way she could no longer in good conscience guarantee their safety. Once the couple were off with their belongings Sian turned to make for the hut that was given her and Connor for their stay as she was sure she would be able wash off any the affects of tonight from her body quickly before dawning her full body fatigue and boots, and bringing the rest of arsenal shed left behind with her. If Connor came inside of it with her the asian beauty would hope he could be mature long enough to let her strip down to nothing, douse the water on her skin washing off, and change into her fresh clothes and get the gear needed for the rest of the hunt and if not she'd deal with it however she saw fit this time as in truth it would be a chilly day in hell if anyone would know about who'd fucked in the first place. After all dead men tell no tales...

Connor Ryoji: ( )Connor list end to the tale of how her and Daisuke split. which was a surprising thing considering how hard she cheered for him at the gmaf's..Hm. Connor rubbed his chin at the thought he'd be gone back to Wakanda for the while. At least he wouldn't have to run the risk of facing his best friend in combat...he couldn't even think of a reason he'd want to fight him out ta spite in the first place. Connor listened to her exchange words with the chief and the elder Lady and next thing her knew he and sian were off again. heading to their hit, sian about to change gears so to speak. Connor walked in, his eyes falling upon her body yet again. Connor would eye her up and down and smile to himself taking a moment to admire, before getting back down to business and not letting his dick to the talking here. Digging in his back, he’d still have a few material’s left out of the wazzoo, to use as a just in case measure. They were low, but he could pick something up along the way as he went. “We’re gonnna  need some legit firepower here…no holding back. I have something to up the ante a bit.” Connor would dig into the front pocket of his bag, and pull out six yellow gel pills, that had an illustrious glow to them. “They’re chi pills. Picked em up from my pops as a just in case measure. Taking one of these gives you a reserve of chi for 30 minutes. So three a piece will do us for an hour and  a half, but after that, it’s done. We pop anymore and we’ll croak.” Connor would stand to look at her weather she was naked or not, and hold three out to her. “Let’s wait til we get to where we’re going before we pop these.” Connor would throw his bag on his back and fold  his arms leaning against the wall and yawning a bit. “I can’t believe the climax of this whole thing came so quickly…kinda wanna know what they’re head of operations looks like. Place is probably loaded…but I’m sure now we can definitely dig in some asses this time around.”

Sian Tetsu: Flipping from bloody African sheak, to camaflouge neat Sian goes towards her AK this time making sure that the z-shells are loaded right before going for the case thats been hidden in hold under the bed, a tactic her parents employed when they themselves were in the hut, drawing it out just as Connor speaks on heavy artillery she lets her nimble fingers go to work inputting the code to open it the locks clicking some before she opens it smirking. "Pick your poison. " her left hand gesturing to the massive assortment of known and unknown weaponry that was in the case each more deadlier than the last (think mr and Mrs. Smith and you've got an ideal of what kind of arsenal thats in that bag). "Ammo is a pocket next to them the rest are fully loaded." Only when she was done did Sian truly look up to see just what in the name of hell Connor was really talking about as he went for his back pocket withdrawing several very odd yet glowing capsules then going on to explain as just what they were to her. "Chi pills huh....okaa-san was right you and your dad are geniuses. An hour....hmm best to save those as a very last resort and do mean last resort theres no telling how this place will take to us once our chi starts to flow, it might even begin to fight us for all we know." She tells him fully dress in her clothes and gear once Connor makes a move to hand her the other three pills. Taking them into her own hands the teenager places them into her lower right leg cammy pocket using the clasp on it to seal it shut before grabbing the two twin bowie knives she kept and their holder by the straps along with several other items that she hid in a belt underneath her shirt most being guns and even a hunters knife. "When ever you ready we can go Varak by now should have been informed by the chief to meet us at the edge of the village."

Connor Ryoji: Connor would turn hearing finger taps only to see a rather large case opening up, to reveal a MASSIVE arrangement of weaponry. Some Connor didn’t even think exsisted. And was probably illegal in all 50 states to boot. He walked over, looking upon the assortment actually baffled. After she’d taken the pills and gotten ready Connor would tilt his head. “I don’t…really like guns. Buuuuut I if I had to pic, I’m a pistol guy anyway sooo…this chrome hand cannon right here will do me some good most definitely. And the rocket launcher.” Connor would take hold of the chrome piece, what looked to be a modified 44 magnum, and stuff it in his combat pants hip pocket holster.  Strapping the rocket launcher to his back, and 2 other rockets to rest on the right and left side of the launcher for extra ammo since one was already loaded inside. Keeping the same combat knife tucked on his right belt loop, and putting on a black wife beater under a black flak jacket, Connor loaded up what gear he’d brought left, and he’d rip one of his old wife beaters, and begin bandaging his hands up. He looked like something straight ouf of a comic book his prominent arm muscles still coated in sweat, and his hair a bit messy, with a dirty face, but a promiant expression of determination was present in his demander and his face. “I’m ready. I wanna save these people and take back their land. The pay off will be oh so grand. Then I can start my own yakuza clan just as I planed! Hahaha!” Connor would clap his hands together in excitement rubbing them and waiting for the next move. He was ready for war!”

Past Lives of Oni AfairsEdit

Sian Tetsu: A laugh excape her lips as she caught sight of just how Connor looked with hands wrapped up, arms positively ripped to a t, and hair wild as hell, it was a sight that would drive most women wild. At least those who had Sian's state of mind. "Aight Rambo, let's move out." She tells him after pitching her gear back in their bidding places fir safe keeping knowing damn well that the hired guns would be there to raid the place after they learned no one was around. The only thing of true value she cared about was the necklace and charm she kept out of sight around her neck something she would die first for as it was her first and only gift from Dai. Sian makes her way toward the door of the structure bypassing Connor with the look of fearlessness and determination that she held when he first saw her fighting the center of village though inside something was telling her to be cautious too as the young woman moved through the village with ease hoponfully with him close behind watching those who called it home being told to leave their bed gather only what they need and prepare for the journey to north to the city of kaul home of the chief's cousin, Bantu. One by one, family by family emerge from each hut with items in hand sone crying others with a look of wonder at the girl whose mother and father defended them so long ago from a similar threat as duo came upon a dark skinned man that was about 5'9 wearinh a white shirt and blue jean shorts with a pair of sandles on his feet. He'd give both of them a smile greeting them before staying in English, "Boro tells me the plans have changed puma." To which Sian replies, "Aye varak the son of bitches attacked me and my friend in the jungles while we taking in the sights." Varak let off a laugh "varak feels sorry for them then, come both of you while moon is still high if your attack is now then we must move quickly before day break." He gestures with his left hand for them to follow him off onto the main roads that had been abandoned for months since the bandits took up residence of the area and the mines. Sian followed the man her allowing her tongue stick out as if she were just licking her lips to keep them moist retracting back into it with ease, a tactic used by snakes to sense if their location was in fact hostile or not Tomoko's words to her about those in the area being trust worthy or not ringing a bell to her at that precise moment in her mind. Again something was a mist. Suijin took note of the possible danger as well projecting her astral visage out from Sian's own body so that only Washi could see closing off her connection with her charge momentarily so they could speak. "Normally I would be against talking to you Washi-sama on a matter but that one there has been tainted as I am sure you, yourself have felt." The serpent like goddess states her own amber gaze traveling along the form of the being known as Varak. "I would suggest the children killing the filthy little vermin now to save themselves the trouble later but then our hosts won't be able complete the task at hand, such a dilemma we're in" the lady croons curling the half of her that is a snake about Sian's waist idly waiting to see what his reply would be to the matter.

Connor Ryoji: Connor followed beside her this time, more confident in his air and presence around her. He didn’t have to fall back to study, for he knew what he wanted to about her. For the most part. He really only knew what she wanted him to but even then was okay with this. As they were greeted by a rather large man named “Varak” Connor would fold his arms during the inquisition and witty banter going on. He was anxious. He was already on a combat high he hand’t quite recovered from, an was raring to slay more bodies so to speak, but with a bit more control…he remembered his father telling him not to kill if he could not help it, and that’s what Connor intended to stick to this time around. As he gesutredf or them to follow, Connor nodding doing just that.  As he was walking his physical ability was beginning to spike..heavily. he was beginning to feel stronger for no apparent reason. While there were negative emotions in the are this was true, none of them were directly at Connor, but there was an overbaring feeling of malice in the area. Connor was certain it wasn’t sian, but he got an odd reading from this Varak guy….as if he just had malice in his  heart for now damn reason. Connor paid it no mind at first, until he began to see the astral image of Suijin engulfing sian’s being, and aprantly coming out to communicate with washi. As a sign of mutual respect, Washi would do the same, making himself present as a tall white male with spiked blonde hair, a red trench coat, black arm wraps, with blue eyes and orange sunglasses.  Walking beside Connor he’d take note of Suijin’s private connection attempts and oblige. “Well Suijin we need to play this smart. This vermin could lead our host to a very crucial area unintentionally. He might mean to take them out, but our host can handle him with ease, and more notably the likely hood they’ll end up in a key area is very probable. I know you’ve at least glanced at The Art of War, I didn’t imbue knowledge of it’s writing for nothing. Let us be the deceivers and he the fool. Then as in your nature, when the climate shifts, you strike from the ground, I’ll strike from the sky. Sound fair?” Washi would smile and wink at Suijin, knowing that would agitate her fully. If all went to plan, the two would wait to see where Varak was taking them, which would come to connor’s mouth as a question. “Say Varak, where are you leading us to anyway? Wanna know my area a bit more.”

It's A Trap!Edit

Sian Tetsu: "This road leads towards the mines but due to the bandits has been abandoned by travellers for some time but under night we be able us it to sneak in." Varak tells Connor his eyed peering back at the boy suspiciously wondering if he'd been discovered or not this look of course didn't go un-noticed by Sian or Suijin. The lady shifts her form a bit listening to Washi her slant amber irises lowering some as her scale would fall back revealing a pair of sultry long tan legs covered by an asian styled dress dipped array of colors and a pair of gold hells as the rest of her was complete mirror of what Sian herself would to look like as a full blown adult (Sasame/Tsunami as it were). Suijins brow would quirk in intrigued as being the deity of wisdom and he of intellect, they did have a common ground at times. This just so happened to such a time. "I'd wager the latter of situation though you are right. Aye yes I did glance over the literature once or twice every century or so, still hard to believe there are bakkas like his kind left in humanity though. Ah well...i agree with your plan stand ready then." Suijin give Washi a look that could be summed up as "Deaatthhh" being winked and smiled at Sian chuckling to herself as she'd finally put two and two together between them. "You two were explains a lot, it also explains why you didn't want Connor and I so close to one another too." Suijin retorted "you're only half right, but the past is just that the past and stop that laughing please and focus" sian would stop keeping her eyes on where she was going and varak too thought it didnt take her long to realize just where they were heading once they entered a large field, the nauseating smell of death starting to kick in slowly upon approach. her eyes would immediately take to the ground seeing the small bleeps of heat in the earth below their feet causing her move more slowly before looking to Connor her face white as hell as if shed seen a ghost knowing full well now that they were being lead into a possible ambush or two their deaths by Varak.

As Varak spoke Connor would smirk. “Ha knew it. these mines probably lead right to the diamonds…fucking. Suckers.” Connor using his accelerated probability, to illuminate possible pathways of actions that he could proceed to do. There were many…but furthering the usage of his Eagle eyes he’d sense vibrations coming from…everywhere….literally….EVERYWHERE…Connor’s eyes narrowed as theyw ere walking. When Washi and Suijin had finished conversing, Washi spoke to Connor. “Connor…” “Yeah…I see it..” as they entered the large field, the smell of death kicked in. Connor stoped in his tracks, and stood in the midst of the field. Connor would clear his throat, before speaking abruptly. “So…” connor would gesture his hands outwards, pointing to the left and the right with his eyes closed. “does anyone….ANYONE…want to leave now. Anyone at all? You can walk. I won’t be mad. I’m being surpisingly nice.” Connor would snap his fingers at Varak before whistling at him to boot. “yoohoo. You, Varak. Could you go ahead and get the welcoming comitte up and running? Hold up.” Connor would start to stretch. (E556bcd43aee0004c8e270bf0af8fcd0.gif ) “Just wanna make sure I’m completely limber before I start kicking ass and taking names. You wanna start us off instead Varak? I mean it’s honestly up to you, I’m game for whatever. Just getting real tired of being in the midst of something and then out the wazoo come you son’s of bitches.” Connor ‘s tempera was flaring, as his stretches were finished, and he’d stay in a squatted position on the ground. Waiting for thing sto either pop off or to get popped. “Steel your self Sian…it’s gonna be a long time before dawn by the time we’re done here…”

To Be Continued...

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