Daisuke and Kodi

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-( Upon on the penthouse floor of the Yun Corp Tower, Daisuke sits with his legs dangling off of the edge of the penthouse patio with the buzzing city of Kasiahana underneath his feet. He is currently sitting with his Red Mask outfit on during this cold night. ( Looking through old pictures and data on his HUD, Daisuke kills the time before a fun call can finally come over the Police Radios. He flicks a coin in his hand, flipping it over and over as the boredom of this patrol night begins to set in on him. As this is happening, the call that Daisuke had been waiting for comes through.-“All Squad Cars convene to the Abandoned Wilmington Heights Apartments. Fugitive, Kodi Torabaasu has been located hiding and is wanted for multiple counts of murder, destruction of government property, attempted murder, intent to kill with a lethal weapon and procession of a lethal weapon. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous.”- Daisuke’s red dragonic eyes widen as he thinks to himself-“Jesus Christ, Kodi….What the hell have you got yourself into!?”-He had never met Kodi during any time before this radio call, but he did know that she was or still is dating Connor Ryoji. He had not seen Connor around in a while and to be truthful, he had not known what has been happening to him. Trying to get himself back into the loop, he says to himself-“Knowing her as a fellow Onihoruda…I think it would be best if Red Mask intercepted her before the KPD does.”- He leaps into the air and with a burst of soundwaves his body begins to lift off at mach 1 level to race over to where the iwlmington apartments are. As he flies over District 2 he sees the KPD squad car lights beginning to light up for blocks as all of the KPD want her blonde head on a stick for what she has done. Daisuke descends his flight to be only fifteen feet above the surface as he tries to tally just how many squad cars are headed in the same direction he is going.-“Damn….Seems like all the department just said fuck everything else…”- He speeds up and within a few minutes he finds himself in front of the apartment buildings that look to hold nothing more but rats and roaches as living space. When he arrives, the KPD already have the place surrounded and blocked off with barricades made of wood. They form a semi-circle around the front of the buildings with their guns all pointed at the building as if there were a gang behind those walls instead of just one girl. The sound of a rocket flying through the air can quickly be heard for miles as Daisuke flies down to the ground like a weapon! His body lands on one knee into the concrete floor of the city streets! ( His body impacting into the ground creates multiple cracks that even lifts up some of the cop cars a bit. He then stands up onto his feet not caring about the KPD now pointing their guns at him. By this time his name as The Red Mask had become somewhat of a household name as a city savior that keeps taking down bad guy after bad guy. Daisuke looks at the building as his sensory abilities begin to pick up on the scent of something like a fish. (PLOT! XD) Daisuke nods his head inside of the mask and thinks to himself-“Yup….she’s here alright.”- Turning his head to the commander in charge of this little barricade-“You need to let me talk to her before you raid the place…”- The commander then yells at Daisuke with-“And what makes you think we should listen!? You are nothing but a vigilante! Tell me why you can do anything my men can’t!”-Daisuke smirks under the mask as he begins to walk towards the front door of the apartments. As he does this, he speaks loud enough to have them all hear-“Because I can walk into this building and walk back out….Your men cannot do the same….”-Saying that she would rip all of his men into shreds within seconds. Entering the apartment building he is faced with a building that looks even worse on the insides.-“Kodi…”-He says as he tries to grab her attention. He searches around, trying to get a good read on her scent, even keeping his Snake Sensory active. Any vibration would stand out to him as his eyes do not need to see her to be able to pinpoint her location. This is a style of sensory that lizards and other reptilian animals have that give them an edge in the wild. If she were to reveal herself to him, Daisuke would say to her-“I’m not here to hurt you or arrest you…I’m here to talk…I am a friend of, Connors…”- He continues to search the place, waiting for Kodi to come out or already reveal herself to him.-

KodiTorabaasu: ( "So they finally found me huh.. tch..look at all them I want to fucking murder them all..An eat there limbs.. an flesh..." Speaking in a chilling cold tone ,The blonde stood inside the apartments.... wearing nothing but a long black tshirt along with some boxers... she could hear the police sirens all around the building...."Tch.. I hear them all..patheic..why not come in here and face me... How I hate these pigs..." Kodi muttered amongst her self.. in hatred and spite.... The apartment were to have a large amounts of running water due to the female having them on... She herself were to be sitting in a middle of a drenched up ratchet looking bed... Her eyes closed..hearing the wide noise of the currents going around in the whole apartments and down the stairs... Thus... she heard the entrance of the door.. creak open.. thus hearing the step splash amongst the wetten floor....It echo'd within her ears.... then hearing a males voice call her name...Her blue eyes blinked for a brief moment... standing her self up from the bed..."So.. someone has came in..." Thinking to herself.. she stumbled off the bed.. while each step she took toward the door.. she was as if walking ontop of the water... leisurely as was a silent movement amongst it...The female looked like a wreck.. though still possessing the helmet she had over her head..using it as a cover up.. she was quite curious..though still on her toes carefully.Kodi spoke out to the male voice..."Well,well.. I didn't think anybody would come within here..." Coming down stairs... the water soon stopped flowing.. staying still as she came down finally taking the last step of the stairs...her body being filthy with dirt mixed in with blood...revealing herself to the male..gazing at his heroic attire...he spoke to her.. -“I’m not here to hurt you or arrest you…I’m here to talk…I am a friend of, Connors…” Taking a step back.. hearing her ex-boyfriends name.. her heart skipped a painful beat... while planting her hands over her chest where her heart was.She could feel it breaking all over again.. though it was bringing her abrutly new attitude that she had..."Tch.. Talk about what.. I fucked up.Killed a bunch of people that'll be forgotten about... So enough chit chat.. are you going to arrest me or fucking what..? Usually they bring a fuckin motherfucker.. talking shit.. saying it'll be okay then blam ! They put the cuffs on yah the in the slammer.. I'm not fucking stupid..and I can care less.. about if your Connors friend.. I don't care." Kodi being the assertive self, would walked toward Daisuke, her exposed blue oceanic eye gazed into his...the glare within her eyes was filled with nothing-ness.. an empty void at this moment.. and also she was withdrawing from not having some drugs within a day.Crossing her arms, giving the male a taunting tone within her voice though it was rather abrasive."So were gonna fight or what.. I'll fucking fair. I won't use any of my water.. Hmm?" The anger building up within the female brought an smokey dark blue aura seeping amongst her eyes while flowing out from the helmet...Kodi awaited for Daisuke to speak back to her.Though she were to be ready to lash at any moment.. as if an animal being provoked.

The Dragon VS The Shark Edit

-( Seeing Kodi come down from a set of stairs, Daisuke instantly feels like this job will prove harder to be than he originally planned. As he speaks of Connor, he sees that she covers her chest with her hands. Because of that, he thinks to himself-“Did something happen between the two of them?”- As he looks into Kodi’s bright blue ocean eyes, he sees more than just the girl behind the helmet. Because they both are connected through being Onihoruda’s; Daisuke can see her true form. This comes from onihoruda’s being able to see what they truly look like because of their Oni hosts. Kodi may not be able to see Daisuke’s true Dragonic form due to the fact that she herself is new to the onihoruda family and yet to control the smaller traits that come of being an Onihoruda. But Daisuke can see hers. Similar to how Kin and Connor show their true animalistic forms, Kodi takes the form of a Shark Oni. Daisuke smiles underneath his helmet as he thinks to himself-“Another one of us Demons walking amongst the Earth…”- Garyx chuckles a bit as he says to him-“Don’t compare yourself to the likes of these underlings…Why are you wasting your time on this Fish?”- Daisuke rolls his eyes as Garyx is always quick to bash on other Onihoruda that do not hone the strength of the original Demon Gods. Daisuke then says to him in thought-“Because I won’t leave her to be abandoned…If Connor isn’t here….then who knows if anyone came for her…”- Trying to reason with her, before leading to violence, Daisuke feels if she knew who she was talking to; perhaps she could be easier swayed. His hands slowly begin to reach up towards his helmet as he begins to speak with her.-“You misunderstand who I am…and why I am here.”-As he speaks, he clicks the two buttons on the back of his helmet and slowly lifts it off of his head; revealing his Identity to her. ( She wouldn’t know of him personally through interaction, but could know his face by the training with Keyth, watching any Yun Corp commercial or press conference, or even knowing him by his name.-“I know we have never officially met…But the name is Daisuke Yun…And even though you may not trust me…”-Looking at the staircase in front of him, he places his helmet on the corner; using the pointed tip of the handles to balance the helmet.-“I may be the only person on this Earth trying to save you right now…It may be foolish of me but I can’t let you get into any more trouble…or let you get arrested.”-He slowly then begins to take a few steps back as he can feel the water being stepped on with the bottoms of his boots. He smirks a bit as he heard the rumors about her, and already seeing her as the Shark Oni; he knows he is in her playground. But this does not intimidate him. He begins to look up at her and she can now clearly see his redish-orange Dragon Eyes staring straight into the optic reflectors of her soul with those beautiful blues of hers. Even if she did not have the ability to see his True Form as an onihoruda; she can definitely be able to sense the sizeable increase in pressure that the building begins to feel just from his powerful essence alone. It would feel like her body begins to get heavier and the air a lot thicker as Daisuke smirks; knowing his chi irradiation is causing the increase in pressure throughout the building.-“I’ve heard a lot about you, Kodi…and what kind of fighter you can be…”-He lifts his left hand up to pull back on his glove to get a tighter grip, opening and closing a fist to show a small warmup to fighting.-“But I am getting you out of this mess…whether you come willingly or if I have to knock you unconscious to do it…Either way…”-His eyes begin to burn bright like the color of lava-“I’m fine with either option….”-His body then begins to surge with a bright black lightning alone with an insane heat coming from the black flames that begin to flow out of his body. She would see two different Elemental Affinities quickly begin to surge out of his body without him even moving! Just the small release of his inner chi is enough to create this effect around his body. She would also see that the water that was around his feet quickly becomes evaporated by the flames around his body; showing that his body is above the evaporation temperature of water. He then stretches his back foot out and raising his two hands up with open palms as if he were keeping himself relaxes. The Lightning and Flame would continue to follow his body’s movement even with the lifting of his arms. ( Seeing her say she will make it fair and not use the water, he smirks towards her and says-“I think it would be fair for you…to come at me with every weapon you have….I’m not Connor…I won’t hold back any punches…”-

KodiTorabaasu: Cocking her left eyebrow..while gazing at him while he had finished speaking thus clicking the two buttons on the back of his helmet...Kodi watched the male lifting off his helmet among his head. Examining his face, he did seem awfully familiar to her then her mind flickered.. he was part of the training with Keyth..Introducing himself his name Was Daisuke Yun..he was right, she didn't really trust him or anyone at this point... She took two steps back,not taking her eyes off of him, watching his every move when he had placed his helmet on the corner... Thus telling her that he maybe the only one trying to save her at this point... saying it was foolish of him though he couldn't let her get into any more trouble she caused herself already..nor get arrested..again. Kodi remained silent eying him taking his steps back,the soles of his boots splashing amongst the water.. Then his red/orange dragon eyes met her deep blue sea eyes..though the female could sense a powerful essence..."What is this...." Thinking to herself.. as if she felt pressure push down amongst her while feeling the air thicken around the two.. Sliding each of her feet amongst the water..the blonde.. felt the water around crawling amongst each of her legs..thus reaching toward her arms..over-coating them water.Kodi would be unsure before Rutela spoke within her mind..."This could get ugly Child..I sense a strong force within the air." The female nodded, while Rutela made the water densed around each of her arms.. after Kodi balled her hands into a tight fist..As Daisuke told her that he had heard alot about the abrasive female thus what kind of fighter she was...and it seemed that it was eitheir her going willingly or go in with a fight.. Though the blonde always loved a challenge..."Then I take the hard way as usual mm?" Her eyes caught the black lighting surges amongst his body....along with blackened flames flowing from his body..It was quite astonishing yet it didn't phase the shark like female..As he rose his arms getting into his stance though her eyes flickered with an hint of agitation hearing Connors name once more.., Kodi then scoffed before abrutly raising her right arm..then SMASH. she bashed it amognst the walls of the building.. though she fixated her destruction chi within her punch...the strength caused in her arm+the densed over coat of water amongst her arms. would in attempt caused a chunk of rubble to be flung at the male to the left that would abrutly, smash into him.. hoping to catch him off guard.. If connected,Kodi abrutly spoke.. "Knock me out I'd like to see you try!!" Rearing her arm out from the wall, she then made her move... kicking off with her left foot ,quickly sprinting at him thus only to build chi amognst the bottom of her feet.. she crouched down,sliding ontop of the top as if she was ice-skating...only with attempt, the female would slide underneath him between each of his legs..,swinging her arms upwards that would soon impact his nutsack.. causing incredible amounts of pain upon his groin almost popping it to be exact.. though this left a devastating bruising amongst it.... this would also bring Daisuke up atleast 5 feet within the air..If connected, Kodi would place the palms of her hands onto the drenched floor.. then pushing off from the wet pavement.. she brough herself up into the air.. underneath of the male while his back would be toward attempt Kodi lashed out her right foot,within a split of second bashing it straight into the middle of his spinal cord.. her strength within her enhanced legs would thrust his body upwards another 2 feet... Kodi brough her opposite foot into the same part of his back.. she continued forth until they were about 10 feet in mid-air! Almost to the top of the aparments ceiling.( if connected,Kodi would then in attempt,grappled her thickened muscled legs around his upper body as well as locking his arms within her constriction.. Her grip was as tight as a octopus grappling onto a large creature.. his prey's bones into two...Kodi then spun hers and Daisukes body into a 180 degree angle,spinning faster and faster.. as if a torpedo... Also she would raise her arms over her hand then bringing them onto the top of the males templet... if connected Daisuke would hear a ringing amongst his ears, thus leaving a large indent ontop,bring a circular gash on his head due to the density of her water armed armor... While they were almost to the floor,Kodi released the grip of his arms, only to grapple her arms around his arms an upper body before BASH!! The males head would of met the ground in a devastating impact.. his head covered by water..the current was slowly moving..If successful the female released his body,before manuevering up onto her feet,taking atleast 8 steps backwards..while leaving her fists up in defense.

-( Hearing her accept the harder path, Daisuke smirks as he understands her choice and the kind of abrasive shark she can be. Seeing the water wrap around her did not phase Daisuke but actually give him ideas. The Yuns being able to instantly learn or understand techniques with their own affinities, watching Kodi complete her techniques like this actually is helping Daisuke study. He had been neglecting his training with Black Water Manipulation; only having previously used it for healing purposes for Connor ironically. Once her water covered body smashes into the building, Daisuke does not move his head or his body. Using his Snake like Senses, he is able to feel the world around him; being able to see the dangers approaching him just by the walls pushing the air away from its normal place in the atmosphere. In terms, the way a fly can dodge a swatting hand is because it feels the air pressure change from the incoming hand; Daisuke can complete a very similar tactic to that. Using his reptilian style of senses, he too can feel the air being pushed towards him from the incoming wall coming down to try and smash him. Raising his left arm, the rubble impacts with the palm of his hand as the large muscles of his arm begin to contract to hold the piece of wall up from hitting the rest of his body. If she looked, she could see that his arm has muscles on top of more muscles and that hitting him with simple physical attacks may prove useless. Having carried over 32,000lbs of weight on him every day for training since leaving Keyth’s survival ground, his increase of power and strength seems untouched in recent times. Holding up with wall with his left arm seems like nothing to him as his eyes remain on Kodi’s ocean blue bodies. Seeing her skate over to him, her body seems to move in a slower motion with his eyes in the use of Flow Vision. Even with that, Daisuke keeps in the still position he is in as he begins to test Kodi. As she slides under his legs and hits him in the crotch, Daisuke’s body is quickly lifted up into the air at about five feet. Even with the aid of his Dragon Scales, he feels the immense pressure that comes from Kodi’s strike. Garyx asks-“I don’t understand why you let people hit you like this when the fight starts…”-While in the air with his back facing Kodi he says to Garyx-“Because then the scales can adjust quicker….”- At that moment, his back is quickly hit with a powerful impact of Kodi’s foot right on his spinal cord. Even with the impact of her kick on his back, she would feel as though the object she is hitting is much harder than before and that her own strength seemed weaker. This is not due to anything on her end, but the Dragon Scales using their ability to Absorb Kinetic Energy that comes from these physical type attacks. This allows his dragon scales to absorb kinetic energy that impacts into the Dragon Scales that surround his entire body and replenish him with energy as the fight wages on. But one main thing that Kodi had not anticipated for is the effects of the Aura that surrounds Daisuke’s body. Activating the Flame and Lightning aura he activated two of the four Dragon Art affinities of his. Dragon Art users are a unique type of people who utilize a form of Lost Alteration Chi, Dragon Art Chi. Each Dragon has their own form of Alteration, just like each Dragon is a master of their own element. In addition, they also have the ability to consume the element which they wield, just as long as it is not created from their own chi. Doing so rejuvenates them and enhances their abilities. Dragons are known to possess keener senses than that of normal humans such as in smell, sight and hearing. Furthermore, if a Dragon manages to successfully kill a Dragon, they become stronger after bathing in its blood. In using the Dragon Art style of Alteration Chi, his aura becomes a weapon. The lightning also plays as a defense as the lightning that surges around his body acts as a Lightning Aura that can defend against opponents who choose to use physical attacks. Similar to how razor blades pierce into the skin, as a defense simply hitting Daisuke will have its own effects as they would be cut up and jolted on the impact. This is only when the lightning is surging around Daisuke's body so until then, punch the shit out of him. It's last defensive technique is that it is able to re-configure and absorb other lightning energies. As it is for the lightning, the defense plays a strong defensive technique as it is able to manipulate and change the molecular structure of natural and artificial flames. Also like the lightning, these passive abilities are only present when Daisuke has the flames surrounding his body as part of his aura. This meaning that everytime a part of Kodi’s body touches his physical body she will be forced to feel the effects of the Aura he currently has. Even with her body covered in water, the flame around Daisuke’s aura has already been shown to be hot enough to evaporate water. Also if she were to try and keep the water surrounding her body; the black lightning would be attracted to the water and end up jolting her entire body. This creates a lose-lose situation for Kodi if she were to continue to attack with physical style attacks and the water shroud that surrounds her body currently. The lightning has enough power to create gashes two to three inches deep into her skin if hit and the flame hot enough to create third degree burns in seconds if touched. Having said that, with Kodi surrounding her body against Daisuke’s she only asks for the pain as the lightning and the Flame go haywire on her body. With her body wrapping around his, she would feel a pain of high powered lightning and high temperature heat flow through her body. Because of this, Kodi would be forced to let go of her grasp around his body or easily be turned to a crispy shark ready to be eaten. If she were indeed to let go of the hold on Daisuke, The Yun would quickly strike be attempting to use the slit second of her releasing her body from his to grab a hold of her face with his right hand. If he were successful, Daisuke would then act like a pitcher within the air as his Chi Flight ability allows him to float in the air with ease. Using his immense strength, he would throw Kodi like a fastball down the middle straight into the very ground that she was going to attempt to throw Daisuke into with her own technique. Her body would travel through the air at 220mph from Daisuke’s simple arm toss. If she impacted into the ground it could potentially cause her body to gash open and be stabbed by the rubble of the abandoned building pipes and floorboards. After releasing her into the ground, Daisuke would take in a deep breath in as he sucks in the flame surrounding his aura. The lightning and the fire gets sucked into his mouth as he then thrusts his mouth forward, releasing a powerful blast of black Lightning-Flame!-“ROOOOAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!”-He yells out as the blast of Lightning-Flame would aim straight for the area Kodi’s body would be laying in after the initial throw. ('s_Roar.gif) If Kodi were to be hit with this kind of blast, her body would feel the immense heat coming from the Black Flame; enough to melt through Titanium! Along with the lightning effects that would attempt to singe her nerve endings and fry her muscles throughout her body. This would not kill her as that is not Daisuke’s intentions but could be enough to put the shark down. Of course this only comes from if Kodi releases her hold on Daisuke for that final attack. If she were to hold onto Daisuke, Kodi would have no choice but to take the effects of the Lightning Aura and the Flame Aura as she challenges the power that comes from this aura. So the effects would continue to attempt to burn her and jolt her with enough electricity to put down a rhino. But this would not be the only thing Daisuke banks his fighting on. With her holding his body, Daisuke waits for the right time just as Kodi releases him to have him crash into the ground. Once she lets him go, Daisuke’s body would look to impact into the ground but instead only phase through it! This is the effects of an afterimage that is created when a Yun uses the Wild Sense technique. He had been moving so fast that the afterimage actually hits the ground to fool Kodi. Wild Sense is an ability one can gain when they gain a superior level of Speed and Fighting Skill. In a simple term, Wild Sense is a technique that allows the user to create an image of their body to fool an opponent to gain the element of surprise. On many occasions a user will use their speed to get behind the opponent and follow up with a simple physical attack. It may sound simple but because of the timing and precision that the user must have to accomplish this feat, it becomes a difficult task. Speed Boxing uses Wild Sense on an offensive and defensive level. Wild Sense is the transfer of matter (beings/objects, including themselves) or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. This means that one who can use wild sense can move so fast that their body completely leaves its physical space, making it impossible to track. This technique overpowers even fighters that have Enhanced Perception and Predictability. Because the technique allows the user to leave the physical form of their body while in the movement their scent, energy signature, movement through the air, etc. becomes non-existant. Because of the effects of Wild Sense, Kodi would almost have no clue as to anything that is happening; the power of this technique had been potent enough to even have Connor be confused. Using Kodi’s own motions against her, his body would appear once again now coming down at her face! Because she herself has to move from the trajectory of hitting the floor, Daisuke uses his calculations from his Gun Kata training to anticipate her movements. He’d move through the air like a flash of light as he attempts to plant both boots of his onto the right side of her face! ( Using the element of surprise and super speed, having this technique be completed in under one second of when Kodi releases him from her grasp. The strength coming from this attack would send Kodi crashing through the floor of the abandoned apartments, creating the same scenario as if she were to let go. Once her body impacted into the ground like a ragdoll, Daisuke would complete the Lightning-Flame Roar in the same fashion as previously stated. For both scenarios from this point, would play out the same. Seconds after the Lightning-Flame Roar, there would be a huge 25foot hole in the apartment complexes that spans out for a few hundred feet from where they are standing as Daisuke scars the Kasaihana City landscape once again. While floating in the air, the Lightning-Flame aura begins to appear around his body once more as he says to Kodi-“Like I said…I wouldn’t pull any punches…Even for a beautiful blonde like you…”-His eyes then stare towards the ground, letting out his tongue a bit as his snake senses begin to take over since her body would not be able to be seen from this angle. He then says to her-“You know that crotch shot really hurt…I hope you are kissing booboos once this fight is over and I take you back to the Tower…”- 

KodiTorabaasu: ( Kodi eyes widened,she could feel water armor of her upper body thus in the middle of her chest beginning to evaporate as well as her arms.. within the quickness...Kodi would slither out from the back of her armor as if a baby coming out from a womb with one push..thus causing the water she left behind would be quickly evaporated due to his aura.. not having anybody that she had went against throughout the past.. Kodi would have been astonished though she be interrupted by Daisukes hand grabbing a hold of her face... The female as he were about to throw her out as if a baseball... Kodi bared her shark like teeth, abrutly sinking her razor teeth within the lower part of his palm.. attempting to take a huge chunk of his inner hand.. as he threw Kodi as if a pitcher throwing a softball.. Her body going atleast 200+ mph though using her destruction chi ,flowing within her legs... a dark blue aura seeped around it dangerously around... using the air.. The female swung her legs around in a circular like motion... thus usng the speed from Daisukes throw.. THe blonde began to use her feet as if a propellor on a helicopter...she would be now hovering amognst the air.. flipping her body up while her gliding from the air.. thus bringing her legs to halt.. causing her to drop herself within the air..both her feet gracefully landed onto the building pipes that were coming from the floor of the abandon apartment.."S-Shit..." Kod then brought her glance..too the male taking a deep inhale.. sucking the glames from his aura as well as the lightning... As he did so.. The female would use the Akuma no hinshitsu's demonic essences within it.. causing to generate highly intensively amount of heat flowing off from her body thus leaving the air around her to become humid...Kodi eyes began to glow a bright blue...Her hands rising above her head,bringing to leviate the water swiftly over..though the water becoming atleast 200 degrees fareheit just before forming into a boiling water sphere..( The female clenched each of her fists causing the dense the water just in time before his blast of lightning mashed with fire that would now be aiming toward her....Gritting her Shark like teeth,the female clench her fists harder,digging her nails with the palms of her hands. feeeling her blood trickle down her wrists while hardening her water sphere just enough to withstand the now incoming blast.. as it made impact upon her water shield..due to the water being blistering hot this only made the female had another idea.. bringing her hands into a circluar motion.. the blistering hot sphere of water that surrounded her would soon grasp around the blast..engulfing it into its hardened trap.....( )..Then Kodi dropped her hands in a swift downwards motion...Completely bringing the blast within the water upon the floor as well as the densed water ontop of it..only leaving steam seeping from the water she hardended...The female snickered gripping the helmet from her head... ripping off from her head..exposing her scarred up face due to her ex-friend Kaiuri..Though still having a beauitful face... just battered with the scars that were so deep..thus knowing the rest healed...The female then extended her arms upwards..bringing a ring of water around her upper body.. thus only to shift her body around turning around a degree spin..while doing so she reared her hands back bringing to ring of blistering hot water, densing the liquid right on contact .due to the heat bringing off of her body. Jerking her arms out, In attempt the lash of water would wrap around his right ankle though through the process Kodi's hands were not touching the water at any sort though controling it within her chi an the oni-hurada ( .Rearing her hands back once more,though in a tugging only brought Daisukes body being flung toward her within high speeds...shifting her body to have her back turned, hearing his body abrutly cut into the thickened air....If connected, Kodi crouched down bending her knees slightly... then lashing out her right leg...extending it upwards that it would of passed her head...The blonde bent all the way back within in a split second, the middle of her back touching the water... then BAMMM!!!,The tugg from Daisukes ankle brought his face straight into Kodi's right foot... straight into the middle of Daisuke's face.( ..bringing his nose to devastating fracture..leaving a deep gash upon it.The hit on impact were as abrupt of the attack it would send the male's body away from her at atleast 6ft before slamming into a walll thus bashing his head onto one of the large pipes from above that seeped out water from it still. If successful, Kodi glanced up at the male having a synical psychotic look upon her porcelain scarred up face...Baring her shark him...It seems the shark wanted to play with her food ,before bringing herself to the main course.

-As he prepares to throw Kodi, the sound of teeth crunching into an extremely hard substance echoes throughout the room. Kodi’s teeth would pierce through his glove but quickly meet the hard metal like substance that is Daisuke’s Dragon Scales. Daisuke takes on humanoid aspects of a Dragon. When fighting he can create a hardened skin that is a mimicry of a Dragon's Scaled body. Dragons were known to have the toughest and most durable skin of any animal within the world's history. The Dragon Scales over the course of a fight will continue to get stronger and more durable as the Chaos Energy within him grows. The strength can vary on many different levels. Depending on his anger, the user can be able to withstand the strength of Titanium and beyond that. The scales also mimic the elemental resistance of a Dragon. The Dragon Scales themselves are like a living organism that can adapt and overcome to situations. Taking on the data from when Donnie was the Onihoruda to the Dragon Power, Daisuke is giving passive traits that have already been applied to the dragon scales. The Dragon Scales absorb kinetic energy and to metabolize it to enhance Daisuke's own physical strength, speed, and stamina. This makes him extremely difficult to defeat in battle, Daisuke is able to absorb all if not most kinetic energy from attacks that are impacted onto the dragon scales. This does not mean that he is invulnerable to attacks as seen in his training with Duke, he still is able to be hit by attacks that are stronger than his own body can absorb. Even on smaller attacks, his body will still feel the impact of a strong attack, but be able to create a cushion that comes from the absorbing. Daisuke absorbs the energy of any blow he is struck by, not just punches, but also projectiles like bullets of low caliber (Examples being .22mm, .9mm pistol fire). This is also true to work against energy types like Chakra and chi (etc.) Siding from the Kineitc energy absorbion, the Dragon Scales are complient to actually eat enery systems that are used in attacks. Using the same rules as the kinetic energy, Daisuke's scales can eat up energy but in turn cannot give Daisuke the eaten energy. For example if someone were to send a laser beam of chi, push blast of chi, or other means; Daisuke is able to absorb the kinetic energy from the blast and in turn the scales also eat the energy creating the attack. The main drawback being that when eating the energy, it dies upon the contact of the dragon scales; thus giving Daisuke no time to give himself energy from it. Another drawback to this is that when an attack is overpowing Daisuke's body speed to actually eat the energy, Daisuke would only be able to asborb his body's limit before actually being taken by the attack itself. With that Kodi’s teeth would probably crack and break trying to bite through that kind of durability. Once he releases his Lightning-Flame Roar, he is stunned to see that it did not come to play with the effects that he had hoped for. This does not sway Daisuke however as he only begins to knock the tip of the iceberg off of what he can do. With his body still floating in the air, he quickly takes notice of the way her hand motions take her. He thinks to himself-“So it seems she must use hand movements to push and pull the water…an easy weakness to exploit…I must time this correctly.”- Watching Kodi’s hand motions just as she swings her arms forward to release the water towards him to wrap around his ankle; Daisuke’s fingers twitch just a little bit. Nothing to noticeable but with keen observation one could see his slight hand movement but probably think nothing of it. The superheated water wraps around his ankle now as his eyes never leave Kodi’s body. Once pulled forward, Daisuke does not resist but moreso welcomes whatever Kodi has planned next for him. He’d feel the heat coming off of the water wrapped around his ankle, thankfully his Suit takes a large portion of the lethality of the ankle lock of water now around him. With his body being pulled forward, his Flow Vision quickly picks up on the body movements that Kodi begins to make. Throughout the fight so far, Daisuke has already seen that Kodi likes to rely on both her water and her legs. Because Kodi begins to bend her knees as if to prepare for takeoff, Daisuke begins to tilt his head back as he prepares a little surprise of his own. As she bends her body backwards in a very unorthodox style of kicking, Daisuke’s eyes slow down the movement of her mighty legs. Knowing these may potentially be her best asset in weaponry since she seems to use them often, Daisuke’s head swings forward and actually brings his own forehead to take the impact of the kick from Kodi! Using his extremely durable skull instead of his nose to take the impact, Daisuke also creates a hole in her game that he can potentially capitalize on. Her legs would feel like a jolt of pain rushes through her as his Durability in his skull has an after effect of being hit. His body absorbs the Kinetic Force of her kick which had a lot of power. But as her body hits his cranium, she would feel her leg begin to bulge as if her leg was exploding from the inside out! (RJxgsE.gif) Irony showing itself once again as this is the very technique that took out Connor’s arm during the GMAF Tournament. This effect would happen instantly as her kick impacts his face; leaving Daisuke the time to capitalize! ( Because of the absorbtion of the kinetic force created by the kick, Daisuke’s body would move only an inch as his stability in his stance allows him to remain right next to Kodi with her leg still up in the air. In this stance her body is in a very exposed position as her snatch is open for fair game. Daisuke takes advantage of this as his hands shoot forward with enough length to clear her leg! Being the six foot giant that he is, his wing span is huge. His left hand quickly finds itself planted onto her pussy, with the shorts blocking him from actually penetrating anything, and his right hand squeezing her ass cheek. Using any dirty trick in the book, Daisuke’s left hand practically rips right through her shorts as his fingers try to wiggle their way into her pussy. He does this because if it causes enough of a distraction to her, Daisuke would lift her up into the air just by the grip that he has of her body with his hands! With her weighing less than 300lbs, she might as well be weightless in his arms. If the lift up was successful, Daisuke quickly charges forward to where his right shoulder pushes up againt her gut while she is not upside down in the air. With this position, Daisuke would then come to body slam the girl onto her back right into the weakened floor! Their bodies hitting the ground would create a hell of a loud banging sound as the floorboards lift up into the air! This would complete a body slam technique, all springing from being lifted up. After body slamming her into the ground, if it were successful, Daisuke would be on his knees with her head on the outside of his right thigh. Looking down at her, his left hand would move up to his mouth as he begins to suck the juices that remain on his finger after fingering Kodi for a few seconds in the middle of this fight. Licking her sweet fluids off of his fingers and savoring her taste in his mouth, he says to her-“If you weren’t trying to kill me right now…I’d definitely get ideas about you…feisty little blondie like you….”-He smirks a bit as his right hand would be under her head with his fist full of her hair as he then pulls on it to lift her head up a little higher. Daisuke would then attempt to plant a first kiss on her lips as he would forcefully push his tongue into her mouth and wrestle against her own as the juices from her pussy still remain in his mouth for them to now share. If she welcomed the kiss or just simply didn’t fight it for these few short seconds, Daisuke would pull back from the kiss and instantly come back with a whaling left hook! This punch attempts to hit Kodi right on the right temple of her skull as his middle knuckle has the aim of a sniper! If Kodi is hit by this punch, her head would ricochet off the ground below, banging the back of her head on a metal pipe. He’d laugh a bit as he’d then return to his feet and begin to walk away from her. A cocky smile would appear on his face as he begins to say-“Let’s have a chemistry lesson, shall me?...I think we have great chemistry so far…but that is a different topic for another discussion.”-He gets about ten feet away from where Kodi would either be laying or now standing whether she gets back onto her feet or not. Daisuke then continues by saying-“Water…Water is the most abundant compound on Earth's surface, covering 70 percent of the planet. In nature, water exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states….Water is all around us….All around you…Now let me ask you a question…What happens to Oxygen when it gets heightened to a density that creates volatile atmosphere…I’ll tell you…You get a big boom…But what happens when the Oxygen molecule in water gets raised in density that it becomes volatile around two highly explosive Hydrogen molecules…”-His face gets blank as his right hand begins to form his snapping fingers.-“You get a bigger boom…”-  *SNAP* When attacking, Daisuke raises the density of the oxygen surrounding his target to a level at which it becomes volatile and creates narrow pathways of oxygen between himself and his target through which he can direct the ensuing flash fire that blossoms from the spark of his Flame Alteration. The snapping sound created is what happens when Daisuke rubs his fingers together to create that spark and massive increase in oxygen density through a narrow pathway. This can be amplified when used on the molecules of an oxygen atom of water due to the flammable hydrogen. With Kodi being in an area covered in Water, Daisuke can aim with perfect accuracy at what target he wants to explode. (Roy-mustang-vs-envy-o.gif How it looks like and how accurate it can be) Creating an instantaneous explosion of flame that burns hot enough to melt steel and iron, a circle around Kodi’s body about ten feet in diameter lifts up into the apartment building!  The entire second floor would erupt in an explosive wave as Kodi’s body could be engulfed in this flame. This attack seemingly comes unnoticed all together as it is created by a snap of the fingers with an instant explosion. One would have to have a high form of teleportation to escape an instant explosion or at least avoid a portion of it. If Kodi is indeed caught in the blast, her clothes would practically incinerate under the heavy heat, leaving her in her nude body to take the rest of this heat. Her body would begin to scorch and burn but not anything to lethal. The explosion itself would last all of three seconds before all the flame disappears leaving nothing but a black burn mark on the ground as to where the explosion erupted. Once the flames and everything became clear once again, the water around the room would completely evaporate; leaving nothing but dryness over the room they are in. If she could still fight, Daisuke would smirk at enjoying the fight of a stubborn adversary. He’d then say to her (If she was nude now)-“You know if you wanted to seduce me with your body…we could have skipped the senseless fighting and just went straight to the good stuff…” 

KodiTorabaasu: ( Kodi felt her foot smashed against his skull,feeling the durability within his skulll...feeling only a mildly stinging between the jolts of pain coming through her legs, due to the level of strength output being exerted within each of her legs which will allow her to tire and outmatch most of her opponents.The female would tighten her muscles.. gritting her slightly chipped teeth..caused to biting down the hardenend scale like skin of his hand. The females eyes soon grew wide,seeing his body only moved a inch..."...Shit..strong motherfucker.." THe female would mutter out from her breath..while her right eye twitched irritatedly..Still having her leg up within the air.. exposing her lower thick part of her voluptious body.Kodis gasped feeling Daisuke with his hand planted right on her pussy.."WHOA...WHAT THE H-HELL" Yelling with a comical vein on the right side of her head.. The females face became rather red. with embarassment.. she always gets moistened from the fights and matches she always bring herself in..Right when his opposite hand clasped down on her ass squeezing her buttock...."D-Dammit..why is he touching me like im some bitch in heat !" she thought to herself, while his left hand ripped right through her boxer shorts..wiggling his fingers into her pink moist pussy.."G-GAHH!!!" Being startled from all this, slammed her hands onto the pavement of the drenched floor,she thrusted erself up causing her to push her body upwards... then she grabbled her right leg onto his shoulder as well as the opposite leg.. would of clasped down onto the opposite shoulder of the male..wrapping her thick legs around the males neck..contsricting him as tight as a giant squid's grip... Rearing her legs back thus tugging him over as well..In attempt, she lashed out each of her legs forward.. tightening the muscles within her legs... She would of brought Daisuke's body over her body, thus flinging at atleast 6 feet away from him thus causing him to bash the front part of his bod to smash straight into a huge rusty pipeline completely ripping it off from the well as indenting it.If connected, Kodi took a breather thus her juices quickly dripped down inbetween her plumped inner thighs..."What the HELL? Were suppose to be fighting like fucking men..not touching me like im some kind of bitch in distress!" She scoffed shaking her head, bringing her thoughts back together.. Kodi ran forth,now with all she's got..she twisted around in a spinning just before standing infront of Daisuke.. Abrutly flowing her destruction within the joints and musles of her forearms as well as hands....Lashing her forearm In attempt, her arm would smash straight into the middle of his sternum..She gritted her teeth, watching his body only to be flung straight into a wall...leaving a large crack being formed from the male's impact on it..If connected,Kodi would lunge forth, smashing each of feet into the weakend walls..( as well as planting her hands firmly onto each of his shoulders.. as the two broke into the walll...Kodi soon, would slowly cause the water level to soon rise in a quickened pace.. Her hair leviated.. as this all happened she was not using her hands to rise up the levels..The water soon engulf the building with nothing but water.. Bringing Daisuke into her little playground...In attempt, she grasped at the locks of hair of the male.. dragging while Quickly she swam out of the room they smashed upon too.. Kodi would move her legs from side to side, being the true shark she is... her gills formed underneath her eyes... as well as forming 3 lines of gills on her nose.. being able to breathe underwater..Lettting him go...within a second.. she quickly dived toward the opposite direction of his body that would floating amongst the water..if connected,Though Kodi would know that this water, wouldn't be here for a long time,due to learning that he will evaoprate the water sooner or even soon.. WIthin the quickness the water soon were to twirl amongst a circular motion causing the water to drain as if water were swirling within a toilet.. Though this wasn't the case.. Kodi had made a swirling tornado made of water... Having the massive twister of water, penetrating the roof of the buliding,only to cause the building to collapse all around them...Thus the bits of rubble,wood,pipes, would of met within this spinning mass of water thus the female had clenched her left hand into a fist.. causing the spinning twister's water to dense up for twice the damage....Kodi extended her right index finger out, pointing at the male that would be knowing back onto his feet... In attempt,The bottom part of the swirling water would lash out in attempt, the spinning twister of water, impacted Daisuke straight into the wall.. thus smashing straight through as the large densed water would engulf the male.It was as if a large tidal wave mixed with rubble and hardened water slammed straight into him head on!.."Tch nobody touches my snatch.." While speaking Daisukes body would had smash into second wall .. the back of his body would smash amogsnt the stonedwalls of the bulding.. Thennn SLAM!! The heavy set of water.. sooon were to spiral into him... caused a devastating bruising amongst his whole frontal body...Thus leaving an a few deep gashes as well... The large amount of water.. soon came in a end after a good 5 mins if connected.( Cascada1.gif) . If she were to be successful,the blonde turned around for a second.. thinking she had won...Though being her cocky self usual brings her back into the battle.. She reached down having her right hand hovering over her crotch.,then she balled her hands into a fist before abrutly yelling at his direction.."COME ON GET THE FUCK BACK UP!" It seemed her normal abrasive self were to come out at times...Though she didn't have to drugs to over-coat her emotions.

Victory To The Dragon Edit

-( Watching Kodi jump up into the air after he began to play with her pussy a bit brings him to laugh a bit. Garyx asks him-“What are you doing, Daisuke!? You haven’t been on the defensive this entire fight! Quit letting her just hit you and beat her!”- Daisuke smirks as his confidence begins to show through his fighting as he feels that he does not need to go harder than he has been to keep up with Kodi. A negative to their Yun Physiology is that they may come to love fighting just a bit to much. Mixing pleasure with the actual fight, thus why it was so easy for Daisuke to begin a sexual act with Kodi even though she thought they were fighting to the fullest. His Dragon eyes stare up towards hers as he allows her thighs to come over his neck, squeezing them with all her strength. He’d look at her and ask-“Is that the best you can do, Kodi!?”- Once she comes to kick his body onto the wall, his hardened skin impacts into the piping and almost tears through the wall with the impact. Daisuke’s head looks down towards the ground now as he can feel the bloodlust beginning to increase dramatically. Daisuke looks down towards his hands as he says to himself-“This feeling….What is this?”-He then looks up to see Kodi charging at him and with her feet connecting onto his chest, the two of them go right through the wall! Daisuke’s body flies back through the wall and skids against the floor before he is able to backsping himself back up to his feet with perfect finesse and form. But during that time, the building quickly becomes filled with the water of Kodi’s showing her true mastery in Water manipulation. But what she hadn’t known is that with every technique she accomplishes, she further aids Daisuke in his future training in his own Black Water Manipulation. While underwater, his Dragon Lungs adapt to the area around him as he too forms small gils on the sides of his neck. This is possible due to the power of Garyx mastering any and all forms of manipulation through his thousands of years of living. This is one of the favored perks of being the God of all Dragons, he is not limited to just one standard power. While in the water, he feels Kodi grabbing onto his hair and preparing a super attack of her own. Using her own playground she begins to hit Daisuke with a water cyclone repeatedly, over and over! The cyclone showing enough size that it completely destroys the building they are in! It would look like Kodi seemed to overpower the Dragon Onihoruda as he continues to get hit with her own attack to its full extent! After the elapsed five minutes, all of the neighboring area would be destroyed by the water. It would look all towards Kodi’s victory as Daisuke’s body cannot be seen throughout the entire area. He cannot be felt, sensed, heard, nada. It seems as though Daisuke’s entire existence has fallen off the face of the Earth. Surrounding Kodi would be water and shadows that are created by the ambient light of the moon reflecting off of buildings. Because of this, Daisuke had created an opening to win this fight. His body then begins to reform directy under her as his body literally bursts out from the shadows! Shadow Dragon Art allows the user to transform their physiology into that of a Shadow Dragon, turning their body into a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means. With this Alteration, the user is also able to fade themselves into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks. The shadows produced by Shadow Dragon Art are able to be utilized in several different ways, allowing for a high level of adaptability; the shadows are able to be released in free form, as condensed, or even molded into the shape of a weapon, taking on the properties of said chosen shape. Half of his body appears as he thrusts his right fist up in the form of an uppercut aimed at Kodi’s jaw! Almost like an undodgeable attack, Daisuke’s body literally comes from out of nowhere! ( Casting his body into the shadows he is able to create movement unlike anything ever seen before in Kasaihana! If this uppercut were to make contact with Kodi the impact of this punch would crack her jaw completely, shattering the bones in more than three places! The impact would not send her up into the air but rather keep her in a daze to where all of her senses become useless. Ringing in her ears, her vision blurred, her smell disoriented; etc. Continuing to lift his body out of the shadows, he thrusts his right arm across his chest and his Aura Manipulation begins to from a bright black glowing fist of fury the size of a car! This punch would attempt to catch Kodi offguard as the punch would hit her on the entire left side of her body. Because of his immense strength and unwavering willpower, this aura construct would have the strength of Titanium! So she would literally be getting smacked on the left side of her body by a fist of Titanium! ( The punch could shatter her arm like dust from the inside if hit completely as Daisuke is no longer playing for shits and giggles! The effect of this punch would send her flying five feet above the ground. Her body is sent flying at over 200 mph as Daisuke’s strength has no limits when using Aura Manipulation! (KCpPgS.gif How her body would look as it flies through the air) Wasting no time, Daisuke’s body once again returns to the shadows, disappearing once more. Her chest would be facing up towards the sky as she would now see him in a shadow form flying over her body! Making sure to keep her dazed and confused, Daisuke places his hands over his face and yells out-“HOLY LIGHT!”- As this happens his aura release a bright white light that creates a loud ringing noise that pierces into the ears so loud that it causes windows and glass to shatter! ( This technique is also a technique designed to impact anyone within the 500 yard radius of Daisuke’s body. Unless someone is wearing protective UV reflector goggles, this technique will hit 10 out of 10 times. If this technique did infact impact Kodi, then this next portion would become an instant hit. If not then it remains an attempt. With her body flying through the air and still feeling the effects of the Aura Manipulation Punch, Daisuke rears his right hand back once more as he thrusts another huge Titanium hardened Aura Construct that takes the form of another fist! This attack would be aimed to hit Kodi right on her chest with enough force that her body would just crash into the ground with a loud and devastating BOOOOOM! Smoke and pipe would lift into the skies now as Daisuke looks to end the fight with his next technique. With his aura construct pushing down Kodi’s body into the ground, Daisuke’s feet stand over her body as she lays on the floor. He then begins to unleash his power on her as his arms begin to fire at a flurry that cannot be seen by the naked eye! ( Except her on the floor and him on top of her doing this) His arms move so fast that his body looks to be armless and that he is just a handicapped person! But with each punch holds enough power to punch through steel and break any part of the human body that it makes contact with! If Kodi were to be pummeled by this gruesome combo, she would feel the life practically being sucked out of her as each punch could shatter her body completely! Within the span of five seconds, Daisuke releases over one hundred punches across Kodi’s body from this position. If this technique were to hit, no matter what the durability that someone could have, they are definitely almost dead or fataly injured from even surviving. But this is not where Daisuke ends it. After releasing these hundred punches, his fists are shown to be covered with smoke because of the speed he is moving at. With his left hand he reaches down to Kodi’s collar (If she is indeed hurt and still reeling from this combo) and with his right hand he creates a thirst Aura Fist and plows the Titanium strength fist right into her pretty little face! Blood would be gushing out of her body as she would be riddled with cuts, cruises, gashes, you name it. Her bones would probably feel like glass as Daisuke’s strength could very well have broken her body. Because he had been holding back this entire fight, just now unleashing a small snipit of his real power would change the game completely and make this combo more likely to actually make contact. Kodi has no prior knowledge to Daisuke’s Shadow and Light affinity let along not be able to sense him while in his shadow form. In all instances it may seem like Kodi is now in a lose situation. After the final fuck you punch, Daisuke would grab the poor girl by her throat with his left hand and lift her up like a ragdoll. His eyes glow with a bright lava color as she would be able to feel how much of a change came from daisuke. He went from 0 to 100 in a quick second. He then asks her-“No one touches your snatch?”- Before saying anything else, he launches Kodi’s body behind him to where her back would impact with a small remaining wall that is still up from their battle. Before she could fall from being unable to stand (Or maybe she can stand) Daisuke’s body re-appears in front of her with his left hand once again wrapped around her throat; choking the life out of her. He then begins to speak to continue on with the question he asked earlier about her snatch not being grabbed by others-“Well then it is a good thing that it isn’t your snatch anymore…”-He’d then lean his lips into hers as he takes her into a passionate kiss. Even with her mouth bleeding, he would force his tongue down into her mouth as if she were the only person left in the world. His left hand would continue to choke her; leaving his fingers to bruise her skin. While this is happening, he forcefully pushes his middle finger into her pussy as he already ripped off the portion of her boxers that hides her precious snatch. After making out with her for a few seconds and teasing her wet pussy which had become wet from the fighting; he lifts her body up higher to where her feet now lift off of the ground. Cutting off her airway he says to her-“Now this is where you accept your defeat and fuck me like the champion that I am…and that your pussy is no longer YOUR pussy…Or you can die fighting against it….Beg for my cock…”-His eyes would burn like never before as what seems like a lust for her physical body begins to takeover. Like an animal in the wild wanting his prize for victory, he will not accept anything less than what he feels he deserves.-

Kodi had a shocked expression upon her face, when Daisuke upper body would burst out from the shadows beneath her..thus his right fist uppercutted the females jaw... though reacting hesistant, the blonde shifted her head to the right,catching the right side of her bottm jawline casuing it to shatter yet fracture within three sections within it..Though not being uppercutted up in the air.. she could feel herself in a daze...having a ringing sensation within each of ears...Her eye-sight became dazey as well as the most sensitive part... the nose.. her shark like senses became all scattered like..Stumbling back,catching herself weakly,Blood dripped down on the side of her soft pink lips....While Daisuke continued to seep out from the floor.She was indeed caught offguard from the punch...Her blue eyes glistened with a hint of psychopathy,though it just made the female wanting to become hit once more...Bringing her mouth into a painful smirk..before having a punch directly hitting her entire left side of her body...feeling the strong punch literally bringing her to a loud groan.."S-Shit.. this guys punches.. he wasn't fucking k-kidding.." Speaking within her mind...  The punch would shattered her arm completely... Though using the powers of Rutela, This made the female no longer feel pain for a short moment.. even if getting a arm shattered, an eye gouged out.. this will let her not feel the shattering of her arm... Though this was to bring her mentality changing thinking that she could not feel..and thus it works. Her body would be sent flying in high speeds due to the strength of Daisuke...  Then he would send his fists within her body within the quickness only seeing his arms be blurred, the speed was astonishing.Even if being pummeled, her blue eyes glowed against the moonlight...Every hit began to exlierate her, though still having a few more minutes before she would start feeling this overcoming pain..thus losing count over how many punches that she had tooken..She watching him reaching down to her collar, as he did so she would her blood that was within her mouth at his face.. only to have her face being smashed within the aura fist,..Her crimson blood,splattering out of her body litterally... She felt her mentality disperse,feeling the amounts of pain throughout her body.. Her blue eyes turning into a dazey light while being grasped around the throat,lifting her up.. she could feel the pain shot through her body..though she tried to keep a straight emotionless face at him.. as he stared at her with those bright red/orange lava colored eyes. “No one touches your snatch?” Trying to even speak he would launch the females body into the bit of wall that were to be left...She slammed her feet onto the floor as she made impact upon the wall..using VERY little strength she possessed. Then before she knew,Daisuke caught her onto her throat once more.. though this time he would start choking her roughly...Bringing her free arm up she grappled her hand around his wrist,digging her nails into it as he spoken to her..-“Well then it is a good thing that it isn’t your snatch anymore…” Having a confused,battered face.. watching him lean forth,mushing his lips onto Kodi's bloody lips.. Her eyes fluttered open so wide, that this has shocked her..the passionate kiss, brought her bruised face into a light blush..Not being able to pull away, she felt Daisuke's toungue being forced into her bloody mouth as well as gasping for air.. his hands abrutly teasing her moistened pussy,this caused her to drench her juices over his fingers...Then,he broke the kiss, lifting her buxom body higher...her feet dangled upon the air cutting off her airway... she stayed silent trying to just not breathe..she knew trying to gasp for air makes it worse..“Now this is where you accept your defeat and fuck me like the champion that I am…and that your pussy is no longer YOUR pussy…Or you can die fighting against it….Beg for my cock…” Kodi would speak,gripping his wrist.. attempting to pull just enough for her to talk..She had a cocky weak grin while her blue oceanic eyes gazed into Daisuke's.."Beg...? Please.. its gonna take alot more for me to beg.. a-and this .. is MY PUSSY...Champion pfft... Though I will accept this defeat.. having being punched over numerous of times..just..." She closed her eyes,feeling her juices slid down from her inner thick thighs.."S-Shit... I said to much got my fuckin self.. turned on more.." Having that thought in her mind....Kodi then brought her stare into a death glare... though her legs fidgetting around.. feeling a weird heated sensation within her body.‏

The Dragon Eats Some Shark Edit

-( He pulls his hand back a bit to let her speak and hearing her resistance to his orders only turns him on even more. The two actually shared that same trait of stubborn willpower to not give up their pride even when in a situation like this. Because of that, Daisuke bites down on his bottom lip with a sadistic smile on his face. With his fingers moving around inside of her, his middle finger continues to wiggle around inside of her as he increases the speed at which he moves at. Like a tentacle waving about, his finger tip rubs against the wall of her pussy as his hand becomes drenched in her juices as her fetish for being beaten on like this cannot be hidden anymore. With her juices dripping down from his hand inside of her Daisuke clinches her throat tighter once again as he says to her-“Let’s just see how long you can keep that up…I do like a challenge…”- Using his powers and abilities to aid him, long sharp shadows would begin to appear across her arms as the wall is covered with enough Shadow for Daisuke to manipulate. With the shadow wrapping around her arms, it would not be felt as shadows are a normal part of the Earth and the effects of light. It is not until Daisuke manipulates them to become a physical force that they can then be felt upon the skin. Once her arms are covered in the shadow’s with his mind alone he forces the shadows to act like chains as her arms would instantly lift up over her head simulated the fact that she is held in bondage. Two more strands of shadows also begin to appear around her legs, wrapping around her thick thighs as these to begin to act like chains to tie the wild shark down. With the shadows wrapped around her legs, her legs lift up towards Daisuke with them spread wide open for her pussy to be in full view of his body. ( How she would be tied up against the wall) Standing in front of her, he slowly pulls his hand out of her pussy. He brings his hand up for both of them to see as he licks a bit of the juices off with his tongue.-“mmm, now that is a tastey shark…you wanna taste?”-He’d then place his hand on her face, rubbing her own juices into her face. He does this for a quick second just before he rears his hand back and attempts to land another powerful punch to the left side of Kodi’s jaw! Using his Speed Fighting he hits her with a thunderous blow that would once again cause more blood to squirt out of her mouth along with the bones in her jaw continuing to shatter under the immense pressure and power that comes from a Yun like Daisuke. He’d then say to her-“Hope it tastes as good as that feels…”-He then chuckles a bit as he begins to get down onto his right knee. Once his body lowers, he gets a clear view of the juices just oozing out of her pussy as the more he hits her, the more she gets turned on. He had to admit, this turned him on as well like nothing ever before. His fingers begin to rub up against her pussy, pushing down on it to allow the flow of her juices to once again drench his hand. As he pushes, he moves his hand in a circular motion to allow her pussy to feel like it is being teased and toyed with. Leaning his head towards her pussy, his lips quickly wrap around her clit. Once his lips find themselves locked on the outlining of her clit he begin to suck on the sensitive portion of her body while his tongue flicks against it from the inside of his mouth. Because of his Dragonic Traits, even something like his tongue becomes so much more powerful than the human tongue! With each flick it would feel like a jolt of both pleasure and pain as it pushes and pulls at her clit with how his dragon-like tongue reacts to her clit. He’d even go as far as to nipple on it ever so seductively. Not wanting Kodi to recover or try and fight back, she could look in front of her and see two hulk sized hands of black aura manipulation! And with that, Daisuke simply uses his mind and the fists slowly begin to punch at her with all his strength! The fists aim at her ribcage and face as each punch would have enough strength to put down any normal human being in one shot! He’d do this for a few minutes as he tries to see if something like this is enough to get Kodi to beg for him to be inside of her. As much as he wanted to take her body for himself, he enjoyed the chase too much for his own good. After playing with her clit, he’s lean his head back a bit and look up towards her with his lava colored eyes.-“I wonder what will break first….Your pride…or your body…”- Hoping to get another snarky remark from her as he says that, he gives her a few seconds to speak before he comes up with his second surprise. With a smirk on his face, he slowly opens his mouth and reveals a long dragon like tongue that begins to drape from his mouth almost six inches in length! It begins to curl up at the top as he raises the tongue in front of his face to show Kodi just how long and thick his tongue really is. ( It begins to drip with saliva and before wasting anymore time, Daisuke’s head once again lowers towards her wet pussy. Rubbing the lining of her pussy with the tip of his tongue, he quickly inserts his tongue inside of her as if it were a cock! With how thick his tongue is and how much power his tongue has, it would certainly feel like she is being fucked with a dick. Using his tongue to its full level, he begins to wave his tongue inside of her as he pushes and pulls his tongue around in her body. ( looking like this inside of her pussy) Daisuke would be able to see his tongue buldging around the area of her lower belly as the thickness of his tongue would stretch her pussy widely. Kodi would feel every little bit of movement from his large tongue as his speeds begin to increase fast enough that the sound of her juices squirting all over the place can be heard for a few feet. Her juices mixing with his saliva quickly begin to drip all over the floor, on his face and even on her thighs as his tongue moves with some speed and intensity. If she weren’t already weak in the knees before, she certainly would be now.-

The blonde let out a gasp,feeling his fingers move inside her... feeling his middle finger increase in speed.. groaning  while she bit her lip glaring at him, holding back her moans..Kodi shut her eyes trying to avoid her self to be driven in pleasure, he felt his finger tip rubbing against the walls of her...her pussy overflowed with  her juices that would soon drip amongst his hand...Daisuke clenched down on her throat tighter as he spoke her,She gritted her teeth,fluttering her eyes open once more..-“Let’s just see how long you can keep that up…I do like a challenge…”-  She looked up while feeling her arms  raise over her head..Her arms would be lifted over her head.  being chained from her arms.. She tried to keep a stern yet pleasured look upon her face...Then the shadows wrapped around her legs..lifting them up and spreading her thick legs apart..exposing her pussy to Daisuke...Kodi knew all about this bondage position due to livingin the brothel for long periods of times with Nathan.. and with the hookers complaning about how tight the ropes were...As she was positioned he would pull his hand away from her drenched heated pussy...Kodi gritted her teeth watching the male bring his hand toward her.. it was soaked within her juices..thus he licked some upon his toungue.. .-“mmm, now that is a tastey shark…you wanna taste?”- before the blonde could even react,he placed her hand one her face..rubbing her own lewd juices on her face...As he  reared his hand back she would try to take a bite at his hand..being riled up as a Shark herself would..though her legs would quiver slightly..though her pride would still be intact..Even Kodi being a female.. she always thought of herself as a guy..and not being one of the snatches.Her piercing blue eyes watched as his powerful punch came abrutly toward her.. she moved her head slightly to the right scoffing while taking the blow upon the side of her cheek, thus fracturing her cheekbone slightly,giving him a cocky smirk.."C'mon is that the best you got punk.. HIT ME MORE!" She cackled while forming a large bruise on the side of her face. As she retreived the blow to the side of cheek,her pussy juice spurted out slightly,falling amongst the ground..her legs quivered more..feeling the sensation. she fidgetted around the restraints, while he rubbed up against her sensitive pussy with his fingers... A moan escaped from her lips though she still tried to hold back..the circular motion..The teasing just made it more hard to resist.. she bucked her hips her saliva mixed with blood seeped down her chin."S-Shit my body is reacting.." She thought to herself..while her eyes widened as he head leaned forth only to have his lips wrap around her throbbing rose bud.."F-Fuck!" her voice tremebled..when Daisuke had sucked on her sensitive clit..His toungue pressing against it..brought her moaning abrutly..The heat around her body began to heat the air...The abrasive shark was luring into pleasure..she shut her eyes,bashing the back of her head onto the wall...leaving a large crater within it..The blondes pussy was reacting so violently... as her juices just kept overflowing,dripping down onto the floor leaving a lewd puddle amongst it.As her eyes were shut she wouldn't had noticed the two huged massive hands flying at her as they were balled into a fist... One would of flew at her ribcage.. causing the air to get knocked out of her literally, as well as a punch..Kodi felt as her body was going against her pride..which made her pleasurable sensation mixed with  pain. Her pussy throbbed while twitching.her eyes fluttered open.when he had leaned back,looking up with those lava colored eyes meeting her blue oceanic eyes...-“I wonder what will break first….Your pride…or your body…”-   Kodi gave him a cocky laugh,while she spoke in a harsh yet shakey tone.."I-I rather have my body break first..then my fucking pride..Tch!" ..Though the female watched as he opened his mouth leisurely,drawing out... his long toungue...Her eyes widened,while a sweatdrop slid down the side of her face.."H-Holy...shit..." Not seeing anything like this...she looked down at her pussy then at his toungue..her left eye twitched,gazing at the saliva dripping off of it.."G-Gah DONT FUCKIN TOUCH ME WITH THAT THICK CRAZY THING."She yelled abrutly, seeing the male lower his head once more..she could feel it rubbing onto the lining of her pussy hole with the tip of his dragon like toungue! then he slid it in..Kodis mouth opened,as the thickness +strength within the toungue.. made the walls of her snatch twitch vigorously..Then he started swaying his toungue inside her heated hole..pushing and pulling around inside...Her body completely being taken over with pleasure when he had toungue buldging out from her pelvic area...Feeling her pussy stretch wide...adjusting to the toungues size.. "F-Fuck!!" Was all she could say,as her juices quickly spurted out of her pussy..splattering everywhere..she had exploded with her juices...feeling the speed plus the sensual intensity... Her pussy walls soon clamped down onto the sides of his toungue as if clamping down onto the shaft of the cock..the grip of it was as tight as a anaconda gripping amongst its prey for a meal..her pussy walls,moved in a harsh rough hardcore motion... it became a vigorous motion as if she were to rip his toungue out of his mouth.. Then she released him,the force of the release caused him to fall onto his ass..Kodi licked her battered bruised lips..before nudging her head back..signaling him to come back over to her once more.‏

-( Hearing her moan as his tongue practically rips through her tight little body sends chills down his spine. The tastebuds in his tongue begin to go wild as her juices flow out of her body like a flooded dam. Seeing how he can put her into this state of mind with just his tongue only makes him wonder what he will be able to do to her once she has submitted herself to his will. Until that time comes, he continues to tease and play with the blonde haired shark.-“F-Fuck!”- is what he hears her yelling out in pleasure and pain as the fists of his Aura Manipulation continue to pound into her face and ribs. His tongue prods against the womb deep inside of her body, tickling at the farthest depths of her pussy. Once her pussy walls begin to contract around his tongue like an anaconda snake; Daisuke’s mouth completely wraps around her pussy lips as he sucks in the sweet pain of her constricting body; practically drinking the juices that squirt out of her. Within seconds the area around them is covered in her bodily fluids mixing in with his saliva from his tongue that still rests inside of her like a dormant beast. Once her insides begin to loosen the grip on his tongue, Daisuke falls to his ass and she would see the long tongue dripping with her juices and his saliva. Looking at her with a sadistic smile on his face, the tongue begins to slowly retract back into his mouth; still savoring the taste of her pussy on his lips. Then he notices that she nudges her head to signal him to come back as she wants more. Seeing that his actions are slowly breaking that prideful walls of hers, he releases a sadistic chuckle while standing back up to his feet. With his hands he unclips his armored top and the flak jacket quickly falls down to the ground with a *THUD!* showing how heavy it actually is. As this happens, his large muscular body that mirrors that of the Greek Gods themselves becomes revealed to Kodi for the first time. His perfectly formed eight pack and his pecks that would make The Rock feel like he is out of shape appear before he with bulging biceps that complete the Horseshoe effect on the back half of his arm. His traps looking like a semi-circle across his neck, not even flexing yet the large trap muscle reveals itself to her. Looking at her, the shadows begin to change their hold on her body. The chains around her arms quickly drop her arms to where her arms are behind her back with her right arm above the left. The shadows act like arm cuffs as even if she tried to move her arms she would continue to remain helpless to Daisuke’s willpower. Daisuke’s left hand slowly makes its way for the zipper of his combat bottoms while saying-“Well I must say, Kodi….you have held out pretty well…Makes me want you even more…I will break you…And you will beg for my cock to plow your sweet tasting pussy…”-Once his zipper is lowered the pants fall down towards his feet. And like a springboard on a pool, his large erect cock lifts up to smack himself in the chest with his massive and thick cock. ( giggity to hentai) She would see a long line of wet pre-cum stranding down from the slit of his cock to the base as the large member twitches at the sight of Kodi. He allows Kodi to feast in the eyes of his cock while saying-“If you thought the tongue was something worth marveling….just wait until you feel this inside of you…”- Kodi would then feel her body beginning to slowly turn around, allowing the shadow chains to move about her body. Two large strands of shadows wrap around her ankles and knees as Daisuke places her in a position where it seems she is levitating in the air! With a cocky smile on his face, he begins to slowly walk over to Kodi where her back is now facing him. Her head is not restrained so if she turns to watch what happens next, it may prove to be more painful just to watch. With the tip of his cock, he begins to rub the pre-cum on the outside of her pussy, allowing her juices to mix in with the pre-cum. He also does this to tease the pour shark as just the head alone would be enough to break through the tip of her pussy just enough that her walls would react to the intruder as if it were ready to tear her apart. He then says to her-“I said that your pussy no longer belonged to you…because it isn’t. By the end of this night…I will have you…and I will take you…”-His cock then motions up the smooth line of her ass as two aura hands of black color appear gripping her ass cheeks tightly. The right Aura Hand would even go so far as to smack her ass creating a loud *SMMMACK!* sound that echoes around the room. His hand print would instantly burn with a bright red as the tip of his cock now rubs against the outside of her asshole. The Aura hands pull her cheeks apart as far as they allow and revealing the tight asshole of Kodi’s.-“Now I will first take your ass…”-His eyes begin to burn with lava coloring as he begins to slowly insert his cock inside of her ass. Because he goes in dry with no condom, he has to use his strength to force himself inside of her, practically ripping her asshole open to even begin to try and fit his large cock! He’s only get about half way in before his cock begins to show a bulge against her stomach as if something was about to rip out of her! With her tight ass wrapping around his cock, Daisuke says-“YOU WILL NEVER NEED ANOTHER COCK THAN MINE!”-Yelling that out with a large dragonic voice that sounds like Satan himself, he thrusts the rest of his cock inside of her as the bulge practically rips through her body! She’d most likely be sent into a world of pain as his large cock just rips into her with all of his might. With the Aura hands giving a stable grip of her body, Daisuke begins to move his hips to where his cock begins to take a few inches out of her. Once he does this, his hips once again then ram into her hips as their bodies create a loud *RUMBLE* sound from Daisuke’s power hitting Kodi’s weakened body. It would feel like her ass is being drilled by an oil rig as his strength could practically break her hips and injure her back if he were not careful. ( With every hip thrust of his allowing his cock to push deeper into her body, he would smile watching as her ass cheeks bounce against his hips with each plowing motion. He’d then say to her-“Your insides feel amazing…Let’s see how much longer you can resist if I increase the speed.”-If she were still listening, she would now have to wonder as to what Daisuke is willing to due to her body just to have his way! His hips then begin to increase speed as the sounds of their skins pounding against one another creates a loud *CLACK CLACK* sound from her juices still flowing from her body. ( He’d release a few grunts as his cock continuus to push and pull at her insides with increasing speeds until it seems like her body would rip in half! His hands grip forward with his body as he firmly grabs a hold of her top that she is still wearing. With a quick flick of the wrist the shirt is ripped off of her body along with her bra with no care whatsoever to her condition. Feeling the animal rage flowing through his body, his hands reach forward and begin to squeeze against her breasts. He squeezes and massages her breasts all as his hips continue to plow into her body.( If it were not for the shadow chains holding her up, she could probably just fall to the ground from the amount of force that Daisuke applies to these thrusting motions. With his hands groping her breasts like a wild ape in heat, his claws begin to appear from his fingertips and he allows his grip to get so tight against her breasts that all ten of his claws would pierce into her skin! With his cock continuing to pound against her stomach in her body, it wouldn’t be out of the picture to think that Kodi’s body could be reaching a point of mind break that forces her to lose what little control she has left of her body. ( How her face would look as it happens) Giving an evil laugh, Daisuke reaches up towards her hair with his right hand. Getting a full grip of her long blonde locks he pulls the hair to allow her head to snap back to where her body begins to curve like a sideways U. His tongue would once again appear as its long wet thickness begins to slide across her neck. His tongue then licks across her face, getting her saliva and blood on his tastebuds before the tongue flows back into his mouth. Her neck chest and head would now be covered in a sticky saliva substance that his tongue gives off. Daisuke’s lips slowly move closer towards her left ear as he says-“I think your mouth needs to be occupied by another cock…since you are so keen to protect the ‘snatch’…I am sure you won’t mind pleasuring a cock with your mouth.”- He then lets go of her hair and her body springs back forward to where she now looks to be in a positon where he continues to destroy her asshole. Her upperbody is now resting with her boobs hanging towards the ground as if she were on All Fours on the floor. By this point her asshole had been taking enough beating from his cock that she could be ripped open and blood dripping from her body. Focusing his mind now, if she is looking in front of her, she would begin to see a slow Aura Creation. Starting with the balls, two black realistic looking testicles with hair and all begins to appear. Then, the shaft begins to form as veins and skin begin to appear; building an Aura Construct of Daisuke’s cock! Same in size and thickness, Kodi would see the creation of the very device that will skull fuck her! Within a few seconds, Daisuke laughs and says-“Will you continue to resist me?...or will you finally allow yourself to be taken by a King…Don’t fight it Kodi…You know you want this…and You know you want me…Just give into it…”- Before much time passes, the Aura Cock quickly forces itself into her mouth! Not even giving her a chance to take a breath in! The cock begins to mirror Daisuke’s hip motions as Kodi now begins to get fucked in the mouth and the ass by the same cock! ( Daisuke would continue to laugh as he could see his Aura Cock beginning to poke at the back of Kodi’s throat with ease! With both cocks pushing deeper and deeper into Kodi’s body; she would shake violently from the positioning allowing her boobs to bounce every which way also dripping blood onto the ground from where Daisuke’s claws pierced into. Before long, Kodi finds herself in the position of no return as Daisuke feels his body beginning to reach his climactic point. Having his muscles beginning to tense up, his motions become faster and more violent. If Kodi was still even conscious as the amount of pain coming from Daisuke practically destroying her ass, she would now feel like Daisuke’s cocks are like jackhammers that increase to a speed that becomes a blur to the naked eye! ( After a few seconds, his right eye begins to twitch as he says-“I..I…Im CUMMING!”- He then thrusts his hips once more as he pushed his cocks deep inside of her body! He then releases two large loads that quickly fill her entire body with his warm frothy sperm! Her ass quickly fills up with enough cum that it squirts out of her asshole before he even pulls his cock out! Inside of her body the cum would blast through her insides and even push back into her stomach from the inestines! And from her mouth, literal Aura Sperm shoots out of his cock to spray down her throat! Once again releasing a heavy load of cum; it wuickly overflows her small mouth and spills all over the floor that makes a HUGE puddle of his baby gravy. From her mouth, the Aura Sperm flows all the way into her stomach to mix in with the real cum that forced its way back up her body! Daisuke literally exploded enough cum into Kodi’s body that from her mouth to her ass, there is a connecting river of his bodily fluids that flows through her body; meeting at the lake of sperm in her stomach. Daisuke laughs a bit as his cocks twitch slightly while remaining inside of her. At this point even if she did still want to resist, there is no way her body could physically take more physical fighting. The shadow chains quickly become released from their locked positon on Kodi. With that, her body slowly falls off of both of his cocks, sliding right off of them. As her mouth and ass release their clutch on his cocks, the *POP* sound appears as her body begins to fall towards the floor. As she falls, her naked body would land with a loud *SPLASH* as she lands in the puddle of cum that is around her.( Once both cocks no longer hold the cum in, her ass would look like an oozing waterfull of cum as it lowers from her ass to her pussy, mixing with her own juices before flowing to the ground. She would also have trouble breathing with the cum filling her esophagus, forcing her to cough or throw the cum back up from her body! ( How Kodi would look after while in a puddle of sperm) The Aura cock slowly then begins to disappear while his left hand begins to stroke the base of his cock gently. Not even caring to see if she is okay, Daisuke says to her-“After cumming inside of your ass, my cock is very dirty….Would you mind coming to lick and suck the cum off of my cock....unless you just want my cum inside of your pussy and having my baby….Then I guess I could just fuck you with a cum covered cock…The choice is yours.-“-After giving her that sadistic choice making scenario, Daisuke waits to see how she will react after he just took her ass for himself, completely destroying the insides of her body. This made him proud and even with this large amount of cum released, he still has plenty more to give to her.- 

Round Two and Saving The Shark Edit )Her eyes widened at the muscular figure before her.. this was Kodi's weakness of all things a muscular fit body of a man."S-Shit.."Her face became flustered gazing at his body up and down..  As he looked at her,her body began to shift having her arms behind her back..Kodi knew what was going to happen next..She groaned remaning still for a brief moment as she heard him unzipping his bottoms...-“Well I must say, Kodi….you have held out pretty well…Makes me want you even more…I will break you…And you will beg for my cock to plow your sweet tasting pussy…” She shifted her head to the right being shocked, while her eyes widened...staring at the large massive shaft before her.."H-Holy..SHit..." Kodi knew this was going to  be rather painful,which was a problem.. With her masochist self.. this would surely drive her to pleasure..Her eyes caught the pre-cum sliding down his large cock..."Rutela... my god... please dont let me feel this penetrating me!DO YOU SEE HOW BIG THAT SHIT IS?! It's like those things in the porn I watch !" Rutela sighed in agitation while giggling. She soon brought her mentality back once more,only this time it focused on her pussy... inside.. the depths of her tight hole. As Daisuke spoke to her, THe blonde felt herself being manuevered around  only this time... she would be turned around,feeling something wrapped around her ankles and knees as if she was chained up..Hearing his footsteps echo'd throughout her ears, she shifted her head to right, gazing at the large membre while giving him a cocky snicker herself. I mean it wouldn't  be painful coming  she could feel him smearing the pre-cum over her porcelain pussy lips..mixing her lewd sweet juices with his..She scoffed, while his head would penetrated inside her, her walls would stretch enough to adjust to his head..While Daisuke told her that this pussy didnt no longer belong to her...She sent him a death glare, while trying to bring herself off the restraints..dont every movement sent a pleasurable pain down her body...while he would say that by the end of the night he will have an take the blonde.. Then her body froze for a brief moment..feeling him line his large shaft onto her ass..thus having her plumped asscheeks gripped on in a rough matter..The she felt a smacking sensation on her right ass cheek.."GYAH!~" She groaned while her eyes rolled back,feeling her pussy just spurt out more juices due to the sensation of being smacked..the stinging pain caused her pussy to overflow even more..Her toungue stuck out from her mouth,then being brung back to reality,with the tip of his cock rubbing against her tight asshole.."FUCK... I forgot to send my mentality to my-" Her thoughts would be interuppted by her asscheeks being pulled apart,exposing her anus.,As he said he will take her ass first... She would try to wiggle her ass from the grasp of the aura hands gripping an spreading her asscheeks,along with being bound...She gritted her teeth while her eyes would stay wide open as he inserted his cock leisurely inside her tight ass...Her loud screams of pain would soon echo'd throught out the place.."No FUCK it won't fuckin FIT!" He wouldn't listen to her while using his strength force his large cock inside her ass...shoving only half in..She growled while just as her anus would adjust to his cock..Her eyes burned between Lust,anger,and passion.. while she continued to have uncontrollable moans escaping form her lips..-“YOU WILL NEVER NEED ANOTHER COCK THAN MINE!”-Her mind was going blank for a brief moment,then she abrutly moaned out the wrong name at the wrong time..."C-CONNOR.." She paused for a brief moment..wondering why she had yelled out her ex-boyfriends she yelled this his whole length slammed inside her.Saliva drenched the sides of her lips,as well as arching her back slightly  feel him rip into her tight hole...."AH FUCK TAKE IT OUT!! G-GOD.." Her vision was blurry being driven into pleasure... she had a lustful grin while screaming between pain and lust... She made a smugged look on her face,  before gasping once he pulled out just a tad bit..the his hips collided into her hitting inside Kodi's stretched hole... though the walls of her anus,took a grip onto his shaft..vigourously moving against his cock.. she groaned throwing her head her body glistened with sweat. Though  she felt as her insides her going crazy, as she became fully drenched with lust..With ever thrust he made. the pain soon caused her pussy to spurt out climaxing each time he thrusted... it seemed he hit her g-spot as well.-“Your insides feel amazing…Let’s see how much longer you can resist if I increase the speed.”- She glared at him while shivering from the large massive cock inside her...thus he thrusted into her ass deeply hearing the slapping of there skins mushing against one another.."Your gonna fuckin tear me APART..!" She gritted her teeth as he kept pounding her...she growled loudly, while trying to fight it. each thrust her moans grew louder and louder....Kodi gazed down feeling her black shirt being gripped, then RIP he'd rip off her top off her along with her bra..exposing her breasts...thus bringing his hands over to cupped them within Daisukes..hands.. he would squeeze and fondle her chest...her pink nipples soon erected on contact..."Mmf... !! she struggled amongst the restraints trying to break out...she couldn't take it..Kodi was going out of control,her body soon breaking...She flexed her muscles within her legs,before slightly moving back onto his shaft, saliva drenched down her toungue that was still sticking out... "H-Hurry up an cum! A-Ahh~!" Her eyes rolled behind her head,  he groped her sensitive breasts his claws digging into her skin...Kodi gritted her teeth as a large amount of saliva spurted out from her lips....Then she felt his hand grip amongst the blonde locks of her hair, while tugging in back,causing her body to curve in a he did this.. the walls of her anus, sucked Daisukes cock into her more.. while  his long dragon toungue came back out only to lick across her face as well as tasting her saliva mixed with her crimson blood...along with his toungue rearing back into his mouth.. He left her drenched in his saliva..... it was rather sticky as well.. Her body quivered while panting heavily...Thus she heard Daisuke say on the left side of her ear..-“I think your mouth needs to be occupied by another cock…since you are so keen to protect the ‘snatch’…I am sure you won’t mind pleasuring a cock with your mouth.”- With that he released her hair while her upper body went to its same position...Her asshole now being stretched at its limit..feeling his precum,mixed with her blood that slid out her ass... Her blue eyes widened watchin an aura creating large shaft just as big as the males inside her anus!!Thus it happened the pain was so much that she could no longer feel it... her right eye twitched,feeling the tip of the cock touching her pink bruised lips--“Will you continue to resist me?...or will you finally allow yourself to be taken by a King…Don’t fight it Kodi…You know you want this…and You know you want me…Just give into it…”- The mouth then shoved into her mouth...though she inhaled through her nose throughly... while he ravaged her mouth.. fucking her ass and mouth all at her mouth was being fucked as if used as a pussy.. she kept a sour look on her face... though her pussy squirting out amounts of her sticky juices...each time he pounded into her.. The shark like female has lost count with how many times she has came. His thrusting became in a quick past... and rather savagely, it became faster an faster... drilling into her ass....‏ The blonde still hasn't giving up to give in.. still be concious from all this she gagged onto the cock in her mouth before smashing her face toward it..It began sliding down her throat... She wiggled her head from left ot right letting it the walls of hr throat... while pushing her own self within the large massive shaft..a large buldge would appear from her neck while she bobbed her head roughly wanting both cocks to cum already...Then she heard him say he was going to cum... Her moans vibrated against the shaft, while Daisuke thrusted into her once more.. while pushing his cock into the depths of her anus... spurting out large ammounts of sperm... she could feel it filling up her asshole as well blasting into her insides cum bursted out.. Then she felt the sticky substance soon be blasted into her mouth... while it shoved itself down her throat.. she swallowed forced due to not wanting to choke on it... Her vision was now so blurry she couldnt see straight... her eyes wandered from left to right..feeling the large cocks twitched amongst her....her body soon slid off of the shafts.. falling towards the floor within the puddle of semen...Having a scowl yet,weak expression on her face.. she layed there twitching slightly on the floor while the cum was overflowing out of her well as coughing an barfing up amounts of cum.. Slowly bringing herself to her knees, she looked up at Daisuke,with the side of her face covered with her blonde ruffled hair... giving him a pleasurable yet agitated scowl.. while coughing out cum still..listening to him speak while stroking his shaft..After cumming inside of your ass, my cock is very dirty….Would you mind coming to lick and suck the cum off of my cock....unless you just want my cum inside of your pussy and having my baby….Then I guess I could just fuck you with a cum covered cock…The choice is yours.-“-Kodi using all the strength she had, would get up on her knees.. even if shaking she stumbled over to Daisuke.. then bringing herself on her knees.. having a angered expression on her face.... she leaned over licking from the base of the cock to the tip of it... she glared up at him with glisten of fiery angered passion toward Daisuke's eyes.. ..She would lick back down while cleaning all around his shaft, tasting a mixture of his cum an her own blood.. she pulled away while standing up on her feet.. she pushed him down roughly while laying on top of him... She then brought herself sitting ontop of him, while the tip of his cock would rub against her whole... She reared her arm that was useful back, slamming it straight into his chin...Even if still prideful, her body was failing her... she gritted her teeth staring down at him.. before within one move... she dropped her self onto his large massive cock.. it entered within her pussy hole with one SLAM...She arched her back groaning and screaming before her walls clamped down on his shaft once more just as she did with his toungue.. though her pussy walls began to move rather violently against the sides of his shaft... thus creating a a sphere around her womb...created from the condesation of her sweat along with her juices... she would block her womb with a dense sphere that was as strong as steel.. She continued to ride his cock while  her pussy was as if milking his cock dry !.. the pressure amongst her walls were like those arm things checking for your blood pressure, tightening each time... Kodi felt herself driven with pain and pleasure... while her hips moved on her own..she gripped his black hair pulling it back before taking a bite onto his neck.. leaving trails of shark bitemarks up and down his neck while she continued to ride him in a hardcore matter.‏

-( Once she hit the puddle of his cum and looks at him with that smug look of hers, Daisuke simply smirks as his hard cock twitches slightly as it still has another round or two before feeling satisfied by Kodi’s body. Watching her struggle to even move her body over to his gives him a sense of satisfaction as he can see her body almost ready to give out on her. With her tongue moves across his large cock, licking up all the excess cum that comes out of his cock, he bites down on his bottom lip as it looks like her body is simply showered in his cum. Treating her like nothing more than a piece of meat, Daisuke watches her stand back up to her feet. With her push, Daisuke hits the floor with his hands resting behind his head as he wonders what she is planning to do next. *WHACK!* Daisuke’s jaw is then hit by her punch and upon her fist hitting his jawline, his head turns to the right a bit as some spit flies out of his mouth from not expecting a punch from her. His head then slowly turns back towards kodi, going against the force of her fist. Just as he was about to do something back to her, her hips practically plow down onto his; sending tingles and chills throughout his body.-“GUHH!”-He groans out as the tightest of her pussy clinching down on his cock made it feel like his cock was being sucked in by a vacuum. His eyes glare up towards Kodi with a fiery passion as she begins to bounce up and down on his cock. His right hand quickly swings around and just as she lowers her body onto his hips once more, he hits her with a loud *SMACK!* upon her left ass cheek! Allowing her body to take the lead, he flexes his abs everytime she bounces on his cock as the feeling of her pussy tightening around his member creates enough forceful pressure that he has to react every time. As Daisuke lays there with his glare, he quickly begins to think of something and his blank glare slowly turns into a sadistic smirk. Using his mind once more, two aura constructs begin to form to the left and right of her body. Beginning from the ground up are two separate bodies of feet that slowly begin to grow their own legs When it comes to their hips, they both begin to extend with a glowing black cock that almost hits Kodi in the face from where they are standing. Within a matter of seconds, two complete Aura Forms of Daisuke would appear next to her with their erect cocks for Kodi to pleasure. The Real Daisuke looks at Kodi with his hands returning to the back of his head with that smirk on his face-“You proved to do well with two…now let’s see you pleasure three cocks at once…”- Both of the cocks beside her now would move in closer to her face as one of them needing to be sucked and the other pleasured by hand. ( like this XD) If she didn’t comply to the demand of pleasuring all three cocks, the two aura cocks would just dick slap her with enough strength that it would seem like another one of Daisuke’s punches. If she were to comply and begin to pleasure all three of the cocks being brought into their sexual act, they would be at this for a few minutes before Daisuke begins to up the ante if you will. With her breasts bouncing up and down in front of Daisuke’s face as her hips continue to pound onto his own; Daisuke begins to open his mouth and his tongue quickly flies out to wrap around Kodi’s throat. Her neck would begin to collapse inward as his tongue chokes onto the girls neck. Once having her neck locked Daisuke swings the tongue towards himself so that way Kodi’s body would fling forward, allowing her breasts to pound into his cheat. This also bends her forward to where her newly ripped asshole is now facing the open world. With that, one of the Aura bodies begins to make its way over to that area of her body. Holding Kodi down in case she tries to fight this position change, the aura body begins to rub the head of its cock on her asshole while Daisuke’s real cock is still deep inside of her body; rubbing up against that steel trap she created for her pussy. Her head would be over his left shoulder, allowing him to whisper into her right ear-“It’s not ogre yet…”- And just as he says that, the aura cock plows right into Kodi once more in the ass! ( Both cocks begin to plow like jackhammers into both of her holes, Daisuke holding Kodi down while his hips move up and down. His hips would crack the floor below them little by little every time he comes to drop his hips down onto the ground. The Aura Body begins to raises its own right hand and gives Kodi another loud and hard *SMACK* right on her bouncing ass. Daisuke would begin to laugh a bit as both of their cocks push up against her body; forming two separate large bulges coming out of body almost ready to rip right through her belly. She’d feel both cocks entering her and rubbing up against each other as they both go just as deep; pushing up against the furthest depths of her insides. The third Aura Body would walk over towards the front of their bodies where Daisuke has Kodi’s head buried into his shoulder. Using his shadow chains once more, a chain shoots down from the ceiling to grab onto Kodi’s head and lift her up off of her place of hiding. Daisuke’s tongue makes its way back into his mouth, looking at Kodi as her body ends up with her mouth right in front of the large cock of the third Aura Body. The glowing black left hand of the Aura Body rears back and throws a powerful hook punch as it actually speaks by saying-“That’s for earlier…”-Once again his punch having the strength of a Titanium rod, the punch could continue to shatter her already fucked up jaw; not to mention to effects from having her skull fucked by this thick cock prior to that moment. Her jaw could be completely detached from her head from the inside if it keeps up like this. Not thinking of her personal wellbeing, the Aura Body shoves its cock deep into her throat once more! Now having all three of her holes filled, Daisuke goes to town on her body as each cock plows deeper into her body the more they stretch her out. ( The Aura Bodies hand grips onto the back of her head as he forces himself as deep as that aura cock can go. How her body has managed to come this far along without completely breaking is nothing short of a pure miracle. Daisuke laying down on the ground begins to play with and suck on the nipples of Kodi’s body. With her left nipple, his index and thumb fingers begin to twist and punch at the sensitive area while his mouth sucks and nipples on her erect right nipple. If she had been close to breaking in the previous positon, Daisuke can only imagine what she must be feeling now with every hole of her body being filled by HIS massive cock. Pulling his mouth away from her nipple, he remembers who’s name she called out earlier and out of spite, he says-“Bet you wish it was Connor fucking your brains out like this…Hah….to bad you’re nothing more than a little whore who’s body is getting destroyed by a Yun…Hmph…”-His mouth then goes back to her nipple feeling himself beginning to reach another climactic point. ( Minus the extra ones) With all three cocks beginning to build up, Kodi could feel their throbbing increase of size as each cock is ready to explode. Daisuke would then bite down around Kodi’s right breast hard as his fangs quickly pierce into her skin, ripping into her skin a few inches deep as his body tenses up. All three cocks finish with a powerful thrust, the cock in her mouth pushing forward to where her nose is pushing up against the pubes on the aura body. All three cocks quickly unleash huge loads inside of her once more! Almost instantly her body becomes overflowed as it almost matches the same level of cum from the first time! The cheeks in her mouth quickly expand like a squirrel as her mouth and throat quickly fill up with his warm frothy goodness. Her stomach quickly swells up like a nine month pregnant woman as her entire body is filled with his cum! It wouldn’t surprise Daisuke if his overloading her with cum would squirt out of other parts of her body just because she physically cannot handle anymore inside of her. ( The ground around them now flows with his cum all across the room, giving off a salty type smell as his stickiness is everywhere! With their jobs being completed, the two aura bodies pull out of each hole they are in and slowly begin to disappear. The real Daisuke then pushes Kodi off of him as her body would once again splash into a pool of his cum while he gets back up to his feet. His cock would once again slip out of her with ease as her pussy now leaks with his cum along with her asshole. If she didn’t already choke on his cum she would once again have to go through the painful process of expelling the cum out of her stomach and throat just to breathe again. Looking down at how destroyed and dismantled Kodi’s body is, Daisuke comes to laugh with a cocky chuckle. He then says to her as his cock STILL shows to be fully erect.-“You thought you would get away with it?....Did you think that my will would break just because you started to fuck me?...You underestimate my willpower, Kodi…I am a man of my word…”-With that, shadow chains shoot out of the dark night sky as they wrap around Kodi The Shadow chains would pull at her body to where her arms and legs are spread out. The cum would spill out of her three holes like a waterfall as she now begins to hang in the air.-“This could have been so much easier for you if you had just listened to begin with….now you have to learn the hard way….”-His eyes burn wild as it is clear that this Daisuke is not the sweet and nice Daisuke people have come to love. But a more animalistic and dominant Daisuke that has shown himself to Kodi in the worst of ways.-“Beg...and it can be over…but if you keep fighting me…I’ll continue to have to rip your body apart…”-At that moment, the shadow chains begin to jolt her with electricity as her already weakened body would feel like it is going through hell and back as the jolts of electricity would singe every part of her body. With her ass and pussy being wrecked by his cock, the electricity would travel up those canals of her body and jolt deep into the center of her body. The electricity would continue for as long as Kodi continues to resist Daisuke. The powerful Yun watches with a smirk on his face as the situation quickly takes a turn down into the road of torture and brutal body take over.- 

Kodi looked from left to right as two seperate bodies came from each side of her..She gritted her teeth as both  cocks, touch the sides of her cheeks..she glared down at Daisuke.. before grasping one with her hand stroking it in a rough matter..thus she shifted her head wrapping the other large cock around her lips...she kept her death stare at the male while she pleased the two cocks.. while moving her hips up an down...thus before she'd hadn't gived in so.. the cocks would dick slap her amongst her face abrutly, causing some brusing her face more...She groaned just before Daisukes toungue would wrap around her throat..Choking her...unable to breathe...Thus tugging her forward, her medium sized chest pressed against hsi broad muscular chest... She closed her eyes for a brief moment as her gaping asshole would be exposed as well as being hold down...then feeling the large cock rubbing against her asshole she fidgeted around grunting while feeling Daisukes cock rub against the sphere before her womb...The male whispered in her ear..It’s not over yet…”- With that the cock made of aura plowed into Kodi's gaping sore anus once more..!!!"She screamed loudly as the blonde felt them plowing her savagely in both of her rolls... Feeling them rub amongst each other with each thrust she gritted her teeth,moaning louder an louder as well as her pussy tightening an sucking on Daisukes cock inside her pussy....The male held down the blonde.. as he hips moved up an down...the force an strength within his thrusts were unbearable.... she felt the body made of aura... give ass a hard smack onto her plumped bouncing ass...that would echo throughout the room....Kodi could hear him laugh a bit as well ..screaming in agony when she could feel him forming inside her thus almost tearing into her tummy...As the aura body would head there way infront, Daisukes shadown chains shot down grabbing onto her head,thus lifting it up...Her mouth would be already open with her toungue stuck out....saliva drenched it..dripping over her chest..Her eyes opened watched the large cock toward her mouth...then the body made of aura,reared back only to throw a devastating punch onto her jaw... shattering even more...Though tears ran down her cheeks.. The blonde was turned on more or never... hearing her jaw crack even more.. just caused to want to climax any moment. before getting skull fucked onto her last hole her mouth.. each cock caused her to stretch her holes even more.... She glared up with tears in her beautiful eyes though these were tears of pleasure.... while the aura cock forced it self down her throat...Her breathing intensifed upon her nose..inhaling in an out frequently..The female was coming to a K.O sooner or later... though she was just waiting for Daisuke to cum once the male layed under her.. he began to toy with her erect nipples... sucking her right one with his mouth as the other twisted and punch at the sensitive mouth...Her  painful moans and groans were muffled with a large cock in her mouth...  She can feel her jaw clicking each time the cock were to be shoved inside...Though what riled up the blonde even more is what he told her after he pulled his mouth away from her sensitive nip.-“Bet you wish it was Connor fucking your brains out like this…Hah….to bad you’re nothing more than a little whore who’s body is getting destroyed by a Yun…Hmph…”- Kodi's eyes widened,her blue eyes began heating up with fury... as he spoke about Connor... the walls of her pussy clamped down even more with just hearing his name...  just caused each of her holes to twitch violently..Her whole body quivered an shooking feeling each thick large massive cock building there speed,cumming at anymoment...Kodi tried to struggle out but failed..All cocks were pounding her weakened stretched out holes with powerful thrusts....then all cocks loaded there large sticky cum into each of her holes....Kodi's mouth being used as a pussy,his cock was so much in her mouth that her nose pushed up against the pelvic area of the aura body....then a river of cum spurted within her mouth feeling up her mouth just as some busted out her nose... he completely filled up her mouth with his cum... Feeling her body from inside... completely drenched with Daisukes cum... while in different areas the cum spurted out due to having so much inside her..With that being done, Daisuke pushed Kodi off him, landing in the pool of cum...She layed there as cum overflowed out from her mouth...swallowing amounts over an over again.. to keep herself from choking..Her body layed there as she can hear Daisuke laugh at her... thus still having his cock erect... not having becoming limp at all.."You thought you would get away with it?....Did you think that my will would break just because you started to fuck me?...You underestimate my willpower, Kodi…I am a man of my word…”- Her blue weak oceanic eyes stared up at him, still having that smugged look right after... just before the chains wrapped around her defeated body ,spreading her arms and legs apart..being hung in the air... the cum overflown out her holes like a waterfall... as he continued to speak.“This could have been so much easier for you if you had just listened to begin with….now you have to learn the hard way….”- Her head dangled down,adverted her blank lifeless eyes... she no longer had any energy....-“Beg...and it can be over…but if you keep fighting me…I’ll continue to have to rip your body apart…”-..Beg...Beg? Kodi hadn't beleived in begging even at its worse parts.. though as he told her jolts of electricity would travel through her body while he'd wait for her to beg...Kodi squirmed around fromt he shocks of electricity...before gazing at him with a fiery glare upon her blue lifeless eyes..."Go...fuck yourself...I-Im not going to beg... you had my body you won..bitch.."With that she chunked out a bunch of cum,then she knocked out... the abrasive shark had has enough of this pleasure mixed with torture..‏

-( Hearing Kodi give her final breath of resistance before knocking out brings Daisuke to get a slight frown on his face as yes she had been broken physically but her spirit had not. With her no longer fighting back or physically being able to; Daisuke releases the chains that hold her up and her body slowly falls back into the cum covered floors. Daisuke then uses that time to get back into his fighting attire. Slipping back into his Red Mask outfit; he laces up his boots while looking over at Kodi’s unconscious body. With him back in action, Daisuke searches the house to find his helmet. When he finds it, it is hanging from a small wooden shard that is still held together even after all their fighting and whatnot. Reaching up, he grabs a hold of the Vibranium helmet and places it back on his head. The blue lights inside of the helmet begin to light up once back on his head, allowing the HUD to turn back on. Looking outside he now sees the KPD Elite S.W.A.T. team had arrived and are preparing to breach into the building.-“Shit….”-Daisuke says to himself as he begins to make a run for it through the back. Stepping through the room where Kodi is in, he stops and looks at Kodi. He begins to ask himself if he should leave her here to be taken by the police or take her with him. His original goal had been to take her with him but after everything that happened here, was it really the smart choice for him? Before he can think any further on the subject matter, the cops barge in through the doors and the S.W.A.T. officers quickly flood into the building and quickly surround the two. Looking down they point their rifles at Kodi along with Daisuke while yelling-“FREEZE! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!”- One of the officers steps in the cum and looks down-“What the fuck is this!?”- That brings Daisuke to smirk a bit under the mask before coming back to realize the situation. Feeling slightly attached to the girl now for what he did to her here, Daisuke extends his left arm out and a Shadow chain begins to fly out of his wrist to wrap around Kodi by her waist. Using the chains like a grappling hook, Kodi’s body is quickly lifted up and off the floor with a pathway headed right to him. With the hand that fired the chain he quickly wraps her into his arm while saying to the police-“Sorry, mates…This shark isn’t getting fed to the cops today…”- With that, Daisuke uses his legs to jump high into the air; almost one hundred feet just by his legs alone! He then activates his Chi Flight system and begins to soar through the air, heading straight for Yun Tower. The cops can do nothing but watch as Daisuke’s body disappears into the night sky. While in the air, the cum around her body would fall to the ground due to the speeds they are moving at. Within five short minutes, the two of them would find their way back to the Tower. Daisuke brings her to the Penthouse using the open patio that leads to the penthouse suite. Once landed, he places Kodi in his arms like a husband would when he brings his new wife through the threshold of a door. Holding her by her back and the back of her knees, he walks her into the heated penthouse where he has his king sized bed. Walking into the room, Daisuke lays Kodi’s naked body down onto the bed; allowing the expensive covers and blankets shower over her body. Looking down towards her after basically tucking her into bed, he releases a small sigh and thinks to himself-“What the hell did you do…”-in reference to the thought that he just completely manhandled his bestfriends ex-girlfriend like she was nothing more than a piece of meat. After getting that thought into his head, Daisuke removes the helmet and begins to walk towards the balcony of Yun Tower, where they had just previously entered. The sun now begins to side from the east and Daisuke says to himself while holding the helmet in his right hand; leaning on the windows-“And  the new day begins….”- 

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