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CaptainPuertoRico: -( It had been a week after the incident underground that involved Wade, Kin and Connor defeating a giant lizard. During that time, Wade was not able to help protect his brother from being attacked and damn near killed by what they believe to be a V-Surge Freak. The mystery on who exactly did it remains unknown and with no evidence left behind; even Kuma was unable to retrieve any notable feature of who the exact Vamp was. Having made a quick recovery thanks to the help of Kuma and his Yun Corp technologies, Darius is now able to be discharged from the hospital he is in which is located in District Two. They moved him from their secret location in district one after implanting the Plasma Node inside of Darius to keep suspicion of their actions in that location under wraps. Having been some time without a shave, Darius sits up on his hospital bed with a small goatee growing on his face. Looking slightly depressed, Darius reaches over to one of the tables and grabs a thin black shirt to put on after all the wires and devices had been taken off of his body. It’s at that moment that Wade walks into the room while saying-“Hey there, brother…I’m here to take you home.”- And at the sight of Darius’ chest, Wade begins to give a shocked expression; being the first outsider to see exactly what had been implanted into him just to keep him alive. ( –“D…D-Darius…”- Wade almost speechless as he does not know how to come about talking about a huge blue glowing metal node in the human body like that. Darius slowly shrugs his shoulders while responding back with-“No need to say anything about it, Wade…It’s not like talking about it is going to change anything…”- Wade slowly nods his head and the two prepare to leave. But as they make their way to the door of the room, a man in a doctor’s coat appears. He reaches his hand out to cover to door to stop them both and looking up, the coat moves back just enough to reveal a tattoo on the man’s wrist. (Seal.jpg) Both Wade and Darius look up to see the tattoo and although they both have no idea what the tattoo means, Darius looks up at it as if he were actually to know it. Something inside of him felt like he had seen that symbol before, as if it were something he knew this whole time. He raises a brow but then his thoughts are quickly cut off as the Doctor begins to speak in a somewhat Mexican accent-“Sorry, fellas. We can’t let you go just yet. There is a doctor here waiting to speak with you Darius before you head out.”-Wade sighs a bit as he was hoping to take his brother home as early as possible. But they both nod their heads and sit back down as they wait to see what will come next. Darius looking at Wade to see him rather calm and collective, he asks-“So how is the investigation going?”- Wade shrugs his shoulders in his seat as he looks down towards the ground-“A dead end…The three days have long passed and there is still just smoke and mirrors…Part of me just thinks we are better off running to Canada or something…Now with your suits and such…you and I can defend ourselves pretty well.”- Darius scuffs a bit at that statement as the large chest piece inside of him would beg to differ on the effectiveness of his suit.-‏

Thunrian: ( ) Kin had been sitting in his car with a scowl on his face. ".... " He had been stressed. After defeating the lizard man, Kin had debrifed Connor and Wade and Ochigi on The Orders plan to find the Nirvana shards, but he hadnt been sucessfull to finding out about Wades past and why they needed him. So thus, Wade left after some time and Kin had been trying to find him. With a Scowl on his face he stared at a lady bug crossing his feet and he sighed. Wade had went awol, not good. And the only thing making the city not chase afer him is because Kin has him under E.O.D. aslong as the case is opened and they still had a long while before a dead line date was to be made. " Have you seen a Blonde guy? Looks like this? " Kin said showing the picture around town and hadnt been successfull at any point. " Yeah Suzume... I'll pick it up on my way back. But you have to come to the door... you know your dad still doesnt like me..." Kin said rubbing his neck as he shook his head and sighed. " Yeah.. wait, I think I seen that Kid... heading down to the hospital. " Said an elderly man walking his dog. " Did yea really!? That's great! Thanks old man. " Kin said rushing down to the hospital in order to his friend and some what troublesome liablity. However... as he made his way to the doors. He could see a group of men stopping infront of the Hospital. All of them in suits, they looked like Yakuza.( But they had a different insignia on there suits. And they all had hoods on there matching black suits. An Odd fashion note for something so formal. ( How they all looked. ) They all stood in a straight line and at the same time a loud ' SHING!' Could be heard by all in the area! And with it 30 Vans pulled up with men in White suits with the Orders symbol on there backs! " The... Hell is..." Before Kin could finish! Both factions rushed in each other! Gun fire! Explosion! The works went off. Some of The Order bum rushed through the unknowing warriors in hoods. And some of the hooded warriors chased after them, while the others remained from letting people in! As Kin turned his head, battles rang out everywhere! A war appeard littearly out of nowhere, on the roof tops all around the hospital in a 3 block radius. A war between stealthful factions... Kin watched the fighting and without much time to respond, he rushed through, leaping over a flock of The Order soliders, and The hooded fighters. As he made his way over them, he turned his head to see two men who appeared to be the leader of both of the factions. " Roman Pierce.... " " Victor..." The man stood infront of the other, one appeared older than the other by atleast 20 years or more. The younger one, seemed like he had been in ties with the hooded warriors. While the other one appeared to be in league with the one the white clothed one with The Order Insignia on it. ( Assassin3.jpg Roman Pierce - Victor ) Both men stood at the ready to face one another. " You know why were here Roman. " " Yes Old man, I know. Your here for the Boy. Well he's not going with you. " " That's what you assume, give up Roman you and your brother will never defeat me. Even your father couldn't and your fathers father. You'll both never succeded. " " You Lie Old man. I'll show you... The Power of The Borhterhood. " Both men's blades clashed and with it! The Impact blew Kin right into a wall. But when he looked up... They were gone. Shaking his head he stood back up to his feet. " I have to find wade..." He said taking tie off and wrapping it around his right hand as he rushed down the hall ways of the hospital.‏

The Secret WarsEdit

CaptainPuertoRico: -( As the battle between the Brotherhood and the Order begin downstairs, Wade and Darius both move towards the window as they see the factions going at it to the deaths! Wanting to leave the room, Wade and Darius quickly make a play for the door. But once again just as they are about to exit; something blocks them. This time it is a long katana style blade that pierces into the wall to block their path. Then the Mexican doctor is revealed to them, this time wearing his black and dark red robes that Darius looks at once again baffled as that attire seems so normal to him. Wade asks-“What the hell is going on!?”- In which the assassin smirks and says-“Kidd is on his way to speak to you both…”- Darius and Wade both look to each other confused wondering what the hell is about to happen. Wade slowly balls his hands into fists as he is ready to plow right through this guy to get out of the room.////On The Roof of The Hospital\\\\Kidd stands along the edge of the building with his long black robe as the logo of The Assassins of Brotherhood appears on his chest from the bag he is wearing that comes across his chest. The long triangle points of their hoods shows further that he is an assassin from that being one of their signature trademark styles. Looking down he sees his mentor Roman fighting The Order Leader Victor. Whispering to himself he says-“Vola con le aquile , mio fratello”-speaking Italian, one of the Assassin Brotherhoods native languages from its birth over hundreds of years. This translates into “Fly with the Eagles, my brother.” A quote of good luck and faith to allow their assassin brothers to complete the mission without injury. After saying this, Kidd knows what his mission is and prepares to handle it. Quickly leaping off of his toes alone, Kidd’s body quickly begins to flip into the air as if he were going to freefall off of the roof. Hitting a corkscrew motion in the air like a parkour and free running master, his body begins to descend down towards the ground. With his body heading towards the ground, he turns to where his chest is facing the building in his spinning motion. Extending his right arm out, a powerful rope dart flies out and quickly impales into the hard wall of the hospital building. This carries him towards a swinging motion as his body now heads straight for the window outside of Darius’ room. Within the blink of an eye, Kidd’s body smashes through the window and he quickly pulls in the rope dart as his feet hit the floor. The glass shatters all across the room, forcing Darius and Wade to bend forward a bit as they are now stuck between two highly trained assassins. The two of them looking back to see this assassin no older than they are. The Kidd looks over to Darius and says-“Wow…so this is a true descendant of The Brotherhood…Not much of an Assassin as far as I can see….”- Darius gives Kidd a “The fuck?” kind of expression as Oscar says-“Get on with it, Kidd!”- After hearing that, Kidd hands Darius a piece of paper that shows coordinates to a location for them to meet. Kidd then says-“Our Brother would like to have words with the two of you…If you seek answers on The Order…this is where you find them.”- Kidd quickly releases a whistle with his mouth that sounds like an Eagle flying through the air, something so on point you would think that an eagle was actually present in the sky. Wasting no time, both Kidd and Oscar fly out of the window with a diving freefall. Once Wade and Darius run to the window to see what is going on, they would see all of the Assassins having disappeared into thin air like ghosts.-“What the hell was that!?”- Wade asks again while Darius slowly looks down at the map. Darius lost in his own thoughts responds with-“I think…that was…my family….”-‏

Thunrian: ( ) As Kin rushed through the hospital he stopped on a dime to see a massive form in the hall. " Shit..." He said staring at Breaker with a man with a gun in his hands.( ) And Agent V right next to him. Wade crushed the man's head with his massive right hand killinh him instantly before they'd see Kin in the background with a scowl on his face. Kin remembered them... and he espcially remebered Breaker for fighting Wade. " Hello... Puppy. " She said to Kin as Vegetation began to grow from around her, Breaker took a step forward and Kin took his jacket off as he put his hands up, squaring up with the Giant. " CRUSH DOG MAN! " "... You hurt my friend. " Kin said looking up at The Breaker with a scowl on his face. " No one fucks with my friends. " He said referring to Wade as Breaker came down with an Axle handed right hand strike Kin ducked backwards as the behemoth punched a hole in the ground. Kin jumped onto his hand and then came at the beast with a knee into his temple! But as he leaped in the air, Agent V got a vein and whipped him through a room with a hard crash. Landing in the babies room! The Nursers rushed out of the way trying to defent the children! And the parents behind the glass banged on it trying to break through to help there child. Kin turne up watching Breaker juggerhnaught his way down the hall! " If he comes in here... he'll collapse this room and all the kids in here will die..: He looked all his spectators and he sighed as he used his mental chi to send a wave of chi from his brain using his artic wolf essneces that gave everyone ( except the babies ) A Brain freeze effect so strong that it blinded there senese. With this going on he transforms into his Lycan form!( HybridFull_2.gif ) His body shifted violently but quickly and before long he had been coated in fur, but he had been doing this while he ran to meet Berserker half way! And they'd clash his claws digging into Breakers shoulder as they clashed and caused the floor to cave in. " AGGHHH!" The Lycan Kin slung the Beast of a man into a wall as he got down into all fours and began to sniff the ground for Wades Scent when he was suddenly foot ball shoulder tackled right in the ribs! Kin's body tumbled through the rubble rapidly before he pulled himself back onto all fours as he drooled hellishly out of the sharp mauls of his mouth. The Breaker stepped through step by step. " STUPID DOG, MAKE BREAKER BLEED! BREAKER MAKE DOG BLEED!" Breaker slammed his fist into Kin's jaw! Left, right, left, right! This went on untill he uppercuted Kin into the air so hard he reverted out of his wolf form, only to get grabbed by his right foot while in mid air and slammed back down into the ground, and then punted into a wall once hit the ground. He lay on the floor in pain before he pulled himself up coughing up blood. " HA! PUNY DOG CAN TAKE A BEATING LIKE A GOOD MUTT, STUPID DOG STILL LIVE! BUT BREAKER CRUSH DOG, THEN BREAKER CRUSH FRIEND TO! " "...Shut up..." Kin said as he pulled on a piece of rope he had next to him. And as he did. Two pillars in the wall would have exploded outwards piercing right through breakrrs left and right ribs! The Large spikes would have left him unable to move. " Stupid bastard..." " CUNNING LITTLE WOLF! THINK PLAN CAN HOLD BREAKER?! BREAKER BREAK PLAN! " Breaker simply shook right through of the trap causing it break as he simply walked right out of it. " Hmph.. " Kin said as he shifted into his half wolf form. Ripping off his ripped shirt so he just wore his slacks and dress shoes. " Okay, bub, let's try that again... " As breaker rushed Kin in his half wolf form he would have weaved a punch and then tossed him over his shoulder In a Judo over the shoulder fashion. " HIS WEAKNESS! " He said getting ready to hit Breaker right in the bridge of his nose hard enough with his Shinogidachi, his weakness had been his naval cavity, it was an open slot right to his brain which could kill him! But before Kin could deliver the hit another Vein wrapped around him and slammed him through room after room before whipping him back over to her. " Clever... I knew you'd see his weakness soon. And yes he is a pain but we need that idoit. And I can't let you do that. " She said choking him with the vein, strangling him into dear life before she tossed him through another floor! He landed rolling back around coughing up floods of blood before he was whiplashed right into where Darius and Wade had been. Kin scuffled to his feet, not yet noticing Wade and Darius behind him when Red Velvet made her way in with a smile on her face. " Kill two birds with one stone. " She said making referince to killing Kin, and capturing wade.‏

Thunrian: Kin scowled at V in attempts of charging at her! But as he did a vein would have knocked him back! The Whole Hospital would have errupted when a massive tree trunk litterally exploded from the roots of the building in attempts of lifiting it high into the air. She had kicked out of the hopsital and had been flying! As the Building blasted up into the air, Another massive Vein had been made at another builiding in the same size zone as the hopital. With her immense strength! She raised both building side ways in attempts of smahing them together! " SHIT SHIT SHIT! " Kin said as he began to tummble on the other side of the building landing by hanging onto a window by his right hand hanging on to dear life! He caught a baby in his right hand as it got ready to fall out of the hospital as they all floated high in the air by 20 feet. " HAHAHAHAHA! LOOK AT YOU ALL NOW... " Agent V said as the vegetation had both buildings lined up for collison. Doing a one arm pull up as he saw the rush of babies getting ready to fall to there doom! ( ) " NO ! " He leaped into the air spinning in a 360 at the same time and as he did he would have blew his artic breathe out so all the windows had been closed off so the babies couldnt fall out as the ice coated the windows. Kin landed on the ice catching two more babies before he coughed up blood, using his demonic essences to much. " HAHAHAHAH DIEEEE!! " She shouted at the top of her lungs! " WADDDEEEE! " Kin said to his friend. " SHES GONNA TRY TO COLLIDE THE BUILDING! YOU HAVE TO STOP HER PLEASE! " Some of The Brother hood in the inside rushed to Kin's aid. " GO WADE! " Said Roman. " You And Darius! Whatever you do! Dont let her kill everyone in here! " He said holding two children and one two adults over his shoulder at the same time. A news team flew over, checking out the battle! Kin handed some of the children to The Brother Hood as he began to climb out of the opposite of the building! He stood at the very top of the side ways building with a scowl on his face. ( How the buildings looked getting ready to clash into each other. ) " WAAAAAAAADEEE HERE SHE COMESSSS!!! " Kin said croching down low as he began to speed through the air! Riding on building as it was getting ready to clash 200 feet in the air, and both going at 85 Mph! With a distance of 300 in Logitude! It was commendable that Agent V had been able to do this. " WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NOWWW!!!! "‏

Team WorkEdit

CaptainPuertoRico: -( Both Wade and Darius are in complete shock now as the two buildings are lifted up to be put on a collision course with one another like two trains about to hit head on! Darius quickly activates his thrusters and lifts off to head straight for the meeting point between the two buildings. Because the Mark Three Armor has two extra back thrusters, the suit is able to move faster and accelerate at a much faster rate. He is able to reach his point of destination in the blink of an eye. Looking to the left and then the right he sees both buildings heading straight towards him now! Darius takes a deep breath in and asks jayleen-“How much can we span out the Energy Shield?”- After an instant analysis of the suit Jayleen comes back with a response saying-“You can only span the Shield out fifteen feet with max power.”- Darius smirks and asks-“And how about in override?”- Jayleen goes silent for a moment as she contemplates that idea-“Sir…it could work…but could kill you as well…if you go to far…”- Darius extends both palms out towards the buildings as the power inside of the suit quickly begins to enter the Override Stage! When required, armor systems including strength amplification, durability amplification, and repulsor intensity can be greatly increased, by bypassing safety circuits and limiters. However, there is a chance that this can result in a complete system failure of the armor. An example of this mode is when Iron Man easily lifted a 16,000 ton Nuclear Reactor, and flew into the sky and threw it into the sea. It seems that he utilized this resource on the Hulk once, as the armor ends up completely inert. The range of the Override can be controlled as only reaching his very limit and staying at it for a long time will cause a system failure. This range goes from a safe 800% to 3200%, up to a very dangerous 5000%. Digging into 1000% of the suits original power, the suit itself would begin to glow with a bright blue color from the Plasma Node being supercharged beyond what it is normally capable of doing. Darius can feel this overload of power as his body feels like it is on top of the world. Even his eyes begin to release a glow of the matching plasma color along with his mouth as if he were some weird experiment gone wrong. With his hands extended outwards, two large blue shields of energy burst outwards and quickly begin to wrap around each building like wrapping paper on a present.( Dbz_movie3_712.jpg) Within seconds both buildings quickly become encased in the energy he released and begin to come to a slow moving stop in mid-air! Everyone watching would be astonished as Darius begins to quickly take control of both buildings as they are wrapped up in the power of the overrided shields! From the ground, Wade looks up at Darius like a proud brother while yelling out-“HELL YEAH, DARIUS!”- Afterwords, Darius slowly lowers the buildings down as he tries to steadily put them onto the ground. But as he is lowering the buildings, Darius begins to feel something weird in his breathing. It’s almost as if the oxygen had been cut off from his lungs. Then the images of his chest being ripped open returns to him. His heartbeat begins to race as jayleen begins to ask-“Darius!? Darius are you okay!? You’re having a panic attack! Breath, Darius! BREATH!”- With the buildings only seventy feet off the ground, Wade sees how the shields begin to static and crack as if they were about to break. This is because of the panic attack distorting the override and causing the power to flux out of control.-“SHIT!”- Wade yells out as he begins to run towards the bottom of one of the buildings.-“KIN GET THE OTHER BUILDING! IT’S GUNNA DROP!”- And if he were to listen, in a matter of seconds what they feared most became a possible truth. Darius quickly gets the paranoid feeling that someone is behind him and about to attack him. Out of fear and anxiety, Darius releases his hold on the two buildings and quickly turns around. As he turns, his two automatic rifles and gattling gun quickly activate out from within the suit and he open fires into nothing but air.-“NO! NOT AGAIN! YOU WON’T GET ME TWICE!”-Shooting at nothing, Jayleen quickly takes control of the Nano Suit and shuts Darius down! As this is happening, Wade quickly comes underneath the building and with all of his strength, he grabs hold of the building as if it were nothing and balances it above him! His feet quickly dig into the ground a few inches from the weight of the building before he slowly sets the building down. After doing so, Wade looks over to see Darius standing in the middle in between the two buildings (If Kin had caught the second). Wade looks to see if Darius is okay, but the suit is just simply standing there. Wade has no idea what is happening to Darius or the trauma caused by the attack on him.-‏

Thunrian: ( )-“KIN GET THE OTHER BUILDING! IT’S GUNNA DROP!” He heard him shout out to him and he quickly took notion to this! Kin pushed on the drop of a dime as he watched the building plummet down. " I WONT BE ABLE TO STOP THIS THING! " He says to himself as he reaches into his pocket and sighs. It had been his emergency case of Venom. Spinning it around his hand he slams the Venom into his right thigh. " AGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!" He shifted into Wolfbane. Kin had been 7'3 in height, his muscle mass had been expanded by ten times its orginal form. He had been way more powerful than his orginal Okami Curse form. He had become... wolf Bane... As Wolf-bane Kin's senses of sight, smell and hearing were enhanced to superhuman levels, even beyond his orginal lycan senses making them almost perfect. He could see objects, with perfect clarity, at much greater distances than normal humans. He retained this same clarity at night, enabling him to see perfectly in near-total darkness. His hearing was similarly enhanced, allowing him to detect sounds beyond the capability of normal humans to hear. His sense of smell was highly developed and he could track a target by a scent for many miles. IN this state Kin possesse great superhuman strength. At his peak, he possesse sufficient strength to lift at least 20 tons. As the Wolfbane, Kin's musculature was vastly more efficient than that of a normal human and his orginal lycan form. His muscles produced considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than normal human muscles. At his peak, he could exert himself for several days before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood impaired him. While transformed like this Kin's bodily tissues are much more resistant to physical injury than those of a normal human. He could withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, powerful energy blasts, and tremendous impact forces without injury. He take the strongest blows Meta-human foes and managed to remain standing. Wolfbane, lifted Eden off of him and then tossed him on the other side of the room. Kin had become a raging beast, an uncontrollable one. He became this because of a few factors. The New moon being the main one. During a new moon, Kin is human once more but the Venom focuses on enhancing someone to there very best, which is his lycan form. It pushed him to his strongest Lycan form and allowed him to become this beast of Science and Demonic arts. Only when he uses Venom can he shift to this and if he doesnt seek the cure soon. His body will burn out within 3 days. " I HATE THIS FORM... SO FUCKING MUCH..." He said growling. (How he looked obivously ) " Damn..." Kin said in his Wendingo form as he leaps off the edge of the building. His body twisted in mid air as he landed 3 seconds under the building as he coat it with his immense strength! But Most of the Brotherhood had been evaucating the ones that they could as the building approached ground level, showing off there expertise in arial manuevers and well timed parkour. Kin had caught his building at the same time as Wade and this feat alone had been horrdily tasking on his body. Lowering the building down in the middle of District 2 park, the people would have rushed out of the windows they could the ones that survived anyways. " This superhero stuff isnt my cup of tea. " He said in his I AM GROOT, styled voice due to the Venom. Agent V floated down to Wade and Kin both and stood before the two monsters with not a shred of fear. "... Wade... Give it up already... and Come with us. " She said with a scowl on her face. " Your holding back with these fools. Come with us Wad-" Kin would have appeared infront of V with his hands wrapped around her neck. Due to the Venom he had been moving at flash step speeds as he lifted the female up into the air and soon tossing her 60 feet out. ".... WADE... ISNT GOING WITH YOU...." He said turning his head back over to Wade, his white fur coating his body. Kin reverted back to Normal, but his eyes had still been glowing green to show the Venom in his body. "... These guys are getting persisted. Kin said standing Naked in the park, teenage girls streaming blood from there noses as he stood there with evidently no shame. " Good work you to..." Said Roman parkouring his way out to the both of them. " Good work handling the situation. The Brotherhood is proud of you two. "‏

Following Our Own PathsEdit

-( After everything had calmed down, the three main heads of the Brotherhood being Roman, Kidd and Oscar all show up next to Kin, Darius and Wade. Darius finally coming back to the land of the sane after Jayleen was able to get him to start breathing again after his panic attack. Inside of the suit he looks down at Kidd while asking-“Still think I look weak?”- In which Kidd comes to smirk as these two seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot from their first encounter. Roman laughs a bit and begins to speak with a deep Italian accent-“We know you three must have a lot of questions…but we also know some things that you already do know…”-Looking over to Kin, though the hood restricts view of his eyes.-“I know you have the knowledge of The Overseer…He discussed the shards of Nirvana with you…And I am not inclined to say whether he was right in doing so or not…But what I am here to tell you…if that you are fighting a war that cannot be won…”- The three of them show their Brotherhood Insignia on their robes as Roman continues to say-“We have been fighting The Order since the beginning of the human kind…The First Civilization, the first inhabitants of Earth created the Shards of Nirvana, using them as a means to control the humans and turn them into their slaves…This is what grew The Order…Their thirst for power and control…Their system of belief changed greatly upon the discovery of the Shards of Nirvana; they began to speculate that God was a myth and this led the Order to become atheistic, though they publicly maintained the pretense of following the Christian ways so as to not lose the support of the Church….Our Brotherhood of Assassins and Their Knights of The Order are one of the first civilizations to understand that “God” is a title to whoever holds the strongest weapons…After several generations of crossbreeding between the First Civilization and humans, some humans received an amount of First Civilization genes in their DNA, giving them special abilities such as "Eagle Vision" and an immunity to the Shards of Nirvana and the ability to use them…This is how we have been able to fight their greed for hundreds of years…”-Roman then points his finger towards Darius as he says-“And you…Son of Dominic Corvo…You are a son of The First Civilization…one of the last of our remaining bloodline…You and I…We are all that is left of our Blood.”- Darius looks shocked from not having any idea what kind of “bloodline” he comes from. Roman then continues on-“Realizing the power that the Shards of Nirvana held over man, the Order began to seek out the artifacts. In 1191, Victor, the Grand Master of the Order, personally sought the fabled Apple of Nirvana, buried in the catacombs of Solomon's Temple, beneath the Temple Mount. The theft of this Shard of Nirvana by the Order of Assassins renewed the sustained conflict between the two powers, ending with the deaths of our Assasin Forefathers…unable to defeat what Victor had become with one of the Shards at his disposal. But in that battle, our Forefathers were able to separate The Apple from Victor. Despite this setback, the Order continued its mission of creating a world of peace, through manipulation of the Shards of Nirvana….Ever since he got a taste of the Shard’s power…He could never let it go…His thirst for the power grows with each passing day…”- Hearing the history between the Brotherhood and the Order, Wade comes to raise his hand like a school boy again-“Again! I ask…What does any of this have to do with me!?”- Roman slowly turns to face Wade and while lifting his hands slightly, he says-“I cannot honestly say…We have our own speculation on the subject…but to tell you would only fill you with more confusion and we may even be wrong in thinking it to be such.”- Wade then gets a little angry while he yells out-“JUST TELL ME…”- Kidd moves forward while grabbing one of his blades as the disrespect shown to his mentor gets him riled up. Roman then extends his left arm out to stop him as he says-“No, Kidd…I shall tell him…For it is his own undoing…”- Kidd slowly steps back and stays quiet.-“Our war has spanned around hundreds of years of diluted bloodlines as I said…Darius and I are the last of OUR kind…But we have seen your power…your size…your appearance…You…Resemble that of…a First Civilization Breed…A creation like no other…holding a power like no other…We believed it at first…and we can see how they could as well…”- Wade looks confused for a moment before Roman outright comes out with it.-“It is possible…They believe you to be the Pure Blood of the First Civilization…”- And hearing that, Wade along with Darius cannot believe the words that are being told. And for Kin to be listening, he would either be able to piece part of the puzzle together, or be more lost in the case than ever before. Darius only has half of the story, not being present to know what the Overseer said, so even his genius brain is locked out from figuring that one out.-‏

He listened intentively but didn't speak much. Waiting untill they finished untill finally.. " This I didn't know. " Kin said looking back at Wade, and then back at the destruction. " Thanks for the information. But this is my case. Wade has to come with me. He's targeted and because he left..." Kin said glaring at Wade. " he placed others in danger. It's not safe for you to venture out alone. Let alone with your brother, friend , whatever he is to you. We have to go... Wade. " Kin said scowling putting on his batman face as he glared at Wade from there standing postion. Waiting patiently to hear a response.

-( After listening to Kin, all three of them men looked out to him with faces of blank emotion; all three not really swayed by the words of the detective. Wade slowly nodded his head at the statements Kin made, agreeing with him to a certain extent. But then he had to speak up on what he had on his own mind. Looking over at Kin, his glossy blue eyes would shine over once with the reflection of the sunlight upon them as he says-“I am sorry, Tasanagi…but I will not be going with you…I promised you three days…And you could not give the courts enough to free me…Dead end after Dead end we hit, you still try…which I do thank you for…But…If everything these Assassins and these Knights say are true…than we are in way over our heads…I am just a guy with no background in this sort of stuff…I am leaving…This isn’t anyone’s case anymore…”- Wade begins to turn from Kin and looks over to Darius and Roman as he asks his brother-“Will you be coming with me?”- Darius lifts his mask to look at him, then to Roman, then back to Wade.-“I am sorry as well, Wade…I finally have a chance to learn who I really am…Who my father really was…You of all people should understand what that opportunity feels like.”- Wade nods his head once again and places his hand out to shake Darius’ armored covered hand.-“I hope you find the answers you are looking for, Darius…”- Darius extends his arm out to shake his brothers hand while saying-“I will find you when this is over…”- Wade laughs a bit and with that, the three make their exit. Roman and Darius going off into one direction and Wade into the other.-‏

Kin scowled and sighed. Before he could continue on with what he was getting ready to say in response his phone went off. Sighing he allowed his hand to drop with detestment. He turned back around to face Wade and his new group of friends. " If you think. This is the right thing to do Wade. Then fine, but I can't protect you if you leave under E.O.D. Lock. You'll be a wanted criminal. I have to go. I have to worry about this case amongst others. But your right. This did hit a dead end. " Kin said turning his back on them. " you all. Better make sure. He's going to be alright. " Kin said stuffing his hands in his pockets. " I don't know who killed the mayor Wade. And why. But I do know it wasn't you. At least I know the truth. " Kin said, looking over at Roman... Which suprisingly. Had the same body and muscle mass as Wade. Kin took note of this before he continued to walk further on down the street. " Follow them. The nanomachines in his body. Trace them. We need to Atleast keep tabs on him. " Kin said to his portion of the boom network that sat in his blood stream. As he walked further down untill he'd get into mustang and drive off. " This case. Is far from over... " He said peeling on down the street.‏

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