Kaiuri Tachibana

"Sink into my flesh.."

The Strange Encounter.Edit

Kaiuri had only begun tapping into her new capabilities. But once she was far away from the scene that had occurred just minutes before, she slowed her stride. Kaiuri had been walking for hours almost and Jaguar's voice no longer echoed inside her head. She was alone. For the moment, anyway. 'Dammit, Kodi' she thought to herself. 'Why did this have to happen,' ghostly tears fell empty and dry. Her eyes were puffy and pink and her throat was so raw from sobbing that she couldn't speak. The red haired beauty sucked in a huge breath and ignored the dark rose colored bruise on her abdomen. . .That punch Kodi dealt had done some damage after all. She held her breath for a moment before exhaling, her claws and fangs retracted themselves, and her facial features shifted back to their usual sweetheart demeanor. However, her hair stayed nearly floor length and tickled the backs of her calves. As Kaiuri stood beneath the dimly lit lighting of the street lamp, she couldn't help but gaze upwards into it. It shone on her smooth honeycomb skin, thick lashes lining her gentle lilac eyes, her long vibrant cherry red hair; She looked nearly the same as before. She was no longer a tenacious Jaguar Queen. But as soon as she changed back to her mundane form, she instantly regretted it. After everything that had happened, the strain placed on her body while it was in its advanced form wasn't so strenuous. However now that she was human, things were different. The superhuman energy exerted from her body gripped tightly at her muscles. Her arms and legs immediately took dead weight. "Gah!" Kaiuri gasped as pain stabbed its way through her veins. God this hurt like hell! Kaiuri stumbled helplessly into an alley space between to brick buildings. Another alley. God, Kaiuri was starting to despise every one of them. Nothing ever good happened for her in alleyways. She hissed in pain, her body was killing her. Everything hurt! She pressed her back against one of the walls of alley. It took all of her resolve not to scream. As she tried to stand up and walk away from the wall, she stumbled over her own footing and tripped. Her vision began to waver on blurs of red and white. "No. . .Not now, dammit." her breath spoke raspy and low. But it was too late. Her eyes slid closed and she toppled forwards onto the stony cold ground. And just like that, the pain stopped. Pain on. Pain off.

"Shit.. that bitch really put a tole on me" Having his favorite red jacket torn into shreds.. thus finding out his friend satsu had passed.. he was not in the mood... he hated his sister with passion.. His blue eyes.. looked over at D-2 as he began to stumble forth..."Anatsu.. don't worry we will kill her.. I will promise you that... " The blonde young man..couldn't think straight.. when he had gotten to the familiar streets of the city.. he remembered.... when Satsu..first.. brought him into his home as if he was family.."~FB~ "Oi.. this is Anatsu.. I want everyone of you horny bastards to treat him with respect..." The whole family nodded at Satsu... when young Anatsu stood infront of the teen incubus..."So...-" His voice trailed off.. watching a woman being lashed with a hook blade... the blue oceanic eyes... curiously gazed at the horrid sight as if it was a peaceful matter..."AGH NO MORE PLEASE SIR FORGIVE ME..." The man lashing away.. would turn her.. facing him as her back spurted out more of her blood...The large man who had been Satsu's father... would caresss her frightened face while whispering in a cold tone.."Your nothing but a whore.. you will always be a whore... and We can just replace you.... with another fuck bag...."With that he kissed her forehead thus the female screamed in terror as The man leaned back.. lunging the blade onto her neck.. leaving a large gash... letting her head hang as a pig spraying over the mansions tiled floor.."Satsu.. bring that child over...His eyes.. call out murder..."Satsu had brought the new member to the family.. while a female knelt down in chains... frightened as wel.. would shake while the blonde kid stood before her...."Now.. Anatsu. Right..."He took a whip that he had heated over the fire.. the tips would be metal and he handed it to the blonde boy.."Now..  I want..-" He hadn't even finished his sentence.. Anatsu had lashed out the whip.. whipping the girl with violent force.. each stinging metal piece.. stuck onto her... blood splattering amongst his frail body.. The Incubus's watched in astonishment.. as The boy thought of his beautiful whore druggy mother.. each whip resembled her.. He had gave her a total of 85 slasshes thus dropping the whip at the same time as her body fell to the floor."THAT WAS WONDERFUL MY DEAR BOY.> SATSU.. you brought a legacy..." Satsu would ruffle the blondes bloody hair before smiling at him sincerely like a father/big brother would..~FB ENDED~ The blonde male.. eyes watered for a moment. thus heading into the alley where Satsu's an him hid out at though. he looked over. noticing the honey skin..."C-Chocolate?" He rushed over to her.. as her clothes were torn... her hair was quite long.. kneeling down.. he had picked her up in his arms.. blinking while looking around..."I though... that bitch would of been here.." With that Anatsu..picked up Kaiuri.. while kicking the door open... rushing inside to put her on the couch.. He grasped a hot towel already ready from Satsu's stash due to him always having a headache... Placing it on her forehead... he would then caress her face... Captivated by her beauty... though the questions led to his mind..Why was she here alone...? Did Kodi and her fight.. what led to there friendship...  He hoped to have her wake up soon..

It was cold, so cold. She could say nothing, hear nothing, but she could feel and what she felt was cold. Her eyelids were glued shut as Kaiuri lay motionless on the ground. Then suddenly she felt as if she were lifted off the ground, as if she were floating in the air. Her body felt weightless, adrift in a sea of failed gravity. But soon after the dreaded pull of gravity gripped hold of her once more. However, unlike before, she was warm and her head was. . .fuzzy. What was going on? Behind the backs of her eyelids everything was a discombobulated blur. Her mind was being lulled left then floating right, she was floating on nothingness. And then, suddenly, all the feeling all the construing jumbled blah her brain was passing through, everything just stopped. When Kaiuri came to it was mid afternoon. Her eyelids fluttered open and she stared bleakly at the dengy off white ceiling of the room she was in. Her arms and legs felt like heavy, her entire body had turned to lead. She groaned in pain. Man, was she sore. A cooled towel lay on her forehead, Kaiuri brought her fingers to touch it before setting it off to the side and laying it on the arm of the couch. The red haired girl sat up carefully and placed a hand gingerly to her forehead, it was damp. Beads of cold sweat haulted at the line of her brow. However, it wasn't just her forehead that was sweaty, she felt cold sweat drape over her chest and legs. She ran her fingers through her thick lengthy hair, it tangled so easily. Kaiuri was out of it, her vision didn't quite set right, her muscles throbbed for attention, she couldn't even sit up quite right without propping herself up with one elbow. She felt like shit. And she probably looked like it too. Then she thought back to the night before and remembered why it was in the first place she was feeling so crappy. 'Kodi. .' She thought blankly and stared at the ceiling. And as her soft lavender irises gazed numbly into the off white color of the ceiling she began to wonder where she was. The brothel? She began to see more clearly. As the thin scratchy material that cradled her back shifted beneath her. A couch? Who's couch was she on? She looked around only to see walls with chipped paint, clothes that weren't hers sprawled over in the corner of the room, there was a large television set, a coffee table, some mismatched chairs, the floor looked spotted with . . . something. And then the couch. Kaiuri tried to sit up fully, but failed. As she shifted against the cushions of the couch she noticed that her clothes were in horrible shape. 'Like everything else in my life. . ' Kaiuri shook her head. The clothes they way they were now revealed the smooth ember skin of her legs and lower thighs, it also exposed the scratches and injuries she had gotten. She let our a sigh. Her eyes drifted over the couch sporadically. Who's couch was she on? Where was she period? Because it sure as hell wasn't the brothel. Her nostrils gave a small snuff of the air around her and instead of taking in the aroma of flowers and honey, she found a rather more . . . manly smell than expected. Nope, definitely not the brothel.


"I see your awake... If I left you out there.. you would of gotten raped or worse.." Anatsu leaving the othe room.. as he soon sat beside her on the couch.. he was also covered in bad gashes from the fight with his sister.. Renzoku appear out from the males body forming into his human being self though just made from aura... He stood beside Anatsu..examining the female.."Ah I see you have a thing for this girl.." The blonde male nodded before throwing large black sweater, that belonged to Satsu..knowing she had liked clean things... His friend was a neat freak.. while anatsu just always had blood upon his attire.."So... I see your not with the blonde bitch anymore.. What happen? Hmmm?" If she had told him what had happen.. he'd give off a simple nod to her while he had said.."Well..It was just weird seeing her without you... I figured when she left Connor at one point...but..." He thought of Satsu.. being dead from his hands.. it angered him.. though his eyes glistened in tears..He shook his head..standing up ner the wall.while punching a hole in the wall with his right hand.. causing it to bleed slightly.. an bruising bad.Renzoku looked at him painfully.. he was feeling it..rather hard.. his dear father figure gone... he had been running away just like Kodi...running away from his pain...Though due to being bi-polar .. the emotions caught up while looking at Kaiuri.."So this is the part where you leave hmm..? I guess...don't forget to watch out for danger.." He scoffed.. as he turned his back toward her..not wanting her to leave.. though Anatsu knew... that it was best at times.. Satsu was his only friend..and he was gone.. feeling the pain within his heart.. he never cared for anyone.. but him and now Kaiuri.. He balled his hands into a tight fist... as he inhaled and exhaled sharply...awaiting for her to speak.

Kaiuri felt his arm snake around her waist and hold onto her firmly. It took everything in her not to fall against him entirely. The dark rosy tent that fled over her cheeks grow faintly noticeable as their gazes locked. Kaiuri wasn't sure if she should lean in or pull away, the grip of his piercing blue eyes were insistent on the former. She couldn't shake the feeling that he was trying to communicate something through his gaze. Her eyes wavered as Anatsu spoke,"You can stay as long as you like...I really don't mind... Besides with Satsu dead..Theres nothing to come back too.." And with that, his hold on her loosened. Kaiuri felt her chest tighten at the mention of his friend. "Satsu. . ." Her voice was low and nearly inaudible when she said the name. 'So, your best friend too. . .' Kaiuri thought bitterly. Apparently, she wasn't the only one who had lost a friend. . .a companion. "I can smell.. something feline like within you...The scent is astonishing..." Kaiuri looked at the blonde haired male as he spoke. Her eyes grew large and she looked down at her feet. The man sat limply on the couch. Had he noticed the new being that now lay dormant inside of her body? All the thoughts rushed away as Kaiuri felt a hand tighten around her right wrist. She looked up just as Anatsu tugged her body to him. Kaiuri stumbled forwards into his lap and her supporting lims gave out and betraying her. She shifted her eyes to stare at his face as his hand treaded through her foreign red strands. "But like I said before..Kaiuri," Kaiuri sucked in a breath as he spoke her full name for the first time. Anatsu's demeanor had completely changed. His voice low and serious. "You're not going anywhere anymore..even if you and Kodi become friends.. YOU only get to see her.. if I'M BUSY." Kaiuri stared at him. The tension in the room hung silent. "If you're"busy" " . . .Her thick lashes lowered as she slant her gaze. Kaiuri didn't know how she felt about the new rules that were just laid down.It didn't matter, because she was in no position to argue with him. Lowering her line of vision, the small girl gave him a mute nod. Anatsu exhaled and broke his bracing hold on her, his eyes on the ceiling now. "But...I'm going to murder..that motherfucker.. Ryoji...Thats a promise..." Kaiuri looked in her lap and said nothing. Kodi and her being friends again? Ha. The future is a faulty fuck. She gripped tightly at the sweater still in her hand and remembered. Her clothes were in horrible condition, she was felt exposed. And even though Kaiuri knew that if Anatsu had really wanted to try something, he could have already; Her mind still took the present situation into account. She was alone in a room with a serial killer, a man who tortured women for fun, the brown honey skin of her long legs and bare belly shown, and she was sitting on his lap. . .Usually shed cringe at the thought of man like him, any man at all, being this close to her. . .but strangely not at this moment. Insteadshe got flustered. The flush of her cheeks brightened and shebit the insides of her cheeks to make it stop. "I need to clean up," Kaiuri didn't dare look at his face, she only held the sweater closely to her chest. "Where's the washroom?"

The Frisky Barracuda...Edit

Watching her get flustered..only made him want her more...speaking she needed to clean up...thus asking for the washroom..Anatsu would flip her over the couch..pinning her over the couch.. looking into her eyes.. His lust grew inside him..wanting the feline red honey skinned beauty... Tracing his claws upon his sweater.. shredding the upper body exposing her bare breasts... He licked his lips frantically... Before reaching his claw..letting the tip of touch her now erected mounds due to the coldness of the hideout..If she let him.. this would cause her body to shutter due to the sensitivity from her breasts... He grunted as he scoffed.."Already sensitive.. tch.." The young blonde man reached down with his other hand.. lifting up the sweater.. exposing her lower half of her body... It was unlike Anatsu... he usually wasn't that interested with his pleasure like this.. but if it was with Kaiuri.. it was offered ac change.."Why not we both get more dirty before.. we both head into the shower.. or even both..." With that he leaned over like a brute.. wrapping his pale lips around her nipple...covering her arola... he sucked furiously... thus dragging the claw down her other breasts.. not deep enough to cut.. thus to let her feel a high sensation of pain and pleasure...Anatsu rose back..grunting while forcing his lower body inbetween hers.. dry humping against her exposed pussy.. as he brushed up against it.. with his black jeans..Anatsu would then bite down on her nipple he had upon his mouth.. giving it a rough tug.. The male showed no mercy.. he wanted her.. one way it was his way.. of his own pleasure.. Giving it one last tug before releasing.. he stood up.. watching over her.. like a barracuda locked on its prey. Unbuttoning his pants.. he quickly pulled off his jeans.. along with his black boxers...exposing his porcelain manhood... it was pretty huge for his age... the heat coming off of it was extrodinary.. If Kaiuri would be staring.. she can even watch it pulse... before her eyes..Anatsu gripped her by her red hair while sitting himself...before manuevering her between his legs.. Making her look up with his dominating expression.. Grabbing the base of his shaft.. he slapped his erect length on the side of her cheek.. waiting for the virgins reaction. If she responded shyly.. Anatsu.. tugged her by her hair.. shoving his length half way into her mouth aggressively...with that ... The male.. pulled her head back then shoving it forth.. bringing each time he did so.. it would slide deeper within her mouth thus slowly entering her throat leisurely.... Anatsu groaned in excitment... feeling his body shut down with pleasure.. "Your touch just...-" He grunted.. before bucking his hips forth only to bring his cock into her mouth more.. now sliding down her throat.. causing her to gag.. an drench his shaft in her drool.. He then felt the walls of her throat pulsating around his cock... which sent him moaning... while tilting his head back... He pulled Kai off of his cock while throwing her on the coffee glass table... Standing up he turned her over... letting her breasts touch the cold glass.. along with her ass sticking up in a seductive matter.. The male walked up toward her from behind.. smacking her honey skinned buttocks in a rough matter.. leaving two hand marks.. that soon shown quickly... Anatsu leaned over pressing his body against her back.. giving her shoulder a sharp bite.. leaving a bite mark.. that proved he had owned her... The blonde rubbed his saliva covered cock against her ass thus sliding inbetween her thighs.... Thrusting into it feeling the smoothness of her pussy lips.. he groaned feeling her hot lewd juices. drench his cock.. He whispered in her right ear..."Be prepared... I'm going to thrust in a bit... Im just enjoying that I'm making you wet.. You must thought I was attractive to begin with Chocolate.." With that he awaited for her reaction as he bucked his hips into her inner thighs.

Kaiuri yelped as she was tossed carelessly against the couch. The cheery haired girl blinked wide eyes at him. "Wuh--" But as  she spoke Anatsu's body went to cover her own. Kaiuri squirmed against his grip in fear. Anatsu's claw sliced open the top of her sweater, as soon as he did this her bountiful breasts sprung out from their bonds. Before she knew it, her breasts were exposed and bare. Her body hot to the touch. "St-Stop. . .please." Kaiuri managed to force the words from her lips in a quiet whisper. She wasn't ready for this. She didn't feel ready for any of this, but it didn't matter. Her words fell on deaf ears, Anatsu wasn't hearing a single thing other than the sudden gasps of pleasure that Kaiuri let slip free. It didn't help when his hand slid lower and found its way beneath her sweater. The dark rosy tent of her cheeks grew darker as her lower body became bare. She heard him groan, his icey blue eyes burned into her skin. The cool air of the room brushed against the sensitive skin of her pink womanhood. She bit back a moan, this urge. . .it was a foreign feeling. She parted her lips and another whimper of pleasure sprung free. Anatsu voice grow low, "Why not we both get more dirty before.. we both head into the shower.. or even both..." Kaiuri gasped again as his lips took hold on her breast. "Kyaaaah!. . " She emitted in a sudden bought of pleasure. His body pinned hard against her own. Unable to break free from his grasps, the poor girl turned her head looking away. She was slowly losing the will to fight against him. Anatsu's slender form pressed firmly into bare body. There was nothing for her to hide behind and Kaiuri couldn't do anything about it. His claw bore into the supple flesh of her other exposed breast. Kaiuri tossed her head back crying out into the darkness of the room, the sun had set so quickly. Then suddenly she was lifted, her plump legs spread open by his impulsive lower half. Kaiuri moaned helplessly as his  bulge made direct contact with the heated flesh of her bare pussy. "Ah! No, not there!" Kaiuri cried out defenselessly. The feel of him against her was nearly unbearable. She began to feel her pussy grow wet against his jeans. "An-Anat-. . .Ahhh!" Kaiuri couldn't help moaning his name and of course him tugging on her nipple only made her squeak in pleasure. As he kept rubbing against her it didn't take long for Kaiuri to react in a similar manner. Her legs found their way around his waist pulling him closer. It felt good, he so felt good! But it wasn't enough. . .It wasn't enough for either of them. Then Anatsu suddenly broke away. Kaiuri couldn't help, but turn her eyes up to look at him. Her eyes were instantly locked in with his. The ember skinned female sat knock kneed and wide eyed. Her legs spread open as her shimmering pink pussy peered from in between her thighs. Her massive breasts sat high and rounded. Everything ached. . .her body was hot and bothered all over. Kaiuri panted weakly as she stared at the blonde male's face. His eyes raked over her and to be honest. . . Kaiuri was sizing him up as well. She let her gaze wander over his body. . .the tight muscles of his chest, his toned arms. . .dude was fit. Her fiery lilac eyes drank him in. She followed the outline of his abdomen. . .saw how it disappeared into a v beneath his pants. And as Anatsu began to disrobe then, Kaiuri felt her mouth go dry. As soon as his boxers fell to his ankles, her eyes lit up with lust. Now, it was her turn to experience the same hunger. Kaiuri stared intensely at Anatsu's large member. She felt herself blush again, this is the first time she had ever see a man's cock. . .Kaiuri couldn't find the strength to look away, she wasn't even sure she wanted to. Suddenly she felt a pull of her hair. Kaiuri winced at his grip. He pulled her closer to his throbbing manhood. She gasped as it poked at her cheek. . .it felt hot and firm against her skin. She tried to steal another glance at it, but before she could. . .Anatsu had shoved himself into her mouth. Kaiuri instinctively slammed her eyes shut as her lips wrapped around the shaft of his cock. Her tongue swirled timidly over the head of his pulsing cock. Kaiuri heard his bliss filled grunting and she moaned. "Your touch just...-" Anatsu gasped suddenly. And then before she knew it, he was no longer forcing her to do it. Kaiuri began working her tongue around his cock. . .The taste that he gave off in her mouth was intoxicating. Anatsu tilted his head back and forced himself into her throat. Kaiuri widened her eyes and choked on his thick shaft. When he pulled away, she gasped for air and coughed. Anatsu tossed her against the coffee table. Kaiuri lay against the cold surface of the glass breathing heavily. She felt so weak against its surface, but. . .still full of energy. In that instant, she felt his palms smack firmly against her rounded backside. Kaiuri gave a whine. . .and clawed at the table. She could feel the stinging pain of his hands and left a moan escape her. It stung. . .but it felt so good. Everything felt so good. And then he felt him. Anatsu's chiseled feature pressing firmly into her back as her leaned on her, she held in a moan as he pushed her onto the coffee table. When his teeth found the bare flesh of her shoulder she threw her head back. The line or pain and pleasure. . .it blurred. She didn't know the difference in that moment, but as his throbbing erection proceeded between the soddened lips of her pussy, the pain became clear again. Kaiuri hissed as his cock began to slide in slowly. . .as he went deeper she could feel herself wrapping tightly around his shaft. She hissed as he went a bit too far. . .but he stopped. Kaiuri felt his lips on her ear as he gave a low whisper. Be prepared... I'm going to thrust in a bit... Im just enjoying that I'm making you wet.. You must thought I was attractive to begin with Chocolate.." Kaiuri blushed at his words. However, as he made his first thrust forwards everything in her screamed and burned. Tears stung at the backs of her eyes as she gripped tightly to the edge of the table. Pain showered itself over her body as the two became one.

Anatsu.. would pull away... while flipping her around.. though she smashed her back onto the glass coffee table.. causing the legs of the table to break.. sending them onto the floor.. he planted his hands on the side of her..looking at her with a lustful look within his eyes...licking his serated teeth from left to right... The young mans arms..grasped at her smooth thighs.. spreading them apart.. exposing herself to him.. he watched her pussy twitch an throb.. wanting more..He loved the way she screamed... it caused his manhood.. to become more thicker an longer.. about 9 inches.. due to his onihoruda... the heat coming off of it.. could send anyone off pleasure... Anatsu gave her trembling pussy a hard smack.. he'd gaze at her squirming from his sudden smack.. "The way you tremble.. it drives me fuckin insane..." He leaned over.. pressing the head of his cock against her pussy before actually inserting himself inside her pussy hole.. he went in slowly.. due to her being a virgin.. though right when his cock made contact with her drenched heated hole... Anatsu.. shoved his whole length inside her womb.. causing her to lose her virginity.. some blood would drip down the floor.. before he started sliding out leisurely..while standing himself up with his arms underneath her legs...He looked over at the large window before him that was a one sided window there fore no-one can see her.. Though she hadn't known..Slamming her against the window as well as shoving his whole length back inside her warm tight hole... He snickered as he said.."Look.. there all gonna see you get pounded... Don't be shy give them a show.." He loved the tears in her eyes.. it sent me wild.. while he began to thrust with no hesitation now.. each thrust.. he went balls deep.. as if he was a beast... he leaned into her while he bucked his hips violently yet in a lustful passionate matter..Anatsu pressed his forehead against hers.. while staring at the honey skinned beauty.."Tell me you want more..Tell me you love it..." Being demanding... he wrapped her legs around his waist... before putting his right hand around her neck in a mild grip while his left wrapped around to her back... He pumped harder and harder... the back of her naked body.. grinded against the cold window...The slapping of there skin into one another... echo'd throughout the room... as her lewd juices seeped down.. making a puddle underneath them.. Anatsu noticed.."Your a virgin...and your already... this wet..You've been wanting it have you?" Even if she did respond... he slammed his lips on to hers locking them to one another.. the blonde man shoved his toungue  into her mouth.. grappilg her toungue with his... as he roughly entwined them in a playful rough dominating matter.....Literally shoving his toungue down her throat right after... He pulled away giving her a lustful cocky smirk.. before lifting her off from his cock.. slowly.. only having the tip inside her.. Anatsu looked up at her..."Lets see if you can handle this.. My hot chocolate..." With that said.. he dropped her on his cock... as it reach straight into her womb.. even passing it... He threw his head back.. moanin loudly as if it was the most pleasurable thing in the world and it was too him. Losing his virginty to a woman.. that he hadn't hated...Though to be one with her was all he wanted.. he wanted her to feel the same pleasure he does.. and it was working... he can feel her pussy walls tighten up against his shaft.. as if she were milking his cock...He soon grappled onto her hard nipples.. tugging them so hard.. it sent shivers down her spine...The male could feel her whole body tremble just from his touch... His pre-cum soon spurted out from the tip of his cock.. and into her womb...It felt like his cock would vibrate like a jackhammer within her... Anatsu stumbled over to the couch..panting heavily.. though still havent came yet, he then would of smacked  her  plumped ass  roughly.. wanting her to yelp before he said...."C'mon ride me.. I can't do all the work y'know" He smirked at her.. leaning back.. 

Uri Taking Over..Edit

Kaiuri felt Anatsu's weight shift off of her, she looked back at him with tears in her eyes. What was he doing now. . .? The fragile girl watches as the tall man reached for her snaking his arms around her body. Kaiuri squeezed her eyes closed as her back slammed into the coffee table with a thunderous thud. The ebony goddess gasped as the legs of the table collapsed and sent her lower on the ground. Kaiuri's legs instantly flew over her and she opened one eye slightly. She was greeted with the sight of a very pleasure crazed Anatsu. . .his tongue licking over his teeth as his arms found their place by her plush thighs. Kaiuri tensed up giving a involuntary squeak as she lay there feeling her legs pry open by his strong arms. Her face blazed red as she felt his eyes staring at her womanhood. Funny, how even now she grew embarrassed. . .Turning her head from him did little to subdue the impulsive quivering that her pussy made. It was achy. . .So achy. Not to mention that her pussy was so drenched that it looked as if it were crying for Anatsu. . .as if it wanted him to give all of it his attention. . .to touch it. She bite her lower lip in an effort to keep quiet. But Anatsu's hungry hand slapped fiercely upon the supple pink flesh of her labia, causing her to yell.Her entire body shook with orgasm and she squirmed. So, keeping silent? Yea, that lasted no more than a second. Kaiuri looked up at his porcelain facial features as he let out a low chuckle. "The way you tremble.. it drives me fuckin' insane..." Kaiuri wasn't able to respond, as soon as the words left his lips she felt the head of his cock press against her. "Nnngh. . .Aaah. . " Kaiuri moaned desperately as the blonde male teased her wet hole with his throbbing member. It was torture. . .Soon, Anatsu began to slowly slide his cock inside of her. Kaiuri gasped and felt the lips of her pussy wrap around his rod snuggly. Her body began to tense up, the walls of her pussy welcoming his cock in as he made himself at home. With every inch that he forced inside of her, Kaiuri arched her back further. But not even after only getting three inches inside, Kaiuri began to feel a sudden burst of pain. Anatsu then stopped going, suddenly, he slammed the rest of his shaft into her. The walls of her pussy hugging tightly around him as he did so. Kaiuri screamed in agony as her virtue was torn from her body. She grasped for him as tears fled down her cheeks. Her nails clawed into the skin of his forearm. Her toes curled. Her back arched round and hard. Kaiuri wrapped her fingers around his forearms and held tightly as his lengthy cock eased in and out of her. Her breathing grew harsh as she sucked in sharp breaths. After a little while the pain subsided and she loosened her grasp on him. . .but the nails marks still dug deeply into his skin as a reminder. Kaiuri felt him lift her up and she clung to him wrapping her arms around his neck as he walked, bouncing her on his cock. Her lips pressed hotly against his ear as she was rammed against the cooled glass of the window. Kaiuri widened her eyes in fear, but they were also eyes glazed over in lust. . .Anatsu snickered in her ear, "Look.. there all gonna see you get pounded... Don't be shy give them a show.." Kaiuri felt her face flush with excitement and she moaned sweetly. Then he was pounding. Kaiuri wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and gave a whimpering moan. God, this felt so good! She had never experienced something wonderful in her life. "I d-don't care. . .I don't care. I want it, I want it!" The poor girl whined needily into his ear. Her moans bounced off the walls of the apartment. She wasn't worried about being too loud anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing mattered more to her than Anatsu, he was all the existed. Kaiuri could care less about anything else, her body was begging for more. . .It was begging and pleading for everything he had. Just as those thoughts slipped into her mind, Anatsu spoke again, "Tell me you want more..Tell me you love it..." Kaiuri opened her eyes to see his electric blue pools. They teased her, mocked her. The honey skinned female opened her mouth. . Her rosy red lips parting to speak the words, "I want it, I want more! I-I love it, Oh, I love it!" . . .and oh GOD, did she want it! She breathed onto his skin as his cock filled her pussy, she moaned for it, moaned for more, moaned for him. It was him. Kaiuri felt his had grip her neck and she gasped suddenly. The weight of her body creaked the glass. She kept her gaze fixed on Anatsu, it never wavered for a second. He spoke again in between breathes, "Your a virgin...and your already... this wet..You've been wanting it have you?" At this Kaiuri looked at him with fragile eyes. . .her face warmed. Was he really able to tell? Kaiuri gave a muffled moan and closed her eyes before whispering, "Yes. . ." However, her answer was lost in the moment as Anatsu swept it away with his lips crashing against her own. Kaiuri instant responded to him. . .though she had never kissed anyone before, it seemed natural. It was funny. What most men had tried to conquer in the past, whether it'd be her first kiss, her first time. . .her heart, Anatsu had already conquered two. Kaiuri leaned into him and ran her fingers through the thick of his blonde hair. And it was possible. . .he would take the third. The blonde brute broke away and smirked, "Lets see if you can handle this.. My hot chocolate..." Kaiuri gasped as he he lifted her body with ease into the air, his cock slide from her body. Then suddenly Anatsu slammed her down once more, Kaiuri arched her back and cried out, "Aaah-aaah-Anatsu!" she felt his shaft slide deeper than before.  The pleasure she felt took her mind to an entirely different level. So much so that, she felt her first mind disperse and recede away. And as they stumbled onto the couch, Anatsu laughed and smiled devilishly, "C'mon ride me.. I can't do all the work y'know". . .With a toss of her head and a loud sultry moan, her second persona floated into existence. Kai had left. . .and Uri had entered. And as Anatsu's eyes met hers, he would see that something inside of them had shifted, the fire was the same. . .but the burning was brighter. "Oh. . .Trust me, before I'm done "working" you. . ." The corners of her lips tugged upwards in a twisted passion. "You'll be begging for me to end my "shift","She giggled playfully and straddles his massive cock. Uri pulled her hair back and guided his member inside of her sopping wet pussy. She moaned as she slid down on him, her hips took on a mind of their own. Uri placed a hand on his chest for support, and guided his hand to cradle her large mounding breast. She smiled as she'd  leave his hand there. Her hips would grind against his enormous member, making her pussy wrap around his shaft in ways unimaginable. She'd then flex her abdomen, causing the walls of her  pink womanhood to shrink around the form of his cock making him rather snugged rightly inside of her. "Tell me. . ." She'd moan helplessly. "Tell me how much you've wanted to do this since you first saw me. . ." She remembered their first encounter and sped up her hips, circling them and whimpered as his cock brushed against her back wall. "Tell me how you can't live with out me. . .How you much you need--" Uri grinded against him hard, his shaft completely devoured by her hungry pussy. "Me. . ."

As her eyes met his, he felt the same emotions within his.. he blinked in surprise... it was the same eyes he met.. when he had killed Cid.. it sent he off the charts of pleasure when Anatsu had heard her voice an the cocky twisted tone."Oh. . .Trust me, before I'm done "working" you. . You'll be begging for me to end my "shift" The blonde male would throw his head back while he had straddled onto his hard erect cock,letting her soaking pussy slide onto his shaft...His moans went in rhythm along with hers..Kaiuri soon slid down on him as her hips began to move as if she hadn;t had any control at all.. He quickly planted each of his hands onto her hips.. digging his nails into her hips.. in a painful but pleasure matter.Thus she guided his right hand along her right breasts.. giving it a hard tug while pushing it back to only fondle it..feeling the softness of it.. they felt as soft a marshmellows..Anatsu then felt her grinding amongst his large erect made it pulsate.. sending chills of pleasure down his spine...He watched the honey skinned beauty flex her abdomen.. only to make the walls of her tight pussy to tighten around his cock.. He moaned so loud.. before biting his lip.. The young male was too also a virgin though.... the feeling of the tightness was unbearably amazing... he heard then speak once more..."Tell Me..Tell me how much you've wanted to do this since you first saw me. . ."  He gritted his teeth.. when he circled her hips as his cock would hit against her walls of her pussy fromt he back... The sensitivity within his cock.. wanted to make him cum at anymoment... Though not at this moment.. He wanted to watch the new Kai that stood before him.. Which turned him on to the extent."Tell me how you can't live with out me. . .How you much you need--"  More pre-cum spurted out into her womb once.... once Uri grinded into him roughly sending his whole length to be devoured by her savage hungry pussy that needed his cock...Anatsu snickered..."I fucking wanted it fromt the fucking start..  You attractive red head you.." He grunted grappling a handful of her hair. pulling it back. .. He planted his feet onto the floor before pumping upwards meeting her grinds... He would soon thrust so deep..that it would have hit Uri's g-spot.. over an over again.. Each thrust would of gotten harder an harder... he removed his other hand off her breast only to smack her ass roughly..." I need you.. I need all of this!... You ain't fucking going nowhere..." Speaking in a abrute dominating tone...Anatsu.. would then slid it all the way out reaching the tip once more.. before shoving it in once more... letting her juices spurt over his cock an balls.. He soon leaned forth licking her soft neck.. savoring her taste within his mouth.. before tugging her hair once more..He smirked at the red head... loving this new attitude of hers..Anatsu would then bite down on the right side of her neck.. leaving a large bite mark. that pierce through the skin to leave his permanant marking of him... The barracuda.. soon bucked his hips uncontrollably... feeling his whole lower body stimulated...He was at his limit... he soon slammed into the Uri once last time.. while giving her womb atleast 3 loads of cum.. overflowing her pussy... He pulled out before laying her beside him thus laying himself down before he embraced Kaiuri while sighing in a calm state..."That.. was so fuckin hot..." He smirked while patting her stomach.. knowing she was full with his sticky substance... though even if this hadn't happen.. He would of still been infactuated with Kaiuri.

Uri squeaked at how Anatsu held her hips, his hands were large and strong. When he made his grip on her tighten, Uri moaned. The cherry haired girl couldn't help the slight purr the erupted from the back of her throat. The feline inside of her was fighting for control, but Uri was stronger. She whimpered as his cock spurt more juices deep inside the far reaches of her pussy. His voice broke through the rhythmic sounds of pleasure that past her lips. "I fucking wanted it from the fucking start..  You attractive red head you.." She bucked her hips and as he pulled a handful of her hair she moaned loudly. His pelvis thrust upwards causing her body to fall against him. Uri blushed and gasped as his cock shoved violently inside of her. She cried out his name with every thrust he gave as his cock reached to new depths. Uri felt tears sting in the backs of her eyes as she rode his fully erect cock. His hardness felt so good inside of her. She didn't want him to stop! Anastu spoke again and Kaiuri stared at him through eyes clouded with desire, "I need you.. I need all of this!... You ain't fucking going nowhere..." Her thoughts drifted aimlessly, "I'm staying, I'm not going anywhere. . .no way you're getting rid of me. " Uri's eyes darkened in passion. The way he moaned. . .How his breath was hot on her skin. . .His touch made her entire being shake. Uri didn't understand how Anatsu was able to make her feel this way, her better half, Kai, also. Never. Never before has their body experienced so much blissful pleasure. Uri couldn't help the involuntary whines that escaped her mouth. When his mouth found her neck, when his tongue ravished her, when his teeth sunk into her skin. . .She howled on delight. She was gone. Their moans were all that filled the room now and as his cock gave it's final thrusts, she climaxed. Hard! Her body twitched and squirmed as his cum filled her up. . .Just as she thought he would finish more came spurting out. . The hot stickyl white substance overflowed from her pussy. As orgasm shook her body, Uri felt herself slip away. Her essence growing faint. She felt Anatsu pull out only to feel more of his seed flow out of her already saturated hole. When the orgasm had passed, her first mind resurfaced. . .just in time for Anatsu to scoop her limp body into his arms and cradled her against him. Kaiuri blushed feeling his body pressed to her own. . .the feel of his bareskin touching hers sent tingles down her spine. Even now, after all that, he still made her feel. . ."That.. was so fuckin hot..." Kaiuri snapped from her bliss filled trance. She felt her cheeks flush brightly and looked up into his shock blue eyes. . .they shone even more so now, even in the darkness of the moonlit filled room. Kaiuri pressed her body to him, her supple breasts flat against his chest. "You. . ." She stuttered. " All firsts. . ." Kaiuri looked down at his chest sheepishly and hid her face in it. Her hair brushing under his chin, she tangled her legswith his. "Anatsu. . .?" The red haired honey ran her fingers over the toned sides of his body. She hoped she got his attention. Her lips quivered as she tried to find the words. . .She was so nervous all of a sudden. "Anatsu, I. . . I. . ." But before she could finish her thought. . .Her thick lashes drifted close. The fragile honey snuggled against him. . .her tiny form burrowed against his tall muscular finger. Exhausted from everything that happened, she blacked out. Kaiuri wouldn't hear anything he had to say after that. . .It was lights out for now.

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