Guest_Azrinth: A soft groan is heard behind the walls of Az's bedroom. A stretch and a long yawn later she's leaning up in her bed, still half asleep. "Damn it..." Her Phone begins going off with the alarm she set for training day out at Hiro's. She nearly jumps out of her skin. ~BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ!~ She groans and flops back, her head smacking her headboard. "FUCK!" ~BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ!~ The alarm continues to go off as she leans back up, rubbing her head. Peering around she searches for her phone, which had fallen off her night stand by her bed and was on the floor somewhere scooting away somewhere as it rings and vabrates across the wooden floor. Growling, she leans over the side of her bed and looks around until she sees the light beneath the center of her bed. "Could this morning get ANY worse?!" She groans and slinks off her bed slowly over the side, like a snake as she keeps her legs on her bed, arching her back backwards so that her upper half of her body was under the bed. Her fingers straining to reach for her phone which was ringing even louder now. "God, damn it!" She scoots a bit further off the bed giving her more reaching range. "Just a little further..." Finally, she gets her index finger on it and slides it to her, gripping it in her palm as she turns it off. Her body contorts a bit more and she arches, sliding her upper half out from under the bed until she can sit back up on it. Texting Hiro she sends him a message saying, 'Be there in a few. Running a minute or two behind." She decides not to shower for she took one the night before and she's just going to get dirty again anyways during training. She fixes her hair off to the right side, her bangs hanging low. "Note to self: Trim bangs later." She fixes them and decides not to go with any makeup, but a little eye liner. Lining her green eyes with black she throws on her tore up jeans and a black tanktop with a choker. Slipping into her chains and leather combat boots she heads out. Locking down her house, she jumps into her new hover car that Hiro had gotten her has a congratulatory gift and a raise. She arrives not even 15 minutes later, parking out front. Shooting him a text informing him she's arrived before she removes herself from her ride. Instead of using the door though she decides to scale the wall into the training area behind his large mansion property, langing on the other side with ease and little to no effort getting over it. Sarcastically she calls out as she stands in the center of his yard. "Honey, I'm home!" She smirks and awaits some type of presence to arrive around her.

Thunrian: ( ) As she announced herself, 4 swift Shuriken ( Ninja stars ) Would have been thrown in her general area. If she had managed to dodge them like the attacker had anticipated then the shurkien would have stabbed into the wall shattering it on impact. " Your late..." Hiro would have said as he stood shirtless with his fist clenched tightly as he watched her from a distance with his eyes slanted down, staring at her as he tilited his head up. He got down in what seemed to be an Odd form of Karate that he hadnt shown before. Shotokan (松濤館; "pine-waves house"): As the most widely practiced style, Shotokan is considered a traditional and influential form of Karate. Shotokan is regarded as a dynamic martial art as it develops anaerobic, powerful techniques as well as developing speed. Initially strength and power are demonstrated instead of slower, more flowing motions. Those who progress to brown and black belt level develop a much more fluid style that incorporates grappling, throwing and some Aikido-like techniques. Was founded by Gichin Funakoshi: after years of study in Shorin-Ryu and Shorei-Ryu, Funakoshi created a simpler system that combined the ideals of both styles. His blonde hair shuffled left to right. Other Maru Jeitai had been in Martial arts Gi all sitting in the sand, beaten and bloody from Hiro's harsh training. " Get into your stance... if you try to use your chi here. It wont work, I have the training area branched off none of your powers will work here. " He said flicking his nose as a surge of lightning flared off fo him. " You'll have to use your own physical combat prowess against me. " He said to her smirking. " This training field, is filled with weapons. Use them wisely, fight as if your life depended on it. Let us begin..." He said approaching her slowly. 

Guest_Azrinth: Quickly hearing the whizzing of things flying by her, she shifts her body just slightly as the shurkien whiz past her one by one. Turning around she sees him standing there shirtless, catching her attention, no attention being paid as he scolds her for being late. "Oops. I'm sorry. Next time do you just want me to come randomly at one in the morning so you know I'm not late?" Sarcasm... It takes place in her voice. Looking at his stance she tilts her head. Her katana strapped to her back she takes her pose in Ninjutsu. Now focused she flashes a fanged grin to him and her eyes go from green to yellow-orange. Concentration and determination taking place. Looking him over she knows she can't use chi, which in this case won't take any to kick her boss's ass for the first time. Maybe allowing him to kick hers for underestimation. Round two making a come back like she always has. Determining either choice she quickly picks. "I promise I won't hand you ass to you that bad. I'll take it easy on you." She smirks and crouches down lower into her position, fists closed tight and boots dug into the ground. She has flexibilty and an advanced equilibrium on her side. Piece of cake. Or so she thinks...

Thunrian: He closed in the distance between the two of them quickly! Hiro combines his enhanced speed with swift punches to trap and attack the opponent from multiple angles and distance. Using this all around punch, Hiro pivots and spins off his right foot so his body twist in rapid 360 motions, then during mid spin he uses his shadow sweep technique, twisting his body around his opponent as he punches out at them with explosive punches from all regions of the torso, head, neck, upper and lower back area's. Each punch containing implifying a shattering impact on certain regions of the body that if connected would leave his opponent mingled and destroyed. Due to him spinning, he'd duck down like a boxer from each rapid illusionary spin, allowing his body able to attack and dodge through the vortex of heavy rained punches. This vortex of punches will continue unless the opponent stops the attacker, but for every second within the technique, the punches thrown up are up to 15 if the punches connected. However if any of the All Around round up technique had been brokem he'd come in with another attack in hopes of throwing the female off and beating her into further submission. If the attack had been blocked, dodged, or broken she'd have to ready herself for the next attack sequence that came next called the Thunderous Demon, a technique he learned from his brother Keyth. First, the user attacks the opponent with a punch to their face with the right hand on there jaw, if connected it'd lock the jaw back and possibly slant it due the sheer force of the hit. Then, the  user punches the opponent's face again, this time with the left hand on the bridge of the nose which would easily break the nose if connected.  The user then attempts to grab them by their neck and throws them down into the ground, creating a small crator under the opponets body due to the sheer pressure, inflicting a great deal of damage if it all connected through. The Imapct of the blow if it hit that is,  would fracture the spine no matter how they landed if it was a successful attack. The combo itself is meant to knock out though. Not to actually kill. The flow of the combo would have been meerly 2 seconds for the first one, and then 3 seconds for the counter-measure combo that followed after the first one! How would she fair.

Guest_Azrinth: As he lunges at her, she allows him to hit her twice as she studies his punch pattern, blocking every punch quickly with her forearms and palms. Being an oni has made her bones stronger and her reflexes faster even when unable to use chi. So sooner did the first series of punches stop he began to aim for her face... That angered her. Channeling her anger into dodging his punches and blocking his fists, she would bring up her leg and twist her body around on one foot as she would kick him in his chest with much force sending him back a few feet. If her foot was to be grabbed she'd put her flexibility to the test and place her hands on the ground, bringin up her other leg to kick him in his jaw, twisting her ankle loose from his grip as she would twist her body. Once loose, she would then jump up, wrapping her legs around his neck, using her weight to shift him off balance as she would spin her body quickly around, throwing him to the ground. (

Thunrian: She took the all around round up, but blocked the majoirty of the punches. " Impressive..." He said to her throughout his attack. She dodged and blocked the punches, Which led her into the secound counter-measure. However she disregarded the second counter measure, therefore the whole second combo sequence flowed in and beat her fairly quickly. ( If the attack had been blocked, dodged, or broken she'd have to ready herself for the next attack sequence that came next called the Thunderous Demon, a technique he learned from his brother Keyth. First, the user attacks the opponent with a punch to their face with the right hand on there jaw, if connected it'd lock the jaw back and possibly slant it due the sheer force of the hit. Then, the user punches the opponent's face again, this time with the left hand on the bridge of the nose which would easily break the nose if connected. The user then attempts to grab them by their neck and throws them down into the ground, creating a small crator under the opponets body due to the sheer pressure, inflicting a great deal of damage if it all connected through. The Imapct of the blow if it hit that is, would fracture the spine no matter how they landed if it was a successful attack. The combo itself is meant to knock out though. Not to actually kill. The flow of the combo would have been meerly 2 seconds for the first one, and then 3 seconds for the counter-measure combo that followed after the first one! How would she fair.  <<<<--- from my last post you disregarded it.) Due to the flow of his counter-measure combo going into flow, she would have been beaten into the ground rather quickly. Knocking her out with utter ease. ( If i stated that my attack had another attack behind it, you should have blocked the first combo, and then blocked the second one to get you out of the clear but trial and error. ) He would have stood over her body where he would have brushed himself off and crossed his arms. " You need more training. Everyone leave, we'll continue tomorrow." He said to the other Maru-Jeitai. A few hours would have passed and she would have woken up in one of the rooms not to far off from the training area where she had just been. She would have waken up to hear the showers going off not to far from her, where Hiro would have been washing up, seeing that he had continued training even well after he had knocked her out.

Guest_Azrinth: Completely unnoticed, she was struck quite hard in her face, which knocked her back a step or two. By time she could look up he had ahold of her slamming her into the ground with great force. Her blood boils with anger, but her body is shot with pain. The anger overtakes the pain as she lays there only for a moment before getting back up ready to fight again. The pain would slow her down where the chi was unusable to help with her strength and pain tollerance, although it was still extremely high it took a lot of force to actually effect her, in which it did. She deffinately needed more training, but she won't admit it. Unless..... The thought is quickly erased as she shakes her head, attemtping to clear her mind of the pain, shooting up her spine. Tilting her head she cracks her neck and looks at him... "I'm not done yet. I won't be put down, nor embarrassed that easily..."

Thunrian: "I'm not done yet. I won't be put down, nor embar-" He would have cut her off in mid-sentence as she wobbled her way back up to her feet, his body crouched down low! This attack can be a rush or a counter depending on the situation, Hiro will launch a boxing style uppercut, though with this particular uppercut it's much more deadly and potent, simply because of it's posture and speed. The punch itself is  between a hook and an uppercut. It is also known in boxing as a three-quarter uppercut, or as a shovel hook. It strikes from an unexpected angle and can catch a fighter unaware. The Smash is best suited for in-fighters, that relies heavily on sheer power to would bend itself towards the back angle in which case Hiro simultaneously takes a step inwards, pushing off of what ever foot he chooses from his position. With that he then thrust not only his attacking arm, but his upper body into the smash like punch, aiming at not the chin, but the curve where the neck and the very base of the jaw meet, other words the beginning of the throat. With or without feral intent this move could indeed cripple a person if used correctly, but it can be redirected for a less lethal impact. In any case if the move itself hits his direct intend lethal point, the impact if meant to would possibly snap the neck inwards as Hiro's fist would literally dig into the asparagus, cutting off air momentarily form a person's grasp by caving the throat in. Not only that if this  hits, Hiro's fist would be "Dug" into the curve, in a perfect fit, but that's not all. If he wanted to, Hiro could use the Thunderous Smash Technique, that would boost Hiro 5 feet in the air, but his opponent 10 feet in the air. The second impact would have just as much force as the first one, so as if the second impact makes connection it would completely and utterly snap the neck, and completely turn the throat into mush unless the opponent has high durability (Enhanced). The sheer impact would have almost killed the girl! Due to the fact that she would have been in midsentence. ( Hajime-no-ippo-sendo-smash-o.gif + Shoryuken-o.gif  How it looked. ) It would have more than likely have a high success rate in connection. If the strike would have met its mark she would have been blasted right into the dojo behind her, the building collpasing on top of her at the same time. "...I told you... about talking to much. "

Guest_Azrinth: Her eyes grow wide as she sees him come to her. She may be injured but she was still fast. Enhanced reflexes giving her the advantage to move quickly out of the way. She rolls out of dodge quickly, landing back on her feet behind him. "We're training! Not trying to literally kill eachother! Jesus fucking Christ! If I knew you were going to attempt to kill me I would have surrendered right off the bat." She hisses at him and steps back in case he tried to go after her again, alert and on her toes ready to block or dodge. "Just wait... My next massage therapist visit is coming from you, since you wanna Incredible Hulk me into the ground." Her eyes are still locked on him as she speaks and then something clicks. "And listen here. I'll talk as much as I want to. You don't like it, make me be quiet and at least be successful." Crossing her arms, her eyes never leave him.

Thunrian: Due to the female not having enhanced reflexes anywhere on her bio. However she does have physical chi. (Physical: Physical is the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body.Therefore,Physical chi users are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for close-ranged melee combat. Physical chi usage is the most balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense and become very strong using only simple abilities. One of the examples of more complex Enhancement abilities include enhancing one's healing factor. (out of battle) ) this alone would have helped her has she been using chi, but with the nullifyers around the training grounds. The impact of the strike would surely connect blasting the female Into the air where her body would any rocket and land in it's designated area from the post prior. His hand smoking as he stood there with his fist clenched , pulling his hands down as he got out of his stance. Watching her body crash into the building as it toppled on top of her. "..."

Guest_Azrinth: Due to her mistake she is struck, forcing her back through a building. Bricks fall, landing all over her almost lifeless-like body. She groans as attempts to sit up, pushing the rummble off of her only for a large brick to fall and hit her shoulder, dislocating it. "You son of a bitch..." She pops it back in place taking in a sharp breath. Collapsing back she lies there for a bit, only to gather her strength again and make another attempt to remove her self from the destruction. His belittling her has pissed her off royally. She allows the anger to bubble up into a bit of strength. One more attempt... It takes her a minute, but she's back onto her feet. Stumbling through the bricks as they shift under her boots she makes her way out of the clearing dust cloud and brushes herself off. Her eyes red, fuming with anger as she looks around for him. A rush of dizziness hits her all of a sudden though... She grabs onto what's left of a wall from the building for support, before blacking out and collapsing to the ground, her breething shallow.

Thunrian: He walked over to her grabbing her by her hair as he rose her into the air before tossing her over his shoulders as he began to make his way out from the training grounds. " The rest of you. Continue to train. " He said to the others taking her Into his room where he tosses her onto the bed , stripping her naked 

Guest_Azrinth: She's completely unaware of his actions, still uncontious. A defect with her body healing. Too much injury and her body sends her under. As she lies on his bed she becomes more aware of things as she becomes contious again. Beginning to feel a breeze over her body. Her eyes flutter open as she looks down noticing she's nude. "Hiro..." she mumbles to herself knowing what was going on as she closes her eyes again, her head shaking. 'I've created a monster...' is the only thought she has on the situation.

Thunrian: Taking her by her hair he'd pull her head up in her weakened state. Gripping tightly within her dark locks of hair as he began to fuck her mouth viciously. " Tch..." He tilted his head back , grunting.( ) his cock had been costed in the thick layer of spit and saliva as he began to fuck her throat, thrusting harder and harder at the back of her throat. Pulling his cock out of her mouth , he'd slap it across her lips before sledging it into her mouth. " Suck it all... " his powerful masculine form would have her almost helpless in terms of his cock ran-sacking her throat. He'd sledge his cock, the saliva had coated his nut-sack as he fucked her throat. His eyes rolling to the back of his head , the saliva drenching her full breast in her spit. As he brutally fucked her mouth like some psychotic animal.

Guest_Azrinth: She groans as she grabs her by her hair, only to awaken her to full alert as he forces his cock into her throat. The sudden force causes her to choke. Her anger still being held onto. She lashes out. Her nails slashing into his thigh as she pulls off of him and jumps on him, pinning him to his own bed with force. She growls at him, her fangs showing greatly before him as her nails dig into his arms.

Thunrian: He took ahold of her throat as she rolled over ontop of him gripping her waist so he'd force her onto his cock. Submerging her right twat around the thick throbbing girth of his cock. It had slipped within the very grasp of her pussys hold as it began to milk his cock. Fucking in unison now, he'd stroke up as her hips shuffled backwRds her pussy devouring his dick continuously as he forced her up and down on his length. He'd lean up , sucking on her neck while he held her smaller form to him. His masculine chest pressed against her soft breast as he used his right hand to wrap around the arch on her back while he takes his other free hand and grips on the bed so they'd fuck in full motion. His cock beat viciously into her inner walls. His right hand would leave her arch , tugging back on her hair instead forcing her neck to be exposed . He'd waste no time   Biting into her flesh while he forced her up and down , marking her , marking HIS territory.

Guest_Azrinth: Doing everything she can to stay mad at him she resists, pushing away and growling agrily, putting up a fight until she feels his lips on her neck... Weak spot activated... x.x Her anger dies instantly as she whines into submission. All the pain in her body from their previous training, draining from her body as she moves with his. Her arms and legs wrapping around him as she moans softly. His masculine body making hers looks so tiny and fragile as her hips roll against his, his cock pumping into her as she shakes. She moans as his teeth sink into the tender flesh of her neck, her nails digging into his shoulder blades as her continues to weaken her with lust. "Damn you..."

Thunrian: Pulling himself over her fully mounted he'd begin to slay her pussy relentlessly as he mounted her like a starved animal over prey. His cock bashed into her g-spot over and over again , her neck bruised over from his kisses , along with her breast after he had gotten to them at one point. ( ) his length ransacked her hole viciously. Her pussy would swell around his length the harder he fucked her. Grunting and moaning in her ear , he'd pull her hands over her head. Fully dominating her with his superior strength. With each stroke of his hips the room would shake , her cunt spewing around his length in floods. " Ungh! Ungh ! Haaa! Mmgh!" He'd grunt each thrust as his cock worked it's way into her harder and harder.

Guest_Azrinth: She stays submissed for him, letting him control her body as he lays her down and moves over her. The hellhound side of her accepting defeat as he dominates her with little effort. Her moans get louder as he forces his length into her repeatedly, harder and harder. Flexing her fingers in a struggle for her arms to be free, she looks up at him with big green eyes. Leaning up a little to kiss him, her teeth skimming over his bottom lip as she playfully bites him and tugs. Her body jerks with every thrust, causing her breasts to bounce. Wrapping her legs around him and pulling him close. "I've created a monster..." She smirks and looks up at him biting her lip. "It's not such a bad thing though."

Thunrian: He'd continue his beatings into her womb feeling his cum getting ready to errupts from the surface as he fucked her. His eyes had been glowing and his canines sharpened. He looked primal , with both of his hands on her throat he began to choke her lightly all the while sledge hammering his cock into her walls as hard as he could at this point. He'd turn her over , gripping tightly to her firm ass as he bounced it up and down on his mobstorius length. Her wet pussy sloppily sucks up his steaming hot rod as it flexed and throbbed within her slick , cum greased walls. (  ) " Unggh! Fuckk!!! " He said shouting at the top of his lungs as he forced her down on his cock all the while beating into her arc the same time. Soon he'd inflate her womb with three thick streams of cum as he dummped himself deeply within her. But when he pulled out , he'd force there fingers into her cunt, and vibrated his hand so swiftly she'd feel like a storm had been inside of her. Like a cake batter going to work as he churned his cum Inside of her , all the while his finger would violently beat her g-spot. Hitting it over and over while his other hand rested on her clit doing the same thing vibrating over the wet bud over and over again. "I'm going to make sure... You give me a child , I won't let a centimeter of cum breach from your hole. You'll contain it all. "

Guest_Azrinth: Her arms still pinned above her head, his body still moving ontop of hers, and her moans silling the air around them as he continues. She shakes as she reaches her breaking point and climaxes, her fluids mixing with his as he fills her with his cum. Seconds later, feeling his fingers penetrate her. The vibration in his hand making her thighs squeeze tightly around his arm as he causes her orgasm to last even longer. Her body shaking profusely as he continues, all the way until he speaks... She quickly leans up, face to face with him. Shock across her face until she flops back onto the bed. "Fuuccckk..." She groans and lies there, allowing him to finish.

Thunrian: Tilting her up just a bit, she'd feel both of there cum mixing together flowing down into her womb as he impregnates her. " Good girl... " He said kissing her clit before letting her lay back down. Not a drip of cum wasted on both sides. He'd mount over her face , casually fucking her lips as he groaned before pulling it back out of her mouth. A stream of saliva connecting her breast and his cock as he stood and began to shower leaving her beaten and fucked on the bed.

Guest_Azrinth: As he moves away from her, her body curls up into a ball. Her breath in pants as she lies there bruised and filled. 'I hope he realizes I'm going to make his life a living hell, just because I can and he's making me carry his child... Pay back is a bitch Hiro.' She grins thinking to herself. The rush of the sudden urge to urinate consumes her as she bounces up from his bed, walking into the bathroom with him to pee. "You really wanna keep me around don't you?" She grins looking up at him.

Thunrian: " you might as well be an asset in every field. " He says to her while getting drenched in the water as he stood eying her through the glass door of his shower before opening it so she could see his naked form. " We don't even know if you'll get pregnant. I need a fail safe , that's what you are now. Nothing more nothing less. " He said turning his back on her as the steam enveloped him in it's embrace from the hot waters

Guest_Azrinth: She looks towards the door and finishes her business. Just to be an asshole, she flushes the toilet on him, causing the water to change in temperature drastically. Walking out she grins and looks around unable to find her clothes. -.- "Damn it, Hiro..." She sighs and goes to his closet, pulling out one of his shirts to temporarily cover herself in until he gets out to get her clothes. Of course it's extremely huge on her, looking like a button up dress on her. Shrugging she just goes back to the bed and curls up waiting for him to come back so she can get her clothes. Her body pain from being blasted through a wall earlier coming back to her, but less than it was this time. Shaking with pain she curls up in a ball under his blankets and ends up falling asleep by accident in the process of waiting.

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