Keyome Tasanagi: I was under the debris.... People.. running. Screaming... I could hear it all. Death it rung through the air like bell. Blaring itself obnoxiously. Was I in hell? I've been there.... It's been two days now. I had survived the explosion... I remember watching Danchou's men...rummage through the burned and wasted bodies of the civilians. One of them, picked one of the burned to hell civillians up confirming to had found someone they were looking for? Ahh.. I dont fucking know... I was laying under rubble... with a my arms burned to a singe... my back was burned as well... but my arms had been cooked. I couldn’t even feel them anymore. So painful... how am I alive..? I remember fire englufing my body.. The impact of the explosion... Knocked me into a store. Then the ceiling fell... all I remember. I woke up... my arms burned black. I found a black cloth... of some sort from a dead Homeless man... For two days... i've been sitting on the roof tops... near me and Haji's old club. I... hope he's ok... Haha... funny enough. I lost my arm... it got pulled right off yesterday night when I fell of this trash can... ducking Danchou's men... and my left arm.. I cant even feel it. So im armless... Yakuza less.... And... I think im going to die in a few hours... The cold air. It bit at my skin... it tore at it. I just wanted to die... maybe I deserved it. I failed... I put my Clan in danger... I know they were all dead by now...every... single last one of them. I failed... my Chairmen. I failed my father... Im trash, hardly a Yakuza... Im a laughing stock. An idiot. I've been beaten... why didnt I die int hat explsion... Why didnt “GOD.” Spare me the failed attempt of this weak existance I now have?Im an insenct... a bug who just got lucky that he wasnt fully squished. Got dammit... I hate this. Im blacking out again... I cant feely my body again... I accept death with open arms. So if your comin... take your time.... I dont mind the wait...

Yule: Asami had heard about all the explosions that had went on and was worried. No one had seen Tasanagi in a couple days. Her instincts told her that he would be somewhere that meant something to him. Since she hadn’t known him all that long she decided to go to the one place she knew he hung out. The club. Before she left her apartment Asami grabbed a couple small bags of chips, three water bottles, and a couple sandwiches that she had made but was too worried to eat. She threw all this in a small over the shoulder bag. If she did find him and he was still alive, he would probably be hungry. She also grabbed her medical kit, which was in another bag that was more like a small back pack. After getting all this stuff she rode the elevator down to the lobby and walked out heading to the club. It actually wasn’t that far from her apartment building. Asami knew the club would be pretty wrecked so she started looking at the buildings around. After realizing she couldn’t see anything she went into a building and headed to the roof top. She would have a better advantage to looking around. Asami took the stairs to one of the taller building in the area. As soon as she was on the roof she started looking around. She was about to give up when she spotted a person sitting on the roof of another building. “That must be him..” She told herself. Asami ran down the steps of the building and sprinted into the other one. She knew he must be in bad shape and was worried that time was of the essence. Finally she reached the roof panting. It really was him though and she couldn’t help but be happy. “Tasanagi!”

Keyome: I eyed her... almost not recognizing her at first. Tch... Screaming my name like that. My vision was blurred and that honestly made it just the more difficult to consentrate. As she approched me... I sighed. “ Hey... new girl.” I said smirking. My body was throbbing in pain... I dont know what was pushing me to live... Maybe im already dead.... I felt that way. I know she could see me shaking... and the dark blood that was just now leaking from my destoryed arm. “ H-how's it going? Haha... ha..” I said to her... I didnt feel cold. But I know my body was. My skin was dark... and my eyes were dull. Hypothermia maybe? Im not sure... but I can feel the very esscense of my body disolve. “ You... sh-..should go home. Asami...” I said to her. “ It's cold out here tonight...” I leaned my head against the street light... and my vision went black as I fell forward passing out on her.

Yule: Asami caught Tasanagi at the last moment and held him close to her. She had to get him to her apartment. He was so cold though. She took her medical kit out and put bandages on the arm that was bleeding, or what was left of it. She wouldn’t be able to do anything out here in the cold. She took off her coat and put it around his shoulders zipping it up. It was tight but it would be okay because it would keep what little body heat he had in. She stood up pulling him with her. He was heavy but she knew she had to push herself. She put her back to his front and took the sleeves of her jacket tying them around her waist. She wrapped her arms around him in an awkward way but it would work. She then proceeded to go down the stairs. That was pretty difficult, his weight was pushing her forward, but at his point she figured he couldn’t feel anything so it was easier on her mind. As soon as she got to the street she went as fast as she could to her apartment. This took her about ten minutes of dragging him but once she was on the elevator it was alright. Asami opened her door and dragged him in. “I better take him upstairs…” Slowly she dragged Tasanagi upstairs into the guest room. She untied the sleeves and set him gently on the bed. She ran into her room right next door and grabbed blankets and pillows. “Gotta get you warm.” She laid the blankets on him and then started a saline IV drip. This time she had a little pole to put it on. This was going to take a while to get him fixed up.

The Shipping...

Keyome Tasanagi:Asami found my scarred body, beaten and battered burned and singed. Quickly after she realized that my left arm was gone, and my other one wouldn’t be much use to me anymore anyways, she quickly started to make calls. She’s smarter than I thought… im glad she was a part of the Family, but a smart Girl like her shouldn’t be a Yakuza… people like me had what was coming to them, I deserved this and I didn’t feel sorry for myself. My pride got my Clan killed; my pride got my arms removed. Im not ready to be a leader… She had sent me off to a man Named Hideo Ketosan. He specialized in human modifications… In Kasaihana city, robotic humans or “Cyborgs” or illegal. And any found are supposed to be killed. If they can kill the bastards anyways. Most of them have heightened systems and battle skills that could easily kill 1,000 enemy human soldiers. Though most of the Kasaihana city is more than your average bunch of cops. He lived on the outside of Kasaihana city…. In Old New York. I’d never been down there. Apparently Asami had some connection with this man, and I didn’t question it. I made my way down through a trash convey… Leaving to Old New York was illegal Very illegal… Once they Trash Convey made its way down to the entrance of Old New York. I could hear the Dan’s the monstrous humans that lived within the city. They looked like something out of one of those Zombie movies that were made in the 20- 21 first centuries. Luckily… this Hideo Ketosan was already there… he was waiting for me in a Black Jeep with Modifications to it. Torrent guns… even a row of RPG Misses that sat on that side connected to what seemed to be a sawed off Tank barrel. After he pulled up in the Jeep, he stepped out. He wore a black trench coat with a Black cowboy looking hat. They were tattered and torn. His breathing was heavy and his arms were long. I can still remember he smelled like motor oil and hahaha garden tools. I mean if that makes any since to you. He pulled my broken body out of the Convey. For a day… he wasted no time. He hadn’t even spoken my name. Hideo was bald, with a long bearded. Japanese name, but he wasn’t Japanese at all. He seemed to be Caucasian a white guy. Massive in size…he pulled me out like I was a bag of feathers. After a two hour drive, we made our way to his home, or rather lavatory. He had a TV in the room I was left in. I watched the News’s. Fucking Donatello, he was talking about the Casualties. Over 300 people were burned to a singe, and they labeled me a terrorist. He pinned it on me… What’s the point of going back to that Hell if im going to get killed anyways. But, I couldn’t let Danchou do this. No matter the cost, I would not let him get away with these arms or not. “Lay back…” Hideo said to me. My eyes scanned the man’s face. Wrinkles and a large scar his eye. He had soft brown eyes, and dark old lips. Surprisingly… he had a wife. She was about the same age of my mother… Fair skinned, also white… She was beautiful for her age. She approached me, her name was Amy. “Hey there… Just relax me and my husband, are family friends to your friend Asami… just relax; we aren’t going to hurt you. Don’t mind my silly husband. He doesn’t talk to strangers a lot. I saw you when the news had been recording the Parade. They labeled you a terrorist… and honestly you’re lucky to have just lost your arms to that explosion.” She smiled… it calmed me down a lot. She felt like my mom… she gave me that motherly presence. The thing I needed. “It’s… going to be alright Keyome.” She said sliding her fingers through my hair. I began to sob, crying like a fucking baby. My whole clan eradicated by this man. I can’t fund those Schools…. Without my clan. I can’t do anything… Fuck man. Hajiame… he has to stay hidden. Asami needs to get out of town too… Once Amy had gotten done holding me… she pressed a needle into my arm. I passed out.

Hideo Ketosan: My name must be getting around quite a lot. “Hideo Ketsoan the human fixer upper guy.” Damn kid. If Asami hadn’t asked me to do this, I would have left him to be eaten by the Dan. I don’t care for his story; to me he was no different. A Fucking Yakuza killing people for their own personal or there “OH SO NOBLE CLAN.” It’s all bull to me. Damn kid doesn’t even know that I used to be a KPD I bet… I got out of Kasaihana due to the corruption within the KPD. I know many secrets. Many things that could usually get someone killed. I and Amy moved here almost 15 years ago. During my time within Kasaihana city, I was a martial arts instructor and a Cop on the side, I also Majored in Human cybernetic mechanics in school, and I was the top of my class even went to college for it for 3 years that’s where I met Amy. I worked and loved my job dearly, and for anyone that lived in District 1, they had free Martial arts classes. I loved the Youth, I still do. But when they are so corrupt… like this young man. All trying to be the top of the crime world. He should be in school, he should be in college, and he’s much too young to be the leader of anything… I worked on his arms. Measuring the length, after so I worked on the muscle structure of how’d it be. I had Amy to do all of the surgical procedures. She started off removing all of the Excess skin on his right arm. And cutting most of the flesh from his left shoulder. Soon enough I had did what needed to be done. Within 3 hours I had both arms, I used the Automail Method. I didn’t believe in Cybernetics’ honestly… It starts off linked directly to the nervous system; an Automail prosthesis does not usually require an external energy source, and can be moved at will like a natural appendage, taking electrical pulses from the nerves to power and regulate the various electric motors and pneumatic actuators inside. Automail limbs are generally made with a full steel skeletal frame layered with steel armor-plating to protect the various wires and intricate machinery inside; however, contemporary technological advancements have allowed certain Automail to be comprised of other materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, chrome, copper-nickel and aluminum alloys, so as to be less cumbersome and more durable than steel in abnormal conditions. I don’t use normal Metal either… the metal that I use for the process would be Onyx, and Antimantium within the interior of the Automail. I wanted it sturdy so this guy wouldn’t have to come back to me again. Now, on the exterior… I pressured down the arm so it’d be unlikely to rust. "Rusting" is a word which is reserved for iron oxidizing, but the other metals will also form oxides. There are many different kinds of steels, some which rust more easily than others. Stainless steel, for example, pretty much doesn't rust at all, but it has significant amounts of other elements, usually chromium and nickel, in it. This is what I used for the outer base mostly… Stainless steel I mean. Aluminum is fairly resistant to damaging corrosion, but it forms a thin oxide layer very quickly, which makes a hard barrier to prevent further oxygen from coming in to interact with the remaining aluminum. This is one reason why aluminum is a favorite in structural coatings like aluminum siding on houses and aluminum screen doors -- they do not fall apart when they form a coating of corrosion, which will happen over the years the more he uses it. This took a while but I had did this rather quickly, and arms were easy to me… my wife’s legs were fully automailed now those are difficult. On his other arm. I simply made it synthetic, making it almost look completely human though the Automail itself looked more robotic. But without removing his shirt, and if he wore a glove on the Automailed hand no one could tell. After 6 hours I had finished the task. When he woke, he’d be in unimaginable pain… Which he was. When he woke up… I took him out to get used to them… and of course, his body was rejecting it. His blood would burst out of the bolts at arms at times… but this will stop in a week or so….

Hideo Amy: My husband and the boy were training… out here in Old New York. This was the best place to get used to that arm. No distractions… just open space and opportunity. The young boy seemed to be a martial artist as well, the next two weeks he sparred with Hideo, learning how to fully use the arm. And oddly enough I saw that Hidey was taking a liking to the boy. He even began to teach him how to use Chi... Something that he said he’d never teach a Yakuza… Keyome had told us about his life story, about how his father was a Yakuza, and how he died. About his mother that lived in District 1… and that he needed to get to her before Danchou’s men did, he pleaded to leave… but Hidey told him no every time. He knew he wasn’t ready to go back with that arm… he’d just get himself killed. Hideo taught him how to use Chi like I said and the boy learned rather quickly… Though it was difficult for him to use it with his new arms. He could only a small bit. I know how he feels, I was a nurse but I was also a cop like my husband. And when I lost my legs… he made me new ones but I couldn’t channel chi thorough them at all…. This boy was different though. I knew that he could save his friends yakuza or not. And honestly I didn’t get that bad intention that I usually did when I was around yakuza back then. He was very sarcastic…. But on his 3rd week here when I took him to see the places where the old residents that used to live here… in old New York, and all of the babies that died… he sobbed again. A Yakuza crying in front of me? That’s something I’d never seen before….

Keyome Tasanagi: It’s been a month…i dont know. Could have been a few days, i've lost track. I was ready to go home. I had a lot to do… I had a new mind state, and a new Objective. They gave me some clothes… and over time, I and Mr.Hideo got along well… I know we did. Man I almost didn’t want to leave they felt like... my parents almost. I felt taken care of. I pulled on my brown jacket. And I as I was leaving… he gave me a weapon, something that he had constructed after one of his favorite film series. Some guy named Rambo, used a Machine gun, that thing was heavy... well it would a been if I didn’t have robotic arms. I picked it up with ease… and aimed it around. He told me “Promise me… you won’t use this, unless you’re trying to do some good with it. I know you’re a Yakuza… but that doesn’t mean you have to be a senseless murderous. You’re going back, alright. That’s fine, but you’re labeled a terrorist now. And it won’t be easy to gain the trust of the people… but if you feel like you can make a difference. Then with all means… do it. Be something better kid.” I nodded to him, and made my way out… hopping onto the trash heap that came in and out of town. I was headed back home… I had so much to do, and with little time. I know Danchou more than likely was sitting high on the totem pole… And for that, he would be an even difficult factor to handle. I just hope… my family and friends are ok.

On to the Concert....

DarkKeyome: I had been creeping through the city.. ducking and dodging every KPD... every soramaru clan member that I could. I had to keep moving... I didn’t know where to start. And It had been well over a month since I had been taking away. The trash heap that I was whisked away in after my um. Well my repairs allowed me back into District 2. I've probably been moving for the past 2-3 hours trying not to be noticed? I’m not sure I lost track of time. My legs moved... left, right left. With a hard leap I jumped to another building from the previous one I was on. The Good Doctor... mt Hideo's Gun he gave me was a lot of weight.... but I could handle it. I landed to the other building in a hard roll as I looked down at the city. My eyes focusing hard on the Area.... District 2.. regardless of the Explosion just a month ago... was still booming, as if those deaths didn’t even happen. Fucking Society... Dont give a fuck about anything. I should have just died that night...I looked over the area. My eyes focusing on the people gathering around the beach area where the concert stage was. “Natasha...?” I had read about her... I even saw some of her Music videos. Why should she come to this fucking Cesspool of a city. Apparently she wasn’t here yet but her well devoted fans had took it upon themselves to come early... Great. Fucking great. I wore a sleeveless shirt. My Auto-mailed arm sat nicely... and it stopped hurting but I did have pain medz for when they kicked back. I had about... eh, four in my back pocket in a bottle. I didn’t have any other weapons besides my new Machine guns that fired 50 cal bullets like a fucking dream. But I didn’t want to kill anyone... Just Danchou. Just... fucking Danchou. I stepped off of fire escape and made my way into a alley way. “ OK... keyome someone ask about the arm. It's a prop for the new movie you staring in.” I said nodding to myself I pulled my hood on.. making my way into the streets. I had to find a place to camp out for a few days... My wild black hair hung over my face with the hood. And my black Timberland boots that I got from Mr. Hideo sat nicely on my feet as well. I heard about the Detective program here in Kasaihana... maybe, just maybe... if I could get one on my side.... I could start on taking Danchou down.

DolliesBelle: A small hum surpassed the woman's lip, allowing her eyes to fall shut as she strut down the pavement of the bustling streets. The night time breeze was just perfect; not to hot nor to cold. Her eyes would then open as she gander around at the glory of the district. It was plastered in flashing lights and beautiful photos. It was truly a sight to behold. She continued to walk down the street before she heard a faint cry in the back of her mind, or what she assumed it was. She'd quickly look behind her as she saw a small girl being quite adorable. Children, uncontrollably adorable. She'd smile to her and went down to her level and exchanged some words with her and listened to her fawning over the woman. She was quite used to it. With this all done and out of the way, she'd watch the little girl run over to her parents and giddily speak about the moment. She shook her head a bit and continued on her merry way to investigate the plaza. It was just unbelievable what was out here at these hours. It was not long until she saw a sign for a concert, eyeing it curiously. 'Never heard of them..' she thought to herself before she reached into her clutch and pulled out her phone; minding her own business.

KimiKatsu: It felt so good to be able to walk normally again. Without splints or braces of any kind. The best part: zero bruising and minial to no scarring. She was free to walk around in her skimpy outfits yet again. Just the way she was raised to do. Tonight she wore a dangerously short blue dress that was tight from her waist down and looser up top. Big gems lined the collar. The dress was more expensive because of that little detail, but she loved the look. It showed just the right amount of leg and cleavage. Atleast the amount she was extremely comfortable with. And with all of this time that passed, Kirei was able to get her Durango back in it's original condition. God she loved that vehicle. Not nearly as much as she loved that growing pup of hers. Her was a lot taller now that his stubby pup legs had extended some. She decided to get rid of his mohawk, too. He didn't seem to like it much. And that young girl she took in, Nami. She was a sweet heart. Kirei loved having her company and so did Beavis. The two were currently at Kirei's new residence on the border between District 1 and District 2. It made the drive to her club a lot longer, but it paid to be safe and know that her little 'family' was safe as well. Kirei heard about a concert in District 2 by listening to a few of her girls talking about it. It had been forever since Kirei had last visited a concert. And she figured it would be good for her, Nami, and Beavis to get out a bit more and explore. Kirei looked into her rear view mirror at the two as they sat in the back seat. Beavis had fought Kirei's attemps at buckling him in, so she let him do what he wanted. He was bigger. Older. So she was willing to be a bit more leniant. The growing pup had hi head in Nami's lap as he laid in the seat. He seemed to really like her. Kirei's lips curved into a sweet smile and she looked back at the road. "It should be just up the street." SHe said, driving slowly due to all of the people walking around and running across the steet to meet up with others or just to cross. District 2. She really hadn't been here at all since the explosion. She hadn't heard a thing from Keyome, so she immediately thought the worst. She felt horrible, but life had to move on. Her thoughts shifted to Huaidan. Where had he gone? Why hadn't he contacted her? Kirei sighed. He probably had a good reason. There was a large crowd near a stage just yards away, so Kirei pulled up nextto a curb and parked behind a smaller car. "We're here. Stay close to me. Nami, if you want, you can hold Beavis's leash." The pup huffed as if he was responding to having to be o a leash. Kirei looked down at him and smiled. "I know how you get in crowds. I'm not letting you run off."

NamikazeSoudai: The first week or so with Nami at her side had been near perfect for Kirei, she was a good girl, cleaning up whenever she could, keeping her annoyances down to a small amount, not argueing when Nami had to go into the other room when Kirei had a guest(s) over. But then Nami started to use more and more which equaled into less efforts around the house and some days when Kirei didn't see Nami at all, outside wandering around mindlessly with her escasty influeanced mood. She didn't mean not to be a good girl, not to help with chores or get home in time for her bedtime, it just happened. Even right now, with how hot looking Nami looked in the back car and her too relaxed state that Kirei could tell she was probably sucking on one of those lolipops. When they got out of the car, Nami wanted to go into the crowd in the back that were also doing drugs of some sort, although they say one drug is a gateway drug to others, she wasn't really fond of the others, just the one was her true love. "It's loud mum.." She mumbled lightly, though she was liking the lights they were using. She held onto the leash, but it was more like her own leash for her not to go off into the crowd and do something stupid, Beavis was more walking her than the other way around.

: (( Not a gay basher... I love gay people. So dont you go getting the wrong ideas. -.-)) My long rasta dreadlocks hung down in a thick obnoxious pony tail. I also had on equally obnixous clothing. Purple, green, blue and orange litered my body in a future latex outfit. And guys what. It was SEEEEE THROOUUGGHHH. Yes, I love my clothing. I hope no one can see my Member in thi- Oh who am I kidding! I wanted everyone to, SEE, SSEE, SEEEEEE. I pranced on stage. “ Helllooo evverryyboddyy, my names Reggie takerbuttttt! You guys ready to see, a shooowww?!?!” The crowd began to scream. Yes, yes! It gave me boners of Joy! The corwd was full with Teenagers, and other ae groups. I stretched all the way out to the beach.” Ladies...AND BOYYSSS!!” I jumped in the air. “ Coming life from District 2! ARE YOU GUYS READY TO MEET... AND SEE... NATTAASHAAAAA!!” The crowd went ballistic. Tch, she aint. Prettier than me, why didnt they go this crazy when I came out?! “ Leettsssss doooo ittttt thennnnn Kasaihanaa cciittyyy!!” I ran from the stage, the crowd was screaming there heads off. As I turned. I no they saw the cheekless ness on the back of my pants. I hope the boys did.

Kila: Natasha stood under the tent a few feet way from the stage, bodyguards surrounded the makeshift structure blocking all view from the crowd, giving her a little privacy to get ready. She followed her normal routine of body oil then shimming her way into the barely there black pvc outfit, then followed by glitter and make-up. It took hours for her to get ready but the crowd seem to like her look, more so the guys. She pulled out a tub of lip gloss she kept nuzzled between her tits and applied a thin coat over her lush lips before wedging it back down. Nodding to one of the guards letting him know she was finally ready she grabbed her black Cat o’ nine tails and headed out. All the lights lowered on the stage, the fog machine picked up as puffs of smoke came rolling out, she tested her head set with a little giggling, the playful sound echoed throughout area. She quickly made her way to the center of the stage slapping the multi-tailed whip across her leather covered leg while heavy breathing and moans boomed out of the speakers. Finally the music started and the concert was on it‘s way. “Cum on, Cum on, Cum on, Feel my danger, Cum on, Cum on, Cum on, I'll be your cheap slut savior,” She sung in the most lust filled manner. The lights turned back on and flashed around the area, “Come on feel my affection for machine love Just plug in, then fade out..It's the real deal.. electric feel. Trip your pulse your heart beats faster Ask yourself how long you can last just plug in.. then fade out...It's the real deal, electric feel.” Her hips swayed as she moved closer to the crowd, her whip cracked against the metal floor, “Cum on, Cum on, Cum on, Feel my danger Cum on, Cum on, Cum on, I'll be your cheap slut savior. I am the one, I'm the one, I'm the one who makes you want it YEAH! YEAAAAAAAAH! YEAH! YEAAAAAAAH! Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.” She finally made her way to the edge of stage where she then dropped to her knees and started grinding against the floor. Her backup dancers looked like they were giving oral on each other but with all the lights and smoke it was hard to tell. “Does your libido feel my sexxx, Sex, sex, sex, sex sex, sex. Does your libido steal my sex? Sex, sex, sex, sex sex, sex. Come tonight, be with me all of the time. I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one to make you call. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex…..I'm the one ..Cum.. Milk..Cum..Taste…Cum..Bubblebath Time.” After her last note the lights went back out and only heavy breathing and moans could be heard once more.

DolliesBelle Whisper: The young woman quirked a slender brow to the sudden sound, allowing her glass like hues to settle on the stage near by. There seemed to be a mass crowd. She'd wander over, coming to eye the group before she heard the song go on. She'd furrow her brows, her classier side quite disturbed with the vulgarity of the woman's words. 'Oh my..' she thought to herself, coming to fold her arms over her waist and continued to listen into the concert. She was unsure how she felt about the song itself, let alone the scantly dressed woman who desired to sing them. "..I--I'm speechless.." She murmured to herself, coming to clasp her right hand over her mouth as she continued to keep silent and listen.

DarkKeyome: I saw the crowds as they began to grow bigger and bigger. Tch.. fuck this... this shit is going to get me killed. But I needed to find a Detective anyone that wasn’t fooled by that mans lies. My eyes bore on the area... I saw Kirei, and the Kid. I wanted to run to them so bad... just.. to you know let them know im OK. Fuck man... this sucked so bad. Then... the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. “ HEY...” Said a voice behind me as I had made my way back into another alley way. It was another KPD... Fuck. “ hey kid...turn around, lemme see your face. “ I heard him take his weapon out. “ Tch... what's the problem officer..” I said as he came closer. Then BOOM.. All the lights went out for the concert the alley got too dark for him to see me. I leaped off the wall then to the other opposite wall. Landing on a fire escape. The lights returned and I came down from above his head with a elbow strike to the top of his head with my left arm. Knocking him out cold. I gripped his body, tossing it in a trash can and kicking it down the alley way. Not before I stole his wallet, which contained KPD Police access codes... his ID, money, and so on and so forth. This will come in handy. I walked out side, quickly making my way through the crowd and sneaking over and past security. Dumb asses... I pushed my way to the front... and I saw her. She was on the stage... I had seen her music video's... you know but I wasn’t as big of a fan as I was for Valentine. The crowd was going wild, I mean fucking bonkers. Some dude was jumping up and down, I felt his boner hit me in the back over and over again. “ for fucks sake..” I quickly sent a elbow into his nose as he came back down knocking him out. He fell back on someone and they lifted him into the air, and so did everyone. Mistaking that he wanted to crowd surf. I had went through the crowd further.. my eyes looking left to right. Who the fuck am I kidding, I wouldn’t know a detective if I seen one. But... did find something. Squatting down, I picked up a dirty piece of paper. It was pretty fucked up, and ironically... it belonged to one of the soldiers that worked for Danchou. Must of fell out of his uniform... im surprised it was still in this area. It was hardly readable but I gave it a shot. “Di-..District 1... Proximity views... Ahh fuck I know that place. “ I looked up, and saw Kirei.. only a few feet away. I wanted to greet her again, let everyone know. But that's dangerous... they needed to know I was dead. It... it was safer that way.

IzzyDaPada: Clad in all black to blend in, my double glocks hidden within my person. I felt some what safe with blending in with those on the streets. I had grown up knowing the ways of the maikos and gaikos and geishas. The wearing kimonos of all types. But to wear normal clothing? Would probably kill those I used to know. But of course, this wasn't a bother to me, I wanted to get out tonight, and not have eyes upon me. Switching up my looks I added this and that so I would blend in and not be spotted amongest the crowd or..teenagers? Mindless drowns now a days. As I heard someone..someone singing? Or was it just mindless banter of vulgarity on many levels. Shifting my glance I spotted someone on stange, then the lights go out and of course noises would araise from the darkness. I didn't need to go any further. I probably knew the antics of the now a day generations. Someone to my right and my left who were also in street clothing, as Daichi and Daiki. Bodyguards who as perrequest of his, and of my own reasoning. I had hired them. One leaning over my shoulder one would whisper.- "I think we should return Ma'am." -I would turn my attention back to him.- "If I let my outtings be ruined. I would never have fun. Now would I?" -They were both twins if you got right too it. Japanese decent. Tall, bruly, tough looking men. Tanned, men with grayish black hair. Both of them would let out a timed sigh. They knew I was stubborn to some little extent. But I never come to this part of the district unless it was for business. I would make a frown, so much had happened, I didn't what had happened..I had been stuck at the house because of requests of him. Only he could get me to listen to him..but..what had happend to make him worry about me so much to send me off to the house? Looking around, everyone seemed to be so busy, with the concernt. I wanted answers. And I wanted them now.-

KimiKatsu: As they neared the concert, Kirei heard the music starting. It was loud, as concerts usually were. The song that played: one that Kirei really didn't care for upon hearing a few verses. It was a bit too...strong for her liking. She preffered a more hidden message. Oh the ability to listen to an overly perverted song in front of oblivious people and actually know what it's saying never fails to bring a delightful smile to Kirei's lips. "Heh...this is really the only way society HASN'T changed." SHe sighed gently. "Putting attractive women on stage, making them look like whores, and giving them those lyrics to sing." She shook her head slowly and looked over at Nami. She knew Nami's drugs were in effect. It made her giggle a bit. Beavis pulled on his leash, wanting to run into the crowd. "Ah! No! Beavis!" She shouted and scolded. THe pooch huffed again and relaxed. "I supposed we'll have to go find something better to do..." Yes, she was a whore, but not a stereotypical one. She was her own bottle. Not one from a six pack. Kirei glanced around slowly. Her gaze rolled over a guy that had been looking at her. He wore a hood to cover his face. His arm was metal, it looked like. "Eh?" SHe blinked and locked her gaze on him for a moment, then shrugged. She knew she was an eyegasm. She had to be for her job. Kirei merely waved cutely at the man and continued to look around for something to do with Nami and Beavis.

DanteOConnor: My eyes shot open with a gasp as I awoke from my terror filled dream, instantly shutting my eyes to try and remove the images from my brain. The dream was as if I was being chased by men I couldn’t even bother recognizing, their outfits all in black, and their eyes as crimson as could be. The chased me down passageways, up fire escapes, all over the place before I thought I got away from them… yet at the end of a dream, it is a blur, and I cannot remember what happened next. All I could feel was throbbing pain in my chest and legs, and I did not understand why. My eyes opened to the sound of a metallic creaking noise, and at that moment… I realized it truly wasn’t a dream. My eyes first shut up to the bulb that hung over head, the light swinging back and forth with a hypnotic trance, the steel cable it was attached to creaking as it swung against its hold. My eyes slowly panned around the room seeing the same kind of lights all across the room, maybe an old factory of some sort? My eyes then looked to my feet, and all that I was wearing were my jeans. Cuts and bruises littered my chest, and my shirt and boots were gone, as was my lucky chain. Pfft, some luck. As soon as I tried to figure out where I was, a loud slam came from behind me, causing me to feel a dead cold go to my bones. Where was I? If my dream was true, what would they want? My parents are not wealthy so it can’t be a ransom. Shit, there were footsteps coming my way, along with the creaking of a tray that would be found in a hospital. My heart started to quicken as I shut my eyes, praying to God that this was not the end for me. Was it information? OF COURSE! They want to know about the Yakuza, but what? Why was this not being done in district 3 as usual? Wait, these aren’t cops! My pulse quickened even more as the pound of another’s footsteps rang in my ear, beads of cold sweat slipping down my cheek as a figure came in my vision. It was the man that was in my dream, yet his eyes were not red, for he was wearing a mask with red lenses. His eyes couldn’t be seen beneath the mask, and I called out to him with a croak, “Who are you!? What do you want!?” The man lashed out and smacked me upside the face without a moment’s hesitation before slapping his hand over my lips, only to use his other hand put a finger to where his lips would be. A distorted voice would come through the mask as the figure gently removed the hand from my lips, “Do you know of the Yakuza…?” My eyes shot to the tray that contained a variety of tools. There were pliers, an ice-pick and hammer, a pair of jumper cables, and a cloth with two buckets of water. What in the name of God was he going to do to me!? The man drew his fist and hit me hard against the jaw line, only to ask again, “Do you know the YAKUZA!?” A small word croaked out of my lips as I stated, “N-n-n-… no…” The man would smack me again, yet this time as twice as hard on the opposite side with a balled fist, causing my vision to blur from the hit. No matter what, I wasn’t going to snitch on my brothers and sisters. The man slowly pulled out the hammer and slightly patted it against his hand as he spoke, “You can tell me what I want to know and live… or you can keep lying to me as I break every single joint in your body. Now… where is he one known as Keyome?” I honestly had no clue where that psychopath was. After the parade incident it was like he vanished and he couldn’t be dead seeing that this man was asking about him, “That clanless bitch? Last I heard he burned up in that nasty incident at the parade for-“The man then suddenly brought the hammer down on my finger, causing me to yelp out in pain moments after it crushed my knuckle and the joint with it, “AHHHHHHHRGGH FUCK!” The man looked at me through his mask and growled, “I don’t have time for rumors, jackass! Where is he!?” The man then brought down the hammer once again before he would smash my middle knuckle as well the crack echoing severely through the abandoned building, along with the bang the hammer made on its own, “STOP! STOP! PLEASE!” The pain was unbearable and caused me to cry out once again, “You’ll get nothing from me, you fucking pig!” The man would stop from taking out a third knuckle before he would slam the hammer down against the tray, getting right in my face as he spoke, “If I was a cop, my supervisor would of pulled me in 5 minutes ago. You’re fucked if you don’t tell me what I need to know!” He then grasped the ice pick, flipping it between his fingers as he spoke, “What is the next big event going on in the Yakuza…?” I leaned back in my seat and spit at the man with a grin, “Fucking pig.” What he did next was unimaginable. He grasped my knee and gripped it so tight it felt like all my ligaments were shifting, only to feel a sudden sharp pain between the ligaments and my kneecap. I wailed as I looked down and saw the ice pick he was holding now deep within my leg. He then gripped my by the throat and squeezed for a series of moments, my vision beginning to blur before he would release me, only to strike me in the side of the head with his elbow, “FINE FINE, I’LL TELL YOU JUST STOP THE PAIN!” He struck me once again in the head, a cut appearing on my head and dribbling blood across my eyes, “See? That wasn’t so bad now was it dumbass?” I grit my teeth as I spoke with fury towards this man, “There might be something going on at the concert… I don’t know but I know that Natasha bitch is a big hit, so a lot of people are going to be there…” I looked down to my feet, my honor and pride slipping fast, “Just please… stop the pain… PLEASE!?” The pounding from my heart against the wounds in my body caused my tears to water. I just wanted the pain to stop. I needed the pain to stop. The man looked at me and gave a laugh, “Sure, you sick fuck, by the way, that girl in the market that you raped and murdered? Her name was Suki and she was 12 years old.” He then drew his pistol and fired two rounds in my chest, two short whistles echoing in my ears from his suppressor as the pain excruciating persisted even further. I felt a small pool of blood form in my throat and I gave a cough as the copper tasting spew would splash all over my chest. Slowly but surely, my world would slowly fade to black. My God… what have I done? The man slipped the pistol back into its holster before getting on his headset, his voice now normal as it came through the radio back at KPD headquarters, in an area that was completely secure and secret to preying eyes, 30 stories below the Earth’s surface, “Command, it’s Gringo… it turns out there might be a lead at the concert featuring that pop underground singer Natasha something or other. Delta Team, get your shit packed up. It’s go time.” Two men and one woman would nod as they heard the message, retrieving their gear and heading to the rooftop of the primary KPD headquarters via private access elevator. They clambered into the chopper, which seemed to be an advanced model V-22 Osprey, and took off into the night sky; meeting up with their commander and then heading for the concert… it was time to get this party started.

NamikazeSoudai: Beavis didn't get anywhere with the grip she had on the leash. Beforehand she didn't want to come here, not fond of loud concerts really, they ruined the songs for her because it was all live and the human element of mistakes came up. But with her drugs, she was pretty hypnotized by the singing, though whether or not she was paying attention to the song, the woman's sexual nature, or something entirely was unknown. Nami was not wearing her school uniform obviously, she had picked up a new outfit one day while shopping with Kirei that felt like a hypster farmer girl looked which was adorable to Nami. She did though had her backpack which normally would be filled with school papers, was filled with lolipops of both the candy and the drug nature. Although escasty did make her more sexual in her actions, it didn't really hit her mind that way, it was probable that she was hearing the woman sing: Candy Lolipops come come come. Once the song was over though Nami was hugging to Kirei's leg, happy that she was out of her trance. She too spotted the mask man with the robotic arm and feared Terminator had come to kill her for a moment, but Beavis barked, making her look down and away. "Beavisss..your on my foot.."

Kila: Natasha kept singing, grinding and moaning out her songs as the night went. Her body became covered in sweat as she continued the dancing and singing, finally her backup dancers circled her while carrying large bucket where they set them down. She went back down to her knees as they picked up a couple of the buckets and dumped the content out on her. Water splashed down her, flowed over her curvaceous body and pooled around her knees, she flipped her short brown hair and then begun to roll in the water on the stage. A couple more guys came up and poured more water over her body as she arched up off the floor and stimulated the act of fucking…Once she was finished, which one would guess from the cries and screams over the speakers, the remaining water was flung out over the crowd. She stood up and breathless spoke, “Thank you all for cumming tonight..” She giggled and walked off the stage.

Yule: Asami was walking around the city. She hadn’t seen Tasanagi since he went to get his new arm. She wondered how he was doing. She didn’t make contact with her friend for safety reasons. She had been in a funk lately. She hadn’t had any patients in a while and she was still worried about her clan. Her thoughts had been all over the place. Asami was brought out of her thoughts when she accidently bumped into a man. “Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going…” She walked around him and while she did she fixed her black shirt, and her black jacket. Underneath her jacket she had a bra on but that’s pretty much all she wore. She was also just a tad bit taller thanks to her cute black wedges. Her steps were light as she walked along the street. Soon she began to hear music and her feet moved in that direction on their own. Soon she was standing amongst the crowd and getting pushed around. One time she got pushed down onto the ground. Asami was about to jump up and bitch slap the person but when she went to yell at them she stopped. The man that pushed her down was staring down at her. Asami’s hand went to throwing knives that were attached to her thigh under her skirt but before she could set her hands on them the guy grabbed her arm and jerked her up. The man didn’t say anything as he dragged her away from the crowd. “Who the fuck are you?” she asked.

DanteOConnor: As the Osprey landed outside of the abandoned warehouse just inside , the man had just finished wiping off his combat vest after the small amount of spit was hurled at him during he and the man’s talk. He clambered in and removed the mask, along with the hood to reveal a middle aged man in his mid-40s. He had a United States Marine inspired haircut and a grizzled 5 o’clock shadow across his jawline. He gave a grin to the others which consisted of a African American male that kept a sledgehammer on his back and a modified SMR assault rifle in his hands, nicknamed ‘Sledge’… I know, big shocker. The other was a red haired woman with small glasses and a communication pack on her back, appropriately nicknamed ‘Shade’. Finally the man to Dante’s right was a Hispanic man with two scars where his lips would meet, a large anti-material rifle perched next to him. His name was ‘Joker’ again for obvious reasons. The man would look around for a moment before Joker would speak, “Eh, boss… how’d it feel to jam that ice pick into Shoji’s knee?” Gringo would then give a laugh before stating, “It was a thrilling experience, but seriously, it’s go time ladies and gentlemen. The others would huff as Logan used a 3 dimensional display to pan out the area, “The concert is completely open from what we see here. Joker, I’m going to need to on a rooftop about a click out here.” He would gesture to a high building about half a mile away from the concert’s sight, Joke giving a nod before stating, “Got it.” Gringo would continue his battle plan as he looked to the other two. “Shade, you’re our eyes in the sky. Stay in the chopper and give us a pulse if things start going south.” He referenced to a local area EMP that the helicopter was shielded from due to the pulse device being on the bottom, “Sledge, you’re with me. We’ll go in through the backstage entrance. Lethal force has been authorized, so use it if you have to. No civilian casualty… is that understood?” Sledge would give a laugh before he spoke up, “I swear, that bitch had a knife. I just shattered it when I put it in her skull.” The others would laugh severely, Gringo included as they made their way even closer to the concert. “Alright, that’s the plan. This is a search and seizure everyone. Suit up. Two minutes to drop.”

DarkKeyome: I had watched the whole thing.. ha, I think maybe 3-2 hours passed? The songs, were vulgar but I’ve always been a music head, and every genre of it makes my head bob. I wanted to meet her... I know that wasn’t wise, but I was going too... fuck it, man im gonna do it. Besides... that kinda fame, she has to know someone from another country with higher up ties with the government. I mean she isn’t even from New America.... But anyways yea I loved all types of music maybe Except country but that doesn’t even exist anymore. I checked my watch... It was about 2 Am.. fuck, I gotta get outta here. As my eyes were scanning the area, I watched her do her... um, soaking... wet. Maneuver.. I fixed my pants, along with 5 other boys that I saw at the corner of my eye. Hahaha... I wasn’t the only one good. I turned quickly. And bumped to Kirei, which had one point or another managed to stand right next to me throughout the whole thing. Lucky enough my hood shadowed my face. Once our bodies hit... her perfume gave away the scent that let me know it as her. That... and well her rack. “ Excuse me ma'am..” I said brushing past her as quickly as possible. “ please don’t recoginze me please don’t recognize meee....” I looked up, fuck is that...? Is that new girl? Shit that’s Asami... I frowned. That big fucker... slowly my eyes scanned over his suit... Diamond clan member. Where the fuck have those guys been anyways, the could a fucking helped take Danchou out now he's too fucking big. He was cursing Asami out, screaming in her ear... Tch, that.... that just fucking pissed me off. I sprinted full speed to the direction in why they resided. I know this wasn’t wise... but she was a Kagemaru regardless.. “ Let her go!” I said leaping over the crowd that had formed around her in the man. I tucked my legs as I did a flip a front one. I was coming down with my right hand extended, the auto-mailed arm. The punch aiming to the man would surely knock him back about 6 feet if it connected. The crunching sounds of his jaw would echo in the air, my hood falling off of my head as I landed on my feet to eye the man. The crowd gasped... eying me one of the girls whispered. “ I-..Isn’t he supposed to b- “ A boy screamed out. “ It's that Terrorist guy! Look at him! I thought Danchou killed you! “ Fuck me... with a fucking lead pipe. “ ….” I eyed the crowd getting down into a Muy Thai stance... they charged. I stood my ground. 1, 2.... 55 of them. Great... never... had to fight this many before. “ This what I get... playing... fucking hero...” I sighed.

IzzyDaPada: -I honestly couldn't understand these people. Vulgar music and profanity always made me slightly sick.- "Ma'am. I think we need to head back n-" -I would turn my head towards the sounds of..a riot? No wonder I hatd these places so much. Drawing out the glocks that were hidden within her jacket I would quickly make my way towards where the people were charging, I know I wouldn't make it there in time. But I would try anyways. Shouting orders at Daichi and Daiki.- "Flank me. This isn't probably what he wants from me, but..I can't stand by. Horrible Chairwoman I am for not leaving when I should." -The boys nodded their heads as the took their positions on both sides of me and drew their own packed away guns and took aim if any were to get out of my line of sight. As my group quickly approached the afforming riot I shot warning shot both in the air and at the ground. Keeping my eyes at the raging teens. Taking a look at who they were charging.- "Tasanagi..." -I would look dumbfounded at him, his arm? Why would people charge him. I need to ask him questions later then it seems.- "Seems you got yourself in a perdicament there Sir." -I gave him a stern look, then turned my attention back to the charging group with.-

The Escape out of District 2

HatakeHajime: *Sound of Enemy Bodies Being Thumped and Bumped Around on the Bumper and Hood of Hajime’s Hummer*. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The Aniki screamed as he drove through the crowd in which the current riot was taking place. When Hajime was driving into the distance, he picked up something on the receiver inside of his tactical visor. After hearing the sounds of all the commotion, the young right hand of the Kagemaru Family of Kasai Hana City turned his hummer around and sped through traffic in order to help his Oyabun. After driving through most of the madness, Hajime caught sight of his boss. With that, he drove right for him. *Sounds of Tires Screeching and Breaks Squealing*. Hajime kicked open the left door to the armored hummer as he came to a stop in the middle of the street. *Sound of the Door Being Kicked Open*. “Oye, Bossu!” Hajime called out from the Hummer. “Get in!” As soon as Keyome followed what Hajime had to say, he would drive off. He hoped that his boss would get in within the next few seconds. They needed to get the fuck out of dodge BIG TIME. Hajime wore his sniper outfit so no one would know it was him. The thing was bullet proof, and s Hajime had watched the entire thing go down earlier, he knew that the enemy forces were exhausting quick. They had to be. Hajime looked over to see the love of his life and a few allies of his and his Oyabun’s. “Everyone, Get in! Now!” Hajime exclaimed to his friends from the armored hummer. He was serious and he was ready to get his point across even if it meant killing everyone there.  

KimiKatsu: Kirei felt the man bump into her. She blinked, watching him as he hurried away. Had he been looking at her breasts? Was he..was he blushing? The man reminded her of Keyome. She let out a gentle sigh, steping forward so the man would have more room to move. He eyes locked back on the stage. THe concert was over. All of the songs were the same as the first. The dancing honestly made Kirei rather upset. It was bad enough that she had to compete ith other strip joints but now she had to compete with concerts? Really? She rolled her eyes for the first time in months and turned away from the stage. "Meh." Was all she said. Then she heard it. She heard someone yell her deceased friend's name. Atleast she thought he was. When her eyes locked on the crowd, she moved closer, wanting to see what all of the fuss was about. Then she saw him. When there was a big enough gap, she saw him. Keyome Tasanagi... KIrei blinked a few times. Back from the dead? No...impossible..atleast for now it was... Maybe he really hadn't died. He never ceased to amaze her. She smiled widely. Kirei reached over and grabbed Beavis's leash just below where Nami was holding. "Come on Nami!" She pulled the girl and the dog closer to the crowd. Then, there was the sound of screeching tires. Kirei turned her head to se a big hummer. THe door flung open and there was a man in an odd looking suit calling for Keyome. Then he looked at her and Asami and called for them to get in too as well as a few others. Kirei ran towards the hummer, pulling Nami and Beavis along with her. She hopped in the vehicle in no time and moved over for other people to sit. Her eyes locked on Keyome in the front and she smiled again.

Kila: She headed back to her tent and flopped down on the closes chair to her, she hated doing the concerts and hated her side business even more. Natasha sighed as she stood, she quickly toweled off her body, “Come on boys lets go mingle.” She looked at her guards and ran out into the crowd the one thing she loved to do the most was keep em on their toes, and she did that a lot. She smiled at her fans and took the time to sign autographs, taking pictures and give hugs. She kept scanning the crowd, looking for the cutes or most dangerous guy she could find, after all she needed to have a little fun too. Natasha was shoved down once the fight broke up, a bodyguard picked her up and flung her over his shoulder where he spun around and tried to carry her off to safety. Her fists curled up as she beat on his back, “Fucking watch it and let me down!” She seen this as the best time for her to escape, get away from the guards, that is if she could get free. She wiggled out of the guy’s arms and jumped into the hummer, it wasn’t hers nor did she know them but it wasn’t with her guards either. She looked up at whoever that was in it, “Hai…Mind if I tag along?” She bit on her bottom lip and waited to see if they would allow it.

Yule: Asami saw Haji and grinned, of course he would come in at the last minute. Asami ran towards Tasanagi and pulled on his new arm hoping it wouldn’t damage it. She rushed and pushed him into the front seat of the vehicle and then slammed the door shut. She turned to the singer. “Get in! You are welcome to come along I’m sure.” She quickly got into the back heading all the way into the very back so everyone else could get in. She also didn’t want to be in the way, since this was mostly her fault…She couldn’t even handle a guy on her own without having to have Tasanagi step in. She felt pretty bad and just looked out the window after they peeled away. She didn’t know where they were headed but she was sure that it would be a secure area. Her eyes drifted to the front of the vehicle and to Tasanagi. She was glad he was back and as good as he used to be. IzzyDaPada: -I would spot that there was a hummar driving up. Rather carelessly. Could it be that, somehow that prince in dark shinning armor came? Or was it just a junkie trying to kill whoever with their car. But as the door was kicked open, she spotted Hajime, the love of my life, I looked to the two men flanking me and waved them away, they had their own car as they dashed away quickly. Getting into the car after two other people hopped in, I would crawl to the forwardest part of the car to sit away from most of these people. Letting out a heavy sigh, at least I didn't have to shoot anyone today. Tilting my head I would look at Hajime.- "You..have wonderful timing. Have I ever told you that?"

NamikazeSoudai: "Nooo!! kidnapping!!" She giggled, being dragged along by Kirei from the leash. She felt like a dog, more so than Kirei's dog who was happily following his master. Perhaps she would.. "Arf Arf!" She giggled more, chewing on her arm like she had fleas, but everywhere Kirei seemed to drag the teen had the uttmost perfection in cleaniness, even her strip club, she'd never seen poles cleaned and polished so much. She wouldn't be surprised if Kirei took a vaccum sucker to her women's holes either. She was pushed into the hummer by Kirei and landed down by the feet of this slutty dancer singer woman and when she came back up from the floor of the hummer, someone pushed agaisnt her pushing her mouth into the woman's thigh. Nami was blushing, trying to say sorry but someone was pushing agaisnt her keeping her down..It was Beavis, that pervy dog forcing girls on girls.

DanteOConnor: As they would make their way over the crowds… 30,000 feet to be exact, the hatch in the back of the Osprey unlatched, and Gringo looked over his men to make sure they were set for the drop. He looked to Shade and gave a wave to signal that it was time. She waved in return then called out as a green light flashed on in the back of the Osprey, “GREEN LIGHT! TIME TO JUMP, BOYS!” The men nodded and leapt out of the plane, Gringo going first with a howl as he was followed my Sledge and Joker. The men free fell as Gringo designated the areas they would land through their HUD’s. Joker was the first to veer off, making his way towards the building’s rooftop. Soon after, Sledge would veer off, making his way towards the side of the concert where most people had parked. Gringo then looked directly towards his own target, a building across the street three stories high. He was thankful that there were so many people that cosplayed in this town. Maybe he could slip in with one of them. As he landed on the rooftop, static came over the headset before he would speak, “This is Gringo. Landing was successful.” A voice would kick in over his headset, “Hey, it’s Joker. I’m set up and ready to go.” Sledge would respond after him, “GOD DAMMIT, I FELL INTO A CAR ON MY DECENT AND CRUSHED THE HOOD.” Gringo would chuckle to himself before mumbling ‘fatass’, making his way down the staircase onto street level. As Sledge would make his way towards the side entrance of the building, Gringo would make his way to the back. The area was blocked off by a couple guards, and Gringo would make his way back towards them. One of the guards turned and held his hand up as he saw a shadow, “Sir you cannot be back here…” But before he could finish his explanation, Gringo grasped his head and slammed against the steal support piece that was a part of the stage. The other guard drew his weapon and aimed, only for Gringo to grab the weapon and literally disassemble it in an instant, only to grasp the man’s arm, twisting it hard enough before he would flip and crack his head off the concrete. Gringo would then stand straight up before giving a smirk to himself, “Well, that was easy.” He would then look to the back stage entrance before getting a call over the radio, “Boss, its Shade. We have a situation. Joker’s reporting some sort of scuffle and he believes it’s Keyome.” Gringo’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he stated one word, “Where?” Shade would give a grimace before she would state it herself, “In the middle of about 55 people who know who he is.” Gringo’s hand slammed up against the wall before he would give a nod to himself, “Alright, let’s see what he can do without our help. If he finds a way away from them, let me know. I want completely aerial recon tracked onto that fucker. Is that understood?” Shade would respond a few moments later, “Understood sir.” As she spoke, she sent out a swarm of small UAV drones, each about the size of a small bird. Whenever one would find Keyome, it would send of a tracer number back to Shade, who would decrypt it and send the other a GPS location of the target. Things were about to go down for the worse at this concert, and all Gringo could think about was catching up to Keyome after all these years. A blip went off on the radar as Keyome was tracked. A Hummer had busted through the crowds that had Keyome surrounded, only to reveal that it seemed it was his allies abducting him and apparently Natasha Valentine herself. Shade’s voice chirped in with a small crackle, “Boss, they’re taking him. I’m launching a tracker dart!” Gringo would nod before calling out over the radio, “Sledge, frisk a car and find something fast. Shade, pick up Joker and take off to wherever that fucking vehicle is going! We need him and we need him now!” Gringo would turn on his heel and take of towards the parking lot, arriving soon after his order was given. Sledge pulled up with a warm grin on his face in a brand new Lamborghini model, arching his brow before nodding softly, “Get in, boss!” Gringo leapt from the ground and slipped into the car as a duke of hazard would, the two now taking off towards the main road, “Shade, have you acquired Joker yet?” Shade would come on over the radio with a nod, “Yes, he’s in here. What are you planning?” Gringo would respond without haste, “Armored or not, that Hummer’s a beast. We might need Joker’s rifle to knock out that engine block to get Keyome out of there. If we lose him now, it’s not going to get any better.” Shade would come in over the radio before he would continue on, “Boss, it’d have to be one hell of a shot. Apparently there is innocence in the car.” Gringo would nod slightly before looking to Sledge, “We gotta stay on them, team. Wait till the innocence are cleared out and maybe we can get him. Do NOT lose sight of the target.”

SatsuMasayoshi: Huaidan had heard so much commotion just a block away, he left his R8 near his apartment complex for safe keeping, but when he came to the plaza of Kasaihana City he knew there was a concert, but unluckily he found a most disturbing sight: A cluster fuck of people, men, and women all rioting for some unknown reason to Huaidan. “What the fuck is going-“ He hears the voice of a man shout, “Hey look over there…One of those Yakuza fuckers…I think he works for Kirei!” He blinks, the name of his Chairwoman shocked him, “W-“ He looks towards the direction of the voice, a man was pointing at him, “Right there!” The man shouted, therefore it happened, another sequence no one expected; three men charged at him, all civilians, “For fuck’s sake…” He groans, his skipped forward before shooting his right leg out in an up kick, his heel clicking off the closest male’s jaw his body collapsing backward. The other two were a bit surprised, but they didn’t stop for nothing. Huaidan had to sway his torso back from a rather weak left hook from the first man, then giving his own right straight, his knuckles connecting with the man’s chin making stunning him. The third man tried kicking him, but yet again another failed attempt, before the other two could realize what happened; Huaidan gave a stinging, but not paralyzing right sweep kick to the third man’s knee making him stagger slightly to feel the sting. Huaidan then makes a full three sixty spin, yet about three quarters of the way to completion he hops into the air, to perform the jumping heel kick by lifting his left leg into the air first. Then five more males join the fight, after the last two of the first ‘wave’ are both dropped by the same heel kick. “You want some two fuckers? I got all day…” He gets into a readied stance, his legs apart, shoulder length, while his right fist is tucked against his stomach, his left jutting out with his fingers extended. “C’mon, I said bring it the fuck on, bitches!” He goads all five into attacking at once, his right fist comes around to jab away an incoming right hook, then his left shin sweeps out catching this man in the back of the knee to make him kneel for the next attack, his right shin comes around next, if the man weren’t kneeled as he was it would’ve struck his mid-section, but because of this attack being an appropriate follow up his right shin collided with this man’s jaw sending him barreling backwards. Giving no time for a proper reaction time, he simply wraps his left arm around a man’s leg, which attempted a kick from behind, his right leg able to sweep around behind him as he spun a full ninety degrees, his heel clicking off the man’s temple making him fall forward from the kick, face planting the pavement of the sidewalk. He then looks passed the group of people, seeing a woman get into a hummer, who appeared to be the person he least expected to be, “Boss lady!” He shouts, grunting a bit as the last three appeared in front of him. “You’re really persistent…” He groans, he bolted off instantly, leaping into the air, so he could get an appropriate movement, his right foot planting the first man, and pushing off of him to get some momentum for the second to last male. The toe of his right boot coming around, and smashing into the cheek bone of this man, causing him to do a full silhouette like spin before plummeting to the ground. The last man came up to him, but all Huaidan had to do was grip his wrist, and duck to his side he himself faced away from the last attacker, his left knee bending upwards, then shooting backwards (Sort of like a donkey kick), his foot smashing down on the side of the man’s knee. It snapped instantly, but he wasn’t done there, just as the attacker was screaming in pain, Huaidan brought the side of his elbow on to his shoulder with tenacity, his arm snapping spontaneously, just after he had broken the man’s knee. He lets the man fall to the ground, writhing, and bellowing in pure agony, “Teach you to fuck with me…” His eyes held all seriousness; he looks back towards the hummer of which his Chairwoman was entering. He cursed under his breathe knowing it’d be too late to get to it. Huaidan reached into his coat flap, wrapping his fingers around something, when he pulls the object from his coat it appears to be his signature 909 Taurus. He raises his arm, pointing the barrel into the air, while his hand properly grasped the grip, his index finger pulls the trigger four times, four discharges rung out through the concert, and Plaza. This caused the rioters to scream in terror, but stop when they saw a Huaidan, “ALL OF YOU FUCKERS, clear our, or get ganked!” He shouted, his eyes holding the most sincere of furious gazes he could give. Most of the rioters dispersed, but some continued. Though over time more of them dispersed because of Huaidan. He stepped forward seeing a break in the rioters, he shimmied through the crowd rather quickly to get to his Chairwoman, he stepped beside her making sure he shielded her from the rioters themselves, “Kirei...Nami, are you two okay?” He whispered the request of their wellbeing, his eyes darting around, keeping a keen watch for the few who might want to attack his boss.

HatakeHajime: Now that all of his allies had been brought into the armored haven that was his black, armored Hummer H2, the aniki revved the motor. *Sounds of Tires Screeching and Peeling Out of the lot in a hurry*. “Close the doors!” Hajime exclaimed to his friends with a serious tone. He was being extremely demanding, but he had to get his friends out alive. With that, Hajime rolled down his window and tossed several smoke bombs out as he drove away. These smoke bombs we special. They would continue to spread across the area after being thrown. The solution which had made up the smoke was a fast, spreading substance that could cover a few miles of city at a given time. As such, Hajime made a break for it with his crew. By the time the smoke cleared, his Hummer—people and all—would disappear into the distance as if the entire vehicle had performed a ninja technique.

HatakeHajime: *Sounds of Tires Screeching and Breaks Squaling* Hajime drifted the Hummer H2 into the court yard of his villa—a nice Japanese-Style compound on the far outskirts of the city. As the car came to a stop, Hajime opened the driver’s side door of his car. He hopped out and looked to everyone. “So…” Hajime began. “How was it?” He asked with a smart ass sort of tone. Hajime was stressed and frustrated. He couldn’t believe he had to save everyone from a riot. He culdn’t believe that his Oyabun got labeled a terrorist. Hajime couldn’t believe three quarters of the shit that had gone down this past week. None of that mattered now though. Hajime got everyone home to the villa, and that’s all that counted. As Hajime walked around and opened everyone’s doors, he began to speak again. “I really hope you guys finished any business you had in District 2. We won’t be returning to Kasai Hana City for a long time.” Hajime’s voice became grim and held great gravity. He was serious about this. “Every Single One of You has been labeled a target. If you go back to Kasai Hana City, you will be killed. Of this, I am sure.” Hajime continued to explain. “This is my villa. We’ll be staying here while this all blows over. While we’re here, we’re going to live simple. There isn’t a lot here, but I have everything we need. We should be absolutely fine for the next few months.” Hajime looked to the group as he stood to the side of the Hummer.

SatsuMasayoshi: Huaidan taps the seat that the man who drove was in, “Yo…Sure this place is unmarked? Maybe we should let someone stay in here with the rest, while you, and I go check the place out…Don’t want to be too careless.” He says sincerely, the second to get out behind him, “You know it’d be too stupid to just…Wander in. Just like you said we’re all marked targets including you: That means they’d know EVERYTHING about you…Right?” He tilts his head, wanting to take all precautionary measures. Huaidan’s feet carry him a few yards from the hummer. He politely waits for his answer to act, for he didn’t want to go anywhere he wasn’t permitted to without proper admittance. He however gazes passed the man, and into the hummer to look at Kirei, his eyes glimmered for a second before he looked back to the one he had questioned. He however gazes passed the man, and into the hummer to look at Kirei, his eyes glimmered for a second before he looked back to the one he had questioned. Huaidan’s eyes now came to survey the landscape of the interior compound which was the villa, “Nice…Spacious…But…How calm can it stay like this?” He can only hope that no one followed them, or was already at the villa, “Fuck me…That was a shit storm…” His eyes could see the flash backs of the scene, the concert gone awry. “We were so…Careless…To stay around any longer than a month…” he brings his free hand to his chin, as his right had retrieved his 909 out of habit.*

KimiKatsu: Kirei kept her back pressed to the seat. Her legs were tense, helping to hold her in her spot. 'I knew I should've put on my fucking seat belt before everyone crammed in!' she thought to herself. Her right hand was gripping Huaidan's thigh just above the new tightly, showing that she was quite terrified. Mostly because the ride was so..crazy. No one had ever driven so wildly before. Atleast not with her in the car. She didn't even realize she was grabbing Huaidan's leg until Haji jumped out of the car and opened her door. "Aha...I'll stay here for a moment." Her legs wobbled. Almost the same way they wobbled when she orgasmed and tried to walk right after. Her hand released Huaidan's leg as he climbed out and she breathed in lightly. The last car chase she had been in had shaken her just a tiny bit more than this one, but this one was certainly right up there. Beavis jumped out of the car instantly, tugging free of Nami's hand as her face was mashed against the singer's thigh. Her ran around the large space near the hummer wildly, his leash dragging behind him. "B! Beavis!" Kirei huffed and stumbled out of the hummer. Though her legs were shakey, she knew Beavis wasn't going to come back when she called. No. Not yet. Not until he pee'd on ever square of grass and every tree. Kirei kicked off her heels and began to chase the hyped up dog. "Beavis!"

Kila: Natasha slid out for the car and stretched, “Wow, I really got away.” She then blinked and looked around at everybody, her brow arched up slightly once the driver spoke, “Ummm, excuse me….Did you say months?” She shook her head and started to pace, “No way in hell I could stay here for that long…My father would blow a gasket…He’ll have half of the Russian mob looking for me in a matter or hours.” Natasha waved her hands around as she paced more, her voice came out faster and louder, “Что, черт возьми, я получаю себя в? Кто, черт возьми, это, пожалуйста? Хорошая работа чертовски, Natasha."

Yule: Asami slid out of the car and walked around a little bit. She then walked out to the back and saw all the trees. Her feet carried her to a taller tree, while she looked up at it she took off her wedges and her cut off jacket and threw them on the ground. She then climbed up the tree and sat in a why in the branches. She needed time to think after hearing Haji say they were going to be there for a month or so. Asami leaned back and closed her eyes. She would assume no one would come to check on her so she just tried to relax and take a nap. She knew it was way early in the morning but she didn’t care, she was just at peace here.

HatakeHajime: “Listen Chinese dude.” Hajime said to Huaidan as he removed his mask. “This place isn’t on a map. Believe it or don’t, but don’t start snoopin’aroud. Daddy don’t like that.” Hajime said to the man after he was asked the question. Hajime continued to stare at the man, noticing he was reaching for his gun. “And that.” Hajime continued to speak to him. “Don’t do that. I don’t like it when people reach for guns around me. Last one who did that got her head blown off in my club.” Hajime was stern with his voice, and he was going to say whatever he needed to so that he could ensure the safety of everyone there. He did not know the questioning man, so he was suspicious of him. Regardless, with that, he looked over to the singer in the tight slutty dress. “Oi! Yeah. I said MONTHS!” Hajime was frustrated and was not in a mood to deal with a pop star attitude. “You Are A Target.” Hajime said with emphasis. “This place is unmapped. No one is gonna find you. Any of you. This place is harder to find than Carmen Sandiego, and anyone who does happen to find this place besides us…” Hajime took a quick pause. “…Dies.”

NamikazeSoudai: (hum) Nami jumped out after Beavis, rid of that tightly tucked car ride where people were pressing agaisnt people in a situation that did not call for it. She ran around, not to catch the dog no, but that was just in her mood. One turn around from the car though had her eyeing the car in a suspicious way, like she saw the tracking device. Whether she did or not was unknown, because she continued a moment later, running around as the older and/or bigger get out of the car. Then it hit her..Keyome had been in there.. "Z-Z-ZOMBIE!! AHHHHH!!!!" She took off running, ramming into Kirei's side not paying attention to where she was going.

IzzyDaPada: -I would here Hajime talk to them, us, me..oh yes. Me, right, the housbound Geisha. Unable to return to work. Something of a legacy I've built for myself. I didn't know these people. Yet now they were like me before. House shackled. Looking to see that someone spoke, how he was so wrong. This place was off the map. It seemed like it was its own country. Watching what seemed to be everyone in their own minds reacting their own way. I would simply nod my head towards my love. Only, I didn't understand why I was a target, what did her friend Keyome do to deserve such a thing? Stepping out of the car, I would reach in and grab the phone I had opened before I left, and chucked it into the water knowing full well, a waterlogged phone, was completely damaged and better for her. Looking back to Hajime as he smple, what I really wanted to do was speak to Tasanagi himself. What was going on.-

KimiKatsu: Kirei was crouched a bit. Her eyes were wide as she held her arms out. Beavis was sniffing at a tree. His tail wagging. His back was to her. Kirei snickered lightly. 'I got you now you sorry little..'She dared not finish her thought. The dog suddenly turned to face her. His chest was low to the ground, his hind end was up. His tail wagged wildly. There was a look in his eyes. Kirei froze. She knew that little pose. He thought they were playing. SHe'd have to act fast to get a good hold on him. Just as she was about to pounce on the dog, someone ramed into her. Kirei yelled out, the force of the impact was enough to knock her over onto her back. When she hit the ground, all of the air was knocked out of her lungs. She coughed lightly. When she turned her head, Beavis was gone. Running around wildly again. "Uuuhg.." She groaned lightly.

DarkKeyome: I pulled myself out of the car as well. I had gotten a cigarette from someones pocket... I wont say who. It sat in the corner of my mouth as I smoked it. “ Fucking... A..” The smoke fumed from my nose. “ I wonder... how much longer this shit is gonna go on.” The sun was beaming down, I turned to Haji as my eyes boar hard on my surroundings. “ Haji, the fuck is this place man? Looks like you know something outta one of those Kung fu movies.” I Watched as the Celebrity exited her body had my mind in such a fucked perdicament right now but i was much too stressd to think about it, what threw me off more was that thick... and kind of sexy accent. Never heard that one. I wondered..... how the fuck.... did she end up in our car. Asami drug me away from the fight I was about to get into. And sadly enough I wanted to fight, I looked at her my eyebrow cocked up and my eyes scanning her from the side. I took the cigarette from my lips my head still tilted up. “ Fuckin... Party pooper.” I placed my shades on my face. I was glad she saved me when she did... and Haji, I haven’t seen him in awhile... I lost track of time in Old new york, I couldn’t wait to show him how Chi works if he didn’t already know. My eyes lowered down to the hyper kid. Hahah funny enough, she was the only one... who questioned about why I was alive... and what the fuck happened to my arms. I walked over to her kneeling down. “ Whats the matter....? Never seen a dead man before..?” I said smirking, I hopped on the hood of Haji's car. “ Yo listen to what Haji said everybody.” The sound of a Spanish guitar could be heard in the back ground to match the level of bad ass that was now being flung into the air, you know a desperado type guitar. “ People, are getting killed and Danchou is doing it... We have to stay here. And for all of those who entered the car. Yes... you are now a Target. That means you'll be killed on site. I guarantee... Danchou was watching. He's always watching. Even out here were not safe. Dont fuck around, Respect Haji's rules. And most of.” I hopped off of the hummer... Making my way into the estate. “ Shut the fuck up... I gotta head ache...” 

SatsuMasayoshi: He gritted his teeth, he really hated those who used blatant threats, and thought that stating something in tha past would make them more intimidating, “Chinese dude? God…Kirei must really not tell anyone about her right hand man…Huaidan. Not…Chinese dude…I’m the guy who saved Kirei…Now you saved us. I’m in your debt, but I’ll tell you right now, I won’t be in the debt of someone who only tries to make people fear himself by going back to past events.” He explains, “I’m going to pull out a gun, because ANYTHING can be found, if someone like those who targeted us are persistent enough will succeed in just that if they haven’t already. Forgive my caution, but the least you could do is be safe, if not for me, or the others, be safe for your own boss.” His eyes held a sincere gaze, he hated bravado, he absolutely detested it when it was overly used, so he would come to find that this man might irritate him if he continued. “If you’re not satisfied with that, heres my suggestion…Kirei, Nami, the dog, and I get the guest house…You…The Russian, your boss, and that…” He looks around, realizing that one was missing, “Other girl with you, as well as this girl.” He points to the one who most recently exited the hummer. “I don’t care if you don’t like me, but you have to trust me, or if those who are after us-“ He paused after Keyome spoke up, getting into a whisper, “Alright…Either way…Please…If this ends up being a bad idea…Its on you.”

Kila: She rolled her eyes and walked away from the hummer once both guys were finished making their speeches, “Yeah…Yeah, I got it. Shut the fuck up and be a good little girl.” Natasha huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back against one of the trees, “Point me where to go and I’ll be out of your way. Somewhere near a bathroom would be nice…I could use a bubble bath right about now.”

NamikazeSoudai: She whimpered, getting bruised and scrapped by her run in but standing back up. That dancer singer girl who she was previously kissing her thighs was out and about, obviously Kirei and the dog were there too, other people were about now.. Keyome had a speech, such sucked, she wanted to talk to him now knowing how much he loved his chats with her. "Guest house?" She looked around, having not realized how big this place was, having never imaginaed such a place existing in or near that crum of a city. "Woah..i bet theres a pool..AND A HOT TUB!!!" she clapped her hands, her top's other strapped falling off with that, instinctively undressing for the hot tub.

HatakeHajime: Hajime sighed to himself. After sighing, the Yakuza Aniki yawned, and gently grabbed a hold of his love’s hand. He led her to a room away from everyone else so he could speak with her in private. *Sounds of a Sliding Door Opening and Closing Behind Them. “So, Isabel. I’ve had something on my mind and I can’t get it out… Hajime’s words were sincere, and his voice grew gentler than what it was when he was outside. Hajime pulled his tactical visor off from over his eye and placed it on the night stand next to the bed. With that, the Yakuza Hajime lowered himself down onto one knee and looked into Isabel’s eyes. The Yakuza right hand had pulled a small jewelry box from his vest. “Isabel, will you do me the honor of marrying me?” The Yakuza’s question was well-placed. Right out of a life and death situation and still had the ring. Haji was a pro as saving things. He presented the box as he opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

IzzyDaPada: -I watched everyone just do their thing, as Keyo would speak and walk off, grumpy. And now that everyone reacted to each other. She might as well play hosstess, that I trained practailly my whole life in, but it was to get everyone calm and comfortable. But Hajime apparently had other plans. Taking my hand and leading me off. I followed him to a more private part. Looking up to him I would give him a soft smile.- "What is it Haji?" I watched him pull off his visor, and...what in the world is his man doing..lowering himself to one knee? And I thought him coming into the tea house night after night for 4 years was strange for this man now on one knee infront of me..oh God..what is he...what is he doing? I looked at him stunned as he pulled out a jewlry box....Suddenly putting it together as he spoke.- "...You just have horrible but wonderful timing Hajime Nagakura..." -My eyes would start to..water up? The world is going on..I would nod my head quickly.- "Yes. yes I would marry you Haji." Practially throwing my arms around him, I planted my lips against his. As those god for bidden tears rolled down my face, tears of joy of course. But, I hadn't been this Since I met Hajime those four years ago.-

DarkKeyome: I made my way through this old looking place to smoke my cigarette in peace. My arm... fuck it was hurting again. Got dammit.... I pulled one of the pills from my pocket, placing it in my mouth quickly swallowing it. Slowly I slumped back on the grass. My eyes low. I was exhausted. “ Christ... I haven’t got laid in forever.” I blew the smoke from nose. I saw what Hajii did, geez he's been sprawled out about that girl forever. If he asked me how I felt about I’d probably say. ' Ahhh Haji that’s a load of donkey shit, you don’t need a wife right now were young hit up the town, drink it up, sleep with some girls.' But Haji WAS growing up... Much faster than me apparently. I was Jealous. And I mean that just as easy I say it. But I mean im only 18 I shouldn’t be worried about that..... right? Not to mention... I smell war on the horizon. “ I wonder... if I can get my old Guitar here..” I said to myself. Fiddling through the grass. “ I understand what haji's doing... but now were cow's all packed in at the slaughter house...

SatsuMasayoshi: He honestly didn’t like that, just being ignored, it made him shudder, “We’re all gonna die…” He looks over to Kirei, his mind distracted for a moment, but he regains his composure, stepping towards her, and Nami. “Hey Nami don’t do that now, wait until you’re almost in a hot tub. Kirei…I’ll get him, just let him pee around for a bit, not hurting anybody…” He speaks to them both softly. Huaidan then lets his eyes stray around for a bit before looking back to the two, “We have the guest house for now…Lets get to it, so we don’t waste any time getting situated…” He sighs softly before continuing, “I need a massage, or something…God I’m stressed…” This last bit was mostly to himself, but maybe he’d get a response from Kirei, “Eieiei…Do you need one boss?” Huaidan questions, wondering if she wanted to be relieved of stress as well. He brought his right hand back to his neck to rub it sensually, “I mean…If…” He nervously bit his bottom lip while waiting for an answer.

And..down time..I think?

Kila: Natasha rolled her eyes and stalked after the guy that was smoking a cigarette, “Dude..Wait up.” She chased after him her boots tapped softly against the ground, “Where is my room and maybe a bath? Because I’m all sticky and I really would love one right now.” As she got closer to him she started to unzip her boots, hopping on one foot while pulling the boot off the other. She smiled at him, “That is if it’s not to much to ask for, Lyubov moya?”

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had followed Keyome for the most part, seperating from Kirei and the guy who wanted her pants off. When he finally stopped, and spoke to himself a little, she made herself apparent and spoke probably much to his annoyance. "I imagine you have plenty of girls to pick from..What's been holding you back? Looking for the- " She pushed her breasts up with one in each hand. "-right size?" She teased him, sitting down across from him in the comfy grass. Beavis was lurking by, the two had been together long enough that if Nami called the dog in a certain 'not kidding around' kind of way he would come over. So she would make sure he didn't get too far away from anyone, for Kirei. She put the strap that had fallen off her shoulder earlier back onto her shoulder, staring at Keyome for a bit, wondering if he was tempted by her offer though it had been a joke. She always pictured sex for her would be like a man trying to put on a sock, having complete control over her while she resisted getting holes in herself. (sock holes suck) "I bet that metal arm feels weird on your..penis.." She points out, taking her lolipop from her mouth briefly and giving it a few licks before putting it back in.

DarkKeyome: I Watched as the small girl approached me while I was sitting on the grass. Good fucking grief here comes motor mouth. She asked me about sex... and it made the length that as sitting on my right leg from me squatting down, spontaneously twitch... It did that sometimes. It was like she said the magic words and had woken him up. I punched my right leg, and smirked. “ Hahah... your cuuuuttee....” I said watching her do the breast references. In a Nochalant voice I scratched my neck. “ Haa, no. I haven’t had sex in the longest, and... I have not masterbated with this hand, and I chose to go and jerk my sausage off... it'd be with my other hand due to it being my dominate one.” I shouldnt have told her that but maybe if I hammered thoughts in her head she wouldnt ask again. “ Your around my age right? Better get outta here before I have rage teenage boy fit...” I said eying her. Kid talked too much if you asked me but yeah it seemed we were around the same age though.... this job made me old. I looked up, eying the woman that had approached me. She seemed like the only one remotely close yo age. “Lady does this look like a fucking Holiday In-...” I stopped speaking, when it hit me. Who exactly I was speaking too. “... I’m not sure, I've never been here to this place, I’d have to ask Hajiame.” My eyes shifted on her's as I stared her down. “ Why are you here anyways huh? I know this cant be good for your pay check at all. I know you Celebrity types need all the Mula you can get. Plus if you haven’t noticed. Were not your everyday pack of Lucky charm marshmallows. It's dangerous around here lady. Were all criminals. And far as im concerned I go by a terrorist more than a yakuza these days. “ My cigarette burned lightly in between my lips. “ Haha... But to answer your question again. Naw i'on have clue. But maybe I can ask Haji.” I tapped at my ear... I forgot the ear piece went out weeks ago.” Ahh... we can look around.” I said standing up after a few moments. “ Maybe we can find you something so you dont look like you just got auditioning for Catwoman.” I turned my back on her. “ Follow me..” I said walking up, a few stairs until a shower was found. I pointed to it. “ There ya go... but, i'll have to see if There any clothing around here. That can fit your well.... Figure.” I said attempting to walk out of the rest room.

Kila: Natasha went to bitch to him about his tone of voice but kept her mouth shut she’s been around enough of his types and knew better then to push him…Hell she grew up with em. Her smiled then turned into frown once he spoke about his lifestyle, “Don’t worry about, I’m not really what you think I am but if you must know I’m the only daughter to the head of the Russian mob, so nothing you can say or do would or could scare me….Seen it all.” She nodded at him once he turned and walked away, herself followed closely behind him, “I must thank you for be kind to me and as for your other question to why I was here, well, I was looking for some fun.” Natasha let him lead her into the bathroom and then placed a hand on his shoulder before he could leave, “You could join me if you like?” Her hand trailed gently down his back where she then ran it across his ass, “After all you shouldn’t leave one of your guests alone.” She leaned forward and whispered softly in his ear, “Wouldn’t want to be rude now would you?” 

KimiKatsu: Kirei sighed. Huaidan seemed distant. Like he was on edge. When he hadn't picked up on her little invitation, she rolled her eyes and decided to go find something more...interesting to do. Once Kirei was past Huaidan, she murmured "Men.." then made her way towards the main house. Maybe that Giesha lady could help her. She seemed to be Hajime's girl, therefore she must know where everything was at here. What was her name again? She'd have to get her name when she saw her. Kirei had walked up to the door she saw Haji and the woman go into and knocked gently. She hoped someone would answer. Otherwise she'd have to wander around some more.

IzzyDaPada: -Leaving Hajime to rest from his car racing antics. I emerged dawned in my kimono, more comfortable. Light weight, now spotted on my ring finger was my engagment ring. If only that was told when I got my name..Hm. Maybe people would want refreshments..? Walking into the main portion of the building, that well I knew like the back of my hand, I went into the kitchen and started to brew up some herbal tea. Good for nerves...specially mine right now..guests in my home I practailly live in more then well..two other men I know..Watching as Chairmen and the Russian girl walked up stairs I would shake my head.- "I hope they clean up after themselves..." -Walking out of the kitchen with my tray with brewed tea and 4 cups I aimed for the pagoda gazebo out back. It was the more relaxing of the bunch. Seeing one of the girls knock on the previous doors she would tilt her head.- "Ma'am..if you would like to join me for tea..I am taking it this way.." -She would head towards her destination.-

NamikazeSoudai: Keyome was talking to her, looking at her, it made her feel pretty how he commented about her age too, she didn't always liked to be thought of as a short girl. Then he was gone, watching him walk away with a bigger busted, seemingly more attractive taller woman. She looked down, sucking on her bottom lip a little and standing up, she might as well look around a little. The place was beautiful, the water of the ginurmous pond was so clear, she wondered if it was meant to double as a pool though imagined the water would be cold. She wasn't too hurt by Keyome's leaving, it was quite common place for her around school or other places, someone else always seem to come in and take friends she was talking to or trying to be attractive around, it came with the blessing and curse of having the small teen body that she would have for years to come. She was startled by being left alone though all of a sudden, it had always been Kirei there, her bodyguard boy-friend, or someone else. Not it was herself, even Beavish went chasing after a squrrel, fortunate that the walls surrounded the place.

DarkKeyome: ….Fuck... Me side ways on a tricycle... My eyes scanned over her body. It was that got damn accent. I licked my lips... watching as she tantalized me with her beautiful voice. Even when she spoke, it resembled that of a song. I wanted to... my body... needed it. “ ...” I eyed the shower, then back at her. I pulled myself in close to her... Her scent, it was sweetening I could almost taste her.... My bottom lip brushed against her's as I went in to kiss her. My eyes low... and focused. As our lips locked I said. “ Maybe... Next time..” I said pulling back with a light smirk on my face. “ I'll see that one of the girls.... help you with finding you the right accommodations...And also a proper place to lay your head down. “ I smiled starting to close the door. “ Good night.” I said after turning away from the door. It's not everyday... that you get a chance to sleep with a Celebrity. During hot wet lusty shower sex. But... I honestly didn’t have time for that. I slid my hands in my pockets making my way down to where the girls were. “ Yo... Make sure if you ladies can. That she gets a place to sleep. And maybe some clothes if you can find some?” I smiled. “ Thanks guys...” Around women, my tough as rocks exterior was gone. I smiled more. Maaannn I loved women. But I learned when and when not to fall into temptation.I walked past the kid on my way there. “ Hey.. get some rest ok?” I said to my favorite little fiend head. I made my way to a Dojo like Area. I had took a shower... cleaning myself up. I laid my head down taking off my pants and Jacket... I used them both as a pillow. Putting my hands behind my back as I began to rest.

Kila: She allowed herself to briefly kiss him back and then shrugged, “No biggie, Lyubov moya…After all you’re stuck with me for awhile. Natasha blew him a kiss before he exited the room then slowly turned around and begun to strip. She quickly took a shower where she then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body. Making her way out the door she waved over to the other and headed into one of the empty rooms and snuggled down on one of he bed for the night. She sighed as she closed her eyes, this was going to be along night and even longer month but she’ll get through it. 

KimiKatsu: Kirei nodded. Tea sounded wonderful at about this time. She hadn't realized how thirsty she really was until she thought about tea and how good it would taste. As the woman began walking towards the gazebo outside, Kirei gladly followed. Her lightly glossed pink lips curved into a gentle smile. "Thank you so much. I'm Kirei Yuri. Chairmen of the Utsukushii Clan. I'm sorry for our unexpected stay. I promise me and my group will respect you and Hajime's rules during out stay and we will clean up after ourselves. And I assure you...I will not have any johns over during my stay. That would be rude and would endanger us all. I may be a 'whore' to some people, but I'm actually very intelligent. As she said this, she would sit at the small table and cross her legs; her rightover her left. Just then, Keyome had came up to them, asking them to make sure the celebrity had a place to sleep and proper clothes. Kirei laughed a bit. She was glad this wasn't her home. She heard how that chick talked. To men, it was entrancing. To her, it was annoying. No matter what accent she had. She never did like women like that. Women that had everything given to them. They acted like they could have everything. Kirei honestly wouldn't mind dropping her back off to whoever she was with. It would save everyone the headache. "So..." She said softly after Keyome left. "You and Haji?" A devious smirk crossed her lips. "And from the looks of that shiney ring on your finger and the way you're glowing, I'd say he popped a very important question." Though she had stopped looking for love years and years ago, shestill believed other people could experience it. She always thought couples were long as they weren't too mushy gushy.