These events happened before the events of episode 17:

DarkKeyome: I was standing in the room, pretty much fucking bored as usual my hands sitting in my pocket and



my eyes low more than likely dilated due to me being high. I wondered just how long this shit was going to take, and how long it'd be before my fucking order came here already. I made my way over to the sofa where I then sprawled myself out and yawned. I hated this shit... my stomach turned with hunger... cant believe my fucking food was taking this long. I had enough time to masturbate two times and everything. “ Fuck my lifeeeee!!” I said pulling a pillow over my face. I sat there in anguish until I heard a “ DING... DONG...” My door bell? I shot up and ran to the door to meet the pizza man... wait a pizza girl? She had long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and the body of a fucking Victoria secret model as I was getting ready to speak she spoke before me and said. “ That's 12.99 please...” Tch...she had a fucking attitude problem. I gave her the money and took my pizza slamming the

Mr Tasanagi

door in her face. “ I don’t give a fuck anyways bitch...” What Gringo said to me... had me in a bind, and also... when I slept on it. Would it be worth it? I mean KPD or not a lot of people will die... and, there's no garented ill live. This could make New American and Old Russia have a war...all because of my pride. Once again my pride was a leading factor into getting me into trouble... it's what made me lose my arms... it's what made me say No to Danchou which ultimately made me lose my arms, have my clan eradicated and everything my father stood for... destroyed. I sighed and shook my head as I pulled the phone out of my pocket and began to scroll through the call logs. Oh yeah... im living in District 2 as a cover up. I scrolled down my call log... and then it hit... I walked to the pants that I was wearing the other day and pulled out the card Natasha gave me. I went over to my computer quickly typing in the number until It gave me her address... I needed to speak with her about who that guy was she was talking to yesterday. I got the info put on my black jacket grabbed my shades and my armored arm warmers grabbed my bike keys and my back pack. Which had grenades and other weapons and files that I needed. And took... I'd make it there in less than 15... 20 minutes.... it was raining out here. I began to bang on her front door. BANG BANG BANG...

Kila: Natasha just got of the bath and dressed before she heard the banging at her door, “Who in the fuck?” Her heart raced up for a moment, was it her father, one of his men or maybe him. She shook her head as she walked out of her dressing room to the front door, she knew it was a better chance of being one of her father’s men then him, Keyome that is. She pushed the button on the side panel of the door a little screen flickered on as the camera outside in the hallway adjusted down to see who was standing on the other side, she gasped slightly when she seen him, with a small clap of her hands and jumping around for a moment she pressed the intercom, “One moment.” Natasha planted her hands flush against the wall a giggle escaped her lips as she shook her head, “Okay girl get a hold of yourself…This isn’t high school…You’re a grown ass woman so act like it.” She gave a quick nod after her little pep talk, checked her clothing, which by the way was just a pair of cut of short shorts that was unbutton and unzipped, cute black panties with a tiny little white bow and a cut off shirt that hung loosely off of her, in her favorite color of course, black. She was barefoot and looked down to make sure her toenails where painted, “Yes..I didn’t forget.” Her hair hung down still wet as she quickly ran her fingers through it, “Chill…He’s just here over the meeting the other night anyway.” She finally pushed a button and the sounds of several locks could be heard opening, this place was more a small fortress then a penthouse, once the last lock was opened she turned the doorknob slowly and opened the door, a small smile panted across her full lips, “Why, hello…Do come in?” She stepped back to allow him room to enter, her heart skipped a beat as she waited.

DarkKeyome: I cocked my right eyebrow as she opened the door. * Sniff sniff* My nostrils flared. “ Just took a shower.” I said stepping past her and into her extremely large home. My eyes shifted left to right, yeah she was foreign her home screamed it. “ Cant believe you decided to live in this fucking cesspool of a city...” I noticed he shorts... she smelt extremely good. One of my biggest turn on was a woman smell... if they smelt good that all it would take. But.. I wasn’t here for any of that. After I took a few steps forward I sighed and shook my head. “ Natasha...” I said in a deeper... gruff voice that almost didnt seem like my own. I was tired... and slowly losing my sanity. “... I have sources... saying you were talking to Soramaru clan members.” I turned to her, my blonde hair gently falling over my face as I eyed her. “... Tell me... why did you..” I shook my head laughing as I walked to her. “..Why... why... WHY THE FUCK!” I was in her face pointing my index finger at her chin. “ DID YOU TELL THE FUCKER MY NAME!” I said tilting her head up so she'd be forced to look at me. Making full eye contact. “ There... supposed to think im dead you could have put the whole plan into fucking DOUBLE Jeopardy.” I said walking away from her kicking an imaginary trash can in my head as I slid my fingers over my face. I Squatted down shaking my head trying to calm myself down. I slowly removed the shades off of my face. Well clearly I was squatted down like I stated but my back was turned to her. “...Im sorry, for raising my voice.... I just.. this all of it. It's a lot...” I sighed. “ Im tired of it..”

Kila: She shut the door once he was inside, her eyes trailed over his back side for a moment, “Yeah I did just take a shower….I must say you have the worst….Or best timing, depends on how you wanna look at it I guess.” She then smiled toward him as he looked around her place, “Have you even seen Russia? Trust me this place if fine, for now.” But her smile faded once he started barking at her, and her bottom lip trembled when he put his finger in her face, it took all she had in her not to slap it away. She stood there not moving, her hands behind her back as he bitched and screamed, her own temper flared as his did, she was so close to losing it, so close to wanting to knock those pearly white teeth of his right down his throat. Once he was done and his half ass apology was given she took a deep breath, “Послушайте вы, блин, мозг мертв бандит! Я сделал все, что Вы никогда не задавались вопросом из меня и даже не спрашивая, почему! Я солгал мой собственный отец, который ставит свою жизнь риску только для вас! И я не знаю, почему я сделал это в первую очередь! Поэтому, прежде чем прийти сюда лай вы God Damn заказов на меня, говорили о дерьмо я даже не знаю, о я думаю, что вам лучше сделать шаг назад и думать долго и трудно об этом. Я не один из твоих шлюх для босса и сука на всякий раз, когда вы хотите!” She paced the room now and finally headed over to the bar where she grabbed a bottle of vodka and being to chug it, “Jesus fucking Christ!” She was pissed off, she didn’t like being told what she could or could not do and then she remembered he didn’t have a clue what she screamed at him. Natasha turned around from the bar and screamed at him again this time in English, “Listen here you fucking brain dead thug! I have done everything you ever asked out of me and without even asking you why! I lied to my own father, which puts my life at risk just for you! And I do not know why I did it in the first place! So before you come in here barking you God Damn orders at me, talking about shit I do not even know about I think you better take a step back and think long and hard about it. I am not one of your whores to boss around and bitch at whenever you want!” Her words where broken and her accent thick..She was about to cry.

DarkKeyome: I sighed , I knew I was in the wrong. It was so easy for me to fuck up these days. “ Look, I know.. I know alright...I put everyone at risk... I know I did. I did it out of my pride. Because im a fucking idiot. My fucking Yakuza way, my fucking pride. I cant understand... why it makes me do the stupid shit that I do but it happens... I cant avoid it. Look... I apologize... “ I had stood and by now I was right behind her attempting to wrap her in a tight embrace after I saw her getting ready to cry..“... I just... I dont know... im fucking up a lot. What I think is the right thing later on.. becomes the complete opposite. Maybe I wasnt cut out for this leader stuff... but, I have to finish what i've started...” I was hovering over her.. my voice softned down quite a bit. “... please... if you can. Just.. just tell me who the guy was...” I was torn, it felt like my heart was crumbling when I saw her about to cry like that. I dont like making women cry... it reminded me of my mother too much. “ I know you didnt know... im sorry..”

Kila: Natasha sniffled slightly but held back her tears she refuse to let any man see her cry. She pushed his hands away when he tried to embrace her that showed a sign of weakness and she was always taught not to, “It’s okay..” She moved a couple of steps away from him, “I don’t think it’s so much your pride but your heart that makes you do it.” She took another drink for the bottle, her eyelashes closed as she let the warm liquid slide down her throat, she then looked back up at him, “That guy, ummm…” She thought back, “Well to tell you the truth I don’t know who he is.” She walked over to her dresser and pulled out the small piece of paper that he gave her before he left, “Here, this is his number and he’s a bartender at one of the bars in the area.” She headed back to him and handed him the paper, “By the way who or what is the Sormarau clan? Keyome…Jet..Whatever your fucking name is will you please tell me what is going on?”

DarkKeyome: I eyed her once she gave me the paper taking it in to examine it further... “ You, wanna know about Soramaru's huh...” I said turning to her with my eyes narrowed. “ You might want to sit down...” I said eying her. I slid my hands in my pockets and began to speak after a light pause. “ The Kagemaru clan, thats my clan. And the Soramaru clan. Are brother clans. What that means... is that during the slave revolt. The two brothers, the Dog brothers or If your Japanese the Maru brothers... Led two platoons of men against the KPD... Those two clans were the most successful against the KPD and Military officials... thus why we won. The two men then named there Clans after how they did things. Kagemaru clan... or to you Shadow Dogs... used tactical skills, and straight up combat to fight off there enemies they also used well... the shadows. Soramaru's or rather Sky Dogs... used there skill to think and to analyze the battle field there were no battle situations they couldnt conquer. Me.. And Danchou Zetsubou are brothers in our own right. He... eradicated my clan. About two months ago from today. He murders all of my friends... and hunted the rest like dogs. Because I didn’t agree to him... for some fucking super solider serum. Every friend... I had in District 1 is dead. Because of that bastard guys I grew up with my whole life. That's why...i want to do this. That's why I want to beat him. To drag this fucking super solider shit.. IN... the fucking... ground...” I said eying her and sighing I shook my head. Patting my pants for my cancer sticks... shit I forgot I smoked my last one my way here. “.... Danchou is a monster. The super solider serum that he's giving to the KPD will eventually kill them by mutating there bodies.. As much as I hate the fucking KPD... I cant let him wipe out that many people. I don’t know... what his reasons are. I don’t know why he's doing this, or why he REALLY felt the need to attack us.... to kill my friends, to kill what my father built, and his father built... what the Dog brothers built. But.... he did it. The brother hood... is now a broken bond...” I said looking down... I felt like I was going to break. But... I kept myself together.

Kila: She sighed while he was talking taking in everything he said. Once he was finished she walked over to her purse where she then pulled out a pick of cigarettes and tossed the pack to him, “I understand all of that and trust me my father‘s own men pulls stunts like that all the time…I see why you are doing this.” She then added, “By pulling me into this I want you to think about what you have done.” She paused while she moved beside him and sat down on the floor, “Do you know how big the Russian mob is? How many people we have in it?” She smiled and shook her head at him, “Just in case you don’t know we have over 300,000 members in 50 different countries. Do you know how much money, men and gun power is under my daddy’s thumb?” Natasha reached over and nudged his leg lightly, “In the matter of hours they will be here, they will be tearing this city a part looking for me. I suggest someone meet em and greeting whoever he sends that will be in charge, which you better hope isn’t him…” She hung her head down, “And if it is him I suggest it’s you that does it, which you should inform him that you are my boyfriend and all this happened while you were away. You tell him anything else and he won’t believe you. Tell him that you tried to keep me out of all this, tried to keep me safe but I was so hard headed that I wouldn’t listen, trust me he’ll believe that.” She picked the bottle back up and finished it off before she spoke again, “You can’t tell him you’re just my friend, because that I don’t have and you can’t tell him we’re just lovers because I don’t care about my play things and there is a good chance he’ll just kill you for letting me get kidnapped. I have never had a boyfriend before and by telling him you’re mine he’ll think I truly love you and will listen to you. Plus he won’t get his own hands dirty and will put you in charge of his men.” She slowly pulled the only ring she wore off her middle finger and handed it to him, “This is my Grandfather’s ring, it will prove to him what you speak is the truth….I never take it off.”

DanteOConnor: Gringo would lean back in his seat as he gave a deep sigh behind the mask he wore over his features, his eyes would scan around the inside of “Archangel”, the VTOL warship KAOS used for missions such as this. After hearing what Keyome had to say about his plan, the team was about to have a briefing on another raid that they were planning. Soon after Gringo sent the order, Shade dispatched a drone from KPD headquarters to Natasha Davingport’s vehicle as it was broke down. What the woman would not know is that thirty thousand feet above her head, an unmanned aerial drone would lock in on the position of her vehicle, with KAOS team’s technical analyst at the helm of the drone itself. She would give a grin as she watched the entire show back at KPD headquarters, miles away from where Natasha actually was. She remained locked on Natasha’s movements, keeping an eye on her until Gringo would command otherwise, only catching some sleep when either Joker or Gringo would take over the surveillance op. Gringo thought to himself how dedicated the woman was to her line of work, and he was proud at the fact that she was the first one he recruited to KAOS’ delta team. Soon after preparing, the entire team gathered in the central hub of the warship, Gringo’s eyes going across the others as they would fall silent, “Listen up, team. We got another raid going on tonight, and this time, I think you’ll ALL enjoy what we have planned. We all heard the archived meeting between me and Tasanagi, and know that due to his foolishness, the entire city of KasaiHana is now a target for the Russian Mob. If the world’s first international mob war is going to take place, then we need to help the little bastard with his plan… which is why I’m recommending this operation. The main objective is to seize and secure the singer, Natasha Davingport, and take her to a secluded location to where she could be safe from the violence. This way, neither side will have proof that the whole story of how she’s Danchou’s sex toy is a lie. Keyome’s an idiot, but his plan about the evacuation drill wasn’t too bad. All I know is this. If we don’t help this kid, our only group of people willing to take out Danchou is gone, and we won’t be able to fucking touch the cock-sucker. I’m gonna hand the meeting over to Shade, which will give off the main plan.” Shade would stand and Gringo would sit before she would begin to speak, “Seeing that the penthouse of a very popular music icon is most likely heavily fortified, I have devised a plan that should get you guys inside the penthouse with ease. What is going to happen is that the three of you will be dropped onto the complex’s rooftop, and you will slip down onto the outer railing and take positions just outside the windows. Seeing that no rain is in the forecast, you’re adaptive camouflage units should work great, and with the new “Grip Tech” gloves we have finished, you will not need to rappel down the building.” Joker would give a grin before rubbing the back of his neck, “I read the file. These gloves have some sort of magnetic impulse technology, causing a adhesive-like grip against anything we put out hands against, right?” Shade would nod before Sledge would raise his hand slowly, which caused a grin to come across Gringo’s face, “Wait, if I heard that right, you’re saying we’re going to be… crawling down the building…?” Sledge was a 6’9 burly muscular black man, and seeing him being… well, maneuverable was a hilarious thought, “Do I look like Spiderman to any of you?” Gringo would laugh, as would the others, before Shade would continue, “No, those are for the fact of if you have to go in from the ground.… once you make it to the penthouse windows, you will bust in after I take out the window with the XM-25 located in the back of the ship. The explosion should be more than enough to bust through where you guys breach and clear the room, snatch the girl, and get out of there via the rooftop. For extraction, you’ll take the service elevator up to the rooftop, and as a backup plan we have a man inside the complex willing to unlock the service stairwell if necessary. It’s just a quick snatch and grab, gents. Don’t worry about any nasty surprises.” She would then take a seat before Gringo would stand once again, “Alright, there’s the plan. I want everyone suited up and ready for the op in five minutes. We start 20 seconds after that. Go do what you need to do and then meet me at the back of the ship. That is all, and you are dismissed.” Sledge and Joker would stand and make their way to the lockers along with Gringo. They would begin to fetch their uniforms along with their ballistics gear. Tonight, they all wore the KAOS ACUs with the ballistics vests and padding, yet their equipment was even more interesting. Gringo would look to the others before testing the adaptive camouflage on his uniform, the others doing the same before shutting the suits offline. As they would gather their weapons everyone would glance back and forth between one another as they would make sure they had the right set up. Sledge was loading the cylindrical tube on his M1216 shotgun. Two chambers would be filled with buckshot, which were marked red. One chamber was loaded with bean bag shells, and another was loaded with HE slugs. Gringo would give a nod to Sledge would load the weapons with a sharp click, only to sling it behind his back and check the desert eagle that was strapped to his leg. Gringo would then look over towards Joker, who would be holding a P90 SMG. On Joker’s leg was a Five Seven handgun, and he checked both just as Sledge did with his weapons. Gringo himself would draw the M4-A1 assault rifle with the shortened barrel and suppressor, along with the collapsible stock and ACOG sight on the top. He slid the bolt back to show the barrel was empty before letting it clack back into place before he would load his rifle with a 30 round magazine. He would then begin to attack the SiG Sauer P226 pistol and its holster against his thigh, giving a warm grin as he made sure that was loaded as well. He would look to the others with a nod before throwing them a mask that represented his, yet Sledge’s was black with white eyes and Joker’s was Red with black eyes. They would grin towards Gringo as he slipped his White mask over his face before he would speak, “Merry Christmas boys…” The men would slip the masks on and then flip the hoods over their heads just as Gringo would do the same, the three now ready for the operation. They would make their way to the back of the Warship as Shade would come on via nanomachines inside their head, “Alright, boys, two minutes to drop. You know the plan and the masks you’re wearing have the same tech as Gringo’s eyes. You’ll be able to see one another’s point of view and the nanomachines will allow sudden, seamless thought sharing between all of ya. Good luck down there.” Gringo would call back as the light on the wall went from red to green, causing his hand to wave forward as the door unlatched itself and opened up to reveal the rooftop of the complex just a few feet below. Gringo would leap first and land with a roll as he drew his rifle, making sure the zone was clear before he would wave for the others to leap down. They would all regroup before they would make their way to the side of the building, Gringo talking across the nano in his head to Shade, “Wait until I give the signal to blast that window open, Shade. We need to get down there before anything goes down.” Shade would acknowledge him before he would see the VTOL fly off overhead, which he knew Natasha and anyone on her floor would be able to hear. Gringo found a ladder that lead down to the railings before he would gesture for the team to follow, their adaptive camouflage now online as he began to surround the Russian’s room. They would find the main window that overlooked the city’s skyline and take positions on the outer borders of the window, Gringo peeking into the room before he would spot Keyome in there with her, “Shit, everyone hold tight… Keyome’s in there with the girl right now. If we bust in, he might think its Danchou’s boys and start shooting.” Joker would curse to himself before Sledge would speak towards the rest of the team, “I guess it’s time to play the waiting game.”

DanteOConnor: Gringo would groan slightly before his eyes would catch a small flicker of movement by Natasha’s bed. His eye went wide as hell when he called over the nano-machines, “Uhm, guys…? There’s a fucking tiger in there.” The others would bring up his feed, even Shade would as well, before hearing Shade give a gasp, “Jesus, it’s a fucking tiger!” Joker would give a laugh at the sight before speaking, “I tought I taw a putty tat!” Sledge would start to crack up real hard before he would shake his head, “God damn, that’s a big kitty kitty.” Gringo would sigh before looking towards the others, “Tell you what guys… this doesn’t look like it’s gonna end for a while so why don’t you two take the side windows?” They would nod before Gringo would shut off his camo and knock on the window with a roll of his eyes before calling out, his weapons now slung away from his person so it would not seem like he was here to kill them. The knock on the central window would echo loud enough for anyone in the room to hear, hoping they would just… let him inside, maybe? Maybe Keyome would, or not, seeing that the alst time he saw Keyome, he nearly blew the poor kid's junk all over the subway floor.

DarkKeyome: I gripped the ring she gave me. “ Playing as your boyfriend....? Are you sure about that? If you haven’t Natasha this look isn’t me, im not Really Jet. In Keyome, and around here im a terrorist... you sure you wa-... well..” I sighed. I've been fighting my pride this whole time. Saying no to each... and everyone. I’m starting to learn every-time I say I have to fight harder.. because I put myself through a situation where I have to fight alone. I don’t wanna fight alone anymore... I don’t want to fight at all. I've been soloing everything. Haji's pretty much gone now. I don’t have a rational voice anymore and its hard for me. All I got is my impulse.. my fucking prideful impulse. I sighed... and swallowed hard. Maybe I was swallowing down my pride.... maybe to be a man you have to know when to just let your shoulders down... and take some help for a change. I looked up at her making full eye contact my eyes low and saddened almost like I was defeated. I began to speak“...Are you sure he'll listen if I go along with th-...” My eyes shot over to where I heard the knocking first reaction was to pull the 45 I had on y right side out of the holster I was getting ready to shoot... but then. I saw his face. “...Gringo?” I said with a slightly confused tone. “ What the fuck..?” I took a step forward with my weapon due to me being unsure as to what he wanted with my gun still pointed at him I opened the window to allow him entrance. I took a step back of 6 feet with the barrel of my 45 pointed at his forehead. “ Fucks going on Gringo, why are you here?”

DanteOConnor: Gringo would raise his hands with a small chuckle as he would look towards the tiger, "One hell of a place you got here, Ms. Davingport. And a nice tiger as well." He would then look towards the two and give a deep sigh, "Keyome, Natasha can't stay here. She needs to be taken to a secure place until the mob runs Danchou out of town. What if they knew that she's here, and if they were to find her in a place like this? Would a sex toy be treated like this, allowing her to roam the streets with ease? No doubt she uses electronic banking for her shopping, or an ATM to retrieve funds. She's basically drawing a map to where she's at, and that is the last thing her dad needs to know." He would take a step forward before giving a sigh, "I want one of you to remove my mask, so you know I am being sincere... I want to look you both in the eye as I tell you these things, okay?" His voice was very sincere, and if Natasha would remember the voice, she might recognize it as the man at the bus stop, "Please...?"

DarkKeyome: I put my gun away once I was absolutely sure it was him. I looked at Natasha, then back at Gringo. I hadn’t even noticed the tiger until it growled my aw dropped..... but I stayed cool. I think I was just that scared. I approaches Gringo... and sqwented my eyes at the mask. Put my hands awkwardly around it. “ Tch.. the hell man how do you even.. “ I pulled the mask off. Of him.. Sad to say the bastard was right. And she was right too, they both were right. Her plan and his would make this plan set in stone. After removing the mask i'd take a step back and hand it back over to him. “... If you do take her away, where will you take her? And how will we know the place you guys take her is going to be safe?” I looked at Natasha and frowned. It was my fault she was in this shit, along with al of my friends I have to warn them all. I looked at her, waiting to see how she'd feel about all of this.

Kila: Natasha rolled her eyes again as she stroke the tiger’s fur, “Oh please I’m not that stupid. I haven’t used my credit cards nor have I drawn out any money from the bank.” She pointed over to the two silver cases on the floor by the door, “I have enough money in them to keep me happy for awhile.” She had did a business deal for her dad a few days ago and right now she had millions of dollars sitting right there to use anytime she needed it. She smiled up at the two guys, “I already have a few bags packed for me and kitty,” Yes she said it right, she wasn’t going anywhere without her tiger, “And before I trust anybody I don’t know, who in the fuck are you?” She eyed the man and sighed, “Oh you’re from the other night at Keyo and…” She then growled, “The man from the bus stop…Why are you following me?”

DanteOConnor: Gringo's eyes met their own as the mask came off revealing his features to them for the first time. His age could be seen on his face, being his late 30s to earlier 40's. His chin had the same jawline-cut goatee as the night before, but his hair was parted to the side, his crimson eyes whirring slightly. From this range, it could be figured that they were replacements of his real eyes. His left eye had two scars. One was acros the top and lower half of his eye, and a steel plate could be seen under the healed scar, the other, however was fresh, and it reached from his brow to his inner hairline. He looked between them and gave a deep sigh before stating what he was saying before, “I can get her to a secure facility outside KasaiHana city. She will not be safe here in this penthouse." He would then look to Natsha with a deep sigh, "I know what I am asking of you is not the best for your own personal matters, but if your father finds you free and clear after organizing his forces, what do you think is going to happen? He's just gonna say, "Oh, it's fine dear. I'll understand that you lied to me and nearly had my mob declare war on both the city of KasaiHana and the world." No big deal right?" He would then sigh as he let her speak before he would cross his arms, "We knew that you were with Keyome, so we have you, along with all of his friends being tracked even as we speak. You can call me Gringo for the time being." Surprisingly, Gringo was very calm with what was being handed out as information towards them, and compared to the night before, he was quite mellow despite having a gun in his face. The reason was that he had Joker and Sledge enter the windows as he spoke, the two making their way behind Natasha and Keyome before deactivating their adaptive camouflage, Jker having his weapon lowered, but Sledge standing right behind Keyome with the barrel of his shotgun close to touching his head, his deep bass voice leaving his lips as he spoke towards the kid, "Tasanagi, lower your gun... we're the good guys here."Gringo woudl give a smirk before looking between the two, "I can't tell you everything you want to know... but if you have questions, I wouldn't mind answering them if I am able to do so." The two other team members would clear their throats slightly, makignsure they nkew their presense was known.

DarkKeyome: I shook my head at her comment about how she said that he had been watching her. “ Yeah he has a habit for that one...” I said chuckling a bit and shaking my head. “ But you cant be serious about taking that big ass Cat. Dont you know those muthafuckers turn on you at any given moment when there hungr-Tch....” the hairs on the back of my neck began to tingle when I felt the cold steeel at the back of my head teasing me for my life. “....Should fucking known...” I Shook my head. “ Fucking KPD... no matter what the branch, you put your gun down. They'll fucking put theres back on you.” Everything seemed to slow down. I wanted to Disarm them... specially the guy behind me with that fucking monster voice. Just a quick should hit to the gun, a twist of my body I could grip his arm and make the butt of his gun hit him in the jaw so I could judo flip him over my shoulder and begin my shooting but.... but no. I wouldn’t do it. “ How the fuck am I posed to trust you when you do shit like that huh?” I said to him eying Gringo, and then looking back over at Natasha. “ I swear... if she gets hurt in any kind of way I’ll hold you responsible and I’ll come back for you... Dont don’t.. please don’t give me a reason to hate you too...” This guy looked old enough to be my dad...

Kila: The tiger growled louder and went to leap on the guy standing behind Keyo but Natasha grabbed his collar and pulled him back, “I suggest everybody just calm the fuck down and I really suggest you get the fuck away from Keyo before I let kitty here eat your God damn ass.” Natasha looked around her place and noticed the other guy behind her, she then looked over at the first one that came through her window, “As for you and your offer you can fuck off. Why the fuck would I trust someone like you when you and your guys come busting in my mother fucking house, point a mother fucking shot gun at someone I care about?” She gritted her teeth while she spoke through them, “You all can take a flying leap out my window you fucking assholes.”

DanteOConnor: Gringo would cross his arms with a small smirk as he waved his hand slightly downward as Sledge would give a smirk towards the tiger, Joker giving a chuckle as the tiger leapt at them, but they didn't even flinch. Gringo would look towards Natasha before giving a small sigh, "Listen, princess, I don't give a flying fuck what happens to you after Danchou's taken out. What you need to understand is that Danchou has spies all across KasaiHana and if they see you strolling about, and then they’re gonna get it on video. That video goes on the web, and one of Danchou's men sees it, the credibility for you and your boy toy here will be gone. You know what that means? You both become number one targets for everyone on KasaiHana, seeing that you're targeting their most beloved idol." He would take a step back with a smirk before continuing what he had to say, "We have connections with government officials that want people like Danchou dead, and we're offering you an escape so you can finally be happy... even Keyo would be safe, too. We have our guns as insurance, Natasha... and the only reason I had one trained on Keyo and not two was because I know the kid has a good heart. Still, I don't leave things to chance. He would look to the other two of his team and give a nod as they would fade into thin air with the adaptive camouflage in their suits activating, calling out towards them verbally so he could calm the situation down, "Regroup at the Ace of Spades. I'll meet you shortly." His eyes then met Natasha with a small chuckle, "I can leave right now if you truly want me to, but as soon as I leave, I'm not coming back with this offer. Whatever happens, and that's on your head." He would then turn his back to them before stepping towards the window, flipping the hood over his features before replacing the mask he was wearing earlier, "In my line of work, I try to protect the innocent in every way I know how..." His red eye from the mask would gaze towards her for a moment before he would open the window with a small shift of his arm, "It might not seem like it, but I only came here to make sure you were safe and Keyo could have his revenge... then we could all go back to our lives." He would then speak towards Keyo for once as he turned to look towards him, "You heard the girl Keyo... now what do you have to say? If you want me to leave as well, then I will, no questions asked, and no further support given. It will be like I never existed."

DarkKeyome: I sighed hearing how he spoke out... he reminded me of my father in the moment. Stating how he protected the innocent... I didn’t understand at the time, but now I do. I shook my head and turned to Natasha with a soft expression. “Natasha... please go with him, he's right. It wont be long, and I’ll go along with your idea. But it's strictly business... As we both know, relationships in my line of work only leads to death. With us going along with your plan Natasha you realize from here on out you WILL be a target from all the other Yakuza... and any other group of people that find me as a nuisance think this through clearly....” I looked back over to Gringo who seemed to had place his mask back on. “...Please Natasha, just go with them. I don’t trust them that much either... and I know I put you into all of this shit. But with your plan, and his plan... this will be a sure fire. And this will keep you safe regardless of the situation. Because if I fail, they'll let you go... and it'll look like your dad saved you... everything will go back to normal. It'll be alright..... I promise...” I said looking at her through the cool blades of golden hair that dangled over my face. I smiled a bit... trying to reassure her further into the decision. I hate I dragged her into this, im starting to hate I dragged everyone into this.

Kila: Natasha sighed with a roll of her eyes, “Fine, I’ll go but I’m taking Kitty with me.” She stood up while she kept a hold on kitty’s collar, “Once this is all over with I want my grandfather’s ring back and yeah I know it’s just business.” She turned from both guys and walked back to her dressing room, the tiger padded softly beside her, “You..Cop..Whatever the fuck you all are can I have some help with my bags?” She started to toss about 5 bags out, one tiger stripped with Kitty’s name across the front. Natasha walked back out with a leash hooked onto Kitty’s collar and finally a pair of shoes on her feet, “I’m ready, lets get this over with.” She wrapped the leash around her hand a couple of time while she looked between both guys, her eyes finally landed on Keyome, “Once this war of yours is over with and I’m back in the safety of my loving father’s arms I’m going back to Russia and I’ll be out of your hair.” She smiled sweetly at him, her tiger gave him a low growl but stood still beside her leg.

DanteOConnor: Gringo would nod and give a cross of his arms as he turned, happy that this wasn't a lost cause. He looked to Keyome as Natasha would pad away with her pet tiger, which even to him, was intimidating. He spoke in a low tone so only Keyome could hear, "Kid, I know you want to take on the world and show everyone what you got, but I will promise you kow matter what happens, Natasha will be safe, and you can have your chance with her... deep down, I'm sure you're a good kid, and maybe if you went with her... everything could be alright." His voice was sincere, as if he was talking as a father to his son, yet he wasn't meaning it. Maybe this kid was growing on him. Who knows? Dante would then call out as the bags would seem to levitate, the camouflaged duo that completed Dante's team now carrying the bags as instructed via nanomachines. He would look to Natasha before giving a nod, "Well, have your ride on the rooftop. Follow me, if you will?" He would then pass the two and make for the door a small smirk on his face as he would pat Tasanagi on the shoulder, wishing him good luck with the touch.

DarkKeyome: That cat freaked the fuck out of me... but nothing was scary then the encounter I had as a child with the wolves that live outside of district 1 in that small woodland area.... I sighed and nodded eying her as she moved over to gather her things... or more so staring at her ass... I tossed the ring up and down in my grip and looked at it again to examine it. It looked like it was worth a fortune. “... Lets just hope your father has the impact that I hope he will eh?” I was a lone wolf in my own right.. corned down into a corner... ever seen that move called the Grey? Pretty old film.. it's about this guy and a couple of other guys who have to survive in this cold like freezing cold Forrest while being hunted by wolves. At the end he was alone and had to fight the whole pack by himself. They shut the movie down at that point... and I don’t know what happened after I guess they assumed he was supposed to be dead. I remember watching that when I was a kid with my dad and I asked em what happened to em... he told me. “ I don’t know Yo-yo... I think he fought for his fallen friends and fought those wolves, fought those beast. But at the same time since they forced him into a predicament... that he became even more beastly than them at that moment. I think man can do that... become a beast when they are forced to no matter the situation... they can become wolves... in there own right..” I watched as they began to take her away and rubbed the back of my neck. The power her father would be enabling over to me would cause a major impact on my clans growth. I no longer wanted a clan.... I wanted an army.. I eyed the bags now moving around without a physical body to see. The tech these guys had... scared the shit out of me. And even with Gringo's words I still felt a bit uneasy though it did help in a way. “ Thanks man...” I said in a low tone I looked up at Natasha who was more than likely about to make her way out with Gringo. My hand latched out attempting to grip her by her wrist and pulling her into me for a kiss. Now this... was out of my nature for sure, I’ve never been a romantic type... nor did I have any kind of interest in women unless it was for sex. I always used them to get what I wanted... then dropped em like a bad habit. But no I felt like I was doing her more wrong than I was doing right for my cause. She was more than a pawn like the others. As I pulled her into the kiss I would have gripped her face with both of my hands with my eyes closed. “ Thank you... for helping me...” I said if I was successful with the kiss before backing away so she could take her leave. Tilting my head up with both of my hands behind my back... trying to look professional... but that fucking dark blush on my face was a big contradiction.

Kila: She just smiled as her bags was hauled away by who knows what, the other guys she guessed and walked away to follow Gringo. She stopped when Keyome grabbed her wrist, her body came flush against his, she dropped the leash when his lips came down on hers, her eyelashes fluttered closed. She melted into him and the kiss, her arms went around his chest until her fingertips lightly ran up and down his back. She wanted this so badly, she needed to feel his touch, even if it was out of pity. Natasha pulled back once the kiss broke, her eyelashes lifted but she kept her head titled down toward the floor, “Yeah, don’t worry about it.” Her voice was barely audible and along with her accent it might make it difficult to understand her. She bent and picked up the leash which she gave it a hard tug and headed out the door, she stopped and looked over hers shoulder back at Keyome, “Don’t go getting yourself killed.” She gave him a brief smile and then turned back away and down the hallway.

DanteOConnor: Gringo would turn as he made sure Natsha wasn't trying to make some sort of run for it, not really sure how she would do such a thing to begin with, only to find the two lovebirds kissing one another. Gringo didn't really understand the concept of love... anyone that he had grwn close to was either male or dead, and he didn't like fast women, either. He then gestured for her to follow him out the door with Kitty, slightly on edge about bringing a tiger onto a highly advanced, highly classified VTOL Warship. He really hoped the cat didn't hate flying. Sledge and Joker made their way to the rooftop with her bags, the two complaining how they weren't cheauffers, but Gringo spoke through the link with a small grin on his covered face, "Don't worry, boys. Once we get back to base, I'll give you a tip... and maybe a new job if you quit bitchin." The two would shut up and Shade's voice would be heard, giggling so much that she would literally snort over the link. This caused Sledge and Joker to laugh heartedly until they got to the Warship, where they would load the bags and find Shade pouting at her terminal with a pout and a large flush across her cheeks. As Sledge and Joker just made themselves comfy, Gringo and Natasha would be heading towards the ship, calling out to her as the engines began to start, "We have plenty of room in the ship for you and your cat! All I ask is that you stay in the room onboard until we get to the designated safe house!" He would then nod as the back ramp dropped down easily with the entire team peeking out the back, curious to meet there new guest.