The life of a Celeberity and bad cars

Kila: Natasha pushed her plate away from her after breakfast and pouted, she was in the mood to shop. She quickly dressed for the day picking out one of her more casual looks of white shorts and a brown plaid top, of course both fit her like an extra skin and the top was so tight it looked like she was going to bust from it. She slipped her dainty feet into a pair of calf high matching boots and then grabbed her purse, “Shopping time.” She giggled to herself as she picked up her car keys and headed to the elevator. She turned the alarm of to her car once she was down stairs, the little beep echoed around the underground garage, slowly she lifted up the door to her candy apple red Supasse-V sports car and slid in. With a soft thud the door shut, she started it up and sped out. As she came to a red light she checked her make-up in the mirror and decided she needed to apply a little more lip gloss. Natasha dotted a bit more on her pouty bottom lip, then cranked up the radio before she pressed down on the gas and took off. Of course being new to the area she didn’t really have a clue to where she was going, and herself being more of the air head at times ended up getting lost. She drove around district two trying to find the shopping mall, but instead she found more bar type businesses. She huffed out in frustration, her hands came slamming down against the steering wheel, “Just perfect girly…” She spoke to herself as she looked around the area, “I guess if I want a drink I know where to go now.” As soon as she spoke her last word the car started to sputter and then rolled to a halt, “God….What now?!” She turned the key and got out, where she then proceed to kick the front driver tire, she pulled out her cell phone from her back pocket but because fate sucked it was dead. She screamed out, her arms crossed over her chest and she leaned back against the car, “Fuck my life..”

RhageIscariot: Having sat on that fucking bench for about half an houre know, nearly smoking a pack of cigarets and getting bored with playing with his gun, Hishigi finaly stood up and started strolling the streets of District two. He knew them well, had been here for years. He knew every short cut, ever small ally, and being good at parkour came in extremely handy at these times. Walking down the main street he turned right into a small ally, where he started running. Reaching a gathering of dumpsters, he jumped up on them and kicked off, only to grab the edge of the roof above him and pull himself up. Moving from roof top to roof top for a while he suddenly noticed this beauty of a car holding still- He then heard spitting from the engine a few meters longer down the road after actually being on his way in the other direction which made him turn around again, just in time to see her get out of the car. If the car was beautiful, this girl was a goddess, with her skin tight clothing, high healed boots and long brown hair. Seaming as she had apparently given up on making the bloody car work again he thought “Oh hell, why not” before taking a few steps back until he reached to opposite end of the roof from her. He then kicked off in a run, and jumped off the roof. When he landed on the street it was right behind her car in a small ally in a front roll. He stood up and brushed the dust and dirt of his cloth and stepped into the light while lighting a new cigarette. Black hair with red tips fell perfectly around his head in a typical street haircut, a thin line of beard moved across his chin and framed it, cowboy boots made a *tap* noise with every step he took as he slowly moved around the car, looking at it, admiring it. His clothing was typical for these parts, with lose black pants held up by a black belt, half open black sleeveless shirt covered by a leather west, revealing both his arm’s and most of his chest which was covered in tattoos of all sorts. He moved the long way around the car and stopped in front of her, smiling charmingly at her as he said “Well hello there” He then looked her in the eye’s “I’m guessing you must be the driver of this red beauty?”

Kila: Natasha jumped once he spoke to her, “Oh my…You scared me and yes I am.” She eyed him up and down, taking in his attire along with his demeanor before looking him in the eyes. “Well, this piece of shit that you call a beauty broke down and I must admit I’m lost…Do you think you could help me?” She gave him the sweetest smile she could, her right hand came up as she twirled her fingers around a couple of curls, and her Russian accent clung on every word. Natasha was always good with the men, she knew how to get what she wanted and even more so how to please them. She knew most found her attractive after all that was her job, she was meant to make guys fall in love with her, want and need her. She batted her eyelashes up at him she couldn’t lie he was nice to the eyes, she could see herself being with him.

RhageIscariot: ”Sure no problem, mind popping the hood for me?” He smiled at her again before moving to the front of the car, waiting for the hood to pop open, yet still keeping a secret gaze on her. Man she was a beauty, and she knew if for sure. Then battering of the eyelashes, curling her hair with a finger. Not only beautiful, but good at flirting to and apparently not a complete psyco like most others around these parts. They funny thing was she apparently hadn’t noticed the three guns and the combat knife he carried around on him, ore she simply ignored it. But there was something in her eye’s, something that made him suspicious of her, which only made her that much more interesting. For starters, he’d nail an ass like that any day, but not only that she also had an attitude and clearly knew her way around men when it came to words. So if she knew the words, she would probably also know the moves as well, which simply made her that much more interesting.

Kila: She nodded and a walked over to the window of the car, where she then leaned inside and reached for the button to pop the hood. Her back arched slightly as she bent inside, her ass pushed up making her shorts raises up even more, not that there was much room. Her cheeks were barely covered and she knew once she turned back around there was a great chance she’d have what they called camel toe. She pushed the button then smiled once she heard the pop of the hood. She eases herself out of the window and walked around to the front of the car, “So, do you know a lot about cars?” Hell Natasha didn’t really care if he did or not she just wanted to look at him a little more and she loved the fact he was under her hood. She sucked in her bottom lip and lightly chewed on it, there was just something about a man getting all hot and dirty that turned her on.

RhageIscariot: When she reached in trough the window, man what an ass. When the hood popped open, he pulled it up and held it up with his left hand. ”A lot may be saying a little much, I’m not a mechanic, but I do know how to fix a broken engine. See mostly the problem is something small that’s easily fixed” He bend forward and looked around at the engine following his gaze with his right hand. Even though he was supposed to focus on the engine, his thoughts were stuck on the hottie behind him. Man she was gorgeous, and hot to. The only reason why his thoughts were led back on the car, was because his fingers suddenly got wet when he touched the fuel injection. “Well, there’s your problem right there, your leaking fuel.” He looked back at her with that charming smile again, just to see her chewing on her lower lip. *Interested much* he thought to himself as he stood up and closed the hood “I’ve got some tools and some extra fuel in my car, want me to fix it?” Trying to focus on her eye’s were pretty damned difficult when his eye’s were so determined to look at her tits. Non the less, he managed to keep eye contact with her, at least for now.

Kila: Natasha fingers fell from the curl she was playing with down the top button of her shirt, she frowned slightly as he talked about the engine and whatnot but her eyes was glued to his ass, that is until he stood back up and turned around, “Huh..” She wasn’t paying attention to a word he said, she batted her eyelashes at him once again as she stopped chewing on her bottom lip, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said?” She tired not to blush, hell she didn’t even know why she would be blushing for in the first place, not like she’s never been around a man before or thought about doing all the dirty little thing that popped in her head. She fanned herself with her other hand while she kept playing with her button, “Is it hot out here?” She licked her parted lips then took a step back from him, she needed a little room to gather herself.

DanteOConnor: Gringo slipped his hands into his pockets with a small sigh as he walked into the main area of District 2. Right now he was waiting for the meeting with Keyome, but he was also waiting to hear back from his team, wondering how long it would really take to get all the back up plans together in case the meeting was going to go south. He continued to walk with a slightly hunched back as he passed through the crowds, his eyes looking over pretty much anyone he passed from behind a pair of sunglasses, even though it was night time. He was wearing a sleeveless hoodie along with a muscle shirt beneath it, his tattoos across his arms and neck now in full view. Also, he was wearing a pair of black denim jeans with matching boots, and there were bracers on his forearms. He also wore a pair of fingerless gloves, but since he no longer existed in any database, along with having his finger and toe tips singed off, he didn’t have to worry about leaving a trail. Inside his hoodie was a modified Px4 Storm handgun, and on the other side of his body were three magazines, just in case his night turned out to be a rough one. As he continued moving from corner to corner in District 2, he stopped as he saw a familiar face. It was the Russian singer that’s working with Keyome, and it seemed that her car was broken down, assuming that is why a man was looking into her hood. He gave a smirk as he could clearly see her eyes glued to the man’s ass, and he shook his head softly as he spoke to himself, “You sure know how to pick your company, Tasanagi.” He would then notice as the man turned towards her that his arms were rattled with patterns common with Yakuza members, a small grit of his teeth forming behind his shut lips as he shrugged to himself, “Well… I can’t say I’m surprised.” He would then begin to make his way over towards them, only to take a seat at the bus-stop. He figured if they were both with Keyome, or just illegal units, he may as well get some information. Now within ear-shot, he could hear what the two had to say without drawing attention to his person.

RhageIscariot: A low, but satisfied chuckle escaped him as he anwsered her question ”I said I’ve got some tools and some extra fuel in my car if you want me to fix it, and yeah it is a little hot out here” when she stepped back a small smile spread on his lips again. Eighter she was seriously into him, ore she had finaly notice his weapons and had gotten scared, eighter way worked for him. Leaning against the hood, and halfway sitting on it he lighted a new cigarette and looked at her hand, playing with the button. Okay, she was into him, it was all over her body language with her trying to cool down, using her hand as a fan, playing with her buttons and even stepping away from him. Normally, the situation would have been the other way around, he would e then one feeling hot and having a hard time breathing and gathering himself, but for once he was the one in control, and he loved it.

Kila: She giggled, “Oh, yeah I would love that..That is if you don’t mind?” She slipped both her hands into her back pockets while she rocked softly on the heels of her boots, “Ummm, will this take long because I really need to go shopping?” What she really meant was she needed to get away from him and all his tattoo covered muscles. Natasha looked around the area for a moment, anywhere that wasn’t in his direction when she seen him and what a yummy piece of meat he was, “Jesus, what do they feed you guys around here?” The question wasn’t really meant for anybody, she was more or less thinking out loud. She growled at herself, she needed laid and she needed it badly, “Grrr, where is Keyo when you need him. He owes me and I’m planning on collecting from him soon enough.” Her smile turned into the most wicked little grin, oh how she was going to make him pay.

DanteOConnor: Gringo rolled his eyes at the conversation, finding that it was completely useless to try and get any information from those two blowhards while they bantered back and forth about how hot they were. He continued to listen anyway, and a small growl from Natasha got his attention. He heard what she had said, due to the acute nano-machines in his ear and what she said slightly disturbed him. What was Keyome going to pay Natasha for? He then called in to Shade, his cell’s technical analyst, using a mental uplink to speak to shade without anyone around him hearing what he was discussing, “Shade, it’s Gringo. I need you to run a background check on Natasha Valentine. I saw her at the meeting where I got the card from Keyome… apparently she did something that requires a good bit of money, seeing that she’s already a pop star and has enough dough as it is.” Shade would respond a few minutes later with a small sigh, “The only thing we got is that her dad has connections with the Russian Mob. Thing is, they could never get anything to stick to him back in good ol’ Mother Russia, due to his political pull and connections…” Gringo would think for a moment before responding, “What about the Mob itself? Have there been any movements towards KasaiHana City, or New America in general?” Shade would respond seconds later, “Not that we can tell. If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, this might be the beginning of the world’s first international mob war, and that is a very scary thing to think.” Gringo would nod to himself before cutting the connection, his eyes drifting over towards Natasha and remaining on her for a few moments, his voice nearly a whisper as he spoke to himself, “Just what is it you all are planning…?”

RhageIscariot: Everything went exactly as it should, until she mentioned Keyo’s name. He chose to ignore it for now and instead he held a hand out in the opposite direction of what he was facing “I’m parked further down the road, wanna walk with me?” he smiled at her again, even laughed a little from her thinking out loud. He turned half way around and waited for her to answer him. At least the talk would give him a little time to talk to her, maybe even get some info on Keyo’s plans if he was lucky. After all, she didn’t know he was Soramaru, right? And he knew that Keyo was after his boss, it was all over the streets, so why not get some info and if possible gain something from it. Hell, even if it was sex he got of it, that’d be more than enough for him when the damned girl looked like a goddess.

Kila: Natasha’s attention was pulled back to him when he spoke to her again, “Sure, I’ll walk with you, it’s the least I could do.” She went back over to the car window and leaned inside to grab her purse, “So, what’s your name, cutie?” She gave him a wink once she was next to him again, “Oh, I’m Natasha by the way.” She reached her hand out toward him, a smile came across her full lips. For a moment she forgot all about Keyo and the man waiting for the bus…After all he was the one giving her attention and attention is what Natasha loved the most.

DanteOConnor: As he heard that they were going to be possibly making their way to his car, he gave a small arch of his brow as he then waited for the two to walk towards his vehicle. He knew that this might lead to voyeurism but at the same time, this guy could be one of those assholes to be the man of a girl’s dreams, and end up slicing her throat and throwing her into the water with concrete ankle-weights. He personally didn’t care what happened to the broad but he knew without her, something bad was bound to happen with her death involved. So he made sure to keep an eye on them… you know, as an investment more than anything.

RhageIscariot: “Hishigi” Taking her hand he shook it lightly with a smile “Nice to meet you Natasha, it’s this way” Proceeding down the street towards his car with her he asked “So, who’s Keyo?” Pulling out a new cigarette with the one hand and checking his pocket for his car keys with the other, he looked at her and smiled, before grabbing his lighter in the chest pocket and lighting the cigarette. He had completely forgotten about the one he had in his hand when they were standing at the car, so it had smoked itself over time. Inhaling lightly and blowing out a small smoke cloud he then added “If you don’t mind me asking that is?”

Kila: “Nice to meet you too, Hishigi.” Her accent was heavy now, she couldn’t help it, it always happened when she was close to any hot guy. She stepped beside him as they made their way to his car, “Keyo…Well, Keyo is a pain in my ass.” She thought for a moment, “He’s just some guy I met the other day…I guess you could call me a friend of mine.” She watched him smoking on his cigarette and shook her head, “You know those are bad for you?” Natasha then smiled up at him once the reached his car, “Why are you wondering about Keyo for anyway?”

DanteOConnor: Gringo would stand as they made their way to the man’s car, slowly walking behind them so he would not draw attention, but he also was very careful to not cause any issues with the surrounding pedestrians. When a small group of people would cut in his path, he would gently push his way through so he could follow them with ease. His clothing seemed like those of a normal adult in this day and age, so he was able to blend with the masses easily. He remained close enough to them where he was in earshot of their entire conversation. He was shocked to hear that this man was Yakuza, but didn’t know who Keyome Tasanagi was. Even the lowest of thugs knew the chairmen of the Clans that roamed KasaiHana, and after that incident a month ago, everyone should know that Tasanagi had been labeled a terrorist by many. He then realized that this guy was egging her on, trying to get information out of her. He then gave a grit of his teeth as he continued to follow them, knowing full well that this asshole might try to hurt her to get the information he wants. Despite his assumptions, he still remained calm as he kept in earshot, being sure to take cover within crowds, at the corners of alleyways and streets, and other pursuit methods that he had learned as a child.

RhageIscariot: “Well I heard you mention his name earlier so naturally I got curious.” He grabbed the cigarette with the fingers and pulled it out of his mouth saying “Yeah I know these are bad for me, but old habits die hard you know” Moving down the street, a Metallic black Mustang became visible further down, with 22’’ chrome rims, and red tinted windows. Pulling his key’s out from his pocket and hitting the unlock button on the remote, a squeak came from the car as the door popped open by itself in the back left side. “Besides, working as a bar tender one hears rumors you know” he smiled at her before reaching into the back seat of the car, grabbing a tool box and a fuel box, but then he noticed something. Why walk all the way back when he had a car? After all, if she was to leave when he had fixed her car, he’d have to walk back to it again, so instead he backed out of the car saying “Know what, why don’t we drive up to your car, saves us the trouble of walking, hmm?”

Kila: Natasha’s eyed his car as they got closer, “Wow, nice ride.” She moved around it her fingertips traced along the hood, “Ever fucked on this before?” She was never one to hold back, or be scared to ask what came to her mind and she really wanted to know if he has. She then thought about what he said about Keyo, “Ah, I see but I’m sure we’re talking about two different guys and sure, let’s drive back.” She moved around to the passenger side and slid into the car, “Mmmmm, I do love this car.” She looked over at him and smiled her hand came up to play with her top button once again.

DanteOConnor: Gringo would continue to listen to their conversation with a small grit of his teeth as the man spoke of being a bartender. He knew that in that line of work, TV’s and the media would be all around, which would give stories about Tasanagi. Along with that, if rumors were spreading, he’d know exactly who Tasanagi is. Why in the name of God would this guy be pushing into her like he’d been living under a rock all this time? He then realized that he wasn’t just trying to figure out who Tasanagi was, but maybe even where he might find him. His eyes went wide at the revelation and gave a grit of his teeth as he heard that they were going to take his car back to Natasha’s vehicle, calling Shade via the wireless uplink as he ducked into an alleyway to make the call, “Shade, I need you to run a search. There’s a guy with the singer, and I believe I caught his name. It’s Hishigi… can you do that for me?” Shade would respond a couple minutes later before responding, “We got a hit boss. His name is Hishigi Youndaime. He’s a bartender that lives in District 2 and has a rap sheet for street fighting. He has ties with the…” She stopped for a moment before speaking once again, “Boss, it’s one of Danchou’s men.” Gringo’s suspicions were confirmed as he found this out, giving a small grunt before responding back to her, “Alright, well they’re getting in his car and are ready to head back to Natasha’s vehicle… I’m gonna see what I can do.” Gringo would cut the line and then reach into his pocket, only to pull out a small, pebble sized pad. It was an adhesive pad that contained a GPS locator chip, which Gringo could use it as a one way receiver via radio. He then gave a deep sigh before talking to himself, “Showtime.” He would then leave where he was hiding and make his way towards the two in the vehicle before calling out, “Hey! Buddy! Can I have a moment of your time?!” He waved towards them, making sure the locator was in the palm of his hand before jogging his way up to the side of the car with a grin, hoping that this plan worked as well as his last.

RhageIscariot: A wide smile spread on his lips when hearing her question, and as she moved so did he. Closing the door he had opened he moved to the drivers seat and just before he got into the car he heard someone calling out at them. Turning his head lightly to look over his shoulder he yelled back “Sorry man, I’m a buessy man right now” He then got into the car, put the key into the ignition and turned it which caused the engine to start with a loud roar. Stepping down the clutch he put it in 1st, and just before kicking down the gass and letting the clutch go he looked at her saying “No, I haven’t fucked anyone on the hood of this car, wanna be the first?” his charming smile came back before the wheels twisted and turned against the ground, making two thick smoke clouds from the front wheels before the car raced down the street, quickly gathering speed. About 100 meters before they reached her car, he grabbed and pulled the hand break, only shortly before loosening it again, stearing the car in a perfect 180 degree half circle turn around her car, ending up with the two car’s facing each other with exactly ten feet between them. He then looked at her, winked and twisted the key, killing the engine.

Kila: Natasha shook her head and giggled, “Mmmm I always did love being the first for anything.” She leaned forward to see who was yelling, “It’s that guy from the bus stop….Weird, wonder what he wants?” She then bounced around softly in the seat as she adjusted her body to it, the vibrations of the car making her smile more as it vibrated along her clit ring, “Yes I do love this car.” She then started to laugh and held on tight when he pulls up in front of her car, “Dude…You’re fucking crazy!”

DanteOConnor: As the man burnt out and Gringo was already right next to the vehicle, he called out as he smacked the back of the man’s car, the pad the size of a ink drop sticking to the back of the vehicle before calling out, “Asshole!” He then turned on his heels and began walking away from where the man sped off, calling Shade back once more, “Shade, its Gringo… I got a GPS locator on Hishigi’s vehicle. I need you to send out a ‘bird’ to keep an eye on that Natasha woman. I want to know when she’s moving and where she’s moving to.” Shade would acknowledge him and then get to work on sending out a drone towards where the Russian icon had left her vehicle. Gringo would duck into the inner sanctum of District 2 before making his way into a bar, relaxing for a while until the meeting with Keyome. As he took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink, he thought to himself with a small smirk playing across his lips, “Things are gonna get crazy… I can feel it.”

RhageIscariot: “What, you don’t like it?” A wide smile spread on his lips as he got out of the car while saying “Now lets get this baby up and running shall we?” Walking around the front of the car, he opened her door first and then moved around the back of the car, opening the passenger door in the back left, pulling out the tools and fuel . Walking towards her car with the things in one hand, which of cause made his muscles tense up and show even more, he pointed at her car saying “Mind popping the hood for me again?” He couldn’t get his thoughts of that man earlier, what the hell was that all about? He’d been living here for years but he’d never experienced anything like that unless it was related to… *FUCK!* The word was screamed in his brain yet never left his lips. That move was mostly pulled by gang members using GPS trackers, that fucker was Yakuza! For a second, and one second only his face expression changed from wide smile to cold blooded killer while the hand around the two boxes were tightened in it’s grip. How the fuck could he be that stupid, he should have shot the fucker right there and then. He had to remember to check the car when he got home, just in case. All this happened in an instant before his attention was brought back to the red car in front of him and the hottie in his car. Fuck that dude, he had some pussy going on and he wasn’t going to fuck that up. Luckily his back had been turned at her when the killer expression had show itself, and even though it scared the kid on the sidewalk, it was basicly impossible she would have noticed it.

Kila: Natasha got out of the car she ran her fingers through her hair as she moved closer to him, “So, do you fuck like you drive?” She couldn’t help it he had her full attention now and she could almost feel him on her. She leaned up against the front of her car after she popped the hood, her right hand came across her stomach as she grinned over at him, her fingertips lightly played with her belt buckle, “So, you said you are a bartender…Which bar do you work at and maybe I’ll stop in sometime.”

RhageIscariot: The wide smile grew a little bit, just a little as he looked back at her. Damn she was sexy, and boy would he love to take her right then and there, but okay, maybe that was a little to public considering there were people all around them. Turning half way towards her he tilted his head lightly “What, wild fast and crazy? Pretty much, yeah” he chuckled shortly as he noticed she was playing with her belt “I’m a little further down this street and down the avenue to the left. Bar’s called Tacito, small place, holds around 200 people when it’s full. Your welcome to stop by any time, I’m working every Monday, Friday and every other Saturday.” He took a casual position, this time not hiding that he was studying the curves of her body with the eye’s “Now, should we fix this car, or should we leave it here and go somewhere ell's?“ Charming wide smile, glimse in the eye’s, man he was so go for that second idea, but being the lady’s man he was he’d make it her call. He wasn’t one to rape girls, they were just to fucking good for that.

Kila: She reached over and dragged her fingertips slowly down his arm, her nails pushing into his skin ever so slightly, “Tempting…So very tempting but you see I really need to go shopping. I’m afraid I’ll have to give you a rain check on the second part.” She started to chew on her bottom lip once again her lashes lowered some as she looked over at him with her brown eyes, “Mind giving me your number once you’re done working on my car, you know a girl tends to get lone and may need to call up a friend sometime.”

Pallas: -Donnie had spent the last few days working in his labs. It was a good thing he kept to himself and did not have many friends. If he did, they would have been wondering where he has been all this time. Right now he is continueing to work on a new NanoSuit. Alfred's voice would speak through the intercom saying-"Sir, you have been going at this suit for over four days now. Maybe it is time to get something to eat?"-Donnie continued to work on the suit while Alfred tried to get him to stop. Sparks fly around the room while he works and after finishing the body work of the suit he stands up.-"That should be enough for today. Time to get something to eat."- He gets up out of his working area and takes his gloves off.-"Alfred what time is it?"-After Donnie asked, Alfred would reply with an answer-"Its 10 o clock sir. Where will you be eating?"-Donnie would take a moment and then say-"You know I could really go for a burger. Jacks Bar & Grill sounds easy enough."-Donnie begins to walk into the garage and then Alfred asks-"Will you be taking a car Sir? Or will you fly there?"- While he continues to walk into the garage area Donie replies with a simple-"Car. for now."-Donnie grabs a set of keys and pushes a button on the wall. A few seconds later two doors on the floor would open up and his 69' GTO Judge would rise up from underneath the two doors. He gets into the car and turns the key and the car would rev up like the sound of Lions Roar. He smirks and loves the sounds that his ride makes, cars where his favorite machinery and loved when they all came together perfectly. The Garage door opens and Donnie begins to drive out and into the city streets. Going 80 mph he gets to the Bar & Grill in a few minutes. When he gets to the resturant he parks his car and activates the alarm while he makes his way inside. The hostess saw who he is and quickly gave him the best seat in the whole resturant. Then Donnie ordered his burger and waited patiently for it to arrive. While he waited he continued to work on his new suit from the resturant from the Arm Brace he wore.-

RhageIscariot: To bad, she had other plans. Oh well, still with the smile on his lips he nodded lightly saying “Alright, fixing the car it is” Opening the hood after putting down the tools and the fuel, he grabbed the tool he needed and tightened the fuel injection, then closed the hood again and moved around the car, filled it up with gass, walked to the front of it again, pulled out a pen and a small peace of paper, wrote down his number and slipped into the right side of her bra in a smooth motion before kissing her cheek and halfway whispering in her ear with a sensual voice “Call me then” he then picked up the tool box and fuel box and walked back to his car to put it back in it’s place on the back seat.

Kila: Natasha stood back behind him admiring the view of his ass while he fixed her car, she then coughed lightly as he turned around, “Finished already?” She watched him walk away and filled her tank up, she then grinned when he came back and slipped his number into her bra, her head tilted slightly when he kissed her cheek, “Oh you can count on it, hun.” She turned on her heels and headed his way, “Wait, what are you doing later tonight?” She knew she shouldn’t be messing with someone like him, after all her daddy was the head of the Russian mafia but she just loved pushing that old man’s buttons as much as she could. Her head turned slowly as she heard the purr of another car pass them, her eyes scanned the muscle car for a moment while she watched to see who got out of it and walk into a building. She shrugged after figuring out she didn’t know the guy and turned back around to look at Hishigi.

Pallas: -When his burger is brought to the table his eyes widen due to him being so hungry. He jumps into it and begins to chow down on his burger and fries. He was enjoying it greatly then a hologram of Alfred would pop out of the Arm Brace. A small drop of Ketchup would be out of his while he says-"Something I can help you with Alfred?"-In which Alfred would reply back saying-"Well I was doing some research through the databases and have come across something you may want to know. It seems the ChiTori have been trying to come up with a plan to kep their clan in the running for power."-Donnie continues to eat while Alfred continues talking-"It seems they have been trying to make something that gives their assassins better powers than the Superhuman Serum. I will try to get more information in the next few hours."-Donnie would almost not even pay big attention to it all. He did not fear another clan trying to seek power. It honestly sounded like fun. With the Vibranium NanoSuit and Plasma technology he felt like he was still on top. After he finished his burger he left a hundred dollar bill on the table. As he walked outside he sees a man fixing a car and talking to a woman. The man seemed so familiar to him but he payed no mind to it. He began to walk back to his car as he had to walk close to those people.-

RhageIscariot: Having placed the things where they should be he looked back at her with a smile saying ”Nothing, far as I know. You?” it wasn’t until then he noticed the Judge that had been parked not far from them. Then Donnie came out, the second in command of the Soramaru. Fuck, his boss was here, and the dude didn’t even know who the fuck he was. He quickly kissed Natalie’s cheek again saying “Excuse me for a second” before he crossed the street and moved towards Donnie, waving at him, halfway yelling “Yo D, wait up” When he got over to him he moved up to walk by his side saying “I heard you were dead man, where’ve you been?” he looked at the man and it wasn’t until now the thought struck his mind. Here he was, walking along side the second in command of a Yakuza gang, a man who didn’t know shit about who Hishigi was, and he was carrying three guns and a knife in plain sight. He quickly added to his previous statement “I’m Hishigi, Red Fighter from Sora. I saw your picture when I entered.”

Kila: She giggled as he kisses her cheek again, “We should hook….” She nodded as he turned and walked away. “Well that’s a first, I’ve never been cut off in the middle of saying something so a guy could go talk to someone else,” She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest a small pout hung on her lips. “What is with these guys, always business…Don’t anybody ever have fun around here?” She leaned back on his car as she watched both of them while trying to piece everything together, “And here I thought Keyome was a weird one but I think this guy may have him beat.” She knew she was talking to herself but she didn’t care.

Pallas: -after the man had gotten closer he understood who he was and memory finally hit him.-"Ohhh hey, nice to see ya."-Then he answers Hishigi's question by saying-"Oh you know, just doing some extra work at the office."-He wasnt really a member of the Clan as he once was and he did not feel comfortable in telling his secrets to just anyone. He was still a member of Soramaru but he no longer felt like that was his home. He looks over and sees a woman all angery at what just happened and he laughed a bit. He then looks at Hishigi asking-"Whos the girl?"- After asking the question Donnie pulls out aq cigarette from his pocket and lights it while he held it in his mouth waiting for an answer.-

RhageIscariot: “Natalie, she had problems with her car, I helped.” He smiled some as he stepped in front of Donnie in an attempt to stop him for a few seconds while saying “Hey, you should know, word on the street is everyone want’s a piece of us so watch your back aight?” He then tapped his shoulder and walked back towards his car and Natalie saying “Take care aight?” when he got back to Natalie he smiled again saying “Sorry, had to catch him shortly. You were saying?” he leaned against his car next to her and looked her in the eye’s putting on that charming smile again.

Kila: Natasha smiled and moved in front of him once he was back and leaning against his car, “Well, I was saying we should hook up later tonight, that is if you’re not busy.” She ran her hand down his chest while her eyes followed, “Umms, I’ve been meaning to ask you what are those guns for?” She looked over his shoulder for a moment at the other guy that was a few feet away from them before she looked back into his eyes.

Pallas: -After hearing the warning Hishigi gave him, a smirk would be his responce. Donnie then says to him-"Hishigi, a whole army could come after me and I'd walk out without a scratch."-Of course Hishigi would not understand the reference that Donnie makes because of the NanoSuit technology being unknown to everyone except Kirei and Zero. Then after Hishigi walked away, Donnie walks back to his car and gets inside. He clicks one of the buttons and the laptop would come out of the dashboard. Donnie went on the prowl for what had happened and why everyone was going after the Clan. After being in solatude for days he had no idea what had been happening with everyone.-"I would hate to be the person who wanted to some and kill me haha. A sad day for them it will be hahaha."-He then kept going with his research on the computer minding his own buisness in his Judge.-

KimiKatsu: The driver side front window was open. Wind tossled Kirei's freshly done hair widly. She had extensions put on and a color change. It felt good to see her natural hair color again even if she had to use different dyes. Her now longer hair was up in a ling ponytail and her bangs were pushed off to the side. District 2. The only other time she'd been here was when she took Nami and Beavis to the concert. But she was here for a completely different reason now. She was looking for someone. A certain someone. She needed to get her part done. Kirei turned down a street and her bright headlights shined on two people in the distance. NAtasha and some guy. Then she saw the car. It was so familiar. There was only one car like that around. Kirei pulled up behind it, shut off her hummer and climbed out. She wore a dark, teal dress that had black lace accents with an open back to reveal her ink. She approached the car slowly, her hips switching sensually with every step she took. She hoped he'd remember her once she reached his window.

RhageIscariot: ”I’m not, you just give me a call when you have the time aight?” his smile grew a little when she slided a hand down his chest, and it grew even wider when she asked about the guns he had on him “Protection darling, I grew up in a rough environment. Since then I haven’t gone anywhere without at least one gun on me.” Oh hell, with her standing this close to him it was tempting to just grab the combat knife on his back, cut her clothing open and do her right here up his car, but again he suppressed the thought and told himself it would be wrong, even though it would be hot and sexy as hell with all those people watching. But considering that he was Yakuza, and that his boss was only ten – twenty feet away that would be a really bad idea. Pushing off the car, he moved into her to the point where their body’s almost touched each other, only half an inch apart as he placed a hand on each of her shoulders and slowly slid them down her arm’s. He then kissed her cheek again and whispered to her in a very soft, very sensual voice “Looking forward to it” ‘it’ referring to meeting her later that night.

Pallas: -As he continueed to fiddle on his computer like a madman, he would not notice the hummer as it rolled up behind him. His mind was lost in the gethering of intel he could grab against the situation his clan was somehow thrown into. If his back had a bullseye on it, he would not trust anyone he knew. The only person he trusted is Alfred and he is a god damned A.I. As he continues to research on his computer he does not notice Kirei as she walks up to the window. It takes Alfred to speak up for him to notice her-"Sir, the woman you were spending time with the other night is at your window."- Donnie looks up from the computer screen with a raised brow and sees Kirei at his window. He looks and sees her and rolls down the window. The Black Limo Tinted windows would roll down just enough for her to see his face while he says-"Hey Kirei...You following me?"-He meant it as a joke and started laughing a bit to himself while he looked at her. He really hoped that she was not one of the people on a mission to kill him but through his life experiences its the people who you dont want to be assholes that usually turn out to be the biggest ones.-

Kila: Her smile turned into a grin when he stepped closer to her, “And will you be bringing your guns along with you, because you know I think guns are sexy as hell on a guy.” That of course wasn’t a lie Natasha loved her bad boys and she could tell this one was very bad. She finally noticed Kirei and that she was walking up to that other guy’s car, Natasha stood up on her tiptoes and looked back over his shoulder, “Do ever get the feeling that something is going on and everybody else knows but you?” Natasha of course knew some of it but she didn’t want him to know that, she wasn’t sure who he was and for now she needed to find out.

KimiKatsu: Kirei smiled as the window rolled down and she leaned in, placing her hands on her knees so she could be face to face with him. The little joke he made made her laugh softly, though her cheeks burned a tiny bit and pinkened some. "Oh yeah. Who wouldn't follow a man like you around." She winked at him and giggled lightly. "Donnie, I need a favor... Can I talk to you in private?" She asked, her eyes glimmering as she looked into his own. As she waited for his response, she remembered how close they had gotten.

RhageIscariot: “Yeah I will” Noticing her looking over his shoulder, he followed her gaze and noticed the women that Donnie was apparently talking to. “Yeah, I know that feeling alright. But I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you” he looked back at her and smiled, deciding to do his James Bond move. Placing two fingers on her chin, he moved in and placed a deep kiss on her lips before slipping away from her and over to the drivers seat in his car, opening the door after closing the one he had left open earlier. “See you later then” He winked at her and slipped in behind the wheel and closed the door behind him. Having tinted windows was a great idea, cause that meant that most outside couldn’t see what he was doing inside. Rolling his side window down just a tad he reached into the glove deposit and pulled out a mini laptop, flipped it open and started it up, entered five codes and finally got into the system itself. *I need a background check of this dude* by memory he typed in the description of the one who had addressed him earlier who he had ignored and hit enter. While the computer was searching he turned it away so the screen couldn’t be seen from his window which he opened fully, only to pop his head out and say “If you get trouble with the car again, just call aight?” he then smiled widely and started the engine who bursted out in a loud roar. The metallic black 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby’s entire ody was shaking softly under the rumbling of the engine as he put it in gear, holding down the clutch for a little while, just in case Natasha had some final words for him before he left.

Kila: Natasha eyelashes fell as he placed his fingers under her chin, her head titled back a little as she allowed him to kiss her. She smiled briefly into the kiss, her arms moved along his sides while the kiss lasted. She bent down some as he got into the car and then rolled down his window, “I’ll make sure I will and you better answer when I call later.” She gave him a wink and turned back to her own car and got inside, fired it up and then waited for him to leave.

RhageIscariot: He nodded lightly at her, reassuring her. He’d most defiantly pick up that call, wouldn’t miss it for his life. When she got back in her car he slowly rolled out on the street, passing Donnie and the women very slowly, watching them. Soon as he was clear he kicked the gass down and sped off down the street. While the mph’s slowly increased, he grabbed the laptop and turned it to face him again, only to see a big fat red signal saying “NO RESAULT!” He cursed to himself for a while thinking *who the fuck was that guy?* after going about a mile down the road he made a quick right turn and headed home.

Kila: Natasha squealed from her parking spot and headed back to her penthouse, she pulled into the underground garage and pulled into her parking spot. The car died with a turn of the key she opened the door and stepped out where she then moved to the elevator and up to her floor. She walked down the hallway until she reached her door, she pressed her thumb over the scanner, a little security system that her dad had installed and then entered. With a sigh she kicked off her boots and walked over to the bar where she grabbed a bottle of vodka and started to chug it. Natasha walked back across the room to her bed area and knelt down by her tiger, “Kitty, what are we going to do tonight?” The tiger tilted his head up at her and then nudged her. Natasha started to laugh as she fell over and landed softly on her ass, “Silly boy, come here,” The tiger moved over and laid his head upon her lap where she then being to stroke his fur, “You know I met a guy today and he even kissed me but he isn’t who I want.” She laid her head down on top the tigers head after taking another drink from the bottle, “Kitty, I’m lonely.” One lone tear slid down her cheek, she buried her face into the tigers fur and sobbed lightly.

Lion and the Wolf

DarkKeyome: I didn’t know about this. I couldnt get in touch with Hajiame now that I think of it. I haven’t spoke to

The Lion and the wolf

The wolf & The Lion

him in days. Like ever since he saved me from my doom from that crowd that night. I guess I can kinda understand... I wouldn’t want to put up with my shit anymore either. I wore a White T-Shirt. And some Black and White sneakers and a silver bullet pendant on a necklace. I had a pistol on my person 9Mili modified with a lazer beam so I wouldn’t miss. Hollow tip rounds sat in my back pocket too.. and my badge in my back pocket. I just hope this guy was planning anything dumb. A hobo pushing a grocery basket was coming by with an arrangement of goods. Well to him they were goods anyways. I had my Music player in... the sound of that old Cowboy bee bop Anime's ending theme song was gently cruising through my ears. It was cool I liked the old stuff that Anime was ancient my friends are al-....Well.. I don’t have many of those anymore. What if I tell... you that half of my High school homies I had under my pay role with the Kagemaru clan? I gave em a better life... I know death comes with the job.... but... if I were a better leader. Then they'd be alive today. Haji's the only one who made it out with me... and even then.... I don’t hear from him anymore. I stood next to a pole. The subway train was just leaving everyone boarded it. I watched em go by... I don’t know it just finally hit me... there all dead. And... Danchou killed them. Brother clan my ass... I hope this guy hurries his ass up.

DanteOConnor: As the train would finally depart, Gringo could be seen on the other side of the tracks. They were the only two in the subway station, seeing that the crowds already hurried on to the train itself. His hand was tucked in his pocket, and he was wearing the same beanie as the night before. Yet, his clothing was different. He was wearing a sleeveless hoodie and the tattoos across his arms along with a pair of elbow pads and bracers across his wrists. He also wore a pair of fingerless gloves, but his hands were balled into fists. After earlier, he couldn’t trust Keyome, seeing that the Russian woman in his company was seen with a member of Danchou’s clan. He couldn’t leave anything to chance, but he kept quiet about that bit for now. He made his way across the tracks and leapt up onto the main platform, mere feet from Keyome. Along with the black denim jeans and combat boots, something else was different. He wasn’t wearing a mask. His skin was tan, and on his jaw line was a goatee that came up at three separate points towards his face. What Keyome would not know is that Gringo had a Px4 handgun in a shoulder holster on one side of his body, while the other side bared three magazines, in case a shoot out occurred. Gringo would cross his arms with a small smirk on his lips as he looked towards the Chairman of a dead clan before speaking, “So, this is it… the meeting you wished for. So what’s it gonna be Tasanagi? You gonna hear me out now that your ‘friends’ aren’t around?”

DarkKeyome: I cocked my head to the direction on which the man was now coming around to meet me. He looked like a street runner or something. Or more like he was ready to get in some shit. He said my name.. “ Tch.. dont call me that out here man, people are always listening.” I showed him my badge. “ Officer Jet Frost... Keyome's dead remember?” Another train whisked by.. making my clothes wisp in the air as it flew by. More than likely his did too. I eyed him and nodded sliding my hand in my pockets. “ Mhm, yeah im willing to take you up on your offer. I have a plan going on now as we speak against the guy. You being on my side... would only be an assets a much needed one. I’m sure you have some things that could be brought to the table. But uh, first things first.” I began to pace around.. I saw someone watching us from down the subway path... in the darkness... did that muthafucker have red eyes!? I shook my head... he was gone...and I sqwented hard. “ Hmm..” Guess im seeing shit. “ Ah but yeah, so uh... wait a minute. I don’t even know your name guy. Whats your name, I ain’t makin no Deals if I don’t know your fucking name.” I crossed my arms. The long armored like street runner gauntlets that hugged tightly to my arms. We both looked like some damn street runners.

DanteOConnor: He listend closely to what Keyome had to say, the words leaving his mouth causing him to grit his teeth as he clenched his fists even tighter now. He was severely pissed towards Keyome due to the fact that he treated the role of detective as some sort of joke, but along with that, he was irritated with the fact that this little bastard couldn't speak proper english. KasaiHana City or not, it was still America, and he believed that you should speak the damn country's language right. He was also pissed with how he was demanding a name from him as if he was a child. What's this kid's issue. He would point towards Keyome with grit teeth, his finger jabbing into the Keyo's chest before he would speak, "You listen to me, you little sack of shit. I'm not going to play your games, and I'm sure as hell not going to take orders. You want something to call me by? Fine. Ask for it. You don't make demands here, cause I'm not gonna be like one of your bitches." He would then let his arm fall to the sid before giving a deep sigh, "I'll refer to you as Jet, and you can call me Gringo if you wish... as for the deal, I'll still work with you, but you're going to have to earn my trust. Is that understood?"

DarkKeyome: I watched as he angered up through his clenched up teeth almost made me want to burst out laughing in his face when he was poking at me. I nodded and spoke out saying “ Alright, yeah yeah I hear ya. Just calm down. I mean c'mon were both KPD right... 'Gringo'” I walked forward and made my way over to a seat pulling a cigarette into my mouth and lit it with my favorite Zippo. It was a red one with a black dragon that was going around it. My pops gave me this one. I lit the cancer stick and began to smoke it. The smoke fume from out of my nose. “ And yeah im down for your plan. You tell me whats up on your end, I'll shoot ya the info on my end. Now.. il'letcha no right now... this thing. Man.. it's gonna turn into a war zone in a few days. I got someone working on a civilian evacuation right now. Getting everything set up... Heads gonna roll. But, dont trip on it, or get the wrong idea about me... I dont like blood shed.” I looked up the man that stood before as I made my self comfortable on the red seat. “ I bet you think im so fucking brain dead gangster who just wants to get some pussy, fuck a bunch of sluts and kill as many muthafuckers I want huh? And I bet you think I wanna have a fucking Tony Montana moment. You know Tony Montana right? They guy from that old Gangster movie went out fighting a whole fucking platoon of motherfuckers..” I blew the smoke from my nose after another drag. “ Think I wanna go out with a BANG!” I said shouting... a few people a way from us stared at me awkwardly when I passed by and shouted the word. “ Naw.... not me. I dont like blood shed at all... I dont like the fights, the figthing the death. I just wanna get a little cutie you know... Start establishing some real things in life, Sit on my ass... maybe finish school....” I sighed flicking the cancer stick away. “ Im rambling again... anyways... tell me your plan please..” I said the word please at the end, even though this guy seemed like a good ol diseased dick hole type of guy. I'd respect em for the time being.

DanteOConnor: Gringo would listen to his whole story, acting like he gave a damn about what Keyome had to say. The thoughts of war coming here but Gringo more on edge then he already was, and when he started going on and on about being a gangster, Gringo just wanted to knock his teeth down his throat, but he knew if he did that, a ot of shit would come his way. He listened patiently until the end of Keyome's long and drawn out story before he would speak, "Alright, so let me get this straight... you're a pacifist in your own right, yet you want to start a war with Danchou? And you're evacuating citizens because a war is coming? JUST WHO IN THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?" He would look towards the other people on the platform that were backing away from the two, noticing that they thought a fight was going to break out, only to return his eyes towards Keyome, "War isn't won with brute strength and guns, kid." He leaned over so he was right in Tasanagi's face, "War is won with a lot more then a dumbass with a machine gun. It's won with using both your mind and your body, along with your allies... your friends' help." He then leaned up before sighing to himself, "Before I give you the basic idea of my plan, I want to know what you're doing on your end. What is so bad that it's going to cause a citizen evacuation?"

DarkKeyome: He got in my face, but I kept my sights to the right of me... I noticed the people starting to back off, as usual some guy had his camera out before someone smacked in the back of the head and made em put it up. My eyes shifted back to him. Soon enough I leaned back in my seat. “...Hmph alright old dude ill tell you what the fucks going on my side since your gonna make a big deal about it.” I sighed and scratched my head. “ I know you saw that Celb.. back at my place last night. You know Natasha right? The Russian singer. Your a smart man, im pretty sure you know who this woman’s connected with.” I scratched my head again and began to smoke on yet another cigarette. “.... Her father, holds a high position out in Old Russia y'know? Hahaha son'ofaBitch is a got damn mob boss from hell. Just as powerful as Danchou on the Political level. You see... Danchou man, we cant fucking touch that guy. Any shit stain knows that. We cant beat em, nooooo hell no. But.... Natasha's dad... he can beat em down enough... so I can do what needs to be done.” I pulled out my cell phone. And showed him a picture of a man... who's face was dissolved down into a gnawing goo of bone marrow and flesh. “ I call em Mr. Hallow... hahah funny right. See that shit? That's Anchovy’s Z-Serum... this is what it does to people. But he's so fucking high up right now the words of some low life Operative and a Sleazy Detective wont take em down, oh no it wont.. But guess what will? That Russian mob boss... Man his Mafia is just as fucking big as the KPD if not bigger. Once he hears how his baby girl Natasha is big bad Danchou's sex toy.. he'll come over wanting to crush anyone in his way dude.” I crossed my arms and elaborated further. “ When Natasha's dad gets here all pissed off... this place is gonna fucking light up, gonna be a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaall fucking show that night baby!” I said sounding like one of those guys from those old 1990's movies. “ Danchou wont know what hit em... While he's worried about that.. I’ll blow up each.. and every Z-Human Serum place there is in this city. I even found the 15 he has outside of it. Got a friend on the outside handling those same guy who did my arm. I’m also blowing up Yun Corp too just in case he has ties over there. Know knock two birds out in one stone.” I coughed and sighed. “ In the mean time.. Kasaihana's gonna turn into a real fuckin shit storm my man. A reeeaall fucking Shit storm. Alot of people will die... in two days... I’ll send the city into an emergency evacuation drill. They'll think its the drill. We do it every 5 years anyways so its about time. Once all the citizens are out. I Calculated the ride that its going to take before The Russians get here. Exactly 2 hours after the evacuating maybe less but close enough....” I looked up at him with a sick smirk. “... I’m taking this bastard down... at all cost..”

DanteOConnor: Gringo paced back and forth as he heard what the kid had to say. He took every little detail down, seeing that he had to. It was his job, nonetheless. He listened as Keyome spoke of the Russian Mob and the singer Natasha. He listened to the plan of how this was going to harm KasaiHana City and how many could die. He listened even further as he was told about the Z-Serum facilities and how Keyo wanted to take out Yun Corp. As Keyo finished moments of silence passed as Gringo looked away from him for a long period of time, another train passing as he did so. He thought long and hard about the plan before drawing the Px4 handgun from it's holster and aiming it towards the bench Keyome was sitting on, only to aim low and fire off a round the cracked through the bench with ease, the crack being found right between Keyome's legs, but far enough away to where it would give him a scare if anything. Gringo would then slip the pistol away before looking towards the little shit with a shake of his head, "It might be a good plan, if it weren't for the fact that Natasha ISN'T Danchou's sex toy. With no evidence to back up your claim, you will both be found liars and most likely killed for your actions. Where does that get you in killing Danchou? NO WHERE!" He would then walk up towards Keyome and crouch down real low, to where he was at eye level with the little bastard, "WHERE YOU GOING, KEYOME! NOWHERE!" He would then curse to himself as he walked towards the platform before looking back towards Keyome, "You don't think Danchou will have a plan to deal with the Russian Mob? You don't think that they're going to find out it was one big trick?" He would shake his head before looking back to Keyome, "You seriously need to think things through before you put them in effect. These guys are professionals, and they're not going to expend their men without doing some research of their own." Gringo would then turn his back towards Keyo, trying to hold back the urge to just say fuck it and cut his losses, letting the little bastard try his plan all on his own.

DarkKeyome: I tensed up immediately when he let off a shot near my legs... but I didnt let my face show the slightest bit of fear. I eyed him when he made eye contact and, I kept my eyes locked on him every moment he was blowing his fucking top off.”.... Are you done? Or can I tell you the rest of the information I need to tell you?” I said eying him cocking up my right eyebrow. “ I read up on Natasha's files being in the KPD gives you access to that kinda shit you know. Natasha has prostitution charges, and guess who was claimed to put her through em? Her father. This plan will work... I know it will. It's a sure fire. This guy is the head of.. Of the Russian mob. And remember the KEY factor here Gringo...” I said standing up now. “ Your talking to a Dead man... Danchou thinks im dead. If he knew I were alive he'd be after me right now.... he thinks im dead. And because of that. All threats are gone... he wont see this coming at all.... This plan will work it HAS... to work. For my clan, and all of my friends that died that now. It will work! With the power vested in me this shit will WORK...” I said to him... i've never been so passionate about something in my life.

DanteOConnor: "Oh? Danchou doesn't know you're alive? Then explain to me why I saw Natasha with one of Danchou's goons. They were talking about you earlier and apprently, it seems like they already know you're alive. Hell after that stunt you pullsed at her concert, I wouldn't be surprised if someone got a fucking picture while you were making yourself among the masses of her fans." Gringo's tone was calm, but deep down he was still fuming about the situation, "I want you to make sure everyone's doing their job... cause if you fail, it's going to be next to impossible to take him out." By now the rest of the crowd was gone and they were the onlytwo in the station. Gringo thought to himself that it was probably because he shot at Keyo... yeah, that seemed like the best bet. He then looked to the runt and walked over the tracks before making his way onto the opposite platform, looking back to Keyome with a grit of his teeth before calling out, "You'll be hearing from me soon, numb-nuts. Have a great evening." As he spoke a train would make it's way into the station, stopping completely before a crowd of people would rush out in Keyo's direction, giving enough time for Gringo to take a seat inside the train itslef. The doors would shut and the bell would ring over the chatter of the crowds that continued on their way, and the train took off into the tunnel, Gringo sitting next to a couple supposed runners, blending into the group as if he was just another citizen of KasaiHana city.

DarkKeyome: “ Numbnuts...?” I hadn’t heard that one before... I watched him walk off and then disperse into the crowd...” Natasha spoke about me in public...” I Sighed... and began to pace. “ Got dammit...Shit!” I slammed my foot into a trash can which bursted from the ground and landed on the tracks. I slumped own next to a pillar... and shook my head. He was right.... if she spoke to one of Danchou's men about me... then this cant be good. Not at all. And at her concert... I forgot all about that. “ Got...Dammit...No... this has to work...” I sighed shaking my head feeling like a fucking idiot. I placed another cigarette into my mouth. And pulled the shades from my pocket. On the right side next to the small bar in the subway... was the man strumming on his guitar staring at me.... playing a Desperado Spanish guitar type song. And... and the bastard had red eyes. He stared at me.... and I stared back... A crowd of people walked in front of him and when they did I dashed forward ready to make an attack on the mystery man but when I got to the guitar..... no one was playing it. It just sat there lifeless like it had been for the past hours. No one had been here... I... I think im losing my fucking mind...