The wait of it all

DarkKeyome: Haji and myself had made the preparation on getting here.. took awhile but we hired these guys around the block to help us move our office out to the area that we needed to get it out too. Good thing I managed to make the back part of the office mobile. Getting it here only took a hour, or two. Most of the people that were with us that escapedd to Haji's villa had left earlier that he intedned. And it upset him but he got over it... he knew people did what they had to and had there own duties to attend to. Anyways, We disguised it as a moving van shipping out some car parts to an outter part of Kasaihana... once it was here. Haji helped me in removing all of

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Asami Takahashi





the files on our past clean, all police records, even our date of births. It needed to look like we were dead... I changed my name to Jet Frost, don’t laugh. Haha its not funny. And eventually two days later I used my new identity to break into the KPD... too easy. I’m already top of my class. It's been almost a week since all of us hauled ass from that villa. My automailed arm didn’t hurt now I was ready to play as this bullshit Detective and take Danchou down. As I sat in the office chair... I pulled out my cell-phone calling most of the people I knew I could trust. Though I was skeptical about calling the now 'reanimated' Chitori leader who Haji killed... I hope she wouldn’t take it seriously. Even after that big battle on the roof tops last night. I know she saw us fighting up there. I saw her... so easy to kill that woman was. I called all of them and left a voice mail saying. “ I left the information to my whereabouts... on a card, I wont speak where I am. And don’t call this number back because it wont exisit after this message. Go to home, and obtain the message that I’ve left you in your homes. Please come here as quickly as you can. And don’t let anyone follow you.” I hung up the phone, sliding my fingers through my blonde hair as I waited for the comrades to arrive. I didn’t need any guns on me... my office was loaded with a various amount of weapons. Once they approached Haji' villa. They'd see a large add on to the house in the back. Haji's villa itself was miles out from Kasaihana city in the first place, anyone outside of the people I contacted would never even know it existed.

Yule: Asami walked into her apartment building with grocery bags in hand. She had just went shopping and was getting back and about to make a homemade meal, when her phone signaled she had a voice mail. That’s funny she didn’t hear it ring. She must have been busy with her bags and what not. She set her bags down and listened to the message. She was surprised and also not surprised that it was Tasanagi. She looked around for this note he was supposed to have left. She found it right there on by her door. He must have slid it underneath. She picked it up and then sighed. Asami was hungry but this took priority. She slowly went up the stairs and changed into a pair of black skinny jeans, and a black sweater that fell off her shoulder. She pulled her wedges back on and then looked in the mirror. She reached up and played with the key around her neck for a little while then grabbed her messenger bag that had everything from the last time in it still, her ten throwing knives on the thigh strap and the two microsurgery scalpels. She tossed it over her shoulders and then headed back down the stairs. She then grabbed her sunglasses off the kitchen counter and put them on top of her head. After putting her groceries away she headed out the door. She grabbed her bike keys and walked out the door. Asami took the elevator down to the garage level. She then went to her bike and hopped on, inserting the key and starting it up. She put her sunglasses down the zoomed out of the garage and into traffic. She checked her mirrors every ten seconds to make sure she wasn’t being followed. Ten minutes later Asami arrived at the address and headed inside. She went into the basement and then sat on one of the couches down there. She glanced over at Tasanagi but stayed quiet like she did last time. Asami held her keys loosely in her hands as she stared down at them, waiting for everyone else to get there.

HyonekoHyuuga: - I had gotten a call today....a meeting....somewhere being held by Keyo. I checked my desk for this damn card he was supposed to get from him but it wasn't was Yuki... always so worried about me. I smiled at that, she was like the sister i never had.- "Yuki, did someone drop off a card?" - i shouted out my office door hearing moments later the hurried clicks of Yuki's heels on the mahogany floor- "Yes, here...but i don't think you'll like it.." "Just fork it over Yuki!" -she nodded and handed me the card, it showing that Keyo...and Haji the man who had shot my fucking head off were throwing  a little get together....AND HE EXPECTS ME TO ATTEND? IS HE STUPID!? Yuki seemed to sense my anger and wrapped her arms around me...and i calmed down. mmmmm...fine i can at least see what they want..but first... i sat down and pushed a series of commands on my desk computer and smiled as an arm restraint and a syringe popped out of the side compartment. I slid my arm in and winced as the needle punctured a vein slowly administering my latest creation: The EVO syrum. this took about an hour and a half to complete, but when it was done i stuck a simple bandage over it to stop the bleeding and  pressed the command to conceal my private inoculation device. Yuki by that time had finished prepping my ninja 1200 and i promptly got on sliding my helmet on and sped off to the given address. I got there about 20 mins later parking in one of the more poorly lit part of the garage and made my way down to the basement level. Taking a look around abit on edge considering who the invite came from i sat on one of the couches and waited for it to begin-

NamikazeSoudai: "I don't feel so good miss Kirei.." Nami was mumbling, her shirt a mess, unbutton in most places, her body was burning up. She was rolling around on the ground for some reason and making uncomfortable noises; Beavis was watching her curiously and probably thinking she was playing a game. Ah the druggy life sometimes, Nami had been using a bit more than Kirei probably tolerated, it wasn't healthy for the girl but..She didn't know how to stop nor did she really want to. "So many girls with us lately..i sleep with them and get squish beneath them.." She said with a light giggle afterwards, it was fun sharing a bed with two other girls, strippers or corner girls no less..She got to touch them in ways normally one would have to pay big bucks for..And they taught her how to touch too, sexually or another way.. "Shut up, SHUT UP!!" She shouted standing up and glaring at Kirei's phone, walking away into the kitchen and coming back with a knife to shut it up by planning to stab it a few times..

KimiKatsu: A soft sigh left Kirei's lips. It felt good to be home, though she was worried about Nami as the young looking girl rolled around on the floor. She was a mess. All of those drugs. Kirei was going to start putting a limit on the amount of drugged suckers she had per week. The girl was eating them like...well...candy. Beavis, now a bit taller and just starting to fill out some, watched Nami with curious eyes. He'd never seen a human act in such a way. Kirei was sitting at the table in the kitchen watching the young girl and drinking a cup of coffee. Her phone began to buzz repeatedly, a call. Kirei set her cup down and reached out to answer it, but her attention was drawn to Nami when she jumped up, shouting. When the girl stormed out, Beavis trotted after her, his fluffed tail wagging lightly behind him. Kirei stood up from her seat and was about to follow as well, but she returned with a knife. Kirei's eyes widened and she jumped at Nami to try and smack the knife out of her hand. If she was successful, she'd hear her phone beep twice. A voicemail. Kirei bent down, retrieving the knife, then stood and walked up to the table, knife still in hand. The voicemail was from Keyome. "Hm?" Kirei put the phone to her ear and listened. After the message, she turned to look at Beavis and Nami, a brow raised. As if reading her mind, Beavis scurried to the front door. They had stepped on the card without even noticing. Beavis picked up the card in his mouth and brought it back to Kirei. She read it closely. "Nami, we have to go. Let me help you to the Hummer." Kirei approached Nami slowly after setting the knife down, then she bent down some, placed one arm around her shoulder and the other behind her knees and attempted to pick her up bridal style. If Nami didn't fight her or refuse to be picked up, Kirei would carry her back out to the hummer with Beavis following close behind. After getting Nami into the hummer, Kirei buckled her in the back seat and Beavis jumped in to sit next to her. It didn't take much longer for the small group to get on the road and head down to the place Keyo had instructed them to go to. She guided Nami inside as Beavis trotted happily next to them. Once inside, Kirei would try to pull Nami into her lap as she sat down, mainly to keep her in one spot and out of trouble while she had her little freak out. Beavis jumped onto the couch next to the two and glanced over at Asami, then at the other woman, whom he didn't recognize.

Kila: Natasha finally made her way into her penthouse, a small gift from her dad of course. She spent most of the last few days making up on lost time when she was held pretty much hostage at the damned place. She dropped two metal cases by the door, which both was filled with money and headed over to check her answering machine, she scanned the 20 or so messages that where left by her father and sigh, "Этот человек будет смерть меня." She kicked off her heels and as she hurried over to the bar, she grabbed a bottle of the best Vodka she could find around this place then turned to her bathroom. Slowly she stripped off her business attire she was wearing then knelt down by her tub where she then turned the hot water on full blast adding only a little of cold. The bathroom became warm and steamy as she added a mixture off bubble bath and bath oils. She slipped into the milky water, her tensed body almost sighed with relief as it filled up and covered her. She turned off the water and laid back against the tub, her eyelashes closed with a light flutter, one hand pulled the cork off the clear bottle before she raised it up to her full lips. Natasha took a hefty drink, the warm liquid burnt her throat just for a moment and then she smiled and lowered the bottle on the edge of the tub. She was stressed and need a break, a release you could say. The fingertips of her right hand traced down her body, slowly touching her mounds, over her curves and then finally finding the spot she was looking for between her legs, her lips parted as a much needed moan fell from them while her mind went from one guy onto another. Two fingers gently stroked her sweet spot, teasing herself slowly as he entered her mind, “…What in the fuck…” She frowned for a moment as she wondered why she was thinking about one of the guys that held her hostage, she shook it off until she heard his voice playing across her answer machine. She pulled her hand away from her body, her eyes then widen, “Yeah right buddy like I’m coming anywhere around you.” She spoke in English this time, her voice held her think Russian accent. Natasha growled she couldn’t let it go, she stood up, the foaming bubbles tricked down her lushes body, soap pooled around her feet as she stepped out and grabbed a towel. She quickly wrapped it around her body and headed into her dressing room, her eyes landed on a little black dress that she hadn’t wore yet. With ease she pulled the little number over her head, the thin fabric clung to her curves, dipped low down her breast and stopped mid way down one of her thighs while the other side barely covered her firm ass. She wiggled her feet into a pair of stiletto heels add jewelry, her chocolate locks cascaded loosely down her back, applied a little make-up, then walked out and grabbed her keys. She took the elevator down to the parking garage and slipped into her Candy apple red Supasse-V sports car. The car started with a purr and she was on her way. She zipped quickly through town and after a short time she pulled up to where Keyo said to go, the car came to a halt, the engine died and she stepped out. Natasha was always known to make an entrance but for once she hoped no one noticed her. She took the time to adjust anything that was out of place and then circled around the back and through the door. As she entered the building she let out a little cough and leaned against one of the walls, she still didn’t know why she came or was even asked too.

DanteOConnor: After the other night when Gringo ran into Keyome on that rooftop, he gained a bit of confidence that whatever he was doing led him on the right track. He was walking down a popular part of District 2’s main street, only to duck into a preferred bar by many citizens in the district. As he stepped into the room, the bar was lively due to the fact of dubstep music pounding in his ears, many in the bar on their feet, dancing the night away. He took a seat at the bar itself and waved the bartender over, ordering a shot of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. He looked over himself real quick in the reflection of the mirror that was behind the bottle racks behind the bar. He was now wearing a beanie which had his bangs barely peeking out from the hat itself. He wore a naval pea coat and a scarf around his neck, despite the hot weather. He was always cold for a reason, and he never knew why. Under his coat was a simple black shirt and he had a concealed Px4 Storm slung over his shoulders, along with a couple magazines on the adjacent side. You can never be too careful. He leaned into the bar with a small sigh as he looked across all the people inside. Laughs were leaving their lips, sparkles of merriment in their eyes… they really did live in ignorance, didn’t they? They sat in here to forget about their problems, when their money could even be funding those issues to begin with. These high society types are typical assholes, the lot of them… Gringo fell back into his thoughts after KAOS’ Delta team was split up into individual members until they were needed as a team. It was hard on Gringo, but he would have to suffice nonetheless. He looked to the drink in front of him and gave a growl as he shoved it down the bar, only for it to be caught by a man surrounded by two of his friends. Gringo looked over their attire and clicked his tongue lightly, “Dammit…” They were Yakuza members. Thugs looking to cause trouble, and they were looking in the right direction. Gringo hated these kind of guys, and not just because it was his job to do so. He stood as he began to leave, only to have a hand slap his shoulder, his eyes swiftly looking over towards two more men, which bared Yakuza tattoos across their arms. The one that had his hand on his shoulder smiled towards Gringo and gave a small laugh, “Ah, typical American… leaving when the night’s young, eh?” Gringo would then meet eyes with the man, his eyes crimson as always before he would look to his shoulder that the man grasped, “Let… go…” His voice was gruff, yet calm. He really didn’t need this shit right now. The member gripped his shoulder even tighter before whispering, “Whatchu gonna do, pretty boy…? Hit me?” Gringo would then look around, seeing that he was completely surrounded before shaking his head, “Nope… I’m gonna snap your freaking neck.” As soon as the last word left his lips, Gringo grasped the man’s hand and twisted it just hard enough to dislocate his hand from his wrist, causing the man to cry out in pain, which just so happened to cause the bar’s patrons to watch what was happening. Gringo then Spartan kicked the other man into a table, causing both he and the table to flip over, and drinks flying into the air before crashing against the man. Gringo then twisted the man he gripped from before and put him into a human shield, twisting around as he drew the Px4 Storm handgun in his coat and aimed it towards the three that were ready to try and tear him apart. A few of the patrons gasped, while others screamed ‘gun’. No matter what the reaction, everyone ran for the door except for the bartender, which held his hands up high before calling out, “Please, guys! Take this outside!” Gringo would look towards the three before giving a grin, “Nah, I’m fine here.” He would then fire three rounds, his gun turned to the side so the recoil would cause the muzzle jump towards the next target. Soon after the three rounds left the barrel, the men dropped to the ground dead. He then put the barrel against his hostage’s neck before calling out towards the forth man he sent over the table, “Now, we’re going t into the alley to have a chat, savvy? If I see you follow me out, I swear to God I’ll kill you too.” The man only nodded before running out of the bar, probably on his way back to their hangout to tell everyone that their friends were dead. A warm area could be felt as Gringo pulled his prisoner into the alleyway, just outside of the bar, the barman screaming all the while for him never to come back. After bashing the prisoner’s head into the wall a couple times, Gringo ripped the man by his trachea and threw him against the wall, “Tell me anything you know or even might have heard, and maybe I won’t keep my promise. Do you know anything about any meetings tonight!?” The man was gripping his wrist from before, tears rolling down his features as he spoke, “There might be something going down later this evening. I’ve been hearing whispers about a couple of the clans looking for that Keyome cunt… it might be a set up, though, so I don’t know!” Gringo tightened his grip before growling out a single word, “Where…?” The man cried out through a cough as Gringo squeezed even tighter, “Somewhere on the outskirts of District 2! There! That’s all I know! Please don’t tell anyone I told you!” Gringo would give a grin before nodding, “I won’t tell anyone a damn thing.” He would then grip the man’s trachea so tight to where a audible crunch could be heard as he manually shut the man’s windpipe, causing the Yakuza to drop to his knees, wheezing heavily before dropping to the ground, convulsing slightly as Gringo would turn on his heel and head across the street, breaking into a average sedan, only to hot-wire the vehicle and begin to make his way to the supposed meeting place, mumbling to himself as he made his way to the outskirts of District 2, “Now… let’s see what kind of party I might be busting today.”

DarkKeyome: I was sitting in my office, currently typing up a statement on this guy I just arrested yesterday night before the big gun fight. This job... came much to easy. Soon I began to break through the data files and get the information on Danchou's facilities. “... He has.. Two... shops set up right under a laundry mat in district 1... “Tch bastard was right under my nose... I leaned back into he chair and slide my fingers through my hair. The inside of the office was highly automated with weapons. From the inside and out. All of it functional through voice command. Haji was always a big tech head. He had this place so damn rigged up... anyone trying to fuck with us from the inside or out would get obliterated by bots and and Gatling guns on the inside and out, eh maybe about 45 Gatling guns on the roof and I saw him install 20 new automatic Gatling guns from the inside that makes em 30 now all of them voice automated so no one else could come in willy nilly and use it against me. And there weapons upon weapons on the inside. About 60 Assault rifles, 34 pistols. I have 3 grenades under my desk. Just... in case someone gets hasty. I waited for awhile... more than likely it'd be about a hour or more now. I coughed and placed a toothpick in my mouth watching TV.. another Commercial about Danchou... hm.. Suddenly I heard the voice automated butler that Haji had to sound like that guy from the batman movies and games. “Hello sir... there are people out waiting on you. Should I... let them in for you?” I nodded my head. “Yeah bring them in Donald. “ I said to the automated voice. “My pleasure sir I will see to it... quickly.” If they the women came in into the establishment I’d be ready for it. I smirked standing from my spot. I was no sexist... but shit man... I needed more male friends. I just hope they were capable. Upon entering they'd more than likely smell the strong scent of incense. Along with the faint sound of Zen music that played in the back ground. Yeah I’m 18, but I was a old school kinda guy. The place looked traditional. Smooth tiles, samurai pictures of old warlords. And even Nobunaga himself. I had the sound of Zen meditation music playing in the back ground. It calmed me down when I was in some deep thinking. As I met the women half way I’d speak out. The light blonde hair on my head lying on my head perfectly. God I hated it. “Thank you ladies for coming. Thank you Chitori leader for making your way here too. I hope you didn’t make a large entrance we don’t need to be known out here. “ I paced the group. “ This may take awhile. So any questions... please hold after this is done.” I said making a stop eying the women. “We clear?”

Yule: Asami looked around and then when she was ushered in by the butler she looked straight ahead. She saw Tasanagi and reached up and started to twist the ends of her hair. She didn’t really know what was going on but she guessed that everything would be made clear soon enough.  She kept playing with her hair as he spoke to them. She simply nodded her head when he asked the questions. She didn’t have any questions and was in a terribly quiet mood. So many things were on her mind as she tried to focus on what he was saying. She didn’t want to seem rude so she tried very hard. She kept twisting her hair until it couldn’t be twisted any longer, then let it fall and started again. She looked at the other girls and bit her lip, fixing her sweater with her free hand, the one not twisting her hair. She then brought it across her torso to half hug herself. This was going to be fun…

HyonekoHyuuga: - Neko  looked up at the butler and sighed. I got up with the other girls eyeing them slightly and a slight blush came to my cheeks. I had to admit they were beautiful...and even better to look at in bed....but ah for another time i guess. The room we were led into was different from what i expected...calm...serene... and full of areas she thought would be great for a little "action" with one of the ladies. When he asked for questions and thanked me for coming i winked as him teasingly- " This time if you want my attention so badly...don't put a bullet through my head ok? I don't think these lovely ladies would appreciate seeing that sight again." -i turned away and continued to walk, my right eye glowing with a slight green tinge around their natural chestnut brown, the meaning of the light glow would be explained if the meeting went south-

NamikazeSoudai: Nami tried kissing Kirei all over when she was picked up, but fought with her to be buckled in once they got to the car. "Nooo I want to move around! I hate this car! RAWRRRMONEYBREATHSUGARAHHH!!" She kicked and screamed, her words becoming..Quite 'what' in expression. She continued to turn this way and that and flail her arms and legs around in the car but never thought to just unbuckle her seatbelt. Once they arrived at the place and got out, she clung to Kirei's arm not wanting to lose her, another mood taking over that was just confusing to witness. Kirei sat her into her lap which Nami took full advantage of, bouncing herself lightly up and down on her lap giving her body a comforting ride while she sucked on her drugged lollipop. "This a party right? They probably have vodka, i want some!! Beavis, fetch the vodka!" She pointed out towards the bar across the way from the couches, waiting for the dog to go and get what she wanted.

KimiKatsu: Kirei kept one arm around Nami's waist, and the other arm was outstretched and holding onto Beavis's collar. Sometimes she felt like more of a mom than others. When they were called into the next room, Kirei tightened her grip around Nami's waist and stood. If Nami didn’t fight it, she'd be held up by her waist as if she was some type of doll while she walked into the next room with the other women. Beavis stayed glued to Kirei's side, not wanting to get into trouble. Seeing Keyo had sprouted a wide smile t Kirei's soft, naturally pink, lightly glossed lips. "Hey, Small Fry. Glad to see you're ok after last night. You too, Asami." She glanced over at Asami and winked at her. Then, her gaze shifted to the other woman. One she didn't know as well as the others. She'd seen the woman on the roof top last night. Kirei nodded to her, and then looked back at Keyo. Her grip on Nami stayed strong, but Beavis had managed to escape her grasp. The growing pup scurried up to Keyo, sniffing at his feet and ankles while his tail wagged wildly.

Kila: Natasha moved away from the wall once they was lead away from the entrance, her heels tapped lightly against the floor, she hummed softly along with the music, after all music was part of her and she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t one for playing this type of music but in a way it did ease her. She was known for her lavish parties filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll of course. Huge highs and massive orgies, while the loudest and heaviest music rocked the room….That was her way of relaxing. Once they made their way deeper inside the build and she seen him, she rolled her eyes while she wished for him to trip and fall on his face but with her bad luck lately that wouldn’t happen. He stood before the group once more barking orders like always, hell she didn’t know the guy very long and part of her hated him, or was it lust…It was so hard to tell sometimes. She folded her arms across her chest and only nodded, after all she couldn’t really say anything, she didn’t know what the fuck was going on. She just sighed and listen to whatever he was mumbling about, she assumed he had a point to all this.

Arrival of a ghost

DanteOConnor: Gringo continued to make his way towards the place that was described to him by the now dead Yakuza member. He roamed the streets with ease, knowing them well after a few years on the beat in the KPD. He looked across the buildings before he seemed to finally find what he was looking for. It was a mobile complex the size of an average house, but even from where Gringo parked, he could tell the place was like a fortress. He looked across the area as he came up with a plan on how he would get in there. There were way too many guards posted about the area. Hell, even a couple passed his car, their weapons clearly being seen as they walked past. He knew he had to get in there, but most of the entrances were blocked, and he couldn’t take advantage of the size seeing that the place was a lot smaller, so there’d be no extra space if things go sour. Then a simple thought came to his mind. So simple it was suicide, but why not give it a shot? He leaned back in his seat as he began to make a call with his nano-machine uplink, using his brain as the receiver when a voice picked up on the other line, the voice being Shade’s, “What can be, where there is no order?” Gringo would respond, “Chaos.” Shade would give a deep breath before stating, “What’s up, boss…?” Gringo would then begin to state the Intel he came across and then begin to explain the building he planned on entering, but he was not interrupted until he stated his idea, “You what!?” Gringo would give a small chuckle to himself before speaking again, “I need you to hear me out. If I just happened to… walk in, I know this guy would let me inside.” Shade was silent for a few moments in exasperation before screaming into the uplink, “WHAT?!” Gringo would begin to speak once again, “Shade, he knows me. I’m wearing the same clothes as a couple nights ago and he will recognize me as the guy that met him after that firefight.” Shade was silent for a few moments before stuttering out, “You are seriously, the most stubborn man I have ever met. I’ll get the team together just in case, as a Plan B, but for now, be careful boss… I… we don’t know what we’d do without you.” Gringo would nod and cut the link before leaving the sedan with a swift motion, pulling his scarf up over his features, which gave off the appearance as a half-face mask. He strode calmly towards the front door of the building, the men arching their brows and keeping a close eye on him. He would then arrive at the door, his hand balling into a fist before it would knock on the door thrice. This was probably his most stupid idea ever... of all time, but he was determined to get in there.

DarkKeyome: I began to speak out. “As you all know, I have been infiltrating the KPD as Detective of the name of Jet frost. Well, Asami knows maybe Kirei has information on it. I know for a f-...” I heard the knocking then I heard the robotic voice of Donald break through. “ Sir... there is a man outside, looking rather shady shall I distort his body with a massive rain of bullets turning him into something similar of a SWISSH cheese, and I emphasize that word.” I shook my head that British accent was fucking with me. “Bring him up on screen 6 lemme get a look at em.” I said to the voice. And as soon as I did. A massive monitor came from the ceiling. It showed the man to me, and the girls. “Ah yeah him, alright let em in. Keep guns on the ready.” I said crossing my arms and pulling my shirt off so I was just wearing a tank top. As I tossed it to the side a robotic hand came from the tiling and gripped it sinking back into the ground. I eyed the door and waited. “One moment ladies.”

HyonekoHyuuga: -I looked to Kerei and smiled warmly trying to show her kind matter how much it pissed her off to slap a fake smile on. It's not like i was never happy but...being bright and approachable wasn't my thing. I took or bought what I wanted and if that didn't work i pushed some buttons so it did work. I turned to Keyo slightly interested in his little scheme now that he had mentioned something with the KPD. She remembered the fight on the roof...the KPD were getting a little too high and mighty and this might be the chance to knock them down abit. Though when the screen popped down and showed a man I had thought i saw on the roof last night i became wary-

NamikazeSoudai: "Oh my Kirei~" She giggled, pressing back against her mum while she held her like a doll. Once she made it into the other room she looked at the other players there. "Keyyommee..I got a lock you can fit in.." She mumbled out, always finding his name funny and right about now..Everyone was attractive and had something Nami wanted..There was the Russian dancing singer woman who she met before who right about now Nami was imagining undressing..Then playing video games..Then making out..Then probably more video games, which she found fun to do naked in her imagination. She didn't know the other woman too well, and for some reason her imagination went to her guns becoming boobs and shooting at people like, she thought she saw that in a movie once. Finally the person up on the screen, another boy, "Is that your boyfriend Keyome? KISS HIM! AH! YAOI!!" She jumped excitedly, from the grip Kirei had her shirt started to move up a bit while her body slipped lower slower and slower.

KimiKatsu: Kirei's eyes locked on the screen. She had learned to ignore Nami's loud hyperactivity when the moment called for seriousness, but when the young looking girl began to jumped around, Kirei had to break her gaze from the screen to look down at her as she slid to the ground. Because Kirei tried to keep her grip on Nami this caused her shirt to come up more the lower she sank. Kirei slowly let her go, and smiled at her. She was so cute. Even if she was tripping balls. "Beavis, you know what to do." The dog looked up at Kirei then moved over to Nami and attempted to flop down on top of her as a way of keeping her still and out of trouble. "Who's he, Keyo?"

Kila: She listened closely when the voice came across the intercom and then looked up at the screen, “Damn I wish his face wasn’t covered…He’s might be a cutie.” Natasha was still a little worked up from her bath, she didn’t get that release she was looking for, and she was still rather edgy right now. She smiled sweetly at Keyo, her arms fell down against her sides as she nodded once more after they were asked to wait. This trip might be worth it after all, she always loved meeting new people, even more so if they were hot. Her eyes darted from Keyo onto the girl that was causing a ruckus, her smile turned a little more into a grin as she looked at her.

DanteOConnor: As Gringo would wait at the door, he would cross his arms as he gave a small grit of his teeth, hating the wait more than anything, His crimson eyes looked about the area, meeting eyes with a couple of goons that reminded him of the men he just killed… maybe family that hadn’t heard of their loss yet. He looked about even further to see young couples walking down the street, a small sigh coming to Gringo’s lips as a pang of loneliness hit him. Outside of work, he didn’t have much of a social life. He usually stayed at his apartment, the usual day off starting with the news, then moving onto to the History Network. He firmly believed that those who did not learn from history were doomed to repeat it, and that was not something he was going to let happen. He would then physically and mentally train himself for hours on end, pausing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and finally bed before he would start the process all over again the next day. He heard a click as some sort of lock seemed to release, causing him to turn back towards the now open door. He stepped into the room and followed the voices, his features still being hidden by his mask and beanie as he came across all these influential members of society before tucking his hands in his pockets. He was in a room full of people he could consider enemies, but in fact, his plan worked. He looked about the room at all the faces, his crimson eyes and a bit of his skin being seen by all, but nothing else. His voice echoed slightly as he spoke, releasing his hands from his pockets, his hands even covered with black gloves, “Keyome Tasanagi… good to know we could chat a bit more.” His voice was gravel like, and his eyes continued to scan about the room as he spoke, “Cozy little place you have here… and good company from what I can see.” ((For those that need a reference, Gringo’s voice sounds almost exactly like Liam Neeson's. xD))

DarkKeyome: Kirei always had that cute expression on her face, even when she seemed ass faced annoyed. But wait? Fuckin yaoi..? My eyeball twitched as I watched Kirei haul her in. “...the fuck is wrong with that kid man?”i said ruffling my light blonde hair. That singer... didn’t know just how useful to this cause... I can tell by her posture the way she looked at me like she wanted to murder me or something oh but the expression changed and transformed when she saw the guy on the camera. “Oh you think so huh?” I said looking at the woman out of the corner of my eye. Clearly he was a grown man. I looked down at my body. I was lean, but my muscle wasn’t super you know, THE HULK big..... Mm... It made me question my ego for a moment before I shook the though quickly I sighed and tugged on my fathers, and great grandfathers dog tags. My grandpa, fought in the slave revolt. And he was a KPD... hah, ironic huh? My dad, a Yakuza, his pops a KPD. I don’t know what I’d do if my dad was a fucking KPD.... a pig. I coughed and crossed my arms. I eyed him as he entered. “ Ha.. yeah, suppose you can say that.” I still... didn’t know who this guy was. He reminded me of that guy that I fought on the roof tops.... the solider guy. I don’t know why... but he did. His posture... that's it. His posture, meant he was strong physically I mean... that’s what it was. “ I was uh... just speaking t my guest about some business...” I slanted my eyes eying him. “ Anything in particular you need?” I said clenching my automailed arm a surge of energy flung from it. I almost jumped outta my skin when it did that... but I didn’t let it show. I kept a serious face.

HyonekoHyuuga: - I looked to the man and smiled his voice was nice but covering that much skin was a shame....and thinking about it as i looked to the outfit is wayyyyy too serious and getting the feeling of being stuffy- " I hope you don't mind but this leather is killing me." -I unzipped my leather jacket revealing a rather short tank top held together on a single button, keeping her busty chest covered to all but those that would look up and then stood slipping off her tight leather pants to a more comfortable short shorts that hugged her firm ass. Folding her outer wear and handing them to the robotic arm that extended out to take them i sat back down...more comfortable now and ready for a long talk...that..looking around again... might lead to some REAL fun-

NamikazeSoudai: "Beavis sttoopp..My skirt...Nuu..." She giggled, her skirt hiked up showing her cute pink panties to the room and not doing much about it. Her shirt too was already in a state where it might as well be off, moments where her bra was shown. She swallowed and looked over at Natasha who had a tempting grin, maybe she wanted to play?  "Sexy dancer singing woman..Save meee." She reached out her hands towards her while Beavis was still weighing her down. She was suppose to be serious at this moment but god if she didn't want to or could for that matter.

KimiKatsu: Kirei's eyes locked on the man that had entered. The way he spoke to Keyo...the way he walked in. None of it sat right with her. Kirei furrowed her brow some and let her smile fade just a bit. "Keyo..." She murmured softly, her eyes locking on the man. Beavis heard the tone in Kirei's voice and lifted himself from Nami's small figure to stand by Kirei's side. He stared up at the man, a low growl building within him.

KimiKatsu: : Kirei's eyes locked on the man that had entered. The way he spoke to Keyo...the way he walked in. None of it sat right with her. Kirei furrowed her brow some and let her smile fade just a bit. "Keyo..." She murmured softly, her eyes locking on the man. Beavis heard the tone in Kirei's voice and lifted himself from Nami's small figure to stand by Kirei's side. He stared up at the man, a low growl building within him. It was as if he could feel what Kirei felt. Though Kirei was focused on the man, she could still hear Nami on the floor and the large breasted woman complaining about her leather clothing before she heard fabric shifting around. She could guess that the woman stripped into either her underwear or other smaller clothing that had been hidden beneath the leather. {Reposted}

Kila: Natasha turned her attention back to Keyo and winked at him once he questioned her about the guy, “Yeah but if you must know he’s not really my type…Kinda uptight. I’d rather have someone more playful, someone that could slam me up against a wall while I sink my nails into their back.”  She then looked over toward the woman who started to strip, her lips parted as she slowly licked them, “Damn, to bad that button of yours doesn’t pop off…I guess a girl can always hope.” Natasha accent was getting thicker, it always happened whenever she started to get turned on. She crossed her legs from a moment and then realized she forgot to put panties on, she giggled to herself. Her head then turned when she heard someone say something about a singer and dancer, she laughed a moment when she noticed what was going on then reached out for the girl’s hands, her fingertips slid softly over the girl’s palms, “I got you.” She wrapped her fingers around the girl’s hands and pulled her forward toward herself. Natasha almost forgot all about the new guy that was until he spoke and she smiled his way.

DanteOConnor: Gringo would look at him across the room and lean against the wall, his eyes remaining on the others along with his surroundings, making sure he wasn't falling into some sort of trap. His arms would then cross slowly over his chest as his features remained hidden from everyone, at least for the time being. He looked between all the eyes that were now on him, the feeling of that causing him to become uneasy. He was thankful he still had some of the tech from the KAOS unit's armory, like the adaptive camouflage module inside his clothing. Due to the wireless uplink in his nano-machines, Gringo could turn the thing on and off with a key-phrase, and not even have to speak it. He was going to say something about their fight, but for now he was here for a reason, so he continued to speak "Tasanagi, you and I have a common enemy... and my father always told me then enemy of my enemy is my friend..." His eyes would go to the woman that removed the clothing, a small smirk beneath his mask being planted across his lips as his eyes shifted back towards Keyome once more, "I come here with an offer... an offer you might want to seriously consider." His eyes then shifted towards the woman that was staring at him, his eyes moving towards the dog which he remained silent, no matter how much he wanted to growl in return. A smile caught his attention and saw it on the face of the Russian singer, and a thought crossed his mind, ‘Wait… a random person comes into a meeting no one is supposed to know about, and they’re all thinking about sex? Jesus, what was the world coming to?’ He then shifted his gaze finally back to Keyome, his crimson eyes flickering slightly as he spoke once more, “So tell me, you going to listen to what I have to say, or am I going to have to leave you on your own?”

DarkKeyome: My eyes shot over to the women.. who's breast seemed to explode from there current holding place, m eyes lowered my to her hips which also had a nice curve... arch in her back maybe? But what really got me were the tattoo's.... they made me sweat a bit. They circled around her body in the right ways.  Shit... Shit... Shit... god... Why now... I’m trying to do something-... Nami's clothing was being slightly removed.... the petite ness that she had kind of made me wanna do some really rough shi-GAHHH! I randomly smacked myself in the face. Stay focused... stay focused. “ Stay focused Keyo..” I said  shaking my head, yet the blush never left. I eyed the man. My hands clenching up tightly in a fist as I heard Kirei speak to me. I also didn’t trust his intentions fully. The woman's Accent, the uh.. the Russian. It was thick, sounded like one of those porn-stars the way she was talking now. I slid my fingers over my face kind of pushing myself to a more stable state of mind as I listened to the man speak to me when he spoke of us having a common enemy. “ Danchou...” I said in a gruff voice... the slight obessession of killing him was starting to show as I shook my head saying his name over and over again. “ Danchou... Danchou....Danchou...” I clenched my fist... I hated him with a passion that could kill a billion men. But the fact this man new that... only made me question just who he really was I eyed him out of the corner of my eye. “ I'll do... whatever it takes to take that guy down.” When he spoke to me of Danchou the women in the back had blurred away all humanly desires all turned into a lust of vengeance, and a thirst for death. “...But... Now.. is not the time...” I said to the man. With these many people in one place like this... Danchou would track this place down in no time. “Here...” I tossed him a card from my pocket.  It had my cell-phone number on it. “Reach me there... here isn’t the place to fully discuss this.... If you reach me tomorrow night, we'll set up a plan. I'll bring my right hand man. And we'll go from there. “I now knew who he was... I wouldn’t speak this out loud just yet though. “I have to explain to the women here what I need them to do... And I don’t have much time to do so.” I said crossing my arms. “Tomorrow night, meet me in the Quantum subway in district 2 at Midnight... We'll discuss things there.” I said to the man.

HyonekoHyuuga: -I smiled as my little show had some good responses, I knew that most of these people had met and my time in the hospital still kept me relatively new to these people. So maybe my body with all my curvy good looks could pry open some mouths and....maybe some pants. so that these people would know to come to me for support...after all i wouldn't last long without some alliances in this world. It was ALWAYS good to have the right connections, my haggling with investors and the different hospitals had told me that. I crossed my legs and rested my chin on my hand giving everyone the right measure of lustful desire but enough seriousness that told them she was actually listening to the plans being made-

NamikazeSoudai: Time froze for Nami, falling forward towards Natasha's sexy embrace. Nami recently took on a third addiction, touching another person's body. There was something just god awfully wonderful about being against someone, feeling their smooth skin, rubbing any part of your body against them while the two or more slept. It was addicting and it had a crash as well, every time those people left her who were exploring one another in such a..way..She felt a empty feeling next to her, colder and a need to get another person to guide your foot up their leg silently but knowing or have their hand move down your sleeveless arm slowly and delicately. She landed against Natasha, One of her arms coming around her backside while the other one move in-between her legs and Nami hugged to the Russian goddess. But with the height comparison of the two, Nami quickly discovered she wasn't pressing her arm up against any panties. She looked up at the sexy dancer singer panty less lady, the cutest blush on Nami's face maybe even masking her horiness for a brief moment, and remaining quiet. Natasha knew what her arm was pressed up against and so did Nami, it was either back it away slowly or go to somewhere else with this.

KimiKatsu: Kirei sighed in frustration. How were these others supposed to be important to this meeting if their minds were clouded as their hormones flared. Kirei was the stripper. The prostitute. Wasn't she supposed to be acting that way? She shook her head a little, then glanced over her shoulder at Nami as she sat in the Russian woman's embrace and blushed like a little school girl, which was ironic. After rolling her eyes for the first time in a long while, Kirei turned her head again to look at the man and Keyo. Her hazel eyes glistened lightly as she watched them. She was ready for anything, though she didn't have any weapons on her at the moment. Beavis continued to stand at her side. His tail pointed directly out behind him as his growling continued. Kirei took one step forward so she'd be next to Keyome, then a small one so she'd be just a few inches ahead in case she'd have to jump between them.

Kila: Natasha gasped softly as the girl came crushing against her, she really didn’t think she pulled her that hard. She then grinned even more, her grin turned slightly wicked. “Well, hi there,” each word dripped with lust, but right now this young girl wasn’t the one she wanted. She slowly backed away from her, her own hands placed on the girl’s shoulders as she made sure the girl had her balanced, “Are you okay?” She steadied the girl, her legs where now out of reach of her, all body parts now free.

DanteOConnor: Gringo would watch Keyome as he began to break down into a psychological panic over the women which only gave him a light chuckle that would leave his lips in a small whisper. He then watched closely as the kid’s attitude completely changed at the revelation of Danchou being their common enemy. He watched Keyome closely, seeing the similar signs of hate and thirst for vengeance in his eyes, the same look when Gringo went off to kill any Yakuza that stepped in his way. He would catch the card between his fingers before he would give a small nod towards the others as he tucked the card in his breast pocket, “Fine, but if you don’t show… we have our ways of finding you… by the way, let “Haji” know if you’re in, we might have some toys for the both of you to try out… ” He would give a grin before he would speak the key-phrase in his mind and the adaptive camouflage would activate, making it seem like he vanished into thin air. In truth, he just stepped out of the door like any other man would, but letting Keyome see something like that, along with the other members of the Yakuza clans in the room… they might just think twice about how they act in public places. A voice came into his head as he made his way out into the streets, his adaptive camouflage fully active as he stepped through the alleyways to make his way far from the hideout, “Boss, its Shade… just doing a check in.” Gringo would nod as he responded in a way that could be related to telepathy, “Don’t bother, I’m on my way to District 3 now.” She would give a sigh of relief before stating, “So…? How did it go?” Gringo would give a grin as he walked past a small group of kids playing near the street before responding, “I believe he took the bait. I got a card and a place: Quantam Subway Station at Midnight.” Shade would nod before Joker would come in over the radio, “Boss, we got the conversation down in the archives… I didn’t hear anything about coming alone.” Sledge would then pop in soon after Joker, “And the facial recognition scan you did confirmed it. Keyome infiltrated the KPD as a Detective. We’re pulling up any searching he has done, but so far we only got information relating to Danchou.” Gringo would nod to himself as he said the phrase once again in his mind before responding to everyone, “I want everyone to go get some shut eye. We got a meeting tomorrow and we need to… be out best, eh?” The others would agree, send their farewells, and sign off. Tomorrow was gonna be another day, but possibly one that could shake this city to the core. ((If anyone was wondering how Gringo did a facial recognition scan, his eyes are cybernetic, hence why they are crimson in color, but also why they flickered earlier in the conversation. The flicker was the scan finding a positive match. >=D))

DarkKeyome: I had watched as he left... the man... seemed like a ghost. I didn’t trust him. “ Donald... give me voice confirmation on this man. “ Donald spoke back to me. “ Yes sir, computing your data now. “ The sound numbers and other things rushing on a computer screen filled the room. Soon enough Donald responded with a. “ No information on this man was found anywhere in New America sir, please approach with caution tomorrow you and young Hajiame sir.” my eyes lowered and turned around to eye the women. Who seemed to be still on edge... they looked like a pack of lionesses ready to eat a fucking calf... I could almost smell the lust in here..” Anyways... Look, I almost I forgot shit got dammit.” I shook my head. “ Alright ill make it quick... I need Kirei to give me each and every bit of information on the Soramaru's you can get by tomorrow. Meaning I need you to be able to break into one there computers and get some info. I don’t care who you get the information from I need it. “ I turned to the Chitori clan leader and the blush on my cheeks increased. “ Alright d-ah.. um. I need you.. to not work on any, Soramaru clan members... And before you say no.. Donald... bring out the suitcase..” A suitcase rose from the ground out of a small platform, keyome opened it up in within it where the crisp blue bills. “ 500,000 Tanz... and 500 more if you keep this up for a month, just a month we need to cripple these guys.” Without her even answering me I turned to Nami.. The disturbing thoughts of fucking her senseless with her hands tied up to a stripper post flooded my head again before I shook the thought. “ Look you little pervert. I need you to find out some of the spots there dishing out the weaker things of the Z-human serum, that’s Danchou's drugs. I'll get cha whatever you want but I need you to find this for me before tomorrow afternoon.” I then turned tot he Singer... Natasha. I made eye contact with her for about 10 seconds before I spoke to her. “ And you... I need you... to call your daddy. And tell him. That Danchou has you... and he says he's not gonna give you back until he gets done turning you into his favorite fuck toy...” I knew what that would do... draw war to the streets... but its what he needed. “ If all of you do these jobs correctly... then my part will fall into place perfectly. Everyone got this clear?” I said in a louder tone. Tilting my head up a bit as I looked over all of them.... yet that fucking blush was still on my face.  

KimiKatsu: Hearing her name mentioned shortly after the strange man left, Kirei's deep Hazel gaze shifted to look at Keyome. He seemed to be trying to get serious, though that blush had never faded from his soft cheeks. Kirei held back the urge to roll her eyes at him and the women around her before she listened closely to her instructions. Get all info on the Soramaru's by tomorrow. It was a lot to ask for within such a dangerously close deadline. It was a good thing she was closer to Donnie than most. Maybe he'd help her knowing this would help take Danchou down. She spotted his cheeks darkening and followed his gaze. Of course. Kirei shook her head slowly before turning on her heel. "Got it, Keyo.." She said as she walked over to where Natasha and Nami sat. If Nami didn't fight her and if Natasha allowed itas well, Kirei would scoot Nami up into her arms and begin to head out. "Beavis, come." The growing German Shepard pup trotted up to her side and followed her out. They'd be headed hom in no time.

Kila: Natasha listened to all he had to say and then grinned, “Sure, I can do that but for doing this favor for you, you owe me one back.” She walked to his desk and grabbed a pen along with a piece of paper, quickly she wrote out the address to her new penthouse and walked back toward him. Once she was back in front of him she tucked the paper in his front pants pocket and winked, “Come find be later and I’ll let you know what my daddy said.” She walked around him and headed back to the entrance she stopped for a moment, her chocolate brown locks flipped around as she looked over hers shoulder at him, “Oh, when you come, come alone…I wanna play.” She flashed her most seductive smile his way and walked out the door. After what seemed like hours she was back inside her penthouse lounging on one of her couches with her cell phone in hand. She rolled her eyes as spoke his name to the phone, “Call daddy.” After a few rings her father picked up, "Здравствуйте принцессы.“ (Hello Princess.) A smile came across her lips once she heard her father’s voice, “ Папа, я в беде. Этот богатый бандит, который проходит Danchou есть я. Он угрожал сделать меня своим секс-игрушку, его домашнее животное. Я боюсь папу ... Помогите мне.” (Dad, I'm in trouble. This rich thug that goes by Danchou has me. He is threatening to make me his sex toy, his pet. I'm scared daddy...Help me.) She screamed into the phone and then flipped the phone closed and sighed, “Well, that should do it.” Natasha leaned forward and took a sip of her drink, “And he better remember he owes me big time….I just caused a war.”

HyonekoHyuuga: -I smiled....the man had pulled the vanishing act but with my eyes enhanced by GPS tech....if this man so much as breathed I'd be able to find him but then again...if he was to take all that covering off....which i doubt he would I MIGHT lose him. I turned to keyo as he issued his requests seeing him squirm to keep his second head much good as that was doing him. I opened my mouth to protest but he had anticipated this....500k in tanz...a good start i suppose, i merely caressed his cheek and smiled- " All right hunny, my birdies won't touch Soramaru's people.....but atm i'm more worried about you. You sure you don't need somthing...alleviated?" -i laughed as i closed the case-