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Final Fight Cody by angryangryasian
Kodi would gaze at herself up and down examining her scars up and down her body.Then she had  placed her black tank top  back on. She sneered watching the already healing process of her bitten shoulder..her eyes squinted being saddened by  remembering what has Connor told her before she had left him, breaking up with him hurt more than alot even now hearing the words "Goodbye Blondie" Echo'd throughout her head. "Yo Sharkbait you alright.." Cody came from behind her watching her expression in the mirror... he knew that expression Sadness.... he can feel it. The female shook her head while turning around staring at him while her eyes glistened before adverting her head to the right. "U-Uh. Yeah. Just thoughts." The buff 6'4 male stared down at her before shaking his head, reaching out with his left hand ruffling her short blonde locks of hair before throwing her over his shoulders."H-HEY LET ME THE FUCK DOWN I'm not a fucking TOY to just be fucking swung around and picked up!!! " Cody sighed shaking his head, "Bitchy as ALWAYS....Just shut the fuck up were going to go eat out.. I want fucking sushi.."The blonde female pouted

Kodi's New Look.

while,grunting she pushed off of him while landing beside him."Fine. lucky it's fucking sushi...So.. Can you tell me about the awakening shit again.." He blinked in surprised that she evened remembered.."Yeah well since you did say that Queen Rutela is speaking to you that means she awakened inside you.. These.. Shark spirits.. within ourselves are somewhat connected.. and it seems we are the descendants.. of the main.. So that means you and me are destined to be-!" Kodi eye twitched before smashing her foot against his thigh roughly while Cody laughed at her reaction as they continued walking down toward the sushi restaraunt, Her mouth dropped seeing the line..."Your kidding-" The male grabbed her by the hand,dragging her down while he still wore his handcuffs around his wrists.She sighed but it was sushi, though she sensed something as if someone was watching from afar.. Though she shrugged it off before jerking her hand back to her side."Why are you being so weird today!"Her blue oceanic eyes looked up at her male friend.. This only brought Cody to blush slightly while looking away scoffing like she does not saying a word.He couldn't beleive how much softer looking she got..and much more beauitful..than how she was in the slammer as an eight year old.. His feelings were somewhat growing for her in a non-friend way but something more.. he couldn't put his finger on it..The female facepalmed while shaking her head."We are too much alike.." She leaned on the wall as they were in line,before gazing at Cody he was really tall and masculine.. Her eye glistened staring at his muscle definition.. The male wore a tight white tee,along with some ripped up washed out blue jeans... ,while coming back to reality she shifted her head, while a light set of blush came upon her face "Son of a bitch.. why did you stare at the muscles Kodi." She would think to her self while ..The two remained silent before scooting up a bit in the line.

NW Chapter 164


Staring at the sky Connor closed his eyes and took in a couple of deep breathes in meditatoon. he'd raise his arms above his head uand lower them taking in breathe after breath. standing on top of an apartmenr complex performing cool and slow movements, wide circles with his arms. As he did a wind would slowly start to spiral around his body om a clockwise fashion. Connor guided the wind to circilate around his body in large white-ish grey streaks. his control was...severly lacking.  as the gust traveled straight for a water towet dentong it and causong the tower to burst and bend side ways, the very metal it collided with corroded and literally melted in place, and corroded. Connor had been at it for a few hours but decided to stop for the day. "I told you the winds of the oni god are not something you can tame with just effort.  it requires you to know yourself and understanding your place in the w-" "yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah. ill  figure it out as i go." Connor would look at the mess hed made and shrug it off. Pakuring his way down the fire escapes hed land on the ground casually dressed. hed dawn a grey hoodie with dark jeans and white adidas. "what're you hungry for today Connor? im guessiiiiiiiiiiiing ribs?" Connor folded his aems and thought about it. "hmmm....i dont know. Kinda hard to get human flesh off of my tongue. Ah! fish. fish is good brain food." "Sounds like a plan." washi agrees and Connor would spend about 20 minutes walking to thr local sushi joint.  standing in Line annoyed Connor began to grow annoyed. "Gaaaah....Oi! I havr like a grand in my pocket huh? giving it to the next guy who gives me some service.!" Connor gained the attention of a young waitress with brown hair as she walked up to Connor with. pep in her step. 'Hi! My names Maki, Im here to serve you! table for...?" Connor sighed thinking about Kodi for a second. it was always him and her as a pair...she was always so rude in public but Connor adored that about her.."One. im here on my own today". Connor hopped out of line and began to pass everyone in line with a 'fuck you ' grin until he saw someome hed thought been long gone..his old but never forgotten flame Kodi. Connor stopped in place to look at her and the guy she with. a big guy pretty built...but that wasnt impressing Connor. Connor would walk up to the pair and shoo away everyone infront of and behind them.  "Sooooo this is what do? hm? we just say fuck the breakup mourning period and go fucking other guys right? " Connor looked to the blonde male. "and who might you bebe? tell me your name? so i can ask you how my dick taste bitch". Connor 's fist were balled up and by his sides. he stood tall though the guy was taller than him Connor looked him in the eyes and glared. his chest huffing up and down. his crimson gaze as prominant as ever.

The Girl Is MineEdit

Kodi's eye twitched,shoving Connor back angerly while gritting her sharp teeth."How dare you fuckin even think that I'd go fuck another guy!" She scoffed angerly,kicking the side of the restaraunt leaving a large hole.on.. Cody gave the brown haired male a lazy cocky smirk, before raising his arms over his head stretching."Names Cody squirt,Aye Sharkbait.. you sure can pick them.He does have some spunk in him... But.. if your asking we WERE prison buddies in juvi.. So... how does MY dick taste hm? Not even knowing that she might of dropped the soap an let me y'know" Wanting to piss Connor off even if what he said wasn't true.. Kodi's face dropped in a comical way while punching The tall males shoulder."We didn't DO SHIT! .." She facepalm before looking at Connor's gaze, he'd be glaring at Cody.. She knew he wouldn't step back down as well. Cody just gave him a lazy gazed expression on his face before pulling off his shirt,his big muscled upper body exposed.. some of the girls in the back sighed in dreamy like.. looking at Cody from up an down...He flexed slightly while leaning toward The blonde female giving her a kiss on her forehead... She had a smugged look on her face.. Knowing only Cody as a close friend.. it was weird seeing him do this to her.. it felt uncomfortable as if a gay guy kissing a straight guy.. Kodi pushed him slightly being frustrated from all this. Rutela spoke to her.."Kodi don't let this agitate you please," "Yeah..Your right.I mean its like i dont Rutela" being torn yet angered.. she turned  her back toward Connor.."I don't wanna eat sushi no more." She shook her head.. seeing Connor brought up deep feelings she once hid from the depths of her heart.. she bit her lip before taking a deep breathe...Cody then shoved Connor, the dark shark oni within him caused him to feel envious toward the brown haired male.. He could feel Kodi's strong feelings toward Connor.. Which sent him to beyond jealousy."Tch.. Listen man she don't even want to see you so back off." The tall broad male knew this would have provoked Connor even as well as starting a bit of a spat.. which he wanted.

Connor took a few steps backwards as Kodi shoved him and spoke her peace about his comment.  As the large male, who was oddly named “Cody” spoke, Connor’s eyebrow twitched a bit. His name instantly angered him for being a pseudo version of his girlfriends. As he explained…their “time” in juvy, Connor’s furrowed brow now seemed permanent, as his pupils literally shrunk. Connor could no longer listen to reason, even blotting out the part where kodi said they didn’t do anything. Not it  was pure adrenaline fuled rage at this point, blood pumped through Connor’s veins as he stared Cody down. He’d take his shirt off and revealed his muscular frame, causing a couple of women to swoon and sigh over him. Connor growled, his fangs barring, as he’d rip the sleeves off of his jacket, turning it into a sleeveless hoodie, as his arm muscles prominently showed through. He’d growl a bit longer, failing to even speak proper English. As Cody shoved Connor, Connor would budge backwards but only slightly, sliding his right foot back on the ball of his foot, and rearing his body back as if he was going to move backwards, but instead he’d sling his upper body forward, aiming to slam his forehead into the cody’s mouth head on! The force of this headbutt if it connected would echo a loud “TH-WHACK” As connor would attempt to bust his lips, and possibly chip a tooth or two for his prominent grin. The overall speed of this headbutt would be akin to that of a bullet,but with the out put of a shotgun figuratively speaking.If it properly connected, Cody’s body would be sent back first into the wall, leaving a large print the size of his body! His lip would have a flow of blood from it as well, and some of his blood would even be resting upon Connor’s forehead as well. Connor would keep his fist clenched, looking at Cody, not even paying Kodi any attentiona t this point. He was furious , angry beyond all reason, the crimson glow of his eyes was starting to overshadow his pupil, making it seem as if he’d only had to big red lights for eyes. If Connor’s headbutt attempt failed, via dodging or blocking, Connor would convert his kenitic energy into a shoulder tackle with his right shoulder, that would aim to impact cody right in his sternum! If it connected it would actually have more of a damaging effect on him than the head butt would via, the impact from Connor’s stone solid shoulder would attempt to crack the sternum right down the middle, and leaving massive bruising and mild scaring of the tissue that surrounds it. If this also failed, Connor would meeerly hold fast for whatever was coming his way. Depending on this guy’s physique, things could go really smooth, or really bad fast.

Kodi's eyes widened staring at Connor's muscular shape.. her porcelain cheeks turned red watching her boyfriend ripping his sleeves off his jacket.. She took a step back watching Cody shoving Connor slightly.. "Ahhh shit.." she knew this would set off badly. The male blinked in surprised   when he had slinged hius upper body forth.. slamming his forehead onto Cody's mouth causing to chip his tooth...blood overflowed within his mouth while he was sent into the wall.. causing a crack within it.. Though Cody only scoffed feeling the blood seep out from his bottom lip.."Tch... man this dude can pack a punch eh Matsuoka.." Matsuoka laughed before sending his chi within the large muscled male.  Cody balled his hand into a fist... his blue eyes would soon grow dark his whole demeanor became rather aggressive..."Alright little punk.. about time you hit me..tch" He raised her right leg up before kicking it upwards along with using his chi to cause a dusty yet a trail of rocks toward Connors body.. It was as if a wave of force and dust amongst his eyes along with a few bits of rubble being flung at him..this would of  pushed into him abrutly...If connected the large male ran at him while rearing his shaking fist back vigoruously while The crowd around the two males would form arround as a large circle with Kodi being in the front. watching the fight amongst the two muscular males.. she bit her lip timiidly... his white whirlwind white aura wrapped around it while focusing his chi within his arm. In attempt, her would jerked his fist out in a quick motion,impacting straight into his jawline.bashing into  it as if a large .. within a second he lash out his other hand gripping the top of his hair thus tugging it downwards to his upcoming knee that would bash straight into the middle of his face...if connected this would made Cody hear and feel the CRACKINg noise of his nose fracturing bringing the blonde males shark like instincts kicked in. he was as if a predator locked on its well as leaving a deep gash onto his nose splitting it in the middle. The blood splattered onto his jeans..If successful Cody tugged his head back,while releasing his hair while flinging his body into restaraunts building emergency door roughly.. The fling itself caused him to break both doors on impact..Leaving Connor laying on them on his back..while the people inside the restaraunt .. would stay silent watching the fight go on..Cody began to speak.."Whats wrong pissed off, cause your girl came to me?" He taunted the male,standing outside of the building waiting him to get back up

Connor would crack his neck from side to side as the male stood up again to his full height.  “C’mon I don’t have all d-“ Connor saw his opponent make a move, as clear as day, like looking through the water to the bottom of the ocean! Connor saw him raise his leg for a kick, and as he did Connor would brace himself for the wave of dirt and the shockwave! Connor braced and withstood his little feint, before connor could see him coming in with his fist, and Connor would meet the challenge! Gritting his teeth, and turning his head to the right just a bit, so when the males punch connected with his face, instead of a clean cut hit, the punch would literally graze off of his jaw, impacting and leaving a bruise on his chin, but not having the full on “umph” factor cody may have been hoping for.  “GUH!!!” Connor would’ve been whipped back a bit, but not out of the game just yet! As Cody gripped Connor by the hair and brought his face down to his knee, it made full impact HOWEVER thanks to Connor’s training from Keyth Tasanagi, his bone structure actually freakishly hardened, to a much denser degree than before! This being another part of his Hanyo evolving physiology, his bones are now 3x denser than a peak human’s, allowing Connor to use this offensively and defensively, weather resisting bone breaking impacts, or punching through solid materials and objects. Connor’s skin did indeed break, but that would be the most of it, that and a headache. Cody would then toss Connor backwards, towards the opening doors, and as he did Connor’s body would burst through them, before he’d cut an aerial backflip and land on the door on the ground, in a squat, looking up at Cody with a glare in his eyes. “this guy’s an oni too…chi manipulation…strong physically, possibly equal to or above..lousy kicker, good puncher, strong suits possibly the hands..” Connor squinted as he made these deductions in his head, calming down from his overbearing fury and turning it into a tranquil calm. “I’ll break em down as much as I can…and retaliate in the same way!!” Connor would watch as he’d walk out side, and stand up infront of him. "Whats wrong pissed off, cause your girl came to me?" Connor growled for a second. “yes…I…AM!’ Connor would stand up and lift his right leg up and slam his foot down on the metal door, flipping it up into the air towards Cody’s vicinity! The door would go flipping frontwards at his body at 75mph, at an angle where the door would collide with the top of Cody’s head dead on, leaving a 2 inch wide gash in the top of his head, causing a bloody spot to steam some blood from the top of his head and disoriented him but only for a moment, which was all connor needed! If cody delt with the door by interfearing with it’s trajectory, or out right avoiding it, Connor would attempt to rush him head on with a flying knee! Connor jumping into the air, aiming to send his knee dead in the center of Cody’s chin! Weather this connected or not, Connor would continue his combination attempt, by attempting to stomp turn his body in a 180 and attempt to bring both of his hands down in a double axe handle style swing to the bridge of Cody’s nose, attempting to gash the bridge of his nose, and cause his body to arch backwards at a ninety degree angle! If this connected, the full force of Connor’s blows are worth at least 4 concussions, rocking cody’s brain against the front and the back of his crainium! ( ) if this double axe handle did connect, cody’s body spine would lock, literally as if almost locking him in place with high paraylisis. If this axe handle connected, connor’s next attack would have a high success rate, but if not he’d still attempt it anyway” connor would then whip out a lightning fast side kick towards the Cody’s right temple! This kick would attempt to jam Connor’s toes right into the temple of Cody, cocking his head to his left side, folding it over, and sending his giant masculine body flying to his left side tumbling along the ground in cartwheel like flips, his head colliding with the ground, and various areas being sent rolling and tumbling 15 feet away down the allyway with terrible neck strain, strained neck tendons, and vertigo! ( ) if this connected, Connor would watch cody’s body tumble across the ground, and clench his fist again. He wanted to look at kodi, speak to her with his eyes, but on the inside he didn’t want her to see what he thought..he didn’t want her to see that he desperately still wanted her…and that he couldn’t stand to see her in another man’s arms. If this kick didn’t connect, and apart of this combo was thoroughly intercepted, Connor’s eyes would start to shine a feint glowing crimson as opposed to his usual angry glare, as he’d begin to focus and prepare his eyes and body for anything that might happen

KodiTorabaasu: ( ) Cody watched the door the door flipping up into the air aiming directly at him at a fast speed..The broad male would soon focus his physical chi along with his oni Matsuoka's power.. fusing them into one that would soon burst within all over inside his body... Opening his mouth exposing his sharp razor teeth...He lunged his upper up, taking a bite down on the door that would soon be gripped from his mouth.. He twisted his head to the right, releasing the metal door along with tearing a chunk of the metal door.. Cody's cocky self would shift his head slowly only to have the center of his broad chin.. causing him to stumble back feeling the knee-kick's after effect.. he felt his teeth grind against one another along with a loud ringing in his ears. The blonde male watched his opponent turn his body in a 180, w before he jerked out each of his own hands,grappling his hands over Connor's swinging fists that would attempt to bash him in the face.. He'd use his physical chi within his arm muscles completely disruting Connors attack.. Cody scoffed before raising each of his arms up dangling the brown haired male's body hovering over then he jerked his arms back down.. slamming it directly into the concrete floor on his back.. The force of impact,plus strength would leave Connors back damaged severely,leaving the middle of the spinal cord to crack midly. The blonde tall male,scoffed gazing at him ,already irritated.. leaning over he gripped Connor by the his neck in a rough matter,thus lifting him up off the floor as if he was as light as a napkin."C'mon let me help you..." He then in attempt, would slam his body once again upon the concrete.. leaving a large crater benething Connor.. the chokeslam itself would of sent stinging pain within the back of his spine along with the back of his head hitting the ground would bring upon a gash that was atleast an inch deep. If connected, Cody would still have a grip on his neck, not intentionally choking him, yet he wanted too... another man being close to Kodi other than intimately close.. drove his thoughts beyond with rage. In Attempt, the broad male within the quickness would lift his body up from his neck.. before flinging it upwards watching his body hovering over Cody's.. Though his eyes would fully turn black, along with gills forming on the side of his face. a. Kodi eyes widened, gritting her teeth as she could see his oni taking over him..Rutela's voice was shaky when she spoke.."M-Matsuoka..." The blonde female heard Rutela before she bit her lower lip..she would start sensing her emotions overflowing back.. that she started to hide within a imagintive bottle within her heart. The riled up male,would then lunge up off from the ground.. he reared his fist back though his whirlwind like aura seeped over his arm as if there was another arm that manifested from Matsuoka's chi... he lunged his fist out only to have the manifested aura around his fist to bash into connors jawline first just before his fist landed directly into the same part of his jaw.. if connected, the double punch caused his Jawline to fracture devastatingly feeling as if his jaw was broken off from the henges of his skull, This would as well as sending him flying at atleast 65 mph bringing him straight into the Sushi building, face front first... the impact would leave him stuck within a large hole on the wall made from Cody's hurricane punch.. The broad tall male gazed up at the brown haired male,having a smugged look upon his new shark features.The owner of the sushi place would come out from the bulding.. speaking with a bad asian accent."You break you BUY God damn KIDS!!" He shook his finger at Connor and at Cody... his face was hot red in a comedy way with a anime vein on the side of his forehead... he returned back inside. angerly.. If successful, Cody abrutly spoke.."Man you sure can fight, haven't had a fight like this since the cops tried to kill me off hah!" THe male wiped his nose waiting for Connor to come at him.. Cody would be ready, now having the fighting spirit within him.

( ) As Connor went for the double axe handle, he’d find that he was stoped cold turkey! As he was, as stated, his eyes immediately shifted into the Eagle eyes state: Eagles have eye sight 8x better than a human, this is because they have to swoop in and dive to catch their prey which is usually fish or incredibly small and quick animals. They also have a hightened fight or flight instinct, as during their freefall dives their reaction time amps up for the kill. As such when using this ability Connor can sense all the variables of any situation, predict the outcomes and what choices one should make to reach the conclusion they want. When utilizing this ability, they sense paths projected in front of them, illuminating possible courses of action, they can then foresee the best tactic, and accelerate themselves along that path. The user's mind and senses process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down, allowing them to perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly. “Arms caught, flurshing chi in the bicepts, and triceps of my opponent, physical chi user. Noted. Diretction: possibly a trajectory that will put me on my back. Brace for impact, tighten muscles, use as least chi as possible. Cement isn’t very sturdy in this alleyway due to corrosion and old restruant cleaning solution and chemicals wearing down the composition of the rock. Shouldn’t be much to overcome, with a bit of momentum..” Connor’s mind raced like a supercomputer, in milleseconds, his brain synapses allowed him to calculate his next move. As cody  go to slam Connor, connor would ride the momentum, leaning his body in with the impact and gripping Cody’s arm with it! this braced his impact, and put less of the force on his body, and a lot of it on Cody’s arm in short: Connor would use cody’s arm as leverage to help him not take the full force. This coupled with Connor’s momentum, instead of being slamed, he’d attack the ground with his back! The cement dented rather easily just as Connor calculated that the cement outside was not as hard as it could be, and connor’s back would crack right into it! He’d wince a closed eye at the pain in his back ,but smile and start to utter a sadistic laugh. “C’mon big guy…stop slamming me like I’m delicate.” Connor uttered as he’d let Cody lift him up again. Connor was still remotely fine, thanks to his denser bones, and odd muscle, but it would seem to all that Connor was being utterly dominated. “HAHAHAHA! YES PLEASE HELP ME UP YOU ROID RAGING FREAK!” As cody lifted him for a second slam to the ground, Connor would laugh the entire way down taking the full force of the slam! His head and spine digging into the pavement! Connor’s vision doubled for only a moment, but he didn’t mind it at all, not in the slightest. He knew his back was gonna be feeling it, but it would take more than this basic attempt to remotely put connor “down’ figuratively speaking.  “Connor are you okay?” Washi spoke. “Don’t worry I got this..this guy’s strong..physically he’s probably stronger than me. But I didn’t spend 3 weeks in the woods for nothing!” As Cody threw Connor into the air and released him from his grip, the moment he went to throw Connor, connor picked up on this easily, turning cody’s throwing momentum into a flip! As Connor ascended into the air, he’d flip profusely, until spreading his arms and legs outwards stoping his momementum, and glaring at Cody with a smirk. “YOU SHOULD’VE ASKED BLONDIE THERE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HIT ME TO MUCH BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!” Connor would use the micro push from the middle of his back, accelerating his momentum to meet cody right in the center of his own jump! Connor could see the chi radiating from his fist, and with his eagle eyes picking up two seperarte vibration sources from his forearm, Connnor deduced whatever attack this was, it had two parts to it and he’d have to avoid the thing as a whole to stand a remote chance and take minimal damage. However Connor had a different strategy! He’d charge cody head on at about 70 mph. Connor charged his chi into his right index finger and, extended it along with his right thumb. As he did, he’d take the punch to his face, but at that very same moment Connor had his right arm extended twaoards cody’s face! With his mouth a little closed, he’d utter out the word “BANG!’ From Connor’s finger left the pusshu Bakufu full force!  ( ) The user is able to form compressed explosions as a striaght punch of pressureized air to be projected out or thrown. When the highly moving pressurizd air comes into contact with a target, the air is released with force, from sudden gusts to hurricane force winds. With training, the user could be able to detonate the bombs at will. In Connor's case however, he does not release it with his fist, or an open palm, but his finger. Toushin tought connor that the push blast is much stronger when condensed from a small focal point, to an outwards bigger point, as such he tought connor to focus the chi for the tecnqiue into his right index finger instead. This cause connor to create a bright blue/red orb on the end of his index finger, the chi sitting there until he's ready to fire it. When connor is ready to fire the blast, it has the same effects as a regular push blast, but 2x the norm amount since it's been so highly compressed. That being said he can fire these at realitively long distances, as long as Connor  has what he's aiming for in his sights/range. As such, connor can change it's size from that of the average size and speed of a bullet to that of a funnel, straing from a point and expanding into a blaketed wave, the size of course depending on Connor's will. In this case, enfusing it with Koikonjitto chi, if it connected with kodi’s being, his body would be shot in a direction opposite of Connor’s completely, resulting  in his body being shot 30 feet backwards, with a giant blast of concussive energy, spanning 25 feet around Cody’s body making it nearly impossible to dodge at this close vicinity! If proper connection made, having been hit with 2x the force of a pipe bomb, Cody’s frontal upper area i.e his face, his chest and his his arms would suffer severe bruising, of a black and red coloration, along with overbaring muscular tears with a force so violent, the frontal muscles would become mushed and torn and every movment of them afterwards would be as painful with so much as a breath! Not to mention the 30 feet backwards distance would send his body through the building opposite of them, and into and through 2 other buildings bases, and into a third one before his landing stoped! ( ) Connor wouldn’t attempt this without consquene however, as he did take the full blunt of Cody’s hit as well! His own body would go flying a 65 mph through the sushi shop and into the wall, connor hitting a pipe and busting out of the other side of the shop, now laying back first on the cement with some scratches on his arms, and a massively bruised chin. Connor gritted his teeth, sitting himself up and feeling on his jaw line. “Bastard almost broke it clean off my hinges…I’ll have to step the combat game up with him if he gets outta that one…” Connor would pop his jaw from side to side, clicking his teeth together a few times to make sure it was secure before standing up and dusting himself off. “Kind of a down grade dontcha THINK blondie???!!!! I bet you didn’t even tell em that I trained you too did ya? So fuck everything we did together? RIGHT?” Connor yelled out, in his own horrid way venting..but he steeled his mind..not wanting his emotions to surface… trying his best not to show any emotion twaords Kodi, but the thought of her was heavy on his mind. If this attempted push blast did miss for any reason connor would still have his eagle eyes active ready to make nessecary counters.

Attempt At ClosureEdit

KodiTorabaasu: The blonde eyes widened watching Connors index point at him...creating a bluish red form of orb at the tip of finger... Cody only would smirk at this knowing Connor has deep feelings for Kodi. It was the same as his protective yet having more meaning than the blonde male himself..He gritted his teeth as he would then feel the large blast being shot toward him.."So... Looks like we have a bit of competition eh Matsuoka..." Matsuoka scoffed before the broad males large body would be shot 30 feet well as the blast's energy engulfing him.. He closed his eyes taking a deep inhale,feeling the pain soon asorb his face, chest and arms... Though he soon were not to feel it... due to the sharks oni within them they could mentally not feel the pain for a short time.. if example, of being stabbed to death, nor being beaten.. The shark quickly changes the mentality within the brain causing them not to feel any gouging nor stabbing for the time being.. feeling his muscles tear with force... being torn an turned into mush..Cody took his last deep inhales, feeling his mentality worn off... feeling a ton of amounts of pain going within his upper body.. Kodi watched from afar watching her friend crash into the building heading right into an out of it leaving a large hole... before crashing into two other buildings.. The crowd around her would stay silent before cheering Connor on from the match..Cody would slam straight a large lamp post, indenting it completely... he gritted his teeth before trying to arise up though, groaning loudly in pain."God damn... that strength... it was... astonishing... " He muttered out of his breath.. Matsuoka spoke right after.. within his head.."Just proves we need to get stronger..Big guy." then the male finally becoming unconciois, collasping amongst the concrete... Kodi groaned,taking out the cellphone Connor had gave her some time ago.. calling an ambulance to pick up Cody.."Yeah you'll notice his big ass somewhere laying unconcious..." She then looked at Connor who yelled out at her... her piercing blue eyes glaring at him “Kind of a down grade dontcha THINK blondie???!!!! I bet you didn’t even tell em that I trained you too did ya? So fuck everything we did together? RIGHT?” Her shark like attitude then came atone.. she stormed toward him before she lunged at him attempting to just giving him a straight punch in the right side of his face wanting him to shut up it was really tearing her apart inside...Kodi was really getting ticked off with how he was acting.. "Why should I tell him it wasn't any of his fucking buisness. and Like I fucking said were just why dont you just turn away an walk away from me like your suppose too" She leaned back crossing her arms giving him a glare.. even if she didn't want to say that.. Yet she wanted to just hold his hand an walk away together.. Not having a appetite any longer.. she scoffed shaking her head before turning her back toward him walking away from Connor, in a slow dramatic way.Though she could feel her emotions wanting to come out an interact with Connor.

( )Connor would stand in place to see that Cody had been hit dead on with the attack. Connor would nod flicking his nose with his thumb, and smirking, but not before seeing kodi strom up to him and deliver a swift punch to the right side of his face. Connor’s head moved but quickly came back to look staright ahead at her. “Well you’re punch hasn’t changed…’ Connor uttered to himself inhaling and exhaling. “You should tell him because…tch..” as she began to back away and turn away connor contemplated keeping his mouth shut. Letting it go. Not going after her..instead just letting her go. Connor relaxed his body calming down from his battle high but…his feelings began to get the best of him and he bit his lip before taking a step forward to grab her by her shoulder, and push her back against the nearest car with a growl. He’d look her dead in the eye with a glare…as he spoke this glair turned into a soft stare. The eyes he used to look at her with as if she was the only girl In the world. “Because!...because you can’t just…act like everything we went through didn’t happen! It’s not fair! I fee like…l-like I’m the only one who can admit that I like what we had! make me so FUCKING sick, acting like I can just walk away from you!” he’d lift her from the car and slam her into it once more, but this time he’d bury his head in her chest, gritting his teeth and sniffling just a bit…to angry to shed a tear, but to emotional to hold anything back. “Look at me kodi…” Connor’s voice calmed down and gruffed up a bit, as he got a grip on himself. “Look at me and tell me you don’t still feel something…so I can tell you you’re lying…” Connor’s grip on her arms was tight, but the closeness of their bodies almost remineded him of how things used to be. He was never good at showing emotions and was rough at heart..she was the only one who could handle him at his best and his worst…Connor’s crimson gaze peered into her blue eyes through the locks of brown hair In his face as his breathes were heavy and his forehead had made it’s way to hers.

( ) Her eyes widened, Kodi had not suspected him to grasp her by the shoulder while pushing her against the car that would nearest toward them...This caught the blonde by surprise, she would have a shocked expression upon her face before bringing it back to a glare. Connor looked at her with a glare, her blue eyes locked in with his when had turned his gaze into a gentle stare.. How she  loved when he had looked at her with those eyes...She could feel her heart pounding upon her chest...As he spoke to her, her eyes would have a sadden look within them  “Because!...because you can’t just…act like everything we went through didn’t happen! It’s not fair! I fee like…l-like I’m the only one who can admit that I like what we had! make me so FUCKING sick, acting like I can just walk away from you!”  Kodi gasped when he lifted her from the car thus slamming her into it once more..but she felt him bury his head within her chest.. she closed her eyes for a brief moment before fluttering them open when Connor had said “Look at me and tell me you don’t still feel something…so I can tell you you’re lying…” Feeling the grip amongst her arms, and the close-ness the two were sharing,though..the truth was the blonde still felt something toward the brown haired male, he was the only one that she'd let anyone in.. intimacy and all..The flashbacks of them being together flushed within her mind... Then, there eyes locked on once more.. not adverting her blue eyes at anysort...He leaned up while leaning his forehead against hers...She gritted her teeth, while she grunted placing her right hand onto his forearm gripping it tightly.. only to bring it up before shoving him back lightly  "You don't think this is fucking hard on me...But bearing.. the fact that seeing you brought out more emotions that I kept lock inside.. because well..I dont want to feel anymore..But Connor you make it so fucing hard! Hard not to feel things..." The look within her blue eyes became rather bold,Kodi's disorder kicked in though not having it diagnosed nor cured.. her psychopathy causes her boldness to expose out that would hide her true feelings inside.. Coating it up with harsh words..trying to push the person away she is interacting with..Though Connor knew her more than anybody else...She shoved him into the alley inbetween the buildings...Pinning him against the wall.. she reared her hand back before lashing it out punching him against the side of his face once more... before planting a roughly deep passionate kiss upon Connors lips.. She pulled away, biting at his bottom lip roughly before pulling back,staring into his eyes agressively,yet passionately.

 Old FlameEdit

( )"You don't think this is fucking hard on me...But bearing.. the fact that seeing you brought out more emotions that I kept lock inside.. because well..I dont want to feel anymore..But Connor you make it so fucing hard! Hard not to feel things..." the words she spoke to him as she shoved him away. Connor shook his head, as even now when she spoke of rejection all he heared was a cry…for touch. Connor could feel her negative emotions battling each other, and while it was tasty, he couldn’t peg this girl..and he liked it. As she shoved him into an alley way Connor played along. Anything just to get her to touch him keep her close. As she punched him in the jaw, Connor took it in stride, as his head quickly whipped back around to look at her, before she planted a kiss on his lips. Connor froze for a moment, before following suit. As she pulled back on his lip, Connor would grab her face, and press his lips to hers, opening her jaw a bit and sliding his tongue between her lips, tilting his head all the while and engaging her in a deep and lust ful kiss. He’d missed this with every cell in his body.  He moved his hands from her face to her waist, pulling their bodies close together, and gripping her buttcheeks with intensity. He’d lift her up and sit her on a trash can, so she was perfectly elevated, for him to push his hips between her legs. He’d waste no time, leaning forward and biting her neck, leaving teeth marks with his canines and sucking on the skin, soothing it with strokes of his tongue, as he caressed her body closer to his. As connor continued tonguing her neck, he’d grip the straps of her tank top and rip them off, letting her breast fluff free if she let him to that. He’d grip each tit, and begin twiddling her nipples around with his tumbs, before moving his tongue down the line of her neck and over her collar bone, immediately biting her nipple before sucking on it vigorously to sooth it, similar to how he’d previously done to her neck. Each time he made a suction on her nipple, his breath would sound llike growling noises, that hummed against her pink milk dud like nipples. Connor’s manhood was beginning to rise to the occasion, forgetting where they were and only giving his undivided focus to her..just like he used to. He’d make occasional thrust between her  hips, the warmth of her body entinced him, and entoxicated him just like it used to..

( ) Kodi felt his hands grab ontot he side of her face, pressing his lips against.. He opened her mouth slightly before he slid his toungue between her soft pink lips, her whole body quivered and slowly started to heat up instantly from only his kiss. Kodi yearned for this as much as Connor did..As he slid his hands off from her face, he moved them onto her thick waist.pulling her close to his body.. ..She can feel his intesning grip on her asscheeks..The blonde leaned away from the kiss once, more letting him seat ontop of the trash can she can feel her stomach flutter just like before.. Wrapping her thick muscular legs around his waist when he had pushed his hips between her legs.Tilting her head back sensually, exposing her soft neck this led Connor to lean forth and sinking his teeth against it.. leaving a trail of teethmarks..A moan escaped from her soft lips, feeling a lustful sensation when he had gave her bites, she panted while he would suck on her neck,gliding his toungue against the skin he was sucking.She looked out from the entrance of the alley,watching people pass by.. to her it was exhilarating, she blinked feeling him rip her tank top off exposing her breasts..due to not wearing a bra. She bit her lip as he gripped each of them... something was up Kodi's body was feeling rather sensitive..her thighs clenched around his waist feeling herself being heated up also her pussy already overflowing with juices..She gritted her teeth once more before thinking.."S-Shit... I'm already wet.." Kodi rolled her eyes having a heavy set of blush upon her face..while he glided his toungue down her neck while abrutly nipping at her nipple... before he sucked on her swiftly non-stop.. -She let out a low moan trying to retain herself from becoming louder.. Kodi couldn't take it anymore she grabbed him by the top of his brown locks of hair pulling him up to face her, while he had thrusted inbetween her hips.. she then leaned down lightly yet in a rough matter, bit down on his neck giving it rough suckles in between, she grunted being abrasive yet passionately.. she nipped more leaving shark like bite marks up and down his neck due to her sharp razor teeth.. Then in attempt she flung him off her while his back would smash against the opposite side of the wall before her.. He'd smash straight into it landing on his back... While he layed on the floor, she then lunged forth landing ontop of him.. "God.. you make me so mmmf-~" she stopped her self, kissing him roughly thus reaching over to grip at his jeans tugging them down along with his boxers.. The abrasive turned on blonde, stared at his erect length snickering while she panted biting her lower lip.. she reached over flicking the tip then grasping the shaft..Kodi heard the people inside the building screaming running out of the building.. Kodi manuevered herself inbetween his legs looking up at him not moving her gaze at all.. She would lick the head of his hard length then in a quick move..she opened her mouth wide then ramming his whole length inside her mouth that would slide down her throat.. she gagged roughly, feeling her saliva instanly slide down her chin.. She reached over sliding her right hand down her pants and into her panties.. Roughly she started to rub her swollen pink clit... her moans vibrating against her mouth... The blonde female couldn't think straight.. all her thoughts were about Connor.

As he covered her nipple in a thick coat of saliva while making sweet mouth love to it, she’d rear him back and lean up, digging her teeth into his neck. Her teeth were noteable sharper, and connor would open his mouth a bite before gritting his teeth and letting out a strained sigh from his lips and pulling her closer as she bit down. Afterwards she’d shoved him backwards, and connor’s back hit the wall, and he’d fall to the ground. Watching her lunge on top of him, his manhood only hardend further, as his eyes gained that pink tint they usually gain when ever he’s lustfully entoxicated. "God.. you make me so mmmf-~" As she kissed him again, Connor would run his hands through her hair, and grip a hand full, placing his other hand on her arm and running down it…next thing he knew, she’d reach at his manhood, and begin teasing and flicking it with the tip of her tongue. “Ahhh you kinky bitch….you know how I am about head…” Connor licked his lips before opening his legs a billet bit more, and removing his hoodie completely, reveling his body, in mint martial condition as it always was. His msucles were covered in a bit of sweat as the heat in his body was steadily rising. She slaped the head of his dick and he bit his lip and gave her a glare..As she teased his cock with her mouth and looked him dead in the eyes as she began to bob her head up and down Connnor’s body jerked..he was feeling, looking back into her eyes, and holding a handful of her hair, pulling it as she bobed to and from. He’d plant his feet on the ground, and put his knees up, letting her work. His head bumped back against the wall, as he closed his eyes and took sheltered breathes, his cock swelling inside as the saliva began to drip down her chin and the gagging noises began, his legs would tense, and he’d stretch them and pull them in, feeling himself close to cumming already. “Ahhh…I have to get the first nut outta the way anyway…” Connor allowed her to go on for a bit longer as she began to finger her snatch. He’d  make notion to start flexing his hips, pushing them into her face, which ultimately pushed his cock even more so down her throat. So much so, her chin and his balls collapsed together, as he’d force a large slush of slaiva out of her throat, and around his cock at once. He’d continue thrusting each time she bobbed her head for maximum effect. “I bet you treat all your other boyfriends this good don’t you…finish me off.” Connor fucked her throat with malice, & sole passion for her and her only.

( As Connor removed his hoodie off of his slightly glistened muscled body.. her eyes gleamed,looking at her boyfriends physique body... She couldn't handle the fact that his muscles turned her on even more.. He grabbed a handful of her blonde locks of hair,pulling it while she'd suck on his hard erect cock that was soon growing bigger down her throat.. thus feeling him plant each of his feet amognst the ground she stretched them out before he brought his legs back, “Ahhh…I have to get the first nut outta the way anyway…”  While she heard this she were about to lean away sliding his cock from her mouth before Connor pushed his hips into her face causing his hard length to be shoved into throat more.. the sides of his shaft would be wrapped around by the walls of her throat..her blue eyes widened though she could feel her pussy becoming more drenched in her own juices,this made her panties soaked completely.. She could feel his balls against her chin thats how far he went down into her throat..Large amounts of her own saliva spurted out around his cock in her stuffed mouth, then it would slide down her chin as well as his balls.. making a sloppy mess. While all this she began to move her head back an forth in a very vigorous motion.. She felt a strange sensation within her throat, feeling turned on by just sucking Connors cock.. Kodi can feel him fucking her mouth while she had bobbed her head.. this would cause her to gag a bit more,also breathing out of her nose, due to his shaft being so deep within her mouth.. Instantly she slapped her wet hot pussy, bringing her lower body to jerk around while moaning louder against his length.  Then lowering her fingers to her pussy hole, she instantly rammed two fingers inside herself.. Instantly she slammed inside her tight self, thrusting them in a rough matter. Though when Connor had told her this. “I bet you treat all your other boyfriends this good don’t you…finish me off.” Connor fucked " She gazed up at the brown haired male with an angered expression yet having a flustered look upon her face. Planting her hands onto his thighs.. she forcefully,leaned all the way back.. feeling his cock slide out her throat.. till all that was left in her mouth was the head of his cock.. She still glared up at him.. then SLAM she roughly slammed his cock straight down her throat instantly.. Her eyes rolled behind her head for a brief moment, as it seemed she was lost inbetwee pleasure,passion,love and lust all mixed within one.. Shutting her eyes.. she continued deepthroating Connors cock this way.. starting from the tip.. then slamming into her tight throat at least four to five times.. before keeping still, letting his pulsing cock stay in place within her throat.. hoping his cum spurting out down her throat.. if he did so.. Kodi would push back,moving her mouth away from his cock.. feeling his hot white sticky jizz all inside her mouth... Swallowing it all, she would then stick out her toungue knowing he'd cum all over her porcelain face as well. She glared up at him while speaking to him with her toungue out.  "All of a sudden I just hang out with one of my close friends.. and I have other boyfriends you jealous bitch." She said that statement in a taunting way, teasing Connor before her face were to be covered in sticky cum.

As continued fucking her mouth, with his own mouth wide open, and gasping. His legs convulsing as he gripped her hair and kept on flexing his hips into her throat.  As her saliva drenched his balls and inner thighs, his eyes had completely shifted to a hot pink, showing the inner oni inside of him coming to a lustful fruition. Even more so since his training came back with massive results. She started taking him in more, from th e head to the base, all the way, in large gulps. Connor reared his head back, sighing, as he didn’t know she was such a beast at oral! His fingers dug into the cement as he clawed in angst, and before he knew it a large wad came shooting form his cock into the void of her throat, after she’d gulped his meat 5 more times. As she pushed back and stuck her tongue out, he’d grip his cock, and aim it right at her face, her beatufiful and soon to be slutitfied face. "All of a sudden I just hang out with one of my close friends.. and I have other boyfriends you jealous bitch." The moment she spoke it only set him off more, to let his thick and steaming loads of cum spew onto her face. Connor sighed, and his chest moved up and down…he wasn’t finished. He’d look around, and see a leaky spikit in the ally way with water dripping from it. Connor huffed before standing up and grabbing kodi by her arm. If allowed Connor would drag her over to the fossit, and hold her face underneath it, turning it on and shooting large amounts of water on her face, and into her mouth…”Of course I’m jelous…I don’t care where you go..this belongs to me..” Connor smirked and laughed a bit. “I’ll take care of it..” As he finished washing her face off, he’d pick her up and lay her flat on the ground, her bare back hitting the cement. Connor would dig his nails into the pelvis of her jeans, simply ripping the zipper area off of them, and exposing the only parts he cared about, i.e her pussy and the neighboring anus. Connor would place a hand on her face, and mush it against the pavement . “take it….and remember it.” Connor took his already stimulated cock, and shoved it into her soaked womb. Connor’s eyes shut for a moment, as he thrusted all the way in balls, deep and what’s suprising is that his cock actually got harder and longer while inside of her…extending to 9 inches, he’d growl, his canines baring and a demon like steam escaping his mouth as his body heated up. Connor then went ape shit, and started attacking her pelvis with his own. His thrust were merciless as every inch of his muscule and power went into each thrust, attacking her thickened thighs. His other had not on her face would rest squarely on her shoulder, putting her in palce and turning her into his personal fuck machine, as his hips slithered like a snake in motion, but hit like a car wreck. His cock pulsating inside of her, he’d waste no time trying to make her feel it in her guy, by using his own legs to mount her legs open the way he wanted, causing her pussy to make gushing and farting like noises as he plundered inside of her, scraping her back against the cement each time.

The female blinking in surprise as Connor grabbed Kodi by her arm right after he shot his sticky cum into her mouth an face... He soon dragged her over by the fossit.. Holding her cum covered face underneath, he turned on the fossit bringing big amounts of water hitting her face... She closed her eyes feeling her porcelain face becoming clean, while water went into her mouth she gargled for a bit.. swishing it around to get her mouth clean before spitting it out...Kodi would then hear Connor say..”Of course I’m jelous…I don’t care where you go..this belongs to me..I'll take care of it..”  He finished cleaning her face off while picking her up thus lying her onto the flat cement ground.. placing her arms on the sides of her head feeling his nail dig into pelvis area of her dark baggy blue jeans only ripping the area to leave her anus and wet heated pussy that were to be exposed.She growled lowly when he have mushed her face against the floor telling her to take it an remember it..Then shoving his erect twitching cock into her hot soaked pussy reaching up to her womb.. She arched her back, her whole body shivering with pleasure.. Her tight pussy walls wrapped around him as if milking his cock for cum.Though little did she know was that his cock were to get harder an longer in length inside of her causing the walls of her pussy to expand.. adjusting to his cock size.. She shut her right, while gazing up at Connor, watching him growl an exposing his canine teeth..she can feel his body being heated up as long with he pounded balls deep inside her drenched womb...Then his thrusts were quickly becoming violent.. she can hear the frequent "clapping"noise while he fucked her merciless... Kodi would glare up at him, while her loud moans echo'd throughout the alley. She couldn't hold back her moans anymore.. Though she never liked being put in her place.Even so, at the same time.. she can feel her mind becoming a blur while her body soon was filled within deep lust.She let out a feminine yelp as Connor's hip slithered in a snake like motion.. This would cause his cock to hit her g-spot very intensely that it would make the inside of her wet pussy to tighten up more along with her clit twitching an throbbing... She bit her lip as her lower body squirmed around in a circular motion.. This only made Kodi's pussy wanted to climax even more so.As he mounted her thick legs open causing her pussy to make lewd noises,as well as  her naughty juices spurting out each time he thrusted in... Kodi clenched her teeth feeling her back being scraped by the cement.. The blonde planted her hands onto the ground as well as her legs wrapping around his waist.. though he was still thrusting into her sensitive hole.. Pushing herself up from the floor only to grapple her arms around Connors neck thus pushing him against the wall using her hands to claw the sides of the wall on each side of his head... Doing so.. this would of made Connors cock slide half way into her womb once more feeling as if it was in her gut.Using his upper broad shoulders for balance, she would start to slam her lower body into his pelvic area..causing his cock to be shoved abrutly almost half of his cock was inside... Tugging him from his shoulders.. she roughly smashed his back into the wall once more.. before slamming her right foot onto the cement the other stuck on the wall..She grunted as her lewd moans would echo more an more around the alley..Digging her nails into his shoulder blades, Kodi would then start to grind against his cock as well as riding on it with this position. The female would slam her hips against his only to feel herself climax finally... taking in deep pants... Though Kodi wanted a bit more..she placed her other foot onto the floor not letting his cock out her pussy. . She manuevered where her ass was sticking up.. Kodi leaned over, grabbing her ankles.. she bit her bottom lip while quickly sliding his shaft out of her pussy slowly... Though she gripped the shaft of his dick only to plunge it deeply into her ass..Stopping herself while his cock was midway into her asshole.. she screamed inbetween pain and pleasure while slamming her thick ass down while his cock disappeared into her anus... gripping her ankles, she moved her thick hips from left to right...feeling his cock ravagely penetrate her asshole.

Connor gutted her pussy for everything it was worth. Each thrust, more than just a physical get off, but a vent of emotions pouring from his dick to her womb. Each thrust filled with hate, loss, pain, confusion and dreadful longing for the one he cared about.  As she started to change her position, Connor would continue plowing her gut, not letting up for a moment to even give her a room of breathe, and suddenly her hands were wrapped around his neck, and his body would tumble backwards against the brick wall. At this point, Connor ‘s pants were at his ankles. As she literally wall mounted him, Connor eyed her down the entire time. Her well built and thick thighs collapsing around his waist, and the look of her lust matching his own. His hands made friends with the base of her asscheeks, to help support her swinging like fashion as she based her pussy on the length of his manhood.  “Ahh…ahhhh…ahhhhhhh” Connor uttered with a spiteful growl. Suddenly her next maneuver shocked him, as she slamed her foot to the ground, and let her other leg stay slide up against the wall. The fact she was cutting a split on him, about made Connor bust then and there. As she rode him in his position, he’d support the base of her ass with one hand, and grope, and pinch her nipple with his other hand. He could hear her pants, and by now even with only a second time, he could tell when she climaxed and as she did Connor would press her pelvis against his, so he could feel her  juices flowing down the both of ther thighs and making a rather sticky surface. She reposistioned herself again, only now she was fully leaned over, with a  grip on her ankles. Connor held his hands up and let her work for a moment, as she griped the shaf of his meaty mini me, and plunged in in her ass. Her screams made him let out a meniaichical laugh. “HAHAHAHAHAHA…..hearing your cries of pain get me going…It completes me…I wonder if it’ll make up for how you left me…” Connor would raise his hand high and bring it down, laying the smack down upon her ass with might, leaving a red hand mark on each cheek. He’d slap each cheek repeatedly, as she grinded her ass from left to right, before he’d finally, lean his back against the wall and spread his own legs, his stance firm as he’d place both hands on the curve of her hips, and claw his fingers inside of them, breaking the flesh a bit and drawing a tad bit of blood. He’d break the muscle of her anus, and plunge the dephs of his cock entirely inside of her, smooshing her asscheeks against his pelvis. He’d groan, running his hands up her back, before sliding them back down to the under curve of her bent over body, and pulling his cock all the way out, before slapping it right back in 

his thrust at first were slow, but incredibly powerful, as each thrust had a sticky sound to it, but a thunderous clap made from the meeting of their thighs. Each thrust he’d take in a breathe, her ass wraping around his cock nicely an adjusting to his size rather quickly, a lot faster than even he’d though. He’d keep this steadily hard pattern of fucking her for a while, before running his hand down and mounting his hands on her thighs. “Tell me you like it.” Connor’s voice growled at the end of his sentence as he’d then pick up the pace, his precum spiraling into the pits of her intestines, and lubing the area for him, letting him fuck her to her hearts content. A couple of people began to stop and stare at the show partaking in the alleyway. Connor paied them no mind, but knew they were there and continued ripping her anus in two with his powerful hip thrust. “Say it…infront of everyone that you like it..”

KodiTorabaasu: “HAHAHAHAHAHA…..hearing your cries of pain get me going…It completes me…I wonder if it’ll make up for how you left me…” As he said that to her she would scoff yet only to yelp loudly when he had slapped her plumped cheeks repeatedly.. while she continued to grind against his cock in a rough matter feeling his cock pulsate in her ass..Connor would lean back against the wall, spreading his legs stancing himself in a firm position while placing his hands onto the curve of her hips..she groaned sensually when he had digged his claws into them drawing a bit of her blood..Her eyes widened while jerking her head back grunting feeling him break the muscle of her anus..plunging into the depths of her anus.. Her feminine moans would escape her quivering lips.. her dripping toungue sticking out..while saliva dripped down to the floor from her toungue. Her pussy now overflowing of juices,sliding down her thick inner thighs..the sensation of her ass getting deeply plunged caused herself to become turned on.. Kodi felt his hips smoosh against her plumped asscheeks..while shivering in pleasure feeling his hands run up her back thus sliding them back onto the curve amongst her bent body..She took a moment to take a breather when he had pulled out of her ass all the way though screaming out loud once more when he have shoved it back in.. The female would then squirm around sticking her ass up..first his thrusting was at a slow pace though with such strength.. each time he thrusted within her, her moans were rhythic with his pounding... Her ass swallowing his cock whole feeling deepper an deeper within her ass.. She shifted her head leisurely hearing Connor to tell her that she likes it..after he growled picking up his pace.. pounding her faster and faster..she gritted her teeth for a moment before abrutly saying.."I like-" She came to a halt while, Kodi eyes widened watching the people around her that stayed an watched her ass getting ravaged..But only let out a sensual loud moan echo'd more causing more attention.. “Say it…infront of everyone that you like it.." THe female glared at the crowd with her usual stare before saying.." I-I like it ~ I never felt this sensation before..!" after she finished her statement,s he would shut her eyes reaching down with her right hand to rub her swollen sensitive clit.. in a vigrous violently motion..She'd could feel her asshole tighten around his moving length while.. her pussy began to squirt,leaving a large puddle underneath her..though her hand wouldn't stop moving on her clit... she couldn't take it anymore.. Kodi began to climax heavily due to cumming from being fucked from her ass. Her whole body quivered while pulsating as she squirted once more leaving a large mess of her lewd juices.. She bit her lip while she backed her ass into his cock, meeting his quick thrusts.. wanting him to cum deep within her ass..

(  ) As she screamed out she liked it infront of everyone a sinster grin appeared on Connor’s face! He’d continue savaging on her ass, as she rubbed her clit, casing an overflow of liqud to spew forth from her wound! Connor ate it up, taking it all in, and fucking her legs to nice dark brusing, and a nice tomato red ass to complement it! He could feel it..the cums welling up in his cock as he continued to fuck her without any consideration for situation. His teeth gritted and locked in a sinister smile as he’d continue fucking her, forcing her to submit to his wims 

Connor would grunt loudly thrusting three more times before finally the cum that had been built up would spew froth from his meaty hose, filling the void of her ass with his hot and sticky fluid. The cum spewing from the rim of her ass showing he’d filled it up completely, and with an abnormall large amount to boot. Finally he’d remove his cock from her ass and jerk it, spewing a few more streams across her back and a bit in her hair. 

As Connor did this he’d step back and lean against the wall hiking his pants up….and looking around at where he was and what he’d been doing. He wanted to…hold her. Clean her off of course, but at heart he was a cuddle bug, and all he wanted to do was hold her..tell her he cared..tell her how great it was…tell her how it felt in general. However Connor remained rather silent. He pulled his pants up, and looked at her before darting his eyes away. “I guess this is the part where we put out clothes on and walk away right…I feel like if we do anymore than this we’ll get close again. and right now..that’s not what I need…even if I want it that badly…” Connor’s hand twitched. He wanted to reach for her…take her hand and go off somewhere. Somewhere only they knew..but Connor already had the feeling of that dream being a fleeting reality…”I still want you Kodi…” connor would roll his shoulder and crack his neck on the left and then the right. “But right now you have no need for me. You’ve made that clear..go back to that Cody guy…maybe he’ll do you some good. Cause I can’t…besides being a physical outlet..” Connor would start dragging his feet out of the allyway, looking at the ground. Letting his feeligns and pride get in the way of him wanting to beg her to come back. That’s all he wanted, but in the end, he’d rather live through the pain of loss than grovel for her efection. He’d stand at the edge of the allyway shirtless, and close his eyes for a second. A look of somber on his face as he was about to leave her once again…he’d swallow hard and turn the corner, walking down the street and making his way across the road, furthering himself from her yet again. just like he always did. Just like he hated doing…but just like he knew he’d be doing for a long time until she was ready to come back.

KodiTorabaasu: ( Kodi brought herself up leisurely feeling lower part of her body slightly being numb from the rough sex. while she stood there stayed silent as ever, watching the male pulling his pants up..then she adverted her blue oceanic eyes while he had spoken to her... “I guess this is the part where we put out clothes on and walk away right…I feel like if we do anymore than this we’ll get close again. and right now..that’s not what I need…even if I want it that badly…” Her heart sunken into her blacken void upon her chest.. once more the feeling of .. hurt.. physically it felt as if her heart was tearing.apart... she hated this feeling.. The female would of leaned against the opposite wall of where Connor was..The saddened Kodi then would of balled her right hand into a fist, then using her opposite slipping her hand into her ripped jeans.. grabbing her bag of drugs she had to take something, She wanted to grab the male an just embrace him tightly and never let go...While continued to speak.. she pulled out 3 enhanced mollys,popping all three of them swallowing them with one gulp.. “But right now you have no need for me. You’ve made that clear..go back to that Cody guy…maybe he’ll do you some good. Cause I can’t…besides being a physical outlet..” Hearing him bring up Cody just made the feeling worsen... the unwanted tears came streaming down her porcelain face..not being able to hold them back. Connor would of dragged his feet looking at the ground...passing her by...She bit her bottom lip, biting it so hard..she made it bleed...Shifting her head she watched him walking down the street.. then across the road.. she extending her right if trying to reach out to him."C-Connor...I still want you too.." speaking with a soft weary tone..She choked up in her own tears.. before feeling the heavy hazey light headed high feeling that the pills gave effect in.. Her tears stopped flowing from her eyes drying up quickly. Kodi looked up at the sky..smiling at it " is it good for? Absolutely nothing." Bringing her emotionless,psychopath side out once .. she inhaled the air..not feeling any pain.. nothing more.. Her blue eyes becoming a dazed out look.. The drugged up blonde continued to walk down the streets, swaying left and right...Heading toward the hideout of Cody and Connor,knowing that the broad blonde male would heal throughly due to how strong he is.. Though now she doesn't have a care in the world.

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