A Starry NightEdit

Sasuke and hebi by ar ua-d3cma2s
( ) A warm perfect temperature, the only phrase that can describe the weather in a place such as this even at nighttime. Nighttie was perhaps leon’s favorite time of the day now adays. He sat upon the top of a loop in the track of the tallest rolarcoaster in the park. It was closed off for the time being, clearly with it being trhee in the morning. Leon stood atop there, looking over the entirety of the island. His arms folded and his senses working inconjuction with his mind to ovsere and take in everything. “Connor…this will be our final meet. I’ll see to that…our father will lose something less than a “son.” Leon balled his fist up and opened his ands up pointing them out towards his sides, and as he did hundreds of small snakes, no bigger than your average garden snake, would seep from his palms, dwindling down the railing of the theme park ride, and making their way down the metallic railing. “Simple perecuations must be taken…I can at least keep up with the competition without needing to venture out to far..”: The snakes would scatter across the island into the creases, craves and cracks of hotels, as far as the wildwoods, and even different parts of resorts and residences.  This is possible by Stretching and deforming: this isnt in the mannor of Damon Yun's, but more so the serum taking to Leon's new personality. As such, Leon can produce large snake like creatures by morphing his skin to do so. The user has power to project numerous snakes from their body to eject it's poison into the user's target, they may also project snakes to become weapons like arrow for a bow or while the user is combating the snake may leave it's human den to kill's master target. These skin snakes can become as thin as Leon needs them to be as long as they are attached, or as thick as he needs them to be as an added shielding or something of the sort. Even detached from Leon’s body, their made from his biological structure, in turn creartures created from his mental psyche and brainwaves, meaning they share a hive mind so to speak. This allows Leon to see what they see, when one of them establishes a mental “alert” signal to so speak, the brainwave is picked up by leon, allowing him to share their sight for a limited time and observe the happening. As they left leon’s body, a few more minutes of observation occurred, before he’d leap down from the 30 sotrie coaster peak and land on the ground without so much as a grunt, and soft patter of his hands hitting the cement.

Phone HomeEdit

He’d stand up, pulling up his black tucke din hoodie, and covering his muscular mid section up. His modern day hakama pants shifting softly as he proceeded to walk around the island resort roads, next to a tropical central park to speak, borderlining with the forest area where the exotic wild life was contained. He’d reach into his pocket, and pull out his cellphone making a phone call. The line would ring twice before densukew oudl anser with a sleepish tone of voice. “Mnh Felicity hold on I’m gonna blow a loa- H-HELLO?!? WHO IS THIS?” Leon would hold a stern face but the first word that came to his mind was. “…disgusting.” Even as freak of nature, partent’s having sex is not a pleasant thing for anyone. ( ) “Hey’s Leon.” Densuke would hop up outta the bed, holding his hand over the phone and leaving the bed room. “I’ll be right back I promise! LEON! It’s good to  hear from you! W-where’ve you ben you said you were coming home for good a while ago..your mother’s been worried sick. We all have.”  Leon stopped walking to reply.  “I know…I’ve been really busy with Kendo club. Lot’s of state compittiions and trips, I’m always on the road. Sleeping out with friends and what not , that I have been.” Leon paused for a moment. “I’m uh. In the GMAF’s this year. Junior division.” Densuke had already been heading to the main computer, attaching a wire to his watch which was where the call was coming in on, and attempting to locate where his son was. After a few beeps a geographical map would appear on screen, but there would be fuzz from where leon’s exact location was. “Well that’s great Leon. It should be no problem for me to come on our and cheer ya on. Are your brother and sister in it to?” “No. Kat’s sitting this one out I beilive..” Leon rubbed the back of his neck, knowing full well he hadn’t talked to her long enough to rightfully know. “Connor is in it as well.” Leon finshed off his sentence then started another. “You don’t have to come out father. It’ll be broad casting live all over America, so you can see it then too.” Leon in truth didn’t want his father to see what he had become. What he was. His lineage being killed right from the moment he took the serum, though Leon was beginning to suspect other wise... “Ah well I guess I’ll just support you from a far then Leon.” Densuke’s brow furrowed as he looked at the screen. “huh..the coordinates are here, but I can’t get a lock on leon…some kind of static interference. This is ridiculous, what kind of static could be so potent?” Leons’ extra body static was really the cause of the distortion but this was unbeknownst to both of them.( ) “Thank you. I’ll see you when I return.” “Hey Leon.” Densuke quickly butted in. “Hm?” “ you know. You’ll always have a home to come back to. You’re my son, and I love you very much so. Just..come home when you can okay? As I man I understand you gotta get out there and do what you do, but your mother’s been worried sick about you…your grandmother to…just drop by every now and again okay?” Leon remained  silent for a moment before replying. “Yeah….yeah I sure will.” Leon hung up the phone and looked at the ground for a moment. Remembering his childhood, he’d pause for a moment and think of home. The home he knew. The home he grew up in…the home he missed. His shame was so evident, but even a bystander could tell Leon desperately missed his old life..if he ever got the courage to tell his father, maybe things could go back to how they used to be but no. he knew he’d steped into a world that all he could do now was embrace…resting his right arm upon the handle of his sword, he’d continue his walk until his ears twitched.

Another Challenger!Edit

( ) as his eyes shifted from green to red, he could see through the eyes of one of the snakes who’d found a very boxum felmale hiding in the shadows. Leon would stop in his tracks yet again. “You’re aware…that fighting another contestnant while not in a GMAF

match will get us both suspended. Right?” The woman trailing Leon would flip from 20 in the air and land being her legs and standing up with her fist balled up. “Hmph. That rule only applies to contestants! I’m a bystander as far as this even is concerned.” The  young Chinese woman glared at leon in the pale moonlight. Mai has the appearance of an average height Chinese girl, all be it quite developed for her age. This is namely due to her extensive training in Chinese Kenpo, which focuses on enhancing the body through deep breathing martial arts via hard forms and soft forms, of course including the workouts that come with them. She's quite voluptuous in figure, and is often mistaken to be MUCH older than what she actually is. She can use this to her advantage in many more ways than one, but never takes it to far to the point of losing what she values. Her eyes are green in color, and her hair is a dark blue in light, but at night appears black. She usually wears a set of beads on her wrist, and keeps her hair tied up in buns, and wears bell type ear rings. She also tends to wear revealing Chinese dresses, even at times appearing rather skimpy, that draw attention to her breasts and legs, suggesting she doesn't have much modesty. “you’re connor’s brother right? You’re coming with me. I need a hostage to lure him out.” Leon kept his back turned towards the girl, not even glancing in her direction. “He has a girlfriend I hear, that he does. Try your luck with her.” Mai smirked and began to walk slowly towards leon stoping when she was 6 feet from him. “Nice try, but blood is thicker than water. There’s no other way. For the honor of the Silver Axe Clan and my country I must apprehend you.” Leon folded his arms, keeping his gaze away from her. “Sounds like a Chinese triad hm? Peculiar that they want my brother.” “There are a lot of people involved. For now he’s all we need, and you’re the first step in obtaining him.” Leon would finally turn to her, revealing his red iris and blacked eyes. “Interesting. Experimentation maybe? Recruited by a higher paying source for a living specimen?  A 5’6 Chinese girl weighing in at about 120-125 pounds, probably 16, by the looks of it you’re a master at chinese kenpo seeing as how no sixteen year old simply blooms that early, you’ve probably worked muscles in your body that developed your puberty quite early. You’ve more notably got a sister who’s either long gone or dead, it’s easy to tell by the quality of your clothing that you’re well taken care of. I’m guessing someone,  your father probably, as you have the look of a motherless child, sent you here after making a deal with a very, very, powerful figure.” Mai would glare at Leon. “What are you some kind of detective?” Leon closed his eyes for a moment. “Let’s just say it runs in the family…all in all you’re not getting to my brother. He’s my kill. You’re either quite confident or quite stupid to think you can just “kidnap me.” “ She’d  grunt in frustration and squat down low, taking a chinese kenpo stance, extending her arms out wards and bending them at an angle so they were close to her body, one hand closer to her chin, and the other further outwards (Ma_renka_dress_02_by_drahcirdwave-d4ac0pq.jpg ) “Well see how smart you are when I’ve defeated you!” ( ) Mai would rush in, her hands posed in the same position, as she’d quickly feint! Stopping her hands inches away from leon’s face and chest, before turning her back towards him and gripping him by his head, in turn tossing leon’s body forward into a near by storage  building! Leon would bust through the door and go flying and flailing until finally coming to a hualt and kicking off of a wall to catch his footing again and stand firm on the ground. Mai darted into the building her speed impressive as she launched a series of punches and kicks at leon! Each hit she threw left a wind shifting off of it, showing just how strong the actual impact would be if it was to make a clean connection. This was a dream however, as leon’s body shifted in various directions with inhuman like flexibility. “Stop being  coward and fight back! Sei Shin Suikyou Shou!” she screamed out the name of her move and as she did she’d launch a Palm strike that can blast away all the water in a hot spring and heavily damages both a person's body and internal organs! Leon would catch her by the arms before the attack even made connection, the wind behind the attack whipping around violently his strength already inhuman before would grip her wrist in a vice. “Tch! L-let go!”
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Leon's arm catch counter

Leon would lift her body upwards into the air effortlessly, before lifting his left leg up for leverage, and then following it up by lifting his right leg for a kick straight to mai’s chin! the impact rattled her brain and left her speechless as she flew to the ceiling, her head shooting through the roofing and dangling there for a second while her legs kicked and kicked. “. . .” Leon simply watched her as he squatted down, preparing to go on the offensive again, but that’s when main would pull her self free, hanging by the hole in the ceiling for a moment before swinging her body towards leon, and coming down towards him in a spinning spiral like kick! “Flying sparrow!” she’d shout out as Leon would step to the side and maneuver away from it. Mai continued her offensive, attempting to strike leon in every which direction possible! Her hands literally appearing in multiple areas above, below, to the left, the right, and every adjacent direction in leon’s immediate vicinity!( Dhistorys-strongest-disciple-kenichi-4081363.jpg ) “so this is chinse kenpo..” Leon would stop in his tracks, only to quickly with draw his sword, and begin using the blunt front of his blade to attack back! Resulting in a series of exchanged strikes and counters, Leon matching her every attempted strike with his own attempted battojutsu slash, drawing and sheathing his blade each time. “This girl is literally pushing off of the side of my blade to deflect it..tch, if I slip up she’s got me!” mai would smirk for a second before suddenly back flipping 2 feet away from leon . the moment she landed her feet seemingly floated across the ground as she closed the distance in a half a second now face to face with Leon! Leon’s expression remained calm, while Mai had the fiercest of looks on her face, as her arms drew back in preparation for her
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attack! “one more time!” Mai thought to herself. “SEI SHIN SUIKYOU SHOU!!!!” She shouted at the top of her lungs, only this time Leon was in a tight spot! Leon tried to dart away, but glanced down only to see a surprise. “Tch, she’s planted her foot onto mine, to prevent escape…” Mai would thrust her palms into Leon’s stomach, making a dead on connection this time! The air behind Leon would ripple in waves like a rock hitting the water’s surface, and as that happened her palms would dig their way into leon’s stomach a momentary burst of pale green chi erupting from her palms as Leon’s body was sent hurtling backwards! Leon coughed a bit, as his feet slid along the cement stopping him before he reached ten feet away form mai. Mai would punch and kick the air a couple of times before squatting down and standing up again, extending her left arm infront of her and rearing her right one back, both her hands in open palm positions, as he spread her feet apart keeping one leg straight and the other one slightly bent. “Ha! Do you like my Kung Fu?”( ) Leon would stand there with his arms folded by his sides, and grunting, as he’d raise his head to look up at her. One he’d unfolded his arms he’d speak. “if that’d been me a few months ago, you might’ve done me in…it wasn’t even my physiology that defeated you, but my karate stance..the moment you hit me I used what’s known in Japanese karate as Naizouage. It’s a breathing technique that raises my organs up to my ribcage momentarily using my diaphragm and the upwards motion of the breathe. Essentially all you hit was pure muscle, which in this case..” Leon would take his normal stance pointing to his stomach. “didn’t even leave a mark.” Mai’s eyes widened for a moment, as she twirled her hands in the air, and squatted down even lower in the same stance but much lower. “I see you’re martial arts is unique as well…I hear there’s a Chinese technique that does the same thing…none the less!”  suddenly streams of water would begin to form from the base of her foot, until they stopped when they twirled and entwined the entirety of her body, the water making a soft and slushy like noise as it flowed beside and behind her. (  ) Leon would grunt, gripping his sword in a reverse grip and the moment he drew his sword bright flash of light, gleamed as he’d time it to align with a ray of moonlight that was shining through the roof, thus putting a glare


in  mai’s eyes. “SHIT!” Suddenly a flurry of sword  strikes would erupt from Leon’s spot of origin! Multiples upon multiples of sword  slashes coming faster than Mai’s eyes can see! Mai looked in shock prepping herself for a counter attack confident in her ability when in what can only be described as an instant, Leon would appear right besider her on her left side, his arm over her chest and draping on her shoulder. He’d speak in a low tone of voice into her ear. “You were cocky..” The water beside mai would suddenly disperse into thousands of tiny little droplets, hovering in midair and floating downwards, heading to the ground and dripping and dropping and pattering on the ground only to dissipate back into the chi disappearing into the ether. Mai would furrow her brow before standing. “I…yield. From this position I couldn’t do much anyway. “ she’d blurt. “Shut up..i can feel your body tensing. You’re already prepping for your next maneuver…well don’t bother, I’m done with this fight. I want you to tell me what's so special about my brother... “ Mai would swallow hard feeling beaten physically and mentaly. "You're of Onihouruda and Koikonjitto blood. The First of his kind..a modern day Hanyo." Leon galred. "Half demon...fits what i've been calling him, but i didn't think the tittle would come to fruition that i did not." Mai nodded. "That's all they told me."  Leon would back away from her, and proceed to walk out of the door way.  As he did, his back muscles would start to contort and contrast before a pair of wings would sprout from his back in the shape of webbed hands spreading out wide, for their wingspan.  “What…in the hell..” Mai uttered. “If you had some trouble with me, I can already tell my brother will mop the floor with you…while I tend to downplay his ability…he would’ve finished you without a second thought.” Leon would squat down before flying off into the night air, heading back towards the hotel rooms, to rest up for the following days. Mai would clench her fist with a smile. “These “Ryoji’s” are interesting characters! I can’t wait to see how the other families I was told about act!” she’d ninja her way back to her own dorm as well.

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