NW Chapter 164


( ) The sun was setting on resort island and it was a glorious sunset indeed. Connor on this day would be jogging down the beach, sweat dripping down from his face, as kin’s defeat weighted heavy on his mind. So heavy in fact, he didn’t even stay to hear the victory announciation. Connor came to this tournament to fight Kin and Kin alone. While he wanted a piece of Akira as well, Connor shook his head pissed at the fact that might not happen. He’d begin to dart down the beach sprinting at 70mph, the sand kicking up from beneath his feet as he’d then leap 20 feet into the air, cutting a few front flips, 4 more notably and landing in the sand, a wave of gravel and sand spreading out form his location. Truth be told he’d been running for three hours now, and could settle for more, but he’d had to much on his mind to truly focus on anything else. He’d stop for a minute to watch the ray of sun start to sparkle over the ocean in beautiful twilight of glory and though. Connor spoke to wahsi in his head. “Man I can’t beilive kin lost…kinda saw it coming from the flow of it all but it’s hard to beilive. Guess there are just some peope who train harder..” Wahsi would nod, spiritually manifesting beside connor to stand and watch the sunset with him. (how washi looks ))this was more of a “in conor’s head thing” but none the less it’s one of the stages of having an oni period. “It’s not such a bad thing. Now you know you’ll get the possibility to face a stronger opponent than Kin. This could be what you’re looking for the ultimate fight right?” Connor nodded. Though he was upset, he was still happy to know he’d be facing the stronger one. “You’re right washi..yeah..hell yeah…HELL YEAH! I’M STILL GONNA COME OUT ON TOP! AND EVEN AFTER THIS IS OVER I’M GONNA FIGHT KIN WITH NO RULES!” Connor would  bend over and stand back up raising his arms to the sky and smiling brightly. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” ( ) Connor would laugh and Washi would pat him on the shoulder. “Just remember you’re not alone. I’m always in your head. Two head’s are better than one my friend. I’ll always be here…remember that.” Washi would smile at connor fixing up his sunglasses and giving him a thumbs up. After which,  his image would fade back into connor’s subconscious. Connor would look at the water once more before, turning around and looking towards the hotels. “I’m gonna go see what Kodi’s doing. I’ll tell her to meet me out here..” Connor would pull out his phone, and shoot her a text on the phone he gave her as part of the shinppaku federation. The text read: “Aye gurl, get yo ass up! I’m trying to  hang today!.....I miss you. <3 I’m making my way up from the beach!” Connor would then slip the phone back into his pocket, and begin walking up the stoney pathway towards the girls dorm, hoping she’d make her way down. He’d been wanting to see her for the longest time since her match with eden…it pissed him off that he did that but he understood that kodi was her own woman and made her own decisions. None the less, he sill wanted to avenge her at least. Hopefully she was feeling up to it. Connor smiled at the thought of seeing her again, bit of a cheesy grin, but accurate no one the less.

Kodi:The blonde female would smile at her reflection within the mirror of the dresser that would stand by the bed.She couldn't help but replay the last part of the match between her and Eden.. She gave it her all.. and always loved to push herself..Whether if it meant Death nor losing  limbs now.. All she wanted was to fight.Nathan would stand behind his blonde sour-faced friend, wrapping her shoulder slightly."Honestly, Boo-Boo.. I think you should stop fighting.. I mean losing your legs an such.. I mean I know my words mean nothing to you at all, BUT.. you need to be more careful sweetie!" He finished wrapping her shoulder watching her catch a glimpse of her cellphone that Connor has gave her that would now start to blink an vibrate abrutly.Kodi tilted her head at the phone before grasping it upon her right hand, reading the text that Connor has sent. "Hmm.. It's Connor... he wants to hang today..." After she spoke, she'd text(idea) Miss you too (heart)... An I'm getting fuckin you down there!"  Nathan would watch her text while  she looked up with her blue whirpools lighting up with excitement. The broad ebony male shook his head before ruffling her blonde hair."Honey you better go with your man..Besides Im tired of seeing you just always..UGH JUST GO.." he crossed his arms before seating himself down on her bed thus crossing his right leg over the other one. The blonde would then nod slightly before making herself up already wearing her blue ripped booty jean shorts, extending her arm out to grab the the light blue see-through sweater. Slipping it on, it would have exposed her black an white polka-dotted swim suit.Slipping on her wooden sandals, an placing her black beanie over top of her messy head.Not caring what she looked like she'd speak to her gay friend."Eh...They won't care if you stayed in here..your like a woman with a dick an balls attached to you.." She laughed at her little joke, hearing Nathan swear at her when she shut her door,before storming out of the dorms. A couple of girls whispered to themselves gossiping about Kodi... The girl on the right that seemed to be the leader of the other two."She's like the most man-like female I ever seen..-" She stopped her face being frozen due, to the abrasive female sending death stares at three of them."Skanks." Was the only word that escaped from Kodi's lips before heading out of the dorm making her way down , gazing at Connor she would only sprint toward him almost jumping out her clothes being so excited to see him. Now standing besides him, being a bit shy the female leaned over planting a kiss on his lips thus leaning away while her cheeks became red."Hey! It feels like eternity though I know its been only a bit since we seen each other but yeah.. I missed you.. So where we off too hmm?" Tilting her head to the right while raising her right hand pulling some of her strands of hair into the back of her ear,staring at him with her deep blue eyes.

Connor would look up and see his blonde beauty running towards him with open arms. A cheesy grin made it’s way onto his lips as she approached him with her attire being as careful as it usually was. People might call kodi messy but underneath the thick thighs and the harsh demander like connor always said: is a girl. Just a simple girl with simple needs. Connor would  take her kiss, but instead of letting her lean back, he’d engulf her into his arms, his pinkish crimson eyes gazing into her own sapphire blue. “Hello my punk princess. Boy oh boy am I glad to see you.” He’d smile as she asked her question and connor would put a finger on his chin, keeping one hand on her back. “Hmmm. Dunno. Kinda hard to call seeing as how I know nothing about this place. We could just chill tonight. Walk around the beach. It’s getting late so the stars will be out soon.” Connor would look back down to her only to move his hands from her waist to her arms, holding her tenderly and talking. “Oh by the way congratulations on going out like a boss ass bitch in your match. You’ve improved a lot kodi, I really am impressed you did so well. Though now…..i have to kill eden. It’s the only way.” Connor would flick his nose with his thumb, closing his eyes for a second, before placing his hands on his hips. “I beat the shit outta keyomi cause she raped you. And now imma beat t he shit outta eden for beating the shit outta you, and same with Tasanagi….that guy. Urks me. Even after his loss he’s still under my skin.” Connor furrowed his brow in irritation thinking about the situation on the beach where he and kin bumped heads even after he recovered from his injuries. Connor turned away for a second blushing a bit. “I’m tired of people hurting you….pisses me off.”

Change of SubjectEdit

Thickness: Being scooped within his arms just made her smile happily."Hello ~ my ummm... tough cookie?.. I don't know I'm not good at this name calling crap.but I am glad to see you as well..~" She gave him a playful smugged look. Her ears perked up, hearing that the stars would be out soon."We could catch fishes within our mouths while out in the beach..or swim with sharks!" Joking around, she punched his arm playfully before feeling his hands move up her arms, as he held her in such a heartwarming matter which made her feel so chipper inside.. “Oh by the way congratulations on going out like a boss ass bitch in your match. You’ve improved a lot kodi, I really am impressed you did so well. Though now…..i have to kill eden. It’s the only way.”  Kodi blinked hearing Connor wanted to kill Eden,Though to her it was sweet seeing him this way."Thanks! I gave it my all.. this time I mean I didn't want to lose but.. Man he was a tough snatch I tell you..No you can't kill him! I wanted to batter him with my fists!" The blonde would cross her arms over her chest as she continued to listen to him.“I beat the shit outta keyomi cause she raped you. And now imma beat t he shit outta eden for beating the shit outta you, and same with Tasanagi….that guy. Urks me. Even after his loss he’s still under my skin.”  Tilting her head curiously at him before giving him a slight chuckle, It was awfully generous that he wanted to beat on the people that have hurt her, though she didn't mind getting knocked around a bit. It just made the blonde feel as if she was a gladiator fighting till her death..She knew that fighting was going to be the death of her... Sooner or later, thus this is why she wasn't afraid of death for her.. just the deaths of her friends. The female watched the male turn away seeing as he was flustered, Connor had told her that he were tired of people hurting her.. She'd sigh shaking her head, she extended her right hand out grasping his hand holding it before leaning against his back."Don't worry I'll be fine.. Besides if I do get hurt enough.. well I'll tell them to mail my body parts to you." She laughed before stepping infront of him looking up at him."But I never seen this side of you.. its really sweet." leaning up she gave him a peck on his lips, giving him a soft sincere smile."Anyway! All this mushy crap is starving me.. Lets go grab some roasted fish on sticks an head to the beach hmm?!" The blonde tugged the hand that she held,dragging him toward the stand that would be by the beach,selling bbq fishes on sticks.

( )Connor would nod as she said she didn’t want him to kill eden. Connor decided that he’d honor that request, and not kill him. that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to pummel the shit outta him in the long though. Creed’s got it coming that’s for sure. Connor frowned a bit as she mentioned her parts getting mailed back to him. her touch to his hand was soft, and when she leaned against him he felt a bit better. As rude as she was at times, it’s odd that connor can rarely get a negative emotion off of her…her vibes are so positive. Towards him anyway.” But I never seen this side of you.. its really sweet." She said and when’s he pecked him on the lips connor tried his best to hold a straight face but it came out to him looking constipated, and he’d giggle a bit. Hearing something about food he’d perk up. Eating metal isn’t exactly filling. Connor would nod and follow her over to the fish on a stick stand, and knock on the coutner twice, still holding her hand. “Aye yoooo, 4 of what you got here pal.” “Coming riiight up.” The man would start seasoning the fist and grilling it right after. “Mmmm. Fish. I never get tired of this stuff I tell you.” Connor would fiddle around with the hat tied to a string and hanging off of the back of his neck a bit. It was a brand new addition to his wardrobe, people started taking notice to. The sun had fully set, and now the clear tropical water had almost a feint glow to it, as the moonlight hit it right on. Connor would lean his head against kodi’s head waiting for the fish. “So, you think you’ll do better in the redemption rounds? I hear there’s gonna be a good bit of competition there this time around. Especially since kin lost. Tch bastard. How’s kai and Nathan? I’ve been training so much I rarely check in when I can.” The man finished the food and handed the sticks to kodi and connor. “Thanks . how much?” “Ahh just take em. I’m about to close up shop anyway. Got my last batch.” Connor smirked. “Heh, thanks old timer.” Connor would take her by the hand, and walk along the shore of the  beach. The moon was high tonight, nice and quarter, but enough light to illuminate the water giving it an almost heavenly blue tint to it. it was just kodi and connor, the way he wanted it to be. The beach was clear, and the only thing on it were the tracks left by Connor and Kodi. ( ) Connor would eat the fish whole, sticks and meat included, chomping it up with his odd like oni esque appetite and  using a remainder of the stick to pick his teeth. “You know Kodi…how long have we been dating. Honestly. Like I’m dead ass I lost count.” Connor would look over at her, his grip on her hand soft and his eyes fixated on his. “I mean like…shouldn’t we have on of those anniversary things? I don’t even know what that is…I think it’s when people like get laid or whatever.” Connor laughed a bit, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, and leaning in towards her a bit as they continued their walk, coming up on some palm trees and a penistula like area, where the shore curved inwards, and there were some high cliffs and structures. “You know what Kodi.” Connor would step forward, whipping off his wife beater and stripping down to his boxers. “Let’s train! I’mma teach you a new technique since you know. You getting all sloppy and shit.” Connor would look back at her with a smug smile of sarcasim. “First I’ll tell you the name and nothing more. It’s called..the Seikuken. My master, bless his soul…” Connor took a minute to lower his head and say a silent prayer. “My master taught it to me before he died. It was a work in progress…something I never took time to finish. I got the gist of it though. It’s….iiiiits….” connor’s incrased brain potential kicked in and he recalled the thought with perfect memorty. “A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offence and defense. More experienced fighters can even extend the range with minimal lengths by using air pressure. The Seikūken can only be erected with a calm mind. if one is not calm, it would be near impossible for him or her to erect the Seikūken.” Connor sounded like a robot at first. He’d then switch to his normal tone of voice. “but to understand must know danger! “ Connor would look over and see some conveintely left scuba gear (PLOT xD)  for two, and it’d only further his idea. Picking up the tank back packs, and snorkels, he’d hand on to kodi and keep on for himself straping it on and turning it on also.(  ) connor would jump around in place, talking to kodi hoping she was ready to swim by now, as he’d hop around in place like a boxer before darting full speed at the water, and leaping high into the air about 20 feet in a spiral flip diving head first into the water! A loud splash following behind him as he’d descend into the water by 10 feet swinning off of the slope of the shore and into the water. He’d turn around and wait for Kodi, and float in place. If she followed behind him he’d tilt his head and fold his arms speaking through the speaking device that almost sounded like a radio. “Alright blondie! Time to live to  your namesake….” Connor would begin swimming backwards. After a few minutes they’d be in the range of a den…with 3 great white sharks.  Swimming in a circle. ( ) connor would close his eyes for a moment. Under the water his chi started to bubble a red load of bubbly mist. Tapping into the tid bit of oni he could tap into for something this trivial. He’d open his eyes, his crimson circles glowing and protruding as a flash of red emeitated form his body and effected the sharks in a weird way. They’re eyes turned red for a time being symboling they’d been effected by connor’s oni ability to induce fear. he user can make people unwillingly very frightened. The user psychically provokes the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals.The victim’s perception is altered, they may see their environment as ominous and the user as dark and foreboding, or even seen as a monster. The sharks were now under connor’s influence, but connor himself was  no fighting a massive migraine, rubbing his temples and groaning a bit. “don’t over do it kid…” Washi spouted. “You know you aren’t in full control of it yet.” Connor winced. “Yeah…well practice makes perfect.” Washi smiled and shook his head. “In any case Kodi” connor spoke aloud. “I want you to mimic the movements of the sharks…this technique requires complete physical and mental calm. “ the shakrs circled around kodi in a rythmatic pattern. “Don’t tense. This isn’t about aggression. This is all about the calm before the storm. “ The sharks would start to swim idoly astray moving away in a line for kodi to follow and mimic. The sharks would twist and twirl their bodies heading to the near dephs of the ocean, not to far as humans can only handle so much…As she would connor would swim behind her giving her a thumbs up and reassuring her that everything’s gonna be okay if she just trusted him. he’d symbolize that with a thumbs up.

Feeling At HomeEdit

Her eyes glistened with hunger as if a shark ready to prowl on a fish, gripping Connors hand tightly as he ordered 4 of the fish.“Mmmm. Fish. I never get tired of this stuff I tell you.”  She heard him say as he fiddled around with his new hat.. She'd wipe the drool off from her mouth due to the smell of the grilled fish."That's all I can really eat. I hate other stuff. Though seaweed salad.. is fucking orgasmic. I mean I like meat but..I don't fish is just.." her voice trailed off before feeling the males head lay against hers as they waited for there meal.“So, you think you’ll do better in the redemption rounds? I hear there’s gonna be a good bit of competition there this time around. Especially since kin lost. Tch bastard. How’s kai and Nathan? I’ve been training so much I rarely check in when I can.” Kodi licked her bottom lip before speaking."Well.. I hope so I can't say I'll win though.. If I get matched up with Kin.. Lets just pray I don't lose any limbs hmm hah..." Balling her free hand into a fist, she still was spiteful toward Kin, even if she had new enhanced legs it still felt as if he took her pride."..Though I wouldn't mind bashing that fucking head of his into the walls an floor. an Kai has been fine.. She's been acting strange lately.. maybe a boy perhaps. An Nathan gay as always !" As they received there fish, she'd watch Connor munch away at his fish in whole.. when he ate it always intrigued her seeing as he could eat so much. She started munching away on her fish within the quickness leaving only the fish's bones before throwing it off somewhere. “You know Kodi…how long have we been dating. Honestly. Like I’m dead ass I lost count.”  Her cheeks began to become rosey as he gripped her hand while staring into her eyes, she stared back.“I mean like…shouldn’t we have on of those anniversary things? I don’t even know what that is…I think it’s when people like get laid or whatever.” She laughed at his statement at the end."Well that does lead to that,seeing when people have been together for awhile or so.. they do get laid. I mean we can have one if you want" Although her first time was rape, she can learn a few sensual things soon.Continuing there walk before watching him strip to his boxers before yelling. “Let’s train! I’mma teach you a new technique since you know. You getting all sloppy and shit.”  Her eye twitched hearing the hint of sarcasm that came from his voice. "Alrighty then!" She gave him a smirk before ripping her see through sweater,revealing her upper body.She'd place her hands on her hips listening to him speak.“First I’ll tell you the name and nothing more. It’s called..the Seikuken. My master, bless his soul…”  She watched him lowered his head while he would silently pray, this caused Kodi to be more curious about what he was going to teach her.“My master taught it to me before he died. It was a work in progress…something I never took time to finish. I got the gist of it though. It’s….iiiiits….A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for More experienced fighters can even extend the range with minimal lengths by using air pressure. The Seikūken can only be erected with a calm mind. if one is not calm, it would be near impossible for him or her to erect the Seikūken.” Kodi nodded her head slowly as she raised her eyebrow before watchng him return to his normal tone. “but to understand must know danger!  As he looked over to the scuba gear, her eyes glistened this would of meant that they were going into the ocean.Seeing him pick up the gear while handing her the stuff she needed, she quickly slipped it on the gear quickly.The female passed Connor within the quickness while he also darted toward the ocean. Bending her knees before lunging her self, atleast 7 feet into the ocean, her body hovered while diving into the waters head first. Now beside Connor,floating amongs the sea now“Alright blondie! Time to live to  your namesake….” Gazing at him swim backwards only after a short few minutes they'd be 3 great white sharks swimming amongs each other in a circular motion. Her blue eyes glistened being intrigued by these large sea beasts.Thus turning her attention toward Connor watching the red form of bubbly mist from his chi,causing the sharks to act somesort of weird matter. Gazing at the now red eyes, they would soon start to circle around the female while Connor Spoke .“I want you to mimic the movements of the sharks…this technique requires complete physical and mental calm. Don’t tense. This isn’t about aggression. This is all about the calm before the storm. “ She nodded seeing the old good thumbs up, Kodi always trusted Connor no matter what...  Gazing at the sharks twisting thus twirling there bodies heading lower an lower to the depths of the ocean. Being amazed from her favorite sea creature she would then slowly inhaled within the snorkal before Kodi would start to mimick the swimming of the sharks by propelling herself through the water using each of her legs as if she had fins of her own. Spreading her arms out wide while paddling her way within the depths of the ocean her legs were  used for her calming  balance. Like a  shark, she  moved  the lower part of her body  from side to side to propeling herself through the water. A shark must always keep swimming or it will sink and fall to its death. Everything seemed to slip off from her mind, being at total peace... all she could think about was the sharks.. Kodi felt really connected to them as if she wanted to become one while she lowered herself paddling deeper within before feeling her hand, touch the top of one of the sharks top fin. Rubbing it up an down thus manuevering herself infront of the shark.Planting each of  her hands caressing the Sharks nose.. Noticing large scars amongst only made her feel what it has been through..This only made the connection closer to the creature even more intriguing..."I feel its pain..." speaking to herself ,she leaned forth pressing her forehead against the sharks, closing her eyes as well enjoying this moment,

A Teacher in The RoughEdit

( ) Connor would float, sitting in the water in an idian style position and inhaling from his snorkel, watching his girlfriend swim with the sharks. The look on her face was oddly one like she was at home. This was not to make fun of her, but more so to express how in tune she was with these animals. As she began to mimic them it hit Connor she was at home. Instantly. A shark at heart.  Connor did however notice something. The sharks weren’t under his control anymore after 5 minutes….they weren’t being calm because of his influence anymore. Now they were being calm because of his influence. She’d truly “become” a shark. They began to view her as one of their own..”wow, that’s a shocker.” Washi blurted. “Hm?” Connor mentally replied. “Some take years to master and understand animal empathy. Especially aquatic empathy of all things, but it’s odd. I’ve written books about the communication between animals and humans, but it’s usually a dormant talaent for it to be so natural. So quick…connor keep watching her. I’m taking in this knowledge, something to write about if I’ve ever the time.” Connor nodded and smiled as she leaned her head against one of the sharks. “That’s my girl…” connor thought. Connor would swim over to her and float gently speaking yet again. “That calm you’re feeling? That’s exactly what we need. Every time you do this technique, you are to remain in a state of tranquil fury. Compelete calm, no matter the circumstance, so your mind can take in everything. If you break the focus, even for a single second, you’ll lose it and be vulnerable..let me show you.” Connor would back peleld a few feet from kodi, and place his hand over his arm.  He’d dig his nails into his skin breaking  blood and releasing it into the water. The sharks instantly broke their calm and began to swarm around connor in a circle, like predetors to the prey,  ready to get their full coruse meal. Connor remained stationary and began to flow his arms in  circular motions, his right arm moving clockwise, and his left arm moving counter clockwise. ( )The sharks sped up their formation and one would come straight in at connor for the kill! Darting more like a torpedo than anything! However oddly when the shark got close enough to connor it bounced right off of him and went a stray. A shark came from behind connor this time head first, and it bounced off as well. The third shark met with the same fate coming from the left of connor. The sharks continued their assaults over and over again, moving faster each time, but connor’s hands disappeared for a moment, almost making it seem like he’d lost his limbs, but in reality his hands moved so fast, they distorted their physical light reflected image to the human retna in a sense his hands were circulating so fast the word “disappeared” was an understatement. (example of le speed ) “Can you see it Kodi? It’s like an automatic reflex that when completely calm will be your best friend in times of dire need. If you master this, and fuse it with your destruction chi it’ll be a niiiiiiiice defense against chi based things.” Connor would stop and use his chi to push away the other sharks away from them, causing them to flow back around kodi’s direction. Connor smiled at her. “Every time you do this move. Think back to this moment. And have one of those really cool flashbacks where you thnk of my words. And stuff.” Connor would stop moving his arms and look at his oxygen tank. “wuh oh. Getting low on fuel. You ready to leave..i don’t wanna tear you away from you new friends. Not being rude but it’s quite rare to see you so at peace, even with me.” Connor would float in place for a minute. Should she choose to go connor would head back to shore, emerging from t he water like a supermodel of some sort, and striding on the beach in his wet and now slightly tight boxers. “PHEW! Connor looked over at kodi and smiling. ‘We should go get dried off unless you wanna chill here for a while…I know a hotel room that’s not used anymore. Student in the boys dorm got sick and all..” connor would scratch his chin casually waiting for kodi’s answer.

Kodi petted the shark one last time before swimming a way from them slightly, watching Connor back peddle a few feet away from her gazing at him digging his nails into his arm breaking skin while blood would flowing out within the water. The sharks soon broke out of the tranquility now sniffing the blood filled within the ocean's waters. Now swaming around Connor wanting there bleeding prey. Her eyes then fixated on Connor who'm flow his arms in circular motions, she was astonished when he started before the sharks started to speed up before coming straight at him. She seen that the shark had bouncing off from his arms an such.. She wanted to be able to posses that.. His arms possessed such speed that it created a light reflectecd image.. Her blue whirpools couldn't keep her eyes off from when the sharks hadn't ate his arms off. “Can you see it Kodi? It’s like an automatic reflex that when completely calm will be your best friend in times of dire need. If you master this, and fuse it with your destruction chi it’ll be a niiiiiiiice defense against chi based things.”  The blonde started to speak."Thats.. That was amazing... I want to be able to master this... " He push the large sharks toward her direction, one would swim behind her closely thus staying beside her seeming it wanted to be petted. She rose her right arm up to pet the shark once more thus turning her head to smile at Connor who'm was smiling at her already. “Every time you do this move. Think back to this moment. And have one of those really cool flashbacks where you thnk of my words. And stuff.”   Nodding to what he had stated, her eyes were soon capitvated to the shark that swam beside her, Reaching into her shorts she held in her grasp a shark-tooth necklace she held for years ever since as a child. The blonde wrapped it around the sharks top fin tightly before letting in swim around her in circles until Connor said that the oxygen tanks were getting empty.  “wuh oh. Getting low on fuel. You ready to leave..i don’t wanna tear you away from you new friends. Not being rude but it’s quite rare to see you so at peace, even with me.”  Seeing that she has left a momento on the shark to hopefully encounter the shark soon,looking back to her boyfriend she gave him a nod smiling."Yea.. Im ready to leave and your right.. I really did feel as if I was one with them." As they made it to the shore, she watched Connor walking out of the ocean.. eying him up and down Kodi was checking out Connor.. His wet muscles glistened against the moon's light, her face flustered before shaking her thoughts The female walked out from the waters, shaking her blonde wet locks of hair away from her face before removing the gear,throwing it to the side while grabbing her sweater.She listened to the male ‘We should go get dried off unless you wanna chill here for a while…I know a hotel room that’s not used anymore. Student in the boys dorm got sick and all..”  Thinking for a brief moment, she finally made her decision."How about the hotel room..~ I'm tired of seeing Nathan in my room all day ." The female tied her sweater around her thick waist, smiling at Connor waiting if he wanted to put his shorts on or not, eitheir way she was ready.

Much Needed Down TimeEdit

Connor couldn’t help but burst into laughter as she said she didin’t wanna be around Nathan all day. “AHAHAHA! Alright alright. Let’s go babe.” Connor would hold his hand out for her to grab, and begin guiding them twaods the boys hotel. Connor would gesture with his free hand. “Just practice that technique when you’ve got some free time. I’ll do the same.” After a brief walk the two would arrive at the boys dorm. Connor would look twoards the front door and see two garuds. “Oooooof course. This is still school trip. None the less, I’m the mua’fucking GMAF’s for a reason. We both are. C’mon kodi.” Connor would crouch low, and maneuver himself around the bushes and palm trees. Hoping kodi kept pace, connor would duck and roll across the street pavement and make  it to the other side, remaning crouched. The abandoned room was on the  20th floor of the building, and lluckily it was windowed. Connor had made a metnal map of the layout of the place, and knew exactly which window he needed to prceed with his plan. “alright let’s put those legs to work…wait..nah I totally meant it that way. “ Connor would shrug with a smirk before holding his hand out his right hand to be exact. “I’mma give you a boost. Between my strength and your legs we might actually overshoot this. So I’m gonna count on you to regulate this as best as you can and go for the window in the middle thrity feet up got it? don’t fuck up cause I’m totally not catching you if you fall.” Connor smiled innocently as if he didn’t say anything rude. “Perch on my hand. Don’t worry your body weight is pretty light. Really light. Either that or I’m just that strong.” If she perched on his right hand like he asked, Connor would rear his arm back and toss kodi’s body with a massive amount of strength! His throwing arm alone at this capacity enough to propel her at 120mph! throwing her as if she was literally a baseball! If she put her own umph into it she’d CLEAR the mark in no time, so it would be up to her to perch and position her self on the ledge of the window and get them in. Connor would hover a hand over his forehead deciding to wait until she got in before he’d get himself in.

She grabbed his hand that he had held out guiding her towards the hotel.Kodi listened to Connor while gesturing as he explained to practice the technique when she had some free time. The female nodding in determination before they have arrived at the boys dorm, It seemed that Connor saw two guards infront of the front door.“Oooooof course. This is still school trip. None the less, I’m the mua’fucking GMAF’s for a reason. We both are. C’mon kodi." She'd bend her knees into a crouching heading over closing to him while cocking an eyebrow at the male watching him as if he had a plan. “I’mma give you a boost. Between my strength and your legs we might actually overshoot this. So I’m gonna count on you to regulate this as best as you can and go for the window in the middle thrity feet up got it? don’t fuck up cause I’m totally not catching you if you fall." She scoffed, seeing as this won't be a problem for her, Kodi would perch amongst his hand thus feeling him rear his arm back to toss Kodi within the air at 120mph. Flying within the air , spininng around propeling her self as she was flung upward at 30 feet .Throughout her flying, the blonde would swing her legs around as if a helicopter propelling within the air. Raising each of her arms up over her head, Kodi would then grasp the edge of the window finally making it to the abandoned hotel room's window.Seating herself on the ledge carefully balancing an also not making any sudden loud or creaking like noises, she would slide the window  open sliding herself in to  only bting herself  to be stuck from the width of her thick hips. "Oh give me a fucking break...." Whispering out from her breath,She rolled her eyes pushing the window more making her way inside. The female extended her hand out signaling to bring himself in. The blonde pulled her short shorts off along with her panties.Not caring whether she was naked infront of Connor or not. Kodi hated wearing wet clothes, She removed her bra then after she headed toward the bed jumping on it as she layed there with one hand over her stomach gazing at the window ready for him to jump through.~

An Oni's FetiishEdit

Connor would watch her graceful motions through the air with a great view of her rear end to make it an even better experience. Connor smiled as she signaled her hand for him to come through. Still in his boxers, as he wanted them to air dry AND it was his lucky pair, he’d nod as she made it. He’d then take his right index finger and extend it, along with his right thumb, and start gathering a light blue orb of chi about the size of a marble on the end of his finger. He’d point his pusshu bakufu at the ground and smile. “alley OOP!” He’d sputter as the force from it literally boosted his body upwards! Skyrocketing him at the same speed it did for kodi, as connor would ascend through the air like a fleshy torpedo! Connor made it just in time to grip the ledge, on accident his fingers literally dug into the cement for grip. “Nice, heh heh.” Connor would pull himself up hoping inside, and dusting himself off. The room was lit by moonlight so it wasn’t bad scenery, though it was pretty tricked out for a hotel room. spacious too. Connor would then adjust himself and see Kodi laying on the bed naked. Naked. That word registered through connor’s head for a moment before he realized: she’s FUCKING naked. Connor would blush a bit playing it off and wiping away an oncoming nosebleed. “Gat’re thick as hell kodi.” Connor spoke out of no where. His body felt funny…he was horny…really horny..his manhood stood up like the Eiffel tower, even his head poked out through the hole in his boxer shorts, as he looked upon her. “Washi…I don’t feel right.” Connor spoke mentally. “Ahhh…I knew this day would come.” “fuck  you talking bout washi.” Washi would clear his throat. “Oni’s are…very primitive creatures. Thus, they had a fetish for human flesh. Something they don’t exactly mention in the books.” Connor’s body felt compelled to go over to kodi and confess his feelings? (  ) “Kodi…” connor’s voice legit got a tone deeper, but it wasn’t of the bad sort. His voice was smooth, Sauvé, almost seductive not by effort but by NATURE. Like he’d been doing this for a while. He’d walk to the edge of the bed, and flop to hover over kodi for a moment. His eyes weren’t crimson this time, they were a hot pink, symbolizing a compete…change in connor. “you know..i’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want to. But. I feel like…I wanna show you a new side of me. Of us.” Connor would intertwine his fingers with hers if she’d let him, and he’d lean his forehead against hers, biting his lip. His body was warm, but strong to the touch. “I just wanna feel close to you…closer than anyone has…kodi.” Connor would press his lips to hers, but this time the kiss was different. It wasn’t just a sweet and emotion fueled kiss of affection. This kiss was sincere passion, bottled  up inside of Connor’s 16  year old body finally surfacing. He’d attempt to kiss her for a minute, knocking against the door that was her lips with his tongue, and if she answered, his tongue wouldn’t hesitate to enter her mouth, attacking the tip of it with his own. He’d tilt his head to the right, shifting his hair out of the way at the same time, as the distance between their bodies was closed and his chest pressed to hers enough for them to be close and not to smother her. Connor ‘s lips wouldn’t stay in one place, as he’d break the kiss and begin pecking kodi on the lips. If she’d let him descend, he’d drag his tongue down the curve of her soft and tropical water tasting neck, kissing her past her collar bone and finally stopping at her breast. Connor eyed her mounds of busty wonder with a  gleam in his eye almost as if he’d become a man in such a short time. He’d lightly cup her right tit, his fingers cold to the touch, as his index finger made wrestling buddies with her nipple and twirled it around in a circle, the coolness of his finger possibly causing it to harden. As he did this, he’d nuzzle his nose into her opposite tit, before kissing it once…twice..three times, as he’d then lick his lips and timidly inhale her nipple in his lips. Suckling on it, and releasing it with a firm grip using his lips, each time he  sucked on it, it’d give a nice tense tug, followed by a flick of his tongue  and a twist of his head. Connor would make a low humming noise to vibrate against her nipple, but he wasn’t stingy. After a few minutes he’d switch his attention to her other tit, preforming the same action on that breast as well. Connor would occasionally open his eyes to see the expression on his face letting him know weather he was doing a good job or not. It was his first time, but the way he was acting was strange even to him. like he had some abscess source of knowledge about sexual acts or something of the sort.

Thickness: Kodi couldn't help but laugh at him saying she was thick as hell.. The blonde would bite her lip feeling something drip down between her legs, she reached down slipping her hand between her thick inner thighs. It seemed the wet substance was her already being wet. The blonde already had some thoughts about this moment though, her ears perked hearing Connor say her name in a deep smooth,seductive tone.Gazing at him walking to the edge of the bed, hovering over the curious,yet flustered female. Her blue eyes were capitvated by his now hot pink eyes.. “you know..i’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want to. But. I feel like…I wanna show you a new side of me. Of us.”  As her fingers were intertwined with his, while he leant his forehead against his.She'd feel the warmth of his body coming off onto her, which made Kodi feel as if she had butterflies within her stomach.The warmth was so strong it caused her to utter slightly before he spoke to her in such a smooth matter. “I just wanna feel close to you…closer than anyone has…kodi.” Her eyes widen happily before he would press his lips against hers.Feeling every emotion within the kiss, she'd press her lips returning the kiss timidily before opening her mouth welcoming his not so hesitant toungue that entered inside before he could attack the tip of her toungue, she slipped her toungue around his pinning it down slightly thus massaging it throughly.The blonde shifted her head to the left while he leaned forth,feeling her breasts be pushed down slightly. As he broke the kiss,all Kodi could do was pant slightly then she shifted her head to the right exposing her neck to Connor after he had pecked her lips. Feeling his toungue drag down her smooth neck only brought a moan to escape from her lips... It was a passionate moan, His touch made her feel the sincere an passionate affection within his movement.Then as he got lower, the blonde bit her bottom lip when he kissed past her collar bone, then finally feeling him stop.She was about to shift her gaze to him only to tilt her head back gasping at how cold his fingers were due to cupping her right breast.Fidgeting around when he brought his fingers to her nipple,twirling around in a circular matter, she couldn't help but moan outloud due to the sensitivity of her nipples.Kodi's  body became hot an bothered from all the pleasure Connor was giving her. As he nuzzled his nose onto the opposite breast, The female nudged her thickend right thigh against the manhood of the male, alot of heat came off of his crotch. Continuing to nudge his hard-on, he'd kiss her erect nipple three times then wrapping his lips around her nipple sucking, also releasing..She panted in releif only to have it being sucked on it again. She shifted her gaze over to him, her moans soon began growing louder. Raising each of her hands over her head before wrapping her thick thighs around his waist, bucking her hips slightly against him teasingly.Even if Kodi wasn't experienced in this, she did go through all the rooms cameras in the brothels. When the hookers all had clients, Nathan always had cameras inside This would only made the female curious an also learning things.. Even how kinky the fetish was within the video servelance. She'd pull him off her harden nipples before swinging him onto his back on the bed in a rough matter.She saddled herself upon his crotch area, with his manhood between her thighs.( Kinky SEX MUSICS) Kodi smirked gripping his boxers ripping them with such force, she didn't even have to move around to get them ripped off. The female seductively spreaded her thighs apart exposing her pussy slightly before bringing them back to smother the shaft of his length. Leaning over, Kodi dragged her nails roughly against his broad chest now stroking his cock using her thick muscled legs to jerk it off leisurely though tugging it slightly.While she squeezed on it before releasing it. The female could only giggle, yet she had passion,love an sincere within her emotions though Kodi wanted to experiment a bit,with her boyfriend.Leaning over she barely had her lips touching his, her breath hitting his lips as well."Lets get rough... hmm??" Licking his lips, she gave him a nice slap on the side of face before reaching over to massage the head of his cock,circling the tip she'd feel pre-cum drench over her index finger.~

(  )Connor continued to suck on her breast one by one, and then felt a tingling sensation on the length of his manhood. Her thighs had wrapped around his lengthy shaft and were sensually fondling his cock. He’d wince a bit; connor had never felt a sensation this pleasurable before. One thing was for sure:  this beats masturbation by a long shot. When her nails dug into his chest it tensed him up completely, it almost seemed like either she’d done this before or she’d been watching a good many things in her day. She’d been nudging it already, and connor would look up at her when she spoke about getting rough. When she slapped him on the face connor would let out a menacing growl before gripping her nipple and tugging it lightly with his teeth, letting the hardened pink nipple slip from his teeth agonizingly slow, as he’d then move up and grab her face  with his hand, his thumb on one side, and the rest of his fingers resting on the other side of her face as he forced her to look into  his eyes. “That’s how we’re playing huh?” his voice a whisper, as he’d quickly maneuver his own hips between her thick thighs, bits of his pre-cum resting between her legs from the messing she’d done earlier, as his hardened shaft would rest firmly on the walls of her pussy. Connor took his arms, and hooked them beneath her legs, forcing her knees to drape and bend around his arms as he pushed her legs towards the front of her head, while simultaneously pinning her arms down, shaking the bed with the ferocity of his movements, a tight grip on her forearms left reddish marks on place of where his hands traveled to. His forehead now leaning against hers the entire time, as he’d breathe against her lips in a warm lust induced daze.( ) “Don’t blame me for what happens..” Connor would now have their bodies twined in kind of a ball of sorts, the long underside of his cock grinding against the lips of her pussy and hitting her clit at the end of his stride as he’d tease her, causing squirts of his pre cum to coat her adorable little clit In a glisten. Connor would then hold his position with one hand, and pinch her clit between his thumb and the side of his index finger twiddling and turning it as if it were a joy stick controller. It was a smooth transition for both movements, and connor would almost have a hypnotic gaze in his eyes as he’d push his weight down upon hers, and take in the way her bare thighs felt against his own. “Washi…WASHI!” “Hm? What is it connor?” Washi replied mentally. Connor replied in the same fashion. “ I-I don’t know about this…I’m kinda nervous…then again I don’t to much feel like I’m in control. Like I’m acting on my own or something..” “That’s…the essence. As I said oni’s have a thing for human women, but it’s acting on your body’s impulses so you as a virgin only know the basic moderates of what you’re doing…look. In a bit. Swap with me.” Connor tilted his head to the side, his hands moving on their own as he’d begin slapping her clit with his free hand still hovering over her, and his hushed voice would whisper to her. “ Keep those hands busy or I won’t be as nice..” Connor sighed inside and nodded. “FINE! Just…just coach me washi. That’s all I’m asking. I wanna do this myself!” He could feel the urge to just ram his cock inside of her bypassing the tender part of it all and houding her, but inside he was nervus. He WAS a virgin so this was new to him…luckily he was with her and he’d hope she’d understand

As Connor gripped her nipple an would tug it lightly with her teeth, it would only cause the blonde to moaning as if she was on Ecstasy whe he did so.When he grabbed her face,this would turn her on more gazing into his eyes forcefully, as he spoke to her in a whisper.“That’s how we’re playing huh?”.. Her blue eyes widen while he manuevered his hips between her thickened thighs feeling his arms hook underneath her legs manuevering herself as he Positoned Kodi pinning her down as he left slightly red marks amonghst her foreams. Her eyes lost in his stare while he leaned his forehead against hers.Not having actual sex in her life, an only losing her virginity to rape, The female felt comfortable with this type of foreplay it would turn her on more. Feeling his warm breath against her lips before  she leant up licking his bottom lip in a slow matter before he spoke.."Don't blame me for what happens.." Closing her right eye while opening her mouth letting out low soft groan feeling his cock grinding against the lips of her wet pussy.Her juices that seeeped between her lips drenched the shaft of his cock, While he teased her she'd then come to a loud pleasurable yelp when he started pinch her clit between his fingers moving it around as if he was using a game controller joy stick. The lower part of her body would try to squim only, to  give up due to him playing with the most sensitive part of her body.  Her eyes soon filled with lust while gazing into his indifferently gaze,thus pressing his weight against her."M-My body feels so h-hot..." The female thought to herself before grasping at his wrist with her eyes widen staring at him as he slapped her swollen clit.She swayed her hips side to side while he hovered over her telling her to keep her hands busy or he won't be so nice. Kodi nodded glaring at him with a flustered panting look upon her face,though Connor hasn't plowed inside her yet. She smirked manuever her hand down gripping his shaft in a rough matter,jerking it hard while giving his cock a nice mild tug.Releasing his shaft she'd then place her hands onto his hips pulling him toward her causing the half of his cock to thrust inside her. Kodi arched her back before raising her arms up wrapping her ams around his neck before digging her nails into his broad back.Her pussy walls tightened around his shaft while her juices spurted out slightly, spraying over the bottom part of his stomach. Running her hand through the back of his hair thus giving it a tug, Kodi bucked her hips against Connor's causing his full large length to be shoved more inside her tight hole. The female felt him reach up to her womb poking it slightly.Leaning over she'd kiss his lips hard before nibbling on his bottom lip thus moaning inbetween the kiss.

“M-My body feels so h-hot..." As Kodi uttered these words, Connor would let out a groan, the feeling of her pussy lips seeping against the back of his cock was almost enough to make him bust. So much so a small tidbit of actualy cum would splurt form his cock, falling on her stomach and he’d close his eyes for a second, trying his hardest to fight the urge to blow so soon. Soon her soft hands made their way to his cock as she jerked it in a hardened fashion. “ahh…ahhh…” Connor’s cock sensitive to the touch, as she’d grab hold of his hips causing half of his cock to seep into her pussy. “!!!” Connor’s eyes stayed in t heir lustful stare, but inside he was hiding a different facial expression. ( ) As she then pulled a fast one on him, and ruffled his hair with her hands, she’d end up buckling her hips against connor’s and causing the entirety of his coc to sink into her pussy. On reflex connor let his hips meld with hers, as it took some effort to break through. Even after her rape her womb was so tight, so gripping. Adding her muscular and thick thighs into the mix was to much for good old Connor. “U-..ungh…tight ass…” connor uttered but on the inside of his mind he was screaming. “SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’EE'S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! I CAN’T! I…I JUST CANT DO IT!” Connor’s body would push into kodi’s, making sure the entire 7 inches of manhood would sink into her womb, breaking her tightened wall barriers to fit her pussy to his size and his size only, but the tightness wasn’t letting up with just that alone. After exchanging brief and heavy kisses with her, running his own tongue over her lips, and breathing heavily into her mouth, he’d lean his head over to nuzzle her neck with his face, only to then sink his teeth at the curve where the shoulder and the neck meet, like a grip of some sort. His hips would rise, pulling his length out of her pussy and stuffing it back inside with strong thrust, VERY strong thrust. The physical conditioning he’d gone through showing face as he’d begin to plow her body with his weight behind every thrust, slow but powerful, rumbling her voluptuous ass cheeks with every collision. Even causing her legs to buckle inwards and sling around, as if he’d rendered he legs limp almost,  her breast bouncing vigorously as he’d switch his gaze between her eyes and her fluttering pink nipples. ( )The juices she was secreting earlier, now melding with his pre cum in a sticky melody, but not for long. “haaa….haaaaaaa….ha!” Connor closed his eyes and let his cum seep from his cock, his virgin side showing heavily as he’d pump his load into her pussy, pressing his hips to hers and letting it seep inside of her womb. He’d close his eyes in full pleasure before he and washi  exchanged words in his head. “Washi she…she’s to real. To real. I can’t. I just can’t. she…bruh…she totally took me in herself.” Washi would sigh. “connor…I’m going to help you out for a second. I’m going to imbue you with temporary knowledge of sexual prowess.” “. . .can you do that?” Washi nodded. “I’m the Onigami of knowledge. I’ve crafted and created various strategies of war, battle, skill, and pleasure. Trust me.” Connor would sigh. “Fine help me out here!”  Connor only rested for a few seconds, before suddenly his eyes shot wide open, and his lips would find their way back to her neck, this time suckling on it feverishly as if he was trying to gain some blood from it in a vampiric fashion. Connor would sit himself up from her, and grip her jetting hips, and leaning in towards her at a slanted angle, pulling his hips from between here’s and pushing them back in, using the pull of his arms and the push of his force to penetrate her womb deeply. ( )Connor bit his lip as he gazed upon her body in the moonlight, her blue eyes almost seemingly glowing. Connor now had compete sexual confidence in himself as he’d start picking up the pace a fleshy smacking noise echoing through the quiet room, though the air around Connor was beginning to feel different. Heavier and more emotional fueled as Connor literally fucked the cum out of her pussy letting it rim from her insides and leak onto the bed. “C’mon, what happened to that shark like attitude  you boast about so much!” Connor would slap her tits, one after another making sure to alternate one hand from her hip to slapping her tit, stinging it a bit, but giving a soothing ease of ecstasy to her nipples afterwards.

Kodi: When Connor's hip risen just caused her to pant slightly in relief,his length  only made her want more. Her bottom quivered before she came to a sharp yelp feeling his strong thrust when he stuffed his cock back into her pussy.This would only dug her nails into his back as he plowed inside her,pressing his weight against hers with each thrust he made. The blonde coo'd arching her back while her legs dangled around brushing against the side of his hips.Her medium sized breasts, hit against one another while they bounce within the rhytm of his pounding, watching him fixate his gaze towards her bouncing chest an to her deep glowing blue oceanic eyes.Listening to her juices being swished around before tilting her head at Connor when he'd pump his white sticky load into her.Giggling, knowing that he was a virgin, Kodi thought it was cute that he had came already.Abrutly, she spoke taunting the male."Demon eyes Ryo.. Already came.. Pfft" She'd scoff teasingly at the male while his eyes shot open only to have his lips back onto her neck, groaning from the sensation thus he would manuever himself to sit up while pulling his hips inbetween hers only to him force his cock to penetrate her womb deeply.She yelped louder anlouder feeling him hit her womb over an over, the cum spurted out of her whil he slammed inside her.Her eyes glared at him when he spoken to her taunting her.“C’mon, what happened to that shark like attitude  you boast about so much!”  Biting her lip holding in her moans of pleasure when he slapped each of her breasts. As he was finished, she would throw Connor off of her slamming his back abrutly against the wall opposite of where the bed was.He slammed so hard that it left a crack behind him. Kodi slid off the bed, walking over to him in a sensual matter before, dashing toward him lunging upward bashing her feet within the wall breaking through it. Her legs leaned  each of his thighs also his cock slammed inside her hole again. Though she kept a smirk upon her face."Lets see if you can handle this shark." Planting her hands onto hia shoulders pushing him into the wall with high strength.They made there way out of the room they were just in an into another. Her blue abarasive stared down at Connor while Kodi planted her feet sitting up thus having her hands onto his broad muscular chest. Raising her lower body up slightly causing his length to slide out of him only to drop herself onto him suddenly an roughly. She smacked his face roughly a couple of times leaving a mild handprint."Aww~ Are you going to cum... I hope its not before me again.." Her alpha female senses kicked it while riding his cock in a rough like matter, before swaying her hips back an forth letting his shaft hit her sensitive walls.

( )Connor was so into the warmth of her pussy he almost lost all feeling in every other part of his body until he was suddenly reminded with a wake up call that kodi was a fighter and never took anything lying down (see what I did there? xD) As such, Connor would be pushed off her and slammed against the wall, a crack behind him. Having been caught off guard, his cock held steady in it’s stiffness as she walked over to him. “Ohhohooo…” As she lunged upwards, and bashed her feet into the wall, Connor would instantly grip her ass cheeks in a death lock, his fingers coiling into the skin of her buttocks as she slammed herself on his cock over and over again. ."Lets see if you can handle this shark." Connor let out a menacing growl only letting his precum spew form his cock and pumping her full of his clear liquid before suddenly they’d busted through the wall, and Connor would find himself laying on his back, and her riding him to high heaven. Connor rand his hands over his face from the tightness of her womb engulfing his cock. It was already sensitive from nutting earlier, but his essence wouldn’t allow him to take throw in the towel!  Connor  bit his lip as she slapped him a couple of times, and he’d growl back at her, before planting his feet firmly on the ground and giving her a death glare. “Oh really bitch?!?” Connor’s hands would shoot up and grip her by the throat, thrusting his cock as far as her cervix as he did this! He’d then begin lifting her up and down upon his massive, and seemingly growing cock by her neck, forcing her to gag a bit, and their hips to clasp much harder than they had been, the upper part of his pelvis striking her clit each time he thrusted against her as if he was going to thrust right thrasher her busty body! Connor then took it a step forward, and lifted her body up, placing his head between her legs and gripping her thighs, lifting her high into the air! Before he’d slam her body down into the bed with such tremendous amounts of force, not only would the bed crumble beneath their weight, but the very floor supporting them would crumble beneath them as well, even denting the floor outwards by a 10 foot radius! (Tumblr_mbuvxmGqZp1r86adro3_500.gif  Yuuuuup xD) They’d fal to the floor ending up in a room full of girls sitting around and screaming at the sight of it all! they'd snuck into the boys dorm and planned to go see their boyfriends later that night.“Me come before  you? HA!” Connor would look around snatching a coup of water from one of the girls, pulling kodi up and holding her In the air, now standing at his full height, he’d pour the water into her pussy, cleaning his cum out of it. “Let’s see who cums first after this you smug little..!” Connor would spin her in the air, causing her to rotate three times in the air, before he’d put them both in a standing 69 position, pinning her body against the wall, Connor would ravage his tongue against the walls of her pussy, running it up and down, letting his tongue fold across the flaps of her pussy, and digging between the walls on occasion. Using the wall as leverage Connor would make his way down and engage her clit in a sloppy French kiss, sucking & licking it in an unpredictable fashion, while using his free finger to penetrate her butthole, shoving his dry finger in and out of her anus for a double penetration effect. All the while Connor would use his free hand to grip Kodi’s nose, forcing her to take a breath in through her mouth, before connor’s hardened meat made it’s way into her throat! Connor would spread his legs, in his nude glory, and muscular stride, and begin skull fucking kodi as if she was a blow up doll!! ( ) Connor’s muscles only this made this easier and a tad bit more painful as each thrust his balls would find themselves slapping against her nose followed by a river of saliva that’d flow down her face as he continued pumping her face, causing her head to hit the wall repeatedly making a loud “THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP” noise. As Connor listened to the sound of her gagging he’d talk with his mouth full and taunt her as/if she came.” What’s wrong? Can’t talk shit with your mouthful can you!” Connor would nibble on her clit, shoving the entire length of his finger down her anus at the same time trying to force more of  her lovely juices from her womb, his cock balls deep in her mouth. Some of the girls would run screaming, but a couple of them would run off into the corners and start playing with themselves, actually turned on by the action taking place.

Kodi: She gave him a cocky smirk when he gave her a death glare while his hands gripped her throat.“Oh really bitch?!?”  The way he spoken to her just made her pussy ooze more of her juices, also making it really hot against his shaft. It seemed talking dirty turned on the female. Her eyes widened when Connor thrusted his cock far  as he could within her. Her mouth stayed open gripping his wrists with her hands when he lifted her up an down on his cock. Kodi started gagging slightly inbetween loud feminine grunts, Her throbbing clit hitting against his pelvic area only made her pussy want to climax soon, though the abrasive female didn't let up... she held it in... Kodi had maintained herself with pleasure due  to her masterbating frequently before she'd go on for hours, until her hands cramp up..She felt him lifting her up into the air, while he placed his head between her thick legs before slamming her onto the bed with a highly amount of strength. The force of the slam caused the floor to crumble while they layed on the bed making a large crater when they fell through atleast ten feet into a room full of females screaming from the scene before them.“Me come before  you? HA!”  Kodi panted slightly as he snatched a cup filled with water, pouring it over her hot sensitive pussy cleaning his cum out of it.“Let’s see who cums first after this you smug little..!” Spinning her atleast three times within the air while he placed them into a 69 position, pinning her buxom body against the wall. Kodi wrapped her arms around each of his legs when he ravaged his toungue within the walls of her pussy. She winced letting out a loud lustful moan, while her legs quivered furiously. Digging her nails into his legs slightly,letting him feel a bit of a stinging like affect.Making his way down to her swelled clit, he gave it a sloppy kiss sucking an licking . She could handle it anymore soon, the female's body tensed up when Connor shoved his dry finger penetrating her tight asshole. The sensation between him eating out her pussy an her asshole being penetrated would made pussy tense up an throb ,pouring her juices into the males mouth.Kodi took in one last breathe in before he clamped his fingers upon her nose thus shoving his hard length withn her throat.Her blue whirpools widen when he spread his legs giving her a skull fucking. Each time the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, it would only make her gag roughly causing saliva to spurt an drip down his shaft and down her face. Her eyes glared up when he taunted her  What’s wrong? Can’t talk shit with your mouthful can you!” Planting her hands roughly onto the sides of his thighs while her pleasurable screams an moans were muffled by his cock being so deep down her throat also when his entire finger would be shoved into her anus while he nibbled on her clit.Her body flinched an tingled when kodi bucked her hips back an forth against his face.She was going to climax soon... so she lowered her around his head tightly causing him to be smothered into her pussy. Her plumped thighs suffocated him slightly,while grinded her sensitive clit against his toungue.As her hands were gripping his thighs she'd slid his cock out her mouth while he thrusted into her mouth before ramming it back within her tight throat meeting his deep thrusts, she bucked her hips one last time while tightening her grip upon his head while squirting all over his face. her legs went limp while she was done, she had lost though it was a pleasurable lost.. she'd slide her toungue on the bottom of his shaft while he thrusted within her mouth waiting for him to cum in her mouth an down her throat."M-Mmmf~" each time he thrusted it make a dent within the wall.

“heh heh heh..HAHAHA!” Connor’s laugh grough as the female buckled her hips back and against Connor’s face and then as she’d grip her thighs around his head nice and tight so cnnor would get the fullness of her womb in the curvas of his mouth! He’d continue eating her out and facefucking her until she final surcame and he could feel it as her pussy grinded against his mouth and her cum spwed out, busting all over his face in a sticky mess. Her legs went limp and as they did, Connor would take in a deep breathe signifying that he could breathe again, however he himself wasn’t done not in the slightest…no his craving for lust wanted more, as he’d lick his lips with a glazed look in his eye ( ) “Delicious...” connor would continue fucking her mouth while her tongue cascaded the bottom of his shaft. Each time he went in her haed would make a dent in the wall and connor had no intention of stopping what so ever. “mmf. Mmf! Mmmf!! MMMF!” his moans escalated as he’d thrust one more good time, holding his cock down her throat, and spewing another hot sticky load but inside of her throat! He’d continue fucking her face while his cum spewed out, only to feel it fill up and backing up a bit until he’d pull his cock back, and let the rest of the nut inside spray across her face like a shotgun blast! ( ) Connor would feel his legs shake, but his grip on her body was abosolute as he’d rear his head back and yell out “WOOOOOOO c’mon now, this party’s just getting started! These new legs of yours went limp already toots?” Connor would release kodi while she was against the wall only to let her lower body fall forward, before he’d quickly capitialize on it, and catch her from behind in a full nelson submission maneuver! Underhooking his arms with hers, and tying his fingers in behind her neck, and pulling back forcing her to face forward. He’d look at her cum covered face and tilt his head almost as if he was taunting her. “D’aaaw. Tsk, tsk tsk. I thought you liked it rough hm?” Connor would grab a near by towel, wipe her face clean, getting all of his by product from her face, cleaning it before whispering in you’re ear. Weather she answered him or not, he’d talk. “A second ago you hounded me like a dog in heat,  where’s the spirit, that’s not the bitch I know!!”  Weather she was ready for it or not, Connor would rear back and slam her upper body through the wall now into the bedroom….of Eden Creed & Kin Tasanagi (AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA) All the males would see as her body broke through, would be her upper body hanging out of the all, while her arms were locked back. Connor would rear his hips back like a rubber band, and using the slob and spatial from her messy bj, ram his cock right up her ass with no remorse, clashing their hips together until the thickness of her ass swallowed it hole, disappearing as he pushed her against her butt cheeks trying to get it as far as possible, but there was more. Connor’s oni essences was beginning to have after effects, such as Connors 7 inch length shooting up to 9 inches, and getting thicker while inside of her! His cock would also have a burning but radiating heat to it as it’d pound to and from the depths of her anus, so much so it’d stretch the very rim of it adjust to fit to Connor’s size, the sheer force behind every thrust could be felt in here stomach! Connor using his muscle in an almost abusive manor to hold the female in place while he consistently thrashed against her body, the sound of his hips colliding with hers caused a clapping noise similar to a low grade repeated thunderclap however this would be matched or even drowned out by the rattling of photos and pictures on the wall, and assorted mumblings of people asking for quiet and complaining about the racket of what the hell was going on. Connor’s groans could be heard, but more than likely they’d pale in comparison to what kodi would be or would be fighting to/ let out from her system. “Just! One! More! Nut!” Connor grunted between words, as he’d continue plowing her body lifeless until she made him cum again or vice versa, her legs smacking and stuck between his own body and the part of the wall she was stuck between which was also cracking under pressure, Connor seemingly having won the battle for dominance for now over the abrasive shark. it’s funny, this felt more like training than sex.( like this)

While connor's spunk spewed out inside of her throat while he'd continue fucking Kodi's face, feel his cum filling the back of her throat.Feeling pull his cock back spraying across her face while the force caused her to hit the back of her head against the wall.“WOOOOOOO c’mon now, this party’s just getting started! These new legs of yours went limp already toots?”  Kodi scoffed with a mouth full of cum, shaking her head while he released having her lower body falling forward. She'd stared up at him while she'd swish the cum within her mouth before opening it, then swallowing it. ( She had a glare upon a face while doing so,before the male quickly caught her from behind locking her hands above in a full nelson. Her eyes widen thus having her face forward staring at him cocking an eyebrow when he taunted her.  “D’aaaw. Tsk, tsk tsk. I thought you liked it rough hm?”  Kodi eyes perked up before gritting her teeth having an angered like expression while her porcelain cheeks were flustered ( ) . “A second ago you hounded me like a dog in heat,  where’s the spirit, that’s not the bitch I know!!”   Connor reared back slamming her upper body through the wall into a bedroom, shifting her head trying to stare at the wall while struggling amongst herself."S-Shit.." Then a loud scream escaped her lips while saliva slid down her chin, Kodi had felt his large length being rammed into her tight ass,"A-AH FUCK" She groaned an squirmed within the hole while his cock would grow within her ass causing her asshole to stretch. adjusting to his thick size.Every thrust he made, would be felt against her stomach. Holding her in a rough matter,as his hips clashed against her plumped ass. The sensation of being fucked in her ass, would cause her pussy to over flow with juices once more.. it seems this treatment made her wet once again. Using all her might while being plowed, she managed to pull one leg away from between his body before smashing her knee against the wall with such strength causing the wall to crumble around her.She bent all the way down grasping at her ankles before pushing back against his large cock, meeting his thrusts. Kodi shifted her head,ignoring the stares from the males of the bedroom they evaded.Using the strenght within her legs, picking up her speed letting her ass slam against his hips with a SLAPPING sound motion.Her toungue would stick out,saliva dripping out of from the tip of it. Her eyes rolled back within her eyes, going into deep lust and pleasure.She couldn't take it anymore she was going to cum one last time.Her loud grunts an moans an the expression on her face were priceless. The abrasive shark slammed her ass into him one last time,causing her pussy to squirt, drenching the carpet floor beneath her. Her legs quivered tiredly, while leaning down on all floor whether if Connor would be finished or not. The abrasive female's lower body felt as if it was numb..but a good kind of numb. She'd  could feel her pussy spurting out more juices each time the male had thrusted within her now gaping asshole. ( )

When she swallowed his cum, it made him chuckle knowing she was into this kind of thing from the get go, getting his nut and being content about it. that glare of determination on her face only made his cock twitch the more he thought about it, and how wonderful it, how resilient she was in bed, as she is in a fight. Connor felt completely dominant over the female, as he tattered into her ass hole with excruciating force! A demonic smile rest upon his lips as their hips collided in an over and over again fashion, the thickness and ripeness of her ass cheeks enticed him, making him grit his teeth on occasion each time his cock entered and withdrew from her ass. Oh? The shark had some fight left in her as she’d take it upon herself to break the wall down completely crumbling it with her inhuman leg strength and bending over to touch her ankles. “THAT’S THE SPRIT!” Connor watched as she fought back, now bludgeoning her hips with his own! Connor would stop what he was doing immediately and down right impressed, as he’d run his hands through his hair and continue thrusting against her,fighting her back til the bitter end. His cock swelling, and swelling, he knew he was about to cum but he wanted to enjoy it just a bit longer. Her facial expression did him in as he’d dig his nails into her ass and the moment she  slammed one last time, Connor would do the same until the final thrust between the two of them caused one final collapse of flooring, right after the final smack of their skin! Connor’s cum would the entirety of of her asshole, squirting out amongst the floor over her own fluids in a sticky collision. As she hit the floor, connor’s pink tinted eyes would return to normal, as his cock started to shrink, squiriting out a few more strands of semen over her ass and  her legs. “Ahh…ah….huh?” Connor looked around to see broken water pipes, cracked floors and roofing, and even kin and eden at this time of night. “. . . .Creed. Tasanagi. Sorry I  had to...” Connor would nod  and grab a blanket throwing it over his girlfriends body and cradling her in it, before picking her up an hoisting her over his shoulder. Connor would look around before slipping on his sunglasses from seemingly no where. “. . .Bust in..” ( ) Suddenly kin and eden would be blasted off into the air, and every peice of furnature surrounding connor and in t he next 10 rooms would flyi into the air out of a spontanious burst of randomness and complete unadultrated badassery. As the musc played, Connor would turn around in his muscular nude glory, and begin walking out of the boys hotel room with kodi hoisted on his shoulders. The entire time in slowm motion, as his soft cock bounced with motion he took.

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