Gonna Make this a Night to RememberEdit

vMegatron: -( It’s almost 10:30pm on a Saturday night in the lovely rich end portion of District 2. Daisuke looks at himself in the mirror as he puts on his Armani black silk suit, looking dressed to the nines with a silk inner blue shirt. He slowly buttons up the blue inner shirt while adding the finishing touches to his hair and making sure he looks fresh to death. ( ) He then brushes through his smooth dark blue hair with a fine comb, making sure he looks somewhat professional even with this mop on his head. He hadn’t really ever worn a suit in his life before and in his eyes there is a first for everything. It has been a few months since his takeover of Yun Corp back into the Yun name and he has already made big moves with the company. After buying Game zone the Yun Corp brand name in technology has unlocked a new level of gaming for the entire world, creating a virtual reality set up that allows anyone to physically take part in the online videogame they are playing. This being the same system that he had shown Sora when they played the newest Call of Duty FPS game. This individual company had brought in enough revenue to speed up the Yun Tower renovation and after almost eleven years of its rebirth, the Yun Corp Tower has returned to its rightful place in the center of District 2, being the once beacon of hope that it used to be. Daisuke turns around from his new bedroom that is within the penthouse of the tower itself and begins to walk down a set of stairs towards his work station where all of his Red Mask gear and gadgets are placed like his own personal superhero lair! (Tony_in_Stark_Tower_Concept_Art.jpg ) When he gets down, he digs into a pocket for a remote and clicks a button that slowly begins to open up the shutters of the building, giving Daisuke a clear view to the city that he loves and the city that his grandfather built this company to protect. As he does this, his left earpiece that is in his ear shines a bright blue color. He says to the earpiece-“Call, Sian Tetsu.”-in which the machine comprehends his command and begins to dial tone the wavelengths through the air to reach Sian’s cellular device. If she were to pick up, Daisuke would say to her with his glowing white eyes overlooking the horizon-“I can’t wait to see you tonight, gorgeous…I sent the limo for you and it should be arriving any minute now. See you soon.”-He’d then hang up and make his way towards the elevator. With the doors shutting behind him he clicks on the 89th floor, which is one a few floors below his penthouse but considered the convention hall where this party is taking place. The elevator doors open up and Daisuke is greeted by hundreds of people clapping their hands for him and showing their appreciation and love for what he has been with the company, especially for his young age. ( ) The ballroom lights up from chandeliers in the sky and he slowly raises his hand up to thank everyone and the party quickly begins to take off on the right foot. /////Meanwhile at the Tetsu residence where Sian is being picked up/////( ) A long black stretch limo slowly pulls up parallel to the driveway to the house that Sian lives in. (Be It a mansion or a house XD PLOT) If Sian were to come out, the driver of the vehicle would step out from the driver side and make his way to the back door closest to her path of walking. The driver would keep his head low; Sian would be unable to see the face of the person who is driving her. She would be able to see that he is of a light skin tone, slightly tan from being in the sun but she’d be unable to make anything out of the ordinary. He opens the door for her and begins to say-“Good evening, Ms. Tetsu…I will be your driver this evening…”-The voice would not seem familiar to perfection but it could be recognizable only to people who have met the man in his human form. If she were to step inside, He’d shut the door behind her and his face would slowly raise up a little to reveal bright red eyes with a slowly spinning singular ring tomei that only the famed Super Soldiers can have. It then spins violently with a bright blood red glow as he says-“Hope you enjoy your ride…”- (Tumblr_mo4ig6Misf1rjh395o1_500.gif ) He then makes his way into the driver seat and begin to drive off towards the direction of Yun Tower.-

SayuriAkagi: -(( Sian let her eyes glance up into the mirror that was before her as her naturally arched brows furrowed deeply at the sight of her usually pretty face now painted with a slight hue of eye shadow to bring out her beautiful blue eyes more, a hint of a blush on her cheeks, and for her lips she wore just bit of soft pink colored lip liner filled by a clear lip gloss so it would appear as if she were wearing lip stick instead. To Sian this whole thing was too girly for her and boy did she hate it. Just give her a good old pair of jeans maybe some sweats and sneakers, and she was all good but unfortunately she was gonna be able to have it her way tonight. Behind her stood her mother 34yrs old, Tomoko Asakura-Tetsu just recently released from the hospital holding in her right hand a curling iron in her right hand, several strands of her daughters hair in the left, and three bobby pins in her mouth and to Si’s left sitting on the vanity was the reason that all of this was being done. It was a digital invitation personally given her by Daisuke to the RSPV event of the season, a black tie even for the Grand Re-Opening of Yun Tower, a building that once was the monolith for the entire D2 connect then brought down to chard ruins by some unknown group many years before either she or her mother were even born and sign to all those who once served its founder that the heir, her boyfriend…she immediately began to blush at the thought of even calling Daisuke that her face still focused on the stranger that was glaring back at her with a bit of disdained.- “Stop frowning your face up so much Sian, everything is fine. Anata wa bakkin ni mieru (You look fine.) and Daisuke-kun will love how you look, you’ll see.” -Tomoko tells her giving a wink of her left eye with pins still in her mouth, motioning the curling ironing towards the strand of hair she is holding pressing down on the clasp to part it and allowing it to fall back into place with the hair between it at the ends before proceeding to give the iron several twist inside of her hand and letting the fully curled strand go to begin on another one.- “You really think so Okaa-san?” -Sian allowed her fingers to fidget nervously one another the other in the mist of her palms her eyes watching her mother do her hair as she herself had never been to such an event in her entire life. Tomoko leans her head down lower to her daughter’s level a soft smile upon that of her own hair pin holding lips kissing her cheek as she finished with the last few pieces of her hair,- “Hai, all of Kasaihana will have their eyes focus in on him tonight from the way he moves to the way he carries himself with the elite of society, but only thing he will be looking at is you.” -Giggles standing up right again placing her hands into the young girl’s head using them to gather up her long raven mane into them to them motioning her hair to the left twisting it up mid-way just before the curls start as she sweep her bangs into a swoop about her forehead then begins to place each pin into Si’s hair to hold it in place.- “Arigato Okaa-san.” -Is the only thing that Sian told her mom. Tomoko smiles continuing to pin her hair stopping only when she was finished to allow herself to leave the room so the girl could change into a long white chiffon gown with pearl straps on the shoulders, a sheer like skirt, with lace embroidery about the bust and breast and a pair of simple but elegant 3 inch white satin open toed heels. Upon her ears she wore a pair of elegant pearl stud earrings which matched the simple pearl necklace on her neck and the bracelets on both her wrists. Making a move to retrieve the invite from the large oak wood vanity Sian takes another look at herself in the mirror still unsure of how this will work out as she tugs at the top of the gown with her exposed cleavage showing a bit more than she’d like before also grabbing her matching evening bag and heading out of her room for the stairs where her Great Grandpa and Mother were waiting on her. From downstairs she could hear that the elder Sonade playing the wistful sounds of Romanesque via the entertainment system as if to announce her decent into the living room one step at time, the thought of all this grandeur just for one dinner made Sian laugh a bit as she played along coming down the stairs with ease and entering the room for both Tomoko and Isato to see. “Grandpa I didn’t peg you for the classical type.” Tomoko states sitting curled up on the sofa in front of the man who was acting like a conductor in an orchestra. “Well when you live to be as old as I am my dear, you’ll find that you find that no matter how much the music changes through out the centuries it will always be the music of your original life span that your heart is the most at home with. Or in my case the 1800s hahaha.” He chuckles shifting his own icy blue eyes back towards just in time to see Sian descend from the last one with arms outstretched to give her a hug. “Ah there she is, the lady of the hour. You look positively ravishing and I wager without a fault that young Master Yun will be just as speechless as I.” “Isato-Sosofusan.” the young teenager blushes at her elder grandfather’s words hugging him back. “Mean it Sian, you are a true image of beauty if I were a few centuries younger it would be you and I dancing tonight instead young Dai.” The old man continued to joke. Sian would then imply back, “Then you’d be just like Dai-chan fighting Dad.” “This also true, hahaha.” “You two sure you will alright tonight?” “Yes, yes we both will be fine I will look after your mother until you father returns from his errands, go and have yourself a good time okay.” “And be careful too.” Tomoko reminds her just as the horn from a massive sized stretch limo pulled into the front of the family home, a ride sent specifically by Daisuke himself to make sure that she arrived to the occasion on time. “Alright then, Good Night you guys and wish me luck I’m off to rub elbows with the rich and famous.” Sian laughs heading to the door with the makings of her gown in her left hand, invite, and purse in the other it opening up upon her motion towards the sensors and locking place behind her phone ringing just time as she answers it hearing Daisuke’s voice in her ear as she walks out to the car, “I can’t wait to see you either Dai-chan, and I see it just arrived. I’ll see you in a bit okay, bye.” Was all she say hanging up the phone. “Good Luck!” both of them called out to her. The driver greeted her at the passenger side door opening it with ease allowing her to get into it which she did not at all sensing anything off about the person standing behind her once in the door was closed behind her before the driver himself gets back into the car and drives off into the night into the direction of Downtown District 2.-

vMegatron : -( The Driver begins to flow through the city, obeying all the city laws and regulations to a tee, following any motion that a driver would make. The patrician between the two of them would be down and he is able to look through his rear-view mirror to get a look at her. As they hit a few bumps in the road, he is able to see her full breasts jiggle up and down and the sight of such a beauty causes him to lick his lips with his long animal like tongue, without giving himself away to the girl. After checking her out and sniffing the air a bit to get her sweet scent into his nostrils, he feels his primal instinct to ravage such a beauty of her caliber. But he knows that there are other things to be done at the moment. Keeping his eyes on the road now, he begins to speak with Sian-“So you got invited to the new Yun Tower event…Do you know the owner of the company or something?”-As he asks this he begins to make a left turn where he is now facing the new Tower and all its glory! (Avengers_-_Stark_Tower_Concept_art_005.jpg) Seeing the building shine brightly with the YUN name plastered on the side in bright white lights causes him to snarl a bit as the success that Daisuke is having angers him. If Sian were to answer him back, the Driver begins to come with a follow up question-“I hear he’s got himself a lot of enemies…It be a shame if they came after the people he cares about most in the world…You wouldn’t happen to know anything of that would you?”-He asks this as the limo begins to pull into the parking garage of the Yun Corp Tower, but Sian would instantly see that there isn’t a single car parked on this floor, or anyone in sight for that matter. After entering the parking garage, the steel door that they had come through begins to shut and the driver once again looks into his rear-view mirror. As he does this he is able to see both Arthur White and Sarah Lawrence standing in front of the door like two guard dogs ready to eat their prey! (Arthur and Sarah The two of them are both already in their symbiotic form with their minds already in combat mode. Arthur’s claws reflect the light coming off one of the garage light bulbs, showing how razor sharp they are. Goldie flexes out stands of her hair above her head like medusa with her snakes. Once the car remained in the parked position, the driver slowly turns around while removing his hat to reveal that is none other than, Damon Yun! Sian would finally see the true face of the man behind the black mask and she would be shocked to see that he and Daisuke looked so much similar that it would be hard to tell the two apart. He then says to her with his eyes glowing a powerful demonic red color-“I hope you don’t mind being late to this party….”-As he says that, black liquid tendrils begin to spurt around his head and quickly form the helmet that he wears while in his symbiotic form, already in his Armor to fight! ( Without Sian knowing that both Arthur and Goldie are behind her, the glass behind her shatters as multiple tentacles come flying through the back of the car. These are the tentacles that are released from Goldie’s hair and they would attempt to wrap around Sian’s body around her neck, chest, thighs and mid-section as Goldie attempts to pull Sian out of the back window. She does this in the attempt to slam Sian down onto the ground around the three of them. With Sian having no clue that Goldie was even there, this attack would most likely be successful due from the element of surprise and stealth alone. If Sian were to be thrown out of the back window she would have some cuts from the glass around her exposed skin but nothing to major. It is then at that moment that Damon bursts through the roof and lands on the back end of the limo roof with his arms extended outwards. ( His lens stare at Sian now as the three of them surround her in this empty parking garage with no way to reach out to the outside world. Picking a spot with no cameras and no cell service, Damon and his Venom Corps have created the perfect trap for Sian to fall into. Damon then says to her-“Mmmm, such a beautiful girl my brother has…To bad such a beauty is wasted on that Yun…But not for long…”-With the three of them surrounding her, will Sian fight back? The situation develops in the lower levels of Yun Tower!-

SayuriAkagi: For the most of the ride Sian remains silent with the driver her hands fiddling with the top of her dress a few time as she was really uncomfortable with the ideal over having to wear something so low cut about her cleavage, moved to pop the lock of her purse for a moment inside was the invite, two kunais something that she never left home without no matter if it was inside of jack or not her ID and a few make-up items that her mother must have thrown into it when she wasn’t looking just in case she wanted to touch up her face at some point in the night. Not as if she would need it any how. Occasionally she would look at the man behind the wheel or stare out of the window into the timeless city sky as it rolls by as part of her images that tonight would be something out of a fairy tale with her as Cinderella or something, Daisuke was in fact her handsome prince and this function was in fact the ball with out the leaving at the stroke of midnight or turning back into rags part that usually killed the story itself to pieces. Yup her mom was right tonight would be magical and she could wait to get there either. It was about this time that the driver would ask her about being invited to the tower’s reopening and not thinking of it being nothing more than casual conversation she replied back, “Yes I was….and yeah the new head of the company is very dear friend of mines.” Sian withheld the fact that she was dating Daisuke just in case this guy was trying to get the skinny on his personal life first and then sell it to the highest paying tabloid later on but as the drivers questions continued the 16yr beauty suddenly begin to get that oh so sinking feeling again inside of her form, the one she’d only felt one time before and that was at Coney Island when Damon tried to kill her once the car pulled in what was indeed an empty parking deck underneath the tower itself. That’s when she saw them the two that accosted her brother back in the park both for a moment looked normal almost human at first but that changed as they became the snarling monsters she saw back then. Again her eyes widen in horror once the driver spoke again about her being late to the party revealing himself from behind his disguise as the black hearted devil himself Damon Yun as she shoved herself backwards in her seat her fingers managing to hold tight to the purse as the two of his henchmen bolted forward both at the back wind shield with Damon in the front. Sian manages to free one of the kunais from her purse with ease just as the beasts’ lunge forward breaking the glass behind her and jerk out of the back of the parked vehicle just as the garage door quickly fell into place bolting shut. She could feel the glass itself pierce her skin gradually but given the length of the gown she wouldn’t be able use the back of the car to propel herself upwards into the air to do a backwards flip so she was left with no choice but to be taken. This choice was a rather poor one as Goldie using her medusa like hair to strangle the poor girl first causing Sian to let out a desperate wild scream before finally getting a full grip on the blade she concealed in her hand and turning, motioning her hands towards the strands of the woman’s “hair” with the blade expose in attempt sever it. If it worked the strand would loosen causing her cough and desperately try to catch the air that she needed and not her body would be slammed onto the ground beneath Goldie’s weight causing a brief lapse in consciousness before waking up again to find that all three of them had surrounded her.

Trapped, Battered, & Broken...Sian Discovers the TruthEdit

vMegatron: -( With Sian now surrounded, Damon would sit on the roof of the car while rubbing his chin with his own black claws that resemble talons. He then says to Sian-“It looks like you are in a little situation here, Sian…Now you have one of two options…the hard way which is my favorite way where you put up a fight and we beat you within an inch of your life just for ole little Daisuke to see later on as a party favor…Or, you pick the easy way which lets us beat you within an inch of your life without resistance…but where is the fun in that? Aye, Doll face?”-Most likely he knows that Sian will try to put up a fight against them and with that Kunai blade being her weapon of defense, Damon and the others are not too intimidated by the small piece of sharp metal. Waiting to hear a response, Damon goes on the attack for either option. Goldie whips her hair around and extends them forward over her head, shooting straight towards Sian attempting to grab her by the wrists and ankles. These tentacles would move at a steady pace of 90mph as they seem like fastballs right down the middle! If successful, Sian’s wrists and ankles would be held down in restraints of Goldie’s hair. During the first attack where Sian used a Kunai to cut one of the tentacles off from Goldie’s hair, it caused the adaptation ability in the Y-serum’s DNA strand which allows the user to continue to adapt and get stronger from things that injure it. This meaning that the tentacles are now up to defensive strength to defend against the metal of the kunai that Sian is using. While this is happening, in case Sian is able to avoid the 90mph tentacles, Arthur would extend both his arms out increasing the size of his claws to a whopping fifteen foot wide diameter! This means that in width and length, his hands become razor wire that extends fifteen feet outward! He then clamps his hands together as if he were clapping, attempting to smooshed Sian in the middle like the meat in a sandwich! If this were successful then Sian would feel an immense pressure exertion around her body as the impact could shatter bones within her body. If unsuccessful because of evasion, Damon would be ready for her movements, using his ESP to help anticipate her movements based on the muscle movements of her own body. This being one of the most powerful optic techniques that the Yun Family has been gifted with. Watching Sian’s movements with his talented Super Soldier eyes if she were to evade the second attack, Damon would watch the miniscule muscle movements that she makes which would allow him to visually see her movements almost perfectly as her mind creates the orders for her muscles to complete the action. Having said that, Damon would extend his wrists towards that direction and fire out two black webbings outward! The webbings shoot out faster than Goldie’s tentacles by a landslide, almost moving as blurs of light at 145mph! Because of his timing and proper focus on Sian’s body, the webbings would make contact onto her chest, a webbing on each breast. With the webbings now on her body, Damon pulls his arms back with a firm grip on the webbings themselves. This would shoot Sian’s body towards him at 80mph from the pulling motion that Damon creates. With Sian then coming towards him, Damon extends both legs upwards in the attempt to drop kick Sian in the chest, right on her breasts. If this attack were successful then her body would be hit with the force of 200 plus pounds hitting her at 80mph on a small focus point being her chest! The kick alone could crack her sternum and potentially break her ribs from the vibrations that ripple after the impact. Her body would then be sent flying back into one of the concrete pillars of the vehicle garage with enough force to whiplash her body onto the ground. The impact would leave a body mark on the pillar as some of the concrete would fall off of the pillar after impact. Once completed with the team combo, Damon would look at her as she lays on the ground and say-“You cannot defeat us, Sian…Make it easy on yourself and accept defeat…It does not have to be this hard on you…”-The three of them then slowly once again begin to surround the helpless Sian as their teamwork and coordination makes them even more dangerous!-

SayuriAkagi: Turning her lunar blue eyes to Damon he’d see no hatred or malice in them what's worst he’d quiet possibly see nothing but the love that she held for him for being the brother of the man that she loved so dearly with all of her heart. She’d hear his words but either way her body would be crushed under the weight of the threes attacks so rather than fight physically she opts for the power of the mind, a gift that she knew both brothers had to at least share because of their father and grandfather. “Why? Why do you hate your brother so….Damon?” she asks her voice speaking calmly allowing her hand to discard the weapon she held with ease causing it to hit the ground with a clanking sound knowing that this fight was too unevenly matched for her to try to take them all on. “Your brother loves you just as much as I do; I just don’t know why you think this fight has happen.” Sian lowers her eyes bracing her herself to the onslaught of the attacks that would come from any of the three directions. And come they did. The first being from Golden whose tentacle like hair makes a move for her hands and feet, despite feeling quick from being pounding into the concrete earlier she forces her body to shift to the right as fast as she can to avoid their blows based on her instincts alone but could avoid the extending arms of Arthur that sought flatten her like a pancake under their pressure and weight. “Who is it that you’re really angry at.” She screams the pain and despair that was filling up her body starting cause her chi to manifest itself in a form of cold winterize air that slowly drifted itself about her right arms once again formulating the appearance of an encased crystallized hand that purposely fires off several massively large ice claws in the direction of Arthur in what would appear to be an attack but in truth was a diversionary tactic that if successful would make the brute drop her back to cold concrete and if not she’d suffer the pain without so much as a scream her body breaking underneath the pressure as her thoughts traveling back to Daisuke just in time to have Damon bomb rush her with an attack of his very own. It would be the onslaught of these that would cause the 16yrs to feel the pain that most wouldn’t even survive through as she thrown, tossed, and kicked into like an unwanted child’s toy yet she suffered through them all without so much as grunt her barely conscious mind shifting back to a lesson from her childhood as her body takes yet another blow causing it riptide back into a column with blood starting to pour down from her panted lips once gravity takes a hold of it dropping her to ground beneath. Sian just manages to move her arms forward in front of her leaning on them with the rest of almost completely broken or no intact. She’d hear Damon speak again her eyes looking at him once more with yet again those same loving and warm eyes speaking again having felt his blows tit for tat as she coughs up blood and tries desperately to breath through a severally damaged set of lungs. “Why are so angry…..who are you so mad at?” she asks him having let him brutalize her so in order to feel out the truth within his attacks and blows. “It’s not me…or Daisuke….its…its…someone else….” Her voice would go flat as Sian collapses into unconsciousness onto the cold ground her arms finally giving away underneath her.

vMegatron: - After Sian had become unconscious, her words hit Damon but his cold heart would feel nothing towards those loving eyes of hers and the kind words to go with it. As the three stand over her, the black mask slowly recedes back and reveals his face once again as he looks down at her with a smirk-“It looks like my brother got himself a girl with a brain on her…Nice play to try and talk to me instead of fight…But sometimes people can’t be saved with words, Gorgeous…”-After saying that, he extends his left hand towards Sian and her body is quickly wrapped in his black webbings like a cocoon, leaving her head to be the only thing seen. Arthur walks over with a sharp of ice stuck in his shoulder and Damon looks at him asking-“You okay there, Big Guy?”-He shrugs his shoulders and then flexes his muscles which cause the ice to shatter into thousands of tiny pieces, showing the durability of the stronger failed Y-serum experiment. He picks up Sian over his right shoulder and the three begin to make way for the elevator./////Upstairs at the party////Daisuke mingles with the people and the guests that show him gratitude and try to make their names known to him for future business. While he does this, he looks at his phone to see that Sian is taking longer than it should for her to get here. Then this funny feeling at the back of his neck begins to send chills down his spine. He knew something was wrong. Both he and Damon share a similar trait in which they can feel danger approaching for themselves or if a loved one is in danger. It may be too late as Sian has already felt the brute force of Damon, but now Daisuke has been alerted to an issue that may buy him a few minutes. Daisuke begins to make his way towards the elevator and when he clicks the button for it to come to him, he sees that the elevator is already at the penthouse level, a level that only someone with his matching DNA can gain access to from the elevator finger scanner. At the sight of seeing this, Daisuke comes to realize what is happening and knowing that he is alone in this, he goes to his penthouse to grab some gear.////Up on the penthouse level balcony////( On the helipad) Damon and the Venom Corps stands in the center of the helipad with the wind blowing violently around them on this cold autumn night. Damon had used his webbing to keep Sian tied down by her wrists, waist and ankles. ( She would be trapped in what can only be described as an elaborate spider web while the three wait for Daisuke’s arrival. Damon looks out towards the elevator door while saying-“Come on, Daisuke…come find me…”- He then looks towards Sian who could possibly be waking up now from her unconscious state. If she did, Damon would say to her-“You know it would be unfair of me to bring you into this fight of mine without at least telling you why…I guess you deserve that much…You aren’t wrong when you said it was for someone else…It is…This is for my mother…My mother who was betrayed by my father and left to raise me alone while he came back to Kasaihana for his first born son…He forgot all about us…So in turn I will take out my mother’s anger for Damian with the next best thing…His favorite Son…Call me childish or daddy issued if you want like you did on Coney Island…It means nothing to me…Your words mean nothing…You mean nothing…”-He then turns back towards the elevator door which is twenty feet in front of him-“The only thing that means anything to me is the pain and suffering that my brother will endure…”-And it is at that moment that the elevator door dings as it reaches the top floor! ( The doors slowly open and as soon as enough room for a body to exit opens up, Daisuke’s body comes flying out in his Red Mask uniform, using his Chi Flight ability to soar through the air at 200mph! Daisuke quickly Spartan kicks Goldie off of the helipad itself like team rocket blasting off during a Pokémon episode! Damon yells out-“Begin the assault!”-Daisuke bends down in his fighting stance, and as he does this six long vibranium blades extend out from his Ballistic Gauntlets as he yells out to Damon-“Let her go, Damon!”- ( His body not covered in a black static which is a sign of his Lightning Chi. At that moment, Goldie springs back up from the bottom of the helipad as she used her hair to remain on the building after taking a Spartan kick to the chest from Daisuke upon his entrance! As she does this, Daisuke quickly reacts by thrusting his left fist at her and his powerful punch impacts Goldie square in the jaw! The impact sends Goldie rolling back ten feet as Daisuke begins his charge towards Arthur who is the next one to block his path before Damon! Arthur thrusts his right claw out using his extension ability to grow out his hand, trying to grab Daisuke. But with his inhuman reflexes, Daisuke quickly twists his body into the air, flipping himself over the claw and quickly beginning to run on the very arm of Arthur. Once he gets within range, Daisuke leaps into the air with his arms in front of him and he slashes the six vibranium blades across Arthur’s chest! The slashes cut 4 inches deep into the symbiote armor as Arthur is forced to stagger back a bit with his armor now dripping a black liquid. Underneath the mask, Daisuke’s HUD begins to target the three of them as Goldie begins to stand up behind Daisuke. Within a matter of seconds, Arthur’s armor quickly returns back to its normal form as it looks like the blades didn’t even damage anything. Daisuke thinks to himself-“Dammit…They can return back to normal with ease…and I can’t use my Flame Alchemy here without destroying a part of the building…I’ll have to use my fists to get Sian out of this one…I promise I will…”-As the three surround Daisuke now, Damon says to Daisuke-“You seem to be at a disadvantage here brother…It looks like I have more friends than you do…”-Daisuke smirks a bit as he remembers what else he can do with his flame alchemy. Looking at Arthur and Goldie he knows that he can only focus his left hand for accurate fire. Daisuke quickly says-“THEN LETS BEGIN TO EVEN THE ODDS!”-His left hand then extends towards Goldie as he rubs his fingers together and the signature snapping sound can be heard as Daisuke activates his pinpoint fire attack. Using his alchemy to superheat Goldie’s eyes, two bursting flames emit from her head! Her screeching echoes through the area as she quickly begins to panic from the instant super heating and blindness that now overcomes her. Daisuke knows that this will only buy him a few seconds and with that, he focuses his chi into his right foot and quickly moves in a flash towards Arthur! As he charges, his right fist quickly becomes covered in the bright black flame of his and once he is in firing range, he thrusts his right fist forward and with all his strength, he hits Arthur in the face! The impact creates a sonic boom sound that shakes the entire building! Arthur’s durability stands as his body only moves back on his back leg. But Daisuke was banking on this to happen. Using one of his new techniques that he gained from Garyx, his punches and kicks have special tendencies. With a release of chi, the punch can release a wave of chi, extending beyond that of the opponent itself. Focusing his power into his fist he is able to create a somewhat aftershock on Arthur’s head and the compressed pressure and power of the punch rings through Arthur’s head like a bell! This causes Arthur to fly back ten feet on his back and almost fall off the side of the helipad. ( When Daisuke turns around to try and focus now on Damon, he is greeted with a whopping roundhouse kick from Damon himself! The kick impacts across Daisuke’s head and it causes him to stagger back a few feet. Taking advantage of the surprise hit, Damon leaps up and thrusts his right knee up onto the bottom of Daisuke’s helmet! The impact causes Daisuke’s head to ring back a bit and the HUD begins to static up a bit. While attached to his brother, he wraps his left arm around Daisuke’s head and leaps down onto the helipad! This causes both of their bodies to hit the ground but thrust Daisuke’s head into the center of the helipad! After this quick combo, Damon rolls back up to his feet and he quickly finds himself standing by Sian. Daisuke himself would slowly stand back up to see Damon crawling on the web he created, standing directly over Sian. The longue pink tongue would begin to lower as he wraps around Sian’s cheek and continues to turn under her chin, making a U-shape around her head. He then pulls the tongue back into his mouth and he says-“Mmm, She sure does taste good, Brother…You think all the other parts of her taste the same…I think I will taste test her for you…”-Daisuke then replies back-“You leave her the hell alone, Damon! If you do anything to her….I will kill you…”-Damon begins to sniff Sian’s hair and Daisuke’s anger continues to rise.-“Tell me something brother…Do you love this girl?...”-Daisuke’s eyes widen at the question-“What does that have to do with anything!?”-Damon laughs a bit-“Well it will help me better understand why you would risk yourself for a girl…Maybe if you tell me I might leave her alone….”-Daisuke growls underneath the mask as he finally says to his brother-“Yes!....I….I love her…”-His voice sounds sincere as he says this, underneath the mask his eyes stare at her and not at his brother as he only wants to get her out of this situation. He knew something like this could happen and he tried his best to avoid it. Daisuke then says to Damon-“You have your fight with me….but let her go…”-Damon begins to lower his left hand as if he were going to lift her restraints but then says-“Nahhhhhhh!”-while firing out a webbing from his free hand! The webbing impacts Daisuke on his helmet and his vision is restricted! This allows Damon to leap forward and crack Daisuke with a powerful right cross that sends Daisuke flying back on the helipad.( Agent_Venom_punches_Cap.jpg) Daisuke ends up flipping onto his stomach now as the bearings on his helmet begin to short circuit after the powerful punch!-

SayuriAkagi: -Unaware that her body was bound in dark web the moment she collapses Sian was carried off by Arthur to god knows where unable to do a thing but lie in wait though silently begging in her mind for Daisuke to stay away from this matter for it wasn’t one that he wasn’t meant to fight but some how she sensed that it was already too late. The web had already been casted and she was now the bait. Awaken what seemed like hours later to the voice of Damon the young woman would hear that she was right all along as to her earlier inquiries into his past as the younger of the brothers went into sordid details about his father leaving his mother to raise him alone for that of his ‘favorite’ son which even in her semiconscious state she could surmise that the child he was speaking on was in fact Daisuke. Her brow could only furrow half way at best to his words as yet again this wasn’t making any sense no man in history has ever abandon a male child not even if love wasn’t between him and the mother so why….her thoughts were broken again by the youngest of the two brother speaking again reminding her of what “And the son will pay for the sins of the Father….so what happens when it becomes your turn Damon to pay? That sin of course being you.” was all Sian managed to say before hearing the elevator doors bolt open and the visage that belonged to the one she cherishes so comes bolting straight out from it towards Goldie first sending the morphed out female sailing off into a distance into who knows where before her head sinks into her bosom some from having held it upright for so long. If Daisuke would look in her general direction he could seen just how shallow her breathing was a sign that what was under the webbing was severe (the physical damage) enough to actually kill her if not treated soon. Between fighting to stay awake and alive Sian could hear Dai speak demanding of Damon to let her go before his brother sicks Arthur onto him next with his partner close behind him, even through the periods of temporary lapse in her vision she could hear the battle raging on in front of her as she some what comes full circle upon feeling the web she’s on jerk from someone climbing on it. Sian shifts her gaze downward at first wondering just how the hell she got up here in the first place then up just in time to see the face of the one who terrified her so hanging above her with his long snake like tongue hanging from his mouth curling about her face licking her like a some kind of dawg in heat in attempt to bait Daisuke on through verbal taunts and threats of a sexual nature towards her person which made her eyes widen even more in fear at the monster. The tears in her eyes slowly began to run down her batter face in plea for Damon to reconsider as she unconsciously draw her already bound together legs together even more at the mere thought of having him hovering over her body and taking what rightfully belong to his brother as she shook her head in defiance in attempt move his slimy tongue from her skin. It was in this moment that Dai was asked if he loved her and though he didn’t wish to share his heart’s true emotion at first he surrendered revealing to them all their truth in hope that it would save her. But like most of his kind this information only seemed to add even more irony to the situation as Damon moved in a way that would appear as if he would indeed honor his word but reneged on it at very last moments to deliver another fatal blow to his brother. “Daisuke nooooooooo” she shrieked trying hard to move her body inside of the black cocoon wildly trying break free to get to Dai in order to help him. “Damon please stop this! I’ll do anything you want just leave him alone, if you want me you can have me.” the offer of her body was indeed a desperate move, one she hopes would sound tempting to the 15yr male and perhaps so much that he would spare her love’s life.

For you I will….the Arrival of Star Crusher & ArrowEdit

vMegatron: -////Before Daisuke’s entrance into the fight, when Sian asks her question about Damon having to answer for his sins./// Standing proud at his actions, feeling no level of remorse for his actions, Damon speaks in his venom like voice with the helmet wrapping around his face-“It’s not as complicated as you make it, Sian…When the time comes for me to meet my maker….The Sin I create will have been more than worth the toll I will pay…For my mother…I will rid the world of everything that betrayed her…”-////Now back to the after scene of Daisuke getting clocked in the dome by Damon////Damon slowly walks in a straight line towards his brother as Goldie and Arthur stand five feet away from Daisuke perpendicular to his body. With the three of them blocking any way to Sian, Damon says to him-“You won’t be walking away with a little victory like you did at Coney Island…I plan to play a more violent game…”- That is when Daisuke stands up on his own two feet and shrugs his shoulder to adjust his jacket as if the punch was nothing to him now. With his left hand he wipes away the webbing that is stuck on his helmet that restricted the vision which allowed Damon to get the jump on Daisuke in the first place. That is also when Sian breaks under the pressure of the situation and tries to use Damon’s lust for her to try and get him to free Daisuke. But even this act proves to be useless as Damon laughs to himself. He then looks over to Sian and says-“Very poor choice of words…”-( ) At that moment, the trap she is tied down on slowly begins to come alive all around her. The spider web stays connected to keep her locked in place, but now more tentacles begin to spring out from the top and bottom areas of the web. Tentacles begin to swirl around Sian’s legs, moving from her ankles up to her thighs, slowly moving so she can feel every bit of the wet tentacles moving up her body. Above her, tentacles begin to wrap around her arms, moving closer to her face slowly to build up the suspense of what Damon has in mind for her. ( ) One of the main tentacles would slowly move up the center of her dress at the crotch area, slowly slithering up her belly and begins to poke through the center area between her breasts. With all the slime now covering her body from these tentacles, she’d probably feel grossed the hell out from Damon’s little showing. Daisuke sees this and his eyes begin to glow bright under the mask also while his fangs begin to protrude out of his mouth.-“Damon, you stop this now!”- Damon then lifts his arms up as if he were confused about Daisuke’s anger.-“What? Your girlfriend clearly just said I can use her body for my every whim if I promise to let you go…Which I will to do…I just never said if I’d let you go alive…or dead…”- Daisuke looks over at Goldie through his peripherals and sees that his Flame Alchemy style of fighting has left two charred marks on her eyes, this giving Daisuke the idea that if given a specific target on the body, their suits can have a slower healing time than usual. Addressing that, Daisuke begins to lift his left arm up to once again create that instantaneous flame to burn one of his targets. But what he did not anticipate for was that Damon has the ability to telegraphically read an opponent’s movement almost instantly as they make it themselves. With that, Damon thrusts his hands outwards while firing out two more webbings and they quickly grip onto Daisuke’s hands, covering his fingers before he could send the blast.-“Na uh, you won’t get us twice with that.”-Damon says as he pulls Daisuke’s arm inwards to where it causes Daisuke to become off balance, staggering forward a few feet. Because of this, Damon is able to lift his left foot into the air, using momentum to push off the ground with his right toes. Because of this, Damon then swings his right leg around and clocks Daisuke on the left side of his helmet with a variant of the scissor kick! The impact causes Daisuke’s body to stagger back a few feet to the right and like a well-oiled machine, Arthur is able to slash his claws on a diagonal level, starting at the lower left side of Daisuke’s gut up towards his right shoulder. The sound of hard metal being slid against another hard metal screeches through the area as Arthur quickly looks puzzled to see why Daisuke isn’t bleeding profusely from the attack! Daisuke quickly thrusts his body into the air, spinning around like a top as his right leg smacks Arthur on the right side of his head. As this happens, Daisuke yells out-“Vibranium, Bitch!”-The impact causes Arthur to take a few steps to the left while lifting his right hand to the area Daisuke just hit. After landing back on the ground, Daisuke lands on one knee with his left arm already extended outwards to Arthur. With that, Daisuke quickly rubs his fingers together and *SNAP!* A small explosion erupts underneath Arthur’s right arm near his armpit. The explosion causes Arthur to be lifted up into the air a bit as his right arm quickly catches fire with the black flame. Daisuke yells to himself-“Hell yeah!”-At that moment, Daisuke feels the danger coming from behind him and he quickly rolls forward like a combat trained Marine and quickly slides on his back with both of his arms facing in front of him with his fingers already rubbing together as if he were ready to fire bullets. And just as he predicted with his Danger Intuition, Goldie had tried to stab her tendrils into Daisuke’s back but instead only gets her hair stuck into the metal helipad and Daisuke quickly takes advantage of the opportunity. *SNAP SNAP!* is heard as the explosion quickly engulfs Goldie’s body and her screams echo throughout the penthouse balcony!-“YUUAAAHHH!!!!”-She yells out as the armor around her body is quickly superheated to its melting point. Realizing that if they give him any distance Daisuke could take full control of this fight with his Flame Alchemy, Damon quickly creates a game changer as he quickly turns his right arm into the same shark-like blade that stabbed Daisuke that night at Coney Island. Once created with his weapon, he begins to charge towards Daisuke!////Meanwhile////The tentacles continue to slither around Sian’s body, not yet penetrating her body as Damon controls these tentacles from where he is. But as he fights, the tentacle that is poking out from her breasts actually begins to form a mouth! The longue pink tongue that was just molesting her face now appears out of this tentacle. The saliva that this tongue emits begins to drip down onto her chest, falling down the center like a flowing river which would reach all the way down towards her pussy and begin to act like its own stimulus drug. Because his saliva is a form of venom that reacts to his body, due to his erotic mood with Sian, his venom this time acts like an erotic enhancer which when placed in the body through mouth or in this case, her vagina would cause her to begin to lose her control over her lust control. This could potentially actually make her want Damon to penetrate her with the tentacles. Daisuke would have to act fast as the venom is always powerful, even in small doses. The tongue now then begins to lick at her soft skinned neck as if his actual body was there to give her this foreplay. Small white fangs also begin to appear through the tentacle mouth as it drips this newer venom. It prepares to sensually bite into her neck at this moment!-

SayuriAkagi: “That might be in your eyes but I’d do anything for one I love.” She admitted proudly her eyes looking in Daisuke’s direction not fearing one bit of what was about to happen next once the webbing began to take shape into slimy tentacles then proceed to caress her body and touch her skin. Between her teeth she motioned a small capsule forward biting down on it with ease swallowing its contents a trick her Mom hand taught her to do if ever the occasion would arise, this drug as it were would give her body a temporary immunity against sexually aroused for at least 15 mins but after that she would truly be on her own. Indeed Sian was grossed out but for other reasons as the arrogance of what she really was seeping out some what in her face a feature she had never been good at hiding from even the best of her opponents. ~Disgusting worm, how dare he think himself worthy of MY BODY~ she though keeping her tongue silenced from behind gritted teeth her body temperature lowering slightly which one of the side effect to signify that the drug she’d taken was starting to take affection but what she hadn’t counted on was the trail of goo that one of the tentacles turned into a mouth would leave a trail of a power aphrodisiac on her skin and suddenly start to be absorb by it within matters of minutes. Almost instantly she could feel it take over her inside of her body causing her cry out and writhe in what appear to those below as pleasure. Sian suddenly begins to twist about as she dangles in mid air most certainly feeling the intensity of everything that was happening to her with tears rolling down her face even more once the tentacle like hand makes it’s what up under her dress and begins to lick the most sensitive part of her with ease. It was almost like torture to her but yet and still she refuses to scream or give Damon any satisfaction from it though inside she could feel tension starting to build into a raging inferno that was about to make her cum soon. At some point she stops moving the feeling becoming too much for Sian to hang on as the mouth soon moved in for the strike to bite her on the neck, through the corner of her eyes she sees this and even in her weakened state these words move over her lips, “No matter what he does to me Dai-chan, everything I have belongs to you and you alone.” A reminder to him though in this lust driven state that Damon would never truly have her or tear them apart.

vMegatron: -( With Damon charging at Daisuke, the Dragon Oni quickly has to dive back in a rolling motion as Damon strikes the metal helipad with the long arm blade of his!-“SHIT!”-Daisuke yells out as he barely evades the cut of the blade that he has already felt once before. When he gets back to his feet he sees his brother slowly pull the blade out from the metal, their eyes locking onto each other with their signature masks hiding their twin-like faces. That is when Damon says-“You shouldn’t take your eye off the enemy, brother!”- (30 second mark in the song) It is at that moment that Arthur appears once again, this time leaping high into the air and thrusting his arms forward towards Daisuke’s back! ( This time the arms come like two battering rams that plow right into Daisuke’s back! The sounds of his bones cracking a bit under the pressure can be heard by all of them as the shock sends Daisuke flying forward towards Damon! And like an unavoidable ending to what Daisuke was already the underdog too, Damon thrusts his arm blade into the lower left end of Daisuke’s gut! ( Damon slowly lifts his brother higher into the air now as if he were a trophy as the blood begins to spill from the large wound that he has. Underneath the mask, Daisuke’s face gives off a look of pure pain as he is glad that Sian is unable to see. In his own subconscious, Garyx yells out to Daisuke-“Hold on, Daisuke! Don’t give up! You can survive this!”-“GYAAAAHHH!!!”-Is the only response that Daisuke can give as he feels the blade moving like a bug through his gut. Daisuke’s arms both hold onto Damon’s arm as he tries to use his strength to at least ease some of the weight off of his belly to ease some of the pain. And it is at this moment that Sian yells out in what sounds like pleasure. Even as she tries to hide the effects of the drugs, Daisuke looks at her and sees the tears coming from her eyes as she is getting molested by his own brother. In a weak voice, he says-“Sian….No…Not her….”-Damon then tosses Daisuke like a ragdoll onto the floor of the helipad! Daisuke’s body slides a few feet towards Sian, his body leaving a sliding trail of his blood. Damon laughs demonically as he faces Daisuke who is now trying to crawl towards Sian. His head looking up towards her body as his left hand reaches out for her but can only be met with grasping nothing but air. Damon then says-“Well well…It looks like this will be the end for little Daisuke…And how fitting for him…But as a treat I will let you watch what will happen to your precious lover before you die…”- Daisuke looks at Sian and sees one of the tentacles thick and large around the tip for an entire foot long. Then like uncut skin on the end of a penis, an entire male cock in the form of this black tentacle texture appears with the tip dripping the sexual venom. Poking out are four small prongs that quickly attach to the outside of Sian’s mouth which injects her with this venom even more so that way it would quickly cause her to try and lose the restraints she has and enjoy the fun that Damon is giving out. If the drugs did work, Sian’s mouth would slowly open up and without any hesitation, Damon thrusts the tentacle into her mouth and pushes the cock as deep as he can to the point that it would be pushing towards the back of her throat! He then pulls the cock back into the tentacle and begins to skull fuck her with his tentacle! ( ) Sian would be forced to deep throat this cock over and over and Daisuke is forced to watch and he slams his fist into the helipad! Garyx begins to say to him-“Daisuke you have to focus and breathe! Anger will do you nothing if you are too weak to control it and use it! You can take these guys, I know you can!”-Daisuke begins to release tears under his mask as he watches his love being taken advantage of and he can do nothing to stop it in this weakened condition. Damon then says to him-“Mmm, she is good brother…And know…I am feeling every little bit of me skull fucking her this hard…I can’t wait to see what her pussy feels like…Maybe I will give her the Yun Seed and she can birth me another Yun to carry on the heritage…”-( ) Suddenly a male voice is heard about one story higher saying-“Not if we have anything to say about it!”- And before the others can turn around, an arrow hits Arthur on the forehead and on the impact, a small explosion erupts from the arrow and this sends him flying off the helipad! ( ) A girl with dark tanned skin in a purple superhero get-up appears flying next to the helipad, appearing in front of Goldie! Goldie’s hair extends outwards as she roars out to this new stranger and this new girl begins to speak in a high yet cute feminine voice-“Ew, you need a tic tac!”-And she then thrusts her palms out to Goldie and two projectiles’ that look like energy are fired out from her hands! They look like shooting stars in the sky with a milky white color and they hit Goldie dead center in the chest! This causes her to go flying off the helipad as well, but as we saw before, they are never defeated! After ridding the area of the two henchmen, the two strangers appear, the man shooting the arrow now revealing himself in a red superhero outfit himself. ( Damon turns to them now as the two stand before him as he now begins to get upset that someone is crashing his party.-“We are The Night watch and we are here to stop you!”-The male yells out and this causes Damon to laugh as his back begins to extend with hundreds of tentacles.-“Come try and stop me….”-

SayuriAkagi: -What control she did have left Sian hung onto tightly her eyes watching still the battle in her half conscious, half lust crazed state as from below she’d look like a fragile broken doll just dangling their in front of them all. Inside of her body the wilds of ecstasy roamed freely with the help of Damon’s venom causing the mortal coil that made her a woman to continue its course as it wound her up even more and tighter causing her grit her teeth even harder from both the pain and pleasure of resisting an orgasm for so long. ~I’d rather die than give that dumb fuck the pleasure of knowing that he’s won, I’d die first~ she’d mentally hissed to herself her once vibrate blue eyes looking off for a moment from the scene below before shifting her gaze back only to have it be met by something that looked like it was out of one of those porn mags that her brother loved so much but over several feet long and resembling at guy’s dick before attaching its to the corners of her mouth to try to force even more venom into her system. This was a very fatal mistake on Damon’s part. For some time now Sian’s body had been lower its body temperature to sub-freezing levels in order for it to combat the drug that was now course red hot fire into her veins as a result upon entering her mouth if indeed he’d managed to somehow link his sensory nervous system to the tentacle in question he’d feel a complete yet un-natural chill emitting from her oral cavity and slowly starting to make the rest of it feel good. But what he wont realize is that Sian’s eyes have changed into haunting white color devoid of life and once the tentacle is rammed down into the depths of her throat it would slowly began to crystallized which would first freeze the venom place into several pearl like droplets, then start to form ice from the tip it would slowly make it way down toward the base (where ever that is) before opening her mouth like Christmas nutcracker’s would to reveal the sharp like fangs that were inside once her lips were curled up into a sinister looking smile. From there the task was pretty simple as she attempted to bit down onto it in what would could possibly make Damon think she was enjoying it from the jump but in truth she be searching for right place to apply enough pressure to shatter the filthy piece of shit into a million pieces and within matters of minute she did. Sian parts her lips once more this time with the intensions to execute her plan as Damon taunts Daisuke on further by telling him that she would bare his child and carry on their family legacy. That was the straw that broke the camels back for her and instantly she bares down on the point of impact she’d found in the hopes that it would break completely from tip the base allowing her a chance to breathe first while coughing, spitting out the venomized ice pearls she’d created but moment ago onto the roof below showing both brothers that she was still hanging in there even in the face of things. Though between her legs was complete different story, down there she was on fire she’d already become so wet that its starting run down thighs some causing them to move upwards then close together. That motion alone was enough to make her moan crying out a name in pure ecstasy and if heard would most likely piss one of those who were below her on the helipad the complete fuck off. Whose name was it you ask? It was Daisuke’s name that had fallen so passionately from her lips; a testament to Damon that he’d greatly underestimated her strength.

The Power of the DragonEdit

vMegatron: - Daisuke lays on the ground with his brother taunting him about what he will do to Sian after the fight and every word of it eats up into Daisuke’s soul as he would do anything to protect her. His left hand slowly reaches up towards his helmet and he rips the vibranium device off of his head, revealing his face to Sian as she would be able to see the tears and the blood on his face. His gut continues to drip blood as he slowly begins to force his body to stand back up on his own two feet. He groans out in pain as he does so and the blood continues to hit the floor drop by drop.////As this happens, Damon begins to feel a slight change in his body temperature. One of his tentacles begins to get really cold and because of this, Damon looks over at Sian while thinking to himself-“Is her body naturally cold like this!?...Why is it feeling good to me!?”-But little did he know, Sian had her own personal plan behind the temperature change.////Damon’s head is hung over, looking somewhat towards the ground while he is unable to make eye contact with Sian directly now as it looks like she is enjoying the sexual acts that Damon is giving her. ( But then she bites down on the tentacle and everything changes! On the impact, Damon wrenches his head back and his mouth quickly opens up with the sharp teeth and tongue, roaring out in a quick pain!-“YOU BITCH!”-And to make matters worse for Damon, she yells out Daisuke’s name! Damon’s face snaps into her direction as he quickly is enraged by her not submitting to his will by now. But what Damon also once again neglects to see if what is now going on with Daisuke…As soon as he hears his name being yelled out the way it is, something snaps inside of Daisuke’s mind. Daisuke thinks to himself-“How can I let him do this to her…I love her…My own brother is treating my girlfriend like a piece of meat and I just watch…What kind of man am I!?”-All while he is thinking this, Daisuke’s body without him noticing begins to form a dark black flame around his body; from the feet up. Multiple black lightning bolts begin to surge around his body as well. Also while this happens, his body begins to reveal small indentations of the dragon scales that are hardening underneath his first human skin. (2:12) Daisuke yells out while rocking his body back, releasing a hidden energy within himself!-“I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS…ANYYYMORRRREEEEE!!!!!!”-And just as he yells at the top of his lungs like a roaring Dragon, his aura erupts like an explosion! The flames extend almost twenty feet up into the air with the lightning continuing to surge around it! ( –“RAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!”- is the only sound heard after as his Dragon Rage is releasing, giving him a sudden boost of power and energy! His wound around his gut quickly begins to fill with the power of the dragon scales, quickly stopping the bleeding and the fatal effects of the stabbing. The ground below him begins to crack and Damon can only watch as this release of power makes enough gusting wind to almost move an entire human body. At this time, Goldie and Arthur had returned and thanks to the new two superhero strangers, they were occupying them fairly well. But when Daisuke begins to release his energy, the four of them are forced to look over at him in shock. Arthur holds the man in the red suit by the throat and he asks-“What kind of power is this!?”-With that, the boy wonder he is choking replies back with a struggle-“A power to kick your sorry ass with!”-Goldie and the tanned girl also stop their fighting at which the new girl says-“Oooo Pretty light show!”-Goldie then pounces on her while yelling out-“You idiot it’s not a rave!”- Damon smirks under his mask and he says to Daisuke-“So it looks like that hit a nerve after all…”- Daisuke’s eyes glow bright white and he yells out-“Let her go! NOW!”-as his aura continue to lift into the air. ( Damon stands tall in front of his brother now with his fists at his sides-“Don’t think you can start giving me orders just because you powered up and put on a little show for us…You still cannot defeat me so why don’t you just go back on the floor like a good boy!?”- After hearing their leader show this sign of confidence, Goldie and Arthur continue to assault the two who saved Daisuke beforehand.-“Tell them to stop it!”- Damon’s confidence remains sky high as he says in a sarcastic tone-“Come make us stop…”- As this happens, Daisuke nods his head slowly and his power continues to rise. Within the next few seconds, his hair begins to flow into a bright white color that matches his eyes; this including his eyebrows. His muscle mass begins to expand a few inches all around, creating a much muscular body that makes him look more like his father and his uncle. His skin begins to slowly form the Chi Lines across his entire body, showing that he is now awakening his Dragon Oni energy. Finally, Daisuke thrusts his head up to where his fangs face the sky, releasing a powerful roar!-“RAWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!”- Black lightning begins to shoot off into the skies like actual lightning bolts and his flame begins to act like a beacon for the entire city to see in this small area. The light itself would blind anyone who was not wearing any protective eyewear! (Asura-s-wrath-transformation-o.gif obviously on a much smaller scale XD) The ground beneath his feet continues to crack as the sound of the metal holding them up begins to bend a bit. After almost ten complete seconds, the light slowly dims and once again reveals Daisuke’s body. ( Everyone looks in shock as Daisuke’s body looks completely different than before. His hair, his skin, his muscles and his aura; everything looks different on him. (Asura_channeling_Mantra.png ) Even Damon takes this into account now as Daisuke feels stronger than ever. But then Damon quickly comes to realize that this is something that he has fought before. Damon begins to say-“Well it looks like the Dragon finally came out of its cave…what a waste of time…”- Daisuke’s facial expression doesn’t change and this alone is enough to piss Damon off. But before Damon can even do anything, Daisuke’s aura that is surrounded by the black lightning goes into action! Daisuke sees the two who helped him earlier beginning to lose and without moving any part of his body, a black lightning bolt jolts out from his aura and makes way towards Arthur. Moving in a blur at 350mph, Arthur doesn’t even get to turn around before the lightning bolt zaps him like a bug on his back. Arthur’s body is quickly engulfed in the electricity and he begins to screech out in pain! The lightning bolt remains in view as it looks like Daisuke is controlling it from his own aura. His eyes then look over at Goldie who is now slowly standing off the girl, realizing that Daisuke is wrecking shop right now. Daisuke shows no mercy as his aura shoots out another bolt of black lightning and it quickly attaches to Goldie’s chest! The two symbiote monsters begin to be fried like bugs, their bodies catching on fire from the extreme heat of the lightning bolt! Damon stands in between the line of fire and quickly charges at Daisuke! Damon’s left arm is cocked back and he yells out-“Eat this!”- His fist then makes complete contact with Daisuke’s forehead with a crunching *BBOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!* sound. (Cut all music being played) Damon’s fist remains on Daisuke’s forehead after the impact…Daisuke unmoved from his position! After a few seconds, Damon’s arm begins to expand like bubbles from his hand to his shoulder as his arm bone practically shatters from the inside out! (RJxgsE.gif What it looks like and now play this ) Damon steps back a few feet as his arm looks like a dangling spaghetti noodle-“GUUAHAHHHHH!!!”- He yells out as his right arm grips onto his left.-“What the hell happened to you!?”- Daisuke looks at his younger brother with no emotion as he seems like a completely different person. Daisuke begins to say in a draconically deep voice-“What’s the matter, brother? Not used to being afraid…wishing you had the power to turn the tables!?”-By this time, Arthur and Goldie are now lying on the ground with their suits pudding around them as their bodies release smoke from being superheated from the lightning. The carrying trait of the Y-serum suit seems to be that when induced with enough pain and injury, their suits become more like liquid. The lightning recedes back into Daisuke’s body as he now focuses on Damon. Extending his right hand out, he quickly rubs his fingers together and *SNAP!* A microscopic pathway is formed within the air from Daisuke’s Flame Alchemy and an instantaneous explosion emerges right there Damon is standing! The flames wrap around Damon’s body quickly superheating him! But Daisuke does not let up or give Damon a chance to respond as his left hand flies up and *SNAP!* creating another explosion! Immediately after this, Daisuke crosses his arms across his chest and then thrusts his hands forward with his fingers rubbing up against each other. *SNAP SNAP!* And with that, explosion after explosion! Daisuke creates these instantaneous blasts one after another and after eight of these, Damon falls to his knees; roaring out in pain as his suit begins to lose its military fashion and become more liquid and neutral like the failed experiments! (Roy-mustang-vs-envy-o.gif ) Daisuke extends his right hand once more *SNAP!* and a much larger blast than any of the others is released as it creates a pillar of heat that extends up into space! The heat is so hot that it warps the metal under Damon, creating a vortex around where he is standing for a few inches above the metal surface. Once finished, Daisuke begins to say-“I will never forgive you….”-He then charges at Damon with his right arm cocked back, covered in this black flame.-“FOR MAKING SIAN CRY!!!!”-He then thrusts his right hand forward, clocking Damon in the face with extreme strength! A sonic boom echoes throughout the building that causes the entire building to rumble with earthquake like motions. Damon’s face practically flattens with shattered bones with his body now being lifted into the air just by impact alone! With his body lifting up, Daisuke’s fist begins to move a bit and then….*SNAP* Daisuke fires off one last explosion that engulfs Damon in a flame vortex and sends him flying off the helipad! (Asura-s-wrath-o.gif ) Damon’s body slowly descends through the air now with black liquid following his path. Daisuke doesn’t pay attention to where he falls but quickly turns to face Sian. As he does, his body slowly begins to revert back to its normal form, Sian now being released from the trap due to Damon no longer being able to hold the webbing form. With her body falling from the webbing, Daisuke is able to run to her in time to catch her in his arms before hitting the floor. He holds her like a husband would a newlywed wife in his arms. Daisuke would look into her eyes and say-“I am so sorry, Sian…”-A tear would fall down from his right eye as he says those words, knowing that she had been through something so traumatic. At this time, the two heroes would also begin to make their way towards the two lovers, taking in all the destruction that had taken place on this floor. The two look at Daisuke but know not to say anything at the moment. He can only apologize to her but he knows that a simple apology cannot make up for what was done to her. The male hero wraps his arm around the female now as they wait to see what will happen next with Daisuke and Sian.-

SayuriAkagi: Though her plan worked she was quickly rendered unconscious from the venoms effect her head fallen over into her chest with ease as the rest of her body soon followed it going numb from the literal over dose in her system. In the mist of her fainting she was also unaware of what her calling Daisuke's name had transpired on the ground below her though her ears got a faint clue every so often. Inside of her however was beginning to grow even more tighter with the blood in her veins practically rushing through her ears filling up parts of her body with such heat that once free from the tentacles that held her she almost ripped away the material of the dress that moved against her skin as she fell from the web itself, taunting her skin like several wicked little tongue causing her to moan now that she was in the arms of her beloved. Though her face was severely beaten, her hair in disarray and her body torn to what would appeared to be beyond repair quite possibly in Daisuke’s eyes she still looked as beautiful as ever laying there close to his chest and it was it in between his apologizing to her with tears in his own eyes that she did wake. “Da…isuk..e…..” again his name would be uttered from her lips but the eyes that once were full of life where still empty as she opened them and her breathing was raw, very primal in a groaning manner. “T..t..the dr..esss…I..have to….get out of it now….must…get…this stuff…off of meee..” In her state Sian couldn’t possibly know if what she was asking would possible to do here in the tower but she was aware that most offices of CEOs did have their share of secrets like her mother’s and that their was another woman present before the fight before the fit who could help out in this matter but thanks to the venom now running hot inside of her even talking was arousing in nature so much that she was literally panting.

vMegatron: -Daisuke looks down at Sian as she musters up the strength to speak his name. Then hearing her request for her dress to be taken off, Daisuke begins to look baffled. He doesn’t know why she would ask such a thing but he figures it must have some importance. Carrying her back across the helipad towards the office he sees the two who helped him. As he walks towards them he says-“I wish I could thank you guys properly for the assistance but I am not quite out of the fire yet…She needs to see medical attention…Please follow me.”-The two listen, somewhat understanding the situation and the four of them make their way into the office. The man in red stops as they get off the helipad as he notices both Goldie and Arthur’s bodies have disappeared from sight.-“Come on, Johnny!”-the girl yells out and his attention is quickly brought back to the situation. Daisuke places Sian down on the couch softly and with the two surrounding the back end of the couch, Daisuke says to them-“She wants to take the dress off…I don’t know why it’s something she wants but in her state it has to be important…”-The three stand there contemplating the idea of stripping Sian, Daisuke not sure of what he needs to do. Finally he moves over to Sian and plants a quick kiss on the lips while saying-“I love you, Sian…I’m sorry I have to do it like this…”-After kissing her his left hand is quickly raises and out of his ballistic gauntlets, the knives used prior in the fight shoot out of their holders. Daisuke reaches over and detaches one of them and with that, the other knives return back into place. He places the tip of the blade at the top of her dress, right under her arm but is hesitant to cut the dress. He asks-“Why do I struggle with this?”-Garyx then responds with-“Because you have never seen a woman naked…and you are about to see the girl you love in her bare skin…But you are bothered because this is not the way you want to see…You love her and seeing her in this state crushes your heart….You are a strong boy but I know Young Love when I see it…Give the girl the knife…She is more suited for this…”-Daisuke slowly nods his head and looks up at her.-“I know I don’t know you…But I am going to need you to cut this dress off of her.”-The tanned girl nods even in shock as she flies over to Daisuke and slowly takes the knife from him.-“The name is Shelly by the way...Shelly Peters…And we are here to help the Red Mask with whatever he needs…”-Daisuke nods and slowly begins to walk back towards the helipad. Shelly looks at Johnny and says-“You shoo too, ya heathen!”-Johnny laughs a bit and follows Daisuke after his partner in crime tells him to take a walk. After the boys exit the area, Shelly begins to cut the side of the dress with ease and the dress slowly flows off of her, revealing to Shelly everything that had happened. She quickly sees the boot marking where Sian had been kicked and how it looked like hell. She also sees the wetness coming from her lady parts and wonders-“Was she turned on by all of this!? God lord that is a lot of baby juice!”- Daisuke can’t help but look back at the couch and wonder is Sian is going to be alright. Sensing his nervousness, Johnny begins to say-“Don’t worry broskie…Everything is going to be fine…After what you just did to free that girl…No way in hell God is going to take that girl from you…I know it…”-Daisuke looks at Johnny with a soft smile, nodding his head while saying-“Thank you….Let us hope you are right.”-

SayuriAkagi: -Sian could tell from the look on his face that Daisuke was uncomfortable with what she’d spoken but the other two that were with him she didn’t know nor after all that she had gone through tonight she didn’t trust either her faith was with Dai atm. But when the three exchanged words the girl slowly begins to have a change of heart towards them. As she’s carried off inside towards his office and made to lie against the couch she looks to the group especially Dai wondering if he would have the courage to do what she asked of him. Though most certainly this wasn’t the way she’d envisioned him seeing her naked for the first time she couldn’t do much but lay there as he attempted to cut away the dress she wore only to have passed the blade he’d taken up into his own hand passed to the girl who she managed to hear say her name was Shelly before they both were shooed away so that she could begin. All the while Sian fought beyond all to keep her body still and her moans at bay from biting hard on her bottom lips the tortuous fabric soon revealing the truth of what really happened out there on the helipad before her and her partners arrival as her cheeks were flushed from embarrassment once she’d said such a thing. “It’s not me it’s what Damon put into me that is causing this…..” her voice fell somewhat as she spoke holding back another moan. “Shelly was it? Listen carefully you’re gonna have to get something wash the rest of his venom off of me.” Again her voice strain but loud enough she hoped that the other girl could hear them as one of her more latent traits had slowly started to kick in (her healing), and unlike her brother it would take days possibly weeks to get her back to 100% but at least for the moment she could feel it was working on her legs at least. If Shelly had heard her she’d look over to Daisuke the other who was with him his words of his love for her still reaching her mind even in its current lust driven state, in her heart she was thrilled to know that they both felt the same but as she was right now she didn’t want to tell him under such circumstances-

vMegatron: -When Sian asks Shelly to wash away the rest of the venom, Shelly is able to see that there is a foreign substance on Sian’s naked body. Along with the juices that are currently oozing from her pussy, Sally’s eyes are able to see a white substance that has a slight sparkle to it that she knows is not part of Sian’s body in any way. Sally quickly gets up and runs towards the kitchen area, being that this is where Daisuke has built his new home. As she runs by, the boys look at her and Daisuke asks-“How is she doing?”-At the question, Sally quickly turns red and flails her arms-“Nothing is happening! No one is overflowing with baby juices! EEEEK!”-she runs off into the kitchen to grab a hand towel and runs back past the boys who are now raising a brow in confusion at what Shelly had just said. Daisuke then looks at Johny who says-“Eh, Shelly is a weird one haha, if she isn’t being a big weirdo then something is really wrong. So I think she is handling the situation fine….The name’s Johny…Johny Valentine.”-He extends his hand out and Daisuke quickly shakes it-“Daisuke Yun…Nice to meet you, Johny.”-///As the boys talk, Sally kneels down by Sian’s side and slowly begins to rub the towel across Sian’s soft skinned belly, rubbing around the belly button piercing of hers. Sally’s face remains red as Sian’s body is almost to the human perfection which even makes Sally nervous to see and touch. Sally moves the towel up to the girl’s breasts and using her hands she spreads the towel around her breasts, trailing the fun buns (XD) with the towel to clean off all the venom still on her body. She would even have to clean the area around Sian’s mouth after having to suck the dick off the tentacle before biting it in half. After cleaning off Sian’s body, she’d looks down towards her pussy where the juices still made quite the mess, now getting on the couch. Sally’s eyes widen at the sight and she asks-“What do you want me to do with Niagara Falls down there?”-

SayuriAkagi: -Like with her dress having the wet rag moved over her tan skin was almost painfully but thankfully she was able to deal with it a bit better keeping her noises to a minimal as she still bit down on her lip to hold them in than before now that her body had begun to raise her temperature levels up once more. Though it was strange to have a woman touch her form like this Sian couldn’t help but to find it arousing to outside of the fact that she mostly doped up on venom it oddly made her aware of a lot of things even the fact that just wiping it off of her skin wouldn’t be able to rid of its effects, at least not so easily. The 16yr would noticed Shelly’s face and indeed it was a bit awkward but Si was aware that both males and females would be attracted to her physical beauty though in truth it was in fact intended for the male eyes only. “Its alright Shelly I know this must be a bit uncomfortable for you too I should have asked first if you were okay with it.” She tells her blushing still looking a ways off in the room as the other motioned the cool wet cloth over her breasts then lowered it down to the flat of her stomach, this teenaged beauty to felt the sensitivity of first the left nipple as care was administered to clean her left breast off then the right as it took all she had to remain still and causing the growing friction between her legs to become a back draft that was begging to be extinguished and since most of it was being cleansed from the other parts of her body Sian just shook her head with a smile before stating, “That part should be fine. I’m starting to regain my strength again, thank you.” A partial lie to her knowing from what her mother had taught her that the only way to get rid of such a drug when directly placed in that area was to allow herself to touch herself in a fashion that would allow her to not only arouse it but have an orgasm so that her pussy could use its juices to naturally cleanse itself from all foreign matters like aphrodisiacs and creams but like most of her kind Sian thought the ideal masturbation was beneath her, never would be needed, and wanted to wait till she found her mate/true love before ever thinking to do so. So that left her with only other recourse of action….asking Daisuke to this. Almost at once her thoughts were sent into a frenzy, ~If I ask him would he do such a thing? If so what would it feel like? Would he try to sleep with me if I let him do this even after all that has happened tonight??~ were just some of the thoughts in her head as she struggled sit up allowing her bruised right arm which she could barely move to rest in her lap with her legs still closed and her left to cover her modest and ample breasts. She shivered slightly but it wasn’t cause she was wet and in an a/c room but from the effects of still having poison in her blood stream “Dai-chan do you have an extra shirt or something I could borrow?” Reminding him that her dress and other undergarments are pretty much not an option now that the venom had been externally removed from her body.

vMegatron: -Shelly nods her head, feeling reassured by Sian as she cleans her off. She then shows no objection to Sian who says her lady parts are okay. Shelly raises her hands and tosses the towel away saying-“Then Shelly has done good!”- When Sian asks for a spare shirt, Daisuke nods his head and goes into his room for a shirt. When he comes back he has a nice button up silk suit shirt that has a light blue color to it. He places it on the couch, making sure to face the other way so he doesn’t make Sian feel uncomfortable about being naked around him. He then says to her-“I’m sorry it is a business shirt but this place only has my suits in the closet…I’m still moving into this place and all my normal clothes are back at the Manor. Hopefully this will do?”- If she takes the shirt from him, Daisuke would walk back towards Johny and ask-“So how did you know something was going on over here?”-Johny laughs a bit and responds quickly with-“It’s a Yun Party, we grew up with nothing but stories about how the Yun’s fought and smashed everything wherever they went hahaha! We figured well the new opening of the tower we were sure someone would want to try something on the young kid who is running the place. But it looks like you were able to handle yourself, at least we helped a little right?”- Daisuke nods his head-“You guys really did…I don’t know if I would have been able to buy enough time if you guys didn’t show up. You two make one hell of a team.”-Johny then rubs the back of his neck-“Well to be honest, we were hoping we would be able to catch the Red Mask here too…we kind of wanted to be part of his team for awhile now…he isn’t part of Heroes Inc but he still makes a huge difference…but we now know that is you hahaha, are you still going to wear the mask?”-Daisuke looks back at Sian and then nods his head-“I have too…or the people I care about most will suffer for my actions…You two should come up with codenames instead of using your real names. How about we call you…Arrow and we call Shelly…Star crusher!”- Johny nods in liking the names, especially Shelly’s. It made her seem like a complete badass and a side of chips.-“I love the names!”-Johny says and Daisuke says-“We can call ourselves…The Outlaws!”-Johny looks shocked-“So we are going to team up!?”-Daisuke nods his head-“I can’t refuse teamwork from people who put their lives on the line for me.”- Johny leaps into the air-“hell yeah!”-The two continue to talk as they wait to see a response from the two ladies now that it seems like everything has returned somewhat normal.-

A Sub-Lingual Affair…Edit

SayuriAkagi: -She looks at Shelly almost in disbelief giving her what at best could be called a smile when she begins to speak all third person like after everything was done. ~Is this chick for real~ was all that Sian could think in the back of her mind as Daisuke stood up and heads into what appears to be another room not far from there only to come back with the shirt she requested for in his hand. Casting her eyes down she would blush softly in the hopes that he isn’t looking at her naked as she switched arms to cover her cleavage as the other reached for the dark colored top to take it from his hand before turning herself to the right some avoiding any possible chances he might have had to look at her once she removed her arm so that she could slip into the first arm hole with ease then the other with some help from her other hand as it still hurt like hell to move it. “Thanks, its alright after tonight’s events it can’t be helped. Do you think security would be able to locate my purse by now my mom’s gotta be freaking out and worried about me.” She tells him managing to move her fingers some to button the shirt close some though like with all fabric this evening even it was too constraining for her to bare. “I gotta get in contact with her to let her know I won’t be home tonight. Sian wasn’t sure if any of them had noticed but there was a reason that she hadn’t stood up yet or moved her legs much if any at all after being set free, it was because during her fight with Damon in the garage one knee had been shattered while one was slightly dislocated at the hip and both injuries she’d surmised would take at least a day or two to mend given her current physiology. She remained quiet long enough for the three of them to talk using her hips to move herself back around once more only this time with the shift she felt the effects of what remained of Damon’s venom between her legs at its fullest as it now was moving a bit deeper into her body, this in turn causing her moan and double over panting once the pleasurable sensation shot up through the very nerves of the organ that made her woman. Panting with arms wrapped about her waist she struggles hard not to let this get the better of her almost smirking at the irony of this. ~So this was your parting gift you sick little bastard, heh how like a man who can’t take being rejected for another.~ she thought still doubled over. “Daisuke I-i-I need you….oh godddd.” These word fell from her lips like a ton of brick causing her eyes to widen and her hands to seek out her mouth to cover them barely recognizing her voice as her own but that of a wanton whore’s.

vMegatron: -When Sian asks about security finding her purse, Daisuke nods and begins to play on his phone a bit; telling security to search the building for Sian’s stuff. He was still unsure how Sian even got captured so the parking garage they came in would still remain unchecked. The mood then changes as they all hear Sian begin to moan as if she were in some kind of sexual activity. That is when Shelly grabs Johny by the arm-“She has some type of venom on her! It makes her lady parts wet!”- She then buries her head into Johny’s armpit and the two boys can’t believe what they are hearing. Johny looks at Daisuke and says-“Maybe we should leave you two to it…You have my contact info, you know where to call me.”- Daisuke nods and the two quickly exit the same way they came in. Daisuke then makes his way over to Sian and he sees her struggling as if something was going on with her internally. He kneels down by her side, placing his hands on hers, slowly pulling them away from her face.-“What’s wrong, Love? Talk to me. I am here to help.”-He takes note of what Shelly had said and he indeed sees how her thighs are covered in her own pussy juices and this causes Daisuke to turn bright red. The shirt she is wearing barely even covers her vagina and her ass, giving Daisuke a sexual view of her smooth skinned legs. In all reality, a woman in a guys work shirt is by far one of the hottest things to see. Even in this situation he can’t help but to feel some type of way at that sight but he knows that after what had happened to her, feeling sexual is not the right thing or should even be on his mind. He waits to hear a response from her, not knowing what he should do with her or how to help her.-

SayuriAkagi: “It’s the venom, he had that…that…thing between my legs…touching me there…and” –Sian would stop in mid-sentence with her hands gripping her thighs so hard that they were practically turning white underneath the pressure. Her boundaries were still exhausted from having used them up so during her encounter with Damon so much that the heat that was building deep inside of her pussy was almost too much to bare now. “The only way to get rid of it is for you to…..” Her face would light up again like cherry at the thought of even asking him to do such a thing but then again she was running out of time too as this poison was stronger than most that even she was taught about. “to make me cum.” She groans the words finally fell from her mouth just as another sharp jolt of pleasure shot through her body causing her grasp her waist tighter just to keep from reaching for Daisuke and quite possibly forcing herself onto him in this state. Sian could see the reaction in his eyes as to what she is wearing and in truth if the night had gone as planned between them meaning they would have eventually ended up here on their own terms she would have more than happily given her self over to the man she loved without question or hesitation when asked but life has a very way of showing anyone in it whose really in control. “I know what I ask is crazy and it will quite possibly test every lesson taught by the woman who loved you and nurtured you as a child regarding a women. It will test every fiber of your own self control to do this but this it’s the only way, I know beloved and I rather that it be you.” Sian can’t help but look to him with a longing and passion so strong lowering getting the courage in the face of all of this to finally move her other arm to try and embrace him with her lips resting next to his ear she utters, “I know, because it will take everything in me to hold back as well. I love you too Daisuke Yun.” If her words were heard by him shed lift her head some and turn it facing him with a warm smile on her face as she lower it again to her lips wanting kiss his own in the hopes that it would some how ease her own nerves about what has just happened and what she’d just asked of man she loves.

vMegatron: -Hearing her explain what had happened to her, he can’t help but think to himself-“Damn that Damon…Even in defeat he still finds a way to take something from me…”- But hearing that he has to make her cum for her to return to normal, it was like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. He knows that this has to be done one way or another because he can see that her resistance to the venom is causing her so much pain. But on the other hand he does not want to take advantage of her, knowing that she is still a virgin and that it means more to her than just something to throw away on a whim. He has to quickly think and by the time Sian comes in for the kiss, Daisuke leans that last ten percent and plants his lips onto hers. His arms slowly wrap around her waist as the two begin to embrace each other in a hot and passionate kiss, his tongue beginning to wrestle with hers. Using his upper body strength, Daisuke lifts Sian’s body up onto the couch with her legs spread enough to where his body is on his knees in between her legs. After sharing a wet make out session with her, he slowly pulls away and he says to her-“I know your virginity means so much to you…and my love for you outweighs anything in this world…You are my world and I would never want to do anything to hurt you or make you regret anything…Our first time together will be amazing and it will be special…I know it will…You said you needed to cum…But my love for you won’t allow me to penetrate you tonight because I want our first time together to mean more than something my brother forced…I love you…Sian Tetsu…”-He kisses her once more before slowly lowering his butt down to his feet, giving his upper body enough room to do what Daisuke has in mind. His hands find themselves places on her under thigh, lifting her legs up a bit and his eyes now staring at her lovely pussy that is flowing with the sweet nectar she carries. The nervousness is overwhelming as Daisuke had never done anything like this before. Finally, Daisuke lowers his head onto her pussy, placing his lips on her pussy. He begins to flick his tongue against the outer edges of her pussy, getting the taste of her juices into his mouth. After feeling the water a bit, he dives right into the deep end! Gripping onto her thighs with his hands, Daisuke begins to push his tongue into the very tip of her pussy, moving his tongue up down side to side all around town in every which way his body will allow him to move. ( ) His face would practically be buried into her pussy to the point that her juices that flow out of her pussy would begin to appear on his cheeks. After digging into her pussy a bit, Daisuke’s tongue licks from the very bottom to the top, reaching the clit. Once he is at the clit, his mouth wraps around it and he playfully sucks on it with his tongue flicking it up and down at the same time. He’d try his very best to get her to cum without having to use his cock and take her virginity solely on the fact that he refuses to give Damon the satisfaction in the fact that their first time would be because of him.-

SayuriAkagi: It was obvious even during their kiss that Sian wasn’t herself not in the least as moans without fail against his lips, parting them enough to let her own tongue lick and push back against his own as her fingers found solace at the back of his neck occasional intertwining the softest most parts of his hair being. Her induced hunger was apparent as she found herself be hoisted up onto the couch further by him her response to their little make out session now visible on the seats material, while she forces herself to let him pull away with her legs falling back as best they could their current condition with Daisuke between them and all her lady parts expose fully to his gaze. She was by nature bare of any hair with a clit so swollen from all that had happened tonight that it was protruding from the hood and somewhat passed its outer lips and from below evidence of her arousal pour out from her still untouched opening like honey over a comb onto her ample buttocks. As if on instinct Sian’s face heated up like a red light at a cross walk, her eyes shifting away from her love’s truly not wanting him to see this part of her at least not in the condition that it was currently but at this point she was left with very little choice as she heard him speak again of how precious she was to him and how he didn’t wish to take her virginity at least not on the account of something that his brother did any way. He goes on to tell her that their first time will special among other things that Sian had already come to understand about him based on the things she has seen him do in their time of knowing one another therefore she was learning that she could do more than just love him but trust Daisuke as well. She watched him lean once more to kiss her head turning to face him once more as she tries beyond all to keep herself from blushing so hard upon return said kiss back before lowering himself further onto his butt then shift her legs further back care to insure that there was enough room for himself to be between them then lifting them up so that her pussy was at complete eye level to him, making her want to cry out in protest as now he could see everything going on down there including how her untouched opening twitch so for his cock. Needless to say it Sian was completely embarrassed and nervous too but that soon changed as Dai lowered his head in the direction of the part of her that cried out for his attention the most and his mouth made contact with her outer lips soon followed by the tip of his tongue as he samples her nectar first causing her to whimper between breaths. “I trust you my darling.” Sian tells softly their rest of her body falling back further into the couch once Daisuke really begins to go in deeper with his hands placed firmly against her thighs. At that exact moment she thought she going to faint, and due the enhancements of the drug that was inside of her it was making her feel as if the one tongue that was moving so wildly and skillfully (remember she’s virgin she don’t know what skill is, yet ^,..,^) inside of her slit were in fact many devouring every inch of her body on the inside to point that her lips, which she held fasten by her teeth finally loosened allowing her to crying out, “OH GOD DAISUKE YESSSSSS!!” –pants breathlessly- “LOVE DON'T STOOPPP!!” before letting out a series of erotic yet heavenly cries that would make any man’s blood run red hot under the sound of it. Once his face becomes plastered against her she can’t help but let her fingers moving through his hair practically feeding it to him as her hips begin to move on their own and Si herself starting to groan some more as he teases her restlessly pushing his tongue inside of the space that he promised not touch with his cock before sliding it further to the hilt of her clit. It was there that shit got real! Every nerve in her body suddenly went a blaze making her wild with desire once Dai enclosed his mouth around it and began to lick across it making her unable to do anything but hold on to his shoulders while the waves of ecstasy began the path it was forced to start (and gratefully ended) not to long ago with Damon. Sian heard her moans increasing just as the pleasure did, she also felt herself stirring to life in a way that far to primal to describe as it wasn’t the same feeling she got when she was being forced against her will. It was wild, unbridled, and hot and no matter how Daisuke touched her with his tongue her mouth and body kept on begging for more as if she couldn’t get enough whilst the inside of her body opened up wide at the command of her cunt and reached deeper to bring forth the thing that it most craved.

vMegatron: -As she yells out his name, his inner fire begins to heat up as his tongue continues to play with her pussy. Even with the situation at hand, Daisuke’s pants get tighter as his cock becomes erect; ready to burst through his pants like a raging animal. But he knows that now is not the right time to completely intertwine their love with both of them losing their virginity together. But to help give Sian what she needs to get this venom effect out of her body, Daisuke slowly moves his left hand down towards her pussy and while his tongue continues to flick back and forth teasingly on her clit; his index finger slides right into the moist passage way leading into her pussy. Once inside his fingers would begin to twist around with his hand while also pulling in and out of her at a fast pace, hoping to get to her cum faster. The sound of his hand smacking onto her skin with each pushing motion sounds like someone stepping in a puddle due to her wetness and how much of her pussy juices have actually been released out of her already. Daisuke would be lying if he said he didn’t love the taste of her pussy and its juices in his mouth. Going back for more, Daisuke’s tongue dives right into the slit of her pussy with his finger and she begins to get a double effect of his foreplay as his finger and tongue move inside of her pussy in perfect motion. Daisuke can feel the walls of her pussy tightening around his finger, just begging for more. Her pussy practically vacuums his finger inside of her as her body wants more than what he is teasing her body with. Daisuke’s face is buried into her pussy, giving it everything he has waiting for her to cum.-

SayuriAkagi: -With her breath ragged, her senses shot by her need, and her toes now fully curled into the soles of her feet Sian lets out another breathless cry once she feels Dai part the lower half of her pussy with his left hand and in doing so he pushes his finger deep inside of her hole filling the need that she so desperately crave once they began to move in and out of her wet and already excited body while tongue continues its play against her clit. Her inside grips and twisted about his fingers coaxing it further into her as started to grind her body like pistol on and off the palm of his hand causing the intense feeling that was approaching upon her senses to hasten even faster than before as she lick her lips still panting uncontrollably.- “Dai that it….I’m almost there……soooo good, damn baby its feels so good….” -She tells him her eyes starting release the joy (tears) she had from as a night that had started with such hopes and dreams turned horrible was now coming to an end as she would not only be able to share the truth of her love with the person it was meant for but be able to share something so deep and meaningful as her first orgasm with him too. After several minutes Dai slide his tongue down along side his finger and began moving them both with such precision that it didn’t take long for both to find her g-spot and start nailing it to the point that Sian’s immediately body locked into place as scream, -“OH GOD I’MMM CUMMINGGGG!!” -allowing the all impending wave that was her very first orgasm to not only rock the very core of her senses but caused her to squirt some of her own sweet cum out and quite possibly onto the face of the one she loved while the rest of her fell back almost limp in the seat she was in with her eyes closed shut for a brief moment before they finally re-opened again while she was still trying to catch her breath as her eyes if Daisuke were to look were back to their beautiful lunar blue color, very bright and alive.

vMegatron: -As she released herself she did indeed squirt her juices on Daisuke but he doesn’t move as his body felt the natural need to keep sucking on the clit of her pussy and finger her as she came. He’d get the taste of her sweet juices in his mouth and her squirting would end up getting all over his clothes. After taking the waterfall of squirting so to speak, Daisuke looks up towards Sian to see that her lifeless eyes that had been taken over by the venom have now returned to the beautiful blue ocean eyes that he loves. He wipes his face off that had been covered while his mouth devoured her pussy and his left hand needing to be wiped down as well. Afterwards, he asks-“Do you want to take a shower; you could clean yourself off with me.”- If she accepted his offer to shower, Daisuke would lean up towards the couch and pick her up in his arms as he did before and begin to make way towards the shower. When they arrive in the bathroom, Daisuke would place her softly on the tile standing up. He’d turn the water on to a nice hot level and once the shower is ready, Daisuke comes back to Sian. He’d then begin to slowly pull on each of the buttons on his silk work shirt. If Sian did not stop him, he’d slowly take the shirt off of her body thus revealing her nude body to him completely now. Daisuke would of course take a boyish look at her large and supple breasts and his face would turn a bright crimson color. Once done being a schoolboy about the situation, Daisuke would lean down and plant a strong and passionate kiss on Sian’s lips. As he does this, Daisuke begins to pull off the armor off his to get himself naked as well. He’d hope that Sian keeps the kiss with him so by the time they pull apart, Sian would be able to pull back and his entire nude body would be revealed to her now as well. ( Yup, I chose this pic hahaha) His cock would still be hard as a rock from her earlier but he tried his best to pay no attention to it. By this time, the water would be hot enough and he’d take her by the hand and the two would enter the shower together.-

SayuriAkagi: -Sian smiles softly with a hint of pink in her softly tanned cheeks still trying to catch her breath for a bit, it wasn’t till Daisuke mentions her taking a shower with him that she suddenly become self conscious of the position they’re in. She immediately bolts up right in the seat thinking something bad must have happened while she was under the venom’s control but when she noticed Dai wiping his face with his left hand she calms down a bit remembering the last part of what transpired between them as the pain from her slightly tender form reminded her from her jerking upwards so fast that it still wasn’t a 100% fully recovered. ~Damn that hurt.~ she thought turning her attention to Dai again knowing he was waiting on an answer as her face went flush at the mere thought of it but yet and still she replied,- “Yes,” -allowing herself to swept up into his arms then with care carried off in the direction of the bathroom. Once inside Sian would stand up on the tile allowing just her left hand to hold into the wall a bit with her right leg bent slightly at knee do to the damage to her hip looking around at in wonder at the room and how it was presented letting her herself hear the water being turned on first as she shifts her gaze back to the person who had done so before he reached for the buttons of the work shirt that she was wearing at the moment to which she made no attempt to stop him of course. After what just happened she found it a bit un-necessary to be so modest now regardless of how much her face might actually disagree with her. She could tell that by the look on his face also that Daisuke felt the same way too as he also moved to remove the armor he had on from his body, standing wonderfully and deliciously stark born naked in front of her with an erection she wagered all her moaning earlier had caused. Though she had never seen a guy fully naked before in her life living in a house with mostly men made it easy for the young 16 yrs to be able to look at the man she loved with a steady eye and admire every inch of his body as if it were a work of art. She watches him draw ever so closer to her place the sweetest yet passionate kiss on her lips to which she returns wrapping one arm about his neck and the other about his back, tasting vigorously her own juices on his lips for a moment as Dai pulls away allowing her a full frontal view of a body that she knew in time she would etch and now from the inside out once her hand was taken by his own and she walked into the shower right behind him.-

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