( GMAF THEME ^^^^ )

The GMAFS are on there way. Everyone thats signed up for this years GMAFS are now entering in this tournament locked and ready to go. The SSTF Normandy cruise ship was boaring all of the Kasaihana city fighters for this year. Each Contient all over the world had been storming there ships, hover crafts, boats, planes whatever they needed to take to this years Grand Martial Afrts Federation tournament!

Kasaihana high's trip to adventure!Edit

All of the Kasaihana students that wanted to go to this tournament were permitted, a good 300 students went! from all grade levels though only a few would actually fight. The rest went to go to the famous and massive country of ' Zuton Mexea! A still fairly New country that was artifiacally made almost 90 years ago! Zuton Mexea is home to 3 sets of climate! Zanzabar stones! A Land based off the Deseret, The Tungent Jungle, filled with unknown and almost alien like wild life, that will rip you limb from limb if your not careful! And then Crystaland, a land that has the same climitcal structure as antartica!

But what most of the students were truly excited for, had been the glorious resort island! The resort is in the center of Zuton Mexea. Its a tropical setting, an island connected to a bridge! With a bar, housing for each figher, and even the non-fighters! Massassage palors, clubs, and even large casino areas to gamble in. The Climate is NEVER, to hot, nor to cold in the center of Zuton Mexea on Resort Island.  All of the fighters and non fighters will be here when they are not fighting. ( MEANING YOU WILL BE THERE, NOT OFF INTO THE TOURNAMENT AREAS MESSING WITH STUFF - Eye twitches - )

All of the students lined up... each ready to travel off into this new land of adventure!

Fighters of Kasaihana High... bleed the redest of blood!Edit

( Now this portion, will be for anyone placing there char into the tournament that's a figher. If your a non fighter then your entry portion will be below.)

[[Yasei Murasame|

Yasei Murasame: ]]“Now, give it your all and beat everyone else’s asses!” A male teacher grinned at the slew of students standing on the boat ready to depart for Zuton Mexia and this year’s GMAF. Originally, he didn’t want to go but he determined that he wanted a way to test his new Oni strength and what better way than a fighting tournament with people his own age. Yasei knew that this would be a challenge but he wanted to see how far he could push himself and now was the perfect opportunity. He had his hands stuffed into his pockets as the teachers started to usher students into the ship for transport, his bags already on the ship. Most people decided it seemed to take the ship as the alternative to the bus but who wouldn’t; it’s a ship for shits sake. All the students around him it seemed weren’t paying much attention to him right now but that was all right with him, he wondered what the hell he would be doing on the ship for the while it took to get to the GMAF. Considering he’s never been on a ship before, this would be quite a treat one way or another. Eventually they were ushered all into the ship and Yasei’s jaw actually dropped. It, was, huge! Everything inside was large, ornate and beautiful. (Well ornate and beautiful to him) There was so much space in here he could fit the orphanage and still have enough room for three more. Yasei whistled low, walked around the main entrance hall, and saw a place where he could relax until they got their asses moving. It was nothing more than a cubby type room with a few seats next to a picture window out to the sea; the sight couldn’t be more beautiful. Gentle waves lapped against the side of the ship, seagulls flew past in magnificent arcs and dives almost like birds of heaven rather than annoying fowl that crapped on everything and made noises that sounded like a dying cat. A beach spread out past the docks magnificently. Yasei sorta smiled and settled in for the journey to the GMAFs.

Eden Creed
: -Few days Earlier- Lucious Creed remained frozen amongst the computer chair which was set before the super computer, “ La - Lan..-“ His tongue remained without ease he was barely able to say her name, He clenched his fist amongst the keyboard of the computer , His sister looked a total mess he had no intentions on joining the GMAF robbing Eden of his shine but at that moment nothing meant more then him than getting his sister back. Surely he wasn't going to sell Mary out therefore operation kill Yani was on full effect , At that moment Lu had no concern for his reputation as a hero for all he knew he wasn’t going there as Night Owl but as Lucious creed a pissed off one at that. As much as he tried to ignore the scar he spotted amongst her belly he couldn’t help but wander if it was what he truly believed it to be. He didn't want to have to do any drastic but somethings just weren't meant to be, Lu slowly stood up setting his infuriated gaze amongst the computer screen all traces of the video was gone, One can sense his anger for a mile away as his Chi grew heavily around him , A blue luminous light emitting from his pores. “ I will get you back Lana”  He quickly clenched his fist blood sealed from that fist due to the grip he held amongst his palm. “ GAHHH” He cried launching it towards the screen of the computer screen which simply broke in half leaving Lu in a ball of smoke , But yet it simply didn't bother him he felt nothing at this point. He quickly fell back amongst the chair his eyelids refusing to shut , the wound from his palm grew bigger leaking amongst the floor creating a crimson red pool beside his feet. The ambience in the room was fool of coldness and silent not a word escaped the grasp of his quivering lips./// -Now- (( )) His piercing mother favored nature green eyes pierced through the black tilings amongst the marble floor, Sweat trickling down his forehead meeting among the cracks formulating a steaming hot river of Edens liquid “ Tch, 189…190…200..” Eden began to state as he remained in a push up position one hand amongst the ground. His left arm remained among his back as he forced his elbows to set downwards bending slightly as Edens chest made contact with the floor. Today was a day like no there day Eden has decided to spend the remainder of the time he had training for the GMAFS this would have been the first tournament he’s ever joined, So his excitement though it failed to show it sparked like the 4th of july. Eden looked towards the time “ 7:30 ! Crap “, Eden stated pushing up on to his feet slightly hopping on one of the boxes planted among the tiled floor. His thick black eyebrows narrowed forwards as he set his sights amongst his midnight black sweater. Eden pulling it from the arm of his wooden chair quickly setting it amongst his shoulder , He turned to a silver bowl seated beside the table held in the empty room with the heat turned up to over 90 degree’s fahrenheit. He seated amongst the floor the burning of the silver platter held no effect to him as he quickly gripped amongst the handles setting his head forward and quickly setting it over his head. The water took it’s toll over his head flowing trough the slither waves of his pompadour hairstyle, The water taking grasp of his breath for only a sec. Eden turned towards the rag that stood amongst the floor quickly holding it beneath the water pulling amongst it’s edges and aggressively rubbing it against his skin, As he did so his mind remained elsewhere such as till this moment he still felt as if he wasn't ready for what was heading for him. The door to the room quickly opened allowing the light to illuminate through the creaks of the door , “ Hey Eden you Rea-“ Lucious stated as he walked bare foot amongst the room only to soon find out that was probably one of his many mistakes that were soon to come through out the day. Lu paced from side to side as th tiled floor burned through the skin on his feet “ Hot HOT HOT ! “ He cried quickly lunging back into the hall way, Eden came out from his bathe with a cheeky smirk, “ Tch , Stop being a baby “ Eden stated moving the air conditioner to where it was room temperature , “ I had to lose a few pounds I wanna be lighter on my feet” Eden stated quickly standing amongst the scaler “ 150 lost 10 pounds not bad” Eden stated rolling his arms a bit revealing his masculinity.” Yeah Yeah it’s time to go “ Lu shot pack pointing to wards the hallway signaling Eden to leave the room “ Right whats got you so uppity this morning “ Eden questioned as he pulled his black sweater over his head pulling the hood over his head. Eden was now dressed in all black allowing only the skin amongst his face to reveal. His black karate pants looked like like air bags around his leg as they ended amongst his black boots. “ It’s nothing” Eden shot a look to Lu he was never good at lying Eden guess thats what made him such a glorious boy wonder but Eden refused to egg him on any longer and leave it be “ Yeah yeah alright lets just get out of here “ Eden stated moving across the steps of the outdoor porch. “ You cant forget your sister ! “ Lu called out to him Eden turned towards him “ And why not ?! tch she’s always the last one ready lets leave her she’s not participating anyway “ Eden stated a bit annoyed “ You will respect your sister.. You hear me “ Lu spoke with a more sinister tone more sinister then Edens usual sinister tones. Eden stopped for a bit “ Right.. sorry “ Eden stated leaning amongst the front of the Black Suv.

Connor Ryoji: ( )

Shirahama kenichi by rockte-d3dp5hg

Connor Ryoji

Connor woke up at 3 that morning after sleeping for quite sometime. Ever since Toushin’s death, Connor usually wore Toushin’s hat similar t the mannor Luffy from one piece wears his hat. Tieing a string to the hat and letting it rest on his upper back and hang like a hood. Connor made sure to honor his last wishes and continue his practice. After a groggy wake up, he’d flip the shower water on and grab his toothbrush, brushing his teeth and showering up at the same time. After a few minutes of this, he’d step out of the shower of the brothel he was staying in, and into his room. Practicing a few drills of Muay Thai, thrusting his elbows forward, and learning to strike his opponents as if he were going to strike right through them, with sharp elbows and on point powerful footwork ( ), followed by shifting into some chinese Kenpo, namely Tai chi, involving swift and controlled movements that flow together, making his entire body like a stream of water, all working toward the same directin in complete cooperation mentaly, physically, and spiritually ( ), He’d quickly convert his form into a hard version of Chinese kenpo, Wing chun.  Heading over to the dummy he kept in his room, he’d do a 360 spin, before luaching a right straight and a kick at the same time,  hitting the dummy straight on.  He’d do this once more at a slowed pace, before picking up speed, his hands striking the dummy at varriating speeds depending on the strikes as he’d tap the arms of the wooden dummy practicing offense and defense at the same time. ( ) Connor ended it off, by spinning around and taking a step back, landing in his default stance, his fist up at chi level and his feet spread shoulder width apart. He’d exhale a breathe, and huff. “Hell yeah. I’mma own everyone shit at this thing. Including Tasanagi’s….huh…wonder if Leon’s gonna show up.” Connor would shrug, putting on his fight attire. This entire tournament he’d wear nothing but wife beaters and khaki’s or sweat pants. He wanted to be comfortable and wasn’t one for the traditional martial wear. Grabbing his duffle bag, and his wallet, along with his club phone, he’d begin walking out of the brothel waving to Nathan and everyone else there. He got a call through on his cell. “Hey Connor, it’s Jeannie! Are you going to the GMAF’s?!?!” “Of course, it’s a mandatory school trip.  You going too?” “Yeah! We’re on the cruise ship. We gotta room and everything we were wanting you to come, we’re having a meet. We haven’t been able to get in contact with Giselle though..sorry boss.” Connor sighed. “It’s okay. None the less, if I have to cut her I will, but I’d rather talk to her myself. Did the hockey team ever respond?” Jeannie nodded. “Yes. They’ll accept your offer if you beat the team captain in a one on one game.” Connor would nod. “Sounds easy enough. Alright I’ll see you guys in a bit.” Connor would hang up, waving down a taxi. After catching one he’d hop in and make his way to the docks were the ship was. Connor stepped out the cab, and took a look at the big boat infront of him. “This is where it all comes down to huh.”  Connor would thrust his fist twaords the boat, and smile. “I’m gonna win this tournament and put Kin and his crew to shame!” Connor would dart head first up the ramp of the boat, heading off to the resort! Two figures boarded the sjhip behind connor however. One a tall and broading man, with a cammo outift, and the other a young lady, chinese in appearance, each boarding the ship as well...

Sasuke taka
Leon Ryoji:  ( ) In an abaonded corner of district 1, Leon sit in an ally way. His sword resting on his shoulder  as he’d slept the night away actualy getting “full” off of the number of people he’d consumed. Each one getting less and less filling, he knew he’d have to start consuming opponents of his level. Easier said than done, as it would come soon enough he’d have to let Aiko see if she could develop some form of supplement to keep him from consuming so much. He felt like a Ronin, a wondering samurai with no prupose or home. He hadn't seen his family but few to any times now adays. He'd still call from time to time, letting them know he was okay, but of course his father was persisent on him coming home to which leon would only to leave later in the night. HIs old freind really was Damon, but he had ambitions of his own, ambitions that Leon felt compelled to follow for some reaosn. None the less it'd been a while since he'd seen him and thus he simply coninuted to discover what he could and could not do with his abilities. Recounting the things he’d learned in the past few days one thing stood out to him the most. “ah…The GMAF’s…I forgot it’s a mandatory school trip.” Leon would stand up and walk out into the street heading for the lunadry mat. He’d grab his school uniform from the dryer, and proceed to the gym next to the establishment. Walking in and taking a quick shower, he’d run the water through his hair, and over his body scrubbing the important parts and what not. Upon exiting, he’d slip on his school uniform, and head back into a dark allyway, popping out his wings and squatting down before taking off! Flying to the air at a breakneck pace, so his image couldn’t be seen or made out by the norm of sight. He decided to take the bus instead, arriving behind the school, and landing, his wings forming back into his back. He’d fix his shirt up and button it up so it wouldn’t look suspicious, and pop his neck from side to side. As he did this, he’d parade around towards the front of the school, where the busses were boarding. He’d load up, and head towards the middle section as sitting in the back was too mainstream. Securing a window seat, he’d lean his head against it, and proceed to hibernate, pondering on new ways to use his abilities and weather or not he was going to see Aiko…or get to kill connor.

Kin Tasanagi: Kin stood atop one of the highest buildings that allowed him to vast over the mass of
Kasaihana city. Watching as everyone flushed onto the ships by the loads. "... So it's time.." Kin said crossing his arms as he looked out over the mass of people rushing into the large cruise ship. His head tilted up high, sniffing in the polliuted air of Kasaihana city. For the most part he had been ready for this. He'd finally get his shot at Connor again... but Kin was fighting something more than Connor in this tournament. It seemd as if he was ready to face something that was beyond him. He wanted to fight connor, but he was also fighting himself. To him, this was the final test out of molding him from the scared wimp that he used to be. He could even See Keyomi pulling in with a martial arts Gi and a backpack on her back. The words 'Arasumaru' and ' game over. ' On her back in Japnese Kanji. She clearly wanted to be noticed... that's how his sister had always been.

The wind blew lightly... as the beast made it's apperance..

" So... the Grand Martial Arts Federation huh..." Kin turned around... and it had been none other than his father. " Hey dad... why are you out? You know the KPD are still looking for you.." " Yeah... I know. But you think I wouldn't see my own son off?" Keyth said squatting down, looking out at the masses with Kin. " You nervous? " Keyth said. tilting his head to the right so his wild lions mane like hair would flow to one side. " Yeah... I am. I'm facing an opponent, that I know has signifant strength. " " Why are you facing this opponent? " " Because... He's the strongest. How will I be strong. If I cant defeat the strongest. To Defend the light... you must first know the darkness... " " And always be strong..." Keyome had cut him off in midsentence. Kin turned to his father, and Keythstood patting him on the back as he looked up at the fierce blue sky. " In life... you will find times that you will face enemies that are beyond you. And sometimes. You'll find out that your enemy, isn't your enemy at all. And at the end of it all... you are your own enemy. Don't lose yourself in the darkness Kin... stay true to yourself. You will change over time. BUt you have to remember... who you are, and who you want to be. " Keyth turned his back, sliding his hands into his pockets as he began his stroll down the roof top to the ledge of the building. " So dad..."  Keyth stopped in his tracks to turn back around to face his son. " When did you find out who your real enemy was? " Keyth rubbed the back of his neck turning his attention over to Michiko who had been waiting for him to board the family car just blow. Smiling at him, he'd return the smile. " When I found a real reason to fight... my enemy became those who tried to take my reason to fight away from me. " He said looking back at his son with that same... ginuine smile. " A reason... to fight. " Kin said squatting down again looking over the masses before his eyes locked onto Suzume through the crowd... he could hear her mother out of everyone. Maybe he had gotten accustomed to her mothers voice. And he was just able to tune into it now , blocking out everything else when he did hear her. His eyes scanned out over Suzumes face the moment he got the chance to look at her, his face twisting in a smile. " Here's hoping I find one... pretty soon. Huh pop.."

Lily by ymkw-d4vvyva

Kodi( The blonde female would step forth toward her two friends along with Coco an the girls from the brothel to wish Kodi an Kaiuri good luck,also waving goodbye for a while.Nathan stood ontop of his pink yacht,wearing a light neon pink speedos along with a white see through wind-breaker.He'd have sunscreen on his nose like a prissy man."Coco You better not be going to that other brothel.. I swear...!" his eye twitched as he swung his broad hips left,from right while his bulge swung as well. Coco would scoff swaying her hand left to right."Oh hush... missy sparkles..." the girls behind him would wave at Kodi an Kai before the boat would start moving. Kodi eye would twitch being below him,standing next to her honey skinned friend, now standing no cast... what so ever.. Her legs were brand new,also having a increase of strenght of speed. She'd smirked lowering her eyes at her legs before kicking the railing of the yacht, indenting it. Nathan screamed,gasping."DON'T YOU FUCKING MESS UP MY MASTERPIECE.. I'LL CUT YOUR TACO OFF.."! The abrasive blonde would laugh before punching Kaiuri's shoulder playfully. Flexing her muscles within her new thighs happily before raising her right fist up in the air happily,actually smiling.Her blue whirlpools would shimmer against the sun, while gazing at the ocean's waves... It was all she could ever dream for... also.. fighting in the GMAFs with Kaiuri by her side.. though she was slightly worried about her sister-like friend being this her first time in a tournament as well as Kodi's."Are you sure... your ready for this..? I mean you can always hang in the resort.. But! I do want to see your fighting skills an such.." She'd extend her hand out over the short timid girls head,ruffling her cherry red locks of hair. Nathan would press a button,making it automatic before ripping off his wind-breakers exposing his broad muscled chest,heading over to the two females..."Hey girlies.. I want to wish you guys good luck and-" Kodi interrupted him making gag like noises before speaking."God... FAG PUT SOME SHORTS ON OR SOMETHING!! I CAN'T BARE TO SEE THAT IN A SPEEDO... its like a huge snake.." her eye twitched before the male laughed leaning against the railing."I'm just glad to see your back to normal, Kodi..." The male's pink lips perked up before arriving to the resort.. The yacht would come to a stop, while the trio dropped themselves off the pink yacht before he clapped twice seeing the boat become a small cube onto the sandy beach before putting the cube into his speedo.Kodi's mouth dropped before she spoke."Kai... remind me to wash my fuckin hands..." She nodded in disgust before..making her way with her two friends to the stage area.

Kaiuri: (  ) "No no, It's fine, you don't have to do that," Her soft lavender irises shone brightly in the mid day sunlight as the Kaiuri made her way to the Nathan's gaudy and very noticeable yacht. The ember beauty scooped her long silken cherry red hair from behind her back and over her right shoulder. Her soft candied lips parted in a sigh as she proceeded towards the docking area. Kaiuri combed her slender fingers through the lengthy strands of her hair as it cascaded in front of her shoulder and past the roundness of her hips. A couple of the brothel's body guards had snatched her luggage from her clutches, they said something about not denying a young lady in need who clearly needed assistance, and began to load her bags onto the boat for her. Kaiuri could barely say anything before the large men dressed in black and white suits stripped her of her burdens . . . Which, in all honesty, was only one rolling suit case with all of her clothes and toiletries, a tote bag from a matching set with all of her training gear, and a small book bag that held her other belongings such as, ipod, sketchpad, a few drinks, and her DSi in case she grew board and wanting to unwind on a game or two. It wasn't much to carry in the first place, but . . . Who was she to knock them for being polite. As she boarded the boat in her short black dress and thin strapped sandles, Kaiuri looked back over her shoulder at the small crowd of people that waved fair well to both Kaiuri and Kodi, wishing them both good luck and safe travels. Kaiuri spun around fully to face them, her dress swishing just above her knees as it hugged tightly to her curves. She smiled sweetly at them all, these people who had taken such great care of her for the past few months. Kaiuri then looked over to the tall blonde vixen that was also waving goodbye to the brothel's residents. Her abrasive crystal eyes brightened and her lips pulled up into a mischeivious smirk of sorts and that's when Kodi decided to put her new leg to the test. Kaiuri watched as the  roughened female grit her teeth and kicked her thick muscular leg into the yacht's railing, the ebony skinned girl jumped and blinked seeing the silver rod of metal bend abrutply. "DON'T YOU FUCKING MESS UP MY MASTERPIECE.. I'LL CUT YOUR TACO OFF.."! Both females threw their heads back laughing as they heard the tall flamboyant man in hot pink speedo bust out into a freaking frenzy. 


The candy apple haired goddess held her sides, "Oh, I missed you Sharkbait!" Kaiuri giggled furiously once more looking back at the special ed metal rod and looked at Kodi with tears stinging at the backs of her eyes. It was good to laugh with her friends again, it had been a rough couple of weeks . . . with Kodi's leg being damaged, the blonde beauty had been depressed and not herself. Kaiuri smiled softly and hugged her friend tightly. The boat began to move and the three sailed off heading for the resort, Kaiuri waved once again to the small crowd and then began to walk freely about the boat, Kodi walking by her side. She reached behind her neck and pulled the straps of her dress from their knotted tie. Her honey skin shone like velvet beneath the sun's rays as she revealed her bright orange bikini, her bikini top clinging tightly to her bust. "Lets go soak up some rays before we land sis," She smiled, her dress slipping to the wooden floor of the boat, Kaiuri stepped out of it and laid it to the side. Kodi began doing the same and nodded, both of them laid back on the chairs and lay beneath the sun. She sighed, her mind drifting off to the tournament . . .'Man, this is really happening . . ' She had pushed the thoughts of the fighting to the back of her mind, but Kaiuri knew she couldn't evade the thoughts forever. She had never been in a tournament before and now, she had the chance to test her skills and see what she could really do. Her thick lashes parted and she looked to the big blue sky above her . . . Could she really do this? The petite honey had always been so shy and self reserved, never before had she done something so daring . . . And she had been training with Connor and Kodi for the past few months or so . . . Its not like her chances were slim, but she couldn't help but second guess herself, like always. As if reading her mind, Kodi's somber voice rose, "Are you sure... your ready for this..? I mean you can always hang in the resort.. But! I do want to see your fighting skills an such.." Kaiuri gave her an unsure smile, but played it off. Her big round purple eyes smiling straight into the roughened blonde's piercing ocean blues. "Yea, I think I'll manage just fine Sis," Kaiuri saw Kodi smile before her hand found her thick red locks. The small ebony girl giggled as she ruffled her hair in tangles. Soon they were near the island and the two of them got dressed before grabbing their bags.But just before walking off the boat Nathan spoke up, "Hey girlies.. I want to wish you guys good luck and-" And  as he walked, his extra small speedo stretched tightly over his crotch, Kaiuri yelped and hid behind Kodi whispering rather too loudly, "Its a monster! . . " Her hand grasping hold of the bottom of her friend's shirt as she hid. Kaiuri heard Kodi groan in frustration and she peaked seeing her eyebrow do its famous twitch, just that quickly, Kodi lost her top . . . "God... FAG PUT SOME SHORTS ON OR SOMETHING!! I CAN'T BARE TO SEE THAT IN A SPEEDO... its like a huge snake.." Kaiuri closed her eyes tightly and just trailed behind Kodi's tall slender frame. After Nathan packed up the yacht and began his search for testosterone of fellow beach goers, Kaiuri and Kodi each looked upon their handouts that they received in the mail. "Looks like we go here." Kaiuri pointed on the map of the island, all the contenders were supposed to head to the stage area first thing. Kodi and Kaiuri walked along, following the directions, and finally made it to the stage area. The tiny ember goddess widened her eyes at the sight of their competition . . . Oh my god . . . was all she could think. Silently, the duo made their way to some seats where they waited to be informed of what to do next.

Anatsu: (  ) Bleach skin shining hard in the hot sun.

Blue eyes that we're as cold as ice. Anatsu walks down on the sidewalk in super hot weather and beaming sun with his hands in his pockets. Somehow wearing his red jacket and black leather pants he wasnt hot. All he could think about was the GMAFS. He couldnt wait for his black boots to be covered in red again. His claws were aching for the taste of blood. With a yawn he pulls a small sliver of paper out of his right pocket examining it.

"Alright let's see. Another 3 blocks then turn into the parking lot." He slides the paper back in to the pocket and checks this years roster. He sees his name on the paper. Just "Anatsu" With his mom abandoning him very young, He never had a last name. His mother never bothered to call him by a name so he never knew it until Satsu named him "Anatsu", Just "Anatsu". He looks farther and sees the name "Kaiuri" And just laughs. "SO Chocolate's in this year huh?" He looks below her name and sees "Kodi" The one that looked just like him. So...The Blonde and The Red head...What a combo." He puts the list away and keeps walking. Before he knows it he was there. He walks right in and sits down spotting Kaiuri and Kodi almost instantly. "Kill the blonde...Get the girl.." He looks over to Kaiuri. "Then...Win this tournament..." Anatsu kicks his feet up and sighs. Losing is not an option.

  Jackie Serizawa :"Almost..Done..Come on..There." Was the words of the Roaring lion as he held an very large neckless with eight huge beads, Placing them around his neck as he smiled seeing his newest invetion wasnow created. : I like how your using your head Jackie, what are in each set of beads.: "Wel in this one holds what everyone know and love Marijuana, which would be very helpful and in this one holds a very poweful substanct called Mustard aka Mustard gas, the next is Digoxin and plant that increses the heart rate." Before he got a chance to explain the rest his alaram went off jumping hearing the sound Jackie eyes would pop wider as he noticed what day it was~FlashBack~ Kin: If you fools think you got waht it takes come to the GMAF I will be waiting hahahh~End of FlashBack~ Clucthing on his golden arm Jackie would remember how Kin took his arm but he also remember that transformation he had the wolf" Jackie your the Roaring Lion you dont have to fear your blood is what powers you, you shall not fear him." Grabbing his duffle bag which was packed with his clothes and other substances, walking out his room door he was stopped by his aunt as he said "Aunty Im going on my school trip wish me luck" He would say in a fast pace as he gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek before rushing out the door heading towards the cruise ship using his abilty to rush ontop the buidling top Jackie began to leap from building to building at a high pace as he leaped of the last rooftop he landed in a ditch which soften his fall. Slowly standing Jackie would then wait on line holding his back as he stopped on the ship he would give in a deep breath as he said "Well here we go Reaper."

Shin Tsumi  -Shin woke up a large comforter covering his tightly curled up body raised his head and looked around from the comforter just as the sun rose up. The birds were chirping outside as if to welcome him to a new day. He lazily pushed the heavy comforter off of him and stood up walking with a distinct purpose to the window. He grabbed onto the ledge took in the sound of the birds and suddenly roared his loudest causing the birds to fly off in terror. He sighed he hated being woken up and he went off to lay back down but he then remembered he had the GMAFs to go to some school trip he hadn’t being paying attention enough to remember all the details to it though he knew where he was told to go something to do with a boat. Shin didn’t know much about boats except they were usually on water which he himself had never exactly swam in. He removed the weights that he had gotten from Kin holding them out with his arms and then dropping them the full half ton of weights dropped to the ground with an large thud, he rolled his shoulder surprised at how light he now felt. He hadn’t gotten used to them like he wanted but he could at least sprint a few yards with them on and still lift things heavier than himself with them on though he wanted to be able to basically move unhindered by their weight it did not appear he would be able until they got back from the GMAFs. He walked into the bath room area where he grabbed a bottle of water tooth paste and a tooth brush using the water from the water bottle to wet the tooth paste covered brush he brushed his teeth. He went on to wash his face and comb through his hair. He used his elbow to wipe a bit of the dust on the merrier away and was surprised to see his hair was still messy even after combing it. He went back into the main room the biggest room where he slept at and grabbed his other back pack that was dark brown and made of a highly durable fabric and was in all a sturdy bag, after all it was a camping back Natashi had gotten him planning on going camping at some point. Shin tried not to think of that part as he loaded up his bag with clothes basically a bunch of cargo pants ranging from color of brown to bag to tan to white, a few wife beaters t-shirts and one or two long sleeved shirts, and a jacket not to mention any other stuff like draws etc. He nodded as he looked around making sure he remembered everything and once he figured he did he got dressed in a pair of light brown cargo pants a long sleeve dark brown sweater and a pair of black and white running shoes. He let out a sigh as he slung the swollen bag upon his back and started walking out of the house. He was walking holding the straps of his bag and every time a taxi drove buy he tried signaling for them to stop and give him a ride to the docks but either he wasn’t doing it right or taxi drivers didn’t like him because not one taxi stopped. He decided there was one sure fire way to stop one as he saw it coming down the roar he hopped into the street and stood there arms crossed glaring at the driver as he speedily approached. The driver thought that eventually Shin would move but he didn’t and the driver suddenly hit the brakes sending the car screeching to a halt not inched away from Shin. Shin stepped over opened up the taxi door and sat down.-“Take me to the docks I’ll pay you when we get there.”-He man turned around and said.-“You aint goin nowhere if I aint got cash in my hand.”-Shin glared at him and responded with a simple.-“I’d rather have my throat then cash.”-He said grinning. The man slowly turned around hit the gas and Shin was off heading towards the docks. Once they arrived Shin threw forty bucks into the man face as he exited the taxi looking over to see exactly how huge the ship was. Though what got him ore was the large expanse of water it was sitting upon he sighed building up his courage to run up the rap in fear of somehow falling off into the water and her charged up it jumping the rest of the way and landing with a decently loud thud. He looked around making sure he wasn’t on the edge or anything and he nodded when he figured he had safely boarded the ship.-~I hope we get off this thing soon.~-He thought hoping the boat was sturdy enough to take them across the seemingly endless amount of water.-

Akira Tetsu- Akira would be walking through the crowds of people pushing his way through the masses of
Masquerade igor by justsyl-d5xmpfa

Akira Tetsu

people who where all boarding the large Boat that was set to depart from Zuton Mexia, He had on a black button up shirt which he left unbuttoned showing off his muscular frame and on his legs were a pair of black pant and hed have on a pair of black timberlands he smiled as he heard the various women around him checking him out and sooning over him and of course he could hear the haters as well saying thing like he think he's all that cause he's buff and shit. The school planned a trip to a resort Island for the student and not only that they had a chance to compete in the GMAF's which stood for the Grand Martial Arts Federation. To be honest Akira really wasn't interested in the Tournment he really would have perfered to just chill on the beach and watch the babes in swim suits though that little dream of his was cut short by Hegai who basically forced him to compete saying it had various benfits and a bunch of other crap which he didn't fall for but he really didn't have a choice so thats how he ended up join the tournement. Akira would finally make his way up to the front of the masses of people catching up to his class as the teachers began to direct the various students including him self the Ship was fucking Huge hell one could probably get lost on this damn thing though it actually reminded him of his house it's not so big to him cause he grew up in it but when he goes to someones elses house who's smaller than his it reminded him of how big it truely was though he could probably fit more than three of his houses a=on this thing without it even making it corwded. Akira was then directed to his room wherehe'd toss his bag which was slung over his shoulder onto the floor on the ground next to his bed before flopping down on it which was surprisingly comfortable Akira would then simply lay down in his bed seemingly sleep though in fact he'd simply be medating something he had now devolped a habbit of doing thanks to Hegai's training. After and hour of two Akira would get up and go out to the deck leaning over the rail with the wind blowing through his hairas he closed his eyes listening to the various sounds around him from the seagull's sqaking above him to the various people laughing and some fighting it was a nice day and the sun came out to say hello as it shown brightly on Akira's skin when he opened his lunar blue colored eyes they'd seem to be a reddish brown color from the sun light reflecting off his eyes, "well i guess im fighting" Akira would then turn around and head back rowatrds his room and diggig in his gaint bag and pulling out two drum which went to his set and a pair of brown wooden drum sticks twirlingf them across his fingers as he began to play as a pass time for their trip though his room was a little stuffy so he decide to go out to the portside of the boat to get some air sitting down with one arm resting on his knee while the other legs was outstretch just sitting there enjoying the breeze and fresh air ~Man this is such a Drag~he thought as he sat there- 

The Souls of Kasaihana high.. hold no bounds.Edit

( For all my non'fighters. This will be to seperate whos fighting and who's not for future events. )

Urushiba rinka 01
Morgan Creed
Morgan had already been up for a couple of hours, overly organized and going through checklists to make sure she had everything needed for her vacation. It was technically a school trip, but in her eyes it was a chance to get out of this isolated city and see something new. She had packed way more than needed for the trip, it looked like she was going away for months. I huge suitcase, a travel case and a handbag. Strapping the smaller travel case to the suitcase so it wouldn't fall of she made her way downstairs to greet Lu after hearing her name called. "Lucious!" She grinned from ear to ear, overly happy to see him, lunging to hug him. He was a fair bit older than them, so she saw him and Lana more of the aunt and uncle than her and Eden. "How are you? You seem a little pale." Barging past Eden and purposely bumping shoulders with him as she walked out the door with her belongings. After Eden had placed his duffel bag in the boot of the car Morgan removed it again, putting her own luggage in , carrying the duffel bag round with her and setting it on his lap as he got in the car. Closing the trunk she pushed herself into the car next to Eden, sitting quietly before out of the blue undoing her seatbelt to lean over and hug him tight. "Why can't you be normal, why do you have to take everything as a personal challenge!" Sniffling a little, almost bipolar by trait. "You could get seriously hurt, or even killed! Why would you put yourself in that position.. You used to be so sweet." She let go of him, fanning her face in attempt to stop tears from falling down her cheeks, completely unaware that Lu was in the same position. //// After the car parked outside the school she lifted herself back out of the car, taking her belongings out of the car and hugging Lucious again. "We'll see you soon." Kissing his cheek and wheeling her luggage off over to the bus, little did she know that she'd be seeing him sooner than she thought. Placing the travel case and her suitcase in the provided area on the bus she looked over to Kat , waving her over. "Did you need a hand with your stuff? " It was obvious she was in a good mood when she was being helpful. After Kat placed her things away she grabbed her hand and yanked at it rather forcefully towards the entrance of the bus, wanting to get the back seats.

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Katarina Ryoji:
Kat yawned slamming her alarm beside her bed. Today was the day of the GMAF’s, and she wasn’t that excited to go.. plus she was being forced to go as usual. Sitting up in her bed she rubbed her emerald green eyes throwing her blanket off her as she stood up and glanced in the mirror then jumped back in a horrified scream. “OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THA—…” She got quiet while she squinted her eyes. “Oh.. that’s just me.” She chuckled a bit embarrassed as she walked up to the mirror pulling the bags under her eyes and ruffling her messy hair. “Yeesh.. I’m a mess.” Hurrying herself up so she could get to the school the same time Morgan did, she pulled off her pajamas and brushed out her straight short hair and pulled on her striped thigh high socks, black shorts and a flannel over her grey tank top. Morgan was on the same cheerleading team she was on, which once again was forced onto the team, well not really forced but she got guilted into it, but she did seem to feel more comfortable around Morgan since she did talk to her and ignored her anti-social personality. She nibbled on her lower lip looking in the mirror as she pulled her suitcase towards her. Her mind wandering off now thinking back to her training. She could have almost… killed herself. ‘How could I have used about 50% of my brain’s capacity.. I’m only 16 and my body could have handled that? How… I’m sure I would have gotten some type of problem but I’m perfectly fine. The only thing I did was pass out from exhaustion.’ She thought to herself rubbing her head and ruffling her crimson hair. Taking a deep breath. ‘I don’t even remember what I did to him. I felt like I was another person. I didn’t feel like … me.’ Looking at herself in the mirror her eyes flickered a small glow. She blinked multiple times then rubbing her eyes thinking it was just her imagination she shook her head as she left her house getting a ride from her mom Felicity. As she got to school she pecked her mom on the cheek. “I’ll be back soon mom.” Felicity stared at her daughter in pride. “My beautiful girl growing up so fast.. Oh my I’m gonna cry.” Kat chuckled a bit. “Love you too mom, cya!” She jumped out the car as Felicity waved to her and drove off. Kat looked around and noticed the bus. “Here we go.” She grumbled but soon her mood changed as she noticed Morgan waving to her and even offering to help her with her luggage.. “Someone’s in a good mood, no thanks I got it.” She smiled throwing her luggage in the designated area as well. Before she knew it Morgan grabbed her hand. “Eh!?” Pulling her onto the bus almost stumbling behind her as she made her way to the back of the bus trying to keep herself steady as she followed behind her.  

Suzume Yasutake: ::Suzume's mother fussed over her as she followed along side of her on their way for her to board the ship. Her father, walked along side them both casually.- "Nanami stop... she's old enough for you not to fuss over her like that." -Her father said, with his deep tone of voice. Suzume's mother, turned and glared at him.:: "I'm not going to have my little girl go looking like a mess." ::Suzume groaned, her mother was completely serious. She had chose every outfit she was going to wear down to the slightest detail. She never understood this about her mother, the pink cami, with the white lace sweater over the top and a pink bow... a pink.. bow in her hair. Needless to say, Suzume was changing clothes as soon as she got onto the ship. Her mother didn't know but she had stashed some of her own clothes in the suitcase just before she had left that morning. There were groups of many people, some obviously just tourists. Some students, from other schools, and others were from Suzume's school. She turned back to her parents, her mother already starting to sniffle and cry. Internally, Suzume sighed but on the other hand this was the first time Suzume had really been away from home.:: ~'Mother's will always think of their children as babies.'~ ::The voice in the back of her mind piped up.:: ~'Would you stay out of this and be quiet for a while, I'm tired of feeling like Im crazy.'~ ::There was a chuckle, from the back of her mind.:: ~'You are really dense you know that, can't you smell it in the air. Something's going down on this little vacation of yours... you're going to need me. And I wont hesitate to take you over, I'm not going to let you get us killed.'~ ::Suzume,clenched her teeth.:: ~'I wish you would just go back to where ever you came from and leave me alone!'~ ::There was a scoff.:: ~'You idiot... I've always been here, and I would have been able to take care of you sooner if it wasn't for that meddling old woman and your mother.'~ ::Suzume blinked.:: ~'Wait what does that mean?'~ ::There was a chuckle, and then Suzume felt someone jostle her. She looked up to see her father.:: "Are you alright there Little Bird, you've been zoning out like that allot lately?" ::She nodded to her father.:: "I'm alright... just a little nervous I guess." ::He smiled, and then pulled her into a hug.:: "You'll do fine, I know you're not used to being in social situations. But Im sure you'll have a great time on the trip." ::He pulled away and smiled at her again, then her mother wrapped her arms around her tightly and crying.:: "Please be careful baby... I... don't want you to get hurt... and and.... If you get home sick just call us and we...we'll, get you home as soon as possible." ::Moto stopped his wife.:: "Honey... she'll be fine, enough now." ::Suzume nodded to them both and gripped the handle of her rolling suitcase, she waved to them both as she headed to board the ship.:: 

Aiko Lapis
: Aiko made her way to the school early in the morning. The tournament trip was mandetory so she really didn't want to go. Plus she hated fights. Either way she was forced to, so she brought her netbook and a tablet along with her commlink. This way she could still have fun. Her mother even insisted that she should get a bikini and so bought one, along with her one piece. Despite the picutes and photo shoots she's taken, Aiko has never really liked showing her body with little clothing. Plus she was still self conscious about someone seeing the very, almost not visible, scars she had recieved over the summer. They were almost gone but if Aiko looked hard she could spot them easily. Once she was dropped off Aiko took her bag up to the bus with her and waited in the que of people eager to leave. She talked to no one but instead looked off into the distance, only looking forward in order to move a bit. Until she was up front and forced to pay attention as the driver took her bag and placed it under the bus. Aiko climbed aboard the bus and happily she spotted Leon in the middle seat. Creating some small talk with Leon, she'd place her bag in the compartment above their heads not needing it right now. She easily talked with Leon, all the while feeling better about the trip. But only for the time it allowed the pair to be together.

Tatsuki Murasame: Of all the things in the world Tatsuki hated more than anything was to actually spend time with her classmates in a

resort for any length of time. Moreover, spending (INSERT TOURNAMENT LENGT HERE) long with them is even worse. Tatsuki sighed as she packed her bags full of her tools and materials for the trip and for the actual time spent at the resort. She’d need something to occupy her time and doing it relaxing wasn’t something she wanted to do. Her hellish nightmare was only just beginning as she realized she’d have to room with someone. Tatsuki rubbed her hand over her face and instantly regretted that because now she had to clean her glasses from the smudges she created. She grumbled as she traversed around the room throwing random shit into her clothes bag and by the time of 20 minutes passing, she was packed. “Well, I’ll be here for you Tatsuki. You don’t have to worry about that at least.” JAK, her computer said to her from the wall, smiling his rounded pixel smile at her. “Stuff it, I’m not looking forward to this. Why do we have to go anyway? I could be doing the same thing here and I could care less about some stupid tournament for dumbasses who just like to punch each other to death.” JAK laughed. “Well, true but at least you’ll get away from the house and you dad, and siblings. You don’t have to deal with them interrupting you.” “Yeah but I’ll have classmates doing the same, it’s not good for me. I’ll go find a secluded corner to work in and finally get the particle field generator working. You know how bad that’s been kicking my ass? I’ve spent about 7 months on it already and I’m nowhere near finishing it!” Tatsuki turned around and looked at JAK, and the clock, and realized what time it was. “Damn it, I’m going to be late at this rate... JAK, lights off and I’ll see you later.” JAK turned the lights off and Tatsuki exited her room, speeding to school on a basic rentable bike that had a trailer for her luggage. By the time she made it to school and had her bags loaded, she was one of the stragglers last to get on the ship. She did like it though; it was spacious, luxurious and decadent. A smile spread on her lips as she wandered around and found somewhere to park her ass, a secluded corner where no one was. Tatsuki sat down on a thickly padded easy chair and waited for the ship to start moving, slipping headphones on her ears. “JAK, play some Bach and mix in some of my metal. Lemme know if there’s any announcements ok?” “On it boss!” JAK did as she said and soon Tatsuki closed her eyes to ‘nap’ while she waited. 

Alise Mionet  -  

It was 6:45 early in the morning on a Saturday as Gizmo was licking his paw lazily, watching his owner run back and forth around the house as she piled in her clothes into 2 luggages, before trying to close it shut by sitting on it. Grunting in frustration as she swore out loud. “GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!” Channeling her chakra to her right hand as she slammed it shut with ease, clapping happily as she squealed joyfully she'd then lift both of the bags like it weighed nothing ~Although it was filled up and weighed possibly up to 2 tons~ . Picking up Gizmo as she placed him on her shoulder and walking out of the apartment, down towards the lobby nodding to the landlord as she smiled softly before hailing a Taxi putting her bags in Alise paid the taxi driver 30 bucks as she sat in the back putting her headphones on and playing “B


ounce” by Iggy Azalea [ ] Looking back at her car she sighed softly knowing that if she doesn't make any new friends at the Resort she will literally cry out of anger. She was a people person with an outgoing personality so why wouldn't she? Luckily though for her she had gotten to meet Akira and Shin and was going to cheer them both on. She wasn't going to choose sides cause that. Would be VERY bad. Besides it doesn't matter who wins to her personally its all about dedication and

giving it your all! Smiling at that in mind she noticed that they finally reached the docks, giving her thanks to the driver as offered to help her with the luggage she accepted and give him an extra $30 dollars for tip as she waved to him and thanked him once more before showing her school Id to the guard at the entrance who was probably Checking to see who was a student and who was just a normal passenger. Shrugging her shoulders as she walked up and holding up her room ticket and room card key she then walked up to one of the doors that she had personally chosen as her own compartment. She HATES sharing space with someone, so made sure to book in a single bedroom in the presidential suite as she grinned and Walked into the room, throwing her two bags onto the couch before grabbing Gizmo into her hands and throwing herself onto the bed squealing happily like a crazy person. “ALRIGHT!! WE'RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!” She had a feeling that in the time being she was going to have to make the most of it and if she finds Shin or Akira

she'll make sure that they have as much fun as she will have. “Its a Promise!” She vowed softly as she looked up at Gizmo who yolwing determinedly as well.  

Akira Tetsu-

Unknown Squadren...Edit


" Are you all prepared..."  Said the male as he towered over his students. All 6 of his students nodded there heads with smirks on there faces. " I've given you all tasks... The Tasanagi's The Ryoji's. If you see a Yun, and evena  creed... Kill them. These are orders from Yani himself..." Said the mysterious male as he stood over the egar, blood thirty youngstters. " Yes sir! We'll make sure it's done. You've been training us our who-lives for this. Were gonna make sure we get the job done... " said the one with white hair.. he seemed to be the leader of the lot. " Good... " Said the large male towering over his students finally turning his back on them.  " Kill any of there friends... that get in your way. " A male with bright purple hair tilted his head to the right scoffing. " You heard Mr.R... Lets go... before we miss our flight."


                                                                                                                   " Yeah... Let's..." Said the leader, the other two silently following behind with sinister smirks on there faces.

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