I'll Make A Human Out Of You ! -1-Edit

  • Eden Creed
  • Mary.
  • Lucious Creed

 Uub: The young raven haired teen kept his head up at the air above him , his hazel eyes filled with a brief hue of mother nature favored green kept a stern and steady glare at the empty night skies casted above him which consisted of one moon which gave of a shy emotion allowing only half of it’s body to size. This gained the clouds that it cowered behind a great introduction of popularity due to it’s ability to cover such a full grown sized entity such as that.” Pssstt.. Eden ..” A whisper broke free from the cracks set from the window but Eden just shrug it off as something minor like maybe he was hearing things but catching a shoe to his head quickly brought him back to reality. “ Ack “ Eden shouted taking the shoe to the head slightly falling forward but quickly catching himself before falling off the roof. Eden turned to see Lu waving from the window he’d been missing for a few days so Eden thought it was best he questioned his where abouts which was Edens way of saying he was worried. “ Where the hell have you been ?! “ Eden questione slightly brushing the sides of his hair with his fingertips.Lu quickly planting his finger over lips quickly hushed Eden to silence “ Shh.. keep your voice down I need to show you something “ Lu said quickly swaying his hands forward hoping Eden would follow. The young Eden a bit indecisive at first decided to follow knowing the kind of trouble Lu always got himself into it was better to do than sitting around doing nothing. Eden followed Lu through the window into the attic slightly tripping upon a pile of books due to the room being absent of light.” Watch your step “ Lu whispered slightly ducking so just so he didn’t hit his head on the ceiling. “ Ohh great advice it would help if I can see where I’m going “ Eden shot back moving his hands vigorously creating some sort  of visual image that may help him through the room , Quickly using his shirt as some sort of leverage to help him through the room. “ Where are we go - ack ! “ Eden spat out taking one of the edges of the ceiling to the nose . The suspicious Lu quickly reached for a wire connected to a lamp taking grasp of it’s aluminum edges quickly pulling it casting the room  with light. Eden couldn’t quite see anything due to him furiously rubbing his nose after hitting it. “ Tada “ Lu said setting his arms out to Marry who remained tied up to a wooden chair screwed to the wooden floor. “ What is-.. what the hell you’ve gone mad Lu… “ Eden took a look at the girl she looked quite a bit off her rockers but in a sexy way. Eden turned back to Lu quickly punching his head so forceful Lu would be forced to forward “ Nephew , this girl is young so she’s not from that dating website you always go into looks like you got desperate and started kidnapping girls listen I know you’re a 28 year old virgin and all but this is not the way to go I know a few prostitues that could aid you for cheap ! “ Eden stated to his slightly older nephew Lu gently rubbing the temple of his head shooting a glare to Eden “ I did not kidnap her ! well I did but not in the way you’re thinking I need her .. she’s Yani daughter she says but the energy coming from this girl is incredible I believe there is more to her than she lets out “ Lu said in a slightly focused tone turning back to Eden who slightly scratched his chin giving the girl another glare “ hmm Yani’s kid .. not like you to scoop down to his level “ Eden said with a somewhat discomfort tone “ Shut up don’t you want Lana back this is our only way besides I’m not gonna hurt her no no Im hurting Yani.. I’m gonna turn Yani’s little deadly machine into something he hates most.. human. Im gonna make her into a normal being and I need your help to do that .. you Eden will be teaching her how to be a human “ Lu stated in the most joyful tone “ Wait me why me ?! “ Eden shouted “ Because.. she looks about your age and I might have her enter Kasshiana city high oh and your sister must not know about this I’d do this but I need to find more ways to get back at Yani.. good luck Eden “ Lu parted by throwing himself through the window that they came in leaving the girl with Eden “ B-but..” Eden gave off a slight sigh turning back to the girl” Uh.. Hi “   

Ohblivious: Mary's eyes were filled with darkness, small chills down her spine as she sat upon a wooden chair with her eyes shut, still her body was covered in her last victims blood, a bit dried. Still unconscious she slowly began to gain consciousness. “W-Where.. am I..?.. How long have I even been here?” She groaned softly slowly remembering what happened. “Fuck.. where did he go. I need to show him a piece of my mind..” Her eyes opened slowly, her eyes were blurred a bit as she opened them watching the man that kidnapped her walk into the room with another guy. Her red eyes glistened as she was about to get up but she felt her wrists and legs tighten, a rope tied them together she tried to move around but the chair was bulged to the ground, he must have been ready for her. Strangely she couldn’t break free of them, usually her strength was strong enough to rip through anything, after all they were made to break flesh and bones. She felt herself slowly weakening as she hung her head in shame. Her crimson hair fell over her face as she heard distant murmurs and a conversation as the men got closer. She groaned a bit as she sat in the cold wooden chair, she shut her eyes tightly to take in a deep breath and let it out. Glancing up at one of the guys, he began to speak about some cougar . com? 'Why are they talking about cats right now?' She thought to herself as she tilted her head in confusion. Looking up confused she giggled as one of them punched the other. Her laugh echoed across the room, finally their conversation ended as one of them left quickly. Mary glanced up at the guy who was left with her. “And what is your name sweetheart?” Her voice hummed almost seductively as she spoke calmly like this was some casual thing to her. After all she was used to this since her father was Yani, he’s done worse anyways. The rope burn was nothing new and the un-comfort wasn’t either. She felt a bit sick and already she knew why. “So.. y-you wanna just let me go for a little? We can.. have a little ‘fun'.” She smiled, a sharp fang slipped over her luscious red lips as she grinned up at him. Trying to charm him to her best ability, already knowing this attractive looking man would be hard to crack unlike the others. Her fists tightened in grip as she tried to keep herself together.

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Uub: Eden lifted a brow at the girl a bit amused she was yet able to speak with such amusement in her current state. Eden planted his hands deep into his pockets slightly shaking his head “ Listen lady I’ll be the one asking the questions “ He stated dropping down into a squat setting a firm gaze on her current position. He questioned where all the blood was form was this girl really that dangerous. Eden planted his fingers together at her comment he could tell that she was trying to seduce him he gave her a flattered grin and as tempting as she was and  Eden not able to hold his composure as much as Lu he still had some strength over his temptation. He decided to play along if thats what he had to do to get Lana back. Eden planted his hands on the girls chin pulling her closer giving her a slightly sinister glare but a quite alluring sister one at the same time gently licking the tip of his upper lip .” Well doesn't that sound like tons of fun..” Eden stated in a calmly manor pulling his body forward to where his mouth would be planted next to her ear “ But I’ve had my fun for the evening bit thank you for the request” Eden pulled back back a bit dropping into a squat once more gently scratching behind his ear with his blade. “ So Im suppose to teach you how to be a human huh ? Well I have to know what I’m dealing with.. so tell you what I’ll let you go but if you try anything “ Eden lifted him head a bit to where his eyes would be set on hers just so she can see the seriousness in his expression “ I promise you I won’t think twice on taking you down..  “ Eden stated flinging his switch blade side to side quickly focusing it to face forward moving towards the girl cutting the rop at her feet that slipping behind her cutting the rope that held her arms together.</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Ohblivious: Mary stared up at him in shock as he actually answered back quite alluringly. Chills fell down her body in … fear was it? He held a scary yet attracting look, she bit her lower lip slightly. He looked delicious. “Fiesty…” She snickered softly. She was always the dominant type, never been dominated before and she was always in charge. It was very weird for her to be the one tied up and toyed with instead of her doing the toying with and the tying. She stared at him licking his lips already knowing he had decided to play around with her. She got slightly annoyed and blushed suddenly as he spoke into her ear. She turned to look away so he wouldn’t notice, she couldn’t understand this feeling and it made her feel weak and vulnerable. Especially since she was lacking nutrition and protein at the moment. She was craving blood but her desperation was running low. “You can never have enough… fun.” She smiled wickedly as she looked back at him now gathering herself a bit. “Hmph, like it rough now do we?” She giggled at his threat as she watched him carefully. Finally he agreed to untie her, unfortunately as much as she’d love to feast on his delectable body she couldn’t have the energy to fight him. She needed at least a small snack to keep her from passing out. She rubbed her wrists as she stood up, glancing up at him her eyes sparkled a bit, she tossed her long red hair over her shoulder as she licked the blood off her finger. “Hm.. I thought I was already human.. how rude.” She giggled softly almost losing her balance. She held her head for a moment as she sat back in the chair. “Jeez…” She sighed in defeat. “I… I need food.” She admitted as she looked down at the ground. “Bad…” </p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Eden caught glimpse of her weakness he didn’t know what she was but it didn’t take a scientist to know a hungry women when he see’s one. Eden remained in a squat</p>

<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> slightly rubbing his chin analyzing the girl. There were so much that caught his intrest she was different this boosten Edens interest in her. Eden favored things out of the normal it brought such a vast amount of questions to his display. It was then he caught sight of her sucking the dry blood from her fingertips. Eden lifted a brow a bit he found his first discovery about the girl. She survived off of blood “ Hmm interesting you’re like a vampire eh ? Eden quickly held a firm grasp on her arms holding her up as she looked a bit off .” Don’t suck on your finger tips it’s unsanitary “ Eden helped her sit correctly in the chair quickly standing up over her “ Hmm .. Very well “ Eden stated rolling up his left sleeve revealing his tattoos which lead all the way up to the left side of his chest. “ Feast on me “ Eden stated quickly slicing the swiych blade against his wrist causing a vast amount of crimson blood to leak from it Eden knew it wouldn’t be much due to his physco Chi and it was best she fed on him as much as possible before she went on to anyone else. Plus , It was also on Edens favor it aided his weird fetish not everyday you get a girl sucking you dry but in another way unknown to most. Eden held his arm out which began to bleed a stream of blood falling at his feet “ Drink”</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Ohblivious: She sat motionlessly and drained, finally she looked up at him again. He looked interested in her, she could tell when someone wanted to know more about her, but she couldn’t focus very well at the moment. “What’s.. a vampire?” She asked innocently as she pouted a bit, gasping softly in fright as he took her arm, thinking he was going to hurt her she looked away ready, as usual. She was used to pain, and nothing could beat what she goes through with her father around. After all he does hate redheads… “Well I wouldn’t say I’m a sanitary girl in the first place dear..” She teased as he helped her up a bit surprised he wasn’t going to try to hurt her. Sighing a bit in relief until she smelled the most uplifting scent fill her soft small button nose. Her eyes quickly flickered to the blade that slid against his wrist, almost drooling just from the sight. She looked up at him quickly like an excited puppy then quickly took his wrist and licked his wrist, the blood pouring into her mouth, her body reviving slowly off the blood she suckled. Moaning happily as she feasted, pulling away finally after a few, blood dripped from her lips as she looked up at him. “W-Wait.. why did you let me do that? Oh no, is your blood poisoned? Oh god, not again!” She pouted waiting a bit. “Huh.. not poisoned.. well other than that.” She sprung up taking a nail and gently gliding it against his chin, she leaned into his neck and whispered. “You taste delicious..” She smiled seductively as she held herself against him, leaning in like she was going to kiss his neck but instead leaving a small kiss on his cheek. She pulled away giggling at her tease as she walked away from him keeping a short distance between them. “You heal quickly don’t you?” She crossed her arms as she watched him carefully.</p>

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A New found Addiction ?! -2- Edit

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Uub: Eden held his eyes shut as she made her way towards him . His wrist was stretched out forward away from his body ,He refused to watch her make her way towards her wrist he was expecting this to be quite painful. This was something he had never did before so what came after next came off as a big surprise. Upon the touch of her tongue against his wrist which leaked a of blood followed a brief feel that Eden had forced himself  into believing to receiving such feeling was over the bodies of his opponent , But to his surprise he felt it at that moment this feeling was pleasure. At that moment the world around him had turned into nothing but an outstanding display of lights. He can feel such a sweet tingling feel hitting against his taste buds at the tip of his tongue which he refused to keep astray and locked within his jaw. His eyes met a swirl of colors as his heart had already began to play a thousand in under a second. His heart in the midst of jumping out of his chest , What was this feeling he valued so much and why did he value as much as he did. Why hasn’t he discovered it earlier ? Where did it come from ? What sorcery was this ?!  These and plenty more questions baffled Edens mindset none to which he had the answer too.(( the only answer he held tightly at that moment was that he didn’t want it to end. As she pulled away he had felt his whole world slip away back to reality to same old shabby attic they had started in bummer Eden thought. His eyes quickly dilating as she leaned in for a kiss he didn’t know what to do at the moment first time he’s been so close to a girl. She then gently kissed him on his cheek this was quite amazing to Eden this girl played Edens game almost as good as Eden he thought. He wanted to learn more as she pulled away Eden quickly cleared his throat getting his head back in the game the well defined bulge in his pants slowly deflating . Eden wanted to get his head back in the game he fused to let her win , His eyes met her’s as he cleared his throat once more giving off a more masculine boost to it this time , “ Yeah , I guess you can say that. People say it’s a gift I think of it more as a curse but I’ve learned to understand my curse and tp use it in my favor” Eden stated rolling his shirt down to where  his forearm would be covered once more. His muscles growing over the wound allowing the skin to put in it’s finishing touch. The young Eden held his hazel gaze on the girl now with her strength was back in order now so when it came to the amount of things she could do her options were limitless. Eden decided to keep his gaze tight “  Teaching you the ways of a human might be difficult bit I can ensure you it’s nothing I can’t handle “ Eden smiled placing his hand out he was gonna do all he could to break this girl and make her into something great. “ I am Eden Creed , and I am nor a friend or a teacher “ His glare tightened as a sinister but yet tense took a brief feel of the ambience in the room “ I am your master you work under me from now on and I’ll get you set for the real world so Deal ? “ He questioned his hand still out awaiting her decision.</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Ohblivious: As she pulled away she grinned, she could sense when a man was turned on and he definitely was turned on.. but from what? Most men get turned on by being sucked dry.. but not literally. She sucked blood out of him, not cum. She let out a small giggle ignoring the bulge she spotted in his pants. She stared at him tilting her head a bit. He must not be used to girls approaching him so promiscuously. ‘This will be fun..’ She thought to herself as she glanced down at her sharp, long black nails filing them with her other nail. “Well, that’ll come in handy if you don’t want to be my lunch.. or maybe dessert since you’re just.. so.. sweet.” She winked licking the blood off her lips. She eyed him for a while, he wasn’t like other men. Her charm didn’t work as easily and he had some type of charm on her as well. Finally Mary has met her match and she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be scared.. or excited. Her eyes glowed red, her power slowly shot up from her toes to her head. She moaned happily as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Oooh.. I feel so much better now.” Her body felt hot and stronger like she could pin him down right now and just rip him apart, but his blood was very filling and he looked like a fun toy to play with. Finally she locked eyes with him, he held a stern gaze that gave her shivers down her spine, but she somewhat enjoyed the fear. She swallowed a bit when he spoke. “Well.. I’m Mary… some people call me Bloody Mary.” She stared at his hand a bit confused. ‘Why is he giving me his hand?.. Is this how people greet? Do I take his hand?..’ She stared at it for a while before slowly taking his hand. She looked up at him with a sly grin as she pulled him in leaning into his neck seductively. “Yes.. Master.” She chuckled as she pulled away now placing a hand on her hip. “So what do humans eat?” She asked casually as if she didn’t just try to seduce him a second ago. </p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Uub: Eden froze as she said master , There was something about the way she said it that made him want to strip her at the spot. He almost spotted  out as being able to be nude in front of another person  was one way of learning how to be a human but Eden wasn’t the one to abuse his power. Eden leaned towards the steps of the attic “ Follow me “ If she were to follow he would lead her towards the kitchen which smelled of fruits and vegetables at the time being due to Morgans obsession on keeping watch on her wait for her cheerleading. Though Eden loved him some fruit he didn’t like the fact of that being the only option. Luckily for him Lu also had an obsession for meat therefore it was a best of both worlds for Eden when it came down to lunch time and such. Eden reaching for the cold metallic handle of the fridge gently pulling it open allowing a vast amount of cool wind to send chills down his body. “ Alright , This is what you call a fridge this is where humans hold their food “ Eden explain tilting a bit analyzing his options. “ Hmm lets see.. how about some microwave pizza “ Eden stated pulling out his favorite bash off pepperoni and cheese pizza quickly placing it in the microwave leaving it in there for about 5 minutes. “ Alright , while we wait for that I feel it’s best to get you on a fresh start “ Eden stated pulling an apple an orange and a banana from a wooden basket. “ Alright , Here I have an apple , an orange and a Banana “ Eden picking up the crimson hue apple placing it within the grasp of his jaw quickly taking a bite of half of it smiling a bit as he held his eyes closed munching on the apple with a delicate smile on his face. “ Next, there's the orange anf this is slightly different you don’t straight on eat them you peel them “ Eden stated holding his knife to it’s side in a circular motion revealing it’s insides and quickly taking a bit out of it giving the same face he did as the apple . “ Now for the grand finale the Banana” Eden pulled at it’s tip pulling along its sides revealing the edible parts within the skin of the banana. He took quick bites and for some odd reason he made the same face. “ Thats how you eat human food “ Eden stated in a sarcastic tone before spitting it all out , his head tilted down wiping all the food left overs from his mouth. “ But of course you being what you are aren’t able to eat like humans do , You’ll throw up the first chance you try you have to have your taste buds adapt to it first so for a while you will do as I do and fake it “ Eden stated leaning against the counter “ Just as I do , I  am talented at this type of stuff because I been forced to eat pretty crappy things in my days “ Eden turned towards and nodded “ Ok you're up “ </p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Ohblivious: She giggled staring at him with a sly look as if she was ready to tease him all day. She watched him almost squirm when she called him master and already she caught on. Watching him walk away she followed him calmly, waving her hand. “Alright, Alright.” She followed watching everything in amazement. Everything looked so cute in a normal home.. and weird. Where was all the blood, and body parts? It smelled different too.. it smelled weird. He opened up some door that poured out a icy breeze. She shivered hiding behind him holding his arms. “Oooh.. I don’t like that feeling…” She huffed a bit. “Ah.. fridge? You need to hold food in a place? You don’t eat it fresh? Weird.. and what is pizza?” She asked staring at him in confusion. She stared at the mini door he opened and put the ‘pizza’ in. She stared at it like a puppy that was watching a light show. “Ahh… cool..” She watched it a bit confused. “Fresh start..?” She asked as he pulled out some weird colorful things. She stared at the fruits in confusion. “Ah… uhm.. it smells weird…” She covered her nose in disgust. Watching him eat the apple she squinted her eye a bit. “Erg… ok..” Now watching she began to giggle. “You make weird faces when you eat.” She smirked nodding her head. “Ok.. ok.. so how am I gonna fake it. Do I just put it in my mouth and spit it out? Or just.. erg.. being a human is hard.” She held her head a bit as she looked at the fruit. “Hnng..” She took an apple and sniffed it, putting it to her lips she took a bite and quickly spit it out into the sink. “Gah! That taste horrible!” She sobbed spitting out the apple and turning on the water and rinsing her mouth. She turned to look at him rubbing the back of her head. “Heh.. ehm.. how do I pretend… to eat this garbage?” She asked a bit embarrassed</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Uub: “Simple “ He stated pointing his tongue upwards” it’s all in your face you didn’t notice that as soon as I took a bite I also snuck the fruit beneath my tongue. “ Eden smiled “ As you know humans are a foolish bunch of creatures and personally I don’t blame you for using them as your own personal live stock but you must understand when humans fight back they fight back hard ! so this is something that may help you more than us “ Eden stated pulling her close “ Alright , open up “ Eden wouldn’t have waited for her as he quickly pulled onto her chin attempting to place his thumb at her bottom lip forcing it down if this were successful her mouth would be slightly open allowing Eden to shove his thumb within it if this were successful, he’d have his thumb  beneath her tongue. He’d quickly attempt to seal her mouth close forcing her  jaws to softly keep a soften grasp lock around it ,  If this were successful he would quickly give off a slight nod. “ It’s simple you’d normally chew but since it’s my finger I’d appreciate if you took it easy on me” Eden stated with a sudden smirk at this point Eden had completely forgotten on what he was suppose to do in the first place. At this point Eden had found his addiction he finally understood her lust for blood , it was just as comparable for his lust on having her plant her fangs against his wounds. For once Eden found something he yearned for more than power. Her everything about her lead to new discoveries he had never discovered so much in one night. He had never thought such a woman would become such a peak interest to him and the worst part about it is he loved every part about it. Every detail brought him such a severe set of feels , This is how it felt Eden finally knew how it felt to be addicted.</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Ohblivious: Mary glanced up at him as she sighed softly then noticing the fruit under his tongue. “Oh man.. you actually fooled me.” She blushed a bit surprised. ‘I’m no stupid human.. but that trick still got me.’ She pouted a bit staring under his tongue. She unexpectedly got pulled in by him, her eyes widened a bit alert as she was about to push off his chest but instead left her hands on his chest as he grabbed her chin so she would open up. She shook her head refusing it but his force was strong enough to pry open her mouth as his thumb pulled her glossy red lips open. She felt his thumb beneath her tongue as she looked up at him she grinned a bit. Slowly her mouth shut on his thumb, she grazed her teeth softly on his thumb as she stared up at him with her big red sparkling eyes. Staring up at him she chuckled with his thumb in her mouth, she then pull his hand out of her mouth. “That’s a good technique.. you’re lucky I didn’t just chomp down on your thumb… but I do much rather like it when they resist and squirm. She leaned in close to his neck softly her long black nail sharp enough to break skin slid down it gently without cutting him but making a soft scratch, she stared at his neck and at his collar bones. “Even though you’re delicious… “ She then pulled away her long red hair falling over her shoulder as she pulled herself off him. “So, what’s next!” She giggled looking around the kitchen scrunching her nose again. “Gch.. I think your peezah is smelling weird now.. is it done?” She asked pinching her nose causally. </p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Uub:This wasn’t so bad Eden thought giving her a casual smile , He gently brushed his thumb against his shirt. His smirk grew sinister “ Delicious huh ? well thats a first “ Eden leaned against the counter a bit , reaching for a apple and quickly forcing his jaw upon it locking it onto the grasp of both his teeth allowing it to secrete it’s essence juice upon his lips. “ The pizza .. right “ Eden stated pulling the microwave open due to him forgetting it was even in the microwave due to the lust train he had just boarded. “ Whats next ? you ask “ Eden chuckled pulling the melted cheese from it’s place within the microwave throwing it upon a silver platter. “ Nothings next just a question “ Eden pulled the drawer open revealing a vast amount of silverware. Edens gaze met the sharpest butcher knife pulling it from the drawer stabbing it against the pizza. “ You drank my blood surely you’re strong enough so tell me “ Eden stated pulling the pizza along with the knife placing it in his mouth. His gaze grew sinister as he targeted them upon her “ Why haven't you made an attempt to kill me and run home to daddy “ His tone was a bit more forcing her to respond the assisting.</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Ohblivious: She watched him carefully, she felt so much better being here.. but deep down she was extremely terrified. Not only of him but of Yani finding her outside without his permission. Plus she was gone for so long he must have noticed already. She nipped her lower lip as she watched the cheese ooze off the pizza, she cringed a bit watching it as she pinched her nose again. The pizza looks gross, Mary wanted to vomit all over the floor, but Eden looked so calm eating it. 'How do humans eat these…’ She thought squinting an eye at it. She quickly looked to him. “A question?.. Well shoot.” she said calmly folding her arms now intrigued. She tilted her head a bit as she locked eyes with him, as if they were battling against each other’s piercing looks. She licked her lips. “Why yes.. I did.” She watched him toy with the dangerous weapon in his mouth so swiftly. “Did I not try in the beginning?.. You see when I see my opponent is much stronger than me, I can sense that I’m in danger.” She began to walk away her back facing him as she placed both her hands on a counter, her long black nails clicking against it now. “I can feel how powerful you are, what the point in wasting energy? Plus…” She sighed a bit looking out a window. “If I went home, Yani would.. kill me.” She turned around to face him now, a grin appearing on her face now. “And I’m just saving you for last when I get stronger, so don’t worry sweetie. You’ll get your turn.” She teased winking at him now. </p>

Mine -3- Edit

<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Uub:  Eden tilted his head a bit the shadow casted by his hair leaving the view of his eyes down to mid nose completely dark. It was then it started off as low but ear piercing chuckles. “ Yani ! “ Eden held his stomach planting his knife on the tabled his laughter began to thicken “ I don’t blame yoy for seeing someone as powerful a

s me but Yani , hahah the mans a tool “ Eden stated closing on to her a bit pulling his knife upon the counter leaving a scratch following the movement of the knife as Eden closed in on her. “ No no no Dear Yani shouldn’t be the one you’re afraid of “ Eden stated his tone grew darker “ Believe me how ever scary you believe Yani is... “ Eden allowed his sentence to end with a slur as he pushed forward the rest of the way to her was duch suspenseful speed holding the knife at her neck. “.. I'm ten times scarier” Where sn adams apple would present itself on a male. He slowly pulld it back licking upon it’s edges attempting to slowly placing his tongue against her cherry red glossy lips. slowly and gently trailing it up and down all at one hit , He’d the attempt to force her lips to slip open with the red and a hint of pink cascade in saliva attempting to pierce his lips through the protection her worthy of applause lips held over what stood behind them. If successful he’d plant his hands against the wall behind her. His tongue with a series of attacks at her lips attempting to force it’s way through it’s strength each bubbling sensation amongst his tongue being placed upon her lips aiming to place some sort of satisfaction along with lust. His moves were slow but far from settle he moved with aggression and little passion though that was still there. If she were to accept his tongue to enter her oral hemisphere , This would be known to Eden as victory but far from the end of it, His next movement was towards her own tongue aiming to wrap his tounge around hers like somewhat of a snake trapping it’s  defenseless prey. Which in this case would choose to be defenseless. Also , Edens tongue was looking more to satisfact his prey then kill it  If this were to be accepted he’d pull her tongue towards hers slowly letting it go to where their fluids still remained on lock. Quickly pulling his tongue back to it’s resting place , If she’d allowed he would press his lips against hers while at the same time resting his hands among her cheek holding her still a bit as he deepened the kiss. </p>  Their lips touching causing the room to swirl seeming as if they were reaching in for the ambience the two shared. In the midst of such events Eden trailed his free hand down gently brushing it against her inner thing with only the tip of his finger leaving such a settle and orgasmic scratch gently placing it between her legs where her second lips laid. If he were to succeed he’d realize that these lips called

<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">for him more seeing that they spoke louder than the lips Eden was occupied with at the moment. He planted his hands firmly upon it leaving space between his two middle fingers gently closing it onto her vag.Gently brushing his finger upon it giving it a tickle and then stopped.. Eden pulled away planting his forehead upon hers and soon moving completely away from her “ Am I a sweetie now ? “ He spoke giving her the most sinister grin.“ You may say no but you’re body says something completely different “ Eden stated analyzing her posture along with her curves, He felt like racing upon each and everyone of them only without a wheel but a hard driven force just ready to ride, he pulled up behind her throwing his arms around her waist. Placing his tongue upon the her ear gently pulling upon it. Leaving her with gentle whispers but strong enough to leave an ocean. “ I know what you want but I rather give you what you need, You’re so use to preying among others lets see how much you like it once they prey upon you “ Eden stated aggressively twirling her around gently pushing her amongst the wall. He unclothed her leaving her in her bra and panties gently leaving quick and yet wet kisses along her inner thigh throwing her right leg over his shoulder which was greatly cushioned making him wanting to take a great big bite. He pulled his fingers gently sliding her panties to the side her love canal quickly accessible to him and only him. He moved in closer planting his tongue against it but only at the tip of her vag and not fully within giving her a slight tease “ You want me just as much as I want you , You want my cock but the best things never come easy first rule of being human you must learn how to beg for it.” Eden moved in closer gently licking upon her outer edges” If you are denied of it then you take it ! “ He stated pulling her aggressively shoving his face into her vag his thick tongues mucus breaking through her walls pushing against her insides in search of her womanly essence. Eden was addicted she was all woman everything he ever wanted she was perfect her body her guts her everything was enough to push Eden to the point of no return. Eden slowly moved up just a bit her right thigh still planted over his shoulder as he penetrated her love canal with his tongue alone. Moving it in a circular motion to where it would make a bit of a twirl her insides moving along in that exact motion. He tightened a grip amongst her thigh burying his fingers into them . He wanted her to break become his and all he needed to do that was a river flow of her pail white liquids sliding against his tongue . leaving such a delicate taste almost as delicate as hers. As much as he wanted to fuck her in every position he rather her beg for it for this was what pushed him more into such series of movements</p>

<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Ohblivious: Mary swayed her hips a bit as she leaned over the counter, her back arched as she leaned over. “My body? What do.. you mean by that?” She slowly pulled herself up but frozewhen she felt a presence up against her, and right around her waist. She turned her head a bit as his tongue grazed against her ear, she gasped softly a small grim smile appeared on her lips. “N-No.. I—“ Before she could finished he spun her around shoving her back against a wall, leaning back helplessly against the wall. Before she knew it she stood there in her bra and panties, her eyes widened in shock as he lowered down to her long legs and began leaving kisses down her thigh giving her body chills once again. She placed her hand on his shoulder and her other hand on the wall clawing both his shoulder and the wall now as he threw her leg over his shoulder, her body still quivering from his touch as she looked down at him as he teased her. “F-Fucking hell boy.. w-what do you think you’re doing?..” She muffled under her breath. As she jumped a bit from his tongue slithering around her sensitive spot. “B-Beg? What am I a d-dog!?” She moaned unexpectedly from his teasing, her legs squirmed in his grasp when finally he dug in for his meal. She gasped loudly clawing his shoulders even more and arching her back against the wall weakly. Leaning her head back she whined softly. “W-what is this fe-feeling? Oh god..” She moaned louder now as she could feel her body getting warmer and warmer. “Hnmm.. E-Eden please..” She pleaded as if she wanted him to stop but honestly she didn’t. She curled her toes in her shoes and let out another held in moan now biting her finger that was clenching the wall, she muffled her soft moans. Her eyes looked down at him quickly and as she watched him it made her feel like she was ready to explode. “Gah.. damn.. M-More! Please give me more!” She begged eagerly her long red hair falling down her back as she tilted her head back now grinding on his face. “S-Shit!” She cried out her body squirming with excitement, until finally she felt relief a soft white liquid spilled out of her into his mouth and down her thighs. She felt so embarrassed she refused to look at him, she breathed heavily as if she ran a marathon and all she could say was. “What..” </p>

Addicted -3-Edit

<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Uub: .

Eden tilted his head back as her white essence seemingly flourished among his tongue “ ahh “ He moaned a bit as it trickled down his cheek. He smiled “ You’re extraordinary in every way you’re perfection meets no limits this is why you must be mine “ He commanded slowly rising from his feet her right leg still hanging amongst his shoulder texting her flexibility a bit. “ I guess that means it’s my turn than “ Eden stated planting his hands against the walls pinning her a bit as her vag leaked before him. The shaft of his cock struck out like the ears of a prey at the sense of a predator ready to burst out from his jeans. Eden quickly pulling down his zipper revealed a well defined bulge slipping from his boxers. Eden allowed it to pierce through the opening revealing it’s nakedness  it was quite muscular with veins that were broaden enough to be reminded of the roots of a tree as his man hood himself which stood at 11 inches were comparable to the largest tree branch. He slowly inserted the head into her love canal but that was as gentle as he could get because after that he held no sympathy for her vag. He was looking to tear it up wall to wall leaving no evidence. It started off slow at first but held enough to be accused of abuse. As his pace began to quicken the walls began to shake along with the silverware. He tightened his grip around her waist pulling her forward as he pounded at her senselessly. His balls smacking against her cliterous causing the sound to echo, It echoed taking up the whole house and maybe the neighborhood but Eden could carelessly . Eden grinded his teeth as he did so his the shaft his cock slamming against her walls soaking it in her woman liquid adding more of a glorious feel. He felt it that amazing feeling he felt before when she bit him “ Yes I feel it “ </p>


<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"> Eden shouted in a some what victorious tone. Grabbing both his hands and forcing them amongst her lower thigh that greatly cushioned him mid body as he began to plunge away at her insides. His grasp amongst her bottom tightened up enough to leave permanent imprints. “ Tch , “ Eden stated as his eyebrows narrowed a bit at a state of intensity. He quickly slipped his hands into her bra pushing it over her right breast which fell from the hold of the bra quickly doing the same to the left. Quickly catching a grasp among them leaning in for a kiss this one was more passionate than aggressive so passionate that his pace slowed down a bit. his hands lost there grasp among her twits his fingers  intertwining with hers . He spun a bit with her in his grasp leaning amongst the counter stroking at her from the bottom as his shaftt remained at a curvature drilling her upward. He leaned against the counter laying back as he did so giving her more of a sense of control. '' “ You say no but you’re body says something completely different “ Eden stated analyzing her posture along with her curves, He felt like racing upon each and everyone of them only without a wheel but a hard driven force just ready to ride, he pulled up behind her throwing his arms around her waist. Placing his tongue upon the her ear gently pulling upon it. Leaving her with gentle whispers but strong enough to leave an ocean. “ I know what you want but I rather give you what you need, You’re so use to preying among others lets see how much you like it once they prey upon you “ Eden stated aggressively twirling her around gently pushing her amongst the wall. He unclothed her leaving her in her bra and panties gently leaving quick and yet wet kisses along her inner thigh throwing her right leg over his shoulder which was greatly cushioned making him wanting to take a great big bite. He pulled his fingers gently sliding her panties to the side her love canal quickly accessible to him and only him. He moved in closer planting his tongue against it but only at the tip of her vag and not fully within giving her a slight tease “ You want me just as much as I want you , You want my cock but the best things never come easy first rule of being human you must learn how to beg for it.” Eden moved in closer gently licking upon her outer edges” If you are denied of it then you take it ! “ He stated pulling her aggressively shoving his face into her vag his thick tongues mucus breaking through her walls pushing against her insides in search of her womanly essence. Eden was addicted she was all woman everything he ever wanted she was perfect her body her guts her everything was enough to push Eden to the point of no return. Eden slowly moved up just a bit her right thigh still planted over his shoulder as he penetrated her love canal with his tongue alone. Moving it in a circular motion to where it would make a bit of a twirl her insides moving along in that exact motion. He tightened a grip amongst her thigh burying his fingers into them . He wanted her to break become his and all he needed to do that was a river flow of her pail white liquids sliding against his tongue . leaving such a delicate taste almost as delicate as hers. As much as he wanted to fuck her in every position he rathered her beg for it for this was what pushed him more into such series of movements.</p>

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<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">Ohblivious: Mary gasped endlessly as she weakly glanced up at him rising, her leg still on his shoulder as he rose up, her leg staying in place as he moved. “Y-Yours?” She questioned under her breath as she leaned back a bit with him hovering over her. She glanced down at his pants and her cheeks flared red.. her favorite color. She quickly placed both her hands on his chest to calm him down a bit, as she could already see in his eyes he was ready to demolish her body. She peeked down below again to spot his manhood through his boxers, Mary never got past this
point when she seduced men, they always just got to the part where they do things to her.. but they never entered her body. Nor did she know the extreme feelings of how it feels to actually enjoy herself. She watched him whip out his 11 inches and all Mary could do was swallow hard. She clenched his shirt nervously but a small grin appeared on her face. The sadist in here groaned with excitement. ‘Bring it on..’ She thought to herself. She went in strong until the tip poked at her and she gripped his shirt tighter. “Oh no.. it won’t fit..” She mumbled until it finally slipped right in, but all she could do was cry out a yelp! She wrapped her arms around him as her claws dragged down his back while he pounded her almost pounding her through the wall, her hips trying to maintain their balance as she whimpered softly from pain and from pleasure. She leaned her head back opening her mouth for a moan but all that came out was small whimpers that soon enough lead up to a loud eager moan. Quickly grasping his large muscular arms both hands clutching them tightly for balance she bit down on her lower lip. Feeling even more amazing when he decided to grope her tender breasts. She leaned up to join his kiss and share that moment, never would she have thought her hips would feel numb with pleasure. Her body quivering and shivering with excitement. Until finally she moaned once again. “G-God damnit you’re g-gonna make me cum again!” She cried out breaking from the kiss, staring up at him now as her body bounced and jiggled with his motions, her hips grinding against his following his movements. </p>

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Uub:“ Yes , mine “ He answered as his anaconda remained within her love canal. He flexed his arms as she kept hold of them burying her claws into his sensitive skin . Pushing his sex drive to a new level. Every stroke felt like a jog through a wonderland he had hope to never return from. It was amazing he had no problem dying this way, In his opinion this would be the best way to die. Eden kept at her like a drill with a jammed off switch. There was no stopping him no , He had to explode but not yet Eden tilted her back a bit as he held her in a position to where it would seem like he was slammin her against his shaft as she danced along with his series of movements . He threw his left arm around her waist keeping a firm hold onto her , the space between them completely non existence as they exchanged heat with a dominatable amount of lust behind them. He then pulled his right hand over her face gently brushing her blood red hair away from her face, His eyes meet her expression his ears following the musical tone of her moan , He grew aroused his beating against her lower body grew into a duo along with her moans. He sealed his eyes closed as he threw his right arm behind her grabbing amongst her hair and quickly pulling it back as he patted amongst her lower body. Her neck entirely accessible to him he gently placed nibbles along her neck while planting kisses among her sensitive skin. The night was theres the two were at it for what seemed like hours. The neighbors truly knew his name by the next morning. Eden has never fell victim to something known as addiction. But after he met Mary he truly understood what it meant to be addicted and at that night he understood the perks along with the flaws of addiction. He truly understood everyone truly has an addiction and his happened to be her. He understood these perks and flaws of such addiction but it had seemed he favored the flaws more </p>

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