• Akira Tetsu
  • Akashi Juro
  • Shizuka Noi(Stage look)
  • Jubei
  • Ryo
  • Yuro
  • Inzuya
  • Red Eagles
  • Akuma Tetsu


Akuma Tetsu

Akashi Juro

Akira Tetsu

Shizuka Noi

The Basketball Team

Game DayEdit

Akira walking down the Streets of district two with both hands on the back of his head making his way through the Crowds of people also roaming about"man today's so boring and here it is i finally get some free time and theres nothing to do" he said his face clearly showing disappointment "Stop whinning its annoying" the young male of the left side of him would say, his name was Akashi Juro he has a rather small stature standing at only five eight and has fairly light skin though shows a little tan. He has spiky red hair and large eyes with vertical pupils. His eyes are also Heteromatic color one being Red and the other being a yellow/orange color. Though he has a small size his body is pretty well built and he's a lot strong than he may looks he was wearing he was wearing a thin jacket tha was mainly black with red trimming with the schools basketball team Name on the back of it and the teams logo on the front left side, and a pair of black slacks and some black basketball shoes. While Akira on the other hand has noticably tan skin and White hair which stops bout at the end of his neck and has a much larger statue standing stands excatly Five feet eleven inches and is one hundred and fifthy pounds of muscle this is thanks to all the strenght and various other tranning his Father, Chang, and Ryan has him doing to the point were he's almost as pyshically domaninat as his father and can be very intimidating when he wants to. Unlike his father his facial features are gentle in comparasin and he usually has a smile on his face that'll brighten up the room(well when he's happy). He has emeraled blue colored eyes that occansinally chages colors and is sometimes trigger my his different moods. Akira would also have on the schools basketball teams jacket though his had a red base color and back triming and only Said the schools team name of the back, along with some Black jean and a pair of red Basketball shoes. The two of them had very similar facial features almost as if they were brother though they're always quick to deny it when as if they were, but it wasn't just their facial features they both acted very similar along with they're mannarisms. "So who are we playing again" Akira asked forgetting the name of the opponent "we're agianst Kise old team one of the three kings their star play is a man known as Tashi Humbei thats who you be gaurding " "Huh why do i always half to gaurd the best one on the team" "Stop complainning he plays small forward so it your match up plus it'll help you get stronger" the two of them would continue their conversation as they walked till they passed by a small restuarant" Akashi eyes would then shift to his right seeing his mother"lets stop to eat here we got awhile before the game starts" Akira would then agree, as they walked inside taking a seat by one of the window.

Your Mothers WeridEdit

a few minutes later a woman with long black hair and narrowed eyes and soft green pupils would walk over to the table looking directly at Akashi"what are you doing here i thought you had a game sweetie" Akashi would have both his hands crossed together  on the table"We do but we thought we'd grab a bite first" the woman would look a little surprised when he said we and looked over told the other side of the table seeing Akira sitting across from him who was looking at her rather closely, She immedatitly have a look of dread on her face~the hell is he doing here with Akashi~ she thought before giving Akira a smile"and wait would you two like" she said shakly"Akashi would simply respond saying the usual. while Akira would still be examining the women"You look familar" the woman would then give a shakie laugh"hahaha Do i Now haha your order Akira" all three of them would get quiet for awhile as little animated dots would go pass all theirs heads. The Woman would then start to freak out in side her head~Shit I Said His Name FUCK FUCk FUCk Fuck Fuckkkkk what was i thinking~ she thought before Akira began speaking"How do you know my name" "Uh Akashi here talks about you all the time" Akashi would then turn his head towards his mother "I never sp-" She quickly clamp her hands over his mouth cutting off his air as he'd turn blue before flailing around in a cartoon like fashion"I be right back with your orders" She'd then quickly run off leaving a trail of smoke behind her, leaving both of them sitting at the table confused as hell."well that was werid" Akashi just sighed"yeah she always like that except today she's a little more off then usual" Akira would then look up at Akashi"Wait you know her" "yeah thats my Mother Sarah Juro" "You don't say" Akira said as he began picturing her again in his head "I can See it actually she kinda hot" "You wanna Die" "not Really" a few mintues later The Woman would come back with a large circlur serving trey with two strawberry milkshakes and a large frie on one arm and on the other arm was another serving trey with a mound of burgers and three large fries and one cookies n cream milkshake, She'd then set the one with the strawberry milkshakes in front on Akashi and the other in front of Akira"hey i know you like my god mother Shizuka" the waitress would then let out another shakie laugh"is that so well call me when ya need me" she'd then run off again smoke trial and all."Damn your mothers werid" the two of them would then continue to eat their meal.:: MeanWhile:: Sarah would be in the locker room changing into her normal clothes since her shift was over once she had done that, Her long black hair would slowly start the change into a hot pink color starting from the top of her head end at the tips of her hair, the woman's narrow green eyes would then slowly turn pink and the woman's whole body would start to change as well as her hips became even more curvious and the woman breast would enlarge along with her buns and her skin would become flawless revealing who she really was(( )). She'd then let out a sigh of relief"that was too close for comfort" she'd then smile She all ways wanted the two to meet at some point but never expected them to have met at school andd play for the same team at that. She'd then walk outside the back door she had  on a thin blue jacket with a white t-shirt that had a teddy bear face plaster in the center off it that hugged her body a little too tightly, along with a pair of blue jeans and some white tennis shoes. She'd have glasses on her face(even though she doesn't need them) along with a pair of head phones.(( how she looked she'd then run around to the front of the buliding and stand on the corner and wait for them to come out.::Back To Akashi and Akira::

We're Gonna Be LateEdit

Once the two finished their meal they'd stand up grabbing their grabage tossing it in the trash on the way out of the doors turning to their left Akashi walking with his hands swinging slightly on the sides of his body while Akira had both hands on the back of his head they'd both then hear"Akiraaaa!" When they looked over they'd see Shizuka standing on the corner waving at them. once the three met up Akira would ask what she was doing here and she simply replied"I came here to watch the game silly" which surprised him for a second he had forgotten how much she actually like basketball. On the way back to the Busses They'd Spot Akuma who apparently just came from a lunch since he still had barbeque sauce on the corner of his mouth"Jeez Tetsu Wipe your mouth when your done eating" Shizuka said digging in her purse and pulling out a small napkin and wiping the corner of his mouth, Akuma would just be standing staring at her as she did"What"she said looking around at everyone her face turning red. Akuma would then smile"i just remembered you we're as way like this well from what i can remember" he said smiling which made her blush a bit"It's kinda annoying" her face would then change to a confused one"stop babying me all the time geez"she'd then get angry and her cheeks would get puffie before she'd yell out"Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Ba-" Akuma would then grab her the back of her head and kiss her on her forhead"thanks" her face would turn completely red before she'd push him off"what are you doing Tetsu" he'd laugh i just remembered i used to do that when ever you got mad and you'd calm down" She'd be standing there staring at him with googly eyes though their moment was interupted by, Akira and Akashi telling them lets go or their gonna be late and long story short they all ened upgoing to the game. together.

Game's StartingEdit

Akuma and Shizuka would go up to the second floor balcony to watch the game while Akashi and Akira would go into the locker room to get changed into their teams uniform.once the team was dressed and the coach layed down the gameplan everyone would walk off to the court to start the game. the announer would then begin calling out the play positions"Playing point gaurd Akashi Juroooo, And At Shooting Guard Jubei Hegaaaaa, And Playing at Smallll Forward Akira Tetsuuu, And At Power Forward Yuro Shun, and At Center Ryo Yoshidaaa" The annoucer would then begin to call out the other teams staring five before all the players got into position on the court for the tip-off the ref would then tossing the basketball into the air, the the tip -off would end up going to the other team, Their point guard would be dribbling the ball up the court stopping about four feet from the three point arch waiting as their team began to run a play setting various screen's to get their open the point guard would then pass the ball to Tashi Humbei while everyone else would move to the other side of the court in a isolation play which Akira defending::FlashBack to the locker room::The Players would be changing into their uniforms once everyone changed Akashi would begin speaking" Today were going up against one of the three kings i don't need to tell you how strong they are so we have to make sure everyplay counts.. Now does everyone remember the gameplan coach set up" the rest of the guys would Nod"Okay then Lets go dethrone King" The all the guys would cheer and shout as they ran out of the locker room, Akashi would stop Akira though"on their first play their most like gonna give the ball to Tashi in a one-on-one Isolation" Akira would nod slightly"Their underestimating you So Make sure you send them a message"::End Of Flash back:: Tashi would begin to dribble the ball a few times before crossing the ball over to his left hand then in between his right leg and take off towards the basket going right by Akira, The crowd would begin to cheer as it seems Tashi is going to score, Tashi would then jump up to slam the ball in but outta no Where Akira would jump up and block the ball of the backboard and immedatily take off down the court, Akashi would grab the rebound and throw it down court To Akira who was being chased by Tashi who finally managed to get in first of him and cut Akira off. Akira would then cross the ball between his left leg before crossing it back to his right attempting to blow by tashi who managed to keep up , Akira would then smile before he'd suddenly change direction going back to his left and then performing a series of  streetball moves tashi attempted to keep up but he tried to change directions too fast and ended up falling to the ground((  <---how it looked)) Akira would then run to towards the rim seeing the other teams Center and power forward defending the rim, Akira would then charge striaght for him before suddenly flicking the ball into the air causing it to hover above the rim a bit, and outta no where Akashi would jump up and slam the ball in the rim over both of them knocking them to the ground the students that came to watch the game would then erupt in cheers. they'd both then jogg back down the court Akashi would then turn to Akira"I said send them a message you didn't need to pass you could taken them both" Akira would then just smile"ah Im too lazy" he responded before jogging by him to get back on defense. The First two quaters of play went by in a blurr The Score would Be 46-38 with The Red Egales leading. The players would then go into their locker room and wait for the second half to begin.

Ahhh The Sweet Taste Of VictoryEdit

Inside the locker:: The Coach would be calmly talking about the things they did wrong and the things their doing right. "Okay so i saw good ball movement out there lets keep that up also number 3's not doing a good job covering jubei on the three point line so try to feed him the ball more often we're also winning the rebounding catorgy but barely we need more defensive boards their getting to many second chances" The Team would all nod before she began talking agian"Yuro your doing good marking number 14 but he getting to the basket way too easy focus on making him shot mid range jumper Inzuya your too trigger happy on your stealing which is why your missing them"The coach would then pause before speaking once again trying to contain herself"AND YOU"she said looking at Akira"Tashi has 22 points and not only is he out scoring you he beating you on the boards and stealing the ball from you repeatedly" Akira would yawn"Sorry sorry he's just good i can't be-" the coach would grab hiim and put him in a head lock"DON"T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT" "Alright Alright i'll play damn it now let go" The coach would then let him go"Akashi your captain so if he doesn't play then im holding you responable" the Coach and the team would be about to leave but Stopped when Akuma and Shizuka would have walked into the Locker room immedatily the team woul go nuts "No Way your Akuma Tetsu" they'd all crowd around him"yeah yeah now back up" they'd all back up and the coach would begin talking"How did you get in here" "the sercuity guards weren't being very nice so i just treated them the same way" Shizuka would then begin Speaking"jeez i tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen" "yeah yeah whatever hey Akira if you stop being lazy and play i take you with me to meet chang and them anyway thats all i wanted lets get out of here Zuka" him and Akuma would then walk out of the room and shortly later the team.::Back on the court:: Ryo would have inbounded the ball passing it to Akashi  who would run the ball up the court crossing over to his left before whipping a behing the back pass to Akira who would be marked by Tashi, Akira would then charge striaght towards him before spinning off him  passing by him before he could even blinking Akira would then cross over to his right blowing by a second defender  only to have the center and powerfoward jump in front of the goal Akira would then smile before he'd jump up strechinh his arm up with the ball along with the center and powerfoward their bodies would colldie in mid-airthough Akira's body would have pushed both of them knocking them to the floor while Dunking the ball in the rim hanging on it looking down on them while he was up their before letting go of the rim and jogging back down the court passing by Akashi"Just give me the ball" on the next play again they'd set up an isolation between Akira and Tashi. Tashi would take off to the right of Akira who would steal the ball and take off down the court followed by Tashi who couldn't keep up with Akira even with the ball. Akira instead of going to dunk it would pull up from behind the three point line his shot making a swish sound  on the way through the rim. the next play instead of Akira stealing the ball it would be Akashi who took of down the court attempting a lay-up but when he noticed it was going to get blocked through it over his shoulder to Jubei. the bench would then pray saying"please make it Jubei" Jubei who then shoot the three pointer hitting all net. Jubei would then turn towards the bench"Don't pray you idoits when i shoot you better celebrate" the bench would then wince"He's already in clucth time in only the third" on the next offensive play Akira would go at Tashi agian crossing over before performing a half spinning transitioning into a shot Orginally but Akira would bend his body backward making his body almost parrel to the ground shooting the ball over him and making the basket((  <-- how it looked ))The quarters would end and the fourth was only more of the same the score at the end of the game would be 96-57 With the egales winning. The Team would then celebrate while running to the locker room to go shower and hangout after the game.
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