( ) Densuke would be hanging upside down form the workout bar, inside of the training room of the seemingly endless lab, that him and  his family have taken refuge in. though honestly, thanks to the recent diplomatic immunity, they can go outside freely. However densuke’s taken it upon himself to occasionally confide himself in solidtude, working on inventions, making contengincy plans for the city and it’s citizens, and recently he’s been working on a cydriod. There was a model sitting in the corner of the room, unfinished of course, half of It’s face was a computer grid for chirst sakes. Below Densuke would be assembled and disasimbled parts, wrenchs, tools, and books. Books upon books, upon books, about mechatronics and cybernetics. Densuke kept it casual today.  White wife beater, and a pair of worn jeans, with some bed room slippers of course. “Hmmm….” Densuke would scratch his head. “’s just a matter of creating an A.I. not like a cyborg, but more so…a being completely under ones control, or able to simulate free will, instead of actually HAVING one. Okay. I get that concept. Now I guess I can start advently finishing this thing.” Densuke would put the book down, and look down to see Leon and Katarina staring up at him like a freak of nature. “Well hey there wonder twins. What’s going on with you munchkins today eh?” Leon would tap his wooden sword on his shoulder a couple of times, and groan. “Well…kinda promised us that we could go do something today.” Katarina would nod. “mhm! Mhm! Plus mommy said!...mommy said…” she’d place her finger on her tiny chin. “what was my line again Big Brother?” Leon would facepalm himself. “ahhhhh whatever. I was just kinda hoping we’d do something with you and mom today. Speaking of which…where is mommy?” Densuke would flip down from the exercise bar, and land in a squat, fixing his hair up a bit. “Hmm..good question. She does make a quick disappearing act. None the less hell  I get lost in this damned fecility on occasion myself.” “OOOOOO! YOU SAID A BADWORD! I’M TELLING MA!!!!!” katarina started to run off, and cutely tripped over her own foot, before recovering and running off to see just where felicity was. Densuke would stand up shaking his head, and leon would shake his head in unison, while both speaking the same phrase. “Ugh. Women.” Densuke would look at leon with a raised eyebrow, while leon casually looked ahead. Waiting to see if she’d have better luck finding felicity than they would.

Impresssed: Felicity laid passed out on the couch from restless nights and boredom from being in this cave for what feels like forever. She was in a deep sleep dreaming of her jumping into a pool as her kids played by the side of the pool, as she reached her arms up to catch Katarina she jumped and landed on Felicity’s face causing her to wake up from her dream with of course a Katarina sprawled across her body. “Hm.. hey honey what’s up?” She asked as Katarina clapped. “Found you mommy!” She said now getting up and taking her wrist trying to pull her up from the couch. “Get up get up! Daddy said a badddd word! Plus we’re boredddd.” She whined trying her hardest and using all her energy her little body could hand her to pull up this 110lb woman. Finally after a small giggle she got up causing the little girl to fall back but simply giggle it off, continuing to drag her to the room the boys were in. Felicity yawned as the tiny hand dragged her out into the room they were in, Felicity smiling as she walked in exhausted. “Hnm.. so what is this I hear about bad words mister?” She said walking up to Densuke now and poking at his nose. Katarina let go of her mommy’s hand and watched confused but reached her arms up to be picked up. “Someone needs to be punished.” She said with a secretive wink towards Densuke, she then looked down at the kids with her sweet mothering smile and picked up Katarina as she ruffled Leon’s hair holding Katarina in her arms she held tight onto her mommy and played with Felicity’s hair. “Mama! Are we gonna play or what!?” She asked tugging on her hair now. “Owowowowow, yes yes of course you little monster. What do you say hun?” She asked looking over at Densuke. “What shall we do today?” She asked fixing Leon’s hair out of impulse.

Densuke would be tapping his foot on le ground waiting, and then there she was in the flesh. Densuke smiled at the sight of her. In the life he lived, it’s always nice to have someone to smile at, and felicity only seemed to get pretty as the years. When she asked of bad words Densuke would smile and rub the back of his neck, with a light laugh and closing his eyes like an anime character. “ahhh ahahah, I didn’t think she’d snitch on me.” It all got better when she gave a secretive wink towards him. Considering the two of them handn’t exactly been..intimate in a while one could say Densuke was suffering from with symptoms of “DDD” or “Dry Dick Disorder.” None the less he’d wink back remaining vigilent that maybe things would turn out differently today. Though with kids it’s never easy. “Hmm..what shall we do today.” Densuke would fold his arms. “Well the day is still young. Kasihana city park is open. I can call amy, and the kids can have a play date! Leon I don’t think you’ve met Connor yet have you?” Leon shook his head “no. I’ve heard from Kin though that he’s a wild one. Him and Kin have the same karate  teacher. I wouldn’t mind trying out my power fist against him.” Leon would wrestle with felicity’s hand, trying to keep his hair fashioned in a mess. Katarina would stop playing with felicity’s hair for a moment and look at Densuke. “hey…keyomi’s not gonna be there is she?” Katarina isn’t exactly friends with keyomi, keyth’s daughter. If anything all she does is boss her around, but Densuke usually shrugs it off as playing around and whatnot. “Oh c’moooon. I don’t think she’ll be there today Baby girl, I guarantee it.” Densuke would kiss katarina on the forehead, and she’d giggle. “Alright Babe, go get dressed, and meet me at the Ryoji mobile in a bit. I’mma slip something on.” Densuke would stretch a bit and pop his neck a bit, walking out of the room. Leon would walk up to felicity, and talk in a whisper, waiting for Densuke to disappear. “pssssssssst. Hey mom. Think later on you can gimme some more lessons on how to snap a neck? I don’t want dad to know I’m learning this kind of stuff..not like I’d do it but in self defense.” Leon would hang on to the base of felicity’s pants leg, hoding his wooden katana to the ground now.

Impresssed: Felicity huffed when Leon tried to push her hand away from her fixing his hair. She pouted and let him win this time and she then looked over at Densuke. “I think a play date sounds nice!” She said sneakily fixing Leon’s hair again hoping he wouldn’t notice her OCD on her little babies. She then glanced at Densuke smiling warmly at the man she’s been in love with since they’ve met. She still couldn’t believe this was all real life, she’d never expect she’d be happy with a family, after all assassins were supposed to be bad people but maybe Felicity wasn’t all.. that bad.. She notice Katarina feeling uneasy about bringing up Keyomi and Felicity bit her lip, she can tell when a girl is being playful or bossy and Katarina wasn’t the one to stick up for herself and Felicity knew that. Felicity placed Katarina down and knelt down to her height. “Don’t worry honey if anything, I’ll be your play pal today.” She said squishing her cheeks together. Finally she tapped Katarina’s butt and pointed to her room. “Go put on your shoes on munchkin.” Katarina hurried to put her shoes on but before Felicity could turn to tell Leon to do the same she heard him whisper to her. She glanced down at him and smiled softly listening to him. “Yes dear?” She asked then paused when he asked for neck snapping lessons. She looked as if she was ready to yell at him but instead she got a bit of excitement and pecked his forehead. “Of course baby doll! Mommy would love to!” Felicity’s inner assassin had a moment in the spotlight when he asked that question she was proud. Her motherly side just shook her head at her but she simply shrugged it off. “Just for defense, then it’s ok!” She said now shooing him to go change. Felicity went in to change as well as she threw on casual clothes.

( )Densuke would rummage through his clothing to find something suitable. While he wouldn’t mind going in the attire he was wearing, he did want to look decent. It’s been a while since he’d taken felicity out anywhere. Let alone the kids with him. As such, he choose the easy way out with a long sleeve shirt, and some…more…worn…jeans. Though fashionable, and some black converses.  “Hmmm…should I bring the belt? Maybe today..i can just have some peace and quiet. Hang the shield up for the day. And leave the superhero stuff to Lu.” Densuke would smile and nod before a moment of silence washed over his mental process. “naaaaaaah, I think I’ll take em juuuust in case.” Densuke strapped on his utility belt, and placed his arms inside of the shields straps, and dusted himself off a bit. “Ah perfecto!” Densuke would head back to where felicity was in the other room, and if he was lucky he’d catch her off guard, coming up from behind her and engulfing her waist in his arms. “Baaaaaaabe. Can I ask you something personal. Before we go out.” If she’d let him Densuke would clear his throat, before resting his head on her shoulder and releasing a deep sigh aginst her neck. “Are you..getting bored with us? With the stuff I do?..I know I’m gone for hours..and days on end. I just don’t want you to feel.,, Neglected. I try my best to make sure we have what we need, and I know being in this damned cave all day probably gets deperessing.” Densuke would let her go, and walk off to the side of the room, looking out at the hallows of the cave, through a window, that had no real purpose being there, but Ochigi felt it would’ve been roomy.  Densuke put a hand on the window and  leaned his head against it. “I’m not trying to be over dramatic or nothing..i just don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you here. Or forcing this life on you. If you ever feel like you can’t do it..i understand. I don’t wanna push you away, but I won’t force you to be close to me, you know? Sorry if I’m whining…” Densuke would close his eyes, resting his head against the window pane.

Impresssed: ( ) Felicity stood waiting for everyone to finish as she was picking at her nails thinking to herself a bit, maybe even overthinking. Soon enough she almost jumped from Densuke sneaking up behind her and wrapping his big strong arms around her, she felt so safe in his arms and she almost melted. She smiled when he said he needed to ask her something so she nodded. “Sure shoot love.” She smirked a bit intertwining her fingers with his as they were still wrapped around her, feeling a breath down her neck she knew it couldn’t be good. “Bored!? Hah, are you joking babe?” She asked as he began to walk away now, a little sad he let her go she walked towards him now placing both her hands on each cheek forcing him to loo lat her in the eyes. She stared at him for a while and she smiled warmly. “Sweetheart, I’m here because I want to be with you. If you were a farmer, god damn I’d be a farmer too, and if you were a garbage man I’d sure as hell be right there driving the garbage truck for you! Sure this isn’t disneyland but whenever I’m with you I’m at home. Whenever I’m with the family, nothing could be depressing for me. We have each other and as corny as this sounds that’s all we need to have fun.” She pecked his lips softly and pulled away. “You and the kids are all I need, and wherever you are. We are gonna be right there behind you. No matter what, you understand?” She said wrapping her arms around his neck draping them a bit as she leaned up against him. “Now lets go enjoy our family time, eh?” She asked smiling up at him trying to keep her man as happy as she could make him. “Keep that cute face smiling or I’ll draw one on.” She said pulling out a marker from her bag. “I’m prepared.”

Densuke would be stunned a bit that she had to force him to look at her, and as he did his heart actually fluttred a bit. It always did that when she touched him, you’d think the guy would’ve been used to it by now for fucks sake.  As she spoke, it grew densuke’s cold and superhero enduced heart 3 sizes at once. A genuine smile made it’s way across his lips, as she gave him a tender kiss, and draping her arms around his neck. This feeling always made his knees weak. Even more so than when he proposed to her. It’s funny how someone can come such a long way. AS she pushed into him, Densuke got a little to happy,and “rose to the occasion” advently, and blushed a bit about it. he did get a laugh out of her marker gag, and leaned his forehead into hers. “Alright alright. You win. Let’s go have some fun..together.” He’d grab both of her hands and kiss them tenderly. Leon made his way into the room with Katarina, and tapped on the door, with his sword. “Oi oi, mama, papa, let’s roooooollll”. Densuke would nod. “alright errybody. To the car!” A few moments later once everyone loaded up in the vhehicle, Densuke would drive out from beneath the water all near the moutains, taking a secret dirt road that lead to the roads in D2. Driving along, Leon would look out the window, and out of curiosity speak up. “ never tell me how you and mom first met. I asked, but you’re always so busy.” Katarina would bump her feet back and forth humming to the tune of “Swing Swing” by the All American rejects. Densuke would run a hand through his hair, with his hand on the wheel. “Wow that’s easy, I kidnapped your mother at first…wait, should. Should I reword that? Uh anyway uhm. Uh Felicity why don’t you give them an indeph version, I’m gonna uh focus on the rooooad. Besides Katarina loves your story time voice” Densuke would give a cheesy grin.

Impresssed: Felicity chuckled as she felt her cheeks get warm, and red as usual. She always felt like this around him even though they’ve been together for how long? She watched him as he took her hands and kissed them, she swooned over him and his sweet side. She nodded as they headed to the car, and got everyone settled in the vehicle. She watched the view and was mesmerized. It was beautiful, she looked behind to check on her kids and smiled at them. How beautiful they were as well. She couldn’t be anymore grateful. She turned around and watched the horizon. She started to laugh softly when he gave her the story telling privileges. “Well alrighty then, it all started out with mommy going on a mission.. to uh.. find a man. That was your daddy, and instead of mommy finding and catching daddy, daddy caught her first! He brought her home instead of telling on her and they grew a bond together and ran away from all the bad things and lived happily ever after!” She smiled making the story short and trying not to make it sound as scary as it was but keeping it rated PG for them. “Your Mommy used to do that for a living but Daddy saved her from her suffering and sadness and made her a new person. A better one.” She glanced over at Densuke and her heart filled with happiness. She was right, this man saved her. He saved her from everything and everyone. Even herself. He was always going to be there for her just like she said she would be for him. She then pulled out a bag of snacks and called out. “Who wants snacks!?” She said handing them some gusher packets and apple juice. “Want some gushers hun? I’ll feed them to ya while you drive?” She asked opening up a packet for them. She began to bring the gusher to his lips and began poking at it. “Come onnnnn, I know you want it. You’re never too old for snacks!” She giggled teasing him.

Leon would tilt his head and squint his eyes. “Why’re you guys being so PG. I can handle it, all Keyomi does is talk about ripping spines and killing puppies!” Leon would huff and Katarina would clap her hands together. “you hush! Mommy’s story was perfect! I hope I get saved by a big strong man when im older!” When felicity offered snacks Katarina made fierce grabby hands at them, and took some in her hand along with some apple juice. Leon would take the juice, and decline the snacks. “Sorry mom. No snacks for the day, I can’t afford the calleries.” Densuke would turn around slowly and look at his son. “. . . . .how old are you again???” When felicity offered den some snacks Densuke would decline at first, by waving them off buuuuut..she talked him into it. “okay okay. Ahhh-OOOOH SHIT!” Densuke hollored out ( ) An oncoming car attempted to slam into Densuke head on. Whilst this took place the driver of the car, would throw his wheel to a direction that drifted his car right behind the Ryoji mobile. He’d then stick his head out the window, and draw a pistol. “TAKE THIS YOU SUPERHERO FREAK!” there were three other men in the car, all with face mask on. The passenger seat guy, came out of no where with an  AK, and the two back men looked to be carrying grenades. Densuke saw all of this out of the rear view camera from the car, and he’d sigh. “Leon.” Leon nodded, and buckled up his sister  extra. “OOO! DADDY THIS IS JUST LIKE LAST WEEK!” Densuke would look back and smile chewing on his fruit gushers as he’d look over to felicity. “Alright babe, you know what to do.” Densuke would push a button in the center of the dashboard, that would give way to a tray of 15 pitch black throwing knives that all had a shiney shing to them. “I’m keeping half of the roof over you kids, babe I’m opening our half. Gun barrel their weapons, and please please please don’t aim for the head. I trust you.” Densuke would smile and lean in planting a kiss on felicity’s nose, as he’d then swere the car to the left, going into oncoming traffic. Pressing the pedal close to the floor, he’d punch it to 150, and reveal the driver and passenger seat sunroof down so felicity could do her thing. Densuke would swerve and weave between oncoming traffic, his black car moving like a blurr with sreech sounds alike.  “Ahh…keyth should’ve thought me how to drive. “ The men would begins shooting aiming for the tires,  and the back windows, where the kids were. The glass was bullet proof, so there was no real worry, but Densuke never appreciated and attack twowards the kids. The man with the pistol would shoot the side mirror on densuke’s side. “Muthafucka….”

Impresssed: Felicity looked at Leon with the strangest look. “Killing puppies..” She pouted a bit then turning to Densuke, smiling as he accepted her snack she locked eyes on the car that was coming towards them. “Well then..” She said as she watched the man poke his head out. She watched everything happen all so suddenly, she turned to check on the kids as they buckled up. She then looked at Densuke and nodded. “Got it.” She said almost drooling from the sight of the beautiful knives. She smiled as she picked up most of the knives she could carry for now and blushed as a small kiss was planted on her freckled nose. Felicity stuck her head out of the sunroof and winked at the men, one of them swooning and waving at her the other guy wacked him upside the head to pay attention, during that time she was able to aim for the man’s wrist, causing him to drop his mini-gun that he shot at the tires with, the gun hit the road as they kept driving and Felicity continued to fling knives throwing them off. “Don’t mess with a mother boys.” She said as they noticed they weren’t very much harmed until they noticed they were slowing down, the 4 knives split up two knives on the front tires and two on the back causing the car to flop about trying to catch up. Along with noticing their guns weren’t shooting anymore, they looked inside of their gun holes to see her knives lodged in every single one of them. “Cya boys!” She said sinking back into the car and into her seat. “Done! Now gogogo!” She called out to Densuke.

Densuke continued to control the crusier, and whipping the wheel left and right swerving between two eightee wheelers, and a couple of buses.  As felicity took care of the men with expert grace, as usual Densuke did look over at her momentarily….he couldn’t help but utter the words. “Dat ass….” He’d shake his head and continue driving. When she was finished and signaled him to go go go. “Whelp time for le shortcut I guess.” Densuke would push a button on the dash board, and then swerve the car into a building. It did’t crash however, instead the car literally began to ride up the side of the building as if it was still on the road. The anti gravity tires, allow traction in any weather including gravity changes. Densuke would casually cruise up the building, and cross it’s roof, only to then zoom downwards towards the ground in a loooooooong plummet that felt like a roller coaster ride.. they’d arrive to normal gravity and land right slam in the middle of two cars, in a parking space only to arrive at. Well. The park. ( )it was a lustrious place, and one of Kasihana’s most underated and sometimes unsafe places to hang, since it’s right in the center of D2 next to the square where all of the villans like to hang out, and bad people occasionally just pop up at. None the less, Densuke intended to make this a day to remember with him and his family. Densuke would reach into trunk, and pull out some preemptive snacks he’d prepared for the occasion. Nothing fancy, just some ham and turkey slices, and condements of the assorted sort, and some can drinks. Hoisting the picnic basket on his shoulder, he’d look over and see Amy waving at him with her son, standing beside her. “Yooo! Amy! We’re on our way! C’mon guys lets go enjoy ourselves.” Densuke would take felicity by the hand and the kids would straddle along beside them making their way over to the picnic area. Densuke would speak to amy while setting up the picnic shop and what not. “So Amy! How’s things at the Arasumaru?” Amy would take a seat next to across from falicity. Though she was still in mad obsession ith Densuke, she knew she couldn’t show it..not now. For the sake of his marrage. “They’re great! It’s…kinda tough.  Continuing on without Keyth around. Claymore does his best, and the other ones Jin and Sayuri are kinda stupid. I don’t like them…Akuma is cool though, haizaku to. Though I’ve got to stop connor from bashing all the grunt members heads in.” Amy would rub connor’s hair, and he’d groan a bit. “It’s not my fault they all suck ass..” “HEY!” Amy would slam her fist into Connors head , and his eyes suddenly turned into “X’s “WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT CUSSING DAMMIT!!!” “n-NEVER IN A PUBLIC PLACE SIR!!” Connor would drop down and begin doing push ups with one hand. “Densuke would raise a brow, and so would leon. Though katarina would make her way where connor was and sit on his back, as he did the one handed push ups. “WEEEEEE!! HAHA!!” She flailed her hands and clapped aloud. “You must train him feverishly to have that kind of upper body strength at six years old. Leon you might have some competition eh?” Densuke would playfully nudge Leon, and leon would glare at Connor, with eyes of determination. Amy spoke up, after taking a sip of her cola. “Well surprisingly all I did was train him and…he took off with it. He observed all of my moves, learned them, then began the same thing with claymore, and other grunts, and well he just started developing on his own.” Densuke laughed a bit. “He’s got good genes then, that’s for certain.” Densuke would look at connor as he did the push ups. He’d gotten a vibe from him…that he couldn’t quite place a finger on. Densuke decided to push into the kid’s mind, and try to read his chi. When he did this however, a loud and demonic voice screamed “GET OUT!!!!!!!!” A large gust of wind rushed inside of densuke’s head, as suddenly he was in a dark place, face to face with…a giant demonic griffen like creature. In a flash everything turned back to normal, as Densuke let a bead of sweat drop from his forehead for a moment. “. . . .’ “You okay Densuke?” Amy would tilt her head looking at him. “Densuke would place a hand on his head for a moment, before shaking it timidly. ‘yeah..just some old memories, nothing else of the sort.’ Densuke would rest his head in his hand for a bit. Thinking to himself. “That chi…just like ginsei’s…and keyth’s…is this kid…of Oni origin?” Amy would see the distressed look on densuke’s face. “Actually den…I need to talk to you. Alone. It’s…about Connor.” Densuke’s head poked up and he looked at felicity for a second. “you can’t tell me infront of the wifey, becaaaaause?” “Because I was given specific instruction to tell you alone. It’s nothing bad. I just…” she hung her head for a second, not wanting to look either of them in the eye. “I need a moment alone.” Densuke would sigh, and squeeze felicty’s hand for a moment. “Ah babe, could you give us a bit? Take the kids to the play ground for a moment, I’m gonna see what she needs. I’ll be with you shortly, okay?” Densuke would flash her a grin, and kiss her cheek. ‘you kids be good now, you hear?” Leon would get up nodding, and Connor was now trying to get Katarina off of his back, though she was hanging on for dear life. If felicity cooperated, Densuke would fold his hands on the table, and sigh, looking at amy, with a concerned look. “Talk to me.”

Impresssed: Felicity sat back down in her seat and leaned back a bit tired from that mess. Knowing already what’ll happen with his “shortcut” she leaned back relaxing and enjoyed the ride. She held on tightly already knowing how “great” of a driver Densuke was. Finally as he parked she panicked a bit looking around, getting out of the car to look at the car in tip top shape. “Heh.. how does he do it..?” She asked looking over at the kids getting out of the car now. She rubbed the back of her head then glanced over art Densuke getting the picnic basket out. Looking around the park she took a deep breath of fresh air. It was a while since she actually went outside and it felt great, the breeze and the flowers it was all so calming for her. She smiled as Amy was waving to them, she took Densuke’s hand as well and walked with them to her. She began to help set up the picnic table as they spoke. Felicity almost fell back off her chair when she saw her yell at him and proceed to hit him as he began to do pushups. She blinked speechless and glanced at Densuke as he and Leon were definitely thinking the same as her. She then proceeded to giggle a bit behind her covering her mouth with her hand as Katarina’s cute tiny self sat upon Leon’s back. She shook her head and cleared her throat to stop from laughing a bit. She took a sip of a drink she poured herself and listened in on them. She then glanced at Densuke as he blanked out. “H-hey Densuke you .. ok?” She asked as well as Amy asking if he was ok. She stared at Connor for a while sensing something different about this kid.. She overheard Amy asking to talk alone and she tilted her head confused she then looked over at Densuke as he looked back at her, nodding her head in agreement. She felt a small squeeze on her hand as she continued to look at him a bit worried. “Oh.. ah.. sure go ahead.” She said as she got up and and proceeded to help Connor with the Katarina problem, Leon helping as well trying to peel the little surprisingly strong girl off him. “Jeez, you got daddy’s strength huh!?” She said mid struggling as Leon laughed. “Nah she’s got your strength mama.” He said teasingly as Connor continued to try to get her off. “She’s like a leech!!” Connor said squirming.

“it’s…about connor. Densuke. Connor and Ochigi.” Densuke would stare at her intensely. He could’ve beaten around the bush all day with witty jokes, and all sorts of corny one liners, but he had a deduction…that he didn’t want to face. Just from that one sentence. If there’s one thing..Densuke wasn’t and has never been slow. “No no no no…theres noooo way.” Amy would bite her lip, and hang her head in shame. “I was supposed to raise him in secret..but I couldn’t do that to you. No matter who asked, not even your own grandfather.” Densuke would place his head in his hands, and rub his face of sweat. “. . .He used my sperm samples..and you.” Densuke balled his fist up a bit. “you WILLINGLY took them. Didn’t you. I know my grandfather, and he’d never force that one someone.” Amy would fold her hands together, looking at densuke with teary eyes, but keeping her resolve and voice tone strong. “He said it was for the greater good..that the only way to really relish and keep this this world safe..was to try and breed as many fit Koikonjitto’s as human possible. That’s where connor came in and…even he doesn’t know. If anything, the green eyes give it away so vibrantly, but…I couldn’t not say anything any longer. You deserve to know…and he’s coming the age where I can’t raise him anymore.” “and why is that?” Densuke butted in curiously. “He’s getting…feral. A couple of weeks ago, he was having a sparring session with 6 arasumaru members…he cracked 3 skulls, broke each of their rib cages in a single hit, and sent them all flying to various parts of the room.” Densuke would rub the back of his neck. “I mean I guess that’s bad..but I mean with proper training-“ “In less than 2 seconds.” Densuke released a loud sigh. “Yeah..he’s mine alright. None the less I’m married. I have a beautiful wife, and 2 great kids! If she found out that my sperm was in another woman! I’m fucked! And everything I’ve established is going to fall to ruin!” Amy would slam her hand on the table. “I know that!...which is why I’ve made myself an unfit mother. So the child services will be coming to get him. You can adopt him. Raise him as your own now. I have all of his paper work, and blood testing but..eventually you’ll have to tell her.” Densuke would stand up from the table. “no. Ochigi is going to tell her. And we’re going to have a personal talk about it. I refuse to have my family torn apart for some selfish ambitious type bullshit.” Densuke took the paper work, and stuffed it in the picnic basket, and slammed it on the table. “Leave my sights amy…I don’t want to talk to you right now.” Amy would nod, and stand up. She’d look at connor one last time before speaking. “He already knows why I brought him here…theres no need to say good bye. I’ll take my leave. Please…raise our…your son. Well.” Densuke didn’t look at her as he walked away. Amy would turn and begin walking down the opposite trail way of the park. Densuke would make his way over to the area of his kids and wife, and with a stressed smile on his face he’d place his hands on his hips. “Well guys I’ve got an annoucment to make..” Densuke would sigh, cupping his hands over his mouth and glancing at connor occasionally. The boy looked just like densuke..there was no denying. But one could just be so blunt, espcially when densuke had no way form, or control over the childs birth. “Connor will uhm. Be staying with us. For a while quite a while. In fact..we’re adopting him as” Leon, and katarina would stand apart looking at connor, who had quite the contempt look on his face. As if he understood who and why this was happening. Hell it’s likely that he understood very well why what was happening was happening. “It’s okay Mr.Ryoji sir. My mom told me she wanted me to be raised in an enviorment that I can fully accel in..i’ll miss her, but if you and Mrs.Ryoji wouldn’t mind I’d love to follow your guidance…and shit.” Katarina would leap up and smack connor. “BADWORD! HMPH!” Leon would laugh covering his mouth. “gonna be nice to have someone else to snitch on. all feels odd. This situation is kinda funny. I thought the arasumaru were your family?” connor nodded. “They were…but when I was born, mother couldn’t do all of her duties like she used to. So…she had to chose.” Densuke would squat down, and look at connor. “hey.. you’ve got somewhere to be now. You’re with us. Felicity’s a good mother and she’ll teach you all sorts of girly stuff or whatever but me? I’mma teach you the cool stuf. Like. How to hit stuff. Yeah.” Densuke would have a confused look on his face, before shaking his head, and clapping his hands together. “ALRIGHT you kids go play a while longer, it’s already been an hour, so you’ll get some time to yourselves. Meet me back at the jet in 1 hour on the dot. Leon set your watch.” “Watch set pops.” Leon responded as tapped his forehead. “Alright. Have fun you guys, and give your mother a hug.’ The kiddies would all surround felicity and huggle her tightly, before running off into the vastness of the park. “Hun? Care to walk around with an old man for a while? I miss our little talks..” Densuke would smile confidently, and if she took his hand they’d start down the trail the back side of the park. The sun hit the trees just right, and made a beautiful pathway littered with sun spots and shade. “Sooo babe I often wonder, what do you do when im gone for hours on end?? Do you like temporarily die of boredom or kinda just throw darts at the board all day?” he’d laugh with a giggle.

Impresssed: Felicity glanced behind her watching Densuke and Amy talk, she always had some kind of bad feeling about her but she always assumed it was her jealousy. She finally peeled Katarina off her but with all the force she fell back into the grass and Katarina flopped right onto her chest. “ooh! Soft landing, thank you mommy boobs!” She said giggling as she patted Felicity’s chest. “Ah, you’re very welcome sweetheart.” She laughed as she sat up and took Katarina off her lap, as she scurried away. Felicity stood up and kept glancing back behind her at the two talking. “Hey mom, stop worrying so much. I bet it’s nothing that bad.” Leon said as he smiled up at her, Felicity smiled back down at him. “You’re right sweetie, thank you.” She couldn’t help but see Densuke in her children, it made her heart all warm but the thing that worried her most is that she saw Densuke in Connor too.. she shook that thought off and smiled down at the kids as Katarina is now trying to get back onto his back. “Aw Kat no!” Felicity whined trying to pull her off again as she giggled holding onto him. “WEE!~” She called out giggling. Densuke came walking back just as Felicity pulled off Katarina, she turned to see Amy walking away as well. “H-Hey.. hun, Where is Amy join—“ Before she could finish Densuke began to explain. She blinked a bit shocked he didn’t ask her before adopting him. Felicity was speechless, she looked at Connor biting down on her lip. She glanced at Densuke and laughed softly. “He means he’ll be teaching you the girly stuff, I got you on the cool stuff.” She winked nudging Densuke. She had a swarm of kids now hugging her and she knelt down to hug them all. “Aw my little munchkins. Go have fun!” She said shooing them off now. She stood up now looking at Densuke. “Hm, why not?” She said smiling now taking his hand to walk down the trail with I’m. “Well, when you’re gone I sit in my tower and brush my 12 foot hair waiting for you to come from the bottom of the tower and tell me to throw down my hair so you can climb up it.” She looked away dramatically. Then glanced back at him with a small giggle.

Swinging their arms a bit as they walked back and forth, he’ listened to her little Rapunzel reference, and leaned back with a playful tone in his voice. “As long as that’s the only part of your body with 12 foot hair from it, then we’re gonna have a greeeeeeat time. Sorry but I don’t wanna have to carry a weed Wacker, every time I get you in bed, hehhehehehe.” Densuke would take the arm he held her hand with and place it around her shoulder, pulling her a bit closer, and continuing down the path way. “You know you could come with me sometimes. It never hurts to have my down girl by my side. Espcially when she can fight so well…and keep in such great shape on top of that. I’m serious babe, you don’t look any different than you did when we first started dating…except those mommy hips came to fruition like I told you they would.” Densuke would playfully pinch felicity on her butt. He’d laugh for a minute, before stepping infront of her, and sliding his hands down her shoulders a bit. “Y’know speaking of which, if I was a noble knight, and I did save you once upon a time. Shouldn’t I get a reward or something like that?” Densuke would, slide a finger underneath her chin and tilt her head up a bit. Surprisingly the pathway was dead, and uninhabited. His eyes shimmered a bit, the emerald green in his eyes, stared right into the pit of her own, as he kept a sophisticated smirk on his face, and one hand on her hip.

Impresssed: She laughed and shook her head. “Aw but why not? It’d be like an adventure through a jungle!” She teased as he wrapped his arm around her, she moved in closer to him as they walked she wrapped her arm around his waist as they walked and she glanced over at him and smiled big. “Ooh, I’d love to come, but who’d watch the kids?” She pouted then smiling again at his compliments. “Oh hush, you know it all goes to my hips anyways.” She jumped a bit from his pinch right after she blushed, she paused when he stepped in front of her, almost bumping into him she glanced up at him a bit confused on why they stopped short. He then proceeded to rub her arms and she smirked looking up at him already knowing where he’s going. “Oh, that’s very true a prince always gets his reward in the end. Except they never show the rated R part.” Her red lips curved into a big cheeky smile when she looked up into his perfect green eyes. Her honey golden eyes sparkled back at his like they just met all over again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bit her bottom lip and leaned up to kiss his neck and whispered in his ear. “Does the prince want his prize~?” She asked already knowing the answer she leaned up to kiss his lips slowly.

He’d smile when she smiled, as the look in her eyes reflected his some odd spiritual resonance between the two of them, everything suddenly seemed brighter almost. When asked if he wanted his prize, densuke would meet her in the middle pressing his lips to hers timidly all be it at first, but sure enough, he’d tilt his head a bit, and start pecking at her lips with his tounge. Of course if she let em through, he’d run his tounge his over hers, seductively. His hands decided to stop being coy, as they slipped their way down her hips, and into her back pockets, cupping her buttcheeks for dear life, and pressing her into his pelvis, as to deepen the kiss, and fuel his own fire. He broke the kiss, only for a moment, leaving nothing but short breathes between their lips, as his eyes trailed the area for somewhere a little more private. His words were hushed, as he pressed his lips to her neck, talking in a muffled whisper. “We gotta get somewhere quiet..” standing there, his lips would subtlely suck on the curvature of her neck, as his eyes darted around for somewhere to go. His judgement got slightly clouded however, and he ended up picking her up, in his arms, and like a wild animal, he’d carry her down the path, and find a near by public restroom. “hope you don’t mind a change venue babe!” He’d kick down the door, and slam into the emptiest stall he could find, before locking the door, and holding her up by her curvaceous waist, inserting his waist between her legs, for leverage., and holding her against the wall of the stall, and sucking on her bottom lip profusely. The only thing supporting her was him, and his hand on her bum. The other one finding it’s way to his belt as he quickly undid it. he didn’t want to rush things, but he damn sure wasn’t about to wait for anything, since they were short on time anyway.

Impresssed: She leaned up against him as they shared a kiss, she felt like she was 16 again having her first kiss, it was always like that with Densuke nothing ever can get old. She allowed his tongue inside and as she’d toy around with his tongue as well, her butt being grabbed she was pushed up closer to him now, she pouted when he broke the kiss but smiled now as she felt his warm lips pressing against her neck, him talking against her neck tickled. Felicity giggled a bit a nodded in agreement. It was kinda open and she wasn’t ready for some old woman or kids to stumble upon them. She looked around as he said the environment needed to be changed and before she could look further she was lifted up off the ground, she held onto him wrapping her arms around his neck loosely. She glanced over at the restroom as he was carrying her she was nibbling on his neck and ear softly. She giggled not minding at all and held onto dear life as he barged into the restroom. She was pushed up against the stall wall, wrapping her legs around his waist for support. She felt a tug on her lower lip and she enjoyed that very much, she leaned in more to kiss him a bit more roughly and hungrily. She has one hand on his shoulder and her other hand sliding her hand up and down his built chest slowly, she could care less about anything right now Felicity just wanted him. Bad. Being home alone all day can do so much to such an agile and energetic woman, she needed her man. Now.

As her kiss intensified, it brought out a de-evolution in densuke’s normally polite demeanor. His manhood began rising to the occasion, and as hard as he pressed between her hips, she could surely feel it for herself. None the less, he’d quickly pull down her shirt, ripping it slightly, and stripping the bra off in one, as his greed and lust filled hands cupped the entirety of her breast and his tongue was the first thing to make contact with her left nipple. Swirling it around, as if he were licking an ice cream cone, he’d coat her nipple in a thick layer of saliva, before engulfing her tit in his mouth, and sucking on it with a legit thirst for lust. His opposite hand, messaging the opposite breast so it doesn’t feel left out, but he’d quickly switch his mouth to the other one, and repeat the process, letting her bulk of her tit slide out of his mouth and between his lips each time, before letting them go with a loud “POP’ that echoed through the bathroom.  Having undid his pants completely, he’d shimmy his hips, coincidently grinding against hers in the process, and lower his pants to his ankles. He’d lost pretty much every bit of rational thought he’d had at this moment, as he’d grip her shorts, from the zipper line, and completely rip them right from her lower half, and discard them on the floor. “We’ll fix those later..” He’d speak with a low and much gruffer tone than usual, as he’d spread his legs a bit further apart, letting her body rest on the mount of his legs. He gripped his now full fledged hard on, and while supporting her body with one hand, probed the lips of her pussy with the head of extension, while nibbling on her nipple just a bit, and rotating his tongue around it, like a popsicle, shifting her subtle pink nipple to a cheery red. Without sudden warning, he’d push the fullness of his dick between her walls, all the way til the base of his cock  had completely disappeared and their nude pelvis shifted together for a moment. His initial thrust lifting her body in the air, and bouncing her body on the get go. Densuke would grunt slightly, it’d been a looooooooong time since he’d felt the cool walls of anything internal, let alone the womb of his own wife. His eyes quickly shut themselves, as he for a moment lost himself in the feeling of it all for a moment, before hugging her waist, and making slow and progressive pumps between her legs, focusing more so on fitting her walls to his shape so he at least wouldn’t hurt the girl.

Impresssed: Felicity noticed he was starting to enjoy this as much as she was, she could literally feel it. Literally. Just then her shirt would be ripped a bit along with her bra being pulled off. She slid her hand up his chest to his shoulder to grip onto it tightly, leaning back against the stall as he licked and sucked on her sensitive nipples. “C-Careful.. they’re so sore..” She mumbled under her breath as she tilted her head back enjoying the bliss. Her nails slightly digging into his shirt already feeling herself and her body enjoying his touch. She glanced down watching him undo his pants and her lips curve into a small smile. “Heh, guess I don’t need those anymore..” She teased glancing down at his manhood she looked back at him. “H-Honey, not too much savage ok?” She warned as he poked her pussy lips with his hard on. She shivered a bit as she noticed how large he was now. She placed her hand behind his head as he nibbled on her nipples, even more sensitive now. “A-Ah Densu—“ But before she could say something she’d feel her pussy walls spread open, and both her hands/nails now dug into his shoulders. Her body was aching for his for a while now so every touch would almost drive her crazy. She began to grind on him with each thrust she moaned softly, as he moved in closer to her she moaned even louder but into his ear now. She bounced on his hard warm cock, wrapping her arms around his neck again and one hand behind his head running her hands through his hair, losing control of her body. she bit her lip now letting small muffled moans slip from between her teeth and lips. “Mmh.. “ She smiled a toothy smile shutting her eyes as well as she wrapped her legs tighter around him

Her fingers dug into his shoulders, and densuke inhales sharply. “ahh, geez you’re tight!” Densuke would toss her up a bit, now with both her cheeks cupped firmly in his hands, and he’d start to throw his remosrse out the window. She did ask him to not be to savage, and densuke whould merely shake his head a bit, and through girtted teeth speak out. “It’s kinda hard…haven’t felt this good in a long ass time!” He tried to hold back, but his hips began flexing on their own. Her body pinned to the wall, densuke would start rapidly pacing his hips into hers, shaking her curvy frame. He’d move his arms, so her legs would actually hang loosely over his arms, and be fully opened, actually allowing his cock to dove FURTHER in her womb than it was before. The soft patting noise would be cause as their hips collided repeatedly, followed by a repeatitive knocking noise as her back hit the wall of the bathroom stall over and over again. He opened one eye fighting the pleasure in his being, to see her  robust breast bouncing like basketballs, and it only got harder, as he’d lean his forehead against hers, looking her in the eye and biting his lip. His forceful thrust, sending waves of pleasure through her being, shaking her body to and fro, as if she was in a vibrating chair of the sort. Densuke heard the door open, which meant someone had entered the restroom, but he’d simply press his lips to felicity’s to conceal some of the moaning at least. Occasionally a sheltered and stuttered breath would leave his mouth, showing that he was getting just what he wanted form this experience as well.  Being as flexible as he was, he’d kick the toiet handle really quick like to disguise the noise of his thrusting. After a while of this his precum would start to mingle with the juices he’d been trying to force from her. He wanted to make love to her, sweet and gentle, but it’s difficult when she had the body of a goddess, and densuke wanted nothing more than to completely plow her being into sweet erotic bliss. Being in a public place, actually made densuke more exicted, the thrill of the entire thing, as he continued to mount felicity’s body against the wall, resulting in legs, looking like the ragdoll physics of a video game in movement.

Felicity bit down on her lip muffling her uncontrollable moans. Her body was slowly losing control, like people say he was fucking her senseless. The only feeling in her body right now was extreme pleasure and this was probably the best they’ve had in months which got her even more excited. Already knowing he’d ignore her savage remark she tilted her head back against the stall calling out. “F-Fuck! Y-You’re getting.. bigger.” She moaned out releasing her lip. He picked her legs up more so that his cock would be shoved DEEPER inside of her, poking at her cervix and womb now. Chills ran down her porcelain skin, her cheeks crimson red and her hair bouncing along with her body with each thrust. She gripped onto his for dear life for her hands didn’t know what to do or where to go she only knew she had to hold onto something, leaving small playful scratches on his back with each pounding she got. Her body was bouncing furiously as their hips pounded together making soft clapping noises. She had absolutely no control of her body now, it was all his and she could care less. This was perfect. She looked back at him as they touched foreheads the heat in her face was from blushing so much, she stared into his emerald green eyes, her golden eyes sparkled with happiness. Each and every thrust into her got better by the second, she started to feel numb from the waist down but it still felt good. Soon enough she heard the door open as well, but she couldn’t contain her moaning so Densuke came to save the day with a kiss, she kissed him as well but couldn’t help still from moaning, she breathed heavily and gasped for short breaths. Her whole body quivering now and laughing softly at his flushing technique. Thankful for that she stifled out another loud moan. “Mmmm— D-Densuke..” She cried out with a smile into his ear. She could feel a moist mess down below but it only made her want more and more. She loved how rough he was with her but her frail curvy body could only take so much. She loved the thrill of fucking in public, and she could obviously tell Densuke did too.

Densuke would wince with exotic delight as she moaned his name against his ear, and something about her giggle, about her laugh in general was just turning him the hell on even more than usual. Densuke could feel his dick swelling up with cum, but he’d shake his head, fighting off the urge. He wouldn’t dare cum before she did, and just prove he was a minute man after all this time. “Ah! To cramped in here!” Densuke would grip her buttcheeks, in a vice, as he’d turn his body, slipping his pants of completely, wearing nothing but his shirt and nike socks, as he’d kick open the stall door from it’s hinges, causing it to fall to the floor with a clang. Densuke would walk with her, his cock still driven deep into her womb, and he’d lift her up by her waist, and turn her body facing away from him and towards the bathroom mirror, placing her gently on her feet surprisingly, and her hands against the mirror. His hands would run down her back tenderly, before he’d grab his hardened extension, and ram it right back in  her warm cunt, making sure their pelvises mad a loud smacking noise, on his reentry. His compassion had yet to return, as his hands would make their way up to her neck, and grip it tight enough to maintain control, but soft enough so she wouldn’t choke, though he would apply a tid bit of force every now and again to hear her gag. Densuke would spread his legs, and stomp his foot into the ground, gripping her neck, and not thrust, but pulling her light weight bust frame back on the base of his cock over, and over again, pulling her weight as if it was zero gravity. Her body would bounce off of densuke’s masculine hip structure, as he’d attempt to not only hit the cervix, but force her pussy to tighten immensely, only to see if he could squeeze her fluids out like a sponge. Heightening their matter, his balls would slap against her clit each time she was pulled back. The longer he continued, his grip on her neck would tilt her head up forcing her to look in the mirror. Densuke’s eyes focused on the ripples that spread through her ass. It only made his dick have that swelling feeling again. he wasn’t surprised, every time they did this her ass alone would make him explode, but he wanted to savor this moment. Densuke release short and panting breathes, with a slight giggle as he could see her ass cheeks turning cheery red, though the inners of her thighs would be the same color in general. They didn’t have much time, but he was going to make every minute last, as the loud “PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT” echoed through the bathroom, even through the door a bit. A couple folks walked by it, some ignored it, and some older couple would shake their heads walking by. Densuke had officially lost any form of secrecy, as his groans and breathes became growls and grunts.

She felt his dick growing large inside of her as well, she couldn’t believe it wasn’t at it’s fullest and all these feelings inside of her were building up slowly. Her red hair bounced over her chest along with her whole body. She then nodded in agreement and held onto him wrapping her arms around his neck as he carried her away, she giggled again softly as he kicked open the door again. “H-Hun, you’re gonna break the bathroom!~” She said still exhausted and gasping for breaths but his strength was turning her on even more. She then was placed down against the mirror she placed her hands onto the mirror and arched her back as he ran his hands down her back, it tickles a bit but she loooove it, she jerked forward as he stuffed himself inside of her again, his length felt like it was going to rip her apart but she couldn’t have felt any better with hatch thrust inside of her. She felt his hand wrap around her neck, she gagged a bit but she kept a smile as everything he was doing to her made her even more wet. She pressed against the mirror moaning and trying her hardest not to scream with pleasure. Her pussy tightened up on his cock, she could already feel her body giving in, she was very close to cumming. She tilted her head back as her clit was now also being somewhat stimulated. She glanced at the mirror looking at them, beginning to notice her nails making scratch marks on the mirror. She could almost feel her eyes roll to the back of her head and every portion of her body would move along with them. She felt a stinging pain as her ass and thighs were being slapped each time he dug deeper into her. She felt like a big man’s play toy and she was all his so there was no surprise there that she felt like a rag doll. Plus she was kinda tiny and he was pretty big muscle wise so her body could only take so much. She felt chills down her body, she was going to cum after all the orgasms she’s had riding on his cock she knew this time she was going to cum all over. “D-Densuke! Ah.. I’m gonna c-cum!” She cried out with another moan following after, the warm cum that came out of her and dripped down her moist hole and thighs. It was the best feeling in the world. 

Densuke would close his eyes tightly and grunt, as he himself was starting to get off just by making her cum. Her juices would start exploding outwards between Densuke and her own thighs, creating a noticibly sticker claping noise than before as their bodily secreations flutterd downwards. “aaaaah SHIT! I! CAN’T! KEEP! THIS! UP!” Densuke would lift one of felicity’s legs, and throw it over his shoulder, now using one hand to grip a handful of her hair, and grip it, whipping her head back violently, and using his opposite arm to grip her shoulder, now pushing her body forward and pinning her face to the mirror. Each thrust pushed her adorable face agains the mirror continuously, while the redness on her cheeks started to go from red to bruises slightly. “Heeeeeere it comes! A-ah!”  Densuke would thrust once more, biting his lip, and pulling her thick body all the way back on his cock making sure to shoot his load riiiiight against the cervix, and without realizing it, he’d unleash a tidbit of chi, and crack every mirror in the bathroom , caving them in!. He’d then think about having another kid, and with quick realization, he’d withdraw his cock, and jerk it off slightly, spewing the rest of his incredibly warm and thick semen on her belly. A smidge even landing in her belly button. Densuke would wipe a smidge of sweat from his forehead, and sigh taking a step back, and looking around with a confused face. “did…I do this shit?” Densuke would scratch the back of his head with a nervous laugh as if he didn’t realize what he’d done. “I think….we should go find the kids. Here use my shirt as a skirt, and let’s see what kind of clothing we can fashion out of paper towels, and trash bags. If the kids ask…we’re practicing for Halloween.” Densuke would place a hand on her cheek, planting a kiss on her lips, and sticking his head outside the door, peeking around. “hurry up woman! We gotta get to going or we’re be in some seeeeerious trouble…I love you though baby boo.” Densuke would look back and wink at fel

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