Welcome HomeEdit

SayuriAkagi: “Dammit it’s still not right.” -Tomoko states lowering the large wooden spoon from her soft lips furrowing her brows as she glances over to her left to make sure she wasn’t missing any ingredients from the large pot of shrimp gumbo that was sitting on the stove she was making. Using just her eyes she took a quick yet accurate inventory of the base power, meat, herbs, spices, and yes even the kind peppers she used yet some still seemed off.- “Hmm I wish I had a second opinion on this.”-She states to herself her hand lowering the spoon back to the counter top then motioning it towards another pot with a pot holder in hand before picking up the top to expose the fresh crawfish that was inside that was coming to a nice perfect boil using her other hand to sprinkle in a bit of crab boil which would give it a sort of spicy kick before closing it again to post herself up against the counter waving both of her hands against the currents to fan herself. It was just barely the middle of June and already she was beginning to effects of summer and wasn’t because the A/C in the entire building was broke either, hence why she stood in the kitchen wearing just a back bikini top and pair of worn but love hoochie mama like shorts with her ass cheeks slightly out a breeze catching her long raven hair from the windows and open balcony doors. Anyone who was even remotely close to her lush penthouse apartment would have been able to smell the zesty hot spices from the Cajun styled meal of crawfish, corn on the cob, Cajun rice, fresh cheddar biscuits, and shrimp gumbo she was preparing inside all made from the freshest and best ingredients and most of all from scratch. –

Guest_Keizumai: Akuma would have been flying over district 3 slowly making his way into district two it was pretty late probably around 9:30 pm. He was just coming back from his visit with his home town though he didn't come back alone behind him would be two Russian military cargo planes one full of men and women and the other carrying large crates of various lethal and not so lethal equipment (guns, bombs, etc) they made sure they was flying at an low altitude just in case the KDP had radars and the planes as had jammers built in. Akuma would then hear a Voice come in through the earpiece he had in his left ear "Hey big bro check this out" "huh" Akuma would turn his head to see Ryan's dumb ass attempting to crawl onto the planes wing. Akuma's eyes would widen slightly all before he'd turn around flying back towards the plane, the wind would have forced Ryan off the wing of the plane and into a free fall "whooooooooooo" "bakaaaaaa!" Akuma would have flew right by the plane catching Ryan by his shoulders "the hell you idiot" "what I knew you'd catch me if I fell" Akuma would let out a sigh before Flying back ahead of the plane still holding Ryan, Akuma would have lead them to the Arasumaru HQ. Akuma would slowly descend to the ground letting go of Ryan about two feet from the ground before Akuma landed as well. The plane that carried the men would hover about 50 feet above ground, multiple ropes would then extend from the plane to the ground and 310 men and women would come sliding down them whole the other plane hovered about 100 feet from the ground, the back of the plane would open and a small group of men would push the various equipment creates out the back each had a parachute attached to it so it slowly and carefully floated to the ground. Once everything was dropped the planes would take off out of site, pretty soon Claymore would emerge from the HQ along with a large group of men each with weapons including himself "The hell going on here Akuma" "you wanna take down the Kagemaru right well I just got some help that's all" "I don't remember telling you that was ok" Akuma would then smile "its like you said I'm not much of a follower" Claymore kept a straight face clearly not amused "I don't exactly like it but I won't turn down the help but just know if you fuck us over I won't hesitate to blow your head off." Akuma would then gulp ~Damn that's scary~ Akuma would then instruct the men to do as Claymore ask for the time being. Akuma would then grab Ryan by the back of his collar and take off flying once again and drop him off at Shizuka's house. "you stay with her for a little while" Shizuka would be standing in the doorway in just a t-shirt and it was obvious she just got out the shower cause the shirt was still wet not to mention she smelt of flowers. "Damn don't you ever wear clothes?" "huh your the one who just showed up here we Ryan out of the blue" Akuma laughed a bit "anyway I gotta go" Akuma would then fly off once again finally heading to Moko's place by eventually he made it there landing right on the balcony which was left open Akuma would then step inside, he could smell food being cooked which made his mouth water he'd make his way over to the kitchen seeing Moko(if she was still there) wearing some tiny ass shorts and a bikini bra slaving over the stove, Akuma would then smile before making his way over there if her back was turned to him then he'd sneak up on her and whisper in her ear "Smells nice" he'd then take a step or two away moving over to where the biscuits were grabbing one and taking a bite. Pretending as If he was never gone.-

SayuriAkagi: -Tomoko lowers her hands one more to her sides returning her attention to the task at hand which how to get the main course for dinner on point despite the heat. Having let a simmer for a bit more she goes for the wooden spool again using the pot holder once again to open the pot that contained the gumbo again before dipping it in and raising you her lips, blowing on it some before sampling it. On her tongue she taste the sweet heat of the chili peppers both sweet and bold, along side the cayenne pepper and other ingredients which warmed the insides of her stomach when it suddenly dawned on her at just the same time that that hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she heard a male’s voice telling her that what she was cooking smelt nice, that what was missing was her home made Tabasco sauce.- “Akuma?” -she asks out loud almost dropping the lid back onto the pot, placing her weight on her right foot, and jerking her self around to see if the person who spoke was in fact the one she believes is the owner of it a wide ass grin spreading across her beautiful face as her now light blue orbs catch sight of his face quickly attempting to wrap her arms about his waist with the pot holder still in her hand allowing him to step away from her embrace (if it was allowed) to stuff his mouth with one of her cheddar biscuits. “Omg baby you scared the living shit outta me, I thought it was…wait when did you get back into town?”-

Catching Up Over DinnerEdit

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would smile as she wrapped her arms around him before he took another bite of the biscuit he'd finished the last of it. Chewing slowly savoring the biscuit and finally swallowing it "sorry I couldn't help it" he said placing his large hands on the back of her head and pulling her to his chest (if allowed)"I missed you" he'd hold her like that for a little while before letting go and walking towards the closet in the living room area "I just got back tonight" he'd say as he took off his jacket and hung it up inside. She'd probably notice that he was about and inch or two taller than before he left he also gained a few pounds though kept his muscular lean body his hair would also be longer extending to the very end of his neck compared to before" So anything happen with the Kagemaru while I was gone" he said as he walked back into the kitchen-

SayuriAkagi: -She'd listen to him ask her about the take down as she lays her head against his the chest taking the sweet scent of the great out doors that clung to his shirt smiling softly to herself as she tells him,- "As have I." ~God you haven't the faintest ideal how much.~ Moko thought to her self allowing herself to soak up a few moments in his embrace before watching Akuma head off in the direction of the closet downstairs. “the boys in the lab have finally got a perfect fit to that damn drug that KPD have been doped up with” she tells him heading towards the pantry to retrieve the Tabasco then returning back to the simmer pot to opening it up and dump a good portion into it before stirring it up over the low heat of the stoves eye. “It’s a very experimental drug one that they literally had to break down into key compounds in order to analyze it. Never the less that psycho Yani was either one hella of botanist or an overly qualified whack job, regardless they managed to crack it and the antidote will be served up to our boys in blue during their annual physicals in the next week or so according to the Kaicho.” Tomoko turns her attention towards the crawfish turning the eye off completely moving the large pot over to sink where a large strainer waited to drain off the water as she tipped it over with ease allowing the basket to catch the thoroughly cooked shell fish in its netting. From there it was just simple task of placing them on a serving tray while making haste through the kitchen to do the same to the rice and 4 cooked ears of corn on the cob. “hey Akuma could you come here for a minute?’ raising the gumbo’s lid hopefully for the last time and dipping the spoon in. if he was in the kitchen by the time she had done so she’d turn facing him with one hand underneath it while offering him a taste of it with her hand holding the spoon in the other and not shed wait patiently for him to join her before turning towards him and offering him some. “Taste this and tell me what you think.”

Guest_Keizumai: "Overly qualified whack job hands down haha” he said walking back into the kitchen when she asked him to taste the gumbo she made. He'd bend over a little and press his lips onto the slurping up what the gumbo and savoring the flavor, his face would light up like a Christmas tree "That's good" he said smiling its been a long time since he had a home cook meal and not to mention her cooking was the bomb. "man that brings back memories" he say with a giant smile on his face. he was like a kid in a candy store just cheesing hard. "Oh hey Moko you should come to our gig tomorrow it'll be fun and I want you to hear the band we pretty good"

SayuriAkagi: -His words made her smile drawing the spoon back then laying it on the counter as the turned the eye off completely before getting a ladle to scoop some of it out and into an awaiting Turin bowl. -“for real…you play in a band?”- she chuckles gesturing her head in a “follow me” manner that would tell him to pick up the corn and rice serving trays and follow her as she did the same with the Turin bowl full of gumbo and tray crawfish heading down the first flight of steps into the living room - “How wild is that, I was just in a guitar store the other day and….I got you something you might like, But real talk I would love to go baby” -As she stepped down the other set that lead to the bedroom right out onto the balcony which was encompassed by a canopy of sorts that kept insects as well other ppls prying eyes out. If Akuma did follow her he would see that it lit up solely by candle light the ground covered in decorative pillows of a dark red and black assortment with an Asian-Arabian like theme embedded around all the furniture including a very low floor styled table that she’s stop short at to kneel with such grace and poise like a geisha sitting what she carried onto its surface with ease. “I hope you don't mind but it so beautiful out tonight I thought we could dine out here instead.” She suggests noting to table that was ironically enough set for two rather than one and large present that lies against the wall near the balcony doors, it was the gift she’d spoken of only moments ago-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would grab the trey that had the corn and rice on it just as she gestured for him to do while she grabbed the other food treys. They'd then proceed down a flight on stairs and into the living room before going down another Into the bedroom and on to the balcony which was covered by a canopy "yeah I thought I told you about that we're not that big yet but we're getting there we're call Outcast" really there band was pretty big they just don't know it." and yeah I don't mind eating out here its nice out anyway" he'd set the treys down onto the table before plopping down and stretching at bit he'd look around "Nice I didn't notice when I came in"-

SayuriAkagi: “No you hadn’t but seriously I’d love to come hear you play love. Why don’t you go and take a peek at your gift before we get started.” -Starting to fix her own plate first knowing full well there prolly wouldn’t be any left once Akuma got into everything. “That way when I head back up to get desert it will out of the way and we won’t have any distractions later on.” Tomoko says this with a hint a of deviousness in the tone of her voice in attempt to tip him off about something while continuing to place two of each item onto her plate before casually leaning back into the pillow her body turned onto its sides with her long legs curled up under her beautiful frame and fork in hand scooping up some rice from in front of her and starting to eat absolutely loving the way the spices and flavor hit her taste buds- “Damn now this is good eating.” -She lowers her eyes some drawing the fork in hand back slowly before re-opening them again.-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would slowly stand up stretching his arms up into the air and look around a bit before spotting the large gift by the balcony door walking over to it and picking it up he'd then smile before tearing the wrappings a little before smiling as he saw the strings of a guitar (assuming that was it)"well I guess it would be a distraction" taking note of her devious tone. Akuma would then walk over behind her and knelling down behind her and wrapping her arms around her shoulders and whispering in her ear "I'll make sure to thank you for the guitar later" his voice would be deep and whisper like while holding its own devious tone (assuming that it was it guitar)) he'd then let go and walk over to the other side of the table and sit down softly and began making his own plate straying with the rice placing it on the plate and then the corn and crawfish. He'd then clasp his hands together and say a small pray before tearing into the crawfish smiling the whole time enjoying a home cooked meal which he hadn't had in who knows how long-

SayuriAkagi: -Tomoko got chills down her spine feeling the warmth of his breath on her ear while being embrace from behind and told as such, and despite having a mouth full of crawfish at the time she was happy that he liked guitar which was painted black with flames of hellish orange and red with a traditional Japanese Oni emerging from a large giant gate that was supposed to be the doors of hell. A smirk crosses her own lips hearing his voice knowing full well that she was going to make this one evening he would never remember for as long as they both were together, before reaching for the ear of corn that was on the plate before her, raising it to her lips, and taking several bites out of it her eyes watching Akuma for a moment then letting out a chuckle.- “Oh before I forget, something else did happen at work….I got a promotion.” -She smiles brightly almost having forgotten about the late night meeting on the roof Imagery with Claymore the night right before Sky Chrome and Joker’s Wild opened.- “You’re looking at the C.E.O. of the Le Femme Elegante Fashion and Designs, meaning I’m now a Boss within the ranks of the Arasumaru. I’ve already met with the investors and everything my H.Q. is gonna be in downtown connector of D2 in New Times Square.” -The happiest on her face was undeniable if Akuma was looking in her direction though inside Moko was completely nervous of how he would take it, the promotion would mean at lot of changes plus longer hours to boot and most of all less time for them to spend together too since she wouldn’t be at the Arasumaru’s base any longer-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would have been busy stuffing his mouth with food to respond for a while he had finished most of the food I'm his plate before he said anything" C.E.O of Elegante fashion huh look who stepping it up haha" he said before popping the last price of crawfish I'm his mouth chewing and then swallowing "Times square’s a good spot for it too" Akuma was too happy about this but felt happy for her none the less as she looked like she couldn't be any happier about it. Akuma would then get up and grab the guitar and remove the last of the wrapping and strum I one time before tuning it to the desired sound "hell yeah this is perfect" he'd say to himself as he admired the images on it.

SayuriAkagi: -Moko finished up the last bit of dinner listening to Akuma talk about how she was coming up the ladder and such though it truth it wasn’t that big of a deal, she just drew up the plans to get the clan on the map any idiot could’ve done that she wagered. “Claymore actually was my biggest critique, I guess all of my work finally made him realize that Tasanagi-san wasn’t crazy after all though even before Keyth hit the grave he’d always tell me, ‘Tomoko with your help I gonna run this town.’ ” She would do he best impersonation of the late Kaicho making the same optimistic grin Keyth would always have on his face when you talked about his dreams or was about to get into a huge fight with an adversary. “if only he knew just how true his words were when he said’em” She draws her knees up from the side turning forward complete drawing them up towards her large chest wrapping her arms about them with ease slightly catching Akuma getting up out of the corner of her eye to finish unwrapping the guitar she’d given him, giving it a light strum before finally tuning it to his complete and utter liking. “Now that’s a bad ass combination” she tells him noting to the way both player and instrument look with one another leaning over to try and give his left cheek a quick kiss before carefully stacking the empty platters together and the plates along with any silverware that was around on top of them, getting onto her feet once more, and then picking them up to head back into the house once more. “I be right back with dessert babe, I hope fruit salad with whip cream and little chocolate is okay I didn’t have time to stop by the baker’s to get a cake.” Giving him an apologetic tone and look from the balcony door for not having any junk food to top off the wonderful meal she’d given him as she re-entered the house and headed back upstairs. –

The Sweetest Sin….Edit

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma just laughed as she said him and the guitar are a badass combination "I guess so haha" he say before he felt her give him a kiss on the cheek and take the dishes away which he would have helped with but she got everything's so. He looked confused when she said sorry for not having any cake before laughing a little to him it wasn't any thing to apologize for but she did so he simply smiled and nodded as he wait for her to come back with the various fruits and candy(chocolate) she said she'd be bring back with her, he'd then set the guitar down and go take his seat at the table again, he'd start to day dream about playing with the guitar in the show so it looked like he was in his own little world.-

SayuriAkagi: -She’d take her dear sweet little time upstairs stopping first in the kitchen to place the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, having had it already set and ready to go all that was left to do once she loaded them in was press the start button which she did with ease. From there it was a simple two steps to the fridge to retrieve the large bowl of fresh fruit that was semi-cut up in a large bowl covered by a plastic produce cover that reminded her of a woman’s shower cap placing it onto the counter before reaching both hands back inside of the fridge to pull out a can of whip cream and some chocolates putting both next to the bowl as she carefully laid down her next move. Tomoko steps to the side some what placing her delicate hands at the center of her back grasping the string to her top pulling it allowing her top to fall aimlessly to the floor which cause her large ample bosom fall into the open jiggling some as they do. She palms them lightly with both of her hands a bit happy for a little freedom from the confines of the top she was wearing before moving them lower down the flat of her stomach towards the waistline of her shorts where she motions her fingers forward to loosen up the buttons that were on them, then the zipper before stepping completely out of them and the thongs that she was wearing. Walking back into the kitchen fully in nude she grips the can of whip cream in her right hand while taking the chocolates in her left. ~This is gonna be good~ Tomoko muses to herself devilishly smirking just a bit as she proceeds to drape the various parts of her body (breasts and pussy) in a whip cream made bikini with various fruits and chocolates placed skillful along these part of herself before taking all three (the bowl with the remaining fruit, candy, and whip cream) back downstairs the balcony stopping only once to turn on the stereo and shift the sounds of the music to wireless speakers that were outside with Akuma(( -----> what playing)). With care she moved closer to the door her heart almost ready to break inside of her chest as the cold pasteurized cream and fruit against her nipples and slit cause both her nipples and clit to ache tightening up behind their captivating covers. Taking in a deep breath Tomoko steps out onto the balcony towards with an unsuspecting Akuma with a grin on her soft lips,- “Dessert’s ready.”

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would still be in his only little world well at least till he heard music being played and when he finally snapped out of it he'd see Moko with a whip cream bikini with fruits. He'd smile wickedly as he burned the image of her in his mind. He'd then motion with his hands for her to come lay down on the table( or the floor if the tables not big enough either one) if she did as he ask he'd move to the left side of her body staring at the master price in front of him- "Hm what to start with" -he'd put his left hand under his chin while his right index finger slid up and down her navel slowly before sliding directly under her left breast giving it a small squeeze before he'd take a nice mouth full of it sucking and licking off the whip cream and fruits before turning his attention to her other breast and doing the same though this time when he got the fruit in his mouth( if allowed) he'd kiss her feeding the small fruit to her all while his right hand massaged her inner thigh up and down both legs before sliding his finger around her outer lips, Akuma would then break away from the kiss and make his way down her body letting his tongue drag lightly across her body tickling her sense(or trying to) before he begin to lick the whip cream up before spreading her pretty little slit staring inside before jamming his tongue inside attacking her walls relentlessly while his hands slide up the curve of her body and onto her breast massaging them-

SayuriAkagi: -At his beckon Tomoko moves outside completely, putting a foot in front of the other as she took slow sensual strides towards Akuma stopping short to only lower her body down onto the table in front of him turned slightly to the left. Her legs soon correct this swerving to right granting him full access to what he craved as she heard him ask himself a question taunting her with his index before finally reaching up for her breast. Again she felt her nipples tighten underneath cool tone of what was over them which soon to sweet wet heat once Akuma's mouth encompasses one them licking and sucking off the cherries and cream that was on top of it before moving to the other and doing the same with her hands locked instantly about the back of his neck. Tomoko couldn't help but moan under the thrall of his tongue as it fires against her sensitive nips her back arching towards his lips as her right arm relinquished its grip on his neck to stable herself upon leaning back onto the table more. Akuma's offering in kiss he gave her was one she didn't refuse it was the sweet taste of a fresh peach slice mix with hint of cream and a strawberry danced over her tongue which ate feeling her lover's firm grip on the inner most parts of her thighs before his fingers started to mix both her natural and the artificial cream that lay there together as he slide it over her slit. And by the time Akuma completely drew back from their kiss Tomoko was on fire, and she knew he could feel her heat with his tongue while blazing a trail that was even hotter down course of her frame that caused her cry out and squirm in ways he'd prolly never thought wasn't even imaginable as Moko knew just where he was heading. She felt her outer lips being given a slight nudge open exposing the cherry garnish that lay over her clit (a sex joke if you will) now slick with her desire and warm whip cream noting to how his face look draped in pure lust at the sight of twitching sex before suddenly feeling his mouth devour her from the inside out so much that she grips the sides of the table just keep from using his back as a scratching post, her screams almost at a fever pitch-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would continue to move his tongue around inside her while his hands continued to massage her breast, her body was wiggling and squirming all over the place and then was before he even started to eat her out. Her body felt like it was on fire, he could even feel the heat from radiating from her on his chest and not to mention her screams, he'd then take his tongue out of her and begun flicking hid tongue around his clit while his right hand would slowly slide down from her breast onto her and then in between her legs as he moved his index and middle finger in and out of her tight little hole all while his tongue bullied her clit and hands left hand tugged on her nipple-

I Bet the Neighbors Know my NameEdit

SayuriAkagi: -Her head fell back causing her hair cascade like water over her shoulders onto her back, her vision becoming blurred in the mist of her ecstasy as Tomoko felt like melting pot that was about boil over at any minute. Bringing the hand that was still at back of his neck further up into dark locks of his hair she leans back more drawing her left leg up so that it bent at the knee and her barefoot rested against table steadily winding her lower body against his mouth feeding every last drop of the sweet goodness both inside and out before watching him remove his tongue and flick it over her aching clit relentlessly while his hands switched places, one moving down her body replacing his tongue deep inside her while other tugged at her taunt nipple. Another chorus of moans echoed into the night so much that some of Tomoko's neighbors begin come outside to see who it was that was receiving such pleasure at this hour which only aroused her more as she thrusts her hips on and off his hand still crying out his name-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma didn't know what was going on anymore it was like the slightest touch would cause her to climax she was moving so intensely and when the neighbors came outside she only got more intense and before he knew it he had begun to thrust his fingers in her even harder and even slipping a third finger inside her. Soon he lost himself in lust as he pace picked up again he purple blue eyes showing flakes of crimson red around his iris. He'd then bite down on her clit a little before standing up and taking off his shirt revealing his giant muscular frame which had a medium sized scar on the left side of his chest before unbuckling his belt to his pants letting them and his boxers fall to the ground showing off his harden manhood before laying across her and kissing her(if allowed) he'd then slip his tongue into her mouth playfully while he'd slide his dick in between her legs a couple of times before prodding her entrance teasing her a bit-

SayuriAkagi: -The ideal of audience woke up another phase from her past, the notion of being watched while Akuma thrusts his fingers in and out of her tight hot taint even harder, the pleasure making her lick her lips rewetting them between all the noise she was making as the voices of those around them began to stir as well. Tomoko knew she was getting close just as he added another finger into the heat of things causing her body to lock up taking on the full blow of his assault as all three work the angles of her walls caressing her G-spot without fail just as his teeth bit down on the most sensitive point on her body causing her cum, the spasms of her orgasm tearing through her like the blades of a knife falling back almost breathless against the table. But she could see Akuma was far from being done yet stepping back from her form and undressing himself showing off his rather large yet proud erection first before moving his perfect yet large body over her own small and petite one to claim her lips as his tongue pried them open to play with her own. Moko rose to his challenge darting and flicking hers back against his, loving how the taste of her womanhood added even more flavor to the sweets that were eaten earlier by him from her flesh whilst his dick slide through her hot sticky and wet slit, the head carefully prodding her twitching hold while trying grasp his tip and take it into her. Lifting her hips up she would attempt to push him further but to no avail and even motioning them in a nudging fashion only served to taunt her even more as his dick would begin to glisten from all her efforts and Tomoko let out a very wanton moan that if allowed would drive Akuma crazy at the very core-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma could feel her tongue playing with his as he deepen the kiss, he could tell she wanted him as she kept trying to pull him inside of her with just about all her might, he'd then break the kiss his eyes now fully crimson red, just as he broke the kiss she'd let out a moan that just seemed to mess with his head. He'd stop moving and his head would be hung low causing his hair to shield his face. Then out of no where he'd slam(if allowed)) into her as hard as he could shoving everything in at once and began thrusting into her like each thrust would be slower than usual but carried a lot more force behind them both his hands would be positioned on the curves of her body allowing him to get a good rhyme going, he'd be pulling her body into him as he thrust himself into her ferociously, he didn't even know what came over him maybe it was the crowd of people or maybe it was Moko but he was so lost in his lust that all he wanted to do was make her cum over and over and over and over till she literally begged him to stop-

SayuriAkagi: “OOOOOOHHHH FUUCKKKKK!” -was all their spectators could hear Moko say as the canopy around the balcony shielded them both from their prying eyes once Akuma shoved himself in from head to base inside of her tight welcoming hole. Once he was inside of her Tomoko thought she was gonna faint, she would feel every inch of his dick rubbing against her contracting and spasming walls in every way imaginable and she loved every minute of it as she tighten her inner muscles more against each wild pivot into her body her lover made knowing full well that he could (if allowed) feel it once she’d managed to wrap her long legs about his waist locking them into place. Her arms attempted to go up about his neck entwining into one another before moving her own body in a cradle rocking like motion applying the same hard force to him as well, her own dark side as it were setting in as she caught his left earlobe between her teeth and nibbled on it playfully between her sensual and hot moans, the lude sounds that their bodies were making slapping up against one another seemingly urging her on as she too lost herself in lust.-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma could feel her insides contracting and twitching around him which was starting to make him really start to lose it, he'd then feel her legs lock around his waist and her arms wrapping around his neck he'd then begin thrusting in her a little harder. He then feels her teeth on his earlobe and after that all traces of himself disappeared, he’d completely snapped. If there was one thing that got him going it was his ears, he’d slide his hands onto the back of her shoulders thrusting in her even harder his body slapping against hers was almost deafening. He'd call out her name a few times as he continued his assault on her body, he could hear the murmuring of the neighbors he'd then (if allowed ) pull out and standing up, flipping her over and lifting her body off the table and into the air slamming himself back into her(her back would be to his chest) before walking over to the canopy- "looks like we've got ourselves a crowd" -he say before he began to thrust his hips again standing right in front of the canopy- "they all hear because of you, maybe we should give’em a show"- he say pretending as if he was going to show the neighbors although he might just do it depending on her reaction.-

SayuriAkagi: -Her name coming off his lips all but drove Tomoko insane his response to her actions pushing her to limits that she’s never known before as she tries to keep up with his wild erratic rhythm the tip of her tongue tracing the outline of his ear before letting out another series of moans. She felt his hands move up her back with haste grabbing her shoulders with a firm tight grip allowing himself to carried away like an animal in heat inside of her love. To which Moko responded back with her own root of lust by lifting her hips upwards closer to his own body forcing his dick back further inside of her already wet and excited flesh then groaning in disappointment when Akuma pulled back to stand up and pick her up into his arms and turn her around with her back against his chest with her legs spread, pushed up to her chest in a slight fetal position before suddenly ramming himself back inside of her eager cunt hole. Tomoko again let out a wild cry his actions forcing the head of his thick cock to graze her g-spot slowly just as Akuma states that he wouldn’t mind letting their onlookers see their little show. This made color form into the pretty Asian’s cheeks, the thought alone of those outside their little world some of which whom she could hear were already getting off to their little escapade watching them made her wet to deaf but Tomoko knew that after their fun and games were over that Akuma would most definitely be packing up a moving truck to keep the other males in the building from trying to get at her when he wasn’t around so she just shook her head,- “No, don’t” -she say continuing to get her pussy plowed straight through.-

Count Down to Till she ClimaxesEdit

Guest_Keizumai: -A devilish smile crossed his face when he saw her cheeks turn change colors- "eh it seems your body disagrees" -he'd whisper in her ear as he pounded her tight insides harder she was practically pouring as he notice a small puddle underneath them Akuma would them slowly lower her enough so that her feet touched the ground though just barely he then wrap one hand around her waist and he fucked her from behind in a standing dog position he'd then slide he hand from her waist and in between her legs playing with her clit as he continued to plow her from behind while his other latched onto one of her breast , he'd begin picking up his pace pounding her harder and faster making sure every inch of him went inside of her, he'd then use his hand(the one in between her legs) and twist her Clit a little" let's see how many times you cum you have to count aloud" he'd say continuing to pound her-

SayuriAkagi: -Moko heard him saying that she wasn’t being completely honest with him as the rapid change in his thrusts increased as if to punish her for not being honest with him. Through her lowered eye lids she could see the river that flowed without yield down her inner thighs, while Akuma lowered her down just enough that she was able to stand on the soles of her feet and her upper body made to bent over from the waist. She felt his hands switch positions again this time one latched onto her clit twisting it as the other latches on her breast. From below she could feel every inch of his dick pressing into her hot twat causing it convulsed and twisted around him making his withdrawal almost impossible and his return just that more fun with her walls tightening further around him. A mist her screams she could hear Akuma bark an order for her count whilst she cum as to keep an accurate count of many times she could before giving her clit another sharp twist causing her body opening up more giving him completely access to her g-spot.- "Akuma I cant.....I..." -she’d stop short to let out a wild scream her first orgasm ripping through her suddenly without warning.

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma would smile at her reaction to his demand as she began speaking he felt her insides go nut as she let out a wild scream, he could tell she just came which made him laugh devilishly "oh looks like that's one" he'd whisper in her ear. Akuma would then stop thrusting his hips and slowly begin to pull out of her as difficult as it was. "if you don't count I'll just stop here" he'd wait for her response as he continued to slowly pull out if she did what he asked he'd plunge himself back inside her and begin plowing her pretty flower again this time leaning across her back and driving his teeth into her neck leaving a rather noticeable mark on her neck(if allowed) he'd then lower himself onto the back of his calf's so that she sat directly on his lap, he'd then begin thrusting into her again though he change the tempo again slowing it down just a bit if she didn't he'd pull out completely and just said up staring at her for a little before turning around as if he was just going to walk away-

SayuriAkagi: “Do so and you’ll be sorry love.” –she challenges back this time throwing back several thrusts of her own perversion starting to come out full swing against as Akuma skillfully taunting her in attempt to pull out. Though barely stable on her legs from having had a full frontal orgasm Tomoko manages to draw her legs closer into one another in an attempt to keep him inside or at the head any how if successful she then proceed use the key muscles that were still spasming from her release to expertly coax, collide, and milk the tip of his dick causing a wild reaction of her own within his own towering form before leaning back into now lowered body as the tempo switched up again causing her sensitive flesh now fully open again after several thrusts. Tomoko was aware that with her body now busy pleasuring Akuma’s she much more vulnerable to his assaults but it would be well worth it to see the look on his face when in fact he did cum but until then she’d play along utter the word,- “One.” -Between her first orgasm and within a few more minutes- “Two.” -When she came again a second time whilst her body continued its actions against his own.-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma smiled a bit as she taunted him back before finally going along with his little game as she began to utter the word one and a few minutes later two he was close to reaching his limits but did his best to hold it back he didn't want to end it just yet, he'd increase his tempo seemingly out of nowhere thrusting his hips harder and faster than before the noise she and her body was making was driving him nuts the more they fucked the more aroused he became and the more aroused he became the more intense his thrust became. Both his hands would have gone to her pussy rubbing and teasing her little hole. Two times weren't enough for him he wasn't gonna stop till she begged him to. As he fucked her it got more rough with each passing minute before he'd pull out lifting her body (if allowed)) and readjust himself and pushing into her ass nice and slow making sure she'd feel every feel every inch of him in her ass before he began thrusting like a wild man again while three of his fingers went inside her pussy and the other hand played with her clit- "don't tucker out on me now we just getting started" -he'd taunt.-

SayuriAkagi: “Who me I’m just getting warmed up.” -Tomoko told him unable to hold back her third quickly counting out loud as such thrusting her hips back again while body continue to let loose onto his own. For her this was first time in forever that she’d embraced her inner demon and it felt oh so fucking good! Again she contorted her walls around him trying her best to push him and herself to their limits not waiting to give in Akuma at all, well not without making him loose himself in the process first which she could feel from inside of her as his dick begin to twitch vibrantly against her warm tight space and his thrusts more wilder than before. Again his hands reached between her soft butter pecan colored thighs pressing his fingers up against her hole teasing her until her voice was almost screaming high pitched before pulling his dick out of her completely and taking aim at her anal opening with long jutting staff. In his attempt to enter it he’d most certainly feel a difference this time once her muscle there took him in and began their work around him, which caused Moko too look back with a smirk now knowing full well the anal exercises her friend Alexis gave her really did work and with it she pushes her hips down onto his thighs as hard as she can before rising and falling again, her large mounds bouncing along with her as she did.-

Guest_Keizumai: Akuma simply smiled as Tomoko looked back at him with a smirk once he put his dick in her ass, normally she'd reacted different she'd usually need him to help her relax. "Well look who's been practicing" he said with a cocky smile based on her reaction he didn't know if she knew just how much of a pervert that me made her seem. "well that just mean I can do this" Akuma would begin pushing everything inside her nice little ass hole thrusting harder and harder pounding her ass till her cheeks turn red and were possible bruised a bit he could feel her thrusting her hips back again his ass he thrashed about her insides he'd then lean her body back forward putting her back into a doggy positon (if allowed ) he'd continue to move his hips faster picking up the pace before suddenly pulling out and jamming himself back into her pussy thrusting a few time before pulling out and jamming himself back into her ass thrusting a few times and pulling out again and jamming himself into her pussy, he'd repeat this over and over a few times. "Moko I'm almost at my limit" he'd say as he plunged himself back into her pussy this time plowing her instead of pulling out and switching holes. He pound himself into her harder and harder picking up the pace faster and faster, it was writing all on his face that he was trying to hold it back-

SayuriAkagi: -She’d glance back catching his own little cocky ass smirk form about his lips as he tried to make her out to be the perv in this little situation while fucking her in off and on in both holes like a dog who found a bitch in heat.- “So what if I was, ain’t shit you gonna do about it” -she pants her voice low and sensual as if gasp for air as Moko lifted herself up for a moment to steal another sinful kiss from his lips while thrashed about like a mad man her ass cheeks becoming redder by the second from his insatiable lust. For a fourth time she came counting it out loud again for her lover’s as well as her own enjoyment, getting some what lost in the memory of what it was like to have a man dominate her in the bedroom and having to submit to power during all of this. Tomoko was sure that after tonight neither one of them would every forget this as having both of her holes done in by him most certainly turned her even further out than she already was and by the time Akuma had made the finally switch back to being inside of her pussy Tomoko was fast approaching orgasm number five. Still panting and moaning she manages to move her hands from her thighs to trace the outline of her curves until they reach his hands from there she attempts to loosen his grasps about her waist wrapping them about he as she lifts her upper body up with her back against his chest, her lower half still rocking back and forth over his spasming sex while locked in his embrace. She’d see his face before pressing her lips at the base of his earlobe,- “Don’t fight it any more I want your hot load inside me now.” -The tension inside of her own body starting to split over at the sides as she prepared to succumb to her carnal pleasures one last time.-

Guest_Keizumai: -Akuma smiled slightly as she yell out counting off her fourth time cumming "well aren't you obedient" he said smiling finally satisfied, well satisfied was exactly the right word but it he had held it in any longer his dick would probably explode. He'd feel her tiny soft hands on his as she leaned back onto his chest and once again mess with his earlobe before telling him not to hold it in and that she wanted it inside of her, Akuma would then smile cocky "you got it babe" he'd then softly bite down on her shoulder as he began thrusting faster before finally cumming inside her, he'd had built up so much it felt like he was cumming endlessly as he bit down harder than what he meant to and his hands squeezed her body tightly before finally leaning back letting his upper body fall to the ground with a thump he'd be breathing heavily his giant chest raising and falling rapidly. He'd still have a smug like smile on his face which wasn't exactly on purpose most of his smiles look like that.

SayuriAkagi: -Tomoko felt her legs suddenly lock into the place giving off several jerks as Akuma gave her everything he had to the very end before finally giving her body one last push causing his name to flow over her soft lips instead of the count he’d so asked her to give earlier as she came uncontrollably all over him soon after he had. The euphoria of having being bitten by Akuma again mixed with her own climax almost made it impossible to move for a moment as she fought hard to catch her breath before finally collapsing knees first onto the one of the pillows near them which as soon followed by her hands. The sounds of those around them (her neighbors) completing their own ‘nightly affairs’ in wake of their own suddenly brings Tomoko back to reality from nirvana causing her to blush a bit as she and Akuma were still connected and warmth of her his seed coating the insides of her vagina to the point she thought that some was gonna spill out onto the pillows where she was laying but it didn’t. Making a slight move to part their form she withdraws him from inside of her turning herself around to face before reaching over to a nearby grab a large but very thin blanket stretching it out with ease by tossing it into the air, allowing it to cover them both up as she moved to lay down next to him her head resting against his large chest smiling having been fully and completely satisfied.-

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