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The only truth in war, is death. Edit

-( In the long hours of the night, the former Mississippi landscape has become scarred constant battle from two opposing forces. A story of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. A story of compelling life stories and change in human nature. ( As the Earth bleeds from the destruction caused by the two Hybrid Super Soldiers, Duke rests on one knee with his body riddles in cuts and bruises. He is wearing black Goliath Utility pants with no shirt, having lost it in the fight. His forehead drips of a bright crimson bloods, his chest slowly breathing heavily up and down. His long black hair flows past his shoulders, he can hardly keep himself up on a knee. Opposite him is his brother, Damian. He stands tall as his robes are cut, almost in half, barely even hanging together. His body is also riddled with battle scars and gashes. His mouth is covered in his own blood, his eyes almost glazed over. He rocks back and forth, barely standing on his own two feet. The ground around them had been completely destroyed by their constant war over this entire day. What was once a beautiful valley of prospering land and life, had become a barren wasteland, bleeding the water that is Earth’s blood. The rocks continue to tumble down the waterfall they had created from their battle. Damian looks at his brother and with what little strength he has, he says to Duke-“You can’t defeat me Little Brother…You never had it in you to do so…”-
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 Damian begins to look up at the full moon that resides over them, reflecting the Sun’s Rays back down to Earth.-“You were always weak…never sure on what you should do…second guessing everything…just a blind animal needing to be put on a leash by its owner…And now you will be like every other dog that goes past its days…put down behind the barn…”- At that moment, Duke begins to laugh a bit as the blood drips from his mouth and onto the rocky floor. Duke slowly begins to stand back up on his feet, his body shaking violently. As he gets on his own two feet, his legs begin to shake from just wanting to give in already. His all of his heart, Duke refuses to go down. Duke’s pride forces him to not go down and to not wave the white flag. His left hand grips tightly around the Lightning Kunai he has. –“No, Damian….I refuse to die at your hand….”-At that moment, Damian’s
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body disappears in a flash and Duke’s eyes slowly begin to expand. ( ) *PICTURE IN SLOW MOTION* Almost instantly after Damian’s body disappears, he re-appears directly behind Duke. His body impacting the ground with a powerful gust due to the teleportation. Dirt rises from the ground around Damian’s feet as his right arm is cocked back with the Adamantium Blade in his hand. Damian’s left hand rests on Duke’s left hand as he uses the Teleportation Technique as Duke holds the kunai. With one quick stroke of fury, Damian thrusts his blade through the heart of Duke’s body. No Bone Manipulation in the universe can
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withstand the sharpness of the Adamantium Blade. The sound of Damian’s blade piercing through Duke’s back, slicing through the bones and piercing through his chest where The Ancient’s face is. Blood squirts off the end of the blade, causing it to splatter on the rocks in front of them. Duke’s eyes shoot wide open as he feels the blade slip right through him as if his skin was butter and the blade was a hot knife. Damian’s eyes peer into the back of Duke’s head as he says-“I don’t remember giving you a choice…”- Duke slowly begins to fall to a knee as he feels the life beginning to fade from his eyes. The rings on his Yellow Super Soldier eyes begin to slowly fade one by one; reverting away to give Duke the eyes he began his life with…empty. Within a few seconds, Duke slowly falls to his chest as it looks like the battle has come to a decisive end. Damian looks down at his brother and slowly pulls the blade out of Duke’s body. The Adamantium blade is covered in Duke’s blood and once he had the blade completely out, Damian begins to walk away; leaving his brother to rot in the dirt like an animal. But how did it get here? Let us take you back to only 18 hours ago!-

Where it all began!Edit

-( Back at The Island that The Power Four are laying low on, they have been much at work to get things back to
how they used to be. Alexander and Dominic continue to spend as much time in the Pada Chamber as they can, knowing that training like this can step their games up immensely. As they do that, Duke continues to work non-stop in finding a way to get to the bottom of what had happened to them. Using Yun Corps best in technology, Duke moves around the office and uses his 3D technology to make his life a whole lot easier. While sitting at his desk, Duke asks Alfred-“Hey Al, can you bring up all the events that have taken place under Goliath’s name in the past year?”- Alfred complies and a giant blue 3D model of the entire former United States appears in front of him. Red lines begin to rise on certain areas of the map and Alfred’s voice soon comes through the intercom saying-“Thanks to our superior hacking capabilities I was able to get into Goliath’s most classified material and you will be surprised to see the details as to what has been going on under the radar, Sir.”- Duke begins to eye all the events that had taken place and where they were at. Alfred says to Duke-“A very interesting one is in Old San Francisco, Sir…”-Duke looks over at Montana and sees that a spike increase in radiation activity had taken place there. Duke brings his hand up and it zooms into the California state. A bright red line appears over the old city and Duke scans the area, wondering on what had happened here. Duke then says-“Read File.”- In which Alfred complies by saying-“December 15…Specimen showing much improvement in eradication capabilities…Zero sign of regret or mercy in his actions…Entire rebuilding population whipped clean within a matter of hours…The Blue Haired Devil completes his task and is ready to move on to the next destination.”- Duke’s eyes begin to widen as he wonders if the “Blue Haired Devil” is who he thinks it is. Alfred asks-“You don’t think your…but why would he….It has to be someone else.”- Duke’s eyes begin to flare a bit as he connects the pieces to the puzzle, finding out that this “Blue Haired Devil” has been responsible for dozens of repopulated areas complete eradication. Duke stands up and begins to storm out of the room to find his brother.-

The Blue Haired Devil Edit

-( Duke begins to storm down the hallway, heading for Damian’s room. As he practically runs through the house, he finds all three of his team in one of the workout areas. Duke runs into the dojo facility that they are in and his eyes bleed with rage as he yells out-“DAMIAN!!”- The three instantly stop what they are doing and all look at Duke, wondering what all the screaming was for. Damian looks at Duke with a raised brow and asks-“Something I can help you with, Duke?”- Duke quickly thrusts his right hand and he hits his brother with a powerful overhand right punch that causes Damian to stagger back a few feet. After the punch, Alexander and Dominic quickly rush to hold Duke back as Dominic asks-“What the hell is going on, Duke!?”- Duke begins to yell out as they have to use all their strength just too even stop Duke’s rampage-“This son of a bitch hasn’t been gone for training! He’s been eradicating entire civilizations by himself! He’s been Goliath’s Grim Reaper for years! Admit it! You left all of us! Even your own Son, to go play Grim Reaper for a company that betrayed you in the end!”- Dominic and Alexander both slowly look over at Damian to see if it were true. As this happens, Damian begins to laugh a bit while wiping the spit off of his lip. He then says to Duke-“Well…what can I say…Like father…Like Son…”-And without prior warning, a bright golden skeletal arm hits all three of them like a huge windshield wiper wiping a bug off the glass. The three of them fall to the ground from the impact and Duke is the first to roll back onto his feet, looking up as Damian bursts with energy, flying through the roof. He yells out to them-“Sorry I couldn’t stay but it is a little too tense in here for me…”-Duke’s eyes squint and he says to himself-“No…You don’t get to run again…”- Duke then leaps into the air, jumping through the hole that Damian’s body had made in the roof.-

The Gulf of War Edit

-( ) Damian’s Body beginning to fly away with plenty of velocity as he travels at over 3 mach with just his own body, and
not pressing it to hard. Duke begins to lift his feet up and down off the ground like Jackie Robinson before he steals a base in Baseball. Duke thinks to himself-“I can’t let him get away!”-And with that motivation under his feet, Duke begins to run like a bolt of lightning across the water!  His legs begin to kick up off the water as he moves fast enough to maintain his body above the body of water. At first his body looks to maintain a set speed but as he grows more comfortable with running on the top of water, his legs begin to speed up and his body more suited towards being faster while running. Within a few seconds his legs begin to move so fast that his lower body looks like a blur with nothing but a circle moving across the water. Damian looks down and sees Duke quickly catching up to him as huge waves begin to part behind Duke’s body like a high powered racing speed boat. Damian’s body quickly lowers to where it is on the same level as Duke and the two begin to charge at each other, with Duke running on water and Damian flying just above the water. As Damian flies at Duke, the water below him begins to form a cyclone around his body! The two Super Soldiers quickly collide in the center as they both send flying knees at each other! The impact of their knees touching created a powerful shockwave that causes vibrations to flow through the ocean. Static electricity forms around their knees and within a few seconds, their bodies remain levitating in the air. With so much power in this contact, the impact holds a late reaction and a huge wave bursts all around them! With a ten foot diameter all around them, the water rises high into the sky. Damian wastes no more time as he throws a powerful right handed punch that impacts into Duke’s jaw, causing him to spin around while in the air. But as Duke does this, he uses his spin to throw a mighty spinning back head kick and the ball of his left ankle hits Damian’s right temple. The impact of the kick hits Damian hard and the shockwave echoes through the water as it still rises into the air. Within the next few instances, the two of them begin to unload on each other completely with their fists and feet! 
Their legs and fists impact against each other as the two look to be in a total stalemate! At this time, the waves finally begin to lower, leaving a mist effect over the ocean for a good ten meters around them. Duke’s body begins to descend downward due to him not being able to fly. Damian takes advantage of this and quickly dropkicks his brother in the chest with a powerful force!-“GAAHHHH!!!!”-Duke goes flying backwards from the kick, his body cartwheeling across the water like a ragdoll. Damian smirks a bit and his body bursts in a golden aura once again as he begins to fly off towards the southern mainland, just inside of the Gulf of Mexico. Duke’s body begins to flip on the water and his feet begins to skid against the water. His body comes to a slow halt and his feet sit on top of the water and his hands rest on top of the water. Duke asks himself-“How am I not sinking into the water?”-The Ancient’s voice begins to echo inside of Duke’s head-“It’s the Chi within your body…It’s reacting to my muscle memory and focusing on your hands and feet to keep your body floating above the water. Duke slowly stands back to his feet as he watches his brother fly away. Duke uses his scouter to keep a lock on his brother and he calls back into Alexander back at the house-“Alexander…I need you to bring me my War Fan and my blade…Follow my scouter…”-Duke begins to follow his brother, making sure to not lose track of him.-

The Long Awaited Fight! Edit

-( Duke quickly trails Damian and they soon find themselves near the Mississippi river, most known now-a-days for
being an impact zone for one of the Nuclear Bombs that came raining down from the sky in World War Three. Damian had his guard down thinking that his brother would be swimming by now but to his surprise, Duke’s body appears next to Damian’s and he says-“Peek a boo, bitch!”- and hits Damian with a powerful double Axe punch! Damian’s skull is smashed by Duke’s powerful punch and is sent flying into the ground like a missile. The impact of Damian’s body impacting into the ground causes a medium crater to form in the ground where the old streets still remain! The impact creates a powerful explosion of dust and Earth into the air. As the smoke fills the air, the wind in the atmosphere quickly begins to move the smoke to a new area. Once Damian’s body had become revealed, he slowly begins to stand back up. He looks up and sees Duke’s body landing on the ground near the crater. When Damian stands up, he flips out of the
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crater and the two Super Soldiers begin to walk to the left of the crater they are in. Damian begins to wipe his shoulders off and he says to Duke-“Well…It looks like you might have some new tricks of your own…”- The two of them begin to walk into a grass plain inside of a giant crater. Damian looks around and says to Duke-“Well…it seems rather fitting for this fight. The same place where the Nuke hit Mississippi back in World War Three…Let’s see who has finally proven to be the strongest Super Soldier…”- Duke nods his head as the two of them begin to get into their fighting stances. At that moment, a Vulture flies overhead and the voice of Alexander comes through on Duke’s comm-“Here ya go, Duke!”-And Alexander gives a care package of Duke’s gear. Damian looks up at the Vulture and allows him to drop Duke’s gear, knowing that he has his own. It is only fair for Duke to be at his best. Within the next thirty seconds, Duke attaches his War Fan and his Titantrite Blade onto his back. The two begin to stare each other down and Damian asks-“Shall we commence?...”-And Duke gives a simple nod as he is ready to fight.-   -( The two begin to charge at each other with blinding speeds that make their bodies seem like mere images! ( Their bodies dance around the grass, creating dusts of clouds where they bodies disappear and reappear. The two exchange blows, one after another! The two continue to look at a stalemate as they exchange punches and kicks, blow for blow! The amount of energy that is released when their bodies impact with each other can be seen from the skies above like small earthquakes around the State of Mississippi. Damian begins to smirk as his speed begins to increase! His punches and kicks become more difficult to block! ( Duke thinks to himself-“Shit! Damian has gotten fast…I may
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"Shall we commence?" -Damian

already need my Slow Vision…”- Duke parries and ducks under the next few punches but Damian notices that as this barrage of offensive punches and kicks continues, Duke slowly begins to step back while in the defensive state. Damian takes advantage of this and draws his line of sight with his right hand! Damian uses this as a trick as his left hand comes over Duke’s open right arms defense and lands a powerful left hook onto Duke’s jaw.-“GAH!”-Duke yells out as the impact of the punch knocks Duke off balance. Because of this break in pace, Damian is able to take full advantage and complete a powerful combo attack! Damian begins to release a flurry of powerful punches on Duke’s body! Uppercuts, Hook, jabs and gut shots; you name it and it got thrown! Duke is quickly hit with over ten powerful punches by Damian’s hardened fists. (Vegeta_versus_by_tsb.gif) After taking the flurry of punches, Duke’s face becomes scratched by the knuckles on Damian’s fists cracking through Duke’s hardened skin. Though Duke has yet to use his Bone Manipulation in the fight, his skin is already at a naturally hardened state made to handle most normal means. But as it would be said, a Yun is nothing normal. After the flurry of punches, Damian cocks back his right fist and the air around them begins to suck into the fist like a vortex. This is a technique of Speed Fighting called Crack Punching. This style of punching usually consists of a power combination technique. This technique revolves around an even balance of speed and power. Crack Punching uses the kinetic energy that is created from a speed punch but instead of focusing on pure speed, the user will puts in a large dose of power into these punches. Instead of using the speed to create a quick paced combo like throwing ten straight jab-cross punches to injure the opponent, Crack Punching involves using home run punches that can severely injure the opponent or possibly kill them depending on their natural ability. The same can be said for using kicks. Kicks are widely known to carry enough power to knock an opponent out with one clean kick. Crack Punching is creating a quick combo of power kicks that hold the ability to fatally wound the opponent. With the air being sucked into the fists direction, Damian thrusts his fist forward in a cross punch and he immediately cracks Duke on the jaw! In slow motion it looks like Duke’s jaw completely detaches from its joints and shatters into thousands of little pieces while being held together by nothing more than Duke’s skin! The impact of the punch causes Duke’s body to go flying backwards into the wall of the crater!( Dust and dirt begin to lift high into the air after the impact, not making much destruction as his body entered the wall like a bullet! Damian smirks as he watches his brother impact into the wall and he says to Duke-“You don’t even put up a fight, Little bro….”-

Duke's Strategy Edit

-( Duke’s body bursts from within the wall, causing some of the rock to fly out of the wall. Duke brushes himself off and looks over at his brother who already feels like this fight is over. Duke begins to crack his neck as he says-“Don’t mistake me brother…We are just getting started.”- Duke’s body quickly begins to flash as he moves across the grass, heading straight for his brother. Damian gets ready as he thinks to himself-“Such a rookie…”-He says this while his purple eyes begin to spin, forming the three rings around the center of his eyes. This shows the activation in his Slow Vision. Duke’s body begins to slow down in Damian’s eyes to better assess and judge his movements. Duke begins to smirk as he sees his brothers eyes begin to activate. As Duke’s body reaches Damian’s, he lifts his right knee as if he were going to throw a powerful flying knee! But as this happens, Duke uses his Chi within his body and focuses it into his left leg. As this happens, Duke is able to move at a faster speed than he was just moving. And because of this, Duke thrusts his left leg forward and cracks his brother underneath his jaw with his left foot. This causes Damian’s head to rear back and spit up blood from the powerful impact.
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 This technique is designed to confuse and go beyond what Slow Vision can complete. Slow Vision is a technique that allows it’s user to slow down his own vision, taking things like a high end camera takes for frames in a single shot. Because of this, the eyes of the user must adjust themselves, the same way the camera will adjust. Once this happens, the Slow Vision becomes adjusted to that particular speed. While it is known that Slow Vision can adjust within an instant but when in Point blank range, it may be too slow to adjust to a “Gusting” change in speeds. A Gust in wind is considered a wind that appears over 10Knots over the average set speed during the point of observation. This law can be applied for the Slow Vision counter. Because of the rapid change in speed in such a short distance (Needing to be point blank range), the Slow Vision that Damian has is to slow to re-adjust itself to fit Duke’s Chi Enhanced Kick. Because of this, Damian is caught with his pants down as he takes the full force of this kick without even bracing his body to at least cushion the blow. After the first kick is completed, Duke spins around while his body begins to descend to the floor. As his left foot hits the ground, he thrusts his right leg into Damian’s gut! As this happens, Damian’s body bends forward a bit and releases some spit mixed with blood out in front of him. Before Damian can have time to recover himself, Duke spins around once more with blazing speeds and thrusts his left foot into Damian’s chest with a powerful Spartan Kick!
The impacts of this combo cause Damian to slide across the floor for twenty meters before flipping back to his feet. Damian flips in the air and lands on a nearby boulder and his eyes stare down Duke’s as the Hybrid Demon King stands tall with his long flowing black hair. Damian reaches down at his gut as the powerful kicks from Duke give him a throbbing pain. Duke asks in a sarcastic tone-“What’s the matter, upset stomach?”-That brings Damian to smirk as he stands back up, standing tall and saying-“You think anything like that will be enough to defeat me?”- Damian reaches back and grabs one of his smaller scrolls. Duke knows exactly what is inside of that scroll and he quickly draws his two custom made m1911 pistols. Damian laughs a bit as he opens the scroll and places his hand on the formation sealing that conceals the weapon inside of it. As soon as his hand touches the parchment like paper, a small cloud of smoke bursts from the scroll and practically wraps around Damian’s upper body. Within a few seconds, Damian’s body bursts through the smoke, now holding a Lightning Flash Kunai in his left hand. His arm rests in front of his face whereas his right arm rests on his back, with another kunai in his hand. Across his belly is a set of Kunai blades and with that, Damian says to Duke-“Do you think you are faster than me, Duke?”- Duke begins to fiddle his fingers on the trigger, ready for his brothers next charge; having the general idea of what is coming next.-“Quit the talk, Damian…Let’s just fight!”-

The Fastest Fighter in The Universe! Edit

-( Damian nods his head as his brother wishes to just continue the fight. Upon his nod, Damian quickly throws his hands forward over and over looking like a complete blur to the naked eye. But if they were to look closer at what Damian is doing they would see that every time he throws his arms forward he throws one of his lightning Kunai into the direction that Duke is standing. After each throw, Damian reaches down and grabs another Lightning Flash Kunai. As the Kunai come flying towards him, Duke quickly notices that some of the Kunai aren’t being thrown directly at him. He knows that these Kunai all have the ability to give Damian the ability to teleport so Duke quickly comes with the idea that Damian is really setting up his field of teleportation rather than trying to actually hit Duke with the kunai itself. As that happens, Duke lifts up his arms and begins to fire Uranium rounds out of his custom M1911’s and the rounds quickly impact with the blades as they zoom towards him. The impact of the rounds are perfectly placed as they impact the metal kunai in a way that causes them to instantly fling back and land in the ground closer to Damian than they are to Duke. The sounds of the rounds hitting the Kunai begin to echo between them, the impacts causing sparks to fly around the grass. Duke’s arms move across his body, using Gun Kata to its full extend as each bullet that is fired is perfectly timed to exactly where Duke wants it! As the Kunai begin to stop coming, the floor in front of him is now filled with the Kunai blades stabbed into the ground in front of him. Smoke swirls off the barrel as Damian smirks-“see if you can hit…THIS ONE!”-And as he yells that out, he launches one more Kunai straight towards his brother.*SLOW MOTION TIME!* Duke quickly points both barrels at the Kunai blade and fires two rounds. The hammer of the pistols quickly launch back causing the casings to fly out of the ejection port. The casings spin around as they begin to head towards the ground. The two bullets begin to rip through the air, rotating fast enough to create a wind vortex around the head of the bullet. As they get a few feet away from the Kunai itself, Damian’s body quickly comes to a flash as it disappears from its position on the rock. ( Damian’s body instantly appears with his right hand wrapped around the Kunai! His body is bent forward with his right arm extended up and out as he pulls the Kunai out of the bullets trajectory. At that moment, the bullets just pass the area where they would have impacted into the Kunai. Once this action had taken place, Damian pulls the Kunai across his chest and once again throws the kunai at his brother, now at a 45 degree angle from where Duke’s guns are facing. In his left hand, Duke prepares one of his signature attacks. Focusing his energy into his left palm, a bright yellow orb begins to form; representing a highly concentrated and condensed form of his Aura.
 The Kunai blade begins to fly towards Duke and out of his peripheral vision he is able to see the blade coming right for his face! With no time to adjust his weapons, Duke quickly begins to move his head to the left and as he does so, if it had been any other Kunai it would have missed him completely. But because the Lightning Flash Kunai is made with two sharpened edges protruding the center blade itself, Duke’s cheek is nicked slightly by the side of the blade and it causes Duke to shut his right eye, losing his sight of his brother. The blade passes by his head and begins to head behind his head. Once this happens, Damian smirks as the time has come for his combo to reach its climax. Damian’s body once again disappears in a flash, releasing the same sound effect as before. Because of the sound, Duke opens his eyes violently knowing that his brother has once again teleported. Knowing that someone is coming his way, Duke is forced to do the only thing he can at the moment. Duke begins to access his Bone Manipulation and his entire body begins to rapidly increase its durability! His bones become as hard as steel and his skin all the same. As this happens, Damian’s body reforms in a flash with his right arm gripping the kunai and his left arm extended out above him! His left arm is cocked back and ready to drop the hammer! As Damian’s body makes his way to be above Duke, Damian smirks knowing just how perfect these Kunai make his fighting strength. Before Duke can even react, Damian thrusts his hand down and his yellow Aura Orb pierces into Duke’s back! The impact of this attack causes Duke to be launched into the ground with his back being ripped apart by the powerful Aura Orb! ( –“GYAAAHHH!!!”-Duke yells out as his body digs into the ground, causing the grasslands to crack and lift up from the Earth’s crust. Duke’s top begins to spin in an anti-cyclonic rate due to the spiral motion that the Aura Orb takes on impact. The black fabric begins to fly up around Damian as his Aura Orb digs into Duke’s back creating a blinding yellow light! After a few seconds of the Aura Orb spinning against Duke’s back, the light and size of the orb begins to die down. Once the Aura Orb had completely subsided, Damian looks down at Damian’s back and sees that his attack only caused some minor cuts and scrapes. He asks out loud-“What the hell?”-

Things get seriousEdit


Similar use to Duke's Bone Tongs

-( ) Without any warning whatsoever, two white bone tongs shoot up from the ground around Damian and they quickly wrap around his wrists and twist their way up his arms to keep him locked in position. Two more appear around his legs and continue the same motion to keep him locked in a prison of Bone. Duke slowly begins to stand up as his black shirt slowly falls from his body. His chest becomes revealed as he now has four white bone creations coming out of his chest. This is an extension of his bone manipulation style of fighting. Damian tries to free himself of his prison hold but Duke keeps him held down extremely tight. With the bones getting stronger as the time passes on, Damian’ struggles begin to become effortless. Damian’s hair begins to flow over his face as he yells out-“You think you’ve won because you can tie me down for a few seconds! I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeves!”- After saying that, Damian tries to use his Lightning Flash technique to go to one of his kunai blades that he had thrown earlier. But as he does this, Duke looks around with a smirk and asks-“Oh? Is something wrong? Is your teleportation technique not working? I wonder what could be the reason for that is?...”-Duke looks back at Damian with a smile on his face, Damian giving the exact opposite look. Duke then says as he points to a Kunai-“It might be because I shot off every one of your Kunai’s special formulas. I know you can’t teleport unless these formulas are written out to a perfection…Your little plan of teleporting out of here isn’t going to work.”-Damian looks at his right hand that is still holding his one good Kunai and he quickly prepares to just simply flick his wrist to throw it, giving his final effort. But as this happens, the white bone expand down and lock his entire hand into place, making sure Damian can’t let go of that single Kunai. Damian yells out-“Damn you!”-Duke laughs a bit as he feels the tables have turned from the both of them. Duke still has his M1911’s in his hands and he slowly places them back into their holsters as this fight has completely left the realm of conventional weapons. Damian reaches to his hip with his right hand and slowly begins to draw his Titantrite Blade. The sound of the sword being drawn from its sheath echoes through the silent grasslands and Damian can only sit and watch as the shiny silver blade comes out to play. Duke spins it around three times slowly before getting into position. With the wind blowing from west to east, Duke keeps his eye on Damian’s chest. Duke says nothing to Damian and Damian does the same towards Duke. After a few seconds of silence, Duke thrusts his blade forward towards Duke’s chest! As it looks like the end for Damian, a bright Golden Aura bursts from his body, creating a Rip Cage around him! ( As the Aura Rib Cage is created it impacts with the blade instantly! The bones that hold Damian down begin to shatter causing Duke an immense amount of pain as the bones are still connected to him. His body quickly pulls in the connected bone that isn’t destroyed and Duke continues to try and pierce through the Aura of Damian’s but the blade doesn’t seem to get anywhere. Damian begins to laugh as he says to his brother-“You know full well that my Aura indestructible! You might as well start running now!”-But Damian’s laughter is soon ran short because in the middle of his talking, the blade begins to cause the Aura to crack at where the blade is trying to pierce. Damian’s face quickly turns to pure shock as nothing in this world has ever caused Damian’s Aura to get any form of damage. Duke takes advantage of this opportunity and quickly rears his blade back and swings the entire blade across the Aura surrounding Damian’s body. The impact creates a powerful BOOM! Sound and Damian’s aura begins to crack like frozen water over a lake, slowly breaking apart. Because of this, Damian quickly jumps back with his Aura still attached. Duke spins his blade around across his back and makes the “Come at me” motion with his free hand while saying-“What’s with the back pedaling? I thought your aura was indestructible?”- Even as Duke says that, he isn’t fully aware himself as to why the Titantrite blade was able to even put a dent in the Aura Construct of Damian’s. But in all reality it has to do with the make-up of the blade itself. Because of the special Vibranium inside of the blade, the Titantrite blade was originally believed to be a “Chi Killer” so to speak. But as it had just been seen, it can also damage forms of energy outside of just Chi. This could allow Duke to cut through multiple forms of energy outside of the normal level that is “Chi.” With a distance between the two of them now, Damian slaps his hands together and begins to focus his energy as the blue aura begins to burst out of his body and tower high into the sky! Duke looks up as a skyscraper of Damian’s energy bursts into the heavens. Duke is used to seeing Damian release his surge of power when it comes to his Aura Manipulation but he had yet to see anything like this. He can only wonder what is going to come out of this huge surge of power!-

The Dragon Lord Appears! Edit

-( The bright golden aura rises high into the Earth’s atmosphere, hitting a few hundred feet above the canyon that they are in. Duke’s eyes widen as sweat begins to trickle down from his forehead.-“What….What is that!?”-Damian smirks as his says to his brother-“This is the power that can slay, Gods!...You’ve always wondered what power the Dragon Lord carried…Well you are about to witness first hand just how powerful it can be!.”- As Damian yells that out, his gigantic aura expands outward now beginning to take shape. The aura expands around him like the size of a buildings as the Aura slowly causes Damian to begin to float in the middle of its body. 
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 The form of this beast begins to blot out the moon itself from where Duke is standing as he is nothing more than an Ant to this giant construct. Two arms form around this shell like creation and quickly smack together in a praying formation. The wind created by this smack is enough to lift up the trees and boulders right out of the ground! Duke barely remains standing as the powerful winds lift his flowing black hair all over the place. Duke thinks to himself-“How can anyone defeat something like this!?”-Damian laughs as he watches his brother struggle to even keep a steady foot on the ground. Damian yells out to Duke-“And now…to show you the real Dragon Lord!”-Duke looks up and yells out-“THERE’S MORE!?”- Damian laughs again as his body begins to float higher to where the Constructs head resides. Within an instant the aura begins to reform like a puzzle! The aura construct begins to take a larger and sharper shape as detail in the construct begins to form. The arms begin to expand in a more muscular tone, creating large chains around the wrists of the Dragon Lord. The upper body of the construct remains the same as it used to when the Dragon Lord was called out for action. The long Egyptian like head with Damian resting in the center point of its crown like forehead. The two eyes begin to burn with a bright red color, something they never did before; almost as if the Dragon Lord is actually coming to life. The lower body slowly comes together, revealing the Dragon Lord’s pharaoh like outfit. The giant creation stands at over 250 feet tall from the surface of the canyon. Duke looks amazed as he can’t believe what he is staring at.
 In his right hand, a
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bright golden orb begins to form in a cyclonic rotation! This creates a blinding golden light as the orb begins to suck in the oxygen around it. This orb is the size of a monster truck in the Dragon Lord’s hand as Damian yells out-“Let’s see if you can dodge this!”- The Dragon Lords body begins to thrust the right arm forward and the orb quickly flies through the air, heading straight for Duke where he stands!  The orb quickly makes way for Duke as he quickly begins to try and run out from its trajectory!-“Shitt!”-He yells out as he reaches back for his war fan, knowing full well the power that can be concentrated in Damian’s attacks let alone something of this scale. Within an instant the orb explodes on the ground and creates a huge explosion into the Earth’s crust that lifts the ground all around them, quickly engulfing Duke inside of the blast. A bright golden explosion can be seen for hundreds of miles as the wind created from the blast hits over 232 knots! While in the blast, Duke quickly faces his war fan at the blast, using the War Fan’s special absorbing techniques to keep himself from being blown to smithereens! The war fan begins to emit a bright golden color as the war fan is super-heated by the absorption of all that concentrated energy! Duke’s body is thrown back hundreds of feet after the initial explosion and smoke quickly fills the air. Damian begins to slowly walk closer towards Duke, only needing to take a few steps before Damian yells out to him-“Where are you hiding little bug!? Come and get squashed!”- Duke rolls across the hard rocky ground, holding onto the war fan for dear life! Once his body comes to a stop, he rests on the floor on all fours with the war fan resting on the ground, in his right hand. Duke begins to breathe heavily as the immense pressure that the blast created took a lot out of him.-“How…can something…have that much power…”- Duke slowly begins to stand up and he sees the towering Dragon Lord beginning to loom over him. Duke’s face gets serious as he knows he cannot give up. Duke lifts the war fan higher as he begins to focus on where his brother is. Duke thinks to himself-“For something that size, he must be lacking in speed….but knowing my brother…he wouldn’t build a perfect technique to ‘lack’ anything…”-Duke begins to run forwards towards the Dragon Lord and he says out loud-“Well I still have to try!”- Duke charges forward at Damian and leaps high into the air to try and reach the chest portion of the Dragon Lord. Duke begins to extend his arm back with the War Fan in hand! Just as it looks like Duke may pull a fast one on ole Damian, The left arm of the Dragon Lord comes swinging by and hits Duke’s entire body with a powerful punch! The impact feels like Duke just got hit by a eighteen wheeler truck and his body quickly goes flying to the right, towards the right side of the Dragon Lord’s body. Due to the impact, Duke’s war fan goes swirling into the air and lands into the ground with the handle piercing into the Earth; leaving the fan facing up towards the sky. As Duke flies to the right, Duke is hit with the Dragon Lord’s right arm coming from above and heading straight for the ground. Duke’s body quickly impacts into the dirt, sandwiching the Dragon Lord’s fist and the ground below. The impact creates huge cracks in the ground and a powerful shockwave of energy! After a few seconds, Damian calls the Dragon Lord to stand back to its feet and Damian looks down to see Duke. The Demon King’s body leaves an imprint in the ground as he lays there, broken bones all across his body. Any impact like this would have killed anyone else, but these two are almost unstoppable once they get going on their runs! After a few seconds, Duke comes too and begins to roll over to all fours. Once he rolls over he looks up to the right of him and sees that he landed near where the Lightning Flash Kunai is. Duke slowly reaches for the kunai with his right arm and slides it across the dirt to his chest. Duke once again stands up on his own two feet with the blade in hand. The Ancient knows everything that is going on and he asks Duke-“Do you think you are capable of using the Lightning Flash?”- Damian looks down and sees that his brother still gets up and he asks-“Why do you continue to stand!? When you know you cannot win!”-

The Unstoppable Force meets The Unmoveable Object! Edit

-( Duke looks up at his brother and says to him while answering both The Ancient and Damian-“Because I know I can beat you!”- Duke begins to sprint towards his war fan that is now beneath The Dragon Lord’s legs, right under his dangly parts. Damian says to himself-“Pitiful…”-Damian quickly raises his right arm up once again as he begins to form another orb in the palm of the right hand. Duke looks up and says to himself-“The charge time is only about a second…maybe two…I have to move fast!”- Duke’s body begins to move like a blur as he charges for the war fan. Damian smirks as he yells out-“Not fast enough!”- *SLOW MOTION TIME* Duke practically flies across the floor as his feet pick up the dirt as he runs. Damian thrusts his orb out towards Duke and moving at over mach 2 speeds, the orb practically jolts over to Duke. Duke’s eyes begin to spin as it begins to slow down the orb, breaking the speed down tremendously! Just as the orb looks like it is about to impact Duke at a point blank range, Duke throws the Kunai blade with all his strength; launching the kunai faster than the rate of speed that the orb is moving! The Kunai impacts the ground right next to the war fan and now Duke only has to find a way for the Kunai to activate to his own usage. Duke has gained knowledge on the fact that these formations only activate from a source of energy but Duke was never taught this form of energy. 
 Duke uses his hand to create a targeting formation as he tries to focus all of his Chi and Hybrid Energy mixture to try and compensate for the Nature Energy that is needed to get the Lightning Kunai to activate.-“AAAAHHHH!!!!!”-Duke yells out as he gives it everything he has to get this kunai formation to activate for him! At the very last moment, the formula on the kunai burns bright red and Duke’s body quickly releases a flashing effect and instantly disappears as the orb explodes! The explosion creates a much larger field of impact than the first that would have surely been the end of Duke! The signature sound of the teleportation technique can be heard and Damian hears it clearly!-“What!?”-( Duke’s body instantly re-appears with his left hand gripping the kunai with his left hand. The Ancient yells out within Duke’s mind-“HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!?”-Duke says to him while using his right hand to grab the war fan-“I don’t know! But let’s not waste this opportunity!”-Duke quickly thrusts the war fan upwards, the fan facing the balls of The Dragon Lord and Duke yells out at the top of his lungs-“ENERGYYY!!!!!....RELEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”- And at that moment the War Fan begins to vibrate and emit an almost pure white bright color. Then the gathered energy that was taken from the Dragon Lord quickly bursts out from the war fan! The extreme release in energy causes Duke’s body to have a huge recoil as his feet dig deep into the ground. The huge energy blast extends outwards that goes further beyond even that of the Dragon Lord’s body! The blast itself rips through the Dragon Lord’s aura construct due to the fact that it is the very same energy used to create the Dragon Lord, only more concentrated and condensed.
War Fan 3
 The energy begins to rip the giant Dragon Lord into shreds and Damian begins to yell out as the energy hits him as well-“I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!”-
And as the Energy Release from the war fan continued to tear right through the Aura Construct, he flexes his body outward and he too releases all of his Aura Energy that remained in the air! This becomes extremely destructive as it simulates the same effect as a molecular destruction of a Nuclear bomb. Because the Dragon Lord quickly became to break apart into pieces, the explosion of the Aura Energy hits a much larger scale due to expanding to a wider area! Damian’s Super Explosive Wave of energy quickly engulfs the entire canyon as it catches both himself and Duke within the blast. Because this happens, Duke can only standby as the explosion takes place around his body! The canyon quickly releases a mushroom cloud into the atmosphere after Damian’s release of power!  Duke and Damian’s body quickly get lost in the smoke as they look to be destroyed in the blast!-

Enter, The Dragon Oni Edit

-( ) The smoke rises high into the air and the canyon in the Mississippi impact zone once again becomes a barren wasteland of death and destruction. After the smoke clears and the two Super Soldiers come too, it leads us to the events of where we are now. The sudden change in atmospheric dynamics causes the clouds around the Gulf to become super saturated and release heavy rain upon the two of them. As Damian begins to walk away, he slowly turns and faces Duke one last time.
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 Damian lifts his hand up to push his blue hair out of his face and he says-“Goodbye…little brother…”-Damian begins to walk away once again, having finished the long fight to the death with his own brother. *Inside Duke’s Inner Mind* ( Duke begins to walk around an all-white void, confused to where he is.-“Hello!....Helllooo!”- He yells out as he wonders what is going on and why he is here. And within that quick instant, Donnie Yun appears before Duke.
–“What’s up, Kiddo…”-Duke begins to look stunned as he says-“Donnie!? How!? Am I dead!? Why are you here!?”- Donnie laughs a bit and he begins to sit down with his legs crossed while saying-“You know Damian did the same thing when I did this to him…No, you aren’t dead. I just want to talk to you.”- Duke slowly begins to sit down as well and is still as confused. Donnie begins to say to Duke-“The same way I left a bit of my chi within your brother…I left within you as well…You may not have been part of the family as blood…but you were a Son to me just as much as Damian…”-Duke nods and lets Donnie continue-“The thing is…I knew this would eventually come. One of you losing control of your abilities and becoming another form of myself…To be honest I had thought it to be you…Duke…But as the time went on, Damian became obsessed with nothing more than surpassing myself in strength and power. And he might have done it with that Dragon Lord of his…But even you found a way to surpass that…You’ve grown into your own man, Duke…It makes me proud to see how you have stood tall in what you believe in…But words aren’t going to get us where we need to be in this world.”-Duke asks-“What do you mean, Donnie?”-Donnie then looks at Duke with a serious face and says-“You have to kill your brother, Duke…It is the only way. Once he reached the height of killing the innocent because he felt it was something I would do…he has gone past the point of return…He became what I was…Another Yun finding the path of light and choosing to walk blind in the darkness…”-Duke shakes his head-“But isn’t there another way? A way to not kill him and bring him back? He has a son now!”-Donnie looks away for a moment in silence before speaking to Duke again.-“I know it will be hard…for my grandson to grow up without a Yun to teach him…but…I’d rather my grandson grow up to see his father in a lighter image…maybe see him as a hero he was…instead of the villain he became…”-Duke slowly begins to stand up and with a confident tone he says-“I will be there to tell Daisuke the stories of his father…and what a warrior he will forever be remembered as…Thank you, Donnie.”-Donnie nods while saying-“No, Son…Thank you…”-Donnie stands up and shakes Duke’s hand and his body begins to slowly disappear into the white void once again. Donnie Yun may be long dead and into the afterlife, but his presence has never left the hearts of his two Sons that he left on to carry their legacy! *BACK TO REALITY* -

The Red VS Gold: Hyper Forms come togetherEdit

-( Duke begins to slowly move his fingers now as his mind returns back to its normal state. His heart once again begins to beat, slowly but surely returning back its normal pace. At that moment, he’d only just missed his brother saying goodbye to him. Because of what Donnie said to Duke, The Demon King slowly begins to feel the energy welling up within his body. He then says to Damian as he walks away-“Why…you…leaving….so soon!”- Upon hearing that, Damian stops in his tracks and his eyes shoot as wide as they can without popping out. Damian slowly turns around and sees Duke beginning to stand up on his own as his body begins to surge with a bright blue aura! This aura looks like a glitter that wraps around his body, similar to hos snow looks as it falls from the atmosphere. Damian asks-“How is this possible!? I felt your heart stop beating!”- Duke smirks a bit as the energy within him rises with each passing moment-“Thank…Your father…”- Immediately after saying that, Duke arches his back as he releases a powerful-“RRRROAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!”-Upon his release of roaring, the bright blue aura explodes around his body like a surging wave of power! Almost as fast as the aura surge
began, it quickly dissipates into the atmosphere revealing the change in Duke’s physical demeanor. Duke’s hair shines a bright crimson red color along with his eyes and eyebrows. His aura burns with a bright red flame and his face is covered by markings similar to Damian’s when he transforms. Duke looks over at Damian and says-“It’s time to end this fight once and for all…”- Damian smirks a bit and says in reply to his brother-“I thought I already did…looks like I just have to keep knocking you down some more before you learn not to stand up again…”- Damian then thrusts his arms across his body as he releases a powerful burst of his golden aura. His hair quickly changes to a bright golden color along with his eyebrows but his eyes transform into a bright emerald color.  The two begin to stare each other down as they are now in their final forms! The end of their civil war will soon come to an end!-

The Battle of The BuldgeEdit

-( ) The two Super Soldiers begin to collide against each other, using their Speed Fighting mastery to the highest of its level! Their bodies begin to flash across the entire canyon as their bodies move faster than the images of their body can be created! Each time their bodies collide they come to a different stop whether it be by punching or kicking. The amount of power that is released by each individual collision creates a powerful shockwave that can be heard for hundreds of miles. Their power and cunning is so powerful that when they pass through the clouds, the atmosphere quickly becomes unbalanced and the saturated air parcels in the atmosphere quickly evaporate within an instant, creating a dry atmosphere! The clouds quickly disappear into dry water vapor, super cooling the air around them. 
Their bodies move so fast that even with their highly powerful optic abilities, they both struggle to keep up with the rate of movement of their bodies! The two fighters go back and forth as they are dead even in the heat of battle! Duke lands a hit and then Damian comes right back with one of his own! It looks like the two of them can continue this fight for all eternity. Soon the two meet in the center point of the canyon and they each grab each other’s arms in a powerful impact! As soon as their bodies meet, the dirt around them begins to ripple like a huge waves, their bodies being the epicenter to this change in the ground! ( The two of them begin to try and out strength each other but their massive muscles are too stubborn to be defeated. Veins begin to pop out of their arms and forehead as the immense pressure emitted by these two is huge! Both of them grunt as the struggle is real with this stalemate showdown! Finally, Duke breaks through! Duke begins to quickly lift Damian into the air and using his enhanced agility, Duke thrusts his right leg up to Damian’s face and the impact of the kick sends him flying up into the air! ( When Duke’s foot hits Damian it causes him to spit up blood onto Duke’s body! Damian then goes flying high into the air in a daze from the mighty head kick! Duke takes advantage of the situation and jumps towards the canyon wall! He uses the wall of the canyon like a springboard as he shoots himself like a rocket into the air after Damian! While in the air, Duke quickly catches Damian and he puts Damian over his shoulders with his legs hanging towards his back. Duke begins to set up the positioning of his most powerful physical technique! Duke grips onto
Tumblr mbuvxmGqZp1r86adro3 500
Damian’s belt as strong as he can and yells out-“BEAST!....BOOOOMMBB!!!!”-The Beast Bomb is a powerful technique that Duke has come to use in a Hand to Hand situation. First, Deucalion will find a way to get the opponent up and above his head. This can be done by either throwing the opponent into the air from a back suplex, kicking them in the gut and spinning them up into the air by sheer strength, or flipping them in the air to grab them in mid-lift. Once Duke has a hold of the opponent above his head, Duke will use his superior strength to then slam the opponent's body on their back with thounderous power. Using his own momentum to help aid the effectiveness of the attack, he will land on his ass with his legs around the opponent to make sure that the attack hits with all the force it can. The impact of the Beast Bomb easily causes great and fatal damage to the opponent as their back has a high percentage in shattering into pieces. Some side effects to the opponent are cracked ribs, torn muscles, depending on where the ribs break it could cause a collapse in a lung or both. The physical power that Duke puts into this technique causes a huge eruption in the area, causing a medium sized crater to form around them. Gravel and rock would lift into the air from the impact, even creating a large cloud of debree after the impact is made. On ocassion due to the emount of power and quickly gathered kinetic force, spurts of electrical outputs can be seen to charge around their bodies and shatter anything in their path. This shows how much force and strength that Duke places in this attack. If this attack is sucessful in hitting the opponent he/she is surely not going to be standing back up anytime soon or at all for that matter. This attack is by far one of Duke's most powerful physical attacks in his arsenal.  Duke slams Damian’s body into the ground with a loud crunching boom! The ground around them begins to spit out dirt and rock for over ten yards while lines of electricity surge out from their bodies and across the canyon floor.-“GGGAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”-Damian yells out as his back practically shatters into pieces from the Beast Bomb technique.  Within a few seconds the entire canyon shakes from the impact and the dirt quickly falls back down to the ground. With Duke’s position he quickly uses his Jiu Jitsu rolls to get in a full mount position while drawing his Titantrite blade once again. Duke places the blade onto Damian’s throat and he says-“It’s time, Damian…”-Damian’s eyes slowly open as blood spills from his mouth.-“Just…do it…”- Duke’s hand begins to shake as the final moment of him coming to kill his brother has become harder than he imagined. ( Damian begins to look up-“What’s the problem there, Duke?...”-Duke’s eyes begin to get watery causing his vision to become blurred as he becomes drowned by emotion. The blade shakes across Damian’s neck, dancing with near death is Duke accidentally nicks something important on Damien’s body. Duke begins to slowly pull his blade back and stands up. Damian asks-“Why are you stopping!?...Finish it!”- Damian then coughs up more blood as his insides are on fire, one of his lungs pierced by a broken rib of his after the Beast Bomb. The blood slowly but surely begins to cause Damian to drown from within himself due to the blood filling in his lungs. Duke begins to walk away and as he does so, he says to Damian-“I can’t do it, Damian…I won’t kill you…”- Duke thinks to himself-“I’m sorry, Donnie…”-

The Final Hail Mary!Edit

-( As Duke slowly walks away, Damian begins to rise back up to his feet. His eyes burn with a passion as the
blood from his mouth hits the ground. Tears begin to fall from his eyes, hidden by the rain. Damian knows exactly what is coming and with his right hand on his collapsed lung and his left hand gripping his Adamantium blade he calls out to Duke-“Don’t walk away from me!”-and charges at Duke with everything he has left. Duke quickly turns around to see Damian charging at him like a madman and out of pure reflex, Duke swings his Titantrite blade! As this happens, Damian swings his Adamantium blade and two two Super Soldiers meet in the middle! As the two bodies meet in the center of movement, lightning strikes the ground around them and the enormous thunder created by the lightning blocks out any sound of the blades impact with flesh or metal.  Both bodies come to a sliding halt after swinging their blades as each other! Both men stand in positions as if they had made contact with their bodies! A few seconds pass and Duke’s blade begins to drip a bright red liquid onto the floor. Damian looks down and sees that his blade does not drip anything. This causes him to smirk a bit before his shoulder practically spray out 

blood like some anime character! The release of all that blood sends Damian to his knees. His robes become covered in his bright red crimson blood and he quickly loses his grip on his blade. Duke quickly runs over to his brother but Damian slowly raises his hand to stop his brother from doing anything. Damian’s eyes already begin to lose the rings that surround the center of his pupil and he says to Duke-“Good…fight, brother…”-Duke begins to tear up once again as he grabs his brothers collar-“Shut up! You….Damn you, Damian!”- Duke slowly lowers his head.  Damian says to him in a weak voice-“Don’t worry….I am fine…You gave me one hell of a fight…”-Damian’s body becomes heavier in Duke’s grip due to him wanting to just fall to the ground with how weak his body has become in the rapid blood loss. Damian asks in his final words-“Tell…Shira…I was never good enough…Duke…You keep taking care of them…You’re more…of a Father…than I could be…”- Damian’s eyes slowly begin to shut as he leaves this world with a smile on his face. Duke slowly lowers his brother’s body down onto the ground now as the rain comes down much harder now. Duke can’t help but begin to shed some tears for his brother as the blood begins to mix in with the rain water and travel downstream.-

The Final FarewellEdit

-( As the time passes on, Duke calls in for Alexander and Dominic to come and clean the mess and gather all the equipment that was used in the fight. Damian’s things are gathered along with some of Duke’s and he can’t help but look off into the horizon. The ocean looks at peace in the distance but when he turns and sees all the destruction they caused in this canyon, creating their own continuation of the Mississippi river; it causes Duke to wonder if they could ever live a normal life. Damian’s body had been packed into the vulture first before gathering anything else. As Duke stands on the edge of the canyon looking down at all the smoke and fire that remains in the canyon, Alexander walks over to him and asks-“Did you guys really do all of this?”- Duke nods his head while saying-“My brother was by far one of the strongest people on this planet…He wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…”-Duke turns around while holding his brother’s necklace in his right hand and begins to walk over to the Vulture.-“Let’s go home, Alex.”-Alexander nods and the two begin to walk back to the bird where Dominic awaits them. As they walk back, Alexander asks-“You know they are going to have to re-draw the maps of this place because of you two, right?”-The two begin to laugh, able to see a joke in all this blood. The three of them enter the Vulture and within a few minutes, they take off into the skies! Duke looks back at the warzone they created as they fly away. They are able to see the smoke and mushroom cloud that had been created during the fight and Duke can’t help but smile a bit. He puts on his brother’s necklace and as the wind blows his hair out of his face, he says-“Goodbye…Damian…”-

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