"Jin HELP!" Turning his head Jin looked at Ayane being held down by one of the Yakuza members, Jin went on a mission where he needed to find info on where Keyth might be, he was in a all out brawl fighting his target until his head turned to see Ayane inn trouble. Thats when it happened when Jin turned his head from the battle he got a left hook in the jaw which sent him down to the ground once he was out for the moment his target got his men and got into a car and drove off leaving nothing but dust behind them as they got away. "Agh.." Jin said as he rose to his feet seeing he lost his men he punched the wall near him as he yelled out. "FUCK!..Almost had him to." Ayane looked at Jin as she kept her head down it was all her fault the man got away, she's always in the way she thought to herself as she rose and dusted off her knees before walking over to Jin trying to wrap her arms around him as Jin backed up and shakes his head, "Jin im so sorry please dont be angry."

Hearing her Jin would say "It's fine Ayane I just need to take a walk We'll talk later."  Jin then walked off heading down the block having both hands in his pocket as he didn't speak. Ayane felt bad about letting Jin down and being useless cause this isnt the first time she had cost him a target. At this moment she felt useless she's always in the way she thought why couldn't she have his back why couldnt she have her sister back, if she did maybe she would still be alive. While Ayane was blaming herself she would hear a loud ramming noise in an alley-way. Making her way over she stepped over some tipped over trash cans, when she peaked around the corner she would see a fight breaking out, between a female and an male. But as Ayane was watching her eyes couldn't keep up with the ladies fast strikes with her legs. The kick she gave the male sent him 15 feet his back hitting the wall as he was knocked out cold. As Ayane was watching she could see the female's eyes shift to hers as she spoke. "Get from over there I can see you." Ayane came from the corner as she said "That was amazing I wish I wasnt as useless as you." Ayane said to herself looking down as Shui would walk over to her and kneel on one knee "Why do you call yourself useless?" "Because everyone around has to hold my hand, I lost my sister and now I im scared this boy is getting tried of proceting me I want to do it on my own I don't ever want to be useless. Hearing her shui looked down as she knew how it feels to lose a sister, she also knew how it felt to feel useless. Standing off of the one knee Shui would look at Ayane as she said "Come with me." following the Shui inside a secret passage, Ayane began to wonder where she was being taken to. As they made it inside this huge room Ayane looked in awe as she was in a gym, a private one at that.

"If you dont want to feel useless anymore, I will train you but, we will do everything my way." Ayane nodded as she couldnt believe her ears, Shui looked at her as she said "Ima teach you the art of Kick boxing but first I will teach you stand up fighting which is a hand-to-hand combat that takes place while the combatants are in a standing position. The term is commonly used in martial arts and combat sports to designate the set of techniques employed from a standing position, as opposed to techniques employed in ground fighting. Stand-up fighting that takes place while the combatants are grappling each other is referred to as clinch fighting. Techniques used in stand-up fighting include various strikes or blocking techniques, either with parts of the body, or with mêlée weapons. Essential aspects of stand-up fighting include striking combinations, with the aim of striking to incapacitate or injure the opponent. Martial arts and combat sports that emphasize stand-up fighting include boxing, escrima, jōdō, karate, kendo, kickboxing, kung fu, muay thai, savate, fist fighting, silat and taekwondo" Ayane nodded hearing Shui speak as Shui would walk up to Ayane and help her find her stance.

As she stood in her stance it was great had her legs spread apart as Shui said "Good make sure you have an Comfort zone, The comfort zone is a non-combat distance from which it is not possible to kick the opponent without closing the distance considerably. From this zone the combatant might carefully close in on the opponent to engage with strikes. Ayane nodded as she began to throw some jabs here and there getting some practice in as Shui smiled and said "Now a left kick." Hearing her Ayane jab first with her left then with her right taking a deep breath in she curved her body as she sent a powerful side kick.( After a few days of practice Ayane learned the forms and attacks of Kick boxing, she was a real natural at it. She's been inside the gym for four whole days she kinda forgot about Jin and everyone else she was just making sure she would be worth something when they see her again. Ayane would brush her crimson hair out the way as she began to run laps around the gym keeping her body moving. She stopped in front of her master as shui had spoken. "Now that you have the style down I want to teach you a thing about Chi, ima teach you how to use it. Now what I want you to do is sit in the center of this mat and dig deep into your body, let it become apart of you dont let it take control of you." She said, Ayane nodded as she sat in the center of the mat placing both of her hands in front of her as she closed her eyes and began to think.

Ayane was trying to find something that she would think would be her chi but she found nothing she soon to become angry with herself and once she did a dark purple/pink aura began to surround her Shui watched as electricity began to form around the aura, Ayane could feel it working she could feel herself becoming more and more powerful as she smiled."Enough.. I see you possess Chakra, Chakra is the essence of a fighter, the inner life force. It is the moulding of the physical energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy  gained from exercise and experience." After hearing her Shui and Ayane began to learn that Ayane element was lighitng she could control it at will she been learning how to do the move Pusshu Bakufū she's been getting better but it hasnt been working out. The only thing Ayane was good with her chi was to form weapons like sword and daggers and use them in battle, she even can channel her chi to surround one of her eyes for she could see better. A week later Ayane was worried about Jin and maybe she should call him but shui came and told her she cant contact the real world until the training is done. "Now Ayane Im very proud of you but for your final test Im placing you in an underground fight to see how you do against people." Hearing her Ayane would nod as she said "I wont let you down." Shui smiled as she said "There one more thing..Your going to have to change your look this little good girl look isnt for you..Time for your make over." Ayane looked at her red hair as she looked at Shui "Okay im ready for whatever you throw at me."( Hearing her Shui would grab Ayane hand and pushed Ayane in the bathroom with some clothes and some purple hair dye "Trust put this one and it will be a new you!"

Few hours later Ayane would walk out the bathroom wearing a skimpy suit that only covered her upper body, her legs where fully shown, with serval straps around them as Ayane looked at Shui and smiled as she pushed back her purple hair. "I love it."( After the spoke about the new look Ayane was led to the underground fighting match which was her against someone she didnt see yet. The crowd would go loud as they saw Ayane step in the ring and the men began to make noises at her due to her clothing. "Men.." She said to herself as she awaited on who she was fighting until everyone went quite as the door busted down as loud screams could be heard. "KPD EVERYONE DOWN  NOW!" Looking at Shui she would pull on Ayane as she said "You have learned but it time for us to part..Remember everything I taught you." Ayane nodded as she said "Why are you leaving?!" She didnt see a KPD officer come behind her as he grabbed on her shoulder Ayane would twsit her body and send the officer flying, but when she turned Shui was gone. "Fuck!" she cried out as she went to find a way out of the underground fighting ring she ran with the crowd to aid her escape she never looked back the only thing was on her mind was her master and Jin. 

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