These events took place sometime prior to Keyth Tasanagi's death.

It was nighttime. This time of night suddenly became the most efficient time for Densuke to ravel now a days. Considering, he was still a fugitive and couldn’t get around unless he played his alias “Bruce Clark.”  He was an annoying character to play, and well…it got tiring. Keyth had asked Densuke if he could teach jin a few things about how to fight different types of fighter. Densuke wasn’t to thrilled to be letting someone else into the Ryoji cave…but considering no one could get in there without him, all is typically well. Jin would be walking behind Densuke, and he would hold his hand out, with his pointer finger going into an explanation. “Listen carefully Jin Son.  This…is a very sacred place. If you reveal this location to anyone, I will personally ruin your life, your reputation, and your credit score. I’ll see to it, that Keyth deal with you in the most personal mannor possible. I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart…understand? As far as anyone else is were never here.” They’d come to the base of the mountain. Densuke would stand infront of it, with his hands behind his back, as it began to do a full bodily scan, followed by an eye scan, followed by Densuke holding his hand out for a finger prick. A mechanical voice would emit its prescence. “Voice recognition test. Please say pickles.” “Pickles.” Densuke would utter. A moment later, a large horizontal door would open from the base of the moutains walls, and an elevator would be revealed. Densuke would nod to jin to step on it, and if he did the elevator would begin to descend downwards. As it went down, Densuke would clear his throat. “Now then, before we start this, I’d just like to lay down something here. You’re under my watch and you’ll be running hero missions with me from time to time. Tell me how strong you think you are right now, and what areas you think you need to improve on.” Densuke would look straight ahead his entire time talking. His leather jacket, and jean pants showing how casual he was in any situation.

JinzoningenJu: Jin's footsteps made an echo noise as he walked into the dark cave not fazed by the darks lights or the werid smell that came after. Following behind the one called Den Jin would be right behind his so called new master Jin shaked his head at the thought of being a superhero how could Keyth do this to him, they were suspose to be parnters and trust each other not get rid of each other Jin knew deep down Keyth didnt trust him. Hearing Den talk about if JIn would ever tell about this place Jin would smirk as he said "Yeah..I hear yah I guess this is your own Batcave huh?" JIn said with an chuckle as he then heard Den ask him about his weakness and Stegnths as Jin said " Im pretty dam strong but I guess you will tell me what I need to work on tI cant think of any"

“Pretty damn strong, sometimes isn’t enough jin. Tell me this. I’m willing to bet you’re like Keyth..and often struggle against opponents who have a pretty high intellect of things, do you not? If not intel, maybe you have trouble with opponents that have proper planning, or advanced tatics? Well that’s what I’m here for.” Densuke shook his head at his joke about the batcave and couldn’t help but chuckle. “I guess so…you ant seen nothing yet kid. Don’t get to lost in wonder land when you see what I’ve got.” ( how big the place actually is in detail) The elevator doors opened and Densuke & jin would enter in casually. “Hey there bro bro. Got another recruit for the HFH?” A blonde haired girl, with quite the thighs on her would enter the room. None other than densuke’s sister Ambrosia.  “Well pretty much a temp service so to speak. He’s here for training, but it’s mostly to improve on his skills as a fighter. He needs it. and he could be a valuble asset later on.” Ambrosia would move the hair from her face (how she looked “Well you guys have fun.  I’ll monitor it for you bro.” Densuke would nod and turn his head to jin. “Alright then.” The two would head to the danger room, and it would look something simple like a giant metallic room. Densuke would stand 6 feet from jin and begin taking off his jacket, revealing only a white beater, and some black guantlets. “So, will you need any weapons or gear? Any type of equipment you feel you might need for this assement, just ask, it will be provided.” Densuke would extend his hand in a gesture wanting to see if the kid had anything he felt he’d need for this training of his.

JinzoningenJu: Following Den Jin would then hear him say he's just like Keyth .saying he struggle against opponents who have a pretty high intellect of things, Jin looked at him as he said "I just remembered what I would like to work on whihc is fighting someone who's faster then me I want to learn how to fight even if Im blinded I hate to have weakness I want to be strong in all area's." Jin said as he passed his sister not saying a word to her as she then went up to Jin as she asked "Aren’t you that quite drummer from that band called No mercy?" Jin nodded with a smile as he spoke to her "I am didnt know I had fans like this" She giggled as Jin made his way to the danger room once inside Jin would be 10 feet across from Den as he leaned on the wall wondering what was going to happen in here as Den asked Jin if he wanted a Weapon Jin shaked his head as he removed his jacket as he showed his project X arm which gave a bright blue gleam inside the room it was a lil hungry Jin smirked as he looked at Den and said "No I think Im all set here, And since your the master how about you come at me and show me what you got" Jin said leaning off the wall as he got into a stance keeping his arms and feet distance from each other as his eyes where set on Den and Den only.

( ) Densuke would  place one hand in his pocket, and extend his right hand forward, taking a stance similar to rock lee, which is commonly found in Chinese kenpo. Densuke spread his feet only shoulder width apart. “That’s a nice piece of equipment right there. If you think that’s all you need, that’s quite impressive.” Densuke’s kind expression slightly changed a bit when he mentioned Densuke being the one to make the first move. “Well if that’s the case…I’ll gladly make the first move. Brace yourself.” First, he charges at the opponent and attempts to  punch them in their jaw before reverse side kick in the same area i.e the jaw, before blasting them away in a beeline fashion, both attacks causing heavy muscle damage and bruising, with sprain. Almost making the jaw some what limp. Next, he uses Wild Sense: Wild Sense is an ability one can gain when they gain a superior level of Speed and Fighting Skill. In a simple term, Wild Sense is a technique that allows the user to create an image of their body to fool an opponent to gain the element of surprise. On many occasions a user will use their speed to get behind the opponent and follow up with a simple physical attack. That being said Densuke would attempt to get behind the enemy, and grab the opponent by their head in a sleeper hold. The hold would be tight, with no restrain and all applied pressure put on the neck. Densuke would then contain their head and step backwards, and begin repeatedly ramming his knee into he mid section of the back upon his opponent. Densuke would use this as a brutal submission but it has side effects. The first knee is the initial one, and would cause lack of breath on impact, with a terrible boney pain in the spine. The second knee would double that pain, and spread the pain to the entire lower back, stretching the muscles out uncomfortably and causing the spine to micro fracture a bit. The third knee would cause the opponents body should it hit to bend completely backwards,  literally over densuke's knee. The spine would be deadly close to breaking, but amongst all that the muscles would take the most damage and the disc in the back would be be poped out of place, essentially the back of his opponent would be broken.

JinzoningenJu: ( Seeing Den come running towards him Jin smirked as he readied himself for Den(Seeing you didnt put speed he was going.) Just as Den swang his fist Jin lean his head back which wasnt on him thinking it was based on Jin reacting to the attack with the quickly dodge Jin attempted to send his left foot into the right knee cap of Den which if contacted would cause Den to bend over for a few seconds which would be before he did his wildsense as Jin would quickly after 0.3 seconds after or if Den would bend Jin would send a fury of punches towards the face of Den each going in an intense amount of speed. His left fist would attempt hit him in the side of the temple which would cause dizzyness and confussionas his right fist would aim to send a jab towards his lower jawline which would send Den flying thanks to Jin's project arm which is made out of an heavy matrial it would feel like Den was just hit by an towtruck going 67mph, Which would most likly dislocate his jaw but If Den was sent flying Jin would smirk as he would say"This was all just a game!" As he would send an Image of his hand and attempt to grab Den in mid-air if so the arm would attatch to his lower wasit and send him crahsing into the wall face first which would cause intense amount of damages. The chances of this going in is pretty high because it's almost impossiable to tell what Jin was going to do seeing his body is reacting then thinking moving like water. If this was so Jin would let his image of his hand vanish from the damage Den as he would dust his hands off styaing on guard.

Densuke was surprised to see he’d drastically improved in his battle calculations. Before he even got to make his move, his knee cap was kicked from under him. “Hmm..” Densuke merely took time to ponder, as jin’s next move was making it’s way. Densuke could read his trajectory like a book, more so the speed of his blow based on his shoulder movement. Densuke calculated he had about 0.3 seconds to react, which is honestly not a problem seeing as how The user's reflexes are at the peak of Human Potential and Perfection; this means that their reactions are superior to those of normal humans and are near-superhuman. They can catch a fired arrow in midair, dodge offensive attacks, and perform amazing physically defensive feats; They could even evade strikes from beings with super speed, and dodge multiple gunfire with ease. Densuke's reaction speed is 20 kph+, which makes it possible for him to dodge fast moving objects, even in point blank range, but only he's aware of the shot itself. (With gunfire, it varies on the weapon itself. Pistols have a 95% dodge rate, while higher caliber weapons, this percentage would decrease.) that being said, even with a pain in his right knee, densuke’s left foot was still planted to the ground. That being said on the very last second before jin’s punch connected, densuke’s body would move with inhuman like grace, as he’d spin to his right. Completely avoiding the attempted punches. Even at densuke’s bent angle, it only made the punch’s view more clear, since he kept his eyes on his opponent the entire time. Once the spin was completed, jin’s fist would have literally just reached its intended point where densuke’s face should be leaving him exposed. The moment his spin was a complete three sixty, he simultaneously stuck his left hand out in a chopping motion. His body moving at such a speed, that he was literally moving on his revelatory combat speed. Meaning his movements were sub par of that of a bullet. With his hand struck out he’d attempt to lash it at the back of jin’s neck. The sheer force of his hit, had a martial arts expertise on it, hitting with a massive psi, that would bend jin’s neck around densuke’s hand for a moment, before the rest of momentum kicked in and sent jin’s body flying forward in the direction he intended to send densuke flying. His body would literally be sent flying across the metallic floor ten feet, due to his own momentum put into he punch, and densuke’s quick and decisive counter. Jin’s neck would feel slightly weighted, and have a nasty crook in it. also since it was the back of the neck, the tip of the spine would be in place, and cause a temporary numbness in his body, causing the flying away part to also be more than viable, and making a counter movement more difficult.. this was a counter plain and simple, and it arrived from a blind angle, taking place of a time frame, that was exactly a second, after jin’s hand reached the peak of it’s stride. Should the more than likely hit be taken, the rest of jin’s combination would become somewhat void, and densuke would tilt his head up a bit watching the male, but keeping his guard up to speak. “See? Your movements are telegraphic. Even with boldness, you can’t hide your muscle twitches.” Densuke would stand ready, for jin’s next attack.

: "Agh" Jin body would fly across the simluator room as his head hit the wall which caused him to be a bit dizy for a few seconds before standing as he rubbed the top of his head momentalry as he heard Den speak to him. "I guess Im going to have to change that." Jin had said before racing over to Den Jin was going about the speed of a fast football pitch as he made his way over to Den as he then waited until he was three feet away as Jin would qucikly withot any sort of sign of what he was going to do as he attempted to drop to the ground and send his two feet towards the side of Den lower legs with enough force to trip him onto the ground. If Den would jump or attempt to envade or even push himself off the trip. Jin would use his project X arm as he would attempt to send an image of his hand which was about 20 feet the size of 4 baseball mits put together as he attemted to lacth on to Den if he was in the air of if he would jump back as Jin would aim to pull Den back if this was so Den could feel his chi drainng from the few seconds Jin had latch on to him as Jin would aim to run towards the pulling towards Den as Jin attempted to send a shocking spear to Den which would cause his whole back to hit the ground with a shocking effect if this was hit Den would feel his whole back almost snap not enough to break his back seeing he may have perks that can help him in this sistuation but seeing this was a metal ground it would cause serious pain. If Den body would land on the ground from the spear Jin's image hand would still be on his waist drainng some Chi as the hand would still be latch on Den holding on to his hips tightly but then Jin would have his image hand extend using a bit more chi as his whole image hand would form into almost like a blanket which would cover Den's whole body but his head if this was so Jin would then back up and then lift his whole leg as he would attempt to kick( Den in the chin if this was so Den would excape Jin's hold and would send him flying aganist the metal wall 13 feet away from Jin. "How was that." If Den would land on the ground from the trip Jin would quickly do the same cycle if he would enavaded.

( ) Densuke would watch as jin ran towards him. He was fast, but not as fast as densuke’s reaction time to things. As such about halfway through jin’s quick paced run, Densuke would raise his right hand and snap his fingers. Suddenly a large brick wall would appear in front of jin, causing him to bash his feet right into it’s base, possibly cracking a toe, or hurting his feet unless he was tough enough. He could hear Densuke talking from behind the brick wall, which was not currently expanding upon itself. “Not today Jin Son. You won’t be training in combat and skill.” Densuke’s voice would seem to come from every which direction possible. The room formed into what looked like a small apartment room with large windows. Outside if jin looked he could see tall buildings arriving from the ground, and soaring into the space above,  which was forming itself into a sky of sorts. After only minutes the one seemingly small metal room was now a full fledged replica of kashihana city. People chit chattering, hover cars flying to and fro. Everything, the real deal, or at least a very good simulated version. “You’re training will be about learning the effects of choice. In combat. And in various situations that you will be required to “think” instead of smashing your way through. The goal of this exorcise is to find me. Track me down. Gather info. Each person you see on the street, has some form of clue to my whereabouts. However you will be required to do “favors for them”. Each favor will involve a choice, that will have a consequence. Could be good. Could be bad. All you need to know is that violence won’t get you very far here. I’ve highlighted the first quest for you. You’ll see an arrow above a young woman’s head, in a coffe shop below. Your in  a 20 story building, so make your way to hear and ask politely if she needs any help with anything. Keyth told me to force the help on you so don’t try leaving, or escaping. Don’t even try breaking out of here. This is my reality, and im in full control of everyone’s actions. Now then make haste, and find the woman. Goood luuuuuuuck…BAHAHAHAHA!!” Densuke would taunt the young man, and fade into the background.

JinzoningenJu: Seeing the wall Jin would stop his attack as he backfliped away from the wall landing on his feet as the room then shifted into the city. Jin eye's glanced around seeing everything as he was in shock what the hell did Den do what kind of machine was he using. Just then he stopped to hear Den say that this wasnt no normal training it will teach him about the choices he makes as Jin chuckled and said "Keyth why am I not suripised to think I trusted him and went for this dumb training but fine! I will find you and when I dont we will finsih our little fight we had here" Just as he got the goal of the game and watched Den vanish Jin would then leap from the 20 story buliding as he used his project arm to latch a hold of the clif as his whole body extnded down to land safty by holding on to a clif as his two feet landed safly on the ground. Making his way towards the coffee shop Jin began to pass by people who were talking and chating as he rolled his eyes "Move it!" He said pushing one guy out the way as hemade inside the shop and saw the arrow by her head as he made his way towards her he would speak "Do you need help with anything,?"

The red haired woman would be sitting down at the table drinking coffe. She’d look up at jin and with a twinkle in her eye smile. “oh hello kind stranger. I’m glad you asked.” She’d stand up and bow to jin. “My name is Kimiko Hornswaggle, and well…I have a problem. You see, my daughter was kidnapped…she was taken 5 blocks down to an old abaondd weare house. It’s filled with traps and the cops can’t get in…please help me.” If jin agreed, infront of the wearhouse would be two cop cars, 5 swat team vans, and snipers on the top of the building, 3 of them in fact. If he could get past them, weather it was quiet, or loud, he’d make his way into the werehouse, where he’d see a man hitting and striking a child.

JinzoningenJu: Hearing her Jin would nod as he scartched his head "I will help you." Looking up hoping to see Den somewhere for he would send him through some doors but he wasnt so Jin just walked out the shop as he began to walk down the blocks as he saw the crowd of cops and swat team as he chuckled as passed them as some of them told him to get back he didnt care he contined to walk as they all watched. "Stand back childern." Walking towards the door he would look through the peephole as he would see a man striking a child as he shook his head before backing away from the door as he then said "Knock KNock!" As he spoke he ran towards the door as he kicked it down as the door broke down he would attempt to send a image of his hand towards the man to grab him and send him crashing outside with the cops if so Jin would say "Done"

Jin busted in, and kicked down the door. “who’re you? What no!” the hostage taker fell through the doors and as jin stepped outside the police all pointed their guns at him. “He’s a hostile! TAKE ACTION!” the policemen would all cock their guns and began attempting to shoot jin up like a piece of swiss cheese. Weather he dodged or not however….the little girl would be cough the cross fire. Her tiny body still tied up as she was never saved, and she’d be filled from head to toe with an assortement and variety of bullets. She bleed out profusely, her dolled green eyes still filled with hope that she might be saved…but she wasn’t. if jin managed to evade or begun attacking the cops densuke’s voice would echo from his seemingly omniopotence. “Now tell me Jin Son. Did you find it proper to just burst in head first? You failed to think of how your actions would effect thigns and others around you. Now you’ve gotten a little girl shot, simply because you didn’t think. Keyth was right, you are a hot headed idiot. None the less, if you escape from these guys successfully and get to your next highlighted helper. Oh btw, tanks are here.” Jin would look to his left and see a tank pulling up on the road. The top of it would open up and a soilder would pop out of it. Whereever jin was, the soilder would begin to shoot off tank rounds at jin. If even one of them hit, he would be blow into pieces, his body parts splattering and scattering every which direction possible. If he escaped, he’d find his next target was 5 city blocks away in an art museum. A young blonde haired blue eyed man painting a picture.

JinzoningenJu: Watching the cops shoot at him Jin would send a image of his hand infront of him as he began to blow the bullets which exntded like a hudge baseball mit. "You fucking Idoits!" His eyes shifting to the little girl who was shot before long he heard Den voice as he shouted back at him "YOU FUCKING CUNT IMA SHOW YOU A HOT HEAD IDOIT JUST WAIT UNTIL I FIND YOU!" He had as the he used his hand to grab a hold of the tank and swing it with all his might into the cop cars which made an semi expolsion enough for Jin to get the hell out of there making his way down the streets Jin ran inside a art museum, where he bumped into a young blonde haired blue eyed man his pitcure falling as Jin would say "My fault"

The tanks would blow up, and the cop cars would be swatted out of the way instantly. Firey explosions ranged abroad. soon found the blond haired kid. He’d knocked his picture from it’s mantle, and the blonde man would frown. “Oh….it’s okay.  Not like it’s any good anyway…ever since my wife left me….no picture I draw is ever the same anymore. I loved her…and she loved me.” The blonde man would stand up and look to the window with a lost and wonderous look in his eyes. “Do you know what it’s like, to give your heart and soul to someone, and never get that feeling back? You’re young. I’m sure you’ve been in love once upon a time.” The blonde man would look at jin, as he picked up his broken art and paint pallet up off of the floor. “Do you think…you could deiliver a message to her, nd tell  her my last regards? I’ve…been contemplating taking my  own life…what do you think I should do? It don’t want to die…but it hurts to live without her..”

JinzoningenJu: Jin looking at the man his eyes widden not knowing what to say he was kinda hoping for someone to break in the doors and shoot him down to end this mad game but he gave a sigh and scartched his head and said "Sure...What do you want me to say to her and were is she for i can make this quick" Jin said placing both of his hands in his pocket waiting for the man to tell him what he needed ot know his eyes shifted up in the air as he was looking for Jmal wondering when this game would be over why him why now JIn had other things to work on not just be in an Assassin he felt like he was more in a game and Keyth and Den was playing him the whole way.

The man would nod and stand up looking at Jin. “Tell her….I regret, that I wasn’t able to lover her the way she wanted me to..” she’s not the far from here…a few apartments over actually. We split, and she took most of what I have. All I have is my artwork. I wish I had more time to tell her how much she meant to me…” the blonde haired man would wipe his forehead, and as he did, jin would notice, a smidge of blood on his sleeve. Weather it raised suspicion or not, the blonde haired man would turn away and begin painting again. “Do this for me, and I’ll reward you heart fully. How, I do not know yet..but I will think of something. Something nice and dicey..” the blonde haired man’s voice trailed off a bit. Densuke’s voice would echo yet again. “Here you have another choice to make jin. I know you noticed the blood, if you did that’s good. You’re observant about it. you can either investigate and interrogate the man, or you can beilive him, and follow his instructions. Every decision you make..has a consequence. Be aware of that.’ Densuke’s voice would fade yet again, into the void, allowing jin to make his choice.

JinzoningenJu: Hearing the male go on about his love and how much he reget lossing her Jin nodded hearing what he had to say before nocting some blood on his sleeve, picking up on it but not saying anything and pretending he didnt see a thing as he remain to have eye contact on the blond male. As he began to think about the blood who could it be could he have killed her and seting me up is Den playing with my head what should I do? Oh Man I hate keyth. He said in his head before nodding at the man and began to walk off before hearing Den voice he rolled his eyes as he then thought of it what if he killed his wife and sent me there to take the blame? Jin stopped in his tracks as he looked at the male and said "Maybe you should come with me?....Seeing no women would open the door for a stranger and it would be best if she also heard it from you to..I have no issue being with you as you talk to her." Jin said

The blonde haired man would stop in his tracks, interrupting his painting completely. Looking back at jin with his eyes closed and a smile on hi face. “Oh well…if you insist.” He’d sit his paint brushes down, and stand up walking across the room, to the door. He’d head down the few apartments, and reach his wifes. “please…don’t mind the mess.” The blonde haired man would open the door. When jin walked in, the room would be pitch black. Dark. Nothing visible, not even a hint of light. A feint “click” could be heard as the lights turned on again, and blood splatters were all over the apartment complex of the room.the smell of rotting corpse was rampant, and the flesh was grey signifying rotting flesh. The man would be gone from sight. With no sensory ability, there was no way to tell where he was. “You dug to deep young man. Toooo deep. Now. You must. Die.” A monster would appear form the roof of a now much bigger room. Jin would be trapped In this infinite space, with this beast of a thing (  oh btw he has this: so no tanking.) the monster would speak, as it died blood and spital flew from it’s mouth. “Now you have no choice but to die, but be warned!” a womans body would pop out from the ceiling, tied up by a large intestine, and dangling there. “her life force is tied to mine! If you kill me! She dies as well! But don’t go thinking she’s something you wont care about..cause if you don’t kill me…” A red orb would appear over Jin’s head, that had a counter of 60 on it. “In sixty seconds, you will die of a massive heart attack, and the girl will be released…it’s a lose lose! BAHAHAHAA! NOW FACE ME!” The monster would suddenly puff it’s cheeks up and begin sptting out acidic blood towards jin, at machine gun speeds, gattling gun to be more precise. If any of them hit, the tissue attacked, would be burned to an acidic singe, and nearly non exsistent any more. Whichever way jin moved, the monster would follow his movements, and contiously fire, weather he moved up, down, left, right, or even an adjacent direction. Densuke’s voice would echo throughout the room. “what do you do jin, when you’re put in a situation where killing won’t solve the problem.” The phrase Densuke uttered echo’d throughout the room multiple times. Jin was going to have to find a way to defeat the monster, without killing himself, or the girl. He would notice however…that the only part of the room he was originally in, that wasn’t effected over was the windows. could it be possible the monsters magic has no effect outside this room…?

JinzoningenJu: Walking with the male Jin would follow the male upstairs to his home as he opened the door he then noticed how dark the room was he allowed the male to walk in first before walking in after him. The room was so dark the only thing that was brighitng the room was Jin's Nano Arm which glowed blue due to his chi he was calm. "Dont worry about the mess...." Jin then stopped before noticing the male was now gone getting into a stance Jin knew he was set up just as the lights turned on he saw blood all over the aprment wall and floor before seeing a monster apperar from the roof as the room began to get bigger "Holy shit!" Jin said backing up as he wasnt expecting this at all what the fuck was this thing, his eyes then shifted towards the women as Jin had heard what the male had said as a counter was ontop of Jin's head that just went to the number fity-nine. "Shit!" Just then the monster began to fire as Jin then used his nano arm to form a hand shield the size of four baseball mits put together as it began to block Jin's whole body. He then began to hear Den voice as he shouted "Fuck you!" His eye's then glanced at the window as he noticed this was the only thing not effected by his magic as he began to think as fire began to hit his mit as he said "Alright Den Ima take a fucking chance If I make this right I want some credit..." Just then Jin would do a barrol roll to the left dropping the image of his hand as he then shot it between the monsters leg and attempted to grab the women if this was so Jin would bring her body close to his as he held her in one arm which was the one his nano arm was in which ment he was cripped at the moment moving towards the window he would then use his arm that was holding her and extend it out the window using the image it would exntend 15 feet across as the women was dangling as Jin looked at the creature "How is it a lose, Lose? If I kill her myself you die..isnt that right and seeing that if you shoot me yeah it would hurt but it wouldnt kill me...So this is how this is going to go down you get this magic box off my head before I kill the both of you!" Jin was only bluffing if the monster didnt take the bait Jin would fly out the window and pull out his side arm and attempt to shoot him in the head while he was outside.

The girl was sucessfuly grabed by jin’s chi based hand. The beast would turn around and see that jin was holding the girl hostage of the sort. “YOU WOULDN’T DARE! I’M NOT A FOOL SUCH AS YOU THINK YOU POMPUS WASTE OF FLEEEESH!!!!” The monster wouldn’t take his bluff and as jin jumped form the window the monster did his best to reach for him, and since jin was in the air, there wasn’t to much he could do to react. If successful the monster would’ve moved more than fast enough to grab jin by his ankle and leave him and the girl dangling there from the window. The building itself suddenly grew to be 100 stories high, where as it was a 1 sotry building to start with. The snipers mentioned that followed jin to this building would now have their gun’s perfectly set on his body, their sights ready, and their trigger fingers in position. “WE WILL SHOOT YOU IF YOU DO NOT RELEASE THE WOMAN TO SAFETY! WE HAVE A HOVER NET READY FOR HER! LET HER GO OR WE WILL KILL YOU!!” The monsters babbling voice emerged from the possessed room. “Tch! Fool! You may not be under my timer anymore, but the moment you let her go, your weight will be light enough for me to snatch you right back up into my room of death! Your counter stoped at 30, so you’ll only have 30 seconds to kill me, but this time if I die you die too!!!! Go ahead! Drop the girl!” Densuke’s voice would emerge once more. “Well you’ve gotten yourself in some deep shit now. If you let the girl go, you’re going to get eaten more than likely and kill yourself. If you hold on to her, you and her will probably be shot dead. The choices you make….at this very moment. Will determine weather you and this girl live for die. What will you choose jin.” Densuke’s voice faded off yet again into the void.

JinzoningenJu: As Jin began to dangle his whole body began to move back and fourth as he then saw the group of snipers looking at him pointing there guns telling them to drop the female. He was about to before he heard the monster saying that if he did it would be easy to pull him in and kill him,Jin was now in a puzzle as he shouted at the man "EAT MY NUTS YOU NO LOWER BODY HAVING ASS NIGGA...EAT THIS!!!!" Jin would drop the girl letting her body fall as Jin with all his might would push his Project X arm towards the beast aiming to latch on to his head if this would work Jin would know this couldnt last so he ejected the Nano from his arm which would shoot like a rocket and attemt to send the monster flying back inside before blowing up. If this was so Jin would began to free fall down as he would land on the net safly if this was so he would no longer have his nano arm as he would rushly run down the alleys aiming to lose the cops. "How was that DEN!

Densuke’s voice would echo through the ally way. “Ah, you’ve achived what was meant for you to achive. You “thought” about your actions, and how the decisions would effect the people around you. The beast was not only destroyed, but the woman was saved. You defeated deception, and played your hand wisely. For the last part. The other stuff you did was pretty fucking stupid. Now for the final, and I’m sure your favorite part of this assessment. The combat asepcts. “ the room would begin changing and shifting the a dojo room, the exact same one from the matrix. Densuke would emerge from a door way, with a white wife beater on, and some sweat pants, grey colored to be exact. He rand his hands through his hair and popped his neck from side to side. “Now keep in mind this isn’t about wailing on me consistently. I want you to do what you’ve been doing for the past few hours now. Looking at me. My style. My fighting. Don’t try to figure it out. I want to “observe”. You see the key to defeating an opponent who is overwhelmingly smarter than yourself, is to aim for things he himself over looks. If I go to attack you, and you go for let’s say, my shoulder instead of my face. I’d expect you, being an amateur, to aim for a blatantly obvious area, but, observation would deduce..for example…I have a shift in weight to my right side. So you’d aim for.” Densuke would tap his left shoulder. “the left side of my body, where my weight would counter balance and push me over. See what I mean? When you fight, your not fighting jin. You just lashing out, hoping to beat your opponent to death.  You have to “observe’ where you’re REALLY trying to attack. Don’t beat your opponent to death. Dismantle them. Break them. Rob them of everything that makes them strong…..then….go in and defeat them, but remember. Some problems don’t require the loss of a life. Sometimes, letting someone live with their defeat is a fate worse than death. Now then using what I’ve taught you. Come at me. “ Densuke would take a CQC stance, crouching low, and preparing for jin’s onslaught.

[3/28/2014 11:45:15 PM] Tyrell Thomas: Once Jin landed on his feet he began to notice the room shift and change into a dojo room looking at Den come from the floor Jin smirked seeing he was not in the town he didnt have to see that monster or those cops again, well maybe the cops in the real world. Hearing what Den had to say Jin nodded getting into his power fist stance, The "Power Fist" style is a style created by Tetsu Ryoji, in an attempt to combine all of his marital arts knowledge into an effective, and strucured way of fighting. This style of power fist is about using what one knows to maximize they're fighting potential, while being as close to an opponent as possible. This in turn adds pressure, and defense, thourgh the use of a relentless offense. With this, Tetsu can counter grapples, locks, or any CQC, by implying his maximum hitting force through the usage of techniques dirved from Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do. This style focuses on heavy blows, above average speed, trapping opponents with locks and throws, and footwork for closing or creating distance. Tetsu is best suited for this style due to his mastery of martial arts, also the style allows for flexibility in all areas, should one want to incorpeerate other martial arts, but to effectively use this style on has to foucus on the above mentioned.  He began to anzlyze the room around him something he didnt do often, dusting some dust off his hands Jin noticed he didnt have his project arm and he smirked he didnt need it anyway he wanted to see if he could give Den a match of his life time. "Okay...You ready cause here I come." Moving his right before first ahead of him Jin began to make his way towards Den going from right foot to left breathing in as he moved keeping air in his lungs as he got within radius of Den about three feet away Jin didnt run to Den he walked to get within his radius holding up his guard as Jin would began to move side to side. He would them aim to send a fake jab towards Den if this was so instead Jin would lift his whole leg up and attempt to hit Den in the chin with his foot this would happen so fast that it would be unlikly for Den to see the kick coming, ( )if this would happen Den would began to stumble back enough time for Jin to place his foot on the ground as he would twsit his body and attmpt to kick Den in the side of the head at the temple which would send him flying towards the left.( If this would land Jin would smirk as he would look at the fallen Den if this would fail Jin would be ready to counter.

Densuke watched jin intensively. His movements. Mannerisms. The look in his eyes…was different. It wasn’t the same rage as it was before. No. they were cold…focused…like a blade. Which is what Densuke aimed for…to train the mind. He looked around, like he was planning, but Densuke was excited to see just what was going to happen. Jin eased his way towards Densuke, allowing him to throw up his guard, his right hand beside his chin, bent at the elbow. His left arm outwards a bit, waist level, with his hands open.  Jin threw his feint, but Densuke’s danger sense made feints practically useless. User is capable of incorporating a sense-related power into their fighting style, helping to anticipate attacks, fight illusions, remember where an opponent is, and is especially useful against feints, since feints are used to decoy, and not to actually harm. That being said Densuke didn’t even so much as flinch at the feint jin threw, but he could sense the danger coming in the form of his chin. Though his moves were very unpredictable, so Densuke had to solely rely on his reflexes. The kick was launched, but instead of  dodging it, Densuke would loosen his jaw a bit, so when the kick connected, the force of the hit would come and go so too speak. Instead of all the kick being at one focal point the energy was dispersed from the movement of Densuke’s jaw. The kick would faze him, but not as much as his opponent would’ve hoped. As jin threw the kick towards his temple Densuke would duck his upper body, just below the kick’s positioning, so he could catch it in both of his hands, above his head. With jin’s leg in his hand’s Densuke would proceed to stand up, lifting  the leg and jin’s body, while simultaneously kicking jin’s opposite leg that was rooted to the ground. If this kick connected, with jin’s leg in his hands, Densuke would turn his body and throw jin’s body over his shoulder, in a judo throw, which would cause jin’s entire upper body to hit the floor with an intense impact, and shake the ground a bit. CQC at it’s finest. If this connected, Densuke would attempt to rush jin once more mounting his back side and digging his forearm into the back of jin’s neck, applying his entire body weight to hold him down and prevent him from moving. If the ground attempt didn’t work, Densuke would prepare for the worst possible outcome of it all. The trip and judo throw however was a counter enacted in mid movement, but anything is possible.

JinzoningenJu: Once Jin was tossed his whole upper body hit the metal ground the back of his head richoting off the floor but he didnt let this slow him down as Jin's back hit the ground he rolled himself back to his feet and this wasnt because of his will to contine this was all thanks to Jin's Peak Human Durabitly Users of this ability have a higher-level of denser/tougher bones and muscles than the average person; their durability are at the peak of human conditioning, which entails that users are capable of withstanding situations that the average person cannot. For example, they can take getting beaten by a thick wooden baseball bat and it would break, falling a couple of stories from a building, getting shot in non-fatal areas of the physical body, survive an entire building collapse, and possibly withstanding beatings from superhumans. This ment that Jin wasnt as strong as a normal human he was surpase that, his eyes lockting to Den he smiled as he twsited his body in a 180 direction having his feet high in the air once it hit the ground Jin sent a wave of purple chi towards Den thanks to his Mystical Martial Arts Many of those who train in martial arts gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness multiple forms of magic. Some Techniques are often either a form of excellence or perfection of an existing martial art and sometimes users of the original tend to change or innovate the martial art to make it their own. The wave of Chi he sent a Den was very sharp and going about 78mph meaning if Den was hit by this he would be cut deeply. If he envaded this in anyway Jin would charge at him as he attempted to drop to the floor ntil one hand was holding him up as he aim to send both of his legs to the side of Den leg powered by his chi if den was hit by this he would fall over if this was so Jin would take adavage as he would aim to jump ontop of Den and attempt to send a furry of punches towards his face and chest powered by his chi which ment everypunch would leave a scarcth of Den's body.

Densuke watched as his pin attempt failed and jin would begin to roll his, body and sending a wave of purple chi towards densuke’s being. This was easily dodgible. “I’d say he’s underestimating me…but…” Densuke would simply squat down, as the wave of chi was fast, but it wasn’t faster than densuke’s reflexes, which are at gunfire speeds so to figuratively speak. However Densuke would be met with a low sweep, which knocked  him off of his feet. It’s not that he couldn’t dodge, but he wasn’t fighting to fight all out. No he was training a student in the way’s of a proficient fighter. He took the hit falling to the floor, instantly on his back. Jin wasted no time. Densuke had a tinglely pain in his leg, signifying jin was throwing his chi around. He was smart, going for the takedown and grounding his opponent, using his energy wisely. He’d grown in such a short time. As he attempted to mount Densuke, the very first punch he threw, would find itself to be ineffective. In fact, Densuke anticipated that once his back would hit the ground, his opponent would either mount him, or attempt a ground based attack. One of his deductions came true. As jin threw his punch towards densuke’s head (since the fist punch was never specified) Densuke would weave out of it’s range, using key head movement, and upperbody movement, which in mma is known as “the shrimp” simply shrugging ones upper body to the side, to avoid certain ground and pound manouvers, while simultaneously grabbing hold of jin’s arm with a tight grip. Using both hands. Densuke took that moment to the extreme, utilizing his reaction time and combat speed to attempt to bring both of his legs out and over jin’s head area, wrapping his right leg across the back of jin’s neck, followed by throwing his left leg over the right foot now hanging off of jin’s neck. With arm in grip, and these actions preformed in one smooth and fluent motion, via the seconds jin threw his first punch, jin would find himself in classic triangle choke. ( )Densuke would push jin’s arm underneath his armpit, and grip it to keep  him from using his one of his free arms, while with densuke’s other free hand, he’d pull jin’s head further inwards, applying the pressure of the leg, and jin’s own arm, against his neck. This pressure was massive in quantity and quality, as jin would quickly feel his airway constricting itself. He’d find breathing would only come as gasp, and if this attempt worked, jin if he didn’t act soon would find his mouth would slowly begin spitting blood, from his windpiped being crushed slowly but surely. Densuke would continue to squeeze harder every few seconds making concentrating difficult in this parituclar situation. If Densuke even sensed the slightest  hint of chi usage from jin, he’d make his grip even tighter, and cut off jin’s airway completely to keep him from using it if he could. “Don’t over rely on your chi! One day you won’t have it and then what?!” Densuke would keep the hold until acted on otherwise. If the grab failed (highly unlikely) Densuke would prepare for whatever.

JinzoningenJu: ("Agh....!!!!!!"Jin began to gasp as he was caught in the hold by Den his sight began to fade as he began to feel blood excape his lips pouring on Den's leg and hitting the ground. Jin began to grow weaker by the second as he couldnt take anymore as he then heard Den talk about how he rely on his chi too much he needed to think of another way to win. Jin then dropped his whole body not moving as he was knocked out for a few seconds within those seconds Jin mind began to go towards the time when he was training to Keyth(FlashBack Bitches!) When he was learning clibling that hill with an bag that was ten times his weight he remembered the struggle it took and the patice and time it took for him to force his body to push itself and thats when it hit Jin he couldnt give up now he needed to push himself. Just then Jin's eyes would shoot open as Jin would attempt to grab the two legs that was attach to this head Jin began to use his full might to lift Den thanks to his Combat Empowerment Users are capable of boosting their strengths every time they battle. The more the user fights, the stronger they become. This includes their natural abilities such as speed or strength and even supernatural abilities and skills. Once Jin would grab a hold of Den he would within 0.1 seconds after Lift Den with all his might and ram him down on the hard metal floor if Den was still holding on Jin would ram Den's back right back on the metal floor which would leave a heavy mark or scar if Den would let go Jin would then a punch towards Den's face seeing his sesne would be on him falling itwould be hard to see Jin's quick jab that would be aimed towards Den nose if this would happen Jin would bust Den's nose making blood flow everywhere as Jin would then attempt to grab a hold of Den's left arm and wrap his legs around it as he would lay on hisback pulling his arm as Jin would get him in the arm bar. "TAKE THIS!" If this would happen Jin would use his ape like strength to pull Den's arm using hischi and his Combat empowement which means this would be enough to dislocke Den arm.(Roark_armbar.jpg)

Densuke would sigh as he felt jin’s body go limp. He would’ve felt a strong sense of danger, which arose again as jin suddenly came back with a massive amount of strength. “stange. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he gets stronger as he fights…interesting.” Densuke would be lifted up into the air. “Common response to a move like this…” Densuke quickly exhaled all the air in his body, before his moment of impact and curled his upperbody inwards just a bit, so his upper back would take the full force of the blunt damage that was impacted. It caused him to wince in pain, and it probably left a huge bruise on that area, but thanks to exhaling his breathe, he was able to keep his composure. Being smart about it he let go the first time he was slammed. Since the punch jin threw was coming after Densuke had already been slamed, he didn’t need his danger sense to clearly see what was in store, which was a straight forward punch. “NOW!” Densuke thought to himself. Jin should’ve taken note that Densuke was more than capable of maneuvering on the floor and dodging blows like this with ease. If anything he just repeated the same strategy that he did from before. Even though jin’s punch was quick, again densuke’s reaction speed was more than enough for him to weave his upper body, but this time with a twist. In the middle of his weave Densuke would attempt to throw his cross counter. A simple movement for countering punches of any style or caliber, combining reflexory combat. The user will throw what looks like a chinese kenpo crane style strike at the back of the opponents hand of their incoming punch in this case jin’s jab. This in turn, will deflect the force of the punch entirely shifting it's direction and veering it causing the opponents body to literally shift forward with it causing them to hunch over and lean in a bit, so in this case jin’s fist would hit the floor instead of densuke’s face. Once this lean was established, using the properties of speed fighting, i.e crack punching ( ) Densuke would use the same hand that deflected the punch, and launch the back of his hand, more notably his wrist, still bent in the crane position, and launch it towards the throat of his opponent with maximized force. the throat hit, would temporarily collapse the wind pipe, and cause the opponent to gripe and groan in pain, and fall face first to the floor. This is a single and fast hit, and can be done with a phantom pain effect, meaning he could throw it in the middle of someone’s punch, and not have it felt til moments later (after one post of the opponent, that's when they would feel it), if the user wills it, but in this case this hit was meant to hit jin full on in his throat. Seeing as how he bleed from his mouth, it indicated that he’d already had a swollen trachea meaning after this counter his throat would nearly be closed which would have impaired his breathing pattern completely. Durability or not, you can’t train your inner organs. Weather this hit or miss, jin would notice something funny after densuke’s attempted hit. He’d notice that his appearance became fuzzy. This is because the Densuke he was looking at was an afterimage. Weather the cross counter landed or not, Densuke would’ve utilized wild sense: Wild Sense is a technique that allows the user to create an image of their body to fool an opponent to gain the element of surprise. On many occasions a user will use their speed to get behind the opponent and follow up with a simple physical attack. It may sound simple but because of the timing and precision that the user must have to accomplish this feat, it becomes a difficult task. Speed Boxing uses Wild Sense on an offensive and defensive level.  This was all done, in a literal half second i.e densuke’s movment to his next manvouer. If one were to slow down densuke’s movement, they’d see Densuke would’ve scooted and completely rolled to his side, drawing in his legs, and pivoting off of his knees in a twirl to attempt to grab jin by his waist, all preformed within the half second time frame, and preform the black jack: a well timed counter that involves a spin behind the opponent, grabbing the opponent in a german suplex like technique, slamming then back first into the ground. The Impact of this blow would sheerly snap the spine like a twig simply due to the pressure of the blow, added to that the neck would be instantly sprained if the user attacked with malice. However Densuke in this case merely meant to slam jin on the back of his neck, completely narrowing his trachea so much so, that weather the throat hit connected or not, this would lower his breathing so much, that it would enduce an instant feeling of sleepishness that would cause jin to undoubtedly pass out.  Only because, Densuke had done prior damage to his throat, and with this maneuver was adding on to previous damage only doubling it especially if the black jack connected. His eyes would be watery, and close on pure reflex from both the throat hit and the slam, which would only serve to k.o him even quicker. If the slam connected, jin would more than likely pass out from lack of air, and densuke would spring himself back up to his feet stretching his arm. “You’ve grown Jin… went in with heart, and combat tactics. Not gonna lie…if I was anyone else. You probably would’ve taken my head after that first slam.” Densuke would wince a bit, at the muscle bruise on his upper back.

JinzoningenJu: Once Jin body was flipped he felt his whole body shut down as his eyes quickly closed as Jin went into a deep sleep his body stood lifless, only two things was working for Jin his breathing and his mind as he began to go to a differnt place further then the simultar and farther in the districts he was inside his own mind everything went white as Jin began to see an image of himself training back when it was just him and Keyth he saw the effort it took he also saw how happy he was and also he relized how strong he had become if he would try that training excrise it would be to easy. Inside his head Jin began to hear Den voice as he gave a small grin but that was only on the inside on the outside Jin body was still on the ground not moving at all.

After this first experience, this exercise was repeated for an entire few weeks, until jin finally grapsed the full aspects of combat.

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