Diversity: Michiko had left the dojo some hours ago. The sun had fallen into the horizon and the moon crept into the sky’s raven canvas to give it light. She wasn’t expecting Keyth to come home tonight. For whatever reason she thought it was a night he’d have his kids with Alfred in the Yun estate. So with the condo to herself she really relaxed. The low warm sound of music played in the background from the plasma TV on the far wall opposite of her mahogany desk where she sat. The doctor was almost fully clothed in Keyth’s clothes. A black tank top of his and a pair of her own black cotton feminine boy-short panties beneath his blue plaid sweatpants. The strings were drawn tight and tied, barely allowing them to stay up as they hung from the curve of her hips when she stood and wandered around, his long tank top coveting her form and hanging down over her navel to hide just how low the pants hung. When she earlier was shuffling around the house her feet were covered by extra length of the pajama pants’ legs, but she still found it quite comfortable. More than her own things when he wasn’t around. God forbid she’d never let him find her like that though. A list of nanomedical terminology was sitting on the screen and beside the computer screen was a stack of books about muscle tissue repair, the physics of assisted regeneration, and Osteology 291. Her long midnight blue hair hung around her in a thick sheen like liquid silk, some drawn over her shoulder while the rest was bundled back to cascade along her back. Her glasses sat on the middle of her nose’s bridge and she peered down through them as her slender digits tapped her keyboard’s keys, her twilight colored nails almost matching her hair as she keyed in the definitions to the terms provided. She wore nothing else really, except for a silver necklace with a cross and a dog-tag, to which the inscribed side of the dog-tag was lain with the lettering facing her chest. She finally leaned back into the large leather computer chair and stretched out her legs, yawning loudly. Michiko glanced at a digital clock on the wall then back at the computer. It was eleven o’clock now. So, deciding to call it a night for the homework and relax a bit before hitting the hay, Michiko quickly jotted in the last two terms before she saved the nanomedical terminology document and sent it to her professor. She slid back a few inches from the desk and then leaned back, the chair reclining back as she kicked up her feet onto the desk and laid her hands over her stomach. Her eyes closed briefly as she thought about being at the dojo earlier and watching them all. She thought that maybe one day she’d try martial arts- but not anytime soon. She wanted to maximize her own potential as a doctor and advocate before she started working on self-defense methods. But she dwindled into the goodness of the earlier memory, recalling the smell of the ocean and how happy Keyth looked teaching them all.

DeliriousAres: He walked through the streets on his way back to Michi's. It was a peaceful night in Kasaihana tonight... oddly enough it had been like this since Yun tower had been disposed of. Keyth and the others new trouble was just gettting ready to knock on the door. That was the real reason Keyth made his dojo. Prepartion... yeah. He wanted to help those kids out, get em out of trouble... but preperation. Through, and through. He made his way back to Michi's apartment well.. condo. He was a bit tired himself. And oh you know... instead of taking the front door. He scales the building with his claws before he opens the window. Landing gracefully in his own room... not making a peep of sound. Even when he opened door.. a creak hadnt been heard. It was terrfying to know how much of a predator he truly was. Able to pass throughh so many places undetected. But due to there blood link. SHe'd more than likely feel him coming anyways. He hadnt been trying to scare her. He was just odd like that. Making his way to his dresser ( That she taught him how to use instead of throwing his clothing on the floor.) He noticed that some of his own clothing had been missing. "...Musta washed today." He said as he shut it. Soon standing back up to his full masculant height. The hoody he was sporting was open, no shirt underneathe and he had taken a shower back at the DOjo before he left. He stepped out of his room only to catch scent of her hair again. That damn hair... kinda shampoo was that shit anyway.. He pressed against the wall. Feeling his heart thump and his eyes go into a red slit before he slapped himself. "....Dammit Keyth.. Control." He said taking a deep breathe before proceeding down the stairs furtehr. Ok NOWWWW He was trying to scare her. He'd creep behind he with a smirk on his face as he was crouched down low like a tiger or something ready to prounce. Using his Feline mimcry he'd leap off the floor and onto her desk. Not making the slightest bit of sound as his feet hit the edge and he hovered over her. He'd lean in close and with a deep voice right next to her ear he'd go.. " Boo."

Diversity: She thought about a lot of things, oddly many of which had Keyth at some point being referenced. She felt the magnetism in the back of her mind like he was close by, but she didn’t even think about it. She was thinking about the dojo and how things had been going there, and so it was natural to feel so close to a memory. But soon she thought of things outside of the dojo. Cooking for him, and showing him how to use the oven. How to use the dresser, and operating the thermostat for the condo. Her lips curled into a faint smile as she reached up and put her hand over the cross and dog-tag pendants hanging from her silver necklace chain. Life had changed drastically. She felt things now that had been foreign to her before. Michiko was a sculpture of ice, perfected like a cydroid to do a job she set herself out for. She’d never had time or made time for herself to really enjoy someone else’s company. Or maybe it was just the people she hung around, considering Osamu to this day was still trying to impress her. She sighed- a gentle sigh as her fingers began to trickle down from the pendants until she was running her finger along the smooth front-facing side of the dog-tag, her palm resting above her cleavage as she heard a deep (and familiar) voice shake her from her solitude. Michiko gasped and jumped at the same time, the chair making a ‘pop!’ sound as it snapped upright but still wasn’t as quick as Michi was. She’d gotten up and turned, then realizing Keyth was there she’d climbed back into the chair on her knees and sank into it a bit with her arms along the back and the chair swiveling to face him. She didn’t know he was coming! That’s what she got for daydreaming. Then again, sometimes at night it was good to forget or cast aside their bond. The things he did at night- especially when he was alone- often made her go absolutely crazy, feeling like some savage and majestic animal instead of the civilized, professional woman she was. “Keyth!” She said as she peered over the chair at him, heaving out a labored sigh. “You scared me…” She narrowed her eyes at him but she couldn’t bite back a warm and gentle smile that was starting to tug at her lips. A slight shade of cherry blossom was making its way to her cheeks too- so she averted her face to look back at her books. “You’re home tonight.” Michiko said, more to herself than to him. “I ordered pizza, and made sure there would be leftovers for you. It’s still hot on the counter if you’d like some. I got you a meat-lovers.” She glanced back at him, the blush somewhat faded now as she tried to keep herself situated in the chair peering over its back in such a way that he wouldn’t noticed she was wearing his tank top and pajama pants.

DeliriousAres: (( )) He'd bursted out laughing at her reaction. Watching the blush appear across those cheeks of hers made him grin with accomplishment. " Haha Gotcha MiMi!" He said looking at her with a grin on his face as he leaped down off of the edge and stood hovering over her chair. As he moved... so did she. Strange. He cocked an eyebrow trying to look over the chair only to fail. "...Mimi.. You ok?" He said looking left right and up and down around the chair. Finally, using his left leg he'd kick at it. Spinning the chair around and then stopping it with his right hand. If this was allowed he'd cock an eyebrow at her attire. "...." Blinking for a moment as his mind went blank to register what he was witnessing. ".... Are these mine?" He said tugging at the fabric of his tank top she was sporting before he heart his thump lightly... His eyes peared over her in the chair. And he felt every muscle in his body shift to over drive as he began to fight it off. Fighting off... the urges. His eyes scanned over her revaled collar bone... that drifted down ever so lightly to expose the upper part of her breast. Quikly trying to change the subject he'd say. "...So.. Today was alot of fun and stuff and um... i didnt think... yo-.. You'd hang out that long and..." He lost his train of thought as he gulped and he felt the sweat trickle a bit on his skin the more these urges began to increase. His eyes still fixated around her collar bone... looked good enough to eat for him right now. It was all he needed to see. Keyth to her would have been in a lustified, deafend stare... his eyes exploring every twist and turn of her body. Which in this case, dispite baggier clothing... looked alot more appealing than usual. His breathing grew heavily as he hovered over her leaning in close untill her caught her scent and he closed his eyes. Opening them to the bright red color a with a wolfs design. His iris had a form of glow... a demonic but majestic one. "... Your... really pretty MiMi.." He said as his hands wrapped tightly around the computer chair. He had been motioning himself ontop of her without full realization... " Hit me.. in the face.." He said to her as he lowered his head, letting his lips graze her collar bone. "... Do somethining I..." And just like that, the arms of the chair were snapped off and with an inhuman like strength he'd yank up from the chair by her waist. Pulling her up into an aggressive kiss, as his lips locked onto her own. Lustful... or passionate? may have been a thick mixture of both. Keyth broke the kiss, now sitting on her desk he'd hold her up by her waist as he savagely sucked away at the right side of her neck. His teeth grazing her skin, not enough to break skin ( just a litttleee bitt.) But not enough to actually tear flesh. He'd suck on that same spot... and like some territoral dog. He was trying to leave his mark. He'd trail his lips up her chin, kissing the mid-section of her neck before he sucked on that tooo. Light slurping noises were echoing throughout her home as his hands cuffed around to her ass in a hard squeeze. Pulling back from her neck with yet another marking he'd leave on her. He'd pull his lips back around to meet hers, sliding his tounge down around her own in a tight wrestle.He wasnt holding back any punches.. And at this point how could he?

Diversity: He seemed to be distracted, and the more he looked down from her neck to the rest of her, she noticed her heart was starting to pick up pace. Not just that- it was starting to pound. Thump. Thump. Thump! THUMP! A war drum deafening everything in her chest as he moved towards her. /Pretty?/ It was a foreign term when he said it, unlike when Osamu said it and she brushed it off like nothing had been said at all. Then he told her to hit him, his eyes savage as she found herself struggling to breathe. She felt suffocated by his presence, sinking into the chair as he told her to do something. “I don’t want to hit y-“ Her lips were barely parted in words when the loud snap made her shoulders hunch up and he was suddenly encasing her in his powerful grip. Her eyes were wide with shock and awe as his lips were pressed tight to hers. Michiko didn’t know what to do. She was thrust into a sea of confusion and strange emotions and sensations so fast. It was like hitting a depth of the ocean you weren’t supposed to go to without pacing yourself. She’d never paced. Had sex once- yes, but never kissed someone. Never endured foreplay or cuddling. She’d had sex out of curiosity and also to stop being “the sweet virgin Michi” in the eyes of others- though it was never quite worth it. Her lips were hot- she knew that much. Hot, and starting to swell from the pressure of his own. Was this a kiss? It was… rough. It was very much Keyth. Her heart was explosively pounding behind her breast, all she could hear alongside his breathing and hers, barely able to comprehend the slow deep melody of music in the background. Her arms hung at her sides, she was a ragdoll for a few seconds with no understanding of what was happening. Funny how she’d had lustful feelings for him at times, but she never relieved herself or thought to indulge them. And Michiko had never fathomed that he would see her like that. But she couldn’t deny a magnetism between them that had absolutely nothing to do with the blood-bond. Her lashes fluttered as her eyes closed and she felt like her world spun when she did. Vertigo was what she felt as her lips moved against his. Was that right? Was this how it was supposed to be? Her lips were hot, and so were his. Heat was building between their bodies like a caged fire was starting to spread from his skin to hers. When he broke the kiss her eyes opened and she found the surface of this temptress of an emotional ocean. She gasped for air and her fingers scrambled over the desk. Her medical books were strewn to the floor and a cup was tipped over to spill pens and pencils over the desk, some rolling to the floor as well. She shoved the computer screen out of the way as she felt his lips and tongue locked onto one part of her neck. It tingled- rather a delicious sensation. She didn’t want to admit she liked it, but she did. Her breathing was labored and heavy as she was a mixture of panic and desire and confusion and deep caring for her Beast. One arm finally came up and wrapped around his shoulders, her fingers latching onto his opposing bicep as she held herself up, feeling less like the world was going to come off of its axis around her. Her eyes closed- she was swimming in darkness and fire all over again. Michiko had to open her eyes to cling to reality rather than get lost in this fantasy. “Key-Keyth…” Her lips quivered. Her chest trembled. She couldn’t find words, couldn’t make a sentence to deny him with. All that intelligence dwindled down to what? She was stunned. He moved his lips only to suck on the soft sweet flesh of her neck elsewhere, leaving small marks against her skin that tracked the path of his domination. When he moved to kiss her again she saw a flash of those eyes and a pang of his animal nature suddenly overcame her. She felt her lips locked with his as her tongue was taken with this foreign desire- a craving for a certain flavor he could provide her. And he did- with a powerful wrestling of their tongues and the flavor of his mouth starting to contaminate her. Infectious, viral, he was ferociously taking over. If it wasn’t for the bond, could she resist? Or was the seven months together as friends just a slow build-up of tension that was now forced to explode? Her hips were pulled into his as he squeezed her ass tight, Michiko gasping against his lips as she felt his fingers digging into the supple round flesh that was softer than most due to her petite and untrained nature. Her tongue slipped away from his when she gasped, and immediately she felt it betraying her as it danced behind her lips like she’d denied herself paradise. Her lips were still hanging against his and she barely stammered out his name. “K-Key-th?” Was this him? It looked like him. It felt like him. She’d never tasted him but it tasted like him. So she brought up her other arm and held on tight, her eyes curious and shocked and scared and emblazoned with desire all at once. <e>

DeliriousAres: His eyes still glinted the bright crimson when he felt her pull from him, calling out his name. Had it been useless? His mind traced back to her features as he gazed around the very curves of her body again as he continued to fondel her ass. "...I have to..." Was his only response when he moved his hands from her backside. Pulling at the sweat pants That sat so lightly around her waist before he slipped it past her knees if he had been allowed to. He didnt know what much else to say. Feeling his hands tug at the fabric before his eyes slanted into those cold desolate stares that he gave her. "... If it starts to hurt... you have to tell me..." He said to her as bluntly as he could fathom it. And with that he'd turn her around so she was on the desk. Her back pressing lightly against the wall as His body hovered over hers, as his masculant hands gripped her petite waist, using his superiour strength as he pulled her down a bit. Her legs were open, his body resting between her thighs as he gripped the fabric of his own shirt, and with his inhuman strength he'd tear it apart, if she wore a bra, it'd get torn as well. Ripped into two strands.. when he was like this, his disregard was high. He didnt care about anything else. Despite his primal state... he was still himself. And was still aware who this woman was before him. If it had been anyone else, he'd already be tearing away her insides with his length but he new better. He was in his blood lust... but a sedated one. A focused one... His lips trailed down her chest before he moved the fabric of her clothing to the right and sucking lightly along her left nipple. Taking it into his mouth as he pulled his soft lips around the smooth skin, sucking it up into his lips hard and slow. He pulled back, lapping his tounge with slow, wet licks along both nipples before returning back to the one to the left. Sucking just as hard as before but this time pinching and tugging away at her right one.Making sure she felt every bit of it. Using his teeth every so often to add the feeling of a pinch, and to redden it. His right hand rested ontop of her boyshorts rubbing over her cunt with the back of his hands before he pulled the shorts to the right and slithered his middle finger over her sensative bud all the while sucking on her breast aggresseively and slow twisting his head left and right before he broke back with a loud POP! Both nipples would be littered with the red markings. As he began Pulling his lips back he'd start to trail down her stomach kissing and nipping at her skin before he got down to her shorts. Biting the top of it he'd pull them off with his teeth. Spreading her legs open he'd kiss along the insides of her inner thigh before his tounge slapped along the cress of her pelvic area. Making sure to glossen both sides with his tounge before he spread her cunt lips open... his for the taking. His eyes trailed up making full eye contact with her as his tounge began to lap over her bud before he sucked it up with his soft lips. He was delicate in a since with this. Not using his teeth but rather sucking on it hard and slow. Quickly speeding back up as he twisted and turned his head left to right. His middle finger had already began its search within her walls while he sucked away at her clit. His tounge circled around the slick skin of her clit. Taking in the full extent of her taste. It made his eyes roll to the back of his head. Taking in her scent as well, he wanted to taste her... to know how it felt. Before long he had opened up her lips, exposing her hole fully to himself. He licked his lips and went in for the kill. His tounge tracing around the hole of her cunt before he twisted his head to the right and slid it through, making sure to press his tounge along the inside of her walls. Filling her cunt up to the brim with his tounge while he slipped and twisted his head left and right along the interrior of her walls. He was searching for her g-spot. His hand that had been occupying itself within her hole, would now be twisting and pulling on her love bud as Keyth savagely ate away at her secrations. He pulled back, returning to her clit as he blew on it lightly. Using his middle and index finger to drill her cunt slowly, but then fast not to much long after. His fingers would flush in and out of her cunt while he continud to suck along her clit. Soon, he did began to use teeth. Lightly he'd graze it over her overly sesnative bud. letting it hit hit lightly while he continued to finger her as quickly as he could. If she had began to cum during this time he'd quickly pull his lips back around her cunt to catch the essences as it poured from her entrance. His cock was throbbing.. pounding for some attention of his own as he pulled himself up from her cunt. He'd pull his pants down. Gripping his Pulsing length as he probbed away at her cunt with his cock head. Letting his head sit in between her walls before he pulled both of her legs over his shoulders. And with one, hard stroke. He'd slide his whole length within her walls. FIlling her up completely with his thick cock.

Diversity: /I have to/, he said. Michiko found herself oddly calming down at those words. Her eyes grew very serious. She studied him carefully, seeing more than just some animal urge in his bright eyes. /If it hurts, you have to tell me/. Hurts? /If what hurts?/ Michiko thought blindly before he grasped at her shirt and tore it open. The sound of her sucking in a deep breath would radiate through the whole open living room and kitchen expansion, as she did that thing she did whenever she was prepared for something to happen. She held her breath and closed her eyes, stiffening up. /He’s not looking at me, it’s just anatomy, he’s going to just look around and then he’ll probably be done/. Lies, she was lying to herself. A part of her was hopeful that this logic in her would be wronged by the overwhelming presence of Keyth. His lips locked around one of her nipples and both had already tightened, forming small peaks atop the delicate and plush mounds of her breasts. Now he was just throwing fuel on the fire. His tongue and lips suckled and worked in such ways that she felt like she was standing in a thunderstorm, a human lightning rod attracting every harsh, igniting burst of lightning that he was casting upon her. Her pants were getting lower and lower, falling around her ankles. She’d noticed but it was so hard to keep up with everything that was going on. All she knew was that her body was being lit on fire by him and she was just trying to survive the experience. Keeping her head above water was a distant dream she’d reach for but fail to grasp as her lips quivered and she gave softer, more wanton gasps and sighs as he toyed with her using his mouth against each breast, his hands working their way over her body in the mean time. One of those strong hands slipped between her legs, grazing her sweet spot over the panties which had already begun to dampen with the honey of her inevitable submission. She opened her eyes, and felt it again. Vertigo- hard to believe she was lying fairly still underneath the Beast’s need. Her eyes rolled a bit as she found herself arching her back just an inch or two, pressing her breasts against his hand and mouth just before he pulled back. Her expression contorted with a flinch of pain. Everything she felt right now was magnified beyond anything she’d ever known before. All the little sensations were explosive and galactic as they played upon her mind and sent desire dancing into her veins with every heartbeat. She felt her panties being pulled aside and a realization of what was to come hit her like a freight train at max speed. Her eyes widened as she glanced down between them, her face flushed deep red as her lips remained parted to help her catch her escaping breath. Was he going to- “Aaagh… mmm…” She forfeit a moan and then closed her lips into a tight sealed line to quiet herself, the warrior caressing her swollen clit and tampering with the doctor’s womanhood in ways no man had ever done. Her body trembled and shook as she dropped her arms from his body, trying to grab at the desk’s edges for safety. Her nails dug into the polished wood in a way she’d never logically permit if she wasn’t put into this scenario. He kissed down her navel and she had just enough time to look down the plaza of her slender and petite abdomen to see him resting in the valley of her desires. His eyes locked with hers as he unraveled his tongue against her hot and desperate flesh, tasting the dew of her lust. Her head rolled back and she found her fingers curling almost skeletally, her nails grinding into the wood and etching the tales of what was happening into it for later reminders. His tongue was a weapon she was victimized by, as he wasted little to no time. His tongue pierced into her, twisting like the devil in serpentine guise as she lifted her back up from the desk. The tops of her shoulder blades and her hips were the only thing left on the table as she curled her fingers into her fists and rolled her head back in the pool of luscious midnight hair. “Aaahhh…” Pleasure, that’s what this was. Overwhelming as he drank from what felt like an endless well of arousal as Michiko’s delicate body was writhing at his touch, squirming and twisting against the mahogany as she found herself losing reasons to question and fight it. Nothing had ever felt like this before- this was the first time anyone had made her feel this. She’d never thought a man capable of giving her anything but money and trouble, but Keyth proved her wrong on so many levels. When she’d thought herself the kind of woman who’d never indulge in the selfish pleasures of the flesh, he ignited her with his fire and left her to burn under his fingertips. She couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or closed, she was diving deep into that fiery darkness as her body started to prickle up at every pore with goose bumps and she felt her hips lifting to his mouth, her legs falling open for him. /What am I doing?/ She questioned so far away in her own mind. /I’ve got to stop this. I can just… I can paralyze him, and this will stop here. He’s not stopping…/ Her thoughts raged back and forth, a war of logic versus emotion and unknowing. /But… I trust him. I trust Keyth… with my life…/ She closed her eyes as she finally unraveled. Her orgasm hit explosively, moisture dripping down her blushing tender folds for him to drink in as she arched her back and twitched with the sensations as she curled her toes tight and tried to breathe. Her lips were parted open for a moan that couldn’t even make itself known until a whimper was all that was left, her legs being manipulated by Keyth as she tried to open her eyes. She was trying to grasp reality. He was throwing her into another world and with no rope or safety harness. She reached to her face and pulled her glasses away, unable to hold them but instead dropping them to the floor. She panted and glanced between them as he pulled his pants down and revealed himself to her. His erection was thick, it’s what most women would’ve thought as pleasuring. She- humorously- thought it only anatomy. Though her heart began to go running off in its sped up drumming as if she knew what was coming next. Her legs hung over his shoulders and she reached up to his shoulders, glancing between him and their hips as she saw and felt him nudging the bulbous tip of his cock against her opening. With a single thrust he shoved himself into her and it was a suddenly sobering feeling. She gave a short-lived and quiet shriek, like a yelp, as she curled into him and put her forehead against his clavicle beside her knee. Her cunt had taken him, but so suddenly had she stretched paper thin around him. Each velvety wet muscle was clinging to him like a glove fit to his every pore. And her erratic, desperate heartbeat was radiating through her whole body, thrumming around him where he’d thrust into her. She breathed out, and in, and he would hear her forcing herself to breathe in timed, heavy, paced breaths to try and overcome the searing pain. While not a virgin, she’d been seven years without sex, with only one partner back then who had no comparison to Keyth. Her eyes were damp and she was blinking to try and keep them from forming full tears. Moisture was dripping down from between them, Michiko’s body glistening with a thin sheen of sweat as she gulped hard. Her nails had already bit into his body when he plunged into her, anchoring himself within her. She was squeezing him in whimsical intervals of adjustment, massaging him almost too-tightly as she tried to cope. /It’s okay, I’m okay…/ Michiko thought as she closed her eyes and finally he’d feel her starting to relax. Her hips sank into the table and she was submitting to him. Her breathing deepened and grew farther apart by each breath as she would lick her lips and turn her head. Her kiss grazed the side of his neck, softly caressing his Adam’s apple as she finally sank back. Her body laid before him on the desk. He could see it in her eyes- everything all at once. An onslaught of emotions. She was shocked and amazed and pleasured and pained and most of all she was finally accepting this. It was bound to happen- because she’d always accepted Keyth. Her hands drifted down his neck as she licked her lips and let her fingers glide around to the back of his neck, tangling up into his dark hair as she waited for him to continue taking her without opposition- but instead irrevocable desire to be his. <e>

DeliriousAres: Her tender lips brushed against the skin of his neck, it put him in a trance almost. The Feeling of her complying sent him int a frenzy. When her legs eased down to the desk he'd lean down again. Tracing his lips around her own in a deep kiss as he locked his lips around hers one more time before he pulled back. He'd grip her waist... letting his eyes lock down on hers. Making full eye contact, never turning his head... is it sick that he wanted to see every expression that broke across her beautiful face..he wanted to see it. Gripping a bit harder on her waist he'd move his hips. Slowly at first her cunt would make a slick squeak like noise as he slipped his cock in and out of her entrance. It made his eyes roll to the back of his head as he continued to stroke his hips forward. He wanted to make sure she felt it all. Every bit of it. He'd let out a growl of some sort as he began to pacing his breathing along with his speed. His hips began to flush themselves in and out of her. Making sure to thrust in slowing circles as he continued, he'd roll to the right and then pull his hips back like a wave as he dipped his length into her completely... sliding out half way and then plunging it back in. All the while making that full eye contact as he pressed himself deeper within her hole. He could feel her cum encasing his cock in a slick gloss of her juices, continuing the dipping and grind like motion untill his cock had grown accustomed to the inside pocket of her vagina. His cock throbbed within the insides of her cunt as he pulled her legs apart a bit, wrapping his hands around the outsides of her thighs as his hands pressed against the insides.. He didnt waste time after he felt she was broken in. He began to plunge himself inside of her at a repadtive but quick assualt. PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT! The noise would quake itself throughout the condo as there bodies woulc collide with one another. He pulled her left leg down letting it dangle off the desk while his left hand pressed against the wall as he continued to massacre her insides. " Ah, Ah... Ha... Ughhn.." He'd grunt along with his strokes. Breathing like some wilderbeast as he continued. He tilted his head back pulling up further so now only the top part of her back rested on the desk while the other half he kept to himself. Her lower half, holding her up practically in mid air as he continued to fuck her cunt hole. Her juices would secreate around the width of his cock, dripping along his inner thighs and onto the floor beneathe them. He'd turn her around sideways on her right side. Her left leg would be pulled across his body to the left, while her right would be out straight under him. His right hand gripping tightly to her left leg as he began to stroke himself within her in this postion. He'd continue to pound himself within her all the while finally pulling her over completely on her stomach so she simply dangled over the desk itself. His Hands gripped tightly to her waist. Thrusting himself inside of her like a maniac. SMACK,SMACK,SMAK,SMAK! The SLick poundings of his pelvic area smacking into her firm ass over and over again would break through there ear-drums. Filling the room up only for indication that he was indeed putting his all into her. He'd pull back, gripping her long raven hair as he pulled it back with his right hand, and his left hand rested on her left ass Cheek. Pulling her hair back would force her to back up into the length of his cock as he mercylessly fucked his way into her. He'd shake his head left and right. Panting heavily the inside of her cunt felt like it was drowning him out of her. Feeling it tighten around his cock the more he fucked her at the aggressive rates. Pulling her up again after a good moment within that postion. Once he was done with it he'd lift her high up into the air so she rested around her waist. Holding her up by her ass, all the while never taking himself out of her. He'd pull her up and down around his cock, her legs spread out wide, dangling around his strong arms as he continued to force her up and down vigirously. His lips sucking along the middle of her neck around that same spot he had been doing so earlier. He couldnt get enough of how she tasted... her reactions were the fruit of it all. Her cunt would flood his cock out once again as he forced her down along his length. Making sure to put, every, bit, of himself inside of her. Even through his postion he'd be relentless. Twisting her around so she was facing another direction as her chest layed against the desk while he gripped tightly around her stomach. He'd still be holding her up during the course of it all. Grunting, it seemed like it was going on forever. (( He felt his body get hit with a wave... his cock strating to throb profusently within her walls. Was he getting ready to hit his breaking point? His cum began to churn within the inside of his cock the faster he went, his knee's bent lightly in the postion, allowing him to work his cock so far within her cunt she'd feel it hit the pit of her gut with each stroke of his monstorous length. Soon pulling her around again and sitting down in her chair he had just broke. She was facing him this time. His hands gripped tightly around her waist as began to hoist her around the length of his cock so she could ride him. His hands resting around her waist as he slummped back in his seat a bit. He'd grip tightly forcing her down on his cock as quickly as he could, biting down on his bottom lip as he attempted to bite back his moans. He had ditched his jacket a long time ago during the sex, his buldging muscles began to create a glass over his body as he forced her down onto his cock, his hands gripping tightly to her ass before he smacked her right ass cheek. He felt cock throbb within her insides and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Dropping his hands and letting her go into auto-drive along his cock.

Diversity: He watched her- and she him. Michiko couldn’t break her eyes away even if she wanted to. Her slender digits cradled the back of his head as he began to pump in and out of her. He wasn’t going all out right away- and she knew right then he was holding off to make sure he didn’t hurt her. Even in his lustful craze, he was not going to break her. Her eyes softened as she felt the uncomfortable sensation of him stretching her around his girth again, his tip dipping almost too deep inside. His shaft dragging against every single nerve ending she could imagine to ever have. As he began to speed up his pace, his hips pushing her body into the desk, she felt the tight, uncomfortable sensation beginning to lightly wane. Pleasure started to spark within the pit of her gut, a spider-web effect radiating an unusual and bizarre new sensation through her body. She was pacing her breath at first, but soon it started to feel more and more natural. She was finally adjusting to Keyth’s size and pace. Her eyes were fluttering; it would be obvious to Keyth Tasanagi that she was trying to keep their eyes locked. Her lips began to part, her breaths starting to sound… melodic. Sweet. Erotic. The more he thrust into her, he began to elicit the most harmonious of sounds from Michiko in alto graces that started to override their heavy overworked breaths. But he didn’t keep that starter’s pace with her. She never expected him would. His arms moved and he wrapped his arms around her thighs, his hands gripping the inside and softly clutching the delicate flesh. The thunderous clap of skin on skin rang from the two of them as her moans began to grow in size, though they were broken. Every time Keyth drove his cock home within her body, whatever moan she’d accumulated cracked and flayed. His animal-like breaths made her feel wild herself. Maybe it was the animal nature in him spilling over into her mind. Her head tilted up against the desk as he turned her onto her side. Michiko clutched the desk, feeling him grind in, stroking her from a multitude of angles. She found herself heading back to that dark, hot place. White hot heat was dancing through her veins as her pussy squeezed and caressed his length regardless of the brutality of Keyth’s pounding thrusts. The moisture of her previous orgasm mixed with the fresh and ever-growing ambrosia of her desires was dripping down, having smeared along both of their thighs in a glistening gloss of her saccharine fragrance. It had even dripped upon the floor and some of the desk. Later on the night she’d make some note of being dehydrated after this experience. His fist tangled in her hair and he became more and more merciless. Her moans cracked and shattered as they grew in volume, meshing with whimpers and a few hisses through clenched teeth. Michiko was so lost in vertigo and desire and lost focus. Her body was ablaze and yet at the same time her scalp and thighs ached horribly already. He hit so deeply into her that his cock’s tip was striking the opening of her cervix, causing radical moments of stinging sensations on top of the crescendo pleasure Keyth was introducing to her. She clutched at everything she could get her hands on as he turned her over the desk, at one point on her back but by now having been rolled to the side, and now to her belly. Michiko howled out for a moment as she felt the stirring of a rapidly encroaching orgasm barreling through her veins, stirring in the pit of her womb like the storm of the century. Her logical thoughts, the belief and denial and the mental warring was all faded now as she felt through the blood-bond his animal nature contaminating her. She had scratched her poor desk all up like a cat had been murdered on the countertop, and the sweat and arousal was enough to make her lower half shine in the light like body oils. Keyth at last turned and moved her, twisting her around. How he could manipulate her with absolute ease was obvious to her, but she didn’t think of it period as he fell back into the chair where the arms had been earlier ripped off when he attacked her. She felt her hips drop by gravity’s natural pull until she was sitting on his cock, feeling the power as her hands fell to his shoulders. She put her forehead to his, panting and huffing as her long midnight blue hair clung to her breasts and back, dampened to her neck and splayed around her. Michiko grabbed his shoulders tightly, and as if she couldn’t sacrifice the stop, the stillness, Michiko began to ride him as hard as she could. Her body rose and fell, dropping down quickly onto his cock and making the computer chair squeak loudly. Her legs were sore and burning, her feet sliding against the floor. Her orgasm was building and she could swear she could feel his coming to. Through the bond she knew he was holding back as she wrapped her arms tightly around him, her body tangled tight against his as she continued. The clapping resonance of flesh was even louder than before. While a little bit slower, each stroke was that much more powerful with her full bodyweight landing on him over and over, making her body ignite with pleasure and sting with the ache of being pierced. Her forehead pressed to his, she was breathing heavily down the front of his neck as she locked her eyes onto his. Half-lidded, wild, and savage. There was something of Keyth in her eyes, a piece of her he’d given to her. His wildness he had passed onto the professional, civil doctor, just as she had given him some of the docile, civilized nature she had. “Keyyth~” She didn’t have the air in her lungs to spare screaming it to the empty walls of the condo, so it was rushed out and frenzied, wild and sensual. She kept her eyes on his that last few seconds that she could while her orgasm was preparing to rupture her. “Trust… Me…” What she meant he would soon see. She dug her nails into his back as Michiko’s thighs started to tighten up, her pussy constricting around him as he would feel the first warning spasm. Then another- and another as… Her head tilted back quickly and she dropped herself onto him as hard as she could, her body rocking into his over and over as a series of orgasmic spasms consumed her. Darkness- fiery and luscious. Cool and hot all at once. Slow and fast, dark and blindingly bright. Her heart skipped a beat and started pounding slow and hard in her chest, like knocking on the inside of her ribcage. The sound that came from her was satisfied- genuinely, ultimately pleasured and more than just that. Happy. Alive, ecstatic even. Her body trembled and shivered as if she was nude in the winter. She would ride him until she achieved his orgasm, to know it through their bond but also to feel his heated seed fill her alongside her own liquid lubricating bliss. Even if it made her ache, she wouldn’t stop as she clung to him and tried to push through it though she knew she was weak and unused to this. She was far from broken in yet as she couldn’t see through her own sensations yet to make sense of what had happened or what was to come. <e>

DeliriousAres: When he felt her tense up around him as she rode him the way she did he'd pull his hands back panting with her, for every moan she made. He'd make one to accompany her own. His hands resting on her waist when she told him to trust him thats exactly what he did. His eyes rolled to the back of his head momentairly as he felt her orgasim slowly come to face. The big one, he held his breathe back and started to pant heavily when he noticed her body flauxing over. Reaching that breaking poin t it only encouraged his body to do the same. His cock plunge deep within her, deeper, harder. She rode him as hard as she could. ' Trust me..' He'd hear again from her. His breathing quickned feeling himself reaching to the point of climax... closer...closer. His head tilted back as he bit on his bottom lip, his eyes locked onto her own throughout the ride he could feel his cock get drench with her creamy cum. His body jerked, not once but twice. " I-.IM GONNA CUM.." He said biting into her neck as he gripped her waist making her fuck him as fast as he could, fast as they had done throughout the whole course of this. And before long he spewed 3 thick loads of cum inside of her cunt as hit into her neck drawing blood. His eyes rolled back the moment he did, letting it sit within her walls before he leaned back and went limp in the seat. " DOnt move..." He said pulling his arms around her as he pulled her close. Letting his cum sit within the insides of her walls. COntinuing to spew out its essences occasionally... making sure she got every last bit of it. "... Im...kinda tired now haha.." He said to himself as he smiled into her neck. Pecking and sucking on it lightly.

Diversity: He grabbed her and aided her whereas her body was spasming and unable to fully ride him to the best of her abilities. Her own orgasm was making her body writhe atop of his, until finally she felt his orgasm and she had spent her own. He even bit into her neck, painfully so and drawing blood until he broke the bite. Her eyes locked onto his, tired and sore and her cheeks were flushed red. Her skin was damp with sweat and the strong scent of them filled her condo. She relaxed at last, feeling his girth still stretching her as his seed made her womb feel warm and full. A tingling, hot essence that stirred inside of her pleasantly as she leaned forward and put her arms loosely and tiredly around his shoulders. Her cheek rested on his shoulder as her chest rose and fell in great tiredness. She closed her eyes, having to wait until she could get her sanity back. The heat had to die down a bit as she traced her fingers absently over his back, feeling the sharp sting of his bite along her neck alongside the countless hickeys he’d made in the process. Her lashes brushed his skin as she would nod. “I’m…” She breathed softly as she tilted her head back a bit, feeling his lips kissing gently down his skin. It was… affectionate and made her smile weakly. The pain was beginning to set in. Bruises in strange places she’d never had bruises before. “I think I’m tired too.” She said quietly. Her mind was distraught and estranged. She had so much to think about now. Like… What next? Was this to be expected? She blushed and glanced upon him, reaching up to place a hand along his cheek. “Um…” She was totally awkward and it was obvious as she could barely keep her eyes with his. “I don’t… know what happens now...” She whispered. Would they go to sleep together? Or would he leave her be like some easy one night stand? Her chest tightened up and she realized what’d she’d done. It wasn’t like anything she’d ever done. “Do we…?” She licked her lips and glanced aside, obviously distraught about what to do now. She didn’t want to ask him to lay down with her in case he didn’t think of her… In that kind of way. Michiko hadn’t had any kind of affectionate feelings for anyone, and then there was Keyth who she’d do anything for. She was overthinking things- she knew she was, as she glanced back up at him. A sweet, cute, and timidly worried expression as she was chewing on her swollen lower lip while waiting to see what he would say or think.

DeliriousAres: Leaning his head to the right in the chair he'd nod his head with a grin before picking her up. " I think... were gonna need a bath. And your gonna need another one of my shirts.. So we can goto bed. And i think... you should make me a sandwitch..." He said nodding his head sounding pretty sure of himself as he carried into the shower. "...But. All seriousness... Lets get cleaned up. And we'll just lay down. Thats what you do after this kinda thing you know. Im tired so i know you have to be. Just the waay it is.." He said opening the shower door and finally putting her down. " You wash myback.. i'll wash yours. Deal?" He said giving her a big grin.

Diversity: Michiko had to hold onto him when he stood, relaxed in his arms as she leaned her head on him. His grin comforted her and immediately her worries washed away. “You know what…” She smiled, playfully so as she leaned to his cheek and kissed it softly. “I’ll make you that sandwich. But you’re going to have to carry me around the kitchen to do so.” She was joking, starting to finally calm down. Her mind had a lot of thinking to do, considering that Keyth had come home and randomly put Michiko on the desk and ripped her clothes off, leaving her with no idea of what to do or say or think. As she clung to him he took her to the master bathroom and together they bathed. She was careful, wincing occasionally whenever she sat down by the feeling of her womanhood being bruised, her thighs and rear being battered, and her legs being completely shaky and impossible to walk on for a little while. But Keyth was good to her after the brutality of a sexual encounter. When they were done showering she slipped on one of Keyth’s large tank tops and didn’t worry about anything else as she invited Keyth tonight into her King size bed. And at last, by some odd three a.m. and after a long day of the dojo, homework, and… Well, just Keyth… She fell asleep cuddled up to her Beast with her head rested upon his chest. /I trust you…/

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