The Trio ReturnsEdit

Black H&E Technique





"Where one is, the other is never far behind."

( ) a list. Yet another escort mission to be carried out to end this blasphemous invasion. “I’m getting tired of the guy who keeps putting us in these scenarios. Anyone else feel like theirs a higher power who just types this shit up on some acid trip or something? Or is it just me?” Densuke would be driving to the gateway of District 3.  His original hometown, when he and  his sister and parents stayed here for a while. Of course it was on tetsu’s police business. Guy didn’t have a life. Densuke would pull up to the man in the booth and salute. “Evening sir. Enjoying the sunset?” Michiko and Keyth were in the hummer. The cargo was in the back, few weapons, sneaking gear. Densuke had his “personal bag” containing materials from his utility belt, though he couldn’t put it in the belt pre say. As such, around michi at least, he’d simply use the “Oh this is stuff my dad kept around from the kpd.” This is densuke’s excuse, though if someone payed attention…..some of this shit is to exclusive. The guard in the both would respond. “Name and ID.” Densuke would pull out his drivers liscence, and hand it to the man. The guard would salute densuke and nod. “Ah! Welcome home Mr.Ryoji!” Densuke would nod. “The supercop suite still available?” the guard would nod. “Reserved for Ryoji’s only good sir!” The guard would hand densuke keys. “Don’t worry this is my personal treat..I know where we’re going.” Densuke would drive in, heading down the road. There were police stations…everywhere. Literally. Turrets on most the buildings, security cameras on every street light and lamp. Guards everywhere…the same ones, Tetsu brought to D2, but these guys are rumored to have “training from hell” so to speak. “Alright so, Michi, Keyth lets go over the plan one more time alright?” a holographic map would pop out from densuke’s watch whilst he explained. “This is us.” A red marker would pop up on the hotel densuke was taking them to. “this is home base. The armory, is 3 miles away form here at this location. Following the map we can get there through the underground sewer tunnels. Problem is unlike our home districts, these have cameras AND nightwatch.. Never fear though. I’ve got my grampz linking up to the generator here on my signal. We’ll have exactly 45 minutes to get there, get in, and get out. D3’s tech is meant for espionage. There’s some shit here we really have no business fighting or even tampering with…what ever jason’s building  it better be worth it. Now for the layout of the building, the armory is in the basement. So this will be simple and clean, but it is guarded. Keyth” Densuke would nod. “You’re the best one suited when we arrive. The camera’s won’t see you, either way. Michi however, I’ve got a different job for  you. “ A screen would pop up showing the armory door. “in the back I’ve got some disrupter cables. Theres a piece of paper in there, with a code you must memorize, do not carry it with you. Place that code in and the system will go into temporary shock for 5 minutes. You must keep the pressure of the cables connected to the circit board once you put that code it, because that’s five of our precious black out time and it’ll prevent the safe’s alarm from going off.. Don’t worry about being spotted Keyth should eliminate any potential threats if we send him in exactly 30 seconds before me and you enter. I’ll personally secure everything we need,  since I’m the fastest, and can carry the most weight, meaning I’ll have everything back in this hummer in 30 seconds. Are their any questions? We’re almost at the hotel to set up camp.”

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth had a smirk on his face as he pulled the guitar case around his shoulder, listening to Densuke. " Get in, take out guys around the area quietly. It'll be a breeze... leave it up to me." He said nodding his head." Hey, Michi... if this gets to scary for you, let us know alright? Im happy your here... but this kinda shit. Is usually me and Roll Bounce's thing. We dont want you getting hurt. Make me a promise. If shit gets to bad, at any point. You run, and get the hell outta there. Alright..." He said turning back around to look outside at District 3. It was massive. much more technical than what they had in the other cities. This one, was most definatly the utopia. A land with no crime... all military based, soliders marched up and down the streets... what the hell is a Civillian here. How it looked. (( When they finally made it to the hotel, Keyth would have kept his head down... he was a tasnagi. He wore a hat, and some shades to hide his facial features to teh untrained eye. Once they made it into the roomm, Keyth took out his guitar case and pulled the HB suit out. He'd pull it on, soon slipping on a headband, though he left everything but his tranq darts in his case. Knowing that he wouldnt need to kill anyone after all. " Alright." Keyth said walking to the mirror to expect himself. The suit was pretty much an ehanced sneaking suit for Keyth, he was already a sneaky bastard, and didnt need a suit. But the suit alone hid him from all forms of Tech that may try to pick him up, making him invisble to technological eyes. As he pulled out of the restroom all suited up, he'd have a cigar in his mouth as he smoked lightly to himself. Waiting on the other two to ready themselves before they moved out.

Diversity: Michiko watched the world go by outside of the windows as they slipped into District 3. She’d been here only once in her life, and it was as a medical advisor from KasaiHana Regional to tend a police officer who’d gone into cardiac arrest in his home. She’d gotten a bit of good renown around that district after that event, but she hadn’t gone back since. As they moved and Densuke gave off the plan she would nod. Michiko could do memorizing, she was smart beyond the means of most. Her eyes wandered as she pulled out her glasses and unfolded them, putting them over her amber and azure gaze. She then began to tie her hair up into a simple bun with a few tendrils of hair hanging by her cheeks. She was in all black, a hoody and simple pants with her thicker-heeled boots. Michiko glanced over to Densuke with a small and affable grin- rarely ever letting it grow beyond something barely visible unless Keyth was giving her a reason to. “Got it.” She said. Then Keyth brought up the idea of her getting hurt. About her running. She was… amused. Though Michiko knew he was serious, she was no runner. Had he forgotten that the woman he’d taken to was the adrenaline junky who liked being put in tight spots? This was like riding a roller-coaster to her. Michiko smiled a bit more than before as she would nod to him slowly. “It’s okay Keyth. Have no worries. How much have we been through so far? I don’t think the KPD compares quite as easily to the Grimoire and Susanoo, and mutants and assassins.” She chuckled gently and then glanced back to Densuke. She came around once they’d stopped and she’d grab the cables, wrapping them up and stuffing them in a simple backpack along with a few other tools. She then would track behind Densuke, being light on her feet as she went along. /Keyth…/ She thought to him, knowing he’d feel her reaching out to him. At her command a temporal lobe open channel link was set up between them both. Thus allowing them to speak to one another via thoughts. /”Keyth”/, much clearer this time. /”If you need anything, or you are in trouble. Let me know like this. I’ll do the same. You’ll be the first to know if something happens.”/ But she was prepared for shit to go down, just in case it did. Michi had a sly, devious look in her eyes but it quickly faded. She definitely was taking after Keyth.

Taking his things into the resteroom to sort out some of the things he felt he was going to undoubtedly need. He went ahead and sliped a black shirt on, and matching black jeans, a ballistic bullet proof vest, elbow pads for traction, and he’d stuck a special monocle in his pocket that had the same functions as his Red Dawn cowl, but less conspicuous. He’d stick his grappling hook in his left pocket. He avoided his trench blades…Densuke didn ‘t want to kill anymore. As such he wouldn’t give himself the tools to do so with, or at least try to limit them. He’d sigh and emerge from the door, with various other goodies in his bag, to be revealed for the plot at and. “Alright the sun’s set. We’re heading out of the window, and straight down to the nearest manhole. Got it?” Densuke would nod to the both of them. “I’ve faith in you both.” Densuke would open the window for Keyth and hold his hand in the air. “On my signal Keyth, gun it. Don’t look back. We’ve got one shot.” Densuke would speak into his watch. “Grampz….Now.” ( ) If Keyth responded, the lights in the surrounding district would instantly be shut off, and darkness would overcome the area. Densuke would hold his hand up for michi to stay in place as Keyth should’ve made his descent by now. Exactly 30 seconds later, Densuke would signal for michi to follow along, as he hooked his grappling hook to the window ledge, and lower himself, down 5 stories, leaving the line attached so she herself could slide down. Once she made it, Densuke would drop down into the hole, Keyth should’ve cleared by now. “C’mon lets go go go.” Densuke made sure she had access to some night vision tech, so she could at least see Densuke. The sewers were clear, which means the plan was going according so far so good. If michi kept the pace, it take 15 minutes exactly to dart these 3 miles, and arrive at the basement area in the Amory, at least underneath it’s general surface that is. Densuke would speak to Keyth using a chi psionic. “Keyth is it all clear? We’re on schedule to be there, in a few. You should have the guards dead, and the basement door secure for michi, once you’ve surfaced in the room to the armory.”

DeliriousAres: (( When Densuke gave him the go, like some Animal he'd leap from the window blasting off into the night sky. His speed was inhuman. Running on all fours like some kind of cheetah, his body had been moving... 60....70.... 85... 90mph. Leaping From building to building as he flushed through the roof tops, twisting and turning over obstacles untill he flipped and cleared four buildings, He'd skid across a railing, his body zipping across it swiftly, going a full 115mpg along the railing as he flew along it. Kicking off, he'd use his Hadou Kuseii to blast himself even higher into the air, running up a building, the suit giving him even more inhuman capablites as he run up it, kicking off the building and doing a full flip he'd land right infront of the armoury. Doing all of this in 6.8 seconds. Keyths fastest time. Soon, Keyth sat perched like some predatorial beast as he watched the men patrol around the area. Keyth heard Michiko speaking back out to him, her suggestion of help made him smirk. " I'll... let you know." He said outloud as he stood to his full height, his gauntlets had sharp talon like claws, dabbed in some kind of knock out liquid that if he dabbed it into there blood stream, they'd be out like a light. He heard Densuke in a similar means of communication responding with a nod of his head. " Im on it..." His eyes peered off around the safe house and with his animal mimcry, he'd let his eyes linds themselves in a form of NIght vision, allowing him to seeheat signatures. VWOSSH! Keyth would leap off the ledge and slide down to the ground landing on all fours. Some gaurds were frantic. " The lights... ag-GAWK!" Said a gaurd as Keyth ran by him, slicing his throat, and kicking off the wall. The slice knocked him out instantly. He'd then zip by, all one would see as he ripped through the men like butter. Taking out all 30 in the area within 10 seconds. So with time to spare, Keyth sat perched somewhere, in the darkness as he'd close his eyes, signaling to both of them. "...All clear." He said, once again making record time for himself. Making his way down to the Armoury now. Once Michiko and Densuke arrived in there locations, the grounds would be littered with knocked out men, each of them sporting slash marks to the throats.

Diversity: She pulled on a Rescue visor, much like the one worn at the tower-mission. It came on and allowed her to see in the darkness as she watched Keyth disappear. Then the signal came for her and she took off. She slung the backpack over her arms and ran with ease. While not as fast as some of them (Michi’s no fighter), Keyth’s work out plan consisted of a lot of jogging and a lot of push-ups, so she was able to keep up fairly well. She kept a careful eye out for any heat signatures that would come up as she raced. The cables were heavy but she knew that this mission was important, so she didn’t think of it. /First round epinephrine, release/. Her second wind kicked in quick, allowing her to travel the rest of the fifteen minute race until she’d get to the armory. At last she got to the armory’s door, dropping the backpack. She opened it up and began to pull out the cables, readying them to be hooked up. Before she’d continue she slipped off her hoodie and tied it around her waist, revealing a simple black tank top though there was something beneath it that had wires and sticky pads stuck to her chest like a portable ECG. Michiko then tapped a simple ear piece, not used to having one as she grabbed the handful of cords. “I’m ready.” She said quietly while awaiting the order to continue. And as soon as Densuke or Keyth would give her the go-ahead, she’d start plugging the cables into place, locking them and all the while putting in the code that Densuke had had her memorize.

Densuke would hear Keyth speak of being done, and as the run continued he could see keyth’s handy work. 30 men from the jump all dead with similar slice marks. “Perfecto.” Densuke would think to himself. As they continued and arrived densuke would watch as michiko flawlessly carried out her part of the job. Awaiting for densuke, he would stand infrot of the vault door, and take a breath. “Go!” Densuke would spout. If she moved how instructed the doors would open up quickly, and the alarm would be stalled. “3 minutes left!” ( )Densuke would go over the list in his head and begin picking up the  needed materials, and stuffing them in a rather large crate, length wise the size of a king size bed. After gathering the nessecary materials, densuke would lighten the pressure around himself and the box, allowing him to pick it up quite easily. “Alright I’ve got it. Keyth grab the hummer and meet us at the starting point. “Densuke would bleep to his mind. Densuke would walk out, by now michi would have the notion to let go of the door, and if she did densuke would nod to her. “Hop on the crate, and grab my hair as hard as you can, do not fall off. I can’t leave you behind.” Densuke would wait for her to mount the crate, and then “VROOM!”. Densuke’s body would take off in a gold stream of light. His body moving well over 300mph, as his feet raced through the sewer and only his reflxes could and would help counter the massive amount of tunnel vision he was having. The alarm suddenly began to sound. “Hm? Impossible, the job was solid. Shit, shit, shit, shit!” Densuke would pick up the pace, as guards would rain in by the numbers in the sewer tunnels. Sure they couldn’t keep up with the man, but bullet sprays are bullet sprays. Darting side to side, like some speedster, he’d carefully avoid the linaear directions of the bullets in order to keep him, michi, and the cargo safe. “I’m gonna throw you up! Keyth will be up there, load up the van, and get the hell outta here!” Densuke would stop on a dime, and force his palm upwards, blasting a hole where the manhole once was with pressure. He’d toss michi up, to which Keyth would hopefully be in the area to get her and the cargo out. Densuke would turn around, and quickly begin to dash his way through the sewers as now an arry of KPD men would be storming them, in search of the cause. “. . .someone tricked us. Like they knew we were coming. The operating systems were completely down, so who knew and how!”  KPD soilders stood in Dnesuke’s path. They work quick…don’t they. “A round of fire could be heard, as the KPD unleashed massive amounts of it. Densuke’s speed was the only thing concealing his face as the moment, as he was so surefire of his plan. His body would pulsate from side to side, as he moved around and navigated the sewers, looping upside down along the walls looking for a way out and hoping they didn’t run into the same trouble above ground.

DeliriousAres: (( Behind Keyth had been a massive array of Cop cars. " HAHAHAAH HELL YEAH!" He said as he hit the gas, switching into another gear as he blasted the car forward." ACTIVATE AUTO DRIVE!" He said and as he did, Alfreds voice would speak back to Keyth through the radio. " Oh goodie. Will you be shooting at them sir? " " DAMN RIGHT!" Keyth said as he pulled out his two saws and flipped out of the window landing on the roof of the car. He'd start to shoot at the KPD cars, shooting out tires left and right and forcing them to crash into one another. Keyths accuracy had increased on such a high level since his time with these damned mutants. " HAHAHAHAAHAH YOU GUYS SUCK!" " Hold on sir!" Alfred said to Keyth as he hit a curb on the road, Forcing the car to do a 360 spin in mid air, Keyth crouched down to the hood holding on to dear life untill they hit the ground. By doing this, they flipped over a full blockade. In mid air, Alfred activated the boosters on the Hummer making it blast forward and then fly through the air. " OH SHIT! ITS A HOVER CAR NOW!?" " Why yes sir, i installed it into your cars database last week. " " I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" Keyth said as they glided over the ground. BOOOOM!!!! Michi's body would get blasted through with the cargo only for Keyth to see her go airbourne. " THAT'S MY CUE!" Keyth said kicking off the hood of the hover car and tossing himself into the air only to catch Michiko and the cargo, Alfred made the car fly under Keyths feet as it caught him. Once he landed with the cargo and Michiko, he'd load them both into the car. " DENSUKE! WERE COMING FOR YOU NOW!" He said hopping back onto the cargo of the car. He'd point down at the ground. Calcuating Densukes speed, he knew he had been moving fairly fast, also random fire hydrants would explode down the streets indication to his speed. " THERE! FIRE THERE!" Keyth said to Alfred, which he did. He'd blast into the ground causing a massive hole with some rocket gun like weapon at the bottom of the hover car. VRRRRRRROM! They'd be soaring through the sewer now, right behind Densuke and his pursers. " Sir! Hop onto the hover board! firing in 1... 2... 3!" Keyth leaped off the roof of the car and as he did, a hover board was blasted from under the hover car. Keyth would land ontop of it with his arms pulled back as he flew through the sewers, twisting left and right as he slided around the walls. Hitting 300 MPH he'd be right next to Densuke now. If allowed Keyth would make room for his friend on the hover board. They were approaching a wall...a dead on of course. " LOOKS LIKE WERE GONNA HAVE TO BLAST THROUGH!" Keyth said Getting into the Push Blast stance. " ON ME!" He said to Densuke, and if he went along with it. They'd both send a Push blast technique into the wall forcing it to implode with the sheer pressure of there technique. BOOOOOOOOOM! They'd be released from the sewers as the brick of the sewer would all splew forward, and Keyths hover car with Michi and the cargo would fly by with its back doors opened, allowing them to slip right into it the moment the blasted through the wall. Just like that, the car went into camo mode and blasted its way back to the District 1 area. " THAT... WAS... AWESOME! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!"

DeliriousAres: Push blast. ->

Diversity: Michiko watched as trouble began to unravel, finding her way to Densuke and doing just as he said. Even… holding onto his hair. She’d have to keep that from Keyth, because it sounded a bit wrong after all. Michiko felt the wind whip around her, hearing gunshots though she was ready to take them if need be. As unlikely as it would be that Densuke would use her as a human shield, she had a defibrillator vest on under her shirt with an overload charge pack in it to create inhuman amounts of pulse electricity. She let go of his hair at last only because he’d launch her up, and she’d go from Densuke’s body to Keyth’s, latching right back on, cargo and all. The raging attack continued onwards but she simply stayed close to Keyth, attempting to keep close. From him she was transferred to the hover board that, after they got Densuke, Michiko reached up and grabbed both of them by the back of the shirt to hold on while keeping the cargo in front of her so that it would push against her when they took off. Boom! Then the hummer transformed back into a car, where Michiko landed safely in the seat and the cargo was next to her as she brushed her bangs from her face. “Well then.” Michiko said, having never appeared overly surprised, shocked, and definitely not scared. Instead she was smiling quaintly, as if she had just had a lot of fun. Fun, for Michiko, being dangerous. “So they expected us, or found us out.” She began as she brushed her hair back, having some of it been… wind-whipped into a wild look. “What would we do now? Does this mean the next step of the process is going to be compromised?"

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