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Damian Yun

Shira Hanako

Start of something newEdit

AlessandraSkar: After a relaxing night with her boyfriend winded up turning into War of the Robots and Ninjas, Shira Hanako had decided that it was best to take a break from her hectic social life and relax. It'd taken her a few weeks to settle into her brand new luxury apartment, but surely enough it was now fully furnished and decorated just the way she had imagined when the idea to move out first came up. “So how do you like my new place?” Shira was standing in front of Damian who was sitting on the front edge of her large, round bed, dabbing at his forehead with a warm rag. He'd acquired a few cuts and scrapes from the fight, so it was only in Shira's best interest to play nurse for the night. “By the way, you can take your jacket and shoes off. I don't think you'll be going anywhere any time soon. Not until I get you cleaned up, anyway.” A sweet smile curved her plush pink lips which she had painted in a light pink gloss a few minutes ago. She leaned forward slightly to gently press her lips to Damian's cheek, then turned, placing her hands on her hips as she looked around the room. “Now, where in the world did I put that firstaid kit? My alcohol swabs are in there.”

-When Damian finds himself inside of Shira’s apartment, he had to admit he was pretty nervous about it. This is the first time in a long time that they had actually been alone and he had been itching to have his way with her for a long time. When she asks about whether he likes the place or not, he looks around and says-“Yeah it’s a lot better than what Duke and I are working with right now hahaha.”- As he dabs on his forehead he purposely slows his own Healing factor to make it seem like he was actually hurt. He had never been hurt before and he knows that Shira only wants to help him. So to make it more of an effort for them to connect, he lets her fix him up for the night. When Shira says that he can take his jacket and shoes off, he does as he is requested to do. Damian walks over to a nearby chair in the apartment where he has his Shark Blade leaning against it. He places his shoes and jacket on the chair and Sammy begins to flutter playfully. Damian places his hand on the blade and whispers to where only it can hear-“Don’t worry Sammy, she’s okay don’t be afraid of her hahaha.”- Damian then makes his way back to the bed and sits on the edge, waiting for his nurse to come over and patch him up. When she comes in and kisses him on the cheek, his face slowly begins to turn a crimson red. While she talks about looking for her equipment, Damian slowly grabs her hands with his so he can begin to slowly pull her body closer to his. With a soft touch he would pull her body in between his legs as he sits there and he says to her-“You know I think my wounds will heal up pretty fine without the alcohol.”-He’d then playfully move his legs left and right trying to be cute with her about what he was trying to do, swaying her body closer to him as he had a bright smile on his face.-

AlessandraSkar: Shira had watched as Damian took off his jacket and shoes and set it down on a chair, fixated on how well his clothing fit his large, muscular body. She felt her cheeks blush red for a second as she averted her eyes, then lifted them again when she noticed that he was talking to his...weapon? Her eyebrow arched as he was returning. “I have no idea what alien planet you went to in order to find something like that but I have to admit, it's pretty badass.” She giggled. As he sat back down on the bed, she continued to wonder where she could've possibly put her first aid kit, obviously having forgotten about Damian's healing factor in the first place. “Let's see. I'm pretty sure I put it in the Hygiene box...or did I put it with all my hair products. Ugh, I had no idea moving could be so complicated.” She said this while rubbing her temple with the tips of her fingers, taking a quick breath afterwards. Her posture perked up a bit when she felt Damian grab her hand. From a touch like that, she had no choice but to allow him to pull her down between his legs. She tensed slightly as her back fell against the front of his body, feeling all the rippling muscle he possessed beneath his clothing. The way he practically engulfed her with his massive size always made her spine quiver, but in a good way of course. Her lips curved into a smile when she heard him speak, feeling the depth of his voice rumble through her, making her toes curl into the fuzzy red carpet beneath her feet. She was still dressed in the outfit that she had worn to the club so her first thought was of how much of a temptation she must have been in Damian's eyes. Something about his words, the way he smiled after he said them, it seemed like they had a different meaning than what was actually said. Shira turned her head to look up at him, her glittering sapphire gemstone eyes gazing at his inviting lips as she smiled. “Speaking of which, I can fetch us a drink or two. Or did you have enough at the club?” She laughed softly, lifting her hand to strum her fingertips along his jawline as she waited on him to respond.

-When Shira talks about his blade, Damian laughs a bit at her comment and then says to her-“Yeah that’s, Sammy. He’ll behave himself hahaha.”-Damian then perks up a soft smile as he watches his girlfriend scurry around about the medical supplies. ( The mood of the room quickly changes as Shira’s body slowly lowers down onto his lap. As her soft ass rests on his lap he can’t help but get a slight tingle to surge around his body simply from her body so close to his. With her back leaning against his bare chest he swallows a bit of his saliva feeling his heart beginning to race. His eyes stare down at hers as she she looks up at him. She would see that his cut on his face had completely disappeared now as if there was no cut to even begin with. When she mentioned the possibility of getting drinks, Damian says to her in a soft and cool tone of voice-“Nah…I’m perfectly fine right here.”- As she runs her fingers across his jawline his body begins to perk up, causing the hair on his skin to lift up. Then, his hands slowly begin to move on their own as his right hand wraps around her hip, pulling her in tightly. And with his left hand he cups her cheek softly like he always does right before he leans in and begins to kiss her. His lips begin to meet hers and at that moment it was as if time slowed down to a stop. His eyes slowly shut as their lips meet and when they do, it sends Damian into a euphoria, sending chills throughout his body. As they begin to kiss, Damian slips Shira the tongue and they would begin to go back and forth with each other like a wrestling match. While the make out continues, Damian slowly lowers his body down onto the bed while rolling Shira’s body to the bed as well. Their bodies land over the pillows of the bed and Damian quickly fwaps them away with his free hand not letting any of that get in the way. He slowly moves his body to be to the side of hers while kissing her. His hands begin to wonder down her body and without so much as a single moment of hesitation, Damian’s left hand interlocks his fingers with her right hand and his right hand wonders elsewhere. When his right hand moves up her body, he stars near her waist to have his fingers run across her soft skin ever so playfully. His hand moved slowly up her waist to her top. Damian playfully moves his hand back and forth near the edge of her top before he sneaks his hand underneath her top. As his hand lifts up her shirt the more he pushes it in, his hand cups her breast. On the touch of her soft round breast Damian playfully begins to use his index finger and thumb to play with her nipple.  ( As he did this, Damian squeezes down on his left hand that is interlocked with her own hand continuing to make out with her as his body began to lift to cloud nine, almost as if it were moving on lust and the sheer wanting of her body.- 

AlessandraSkar: Shira can feel that even her slightest touch had an effect on Damian, her thick lashes lowering over her sapphire blue eyes as she kept her lovely gaze on him. Her body shivered as his hand circled around her hips and drew her even closer to him, and with that hand that teased his jawline, she lifted it higher to cup his cheek as he gently cupped hers. She tilted her head back as he leaned in for a kiss and as their lips met, a resulting rush of heat coursed through her. At first, her lips simply teased and meddled with his as they usually did, never starting off with too much or too little. Yet, as the seconds rolled by, she realized she couldn't help but press her lips harder against his, her mouth taking in more and more of his lips as though she would soon devour him. She soon felt his probing tongue and welcomed it with no second thoughts. For a moment it seemed like a battle had begun as the warmth spread and their salivation added to the soft, wet feeling. Shira's mind had completely flatlined, already feeling a rush of desire coursing through her rapidly, sending melodious signals down between her thighs. She moved one leg closer to the other as she attempted to gain control of the feeling, but it was no use once Damian began to lower her onto the bed. Feeling the soft mattress beneath her and her guardian angel beside her, her muscles completely relaxed. Yet, once she felt Damian's hand begin to wander over the curves of her body, she couldn't help but grow tense again. Laying on her back, her body squirmed so slightly that it could hardly be seen as his touch made her breath hitch. Chills rose along her bare skin where the warmth of his hand caressed her, making her heart thrum in her chest. She didn't dare protest as his hand reached a place it had never reached before, her breath hitching yet again as her whole breast was engulfed in his strong grip before he began to tease and play with her nipple. Her back arched in response to his touch as she released a small noise into his mouth. She pulled her lips away from his for only a moment to catch up to what was happening, her head falling back for just a second before she turned slightly onto her side. Her free hand pressed hard against his abdomen, her fingers playing along the well defined muscle before rising slowly and sensually up to his pectorals. Her lips mashed back into his while that same hand stroked its way back down his body until reaching his beltline. She allowed a few fingers to slip past and he would feel them tickling his pelvis, then moved her hand further down between his legs. She hesitated, her cheeks flushed red as fire, yet her love and wanton desire for this man drove her to touch the package he had prepared for her. And from what she could feel through his pants, it was NOT a small package. While half her focus was on the movement and technique of her lips and tongue on his, the other half was on the way she slowly moved her hand up and down his crotch area, trying to get a good feel for what had been hiding down there this whole time. She added a bit of pressure so her touch would set him on fire, hoping to heighten his desire to her same level. Her thighs mashed together again as that troublesome tingling sensation slithered down from her abdomen to forbidden places, causing her body to squirm just a bit more visibly against Damian's.

-Damian savored the taste that Shira’s kiss gave him as their passionate make out session continued. He continued to playfully pinch Shira’s nipple and it would quickly get hard from his touch. When Shira pulls away from their kiss, Damian’s eyes shoot open wondering if he had been going too far too fast. But his nervous thoughts where quickly blown away as Shira began to feel up his built up body. As her hands move from his abs to his pecks he bites down on his bottom lip playfully. But for her actions of what she does next even surprises him. When her hand reaches down into his pants and grabs onto his member, his face quickly bursts a bright red color. As soon as her hand grabbed hold of his hardened cock it sent jolts of tingles to purge through his body. As her hand begins to move in a back and forth motion for the first few seconds Damian’s body just continues to be riddled with a sensitive tingle. As their kissing continues, Damian feels himself losing his grip of trying to keep control over his primal urges similar to what his father had to go through when it came to sexual acts. The more Shira moves her hand in the back and forth motion, she would feel the drip of some precum exiting out of the tip of his cock onto her hand. After taking it for as long as his body would allow him too, Damian quickly moves his body up for a few seconds as he lifts Shira up off the bed. Damian stands up on the floor and Shira remains on the bed in front of him. With his cock ready to burst out of his pants he lifts her top from her body and quickly tosses it to the side without a seconds guess. His mind became blind with one goal in sight not caring about how he got there. Once he removes the top from her body he would playfully throw her back onto the bed roughly while he bites down on his bottom lip. If Shira accepted the roughness her body would bounce back down to the bed and Damian begins to undue his pants. Within a few seconds he practically rips his pants off of his body and his cock springs up from being held back by his clothes and comes into full view. His cock is fully erect and veiny as it practically twitches at the fact that it may be entering the forbidden temple of Shira’s body. After taking his own pants off, he slowly begins to crawl on the top of the bed to be on top of Shira. As he crawls towards her he stops when he gets to her breasts and begins to suck on her breast that wasn’t getting pinched earlier. While his mouth covers her nipple he sucks on the nipple and nibbles at the tip of it with his front teeth. His free hand squeezes her other breast as this happens and while he does this he keeps a bright red blush on his face as this was his first time doing this as well. Downstairs on his body while he continues to focus on Shira’s breasts his cock rubs up against her pussy through her bottoms. Damian slowly moves his hips up and down, pushing the outside of his cock against her crotch area. With every movement of his sends a sensation that he has never felt before through his body causing his mind to want to just explode! He won’t be able to hold himself back much longer before he will take her and ravish her for himself.-

All out the window now

-( Damian continues to nibble on Shira’s nipple, getting to the point where he breaks the skin a little bit. He gives out a pleasure moan as Shira pulls his body closer to his chest to show her that he liked that she is into the act with him. The more he rubs his cock on the outside of Shira’s pussy he can feel the moist wetness coming from her and he is ready to continue their act of love. When Shira speaks out to him in that sweet and innocent voice asking him to touch her it felt like he had become a lightning rod and a bolt of lightning stuck his body. Damian slowly lifts his head up from her breast and moves over to where his head is directly over hers. His flowing blue hair falls over his face and he stares into the beautiful eyes of Shira’s. ( As their eyes lock it was as if the entire world melts away from them. The room quickly becomes nothing but a black void around him leaving only him and Shira in their nude on the bed. Damian slowly moves his hips so that the tip of his cock is pushed up against the outside of her pussy, just waiting to be put inside of her. Damian raises his right hand to her and pushes her hair back behind her ear and cups her cheek. And with one quick thrust motion of his hips, he thrusts all of himself inside of her causing his cock to penetrate into her pussy for the first time in her life. Being that she is a virgin, her pussy’s tightness in uncanny and the feeling of entering a woman causes a whole new feeling of ecstasy to surge through his entire being. When he thrusts his cock inside of her he uses his right hand to grip and pull against her hair. After the initial entering of her body, Damian begins to move his hips in a swift motion as he brings his cock in and out of her. As he did so he leans down and plants his lips on hers as if their bodies had become one with each other. His brown tail would swirl around in the air for a moment and then it wraps around her right thigh in a snug form. The end of the tail ends near her ass and the tip of it begin to play with her asshole like a feather rubbing back and forth against it while he moves his cock like a jackhammer. The bed would move back and forth against the rocking motion that Damian is giving as the headboard bounces off the wall creating a loud BANGING! Sound for all the neighbors to hear. Damian would pay that no mind as he is still lost in a trance of love and lust as he makes love with a woman for the first time in his life.-

AlessandraSkar: Shira sucked in a sharp gasp as a stinging sensation rippled from her nipple and throughout her breast, feeling something warm trickle down to her stomach. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from reacting to the pain, her grip tightening even harder on the back of his neck. Her hand continued to stroke up and down his hardened member first with slow, steady motions, then gradually speeding up so that she would surpass the pace of his hip movements. Until she felt his body shift. She stopped, her hand freezing at the base of his cock as he lifted himself above her, his intense eyes gazing down into hers. She looked surprised and almost curious as her own sapphire blue eyes met with his. For a moment, she couldn't breathe. Something about the way he was looking at her made her heart race in her chest. Time was frozen and for that instant, nothing around them existed. She had even forgotten where they were. Her head moved slightly as he pushed her hair back behind her ear, lifting her hand up his strong muscular arm to palm along his shoulder. And then suddenly, without warning, it felt like double-edged sword had speared its way into her body. She had been completely unprepared, therefore, the moment she felt the intrusion, her eyes burst open wide almost to the point where they nearly fell out of her skull, But only for a split second before they slammed shut, her eyelids squeezing together tighter than humanly possible. A split second later, her head snapped back and every room in the complex could hear her high-pitched wail. Nearby, the mirror on her dresser cracked and the one sitting attached to her vanity table shattered under the pressure of the siren-like shriek. It only lasted for a few seconds before Shira forced her mouth shut, her teeth coming down on her bottom lip so hard it nearly drew blood. Damian's hand had suddenly gripped a handful of her hair, forcing her head to remain where it was as he jammed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her nails instinctively digging into his shoulder blades with such force that it nearly broke into his skin. The pain that had ruptured through her was damn near overwhelming and for a split second, she had sworn that she saw white stars dancing behind her eyes. She snatched her lips away from his to cry out again as he began to move inside her, feeling as though he would soon tear her apart. Dragging her nails down his back, her own spine snapped into an arch as the friction began to spark pleasurable feelings in her that she could hardly describe in words. Pulsations began to arise within her, beginning in her pelvic area and blossoming on throughout her body as her temperature began to rise. Her eyes were still closed as she screamed Damian's name, part of that coming from her pain, but most of it elicited by her pleasure. She mewled and whimpered against his lips at the feeling of his fuzzy tail practically rimming her. Of all things, she never would have imagined that he would make use of it in that manner, but there was nothing to complain about as it only intensified the pleasure. She was rocked with such force that she wasn't even aware of the headboard slamming into the wall. All her mind could process was the feeling of Damian's cock penetrating deeply into her body, the feeling of his warm, veiny flesh moving forcibly against her tight, sensitive walls and her body gripping him harder than a snake bite in response.

-When Shira lets out a loud and high pitch scream, Damian thinks to himself-“Gat Damn, woman!”-while he burries his head in her chest to try and mask the sound of her screams. When her fingernails dig into his back he groans a bit from the pain but it was a most enjoyable feeling that it brought to him. As her back creates an arch, their bodies move together and his left hand wraps itself around her, keeping her up off the bed. Damian Leans back on his knees with Shira up holding on to him with her arms wrapped around him. Damian would begin to lift Shira up and down with his hands on her hips to help lift her easier. Using the force of gravity to his advantage, everytime Shira is dropped onto his cock he would penetrate deeper and deeper into her tight virgin pussy. Damian squints one eye as her pussy tightens around his cock like a vice, something he was not used to feeling. Damian would then pull her body into his, having her breasts pushed up against his body. His primal nature quickly began to take over as if it wasn’t the calm and collected Damian wasn’t the one giving it to Shira. His muscles began to quickly expand and tense up the more he and Shira continued their expose. If Shira were to look at Damian’s eyes she would see that they begin to shange from the normal purple color to his pupils slowly meeting in the middle and forging a bright green emerald color, similar to what she saw in the club when they had their first argument. She would then notice that Damian began to thrust his hips harder as if he were an animal in the wild. The bed began to crack from the pressure that Damian is exerting into Shira, practically breaking the foundation of every piece of wood on the bed. With her screaming out his name, the neighbors yell out-“Keep it down in there!”-The banging on the walls soon followed as Damian only sped up and wanted Shira to scream his name out more. His body would begin to get sweaty from how hot the apartment begins to get as their love making is clear to be known by the whole apartment complex.-

AlessandraSkarAlessandraSkar : Shira's breath hitched in her throat as Damian lifted her with his left arm. His bent legs created the perfect place to rest her weight. She kept her arms around his shoulders as he began to lift her up and down onto him, her body sliding up and down on his standing cock a bit easier than it was a moment ago. At this position, her walls were practically forced to make adjustments to his size, but still gripped him so hard that it could be called strangling. She could feel herself dripping with arousal, her essence of love flowing from her body, soaking his shaft, running down her inner thighs. Her level of arousal had probably been the only thing to keep her from experiencing excruciating pain the moment Damian plunged himself inside her. She could feel his cock reaching depths that she never could have imagined and with each thrust, an intense feeling began to build deep within. With her arms around him still, her head whipped back, her unruly blonde hair arching through the air like a rainbow as the flames of pleasure continued to burn her alive. Damian pulled her forward into him and her breasts were nearly crushed against his rock hard chest. As her head fell forward, her eyes were still closed as she moaned loudly and uncontrollably. One hand rose up the back of his neck to grip a handful of his hair while the other remaining practically burying itself into his shoulder blade. Her platinum blonde hair cascaded down one side of her face which was now moist with sweat and with one eye visible outside of the curtain of unruly tresses, she noticed that something was happening to Damian. “D...Damian?” His name left her lips in a pleasure-filled whimper as she watched his eyes leave behind their normal hue. Her own eyes slightly widening, she felt the muscles in his legs begin to bulge almost as if they had begun to grow larger beneath her. Now instead of lifting her up and down, he was thrusting himself straight up into her, causing her body to move up and down in fast rhythm on his lap. “Oh!? Oh my, G---Damian!” Her cries of pleasure were so loud that she couldn't hear the frame of the bed start to crack and break under them. All she could hear were the sounds of flesh slapping together hard as thunder and her own voice echoing throughout the apartment. With Damian pounding into her like this, she had no idea how long it would be before her body completely explode like a nuke bomb.

Boom Goes The DynamiteEdit

-Damian continues to enter inside of Shira and with every thrust of his hips it was like a feeling he had to feel for the first time over and over again. Her pussy practically began to choke his cock as it moved in and out of her body. His emerald eyes shine in the light as he loses all senses towards taking it easy on her. As he felt himself building up inside he began to grunt to himself, doing everything he can to hold himself in before wanting to release his load inside of her. His muscles tense up more and more as the sweat drips down from his forehead all the down his rock hard upper body. His hands move towards the round ass that Shira has and to keep himself from releasing just by touching her perfect ass, Damian bites down on his lip, almost drawing his own blood. With Shira’s walls tightening up around his cock, it’s like her own pussy knows that Damian’s cock is ready to burst inside of her. When he hears her scream out his name it was like a trigger that even his own willpower couldn’t resist and he begins to unleash his load inside of Shira as he thrusts his body into her one last time with all of his strength. Within an instant Damian’s cock rams up against her womb and lets his entire load into her! He fills her up with his warm and frothy semen and with a quick overflow that her body had been filled up to the brim, some of his semen squirts out from her pussy and onto the bed! Damian gives out a strong grunt as he lets his load out inside of her. He slowly moves his hips back and forth slowly as to try and get all of his semen out of his cock and into her pussy. Damian lowers his head onto her chest as he continues to hold her body up with his cum dripping out of her pussy. With his heavy breathing his eyes remain a bright emerald color. Then without any show or saying anything, Damian’s hair bursts into a bright golden color causing his golden flame aura to consume the both of their bodies. Turning into his hyper form causes a powerful shockwave and gust of wind to surge around the two of them. The shockwave causes the walls to practically explode around them and the windows of the entire floor to shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. Damian lifts his head back up as if he had been completely re-energized! Damian lays Shira back down on the bed with his cock still inside of her and with his hands he lifts her legs up by her ankles, practically pushing her feet to her head as he began to ram his cock as deep as he could inside of her once again; going for a second round. With his body being ran by his primal rage he begins to grunt with every thrust of his as the wood of the bed quickly breaks and begins to fall apart around them. His cum from the first load would create a stickiness around their crotches creating a sound of their skins touching and being lifted off each other. His hands would grip her ankles tightly now as he begins to thrust harder and faster than he had while in his normal form. Could Shira even handle this kind of pressure for her first time? Damian began to just go buckwild now as he was doing this for his own personal pleasures.-

AlessandraSkar: Shira could feel Damian's upper body dripping with sweat, a sure sign that he had fully given in to his primal desires. The look on her face spoke of pure unadulterated ecstasy as her walls were practically assaulted and abused by his massive appendage, thinking that she would most certainly need a wheel chair after this session. She felt him explode inside her the moment she screamed his name and at the same time, her own body seemed to react off of his release. The overwhelming feeling that had been building up from her inner thighs all the way to her tight snatch snapped like a rope and before she knew what was happening, if she even knew it at all, her body was trembling. Trembling hard and uncontrollably as she threw herself forward onto him, her walls contracting in odd yet fierce patterns around his cock while his essence flowed into her. For a moment she sat there, holding him as tightly as she could, hardly able to catch her breath as the delightful shaking died down and a numbness sprouted within her shaking legs. She lifted one hand behind his head and into the silky nest of his peculiar blue hair and that was when the impossible happened. Witnessing the dramatic change from blue to gold, Shira's eyes widened in astonishment as suddenly they both became engulfed in a bright golden aura, something pulsating throughout the room. Shattering glass. Furniture flying in all directions. A gasp tore through her lungs as she felt her body fly back against the mattress, her legs lifted high above her by the ankles, Damian dropping his weight atop her as he then began his fierce pounding yet again. By then, her moaning and whining was so loud that if he didn't possess an instant healing factor, his ear drums would have more than likely burst. The remnants of his essence that had dripped out of her body splashed in all directions as his hips thundered against hers yet again, rocking her much smaller body back and forth against the mattress with his brute power and might. After her intense orgasm, the sensitivity of her pussy had greatly increased, the feeling of him moving inside her at nearly inhuman speeds and depths driving her clean over the edge of sanity. One arm circled around his broad shoulders as far as it could reach while her other hand remained buried in his now golden hair, pulling his head down to rest against hers as if she was hanging on to him for dear life. She didn't even understand how her little virgin body was able to handle this. Could she even be considered human after such brutal, yet pleasurable punishment?

-As Damian began to seriously ravage Shira’s body, her screams and moans became so loud that it could have popped any normal man’s eardrums. His hips continued to move with strength and intensity as he is surprised that Shira’s body hasn’t broken yet from how much pressure he is putting into her. With his golden aura surrounding the two of them it was as him their souls were coming together and intertwining at the base of their beings. But that would be hard to see as Damian is just going wild and pounding away at Shira’s pussy. With Shira experiencing her orgasm along with his own, the sensitivity around his cock became amplified and the fact that her walls tightened down even harder around his cock only made him want to cum even faster. The cum splashes all around them and his cock begins to get mixed with Shira’s juices and his own sperm. Their bodies continue to just get hot and sweaty as the room begins to get completely messy with their own bodies. Damian soon feels the buildup coming quickly after the first round but with his mind lost in a trance, he wouldn’t begin to notice it. Damian’s muscles begin to expand once again as his grip on her ankles gets so tight that his hand print begins to embed into her skin. Damian’s hands then began to move from her ankles, slowly moving up her thighs and then resting on her ass as her body remains rolled up in a ball with her ankles near her ears. ( He raises his right hand up and slaps Shira’s ass multiple times as her skin would quickly begin to turn red from him continuously slapping her soft skinned ass. With every slap he could feel the walls of her pussy tightening up as if it were anticipating the next hit. And each time it did so it sends a jolt of tingles down his spine. Damian bites down on his bottom lip again as his hips begin to move faster and faster until it seemed like Damian’s hips began to blur all together. Damian seemed to reaching his climactic point yet again but he shows no signs of slowing his pace as he continues to pound his cock deep inside of Shira, once again bumping against her womb with every thrust. Soon he feels another load of his building up and ready to burst out of him but Damian pushes it as far as he can go. Damian quickly lifts his hips up one more time as he wants to ram his cock as hard as he can into her when he unleashes his load. But as he comes down, his cock rubs up against her clit and then flicks forward with his cock facing her body. He then unleashes another full load only this time his speed causes him to aim his cock in a different area than before. Within a quick instant of seeing his cock facing her, his load would shoot out towards her body! Being in the hyper form the buildup of sperm is a lot higher than it normally would if he were just in normal form. Shira’s upper body would quickly get soaked in his warm frothy semen and it quickly pressed all across her body, practically showering her body with his semen. Damian would see his load get all over her and his face would turn a bright crimson red. His cock begins to drip the last few drops of his semen down onto her gut now as he doesn’t know how to react to covering his girlfriend in his semen. Not only is it dripping out of her pussy but now all over her body. Damian’s hair and eyes slowly revert back to normal, also causing his Golden aura to return into his body. Damian remains silent as he wonders what she will do next as his semen also was able to cover a large portion of her face. Would she be upset at him? He can only wait to find out now.-

AlessandraSkar: Sweat rolled from her pores as a result of the rising room temperature as Shira took the pleasurable assault Damian continued to dish out to her. With her feet bent practically at her ears, she threw her hands down into the mattress and gripped the messy comforter beneath her as hard as she could, bunching the silky fabric into her hands. Her eyes were shut tight as Damian drilled into her so mercilessly that she began expecting her body to rip apart. She could feel the tip of his cock slamming into her cervix which meant he was deep to the point of puncturing right into her womb. Well...almost, but that would have hurt worse than getting shot in the vagina with a Chicago Typewriter. Every part of her felt each thrust, each time he moved his hips back and then rammed them forward with all his might. Each time, waves of indescribable bliss coursed through Shira's body like a tsunami and she was so lost in sheer ecstasy that she was unaware of Damian's muscles expanding yet again in response to his feral nature. She could hear him grunting as if he'd fully given himself to his animal side, and her moans rolled from her tongue almost in unison. His incredibly strong grip around her ankles seemed to burn right into her delicate skin, leaving bold red prints where flawless flesh used to be. Her body began to experience what felt like a twisted storm of fire and lightning as she felt his gargantuan member throbbing and aching inside her with the urge to release yet again. And within moments of his vicious onslaught of her body, yet another orgasm pounced on her like a hungry lioness. Her legs shook above her as she cried out loud enough to shatter the remaining windows and mirrors in her bedroom, her pleasure drowning her so deeply that she was unaware of what was to come next. The moment her eyes opened, all she felt was Damian slip out of her and the next thing she knew, she was watching a tidal wave of his essence lash out at her. Her head turned almost immediately to keep the thick, white substance from getting in her eyes as it landed on her face, soon coating her chest and stomach in crooked and twisted trails. Panting heavily, she looked at her semen-soaked torso in astonishment, then lifted her eyes to see how Damian would have reacted to it. To her surprise, his face was flushed red and he was completely silent, probably nervous as all get out thinking that she was going to be upset about the mess. However, instead of completely losing her mind, she lifted an index finger and slowly swiped it across her chest, taking a small yet ample amount of essence with it. Raising the finger in front of her face, she observed the substance as if she had never seen it before, then stuck it between her lips. She had no idea how warm and salty it would taste until just then, her eyes lifting to look at Damian as a smile brightened her features. As much as she wanted to just rest in his arms, she wasn't sure if he wanted her body mashed against his while she was drenched in his baby gravy (XD baby gravy XD). After a moment, her cheeks burned a bright red as she looked away but kept her smile on her face. “Well...are you going to keep staring at me like that or are you going to join me in the shower?” She looked at him again after asking then, soon letting laughter slip from her lips. Despite feeling a bit awkward inside, she was more than happy to have finally shared in this erotic experience with the man she loved more than anything.

-As his nervousness overflows him, he is shocked to see that Shira actually takes a bit of his sperm and swallows it. He had mixes feeling about that but in the end it only made her seem more attractive to him. Then when she talks about going into the shower together, Damian rubs the back of his head with a smile and says-“Well who would say no to that!? Hahaha.”-Damian quickly gets up from the bed grabbing Shira by the hand and begins to run towards the shower for them to get into. While taking Shira to the shower, he thinks to himself-“I guess now that she isn’t a virgin, she is just wild to try all kinds of things now hahaha. Works out for me”-He then quickly turns the shower on and the hot water quickly flows out of the shower head quickly creating a steam cloud over them. The two would then go on to enjoy a wonderful day together with plenty of experimenting and a lot more moaning to come out of Shira. The baby making continued for the two of them and the baby gravy kept on coming. The two love birds finally spend the entire day together not letting anything of the outside world getting to them.- 

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