Check My Place OutEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would be putting the last of her clothing from the box into her new closet of her new apartment. She had gotten tired of leaving in the Tasanagi home, and figured it was about time she moved out on her own. Ariel would walk over to her bed and plop down on her back “Finally I’m done” she would say as she let out a sight of exhaustion “why do I have so much stuff”. She would reach over to her nightstand a pick up her phone, she had been so busy with the move that she hadn’t seen her boyfriend, Danny, in some time. -Babe, I’m all done and I have nothing to do for the rest of the day, if you want you can come over and check out my new place then we can get some dinner or something. I’ll be waiting<3- she would attach her new address at the end. Danny didn’t know where she was moving to, she didn’t even want him to help because she wanted it to be a surprise. She would set her phone on her chest and wait for a reply.

( ) “And that’s why Santa Claus hates jews. Any questions?” The children surrounding Danny would all have open mouth’s dropped. The teacher would come from behind Danny with a newspaper and begin swatting him in the back of the head. “OW! H-hey! Everyone needs a good Hitler Christmas story!” “GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE YOU JERK!” The teacher would throw a chair at Danny’s body, and with a loud wooden thud, Danny would be sent flying out of the snowy frosted window from the third stories and fall down landing on top of a passing hover taxi denting the hood. “. . .Just another day.” Danny would sweep the chair creaking’s of off him and look on his phone, seeing a message from Ariel. His face would light up a bit as he’d cross his legs riding on the vehicle and texting her back. “:O! awesome babe! I’ll be over in a bit!” Danny would hit “send” and stand himself up on the car, looking a head. Coincidentally the taxi was heading for the desired address. “I know this area fairly well…She should be riiiiiiiiiiiight here!”  Danny would preform a leap of faith, and dive through a random window, crashing through the glass and rolling onto the floor landing in a squat. He’d look up and around to see an elderly couple making out with no drenchers in their mouths. “Keep up the good work folks, brazzers will call you very soon.” Danny would simply stroll out the door and look around. “She said the fifth floor, room number…AH!” Danny would find the door and knock on it three times impersonating Fred Flinstone’s voice perfectly. “WILLLLLLLLLLLLMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Danny would stuff his hands in his pockets and wait for an answer, sporting some sweat pants and a tank top, with a light black hoodie.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel had her eyes closed as she felt her phone vibrate, she would open the text and smile like a little girl as she read that he would be right over. She would then roll over and close her eyes as she waited for Danny to arrive. After a few minutes passed she would hear a knock on the door followed by Fred Flinstone’s voice. Ariel would jump off her bed only to trip over her own feet and fall on the ground “be right there” she would yell. She got up and dusted off her hot pink mini shorts, fixed her side ponytail and pulled her white tank top down a bit before opening the door. Ariel would smile wide as she saw Danny standing at the front of the door “hey, come on in” she would say as she stepped to the side. Once he was inside Ariel would close the door behind him before jumping on him causing him to lose balance and land on the floor. Ariel would smile as she sat on him “I missed you” she would say as she leaned forward and kissed him.

Looking AroundEdit

Danny would smile wide as she opened the door in her quite alluring attire, and he’d walk in and look around for a second. “Wow Ariel this is a really nice looking pla-WOO!” Danny would fall forward, and now have Ariel sitting on top of him. “D’aww, I missed you to baby girl.” Danny would smile and kiss her back, not hesitating to suck on her bottom lip a bit before releasing with a small popping noise. “You really know how to greet a guy, not gonna lie. Though some milk and cookies would’ve been nice to of course.” Danny would look away with a smug look and a playful smile, before popping her on the butt with his hand.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile and then roll her eyes at Danny, “yea I’m sure milk and cookies would have been the easier choice, I just assumed you would enjoy having me instead” she would say with a flirty smile. She would get up off him and put her hands on her hips “Next time I’ll keep that in mind and keep it easy for you”. She would stand in the living room and look at Danny “yup this is my knew home, it will be um, different, the bedroom is really nice and it’s big, not to mention the walk in closet is fabulous” she would say “but not that you would really care, hehe, come on I’ll show” she would grab Danny’s hand and pull him into her bedroom. She would open her bedroom door and pull him in behind her “Tada, and this is where the magic happens” she would say jokingly “But not really nothing but sleep has happened in this room”

Danny would place his hands behind his head, and watch as she stood her self up. “Please do, I could really go for some at some point.” Danny would reply and take her by the hand as she lead him to her room. He’d take a look around. This really was a nice place. Of course A Tasanagi would be able to afford this kind of shin dig. Danny would then head into the bedroom with her, and take a look at the bed, thinking to himself.  ‘That bed is fucking HUUUUGE.’ His  head would then flip to the closet which was filled with massive amounts of clothing. Danny’s mouth would drop on sight. “I don’t know if this is a closet or a fricken’ mini mall!” Danny would scoff at her comment of magic happening. “Pft. What is this a re run episode of MTV cribs? Get outta here.” Danny would playfully push her forward into the closet some more. He’d step out of It laughing and looking around the room some more, and taking off his hoodie, laying it on her bed. “I like the place babe. I’m really proud of you. Out on your own.” Danny would take a big whiff of the air around him. “I love the smell of a new apartment. Ahhh.” Danny would stretch his arms outwards, and lay down on her bed with his arms behind his back.  “Think a guy could stay the night every once in a blue moon? Having roomies is nice, but even I like to variety from sleeping on a cold floor to a nice bed like this one.” Danny would smirk and scratch his chin.

My Bed Is Always Open For YouEdit

Littlemermaidary: “Hey a girl can never have too many pieces of clothing” she would say with a sly smile. Ariel would take a few steps forward as Danny pushed her playfully as he made a comment about MTV. He would walk out of her closet and lay on her bed. She would walk behind him and would listen carefully as he talked about how it would be nice to sleep in a bed as oppose the floor. It was hard for Ariel to imagine Danny sleeping on the floor and it would honestly make her feel slightly bad seeing that she had all ways had what she needed and more. Ariel would walk towards her bed and sit down. She would run her fingers through his hair “Babe you can come over whenever you want” she would kiss him on the forehead and smile “My bed is always open for you”. She would pause and think about what she just said realized how it sounded “I mean like to sleep… not that not sleeping wouldn’t be okay… but just you know….uh” Ariel’s face would turn bright red of embarrassment and she decided to just shut up.

Danny would laugh in a quiet manor as she mentioned her bed always being open. Once she blushed, he’d place a hand upon her cheek, and talk in a smooth and soothing tone. “I get what your trying to say babe…and thank you. I promise I won’t eat you out of a house and home.” He’d smirk. A rather devious one at that, and move his other free hand over to Ariel’s hip, placing it with a lightness, but speaking with a lowered tone. “So how serious are we about that bed thing. In case I wanted some other things to be open in it. IF…you know what I mean.” Danny would give a playful wink. He was oh about 50 50 serious on the scale of lust here, though his body language spoke for  him, as he’d managed to pull her a little closer to him by her hip, and seemingly lower her head a bit to where his was.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smirk as Danny made a promise to not eat her out of her house “Well I appreciate that babe”. She would blush a little more as he asked her how serious she was about the more than just sleeping thing. She would hesitate a bit before answering and bite the bottom of her lip. To be honest Ariel was pretty serious about it, she really wanted more than just making out and holding hands, but she was a bit scared because she didn’t want him to just get it in and leave. She would finally look at Danny and speak “well I was actually pretty serious Danny” she would push her hair in the back of her ear “I guess I’m just a bit nervous” she would get up off the bed and walk towards the door and then turn to look at Danny “So are we gonna get dinner”

Danny could see the hints of lust in her eyes, and he wanted to tap into it dearly. It was nice to know she was serious, but at the same time, for the first time, danny felt like he should give her some time. He’s really never been one to be so paitent with a women, but well maybe he’d have to slow his testosterone down to make a subtle relationship at best. Danny would hop up off the bed and look at Ariel, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well I mean we could. I think I borrowed enough money from Densuke to get a decent bite to eat.” Danny would pull out his wallet, and open it, a dust cloud emerging from the opening, and literally butterflies would flutter their way out….followed by a bird, that would explode into a puff of feathers. “. . . . .Got something I can cook or  you just wanna gimme an I.O.U?” Danny would rush behind her, and cuddle her in his arms, pressing his face against her neck and humming. “I’m sorry I’m so broke…”

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would laugh at Danny as he opened his wallet “well if it makes you feel better at least you know I’m not with you for your money”. She would feel his head next to her neck and his arms around her body having him close felt so nice “Babe don’t worry I’ll pay, and no, I.O.U needed, your always doing nice things for me and it’s about time I do something for you okay, just let me know what you want” she would say as she kissed his cheek. “Or I have some frozen veggie pizza in the freezer if you don’t want to order anything or go anywhere, we can just stay here the two of us alone” she would turn to face him. She would lean in so close that her breast would press against his chest and she would wrap her hands around his neck and look into his eyes.

Danny would smile as her lips met his cheek. It’s a feeling he’d gotten used to, but it kept it’s same flair ever since the first time it happened. Holding her by her thin and toned waist, was a blessing in itself, and as her breast pressed against his chest…he “rose to the occasion” so to speak as with them being so close, she could easily feel it “poking” at her. “Veggie pizza sounds great. I like just being alone with you. Makes for the best of times usually…ahem.” Hoping she’d ignore his unexpected emergence, he’d continue speaking. “So Ariel, baby, uhm. How goes that training with Keyth you were telling me out the other day hm?” Danny was more so shocked at how easily aroused he was around’s usually the other way around when it comes to him and other women but there’s a first time for everything.

Master Of SeductionEdit

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would smile as she felt Danny um…. pressing against her, she would smile and ignore it for the time being “okay I’ll go turn the oven on and we can pop it in and we can watch a movie or something” she would move her lips to his ear and softly speak the words “I’m down for anything really” she would kiss his neck before turning around. Ariel was feeling a bit in the mood, even though she was a bit scared she had a feeling that everything would be fine even after something happened, and she would be hinting it quite a bit. She would hear Danny ask about how training was going with Keyth and she would pause in her steps and move back to Danny, this time pressing her back against his chest. She would lift her shirt and grab his hand and place it on her hip and slowly move it up her body till it hit right about under her breast where her rib was “You feel that, yea he managed to crack my rib” she would say as she looked up at him

Danny couldn’t help but watch her walk away momentarily only to think to himself. “Dat ass doe..”. His thinking would come to a halt as she became quite frisky, a move Danny was particularly used to, but didn’t expect from Ariel. Though they’d gotten to know each other, Danny hasn’t quite gotten to grasp her erotic side yet..opportunity is knocking, and Chan always answers. After the kiss on the neck, Danny would hold her as she pressed her back against him, and let her guide his hands up her body, right under her breast.  “Oh I feel it alright. Still a bit tender don’t you think?” Danny would arch her back in a bit, pressing her butt to his pelvis, and sliding his fingers amongst the under curves of her breast. “Feels like he got you pretty good. Was he trying to kill you or something?” Danny had a knack for keeping things casual, though his extra appendage never lost an inch in his arousal, in fact it was quite comfortable parked against her rear end. Danny being the masseuse that he was would slide his hands back down her body, letting his fingers run their course to the deep “V” line below her belly button. “I could’ve given you some pointers too, in a more sensual manor all be it.” Danny couldn’t help but let a smirk slide through his lips as his silver eyes took a sort of gaze effect all of a sudden. Chan only thought to himself one phrase. “She wants the D.”

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would feel his warm hand against her skin “yea it is, but it well get better soon, tender things have a habit of getting hard again, you know” she would say with a smile on her face. She would feel him make her arch her back and her butt would press against him, with anyone else Ariel would have walked away and avoided conversation, but with Danny it didn’t feel wrong. “I don’t think he was trying to kill me, I just think it was more of a no mercy thing, seems to be a Tasanagi thing” Ariel would feel her phone vibrate, she would pull it out and turn the alarm she had on off. She would then feel Danny’s hands move down and it would catch her by surprise causing her to drop he phone. Ariel would look up at him and then look down at her phone –this is going to be such a typical girl move- she would think to herself. She would bite her lip and bend down to pick up her phone and then would start to walk to the kitchen “The pizza isn’t going to cook it’s self babe”

Danny would embrace her figure for a moment before he’d heard her phone vibrate. He’d then take note of her dropping it. “…” Danny anticipated the moment he’d bent over, and once she did, her very figure became somewhat godly in his eyes, as her butt was now in a sort of full moon like view. Danny would only think to himself. ‘Yeah….gotta tap that.’ He’d clear his throat as she mentioned something about pizza. “OH yeah! Great move babe I’m stuffed.” Danny would follow her into the kitchen, and stuff his hands in his pockets. He’d wipe his forehead a bit, and let out a sigh. “It’s not warm in here in to you?” Danny would make his way over to the fridge, and grab a random cup. He’d open the fridge, and grab an ice tray, but it wasn’t completely frozen and water would spill all over his wife beater. “….SHIT…” Danny would utter…though another thought popped into his mischievous head. Attempting to progress things, he’d quickly lift his tank top off, and toss it over his shoulder, taking out the frozen pizza Ariel had been talking about. He’d turn around to hand it to her, all be it a bit wet of course. “Here ya go! Sorry about the mess I guess I needed to cool off a bit anyway eh?” If she took it, danny would lean back against the counter, and press his hands against it, studying her body language as if it were a piece of fine art, which it my as well have been. “So, what martial art did you learn anyway? Herd you went up against Densuke’s gal. Good show too, she used to be an assassin of the sort.”

Littlemermaidary: -Grate move babe…. I’m stuffed???- She would repeat those words in her head a bit confused –but we haven’t eaten- she would think to herself she blew the comment off. She would walk to the oven and turn it to 450 degrees. She would turn and look at Danny as he wiped his forehead and mentioned something about it being hot. Ariel would laugh a bit as he spilled water all over himself and then raise an eyebrow as he took his shirt off revealing toned his muscular body “yup, I did good” she would think to herself as she stared at his abs. He would hand her the Pizza and Ariel would hesitate since she was a bit focused on something else. She would come to her senses and grab the wet pizza box from him give him a big smile followed by a “Thank you”. She would open the box and take the plastic off of the pizza before bending over and placing it in the over. She would walk over to the timer that was sitting on the microwave and set it for 30min. “Okay now we wait, so what do you want to do for the time being” she would say as she placed a hand on her hip

I'm DoneEdit

Danny would scratch his head. He couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it. Cooooould not do it. He was in heat like a cactus and he couldn’t deny it any longer. It was getting to him something fierce. As she bent over and put the pizza in the oven, that was arguably Danny’s breaking point. He’d watch with the white hot intensity of 1,000 suns, and bite his lip profusely.  ‘Ah…I can’t take it…’ he’d wait until she turned around to face him and asked how she wanted to spend time. “Well…” was the only word Danny was even able to muster before a profound wave of lust hit him, like a freight train running over a measly little bicycle, the bike in this case being Danny’s restraint. He’d move over to her, with what seemed like otherworldly speed, and grope her up by her hips, turning her around and lifting her up to sit her down on the counter. This only followed up with him pressing his lips into hers and kissing her wildly, as if he hadn’t seen her In years. Laying her body down on the counter, he’d hoist her legs up and over his waist, and  with his strong hands in full control of her body at the moment, he’d work them by soothingly sliding them down her thighs, to her upper hip, and placing a slight grip on her shorts. All the while, he’d turn into quite the lip bitter, only to move from that endeavor, to kissing his way down, from her cheek, to the bottom of her jaw, and finally marking his territory on the curve of her neck, nibbling and sucking on the skin of it, with surprising finesse and tender care. At this point there shouldn’t be a question as to weather danny had done this before or not, as he’d push his hips against hers, a lot harder than usual, and with it only being sweatpants, and her shorts surprisingly thin, the pushing of their pelvises is sure to cause an arousal between either one or the both of them at this point.

Ariel would feel Danny’s arms on her hips, as he turned her around with a great speed, and then he would pick her up like his own personal doll and set her down on the counter. She would look at Danny and was about to speak but before anything came out she would feel his lips press against hers with great passion and for a minute she was shocked, but after a few seconds she would kiss him back and drape her arms around him. He would slowly lay her down on the counter, Ariel would start to get a bit nervous “I have only ever done this once before” she would think to herself. Danny would now be on top of her and her legs would be around his waist. His lips would slowly pull away from hers as he began to kiss her along her face and came to a stop on her neck. Ariel would bite her lip holding back her urge to moan as she felt his lips on her skin. His hands would move up her thighs and stop at the top of her shorts, “It’s going to happen right here” she would think as she felt him press against her only to feel his hard on right against her Vag with their clothing as the restraints. Between the grabbing and kissing and the feelings between them Ariel couldn’t hold it in anymore and would let a soft moans escape her lips.

His hands…he couldn’t control them for any reason whatsoever. He’d tug at her shorts, and break himself from her being only for a few minutes, to lift them over her delicate legs, and take them off of her feet. Danny would take a moment, and spread her legs apart, admiring the view completely. Her black and pink underpants, cuddled tightly around her vag, and pelvic area. Danny smiled, it was almost a cute sight. Leaning back in, he’d waste little to any time at all pulling down her thank top at the collar, and exposing her matching colored bra. He’d pull the bra down, and thrust his pelvis into hers one more good time, before exposing her right breast, and running his tongue around her now hardened nipple. Folding and pressing his tongue around the edges and top of it, saliva would quickly make it’s way down her breast, as he’d engulf the majority of it in his mouth and begin sucking on it, tugging on the breast itself, making a loud “POP” noise as he let it slide out of his mouth. His eyes closed he’d repeat this for a while, alternating between her left boob and right boob, squeezing each one with a tender grip every time he’d put his mouth on one.


Littlemermaidary: Ariel would feel Danny pull away and pull her shorts down, she would extend her legs a bit to make the removing process that much simpler. Once they were off Ariel would lay on cold, marble stone counter that would send goose bumps up her spine, she would put her hand on her chest as Danny stared at her for a minute before reaching over to her and stretching her shirt down. He would pull down her bra and Ariel would feel his cold tong explore her breast she would gasp a little at the feel and then close her eyes. She would arch her back and tilt her head back as he played with her body. Ariel would put her hands on his chest and slowly push him off exchanging a kiss in the process. She would sit herself up but keeping her legs around his waist the entire time. She would be sitting on the counter and he would be standing in front of her between her legs as she pulled away slowly from the kiss. She would smile and say nothing as she hoped off the counter and walked towards her bedroom she would turn back and motion with one finger for Danny to follow. She would stop at the end of her bed and look into Danny’s eyes, she would slide her shirt up over her head and then unhook her bra and dropping it on the floor never losing eye contact. She would be standing there with her perky breast exposed and then she would look down and place her hands on the top of her ferly underwear and before pulling them down she would look into Danny’s eyes once again, she gave him a look that said would you like to come do the honors but she never spoke a single word.

Danny would whimper a bit as she pushed him off and kissed him the entire way doing it. She’d prop herself up and walk off, taunting Danny with a single finger. Danny would lick his bottom lip the entire time she walked off with her exposed breast. Danny would then utter a “Oh hell yeah!” And begin frantically taking off his pants. Once he’d strip them, he’d start to run around the counter and into the bed room, but freeze and speak to the fourth dimension of things for a while, looking at an audience. “Whoops! Remember folks, safety first.” Danny would hold his hand out, and flick his wrist, only for a condom to magically appear in his hand. He’d then,  continue towards Ariel’s amazing body, as she began to pull off her underwear without speaking a word. Danny would lift her up as if she was a princess in his arms and lay her down on the bed, propping her head up on a pillow like a gentlemen, and leaning in to press his lips to hers, timidly. He’d place a hand on her cheek, and insert his hips between her legs, while fiddling around with the condom using his free hand. Already being in a hardened state, slipping it on wouldn’t be a problem as he arched his body a bit over hers. He’d place his forehead against hers and speak to her in a hushed tone. “Hey, if things get to bad tell me okay?...i’d never make you do something you don’t want to..” After Danny spoke, he’d bite his lip, before taking hold of his massive extension into her womb. The tip being the first thing to press against the walls of her vag, before Danny would eaaaaaaaaaase it past the gates, and push onward, thrusting his hips against hers, and pushing in as he could on the first thrust. Weather this made her cry out or not, if she did, Danny would tenderly kiss her forehead, and begin making slow and powerful thrust, with the hip movements of a belly dancer, constantly resisting the urge to go all out before he felt she was ready or at least before she let him know…he cared to much to just dog her like other women.

Littlemermaidary: As Ariel slowly pulled her panties down Danny would pick her up and lay her on her huge bed over her soft pink covers, laying her head on a soft feather pillow. She would feel his soft tender lips kiss hers and she would be momentarily lost in that moment. Within seconds Danny would be over her and between her legs. Her heart would beat a bit faster as her nerves caught up with her, she had only ever had sex once before and that was three years ago and all she could really remember was the pain. She would nod and smile at Danny as he assured her that if it got to be too much for her to handle to just let him know. The reassurance would ease her mind a bit. Ariel would nod as he kissed her forehead only to feel him ease into her slowly, a feeling of pleasure and pain would shoot through her body. Ariel would bit her lip and as soon as he slipped all the way inside her she would let out soft cry, and clench her eyes shut, her grip would tighten on the covers, even though it did feel good all she could focus on was the pain. She felt Dannys lips on her forehead and she would make eye contact with him and a wave of red would spur across her face, she would tilt her head to the side avoiding eye contact. As Danny moved his hips slowly in and out of her, she would grip tighter on to the covers.

Danny would hold himself up with his hands, hovering over her and griping the sheets a bit himself. He was trying to hold back, but sadly it was failing., he could feel his legs shift open wider a bit, more so to mount himself more firmly, and pick up the pace on his thrust. ‘Jesus CHRIST she’s tight!...gotta break her in a bit” Danny would take both  of her legs and open them up more, while bending them backwards towards her head. Danny’s eyes would widen for a moment at her amazing flexible body, before he’d lock her in this position with a vice grip on her legs, and start plummeting his manhood in and out of her womb, with what seemed like little disregard for her well being. Danny wasn’t trying to plow her, but each time he thrust her, breast would bounce rather violently and the squeaking of the bed only made him want to keep somewhat of a rhythm. Biting his lip the entire time, he’d have his eyes focused solely on hers, occasionally looking at her chest, to see the outcome of what he was doing to her body of course. As his thrusting progressed on, it got increasingly harder, every time his pelvis smacked against hers, he couldn’t help but utter a deep moan at how her vags seemed to clench his dick so firmly. Even with a condom on, Danny could very well get a sense of how wet she was, as if she’d let him go any faster, massive leakage on her end is perfectly possible.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would feel her eyes start to tear up as Danny moved inside her he would spread her legs and bend them towards her head pushing himself into her even more. He would go in deeper causing her a bit more pain to shoot through her fragile body, but it was a good kind of pain, the kind of pain that would fill her with pleasure. Her breast would move up and down as Danny moved her, her nipples hard from the pleasure that she felt deep inside her. She would let out moans with every thrust in he would give. Ariel’s’ right hand would let go of the bed sheet and she would set it on Danny’s shoulder blade softly digging her nails into his skin. Her left hand would still have a tight grip on the sheet as Danny kept moving faster, her moans would get louder and she could feel herself getting wetter by the minute as he slid himself in and out of her. She would feel a tear roll down her cheek, she would close her eyes every few seconds and when she would open them she would look into Danny’s eyes as she got more comfortable and less nervous. The pain would settle a bit and pleasure would soon take over

Danny clenched his teeth from the feel of her nails digging into his skin. He’d seen a tear roll down her, cheek, and with a smirk, he’d only continue his purge upon her body. Her monas increasing in volume, was stirring a sexual deviant inside of Danny, as he’d remove his hands from the ends of her legs, and move them down to her toned and well colored assc heeks. Now being in full confidence she could handle herself in this situation, Danny would impact his pelvis with hers, each time making a small squirting noise, as his manhood forced her vag to give in to his will and release even more fluid than what it had previously. His voice had taken a bit of a scary descent, forming a growl that seemed out of character as he’d wince, digging his fingers into her ass only to pull her hips into each of his thrust. His body moving in a rapid repeat motion he’d continue this before suddenly grabbing her by her arms, with his dick still inside of her of course, and picking up her entire body, and flipping her over on her knees, making sure he had one hand on the back of her head to press it down to the mattress, and with his free hand prop her booty up in the air. Without question or even a fair amount of warning, Danny would position himself now standing off of the bed, so he could fuck to his hearts content. And with the quickness of his physical prime he’d wiggle his juice covered dick back inside of her womb, making sure to press his pelvis as far as it could go, only seeming like she got tighter the further he’d push in.  It was mainly for Danny’s enjoyment, as he loved to watch her ass jiggle..After the first post, he’d run his hands down her back, and slap both of his hands on her ass with intensity, signaling for her to put some work in to, as he’d then place his hands around her hips, right where the curve takes place between the tummy and the leg, and deliver great thunderous force behind his thrust, each one creating a loud and spaced out “CLAP” noise as he liked the feeling of slow pushing in and slow pushing out.

Littlemermaidary: Ariel had long forgotten about the pain that had started off and was now just filled by the pure pleasure of what was Danny. His hands would explore down her body and land on her ass, she was almost certain that Danny could tell that it was no longer painful, because he would soon start to feel him move with more force and greater speeds causing her to drip like a waterfall. She would hear Danny growl followed by him squeezing her ass and forcing his hard shaft deep inside her multiple times. She would then be caught off guard when Danny grabbed her arms keeping himself still deep inside her and turning her over to where she would be kneeling, she would feel his hand pressing her head down into the bed and using his other to pop her ass up. She would feel him pull out of her and Ariel would take a deep breath. She would be kneeling on her bed with her face down and ass in the Air she would feel herself dripping from the pleasure Danny had caused her and within a few moments he would press the tip of his hard cock against the lips of her tight pink vag and slip in with more ease, she would feel him go all the way in without a single pause, he would be deep inside her again. This would cause Ariel to moan a bit and bite her bottom lip as she felt a bit of pain, but within seconds it would deteriorate. His hands would run down her body stopping once again on her ass, she would feel the sting of his slaps and would get the hint he was giving her. She would use her legs to push her round ass right into his long shaft working together as he thruster himself into her. The longer this went on the wetter got, she would be full of pleasure at this point an no pain and out of her soft lip she would moan “OHHHH DANNY”

Danny would smirk to himself, as she screamed his name. it only fueled his fire, as she began to finally put in work, by using her legs to press her voluptuous ass onto his manhood, and Danny would run both of his hands through his hair, letting her go to work. He was feeling this endeavor so much so he’d let out a muffled moan as his hands slide down his face and over his mouth. “Good..god al-MIGHTY!”  Danny could help but utter, as his shaft became covered in her fluids. He’d let out paced breaths as if he was jogging or running a marathon, as he continued to watch her, fuck him with fierceness. Her moves were anything BUT amateur. Danny would then clench his fist, and pull her by her hips off of the bed now. She’d now be standing, but still in a position where her hands would be mounted on the bed, and her ass still tooted up a bit. Danny would slide his hand up her back, and towards her neck, and with a twist of his wrist he now had a full hand of her hair in a grip of complete lock down, rearing her head back as if he was riding a horse in full mount. His free hand griped on her shoulder, he’d take full control of her body and submit it to his undying will to blatantly impale her with his might. Now in attempted full control he’d put every bit of his physical skill to work, thrusting…with a godlike speed one could say. These thrust weren’t’ just fast, as each thrust would continue on the clapping noise made before, only now it was a “CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP” type of pattern. The very sound of his pelvis smacking her ass, echoed throughout the walls of the apartment, the entire mattress shaking with intensity. After a few moments her bed would barely contain any cover from sheer vibration alone, and her adorable ass cheeks would both be glowing a bright cheery red, and even gaining a slight tingle in them from Danny’s incredible thrusting potential. All the while his balls, slapping against her clit would only add to the immense amount of pleasure danny was trying to cause, though he couldn’t lie to himself: he’d been wanting to pound her love box into oblivion since the moment they’d met, and with the opportunity ahead of him, he wasn’t going to back down. Though for some reason he thought he’d smelled a slight burning, he paid it no mind.

Ariel would move her ass into him faster and faster, she would feel his hands move away from her body. She would keep moving herself so he would move in and out of her as she picked up her head and looked behind her to find him covering his face. Ariel heard him moan and the words following would put a sexy smirk on her face as she could tell that he was having a good time, and he wasn’t the only one. She would then feel Danny’s hand on her once again as he pulled her off the bed and putting her in a standing position, it really was as if Ariel was Danny’s personal life size doll, and he could do whatever he pleased with her. Her hands would grip the bed super tight as Danny kept penetrating her. She would close her eyes as Danny would grip on to her hair and pull her head up a bit, and then she would feel his other hand as he grabbed her shoulder. Ariel would gasp as Danny would impale her with his massive cock with an amazing speed. She knew that every noise that was made, from the, bed to the moans even the clapping of their body’s, could be heard throughout the entire apartment, it wouldn’t surprise her if the neighbors had some complaints in the morning. The sting that her ass felt was immense and she knew that the color of it must be a bright red by now. Her large, round, perky breast would move against one another as Danny continued to pound her hard, from her lip loud moans would come out. The pleasure would drive her crazy. She would stand herself up as Danny kept moving inside her and move Danny’s hands to her breast; she would bite her soft pink lips as she reached up putting her hands on Danny’s head.

Danny was beginning to feel a sexual eruption coming on, and quite fast. The way him and Ariel were fucking like two dogs in heat, was exactly the kind of shit that Danny could get off to. Burying his face into her neck as she leaned her body up and placed her hands on Danny’s head, and his hands on her breast he’d grip them, tightly, pinching her nipples with the spaces between her fingers, and contusing his repeated thrusting assault against her vag. “Damn….I think im gonna!...ngh!” Danny would retract one hand from her boob, and move it down to her clit, and begin twiddling it with his fingers in circles, trying to give her some much needed pleasure as well, but Danny’s cock was starting to swell and he knew all to well what the feeling meant. “SHIT!” Danny would push off of her, and shove her onto the bed face first and pant. “You’re trying to literally fuck the cum right outta me aren’t ya? I didn’t think you had it in ya…but now I’m getting lazy.” If she’d gotten up Danny would lay down on the bed with one of his arms behind his head, and with his other finger motion her to hop on his saddle so to speak his manhood throbbing and twitching with excitement. A bit of pre cum would leak itself out, and ooze down his shaft, waiting for her to hop on.

Ariel would feel Danny’s hot face next to her neck, his hands on her breast would squeeze her small pink nipples as he continued to move his hard cock deep into her.  He would move his hand down to her clit and start to rub it, Ariel would moan and feel her knees get weaker as a bolt of pleasure moved inside her. She would hear Danny yell out and then shove her on the bed.  She would look up moving her hair out of her face and smile maliciously at Danny as he commented on her fucking that cum right out of him “well that was the plan wasn’t it” she would say as she stood up. Danny would lay on her bed and get comfy before motioning for her to get to work so to speak. Ariel would get on the bed and crawl towards him. She would be kneeling next to him and would lean in to kiss him before throwing one of her legs over him and positioning her vag where the tip of his cock would rub against it. She would move her hips teasing him, and would bite his lip before slowly letting him inside her again. Ariel would sit up having his hard erection fully inside her and slowly start to move up and down his hard shaft. She would close her eyes and move her hand over her head and under her hair, biting the bottom of her own lip softly. She would move her hips faster letting him enter deeper every time as she slowly moved her hands down her body touching her own curves. She would touch her hips before moving her right hand to her breast and squeezing it herself. She would move her left hand to her lips and softly suck on her index finger while making eye contact with Danny and giving him a sexy smirk. As a few moments passed Ariel would be on the verge of her sexual eruption and she would place her hands on Danny’s chest and sink her nails in as she felt a new kind of enjoyment loudly moaning and panting with excitement.

Baby GravyEdit

“Gat damn she can take the D. I ant used to this shit.” Danny would think to himself as she made her way over to him and mounted him just as he wanted her to, and shit. Got. Real. She teased with subtle hip movements, and started touching herself, all the while completely taking his shaft deep inside of her and sucking on her index finger as if it was a fucking lollipop. Danny would sigh in intervals, as he could feel that same tension in his dick again, and he hated it, and loved it at the same time. As she dug her nails into his skin, danny would dig his own fingers onto her thighs and slide them towards her back, bending her body forward, so her head was beside his own. He’d then put pressure on her ass, and begin thrusting every time she did, just so his dick could hit the veeeeeeeeery last dephs of her womb, and she’d get the feeling of his dick plunging into her gut. “ShitshitshitshitSHIT!” Danny would utter to himself, as he felt the tension in her body as well, as if she too was on the brink of an orgasim. Sweating profusely he’d grab Ariel by her legs, in an underhook like fashion so her legs would dangle over his arms, and he’d stand him and her up. “Fuck it, I’m DONE!” Danny would make one more thrust, smacking his pelvis against hers, even managing to catch her clit in the impact as he’d slam his manhood as hard as he could, inside of her, releasing his warm cum, so warm it could be felt even through the latex. At the same time  he’d accidentally lost control of his chi for a second and sent a shockwave of wind through out her room, pushing every piece of furniture against the wall, shattering her window’s and flping her bed over on it’s side, and causing both matresses to fly out of the exposed windows leaving nothing but the box spring. A few seconds later, you could hear car alarms from where the mattresses made impact. Danny would then sit her down on her knees, removing the condom, and sighing as if she’d let him the rest of his load would seep its way from his cock down to her exposed face and breast, as he mad a long sighing noise. He’d lean his head up lost in a moment of sexual bliss before looking around at the aftermath. “Erm…..I know uh. Densuke can pay for this in a heartbeat I swear.” Danny would take a moment to sniff the air. “Is something…burning?..the PIZZA!” Danny would rush and open the door before a cloud of black smoke started to make its way into the room. “Gotta be kidding me!” Fire truck sirens would quickly make the scene, and within a few minutes 5 fire men all latched grappling hooks up to the new broken windows and barged their way in, looking at the couple in the nude. “Quick where’s the- . . .” Danny would have a “O.O” look on his face, and as did the police officers. “Erm. Right that away…heh heh heh.” Danny would point them there, and then pick up his shirt, and hand it to Ariel. “ about next time. We uh. Go out for Dinner. Densuke’s treat.” Danny would rub the back of his neck smiling with his trademark goofy grin though he had a surefire feeling he was in trouble.

Ariel would smirk as she would ride him and she would feel his nails digging into her thighs.  She would feel him move his hands to her back pushing her against his chest as he would thrust deep inside her. Ariel would let out a moan “Danny, I’m going to” Ariel would dig her nails Into his back piercing his skin and letting a light flow of blood down his back. Every inch of her body was filled with an orgasmic pleasure. She would then feel him move her legs under his arms and soon she would feel him let lose inside her and her raven black hair would swirl as he let out a burst of air braking the windows and sending her bed flying out of her room. She would let out a loud moan and start to pant as he slowly pulled out of her and covering her face and breast with his baby gravy. She would now be kneeling on the floor and looking around the room as she stretched her hand on her forehead and slowly moving it down to push her hair behind her ear.  She would stand up and listen as Danny apologized about the mess and then she heard the sirens of the fire truck Ariel would stand up and grab a nearby towel wiping her face and breast as best as she could. The firemen would burst in through the window and nob as Danny pointed them in the direction they would glance over at her and stare. She would be pulling Danny’s shirt over “Yes we were having sex that’s why I’m naked and covered in cum. Now I know I’m hot but the fire isn’t in here” she would clap her hands “come on now get to it “she would say. The fire men would blush and run into the kitchen to put out her burning oven. Ariel would sigh “No its okay I can get this all fixed tomorrow no need to make Densuke pay for it, don’t want his money anyways” she would say as she headed towards the bathroom “I think I’m going to shower” she would say and before closing the door she would look back at Danny and say “I’m not going to lock the door feel free to join babe” she would say as she blew him a kiss and closed the door behind her.

Danny would watch as the firemen went in and did their jobs. Danny would sigh and listen, to her tuant about heading to the shower. She also pointed out that she wasn't going to lock the door. Danny would temporarily break the fouth wall, and give a thumbs up to the crowd, spouting his catch phrase. "CHAAAAAAAN-TASTIC!" He'd then skip along and follow after her, deciding to enjoy a fresh shower with her while her house got fixed

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