Party TiiiiiiiiiiimeEdit

KimiKatsuKimiKatsu Whisper: For the first time in quite a while, the whole building – her club and her upstairs apartment – were empty. A large chunk of her staff called in, asking for the night off to celebrate the New Year with friends and family, which didn’t bother Sekushi. She was never one to demand people to do what she thought was too much. Asking her staff to stay late was the most she ever did. She was a very laid back woman and understood that people had things planned on the holidays and such. Every light in the club was off, leaving the lower half of the building dark while the upper half was only lit up by a few lamps and an overhead light. The large T.V. that hung on the wall across from her. Her gaze was empty; bored. ‘Am I the only one with nothing to do on New Year’s Eve?’ As another commercial dragged on, the young dancer glanced over at the large dog sprawled out on the couch beside her. He took up most of the big piece of furniture, only leaving a single cushion for her to curl up on. Sekushi loved Tsuyo; loved him like he was a brother or a son – he was family, basically –but she craved other social interaction. Dancing and stripping was fun, but the men in the crowd couldn’t compare to a group of close friends she could sit and talk with or have fun with. That bit of emptiness in her heart left her feeling a little lonely at times. As she was about to sink further into her thoughts, her T.V. beeped a few monotone beeps, alerting her to a new message. Her attention was back on the screen as she raised her remote and pressed the OK button to accept it and open it. At first, she merely skimmed it. Then, when she realized what the message was, she went back and read it more carefully. Atsushi Katsu – the name was very familiar. She recalled hearing the name on the news and other T.V. shows as well as seeing it a few times in magazines and in the newspaper. He was a very rich man; at least from what she’s heard. Sekushi had ever met the man, but the opportunity to go out and have a little fun and maybe fill the empty spot in her heart made her heart skip a beat out of excitement. She wasn’t one to fully express herself, even if she felt like she was going to explode, so she merely sat in her spot for a moment to reread the message sent to her a few times, a wide smile playing across her lips. After memorizing the given address, Sekushi hopped to her feet. Tsuyo jumped up, startled by her sudden movement. “Looks like we have somewhere to go, tonight.” Is all she’d say as she pranced off to her room to find an outfit. Because Sekushi was always getting dressed and, well, undressed, she became a pro at getting an outfit together and doing her makeup and hair in a short amount of time. Tsuyo sat outside of the bathroom, waiting patiently, when Sekushi stepped out, a hand lightly ruffling her long, platinum locks. The hair that had been shaved months ago on one side of her head had grown out enough for her to get extensions put in – the shaved head look wasn’t good for all outfits. The dress she wore was, like all of the others, very short. Other than the length, this dress was quite a big change from the normal darker colors she wore. The little party dress was pink and white with lacey frills along the hem. The skirt of the dress was poofy and showed a more playful side to Sekushi, whom never usually played around unless the term was used for ‘adult time’. The shoes she wore were her favorite white lace high heels with white ribbon for laces that were tied in neat bows. Her makeup was simple – mascara, eyeliner, light pink gloss, and pink blush with dark eye shadow. There was no particular reason to glob on makeup, though she hardly ever did. With the address locked away in her mind, Sekushi waltzed out of her home/club and hopped into her Volkswagen Bugatti Veyron. The drive was surprisingly short. The man’s home was ginormous! Quite a sight to behold. Just pulling up the driveway made her feel like the smallest person in the world. Tsuyo’s nose was pressed against the glass on the passenger’s side. Every time her breathed out, more fog gathered. “I’m not opening the window, Tsuyo. It’s way too cold for that.” She’d say – yet again. There were lights on all over the house and along with the house lights there were decorative lights all around to keep the whole property nice and bright. Deep snow blanketed the whole yard and the surrounding lights only amplified it’s sparkling beauty. A man wearing a red vest rushed up to the vehicle, a big smile on his face as he motioned for her to park towards the end of the long driveway were some of the earlier guests were starting to park. With a nod, Sekushi obeyed him and pulled up next to a well-dressed couple that had also just arrived. She suddenly felt underdressed. “No going back now. . .” She’d say as she watched a car pull in behind her through her rear view mirror. Just one step through the door way and she felt like she lost her breath. The giant over hanging lights, the shined marble floors, all of the huge, beautiful pictures hanging on the walls, and all other types of art work. The further she ventured into the building, the more she started to learn about the man. There were displays up on either side of the walk way. Each had their own little placards with the date it was created and what it was used for. Any bigger inventions were shown in pictures with the man using the item or just standing near it, smiling. “Huh. . .” Sekushi smiled. Tsuyo merely snuffed and looked away. He hadn’t eaten all day just to save room for their New Year’s Eve dinner. Right now, he was just looking for a food tray to take from. There was a voice behind her that made her jump. “Is the. . .dog. . .going to be a problem. . .Miss?” Sekushi whirled around, rather caught off guard. Her heart pounded in her chest and she looked from the man in the tuxedo to Tsuyo who’s nose was in the air and wiggling as he sniffed. “No. No, he’s fine. I promise.” She’d say. The butler raised his chin some, then turned away to tend to his other duties. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Goodness. . .” <e>

JinzoningenJu: Inside his home Jin began to tear up the house looking for his drumsticks he looked everywhere from Keyth room to the kitchen. "Where is it!!..Come on where are you." As he tore the house limb by limb he began to think and wonder how Keyth was doing he hopped he was wining if not Jin would be back on the streets and not only that he never got a chance to yell at Keyth for making the house a mess before he left. Moments after he reached under his bed and found his lucky drum sticks as his face widen with happiness"There is a god!" He said out loud his voice echoing out his home ,standing on his two feet Jin pulled out his cell phone and dialed Gadget seeing they had a gig tonight he didn't want to miss it for the world. While he was on the phone he walked into his closet and grabbed his skate bored and right after walked out his house locking the doors. Walking threw the forest seeing there was no answer Jin shrugged before making it to the city part of town seeing he had no where to he placed his skate bored on the ground before skating aimless around the city. "Isnt today New Years?...Eh never keep up with the days"

DeliriousAres: (( stepped out of the manison with the all black suit on. (( A Cigar in his mouth and the dark shades on his face. Xiao waved him off from the large estate house as keyth waved back. Putting the earpiece on his right ear he'd turn it on. "...Alright Tasanagi. I dont give a damn about that tournament your in. Your a Celebertiy now and there's one more thing your gonna have to do before i sick you out on the Setsuyomi clan boss. Keyth clenched his teeth as he puffed on the cigar. Sitting straight up in his black Fusion mustang. He leaned back in the seat, it was an old Car of Donnie's. Keyths hands gripped tightly to the wheel as he checked the rear-view mirror. " That Yun kid actually gave you that house?" COlt said to keyth through the ear piece. " A yun and a Tasanagi getting along. Now i've seen everything." Keyth rolled his eyes cranking the car up and began to drive along the road. " Your misson. Take out a special guest at the party. This rich and famous inventor by the name of Atsushi. He doesnt know it, but one of the biggest drug cartel memebers in the city are going to his little get together." Keyth interuppted. " What's up with millionaries and party get togethers..." Colt laughed. " I guess you'll know soon enough." " Just because i have money now, doesnt mean i'll act like it. Im still the same guy." He said hitting the muscle car into the next gear as he began to weave through traffic. Keyth pulled out his silenced 9mm, putting it in the inside of his jacket pocket. The shades sat on his face he continued to take puffs and drags of his cigar. " Within those cigars i gave you contain knock out gas. If you blow it in some ones face they'll knock the hell out for about 30 minutes before they come to. This is a no casualites misson. Last time i sent you on one of these missons everyone in the estate was murdered. " Keyth interrupted. " I got my man Colt... i had nothing to do with that fire afterwards." Keyth said shaking his head. " Yeah yeah... just remember who's the boss here. Your targets name is Leonardo jones. He's the leader of the Meth lab rings within district 2. We've always known but never had the means to stop him. None of our detectives have been able to touch him. Things were easier when the Martial Law duplex was still in order. But ever since that's been outlawed since your fathers time as Mayor. We cant touch anyone." " When did the Martial law duplex get banded? When i was in the Junior KPD. I read all about the Martial law duplex." Keyth said responding to colt as he went into a tunnel. " The Martial law duplex had been out lawed for some time now. Before you could actually walk. Keyth shook his head. " The martial law duplex you know now is only for certain measurements. The old one allowed Detectives to kill. Now they cant. Which is why i have guys like you doing it for me." Keyth smirked. " Guys like me? And here i thought i was special." " Dont flatter yourself, Tasanagi." Keyth drove infront of the Manison after stepping out of the car, tilting his shades down colt would speak again. " Yeah, the place is huge. Much bigger than the last Mansion radius. Put your shades back on. I'll send you his images through them." Keyth pulled them back on and images of Leo appeaered. (( Keyth leaned against the car as the people walked in, everyone in formal attire. (( An image of Leo appeared and keyth took a drag from his cigar. No one else would have been able to detect Keyths glasses projecting any images behind the lens. " Alright. Now, i've taken notice to your skill. Back on the base we have DNA of Leo. use the watch i gave you. Were going to be activating your EMP chaff radars. Taking you off of any electrioncal devices that may see you. And Pull the watch up to your nose right abouttt.. now." Keyth did as told and a purple mist came out of the center of the watch making him sneeze. " THE HELL IS THAT!?" " It's his scent. Your clearly not normal Tasanagi. With that scent. You should be able to find him rather quickly." Keyth shook his head as he pulled from the car. " So, is that the brefing? Anything else i should know?" Colt could be heard lighting a cigeratte on the other end. " Yeah, there is." " What?" A slow breathe being blown was soon heard. Indicating the blowing of smoke. " Have fun." Keyth rolled his eyes and pulled his hands into his pockets as he made his way into the establishmen

InfinityImplosion: The invitation that she received had come as a bit of a surprise. Using one of her robots to open the door and peel open the sealed letter to read it for her she had most certainly not expected an invitation to a fancy New Year's party within district two. The man hosting it also sounded rather familiar to her though she coldn't exactly place where it is that she'd heard it from. Shrugging slightly to herself she would look at the prototype of the power suit she was designing, going over all the specs to see what else it is that she would need for it. A few transistors to keep the Chi that flowed throughout the body stable along with what was called a chi absorber, a device that was capable of draining the chi out of a person's body. It rendered those who used chi inert, and was only given to the police departments. Illegal to be held by civilians, but it was a necessary component else it would make the design for this suit far harder than it needed to be. Giving a slight sigh she would shut the lid to her greatest current creation only to take note of the name at the top of it. The name at the top of the technological safe was Katsu, and it clicked in her mind where the invitation had come from. Now she definitely wanted to go to this party, curious to see what it is that the Katsu house would have. Perhaps she might have a few of the less legal parts that she needed, though she wouldn't go in with the intention of stealing....just the thought that if she were to get curious and look around and find something she needs that maybe it wouldn't hurt to borrow it for a little while. Like forever. With a firm nod she would pick up her guitar case to strap it over her back and headed out towards her mortorcycle, already dressed and ready to go. Although she was rather underdressed for a formal attire, she didn't really care. The whole point of being a rock star was to look awesome and be rebellious at times. This was totally one of those times. So dressed in what would literally be a bikini top that had little lace frills that dripped from her supple mounds and a tight mini-skirt with a slight placed along her smooth inner thigh, allowing for graceful, easy movements, she kicked the engine into gear and headed off to this party. Sweeping through the streets on her motorbike she would note that District One was looking quite a bit cleaner than usual, probably everyone getting ready for New Years. She hadn't left her lab since after talking to Fang, having completely focused her time to working on the chi power suit. She couldn't wait for it to be finished, it was gonna be the most awesome thing she'd ever made. She'd get to be like Iron Man....although really she'd be Iron Woman but that wasn't really the point. The nerd in her was filled with glee at the thought of it. Coming to the entrance of the giant mansion she wouldn't help but be completely amazed at just how freaking huge the place was. She could kind of see why selling out had it's perks. Not that she'd ever sell herself out to the government and their damn regulations. It'd do nothing but get in the way of her creativity, and she wouldn't be able to make some of the more interesting technological devices she crafted. Besides, most people didn't even believe that one could use Chi within a technological device that was devoid of life. Tell that to Gadget though and she'll just call you an ignorant moron. Stopping the bike at the gate she would kick the kickstand gun and turn off the ignition, swinging one of her long, slender legs over the bike to begin walking towards the entrance. The place was utterly fantastic, definitely fit for a king and then some. Probably over compensating for something, like his lack of pride. She shrugged slightly as she gave a slight nod to the butler while handing him her bike helmet. "Just don't lose it, kk?" She would state to him with a slight wink, softly swinging her hips as she walked on by him. Her face glittered slightly with the small amount of make-up she put on, accentuating the rather beautiful features she held that she herself was only mildly aware of. With every step she took towards the door her crystal ice hues would take in the scenery to look for a place where all the fun stuff was kept, fun stuff being mechanical toys and what not. Once she entered inside she would give a soft smile to the Butler that came to ask if she needed anything, informing him that she was alright for now and would ask later if there was something she desired. For now she was happy to explore, and explore she would.

( ) It’d been a rough time for Densuke. The GMAF’s gave us a longer period of time off to recover. Can’t say I blame them honestly, After the shockers and high death and drop out rates, it was bound to happen. Luckily the Semi final matches are being decided. So that’s a relief. Densuke would wonder if any of this was even worth  it. The heroes for hire phone has been blowing up and skyrocketing, but luckily Ayperos has been on the job. Densuke would nod, stepping out of his apartment, and fixing up his grey blazer, and dusting off his grey slacks. He’d received an invite to a party by a man named “Atsushi Katsu”. Densuke had no plans to go whatsoever…until he received a visit from Steven Colt ( ) ::Flashback a few hours prior::( ) “Gah….hangover.” Densuke would be laying on the couch with an icepack on his head, and a blanket over his person. Looks like the drinks decided to hold back their effects until his adrenaline had stoped pumping. “Long night I presume?” A random voice spoke, and Densuke shot straight out off the couch and looked around, in his spider man boxer shorts. “Colt? The hell are you doing in my house?!” Densuke would continue to look around, and Colt would be standing by the front door pointing to it. “I’m a cop kid, getting into houses is childsplay.” Densuke would take the ice pack off his head, and toss it. “Yeah? Well shouldn’t you be doing paper work or something?” Colt would place a hand in his pocket, and fix his tie up with his other hand. “Day off. Though really it’s just my assistant running things for me while I take some time off. Got a job for you as the Dawn, since your GMAF free for now.” Densuke would snarl. “Guess you figured out I’d been avoiding your calls eh Steve?” Colt would walk over and sit on the arm of the couch. “That’s Colt. To you Ryoji. Don’t forget who holds the key to your identity here.” Densuke would huff, and scratch the back of his head. “What do you need?” “Simple. Surveillance.” Densuke would raise his eyebrow. “Surveillance? information.” Colt would nod. “Simple as that. He sent the invite to everyone in every district an-“ Densuke would tilt his head upwards. “What’s the catch…sounds to easy. Why do they want to end this now, in public.” Colt would hand Densuke a picture. Densuke’s eyes would widen. “Looks familiar doesn’t he Ryoji.” ( ) Densuke would cripple the photo a bit. “Hanz…he’s going to be there?” Colt would nod. “He’s a dangerous man, keeps to the shadows. But he was spotted heading there in a limo. Probably on some business with the Harpies. One we brought in a while ago, told us and informed us. She…disappeared a few days later.” Densuke would throw the picture back at colt. “I’m going. But I only want to do recon.” Colt would stand up and head for the door. “He’s got eyes everywhere Ryoji. Watch your back.”::Flashback end:: Densuke would arrive at the party, packing only the eye cowl of his red dawn suit, disguised as a masquerade mask, his watch, and his utility belt, equipped with the usual gear. He’d eye the sourroundings down and nod. “Not bad…do I have some time to eat something?.....of course I fucking do.” Densuke would wave to a few people, and shake some hands, and head on over to the buffet table, rubbing his hands together. Stuffing some wings, and celery on his plate, and drenching it with hot sauce, he’d grab a stool and sit down in the middle of the large tables distance, and begin chowing down, devouring the chicken meat as if he’d not eaten in years. Plus for some reason it made his hangover more tolerable.

KimiKatsu: More guests were arriving left and right. As much as Sekushi wanted to go and mingle, she felt more comfortable off to the side for now. Tsuyo was just fine with where they were standing since they were right next to a buffet table. He had already successful stolen an entire plate of entrées and was going for another. “Ah! No!” She’d whisper angrily. Her eyes dared him to continue and he lowered his head and sunk down to the floor to lay down with his head on his big paws. The large dog huffed in frustration, as if getting a bit of an attitude. With a roll of her bright hazel eyes, Sekushi was back to surveying the ever growing crowd. It wasn’t hard to spot the man in charge. Multiple groups of people approached him and shook his hand. Some stayed near him to converse while others left him to explore the man’s wonderful home, at least the parts that they had access to. Guards were everywhere – in front of doors, blocking off hallways and staircases. There were even mechs out back doing some patrolling. Sekushi had money, but she didn’t flaunt it like that and her only protection that she actually trusted was Tsuyo, her guard dog. What was supposed to be a nice party had instantly turned into an arena for two well-dressed females that had entered together. Sekushi hadn’t really been paying attention to them until they began to brawl. A crowd encircled them instantly and her view of the fight became worthless. Sekushi sighed. She thought coming here would be better than staying home, but right now, it was just about the same thing. ‘Maybe I should walk around. . .’ She thought to herself. “Come on Tsuyo.” When she turned to look back at the canine, she caught him as he was pulling a large platter off of the buffet table. Sekushi’s muscles tightened and she cringed as the silver platter fell to the floor loudly. Her cheeks burned a deep crimson as the dog chowed down on the mess he made.

Guest_MikaRaina: ~Cataleya Sondoval, Beautiful caramel skin, lucious lips and a curvious body, she was in all terms Gorgeous, with that beauty she was also Extremely intelligent. Cataleya was dragged to the party by her only friend Lillian. Lillian was your average popular girl strong headed and kind of slow despite that Lillian and cataleya loved each other dearly. Cataleya was always the good-girl the nerd, The outcast, She prefered reading books inside of her own mansion near the fire place. As her wrist was pulled by her friend inside the party, she huffed and gave out a pout"L-Lilly...I-I don't want to be he-here."she called out to her friend who rolled her eyes and ignored her friends statement. "YOU NEED TO GET OUT MORE YOU LITTLE BOOKWORK!."She yelled over the loud music,"I'LL BE RIGHT BACK STAY RIGHT HERE!"She Yelled out as she pulled cataleya off to a dark corner and lightly pushed her against the wall."STAY!."She jokingly ordered her, backing up before spinning on her lightly colored heels and making her way into the middle of the crowd leaving cataleya by her self. Softly glaring at the back of her friends head as she huffed and looked down at her feet.~

Remedies: New years. A time when people got drunk off their arses, hoped high for changes in their life(always failed because they never had dedication), and decided to do the stupid shit that they wouldn’t do any other fucking day. Fang always hated it. Then again- she hated most everything except booze, drugs, guns, and a cock here and there. This was the only day that gave her the permission to drink as much as she wanted and not have to keep the formalities since the Mad House NEVER did business on days like this. The crowd got to crazy, which annoyed Fang and sparked the short fused temper. She’d throw her tiny poisoned daggers at her costumers, shout her native tongue, and make a beautiful bomb fire out of the drinks. The aftermath of her outburst left her business high and dry. What does a girl have to do to make a living besides showing her tits? A business woman- Fang was not. Business was as simple as her slipping some toxins into her ‘partner’s’ cup of joe. Thinks didn’t get done by deals. No- things got done by taking matters into her own filthy hands. Fang stirred in the cold darkness outside of the Mansion. Gadget, one of the new girls, had told her about some get together where booze would be involved. Crashing it seemed like the fucking best idea since she would be alone all night, besides the few voices that whispered to her about the sweet nothings of blood shed. She stared up at the night sky with hazy sapphire eyes and her scar still tender from having been reopened from the previous events. Fang, blatantly ignoring the forecast and the nippy winds, wore a thin laced, onyx dressed that exposed her breast all the way down to her little red thongs. The only solid fabric was that on her sides. She wore a small laced top hat with a little veil that fell over her eyes. And her cane, gleamed in the starlight with the glowing red bat. Fang never was one to follow a dress code. If it was allowed, she would go fucking stark naked. Hell, maybe one day she would just to see how many wandering eyes she would catch before squashing them like the little cockroaches they were She had moved in the shadows quickly, like a beast in the dead of night. The mansion wasn’t hard to miss with giant stonewalls and blaring lights. There wasn’t an official invitation she got nor did she know if one was even sent out. With a shrug, Fang shimmied straight into the grand doors, passed the swanky butlers. With a crooked grin she raised her cane to one of the side tables that had a pretty vase on it, tapping it lightly so it came crashing down to the ground. “Oops. Where can I find a drink, boys?” Fang asked one of the butlers who glared at her and pointed up the stairs.

InfinityImplosion: Gadget had taken her own tour around the mansion to notice that the place was guarded by not heavily so. The fifteen guards weren't as highly trained as one would think given the way they looked at the people in the party, their eyes wandering over all the hot women that were there that night. Hiring only male guards, not exactly the best idea, especially when someone like Gadget was actually considering doing something illegal. She'd come to the party prepared with quite a few toys that would help her in getting around the place undetected. It also helped that many of the party goers were pretty rowdy on their own which caused some of the guards to have to come away from their posts to keep the place from turning into a blood bath. As her bright silver hues swept across the floor where all the people were hanging out, she took note of the entrance as her long time friend Fang entered into the party. Skipping past the fighting she would dart over towards Fang and wrap her arms around the woman as she impacted her with only enough force to make someone slightly unsteady. "LOTTIE! You need to help me, can you cause a giant distraction that involves alcohol, possibly some guns, and a lot of blood shed to pull all the guards away? That'd be awesome." She would state to her with a firm nod. Yes, Fang would be perfect for providing a distraction so she could slip past the guards defenses and get through to the parts that she didn't have access too. Specifically the R&D department of the house.

Densuke would be eating  heart fully, when a sudden distraction would gain his attention. He’d perk his head up and look over to see a huuuuuuge dog devouring the food on the ground, and a woman blushing her ass off..which was rather nice one might add. Familiar looking. Densuke would look up her body and see a familiar face, on he’d actually saved once before. Well as the red dawn, he couldn’t just off wall reveal that kind of information. “Oi uh…glad to know I’m not the only one enjoying the food eh?” Densuke would nod to the girl, finishing off his chicken and letting out a light belch. Thinking about her situation, and what happened to her before…Densuke would stand up and pull out a card. “Here ya go m’am. Bad time to advertise miss, but well I know this group of people who do favors. Just in case you ever need one just call that number.” Densuke would look back at the dog. “they’ll even act as toys for your dog on occasion. Any who I bid  you farwe-“ Densuke would hear a loud crashing noise seeing a woman he’d been familiar with at some point. Not to long ago so to speak. “the hell is she doing here?..He’d murmur to himself, rather loudly. Prodding his lips. “Not like I couldn’t recognize that rack anywhere, as much as I’d love to play around, I have to do what I was sent here to do.” Densuke would start to back away towards the stairs, attempting to go unnoticed, and slip up them quietly, hoping the gnarling dog, and the busty wonder distraction would give him Leigh way. He’d pull up a holographic screen on his watch, and begin to scan the area for any foreign toxins, in his vicinity. “None. Alright just need to find a spot I can scope at.” Densuke would stand towards a door and open it quietly, quickly closing it behind him. He’d turn back around, and see a figure inside of a room. Densuke would immediately draw one of his knuckle trench blades, and turn on the flashlight option on his watch. “Who the hell are you?!....Keyth?” if allowed the light would shine In his face, and Densuke would lower his light. “Wh-…what the hell are you doing here? Nice threads, but….” Densuke would start to scratch the back of his head with a confused look on his face, waiting for his friend to respond. This was unexpected indeed.

DeliriousAres: ((" Densuke...? Tch, get that light outta my face!" Keyth said just now coming out of the window. His ears twitched hearing unknown voices." Look sister... we found rats. Looks like they got in our trap. Lets clean up the mess..." Said two an unknown voice in the shadows behind Keyth to the right. And just like that two female Konichi would appear out of nowhere and would drop kick the both of them out the window causing a large crash. If connected Keyth and Densuke's body would be thrown out the windows getting thrown right into a tree. Keyth would grip Densukes arm in mid air, pulling him to the right like a baseball. They'd spin in a 360 at the same time. Landing on the tree limb on his right leg. All of the leaves from the tree would flutter down in slow motion over the Two. As Keyth's right leg landed on the tree trunk, he'd look like he was able to balance himself along the tree trunk as if Gravity had been non exsistant. The Dragon Sisters leaped out of the Window, Attempting to finish the job, but that didnt matter much.Keyth would have picked up so much momentum during the spin that when they finnaly stopped he'd simply crotch back a bit, and then spin twice before throwing Densukes body at the two female where he could then attack them accordingly. However he did the girls would be blasted up into the air and onto roof. Where Densuke however he attacked would be landing behind them. Keyth would have kicked off the tree doing a full flip as he landed next to his friend eyeing the two Dragon sisters.The girls both had on matchng Black Dresses,both extremly tight.(( s)) " So what gives... you whores didnt get enough punishment last time?" They remained silent. " I'll take the one with the big tits. You get thunder thighs." Keyth said lowering himself getting down into a Base Karate HHS postion. "...."The wind would blow the cold winter air across there bodies as they all stared each other in the cowboy stare down.

DeliriousAres: ((" Densuke...? Tch, get that light outta my face!" Keyth said just now coming out of the window. His ears twitched hearing unknown voices." Look sister... we found rats. Looks like they got in our trap. Lets clean up the mess..." Said two an unknown voice in the shadows behind Keyth to the right. And just like that two female Konichi would appear out of nowhere and would drop kick the both of them out the window causing a large crash. If connected Keyth and Densuke's body would be thrown out the windows getting thrown right into a tree. Keyth would grip Densukes arm in mid air, pulling him to the right like a baseball. They'd spin in a 360 at the same time. Landing on the tree limb on his right leg. All of the leaves from the tree would flutter down in slow motion over the Two. As Keyth's right leg landed on the tree trunk, he'd look like he was able to balance himself along the tree trunk as if Gravity had been non exsistant. The Dragon Sisters leaped out of the Window, Attempting to finish the job, but that didnt matter much.Keyth would have picked up so much momentum during the spin that when they finnaly stopped he'd simply crotch back a bit, and then spin twice before throwing Densukes body at the two female where he could then attack them accordingly. However he did the girls would be blasted up into the air and onto roof. Where Densuke however he attacked would be landing behind them. Keyth would have kicked off the tree doing a full flip as he landed next to his friend eyeing the two Dragon sisters.The girls both had on matchng Black Dresses,both extremly tight.(( " So what gives... you whores didnt get enough punishment last time?" They remained silent. " I'll take the one with the big tits. You get thunder thighs." Keyth said lowering himself getting down into a Base Karate HHS postion. "...."The wind would blow the cold winter air across there bodies as they all stared each other in the cowboy stare down.

Remedies: Fang turned her head to the man across the room. He had been at The Mad House the other night, the fucking bastard who damaged her toys then tried drinking out her bar. What was that nickname he gave her? Sugar Tits. Fang could grow used to a name like that. She would purse her crimson lips together and blow Densuke a kiss while her cane dragged along another vase, bringing it crashing to the ground. Oh, this was going to be so much amusement. Warmth flowed around Fang as she stood, nearly blind sided into an embrace from the jubilant Gadget. She jumped back and glared, smacking the girl’s hand with her cane as if swatting a child who had put their hands in the cookie jar. “Diversion you say? Just point me in the direction of the Vodka and the tedious guards and you got yourself a deal,” Fang mused with her twisted grin. She brought her hands up to her thighs, pushing her dress up even higher on the exposed skin and then she worked the cut line down lower so her cleavage seemed to be busting over. For show of course.

KimiKatsu: The male voice she heard only caused her blush to deepen. Sekushi closed her eyes tight, cursing her pale skin and lack of a high embarrassment tolerance. When her eyes reopened, she looked over at the guy who decided to strike up a conversation with her. He wore an odd mask over his eyes. “I. . .I’m sorry if we’re disturbing you.” She’d say, her voice trembling a bit. She noticed his eyes exploring her gorgeous body and lovely face and smiled a bit, happy about his gaze moving off of Tsuyo while he continued to pig out on the floor. The card the man handed to her was pretty plain aside from the bit of info printed on the front and back. She thanked him softly as she read the card, but when she looked up, he was gone. ‘Strange. . .’ She thought to herself as she gently slipped the card between her lush breasts. Her gaze fell on her guard dog again and she frowned. “Tsuyo! Stop! Leave it!” She grabbed his collar and pulled, attempting to drag him away from the spilled food, but the dog was so strong that he was able to drag her right back over to the mess on the floor. Butlers were giving her rude glares and she just wished she would have stayed home. “Tsuyo!” She’d finally shout. The dog, holding a large chunk of meat in his jaws, jumped up and took off. His fluffy tail wagged happily as he charged through the crowd. Though the dog’s job was to guard her, he went through spurts of energy she called ‘Puppy Syndrome’. Sekushi chased after him, her heels clacking heavily against the hard floors. As she pushed past people, she tossed out apologies and polite little ‘Happy New Years!’. As Sekushi rounded a corner into a hall, she was greeted by a very excited, oversized puppy. His hind end was up in the air and his chest was to the ground. His tail wagged wildly as he eyed her, the meat now sitting on the floor right in front of his nose. She took a step towards him and he grabbed the meat and turned away to run off again, wanting to play. When Sekushi had finally tackled her beloved guard dog to the ground, they both heard a ruckus coming from the room just ahead. More fighting? Tsuyo wiggled out from under her, the chunk of meat in his mouth, and began to growl.

( )Densuke would be baffled, until suddenly he’d heard voices of the sort. “The people colt warned me abo-OOF!!” Densuke would be drop kicked right in his chest, and sent flying backwards. Luckily in mid air Keyth wouldn’ve secured his arm, keeping him from loosing distance, and in yet another swift tag team maneuver Keyth would end up throwing him back at the chasing ladies, and thinking quickly Densuke would turn his body upside down, and spread his legs in a split like fashion, and begin spinning his body in 360, looking like a human propeller. It’d take someone of his enhanced dexterity to pull something like this off. Missing both of the girls, Densuke would simply slow his spinning momentum, and and double flip himself forward, landing on the ground in a squat. He’d eye the two ladies and smirk at keyth’s comment. “yes, the thigh master abuse is obvious with this one.” Densuke would say that, whilst thinking about the image of sugar tits blowing him a kiss. “Tch..she owes me. Enough about that, C’MON!” Densuke would take his HHS stance, and grunt once before taking Sho Long, the incredibly thick one. ( ) Densuke would dash at the woman with his inhuman speed, and attack her with a flying kick, in a bruce lee fashion. The woman would swiftly lower her body into a spilt, only to stand on  her hands, and launch an upwards kick at densuke’s back, but with complete grace, Densuke would turn his body and thrust his knee against the bottom of her foot gaining some recoil, and flipping 3 times forward in a tucked aerial roll and landing on the ground in a squat. Sho long would preform and ariel cartwheel, turning it into an aerial axe kick glowing with ice crystals. Densuke would flip backwards, landing on his hands and sprining himself upwards. “bitch don’t let up!” He’d think to himself as the moment he landed he was assaulted with kicks that had god like speed. Densuke would cross his arms, in an “x” formation, and begin to throw them in the directions she was aiming for, thought it was difficult because for every one kick he blocked, she’d landed 5 more somewhere else. She began to shuffle her feet, on the ground, typical taekwondo type shuffles. Densuke would take his stance and begin watching carefuly as she began kicking, alternating her footing from one to the other. She then leapt into the air, and began to preform a series of cartwheeled kicks, all enfused with an element of ice. Densuke would bob and weave from left to right, only on the final kick, reciving a cut right down the middle of his blazer. The cut would quickly shed some blood, but then quickly free over, and whilst in the air, the woman would spin her body in a horizontal 360 descent and then place  her hands together in a Kamehameha fashion and unleashing a giant spherical chamber of ice shards. ( ) Densuke would cover his face, his blazer getting cut up in multiple places on his upper body, and his pants. Densuke would get blasted back by 7 feet, and the woman would land on one foot, her other leg bent and her arms outstretched In opposite directions. Densuke would inhale deeply and chuckle a bit. “Ah. I won’t get cocky. I’ll give you props on that one.” Densuke would unfold his arms, and take his HHS stance again. “One more for the road.” The woman would growl and rush Densuke again. As she launched the kick Densuke would lean in, simultaneously weaving and throwing a well timed right straight punch at the bottom of her thigh. The woman would wince, but ignore tha pain, swaping legs, for another kick. Densuke would elbow block  her, at the calf of her leg, and throw a straight right hook at her knee cap, making a soft crack. The girl would shriek, and Densuke would take the opportunity showing some malice, by throwing a chop at her throat causing her to let out a gaging noise. She’d retaliate by throwing her left leg in a kick at densuke’s rib, but Densuke would simply lift his knee up blocking it, and throw his other hand at her throat, but with his palm this time. She made another gaging noise, and uttered some blood from her lips. “Feel that windpipe caving in yet?” She’d try to grab his hands, but Densuke would bend his arms out at the elbows, deflecting her hands, and laying the base of his palms on her neck, a wing chun technique. He’d then throw a literal 50 punches at her being: 10 at her face, 10 at her neck, 10 to her sternum, effecting her ribcage as well, 10 at her abdomen, and the last 10 were in an ascending fashion rising from her abdomen all the way back up to her face in a straight line. Densuke threw these punches in 15 seconds, with his base martial arts and on his 50th punch, fake her out. Letting his right hand brush past her bruised face, as he’d bring his left leg up and leap kicking her in the throat, the main point of his attacks. After digging his foot there, he’d bring his right leg upwards, using the tip of his foot to kick her in the chin, casuing her body to uplift, and her head to snap upwards. Densuke would lighten the pressure on his body in mid air using chi to “gently float” momentarily, as he’d then turn his body upside down and bring his right leg down, which at a normal looking angle would be up. “annnnd ONE FOR THE ROAD!” Densuke’s heel would connect with the females chin, uttering a loud and sickening “CRUNCH” that would send out a wind, creating a small dirt crater in the grass and sent her body sky rocketing in the air by 20…no 25 feet as Densuke sent a wave of pressure behind it. Densuke would turn his body and land in a squat, holding his right hand up. After a few moments the woman’s body would fall back first on his hand, and bend over it, limp. Densuke would then turn to where Keyth was and throw her body forward on the ground. He’d brush himself off and crack his neck, wiping some blood from his cheek with his thumb. “Well that was a work out.” He’d fold his arms and look at Keyth.

InfinityImplosion: As the woman went to step back Gadget nearly almost fell forward till she felt the sudden sharp sting of the can on her hand. "Owie..." She would state giving a slight glare at the woman for slightly rejecting her embrace. Though she certainly didn't seem to be at all adverse to her idea of causing a distraction for the guards, something she was certainly quite happy to hear that all the russian would need was vodka. "I think the Vodka's in the cellar, probably in a private collection." She would state with a bit of a slight shrug. The thing is she didn't see any vodka on the floor and if he had any it had to be in some kind of wine cellar, which would make sense. The man had most certainly sold out on just about everything and it seemed like having a wine cellar was something his wealthy bitch ass would definitely do. "If there's no vodka I'll buy you some later, the tedious guards though are this-a-way." She would state as she went to take the woman by the hand to lead her over to where the guards were, only to find that there were none. Apparently whatever commotion that was being caused upstairs was enough to warrent for every guard in the building to go check on it. "Well whattaya know, looks like something happened to pull the guard's away. Come come, we'll go get you that vodka." She would state as she led her past the threshold of where they weren't supposed to be going and looking for what would look like the entrance to a basement. Hopefully that's where all the goodies would be located, and some vodka for Fang.

Remedies: Glass shattered, making a bang echo the halls. People turned to look and guards went to see. Another fight. How dull. Fang had watched the one man walk away from the corner of her eye. She was wandering if he had gotten into a “Whose cock was bigger” fight with some other drunkard here. That would be a sight to see. With a whine, Fang would pucker her lower lip out into a small pout. “Who the fuck keeps Vodka hidden at a party?” She mumbled, asking herself as she was being dragged along by Gadget.

Densuke would look at Keyth and reply. “Hero business…just some things I had to take care of.  Since I’m not in my suit, I don’t have to be so formal with you.” Densuke would look at the women. “Hanz has been attempting some more dirty work I see. I got a tip he was here…I’m gonna hed back in. See what I can or can’t find.” Densuke would head back into the house, and leap to the rooftop, sneaking into a random room. He’d change into a white tank top and some black jeans, and manage to find a grey pair of converse shoes. “Damn..i just can’t escape this color today huh. Hm.” Densuke would emerge from the room and into the hallway.. The party was still on, all be it, it seems a little vamped up. As if more people literally came. “I swear the ball dropped already…guess these people don’t really know how to go home eh?” Ah well.

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