Sekushi Yuri

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KimiKatsu: It was hard to believe that just a few months ago KasaiHana was almost in shambles – brought to its knees by very dangerous men whom were in search for one woman. As everyone was out fighting, Sekushi, Tsuyo, and her body guard, Ryuu, had all been snatched up from the streets and held captive by one of her mother’s old enemies from back in the day. The man had to have had some serious problems with her mother, but he never got too specific with anything. He just ranted and rambled on about how she’d pay and would always mention doing horrid things to her ‘perfect body and face’. Sekushi was glad it was over, now. Though she lost a lot of her dancers and other ‘performers’, she didn’t close down her club or shut down K-Flicks. Instead, Sekushi ventured out in search of good looking women. If they didn’t know how to move their bodies in just the right way, she taught them vigorously. The club was running as if it hadn’t been hugely affected by the lockdown. Women walked around half or just barely clothed – some carried drinks, others flirted a little or danced a bit to get a little extra to add to their tips. Sekushi was standing just outside of the door to her office wearing a white, lacey baby doll – basically a thin tank top the pushed her already perky, 40 C breasts up a bit more to create visually appealing cleavage and matching thong panties that were marked with her initials embroidered in small, fancy lettering right at the fabric that met her tailbone. Her long, platinum hair shimmered lightly under the soft lighting of the room as it hung over her shoulders. Her right arm was decorated with a fresh, colorful tattoo of a sugar skull and some other small designs – something she had done a month or so after lockdown ended. Those bright hazel eyes of hers smoothly scanned the main area of the club. There was a bit of smoke in the air, but not so much that it made her gag or want to retreat to the cleaner air outside. A few of her dancers were finishing up a routine of theirs in one of the designated dancing areas. Men were hootin’ and hollerin’ at them as they shook their asses and started to file out of the area for a short break in her office. Because Sekushi had been so busy recruiting and getting her dancers ready, she wasn’t really able to dance for her guests. . .until now, anyways. She had dressed up in the sweet and sexy outfit to keep herself revealed, but hidden enough to tease. The way the top of her baby doll covered her breasts was enough to leave a bit of her nipples exposed. ( As the music began, Sekushi stepped forward and began to work her way to the pole near the area the dancers had just finished up in. As she weaved through a few groups and couples, she allowed herself to walk as sensually as she wanted. Her hips switched smoothly from left to right with each step, keeping to the beginning beat of the song. The young woman kept the count of the music in her head so that she stayed with the music. Just as she reached the cleared dance area, she reached her right arm out and wrapped her fingers around the pole, pulling herself close. Right when the beat seemed to change, she dropped herself back, keeping her head tipped back. As she did this, she lifted herself up onto the balls of her bare feet. When the singing began she lifted herself back up using the strength in her right arm. As she came up, her left hand gripped the pole just below her right hand and lifted again while pushing herself up off of the ground with her feet. This allowed her to wrap her legs around the pole firmly so that she was a pretty fair distance from the floor and up the pole. Sekushi kept her movements to the beat as she bent back, loosening her fingers to release their grip so that once her back was against the cool metal of the pole she could move her arms above her head, keeping them stretched out some. Her hands gripped the pole tightly again in the next count and she slowly unlocked her legs from around the pole. Her core muscles tightened as she held herself up with her arms and core muscles, keeping her legs straight and toes pointed for a moment before bringing one foot forward smoothly, then the other in a walking motion so that her legs would come down in front of her torso until her toes touched the ground. On the sound of the inhale, her feet would slip out to the sides, causing her lower half to drop into the splits. This movement caused her body to quickly unfold, almost like a blanket or a piece of clothing that was grabbed at one end and snapped outward to straighten it. Her thick hair was tossed up as she did this and her grip was forced to loosen and release to prevent injury to her shoulders. With that in mind, she threw her arms up over her head as her groin hit the floor and turned her head so that her face was to the men watching.

Pass the DutchieEdit

Tasanagi: (( " Cough, COugh!" The car was smoked out as the 3 men sat in the black car spaced out. "...Pass the dutch.." The guy in the front said. Keyth took another drag and passed it up, blowing the smoke out of his nose and then leaning back closing his eyes as he placed both of his hands behind his head. "...Ahh, Keyth, your a cool dude man, like... your so cool man... im so glad, that like... your not a cop, because man your like... so awsome man. Your awsome bro, your awsome at..LIFE!" The stoner in the front seat said. " Ahh, thanks Kaino, you've always been a cool guy your self cheese." "...Keyth... did you just call me Cheese?" " Yeaaaaaaahhh..." They'd all burst out laughing. " Ahhh mannn, where do you guys wanna go now?" Keyth leaned up, and a loud HACK! Could be heard. " You can take me to where your boss is right now...." Keyth said as he pressed the small dagger to the man in the passenager seats neck. The guy in the front seat attempted to go for his gun under his seat. A loud CLIK CLAK... could be heared as Keyth pulled a pistol up to the drivers head. " Dont.... do that.." He said looking out at the corner of his eye. " AHHh What the fuck man! Your supposed to be highoff of your ass right now! Coke was in that shit yo, Meth!" Keyth smirked. " I took that shit out when you passed it to me...dumbass.." " Ahhhh fuck man! I knew you were a fucking cop man, i fucking new it!" " SHUT THE FUCK UP... Where... is your boss.." Keyth said pressing the blade tighter to the passanger side seat guys neck making it bleed a bit. " Alright man, be cool dude, be cool... just... just dont hurt larry he has nothing to do with this..." " Your both under-arrest blah blah... take me to your boss or ill kill you both.." " What kinda fuckin cop are you man!? " "...a really bad one... drive.." Keyth said demanding the men as they drove off. Once they reached the strip club, Keyth had duck tapped there mouths, and hand cuffed there hands to the seats. He stepped out of the car fixing his hoody and taking his hair out of its already messy pony tail, he made his way in and eyed everyone inside, notcing the dancers. He smirked and continued his stride inside, he had been here before, and actually knew the owner. Speaking of her... she was dancing infront of a crowd of men. Keyth sat down in a chair in the front, pulling out a large wod of money, trying to blend in to the crowd of men he tossed 200 dollars up at her, whistling and saying profound things. As he did... he managed to seek out the Drug lord boss, sitting in the VIP section. " Shit.." He said mumbbling under his breathe. " I have to get in there quietly.."

KimiKatsu: Amongst all of the hollering for her to continue, Sekushi could hear a new voice suddenly joining in as she hoisted herself to her feet and stepped in front of the pole with her back to the men. The voice sounded familiar, but she couldn't put her thumb on it. As she bent over and pressed her chest to the cool pole, she pushed her hind end out towards them while swinging her hips a bit and dipping her ass down low. As she brought it back up, she flipped her hair back and glanced over her shoulder at the men watching. There was quite a bit of money being tossed to her from the man in the front. A small, devious little smirk tugged at the corners of her glossy lips as she turned again and began to move towards him. His eyes were off of her, looking off in some other direction. She continued towards him, moving her body sensually as she got closer. With each step, her hips rocked from side to side to the rythm of the music. Her lips parted softly as she stood in front of his seat, he legs shoulder width apart and her hands on her hips. He had thrown a lot of money to her, so she figured she would give him a little something in return. "To thank you for that generous little tip. . ." She smiled at him and slowly bent down at the waist so that she was face to face with him. "How can I help you?" THe seductive purr in her tone was very noticable.

Tasanagi: Keyth turned to look at the woman as she finally made her way over to him. He kept his head turned at first but slowly made his way over to look at her. " Well yeah... yeah you can."(( he said smiling at her, regardless of is she remembered him or not he wouldnt bring it up, he'd allow her to refresh her own memory, if she ever did. " These guys out here are weakasses... I got a whole grand here for you, if you take me back there with you in the VIP section." he said pulling out two big wods of cash that he had made with his undercover work. " What do you say?" He said smirking as his wild hair hung over his eyes slightly, his golden fierece eyes peering at every curve and turn on the females body as he eyed her.Bringing the money up with both of his hands. The men around Keyth gave him a hard and angry stare as he sported out the money like it had been nothing. " Fuckin kid... thats probably his fuckin rent money.." Said one of the older guys. " C'mon.." He said handing her one wod of the cash and then standing up, with his right hand out. " Gimmie a good time, theres more where that came from.." He said giving her that boyish charm of a smile. If she took his hand with the money in it then he'd allow her to guide him to the back room to the VIP section.Keyth's eyes were mainly focused on the drug lord which he saw was surrounded by men and women, the men were his soliders no doubt while the women had to be there for his own sexual needs. Keyth did... have a hard time focusing with the woman he was using to bait him to the drug lord escorting him through.. "...Fuck..." He said after staring down at her hips and her breast for a bit too long than he should have. He shook his head trying to get focused back onto the mission at hand. He had been undercover for 4 weeks trying to get this guy, he wasnt going to fuck up now.

KimiKatsu: A whole grand, plus extra tips – that was something to be proud of after a little dance. Sekushi giggled a bit. She heard the comments the other men were making, but ignored them. “You seem like you’d be a lot of fun, Sweet Face.” She winked at him before slowly straightening. Her eyes left him for a moment as she waved over two of her dancers to come and pick up the tips thrown out to her that had been left on the floor. The two barely dressed women rushed to the dancing area and began to pick up and stack each bill as Sekushi reached out to take the first wad of cash in her hand. As he stood, she took a single step back and took his hand in hers to slowly lead him back to the VIP section which was located within her office. Her hips swayed smoothly with every step she took as they headed back towards her office. Once at the red rope, the bouncers quickly made way for her and her guest, then closed it right back up behind them. It was a bit quieter in the VIP section – the music was a bit more ‘chill’ and the guests weren’t as hyped or loud. One of the men had paid quite a bit to be in the VIP section. He was surrounded by many of her girls and his men. She knew he was probably some big shot on the streets, but who was she to not allow someone in her club? He hadn’t done her or her girls any harm. There was a couch across the room from the man’s couch and it faced the opposite wall. This is where she led him to. Sekushi would turn to face him once they were at the couch – she was much shorter than him so she had to lift her chin a bit to look up into his golden eyes. His facial features brought back a few memories from way before the lockdown. The man she had helped – the one that fell from a rooftop. Could this be him? She didn’t bother to ask as she lightly tossed the wad of cash in her hand onto the couch cushion nearby just before reaching her right hand out. If he allowed it, her right hand would press to his chest lightly and she would start to lean in while pushing herself up onto the balls of her feet. “Since you weren’t specific about what you wanted to do. . .I’ll just assume you want these clothes gone.” She kept her bright hues on his as her right hand slowly trailed down the center of his torso so she could slip a few of her fingers between the waistline of his pants and his actual waist.

The DiversionEdit

Tasanagi: (( felt her small hands on his waist line, her hands tracing his toned body through his clothing he'd slightly cock his right eyebrow up at her with a light smirk. " Yeah, i guess that makes you a mind reader too huh?" He said in a sarcastic tone yet playful. Keyth was a savage in everyway... and he was trying his best not to ravish this girl. Occasionally he'd look out of the corner of his eye at the drug lord. Who was... making out with two of the girls at the same time. At a table infront of them two of the men were watching one of the girls they brought with them do a line of coke. Keyths hands reached down to her hips, and he squeezed tightly, letting his hands move up and down her curves before he began to pull at her top in an attempt to remove it, trying his best not to just rip it off. He had to make this look convincing. His pants would have shifted down a bit below his waist line with her messing with it, he hadnt wore a belt. His waist line showing and no hair around his sexual areas in no way shape or form, well.. a happy trail was evident but that was pretty much it. Pulling down the top part of her outfit off he'd slump down in the chair behind him. Signaling her to come over to him in attempts to straddle herself over his legs so that he'd be able to see the drug dealer and her at the same time. Once her top had been removed, and if she had straddled his waist like asked he'd be faced with well... two large breast. "...Fuck.." he said to himself as he eyed them, trying his best not to... well... fuck it. Keyth had began to aggressively suck on the womans breast, making sure she straddled his waist just right so that his cock pressed against her thin underwear, his thick cock would throb through his breifs as they pressed out against her cunt, his cock head twitching against her clit and with every move made his length would glide itself arcoss the outside of her pussy lips. His right hand sat under the seat cushion, with his hand tightly under the pistol, just in case the Drug dealer tried something stupid he'd be able to react approretiely. Though... he was still heavily distracted right now.

KimiKatsu: She watched as his gaze switched from her to. . .something else. What it was, she couldn't tell wthout turning herself around, which she didn't do. She decided to just go with it and if he tried anything, she'd do her best to keep things calm or take him down if she had to. Her thoughts became clouded as she felt the breif squeeze at her well curved hips from his masculine hands. As they moved up and down on her hips, she lightly pushed down on his pants again until they fell on their own. A small smile crossed her sweet face as she shot a glance down at the hardening buldge in his underwear. Though her top had been secured, she felt the man pull on it just enough for her breasts to be released and for the top to sit just below them. Her breasts bounced a bit from the sudden pulling of her top. When the man sat down, she willingly stepped in and slipped onto him to straddle his lap. As she sat, she could feel his buldge press up against her already wet cunt. The feeling sent a soft shiver up her spine. She kept her hands back and gripped his thighs just behind her ass cheeks as she arched her back to push her breast out towrds him just as she heard him mutter his little curse word. And before she knew it, his face was pressed into her breasts and he was sucking on the sensative, pale flesh. Sekushi moaned out lightly as she pressed her thighs in against his own and tipped her head back a bit. As he teased her, she decided to tease him a bit and began to ever so slightly grind herself against him to spread her warm, wet juices along his clothed cock.

Tasanagi: Keyth spread his legs a bit further, allowing her to slide her cunt over his hard cock untill it was slicked down in her juices. " Ha Haaa! Bring in more girls!" The man shouted across the room. As he did Keyth had turned his attention back to the female, using both of his hands he'd rip her underwear in two so that her cunt was now fully exposed. " Gotta make this look convincing.." He said as he pulled his cock out of the hole in his briefs and gripped tightly to the large slack in his hand. His cock head would rub at her clit and up and down her cunt untill he used his right hand to postion her just right over it, and his left hand to guide it in. Lining his cock head up with her cunt he'd push her down onto it untill she hit the hilt of his cock allowing it to fill her up completely. His large cock would open her walls a bit as he forced her down for a full straddle. He kept his eyes on the men now seeing that one of his men was opening up a large case of coke, Keyth using his quick thinking managed to reach into his pants pockets and take his phone, snapping two unoticed pictures, even the female he was currently having sex with wouldnt even know. He'd spread his legs and putting his phone to the right, he'd grip both of his hands on the females hips and force her up and down on his cock over and over again, her ass moving up and down onto his massive rod as her cunt took every inch of him inside of her. He'd nip at her bouncing breast as he forced her up and down to ride him. He switched his phone to some form of a video recored, and tape recoreder system allowing him to catch that was going down. " Yaahh bos, were gonna move these drugs in by next week, its gonna be a big one, test that coke out there bos." THe lackey said. " I already know how the coke is Leroy shud'da fuck up huh? I need ya to take this over to germonis house and sell it for the deal we talked about heh? Make sure he coughs it all up i wont know fuck ups, if he doesnt.. waste em, heh?" " Ok bos, we'll see's it gets done for you's." The two men left with the large amount of coke. Keyth could hear bits of that, but with his phone he'd be able to fully analyze it all the way through. Flipping the female around so she was facing the other way now he'd have his hands on her ass, pressing her up and down his cock over and over again making sure she hit the hilt of his dick every time he pushed her down ulitmately she'd began to feel his large rod hit her in the pit of her gut with each pulling down stroke. Her cunt juices leaking down onto his legs and onto the couch the whole time. He'd reach his right hand out, pushing her over the table infront of them  and getting off the couch he'd take awhole thing of her hair in his right hand pulling her head back as he fucked her small frame over the table.

KimiKatsu: As he moved his hands down to her cute little panties, she lifted herself up a bit to give him more room to do as he pleased. The sound of fabric tearing kind of startled Sekushi at first, but she relaxed and let him rip her already tiny panties so that access to her dripping, wet pussy was better. The young woman lowered her head to look into his piercing eyes before glancing down at his hand as it pulled his thick, hardening cock from the hole in his underwear. Just te head being pushed in sent a rush of tingling pleasure through her. Her tight, little pussy ached with desire as she allowed him to place his hand on her shoulders and roughly push down, impaling her on his throbbing cock. Sekushi let out a light whimper as he stretched her naturally very tight pussy just enough to fit in. Her walls squeezed at his shaft tightly. Her entire body trembled and she closed her eyes and lifted herself up a little using her legs before slowly sitting back down. Her hands moved forward to grip at his shoulders tightly as his hands grabbed at her hips and began to work her up and down rougly on his cock. With each time that he was pushed back into her, she let out another soft moan. Feeling the light nip at her breasts, a little smile caused her lips to curve up and a gentle blush crossed her cheeks. The bliss was interrupted briefly when the man lifted her and spun her around so that her back was to him, but he had one so in a way that his cock had managed to stay right inside her so the pleasure and bliss would return right away as he pushed deeper into her. THere was a bit of pain as the hard head of his thick cock pressed against her cervix and threatened to push past it, causing her to yip softly and grip her knees a little. Just before she could bounce herself on him again, the man pushed her down onto the glass coffee table in front of them. With her breasts pressed to the glass as well as her cheek, Sekushi willingly took his cock deep into her dripping wet cunt from behind. Her moans grew louder and louder with each rough, deep thrust and when he grabbed a hand full of her silky hair, she inhald a little and let him jerk her head back. "Ahh~ F-Fuck me! Fuck me like the little whore I am!" She'd moan out to him, beginning to let herself get into it.

Tasanagi: The gang lord stood up, taking the rest of the men and the strippers along with him to his Limo. Where Keyth had the two men locked in hand cuffs outside in there car a small camera which took a picture of the outside limo. After they left Keyth figured he'd best finish her off or lose there trail. " He'd get his right hand holding her head down and fully mounting her like some kind of animal and slamming his cock inside of her cunt as fast and hard as he could. PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT,PAT. The sound echoed throughout the room as he stroked his massive length in and out of her cunt over and over and over again. Slamming his massive rod into the pit of her gut with each overwhelmining stroke he could provide. His body slamming into her ass with each power slither of his cock working its way deep into her pussy on the right, then to the left in attempt at searching for her G-spot to make her cum. He'd flip her around, placing her on her back with her legs over his shoulder as he mounted her, putting both of her hands down, held down tightly to the table as he fucked her like some savage beast grunting harsh and lustful moans as he worked his way deeper and deeper. Her pussy would leak, dripping down onto the table below them as he continued to work his way into her. Feeling his cum breaching its top he'd pull his cock out of her cunt and spew 3 thick large loads of his cum onto her stomach, letting some of it slide down her belly button and on the side of the glass table. " Haa... well then.. " He said slowly backing off, mentoning something about not feeling his knees and giving her the other 500 dollars to match her already grand. He gripped the phone he used to do the recording with still naked he sat down on the couch and began to punch in the coding to render the video to a better quality. " got ya, you fuckin dick heads.." Keyth said as he got everything, even the showing of drugs on his phone. He'd pull his pants up, tossing his hoodie over his shoulder. " Thanks for that Diversion.. prob would have never gotten that info without you." He said looking at her, still shirtless. " I'd say lets do it again... but i think my Girlfriend would get angry with me... Haha." He said rubbing the back of his neck. Punching in a number he'd send the evidence over to the KPD station. " Operator, patch me to the Chief." After a few moments. " Did you get my evidence?" " Good work Keyth, i dont know how you got that close. But you did a damned good job. Were sending a unit out to get em right now, good work Detective." Keyth smirked and placed the phone back into his pocket and popped his back. "....It looks differnt in here.. than before." He said turning his back on her, checking out her place.

KimiKatsu: Sekushi damn near screamed out as he began to pound her sweet little cunt. Her eyes closed tightly as she reached out to grab the edge of the table in her dainty hands. Her body rocked roughly as he ravaged her small frame. The harder he thrusted, the more her lush, grab able ass cheeks bounced for him. The violent way he was taking her was only getting her off further. As he moved himself around more, his cock had instantly found and began to rub against her G spot. Her entire body tensed and trembled just before he flipped her over. As her back hit the glass table, she let out a light yelp and felt her breasts jiggle a bit from the impact. The heavy pleasure was rolling over her like violent tidal waves hitting the beach. With the way he rose her legs up and placed them over his shoulders, he was able to push past her cervix and poke himself in and out of her womb with every dominating thrust. She was about to reach up into his hair, but his hands snapped out and grabbed hers to firmly pin them to the table above her head as he continued to fuck her. His wild, animalistic thrusting made her full breasts bounce wildly, causing the light blush to her cheeks to darken drastically. “Oh fuck! Ahnn!! H-Hard. . .Harder! More!!!” She’d shout as the tingling pleasure became too much to handle. Just as she was subduing to her own climax, he was pulling out of her. Cum streamed down her inner thighs and leaked down her ass crack to form a puddle on the glass table as his thick, hot cum shot out onto her flat tummy and oozed into her pierced belly button. Sekushi panted lightly as she felt him pull himself away and she slowly brought her knees together, keeping her feet a distance apart so he could still see her soaked pussy lips and the cum that was leaking from her. She opened her eyes a bit as she listened to him talking, the first bit sounded like it was to her, but the last bit was to someone else, it seemed. The young woman slowly sat up and brushed a few platinum strands of hair out of her face as she watched him hand up him phone. "Diversion?" She asked with a raised brow. When her turned away from her and started speaking again, she eased herself into a standing position - she felt a little 'floaty' from her orgasm and her legs were a bit wobbly. The last thing he said made it click for her. "So I do remember you, after all. You're that kid that fell from that building." As she said this, she was pulling her top back up over her soft breasts and hardened nipples.

Tasanagi: Keyth smirked. " Right, that'd be me, the flying asshole who falls from great heights." He turned to her. " I could arrest you for that, this. It counts as prostitution, but.. im not going to. Next time, ask em if hes a cop. If he doesnt out right say no, then he is a cop. Becareful. " He'd buckle his pants up and pull his hoody back over his body. " Here, gimmie a call sometime. You could be some use to me later on." He'd press a button on his phone which would send his number to her phone whereever it was in this building. "... Oh and.." He'd give her an extra 20. " For the uh, underwear..." He said looking down at her torn underwear that kind of sat around her right thigh in a shrededed rip. " Seeya later on." He said as he was about to take his leave but BOOM!  He'd faceplant into the ground. " My.... knees..." He'd roll on his back. " Im... just gonna find a place to lay down... till mourning, that was... just.. woo.." He made his way back over to the couch dropping on the same couch he had slept on 6 months back, slowly snoring as soon as his head hit the pillows of the couch going into a sex-coma sleep. The cops would soon swarm the Drug dealer taking all that he has and hauls him back to the KPD station. Keyths phone was blowing up withcalls to congrdulate him on his good show, but he was sound asleep

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