DarkKeyome: I was sitting down in a chair, my fingers fittling with my fingers as I lay back in the seat. Odly

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enough... I was in a fucked up mood today. My cigeratte sat in mouth burning lightly as I stared up at the ceiling. As usual... the club got super busy fast. These people... came here and partied all the time, same fuckers everday. Dont they have shit to do? Dont they have families? Society is trash... it's dirty. A stain.... this whole got damn city is hell.... I rubbed my eyes as pulled out my cell phone. “...see what the fucks going on with the news today..” I pressed a few buttons and got the holographical image to appear infront of me. I watched it you know like I always did. But... wait, hey look the clubs on the news... fuck. I sat up, looking around for Haji... nowhere around. Hm... alright lets see. I kept watching it... then the man spoke of... me... having a child?! What... a child?! Me? No what the fuck! Are they stupid?! That kid cant be my child... I stood up putting my phone in my pocket as I rubbed my eyes. Things have been going crazy ever since I had that fight with that guy. Fuck, its new bull shit every day. Im 18, how the fuck can I have a child... she's like 14... 15
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years old....... the fuck is going on. “ Aggghh!!!” I shouted and axe kicked the table in half. “ Hey! Someone fix this shit.... Go get one from the back..” I ordered one of the men. My temper was getting worse.. I watched as the men came and got the broken table and came back with the new one. “ I swear.. if some bullshit happens today.... then im kicking someones fuckin throat in...” I was getting stressed... I needed to get high or something. But I kicked the grass... it fucked with my head too much. I propped back down on my seat sitting on my ass sliding my fingers through my hair, pulling a cigarette into my mouth. I know one thing... I had to go out, and make that business investment with that Geisha group in district 2 later today.... trouble is finding them. I bet Haji knows where they are... i'll ask em later on.

HatakeHajime: Hajime took his time preparing himself in the office behind the big screen projector of the club. After a quick wash of his hands, Hajime put his gloves on, and armed himself with his pistol and his nodachi. After which, he left the office to move himself to the floor. Hajime locked the door behind him as he left. As he made his way to the steps, Hajime noticed a diamond ring on the floor. It was odd. No one was allowed upstairs besides members of the Kagemaru Family. Hajime picked up the ring and put it in his suit pocket, as this would surely be evidence. With that, Hajime walked over to his boss and spoke in his ear. “Oye, Bossu.” Hajime began. “I found a diamond ring upstairs. Have any idea where it came from?” Hajime asked his Oyabun with some concern in his voice. Hajime did not like trouble, especially in his own club where he and his brothers operated.

KimiKatsu: With a new bullet proof body on her Dodge Durango and the inside of the vehicle thurougly cleaned out, Kirei was back out on the town. She had already gotten the light pink color of her short hair touched up and had even gotten Beavis a new cut as well. Because his hair was getting a bit scraggly, she decided to get his fur trimmed, but told them to leave a small mohawk on the top of his head. The new look was postivelyadorable and Kirei couldn't help but giggle everytime she looked at him in the passenger seat with his little black bandana around his neck, cuortesy of the groomers. Again, her club had closed early. She wanted to give her girls a bit of a day off. They had earned it with all of the cash they were bringing in. Kirei pulled up in front of Club Lahana and put her car in park. Beavis stood up and placed his front paws on the passenger window to look out at the club. His little tail wagged wildly. "Come on B." SHe patted her lap lightly and he whiled around. The hyper pup was in her lap in seconds as she removed her key from the ignition and stepped out of her vehicle. She could see that the club was, once again, full. Hopefully it would be much more entertaining than the night before. Kirei had entered the club just as before. Calm and collected. She wore very short, hot pink shorts and a lighter pink belly top that sagged a bit to show off her white braw. She wore hot pink knee high boots to match. Again, majority of her tattoos were visible. Since she didn't see anyone she recognized right as she entered, she moved towards the bar. Beavis squirmed in herarms the whole way.

DarkKeyome: I was in the middle of texting this girl that I named “ THE EASY ONE.” in my phone. She was talking about blowing me off... as usual. Geez, why do they throw themselves how pathetic. I shook my head putting my phone on my lap. Some girl sat next to me smiling placing her finger on my chest. “ Mmm... Chairmen, you look upset.” She was a blonde.... I hate blondes. Fair skinned, and had a nice rack. Lacking everything on the bottom department though... no hips, no ass. “ Mr. Chairmen... lets go in the back I can make you feel good..” I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. My cigarette at this point had burned down to the end and I licked it off with my tongue quickly placing another in my mouth. The ash hit the floor. My eyes kept boaring on hers.... guess she wasn’t gonna take the hint. “ Ahh.. chairmen... you smell sooo go-”. I cut her off. “ Get the fuck out of my face.” I said to her she had been attempting to kiss my neck... my right hand caught her face and with a powerful thrust back I pushed her on the chair. “... Have some respect for yourself...” I said eying her. “ Stupid...fucking... Get outta here.” She hit the ground and looked at me with a angry expression and began to shout at me. “ Fuckin dick! Think cuz your a chairmen you can talk to me like that!? Fuck you, you ill snot nose limp dick kid!” She stormed off... I didn’t give her the satisfaction of responding. “ Fuckin germ..” I said exhaling the smoke from my nose when I say Haji approach me with the ring. “ Hm? Ha-hah.. maybe it was a lady friend of yours... I haven’t brought a girl up there in forever..” I said to him. I eyed the woman from last night... the one that looked like one of those girls in one of those celebrity magazine. “ YoooO! Hey girl with the dog! Yo!” I called her over, and then leaned back to speak with Haji more, the ring... had thrown me off now that I think about it. “ All bull shit aside... who's do you think it is? Have you been having sex with girls up there?” I said crossing my arms. Not that'd he be in trouble, whats mine was his but I needed to know whos ring that was too.

: Just before she got to the bar, she heard someone shouting. Because she hadn't seen any other womn with dogs or pets around, she figured she was being paged. Kirei turned towards the voice slowly and glanced around until she saw him. The boy from last night. The 18 year old she had helped and let stay at her home for a night. Kirei flashed him a bright smile and began to walk his way. Her hips had that sensual sway to them with every step she took. Beavis yipped and barked as she appraoched the man and the other near him. Seeing the 18 year old chairman made her wonder how that little girl was doing. The experience was probably uite traumatic for such a young child. "Well hello there, small fry." Her tone was a teasing one. It was playful, obviously. She hardly ever insulted others that didn't do so to her first. "Your club must be the club that neve sleeps."She smiledat him again and shot a quickglance at the man next to him. "I never cought your names. Mine is Kirei. Kirei Yuri. I am the chairman of the Utsukushii Clan."

HatakeHajime: Hajime looked to his boss and to the woman known as Kirei who helped them the night before in their endeavor. “Oye, Bossu.” Hajime addressed his Oyabun I a quiet voice. “I suspect we’re gonna have another problem tonight.” Hajime’s gut was telling him that trouble was nearby. His gut didn’t usually lead him wrong, so he had his guard up. Within a moment’s notice, Hajime was ready to unsheathe his nodachi or take the pistol he carried out from his suit jacket. Either way, Hajime did not like the feeling he was getting. “Bossu, could you meet me in the office soon?” Hajime walked away from his Oyabun, knowing that he would receive an answer over ear piece. As Hajime walked up the steps, he would tap the dial keys on the side of his tactical visor. He then spoke into the microphone of the visor. “Oye, little bro. It’s time to meet me at the club. We got talkin’ to do.” He awaited a reply from the person on the phone as well, knowing he’d eventually receive one.

KimiKatsu: Noticing the urgency in the other man's behavior, Kirei figured they'd have no time for her. She looked back at the young chairman and bowed her head to him before winking at him. "I'll be around, Small Fry. Or you could visit my club. It's pretty obvious when you see it. Mostlybecause my name is on the front of the building. If you expect a dance, bring cash." She smiled at him again and turned away. As she began to depart, Beavis squirmed some and nipped at her arms a bit as she held him.

SatsuMasayoshi: Huaidan was stopped at a red light behind a Toyota Supra, but to be honest he cared not for the make of other vehicles, he simply wished to preserve his own beauty; a Supercharged Bluish Audi R8 with a candy-gloss finish, it was definitely a breathtaking beast. The roar it gave by simply idling was enough to make a lion scamper away like a scared mouse. Huaidan looks around the interior, which was obviously leather, not the cheap skins, it was pure leather. A beautiful mahogany color to it as well, that fit over the seat perfectly. He then looks back to the dash, realizing his badge was sitting in the open; he quickly shoved it in the glove box to the passenger seat. His right hand rested on the steering wheel, and while the red light stayed red a better description could be given of this male of twenty five. Huaidan is a proudly tall white male with obvious Chinese descent about him, he had black hair upon his head, of medium length, and the bangs swayed in front of his eyes occasionally. His amber hues bore into anything they set their gaze upon, and with good reason; if he didn’t have a spirit melting glare, or an icy heart-melting gaze what kind of Detective would he be? His frame was of the average male, slightly muscular, but the tone of his skin said otherwise, his abs though covered were well chiseled, and kept to keep his appearance good to look at. His outfit was an overtly punk look, his top was sleeveless, but obvious remnants of sleeves were apparent (Ripped). This showed off his biceps, which had tattoos upon them, running to his wrists; there was almost no area of skin left uninked. Then his pants, which weren’t hanging low, but still a bit worn, and torn, were a faded greyish-blue. Finally his boots, which were simple military oriented mud stompers, though this look into his appearance was enough to take time away. He had almost missed the light turning green, his left hand put the shifter into the right slot, his foot pressing down the gas pedal, and he quickly lurches forward, he had an intended destination; so he wanted to get there looking as if he cared not for law. His right hand tapped the steering wheel occasionally to distract himself from the obvious company he’s going to be surrounded by, for his view upon all other people in general was cold, therefore his view on thugs, and all the people who harm others for profit disgust him greatly. Huaidan almost failed to notice that his predetermined destination was fairly close, he had to press down on the brake at medium speed to slow down appropriately before turning into the parking lot of the structure he wishes to enter. It was a club, Club Lahana, it was an assignment from the higher ups, his appearance, and overall attitude was suited to carry out reconnaissance on such a place. He finds an adequate parking spot, making sure it wasn’t too far from the door, or too close to refrain from raising suspicion. He scrounges around for his wallet, retrieving it from the dash which was beside his badge before. He finally kills the engine by twisting the key counter clockwise, and relinquishing it from the ignition. He slips the key into his pocket for safe keeping before finally exiting the Audi. He steps upon the black top that made up the parking lot, closing the door to his car. The automated locks were made apparent because of their instantaneous lockdown. Huaidan now made his way to the line at the club, he had to get in the last place, which wasn’t too far, and seeing as no one would want to enter a club owned by a deadly Yakuza organization. He waited for the line to decrease in length before finally reaching the front, having to be patted down before he was clear for entry. He was given the all clear, and acquitted for safe entry to the club. He noted the bodyguards that were on duty, looked tough, but probably able to be taken down by a simple strike to the netherregion. He steps into the club, the loud music apparent before he got to this point, but it was all the more irritating when in the midst of it. Huaidan looks around seeing that there were numerous club-goers, but the main individuals he wanted to locate with his vision were sitting down, his eyes narrowed slightly, then returned to their normal expressionless gaze before too long. He headed to the bar, not turning his head to look, but keeping a keen fixation upon those who sat using his peripheral vision. Taking a seat upon a bar stool appropriately to finally get some wanted attention; the bartender walks over to him, seeing that the bartender was female, Huaidan gave an appraising wink. The bartender gave an alluring chuckle before leaning over the bar, “What can I get you, handsome?” She asks, Huaidan, without giving time to think, “Scotch…And…Maybe a phone number?” He smirks lightly, the corner of his lip curled just so teasingly, and this is done only for her viewing pleasure, “Coming right up…The scotch I mean…Gonna have to earn that phone number…” She says with a playful giggle at the end, before heading off to find the requested beverage. In a few seconds a shot glass being set down, with ice already fixed into it, then the drink was poured to Huaidan’s likings. Huaidan picked it up once it had been filled, downing it instantly. “Hehe…This is some aged stuff…Sure your bosses let you get this shit out for lowlifes like me?” He tilts his head, the girl blinks a bit, “Oh…You’re a lowlife…Could’ve fooled me…” Damn right I could’ve, Huaidan thinks to himself, you, and this entire fucking club. He is given a few more poors before he sets a hundred dollar bill on top of the bartop, along with the required money to pay for the scotch, “Your tip, beautiful.” The girl lights up instantly, “Consider that phone number earned…” The girl pulls a pen out of her cleavage, making Huaidan grin a bit, “Heh…Funny.” He whispers to himself, before the girl pushed a napkin with her phone number, and name on it, “Ah…You’re Japanese…? Hm…I’m Huaidan…Chinese…Nice to meet you, Aoka…” The Japanese girl giggled again, “Nice to meet you as well, Huaidan…” She winks this time, making Huaidan laugh inwardly. He waits though, while continuing to be given shots of Scotch.

DolliesBelle: A frail figure came to wander down the long sidewalk outside the club, allowing her heels to click and clack along the stone tops. The blue hues of the woman came to scan the building as she wandered towards the nearest door; trying to see if it way the entrance. With ease, her delicate hand reached forth and pressed lightly against the glass on the doors exterior; only to push it forth and allow it to open inward. She'd pause a moment, grasping her clutch more tightly as she took in a deep breath; becoming brave on this part of town and walked on in. It had been a while since she'd made a public appearance, at least around the city. The woman walked into the foyage of the Club and continued to wander along the tilted flooring, her heels clicking against the textures and echoing slightly. They were a taunting sound, in her mind, just aching and trying to frighten her more then she was. But, all that effort would of went to waste. She pushed forth, coming to walk the set of plants on the left hand side and noticed the vast amount of space in the place. The decor was quite up to par and very mainstream like, a modern day to day club. Not something she was quite used to. Her eyes marvelled on all the lights and the tones of the room, the vibrant hues just captivating her as she continued to wander along the way; heading to the ramp. It was then, she'd look to the opposing side, seeing a few others seated there and simply avoided the, in her mind. She'd focus on her current task, wandering down the ramp and heading to the nearest seat. With ease, her right hand would take a hold of her clutch and allowed the left to grasp the rail, guiding herself down the ramp and onto the floor. With this done, she'd make her way to the seats on her left and just sat herself down. Her hands rested in her lap, as did her clutch. She refused to make much eye contact, keeping herself on the lower part of the scale for visibility. Thus, she did with her colour choice in attire. A royal purple dress charmed with full diamond look alines to allow a very classy, elegant and yet casual appeal. Though, little did it matter, for those who desired not to look.

YmmuriStalker: -Danchou was in a meeting with the network executives of the news for Kasaihana city, several representatives of the KPD, and scientists for a secret research facility that he'd been privately funding. The facility was created to develop new weapons of war, as well as biological implementations and synthetic grafts into the human body. Danchou crossed his legs in his seat and glanced out of the window of the boardroom in which they were all in, then turned his attention back to the scientists.- And this proceedure has been tested, I turst? -One nodded.- Yes sir, our human subject "Adam" accepted the robotics into his body without failure. Our studies show that his muscle mass has increased, as well as his brain processing speed. His physical and mental capabilities have increased over 100% -One of the researchers withdrew a file from his lap and tossed it across the long table toward Danchou, who caught the file, opened it, and read the reports inside. He nodded.- Good work. -He turned to the representatives of each faction.- Well, gentlemen, I believe that with this... -He nodded to the scientists. One took a phone from his breast pocket, opened it, and began punching numbers into it. Danchou stood as he looked outside again. An armored truck pulled up to the building. He walked toward the door. Everyone within the room began to follow, one of the news network execs flipping out a phone of his own and beginning to make a call. Danchou turned.- Your network will meet with the KPD and I, along with several others from Soramaru, back at my club, where I will hold a press conference concerning the contents of the armored truck. Meet us within two hours gentlemen. -Danchou took an elevator down to the main floor of the building and walked out, where the truck was awaiting. Kairi, his aide, was outside waiting for him. As she opened the door to the passenger side, Danchou gave a smile. The fools honestly thought that he would give away the secret to invincibility? In that truck were hundreds of the Z-Human serum, to be sure, but this serum was based on the old formula; it was flawed. Kairi closed the door behind Danchou, then walked around and got into the drivers side. Once the truck had got moving, she spoke.- So? -Danchou chuckled.- All is moving according to plan, Kairi. -He rested his chin on his fist as the truck drove back to the Bangwan. Danchou had closed it for the night in anticipation of this event. The truck pulled up to the front of the Bangwan, where a pedestal had already been erected with several microphones. As Danchou walked up to the pedestal, waves of police cars, news vans, and blue-black cars of the Soramaru clan began pulling up. They filled the entire street. Officers were outside diverting outside traffic and directing them to detours. Cameras flashed, microphones were turned on, and video cameras activated as Danchou rested his hands on the pedestal, several Soramaru thugs carrying big, steel cases in their arms walking up behind him. Several members of the KPD were walking up too, and Danchou began to speak.- My name is Danchou Zetsubou, owner of Club Bangwan and investor. The citizens of this city have come to know my face well, as I have had a hand in many endeavors within this city. I am here, tonight, to unveil another endeavor. -He paused for a minute as his thugs opened the steel cases, revealing vials of luminescent green liquid.- The police force within this city is lacking. Not because they themselves are inadequate, but because the crime within this city has evolved. It is time that our fine officers evolved along with them, gain an edge, so to speak. -That was when he nodded to the opened steel cases and the vials inside.- This is a serum, developed by our fine researchers at Kasaihana University. -This was a smooth lie, and the scientists at that university had been paid to go along with it.- It is called the "Z-Human" serum. You all may identify it with a supersoldier fluid. -The crowd, which was growing with more and more civilians coming to watch, gasped collectively and began buzzing with talk. Danchou raised a hand and the crowd fell silent. He seemed to have that effect on people.- This serum has been tested; it is safe, and will give that winning edge to our officers that they need. -A lieutenant walked up to the pedestal, obviously in charge of the exchange. Danchou turned to him and the two shook hands. All of the cameras flashed as they shook and police officers began taking the steel cases. Danchou walked from the pedestal as the lieutentant stepped up onto it and began speaking. He ignored the microphones that were being thrust into his face as he walked inside of his club. He walked across the barren floor and to the staircase. The entire club was ten stories high and Danchou ascended the staircase to the roof access. He pushed the door open and walked to a helicopter that sat on a helipad. A pilot was already inside, watching the conference on the tv built inside. He saw Danchou and began flipping switches, starting it up. Danchou opened the helicopter door and stepped inside.- Club Lahana. -He said and the pilot nodded.- Yes sir. -The helicopter lifted upwards into the air and flew away, news choppers covering Danchou's "escape" as the chopper headed toward District 1. It arrived at Club Lahara minutes later. The chopper couldn't very well park in the street, so, instead, Danchou opened the door to the chopper, and jumped out. He landed on the street on his feet, then he stood and straightened his tie. Sheathed and strapped to his back was a silver katana and, inside of his suit jacket was a vial full of luminescent blue liquid. The perfected Z-Human serum. He walked up to the doors and pushed them open, entering slowly.-

DarkKeyome: My eyes scanned the area eying those that had entered. I gotta say... im fucking exhausted. I scratched my head as I made my way to the bar to see some guy walk off tipping off the bartender. Fucking... Chinese? I walked over to the bartender, my shades hung over my eyes as I smoked my cigarette. “ Yo..” I said sizing her up. “ Fuck is that guy?” Surprisingly... this was my first time seeing him. I... don’t like strangers one bit. I stood up and the bartender spoke out to me in her light voice. “ I don’t know, but I gave him my number, you should get some tips from him keyome. You know most guys that bring there Yakuza' wannabe asses in here never get my number.” She bit her lip eying the dude, and I eyed her. “ Yeah yeah. “ I said laughing and shaking my head. “ Keep up the good work Alright?” I said to her. “ Sure thing Mr. Tasanagi.” I walked off from the bar eying the guy. I don’t like new faces as I was eying him, and then.. I saw that man enter. The demon.. that fucking Danchou or whatever. That guy's a fucking lunatic... my leg is still fucked. I hadn’t been paying attention to where I was going. Circling around the club I had tripped over someone falling face first in the person crotch I stood up quickly looking around, my hands patting my legs and jacket down trying to play it off. My shades sat in the woman’s lap. “ Ahh, shit um my ba-........” Holy... fuck baskets of artificial dick womanly pleasure products. My eyes locked onto the figure before me. I knew this person... how didn’t! Man I had all her pictures! I started acting like a fan boy. Hey... HEY! Fuck you.. judge me how you want im still 18 you dick hole... Anyways. I began to stutter. “ Y-Y-Y-Y-Your! Valentine!, Valentine Leblanche! Holy shit man! I got like, all your photos! H-hey see look. “ A dark blush was on my face. Fuck keyome... stop... stop... this is your conscience, stop you dick head you look like a douche. Oh god, don’t ask her to sign your gun you fuck fac-” Can you sign my gun valentine?!” * sigh* So... yes, I pulled out my gun. I really hate myself. Here I am... pointing a 45ml Pistol at the woman... that I’ve been collecting her photo's under my bed for about 6 months now. Asking her... to sign it. Smooth you douche bag... fucking smooth.

SatsuMasayoshi: Huaidan heard the male, and he recognized him instantly, but gave no indication that he cared for what he had to say. Then his eyes were distracted, the one time that they could ever give his true self away, was because of the man that had recently entered, the one that even the man who had spoke about him with hate had shown signs of discerning emotions. “Huh…” He gasps to himself; he couldn’t help, but stare, “Shit…That the guy whos putting injections into some of KPD’s officers?” He questions inwardly, but outloud accidentally. His head turns to look at his hand which playfully slid his shot glass around, “Fuck me…” He groans, and then another burst of commotion that caught his attention once more, it seemed that some celebrity had been made, but he couldn’t care whatsoever; once more turning back to his shot glass, using it’s reflective properties to spy on the rest of the club-goers without causing too much suspicion. His amber eyes reflected as well, so he could see himself rather clearly; it was a poor sight, one that made him cringe slightly. “Shit-fuck…” He grunts painfully, between the commotion of a celebrity, and knowing that there is an obvious dealer with KPD in the club, he was tensing up only slightly, but enough to make his own mind overly cautious. “Damn…” He groans once more, having stretched his emotions thin, he stands from the bar stool. Heading for a booth no one was sitting in, or near. Perfect resting place to people watch for the greater good of KPD. He practically slid on to the cushion, his arms spreading out across the back support for extra comfort, and to make himself look inconspicuous. He waits for something else to interest him.

DolliesBelle: She'd jump a little in her seat, coming to feel a mans face practically fall into her lap. It was quite the shocker to suddenly have a man in a rather discomforting place. She'd watch the man get up and act like nothing was happening, when clearly it did. She'd look to her lap and picked up the shades that still rested there, holding them up and out toward the man. It was not long before this man went into a stammering mess. From a reconization to a practical fan boy mode. 'O--Oh boy…' she thought to herself, staring at this man with a blank look on her face. She stared at this crazed man before a gun was held out to her. Her reaction was quite common. She put her hands up a bit and stood herself up, furrowing her brows in a bit of confusion. "I---I.. did not bring a marker with me.." She spoke lully, coming to look to the table. "P--Perhaps we can put the weapon down a---and find one.." she nodded a bit, allowing a shy smile to curve upon her lips. She looked around for the moment, trying to keep her cool about the situation at hand. She had never been offered things at gunpoint before. Her blue hues scanned the boy for a moment, coming to place her index find on the nose of the gun, pushing it to the side slightly to show she was trying to be compassionate.

YmmuriStalker: -Danchou's scarred lips turned upwards into a mockery of a smile.- How's that leg of yours feel, Tasanagi? -He said in a low growl. As he strode further into the club, five Soramura thugs followed in suit after him, acting as bodyguards, though it was mainly due to appearances. Danzou had no need of bodyguards. He looked around and shook his head. Most people were at the press conference that was still going on, but this place still had some people in it. Danchou raised a hand and one of his bodyguards produced a pistol.- I hope you won't mind me chasing off what little customers you have, Tasanagi, but we have some things to discuss. -His yellow eyes fell onto the figure that Tasanagi was busy ogling over. Hm, Danchou knew her. Valentine Leblanche. He shook his head as the boy fawned over her, took the pistol from his bodyguard, and lifted the gun.- I apologize, fine clubbers of Kasaihana, but I'm afraid I must cut into your good time. -He fired the gun once, at the ceiling, intending to clear out anyone that wasn't involved with the Yakuza, or, in his case, the Triad. He cared not if that action made him a target, or even if anyone called the police. They would not come, not when he was involved, and he welcomed any attack upon his person, for he would crush them. His yellow eyes looked about as he reached into his suit jacket, and drew the vial full of the perfected Z-Human serum.-

KimiKatsu: Curiousity. It's what brought her back to CLub Lahana. The 18 year old chairman was more interesting than she thought. That and... she also forgot to extend a proper invitation to her club to him and whomever he wished to bring. Kirei made her way into the club gracefully with Beavis in her arms. Just as she opened the door, people pushed past her to get out. They looked like they were in a hurry. Maybe even a little scared. "What the hell?" She whispered softly. That's when her eyes locked on the men with guns. What was going on? Kirei stepped off to the side, her eyes still on the men as she instinctively stayed quiet. For once, Beavis wasn't squirming in her arms. He was just staring at the men who seemed to be posing a threat to everyone and anyone.

Pallas: -Donnie sits in the chair at home in the dark not really doing mch of anything. He has a glass of Scotch in his hand as he sits there in the silence. Then he feels a vibration in his right leg as he digs in his pocket for his phone. He grabs it and instantly sees-"Meet at Club Lahana."-He groans a bit at the thought of returning to that club after last night. Then he chuckles to himself and says-"Maybe I'll get to shoot someone again haha"-He gets up and puts the glass in the sink after he finishes what is left inside and walks over to his room. He grabs his suit and puts it on with a blank face and doesn't bother to grab a tie. He then goes to his door where he keeps his weapons and puts his Desert Eagle straped to his shoulder, his Baretta and combat knife to his hips, and then his two Gasoline filled katanas on his back as he was ready to head out. He heads outside and shuts the door behind him. He jumps from the ledge and lands right next to his car, the 69 GTO Judge. He gets inside and begins to drive over to the club. Speeding the entire way and drifting around the corners he gets to the club in half the time it would usually take someone. He parks his car across the street from the club and lights a cigarette. As he gets out of the car he leaves the cigarette in his mouth and begins to walk towards the club. Cars stop as he blocks their path. Honking their horns at him but he didn't give a shit. He opens the doors with both hands and already sees Danchou's bodyguards and he chuckles to himself. He forces his way up to where Danchou is and he would ask-"What are we doing here Boss man?"-He keeps the cigarette in his mouth as he waits and looks at the people who are exiting the club. Then releasing a cloud of smoke into the air he thinks about last night and laughs.-"Perfect time to kill someone haha"-

SatsuMasayoshi: Huaidan was sitting with his head hung low, it might’ve been too obvious that he was napping a bit, but the weapon discharge was like his alarm clock, “Damn…” He grunts, awaking just in time to hear the man’s suggestion to the club-goers. Huaidan seemed unnerved, unaffected, and still ever relieved of the emotion of caring. “Fucking creeps…Get hard-ons by being a bunch of gun toting wannabe bad asses, and expect for everyone to be their bitches…Fuck them…” He comments inwardly, once more, his irritation with such overt acts of violence just to get a point across irked him to no avail of settling him down emotionally, but his exterior appeared to be fairly calm. His posture was determined by his want, not his thoughts, so he wanted to be calm, he was thinking to get up, and beat the shit out of someone; but that’s very rude. Huaidan simply stays seated, not showing any signs of so much as a fidget to the man’s one sided command. Huaidan wanted to see what he would do if he simply sat, since it was obvious he expected someone to be violent, hasty, or do as he says; if he did none of the three choices laid out before him, there’s two ways it could end for him: He made an appeal, or he ended up in a body bag, he cared not which, just that his assignment ended somehow.

HatakeHajime: From the office, Hajime would peer out, looking through the one way glass screen that stood over the bar. From here, Hajime could see everything and everyone in his club. “Oi?” Hajime asked himself staring at his Oyabun acting like a fan boy. “The hell’s that?” Hajime asked himself. He clicked the dial button on the side. After ringing for a second, Hajime spoke into the microphone. “Oye, Oyabun.” Hajime began to his boss through the communication set. “Who is that broad?” The Aniki asked with concern in his voice, “..And why are you pointing your .45 at her?” Hajime was surprised to see his boss’s gun out so soon in the night. He didn’t know what kind of fight there would be, but Hajime ran into the office to grab his AA12. After grabbing that, Hajime left the office from behind the screen and locked the door behind him. He awaited for his boss’s reply as he keep his view through the one way screen.

DarkKeyome: I was about to ask her for her number instead when my ears twitched. My eyes scanned the area again. My once fan boyish nature was broken to the sound of a gunshot round blast off, and the scream of the people rushing out. One guy brushed past keyomes shoulder talking to his friend. “ I fucking love this place! Told you people die her, get shot all the time! Its such a fucking thrill!” His friend looked at him as they were running. “ No...SCREW THAT Shit! I’m never coming back to place again, are you shitting me?!” I watched them run off. And my expression had densed... it became stern almost angry. I turned to Danchou. “ You know, you could a just told me to let everyone leave, you didn’t have to put holes in my roof. “ I crossed my arms. And I pressed the ear piece on my ear that was a gauge I had it made last night so me and hajiame could communicate. “ Just a misunderstanding. Get down here, our brother clan has something to discuss with us.” I pressed the button on the earring and looked back at him waiting for my response.

DolliesBelle: She quickly ducked down at the sound of gunshots, coming to watch the scene unfold. People screaming and others running, some even staying. She was at a loss of what was going on and quickly crawled under the table to hide herself; the way her training taught her. " going on?!" she lushly spoke, a small stammer in her tone as she looked around, seeking answers.

HatakeHajime: Hajime ran down the steps in a panic with his shotgun in his hand. Hajime was ready to blow ahead off—or seven. Whatever number he felt he needed to. In any case, Hajime followed his boss’s orders to the letter, running down the steps. As he ran through the running crowd of people, Hajime adjusted his vest—which was worn underneath his shirt and his blazer. Within a moment, Hajime stood beside his Oyabun. “Present and accounted for, Bossu.” Hajime said with a slight grin on his face. Hajime awaited his next order that would come from the young Oyabun’s mouth Hajime was ready to do anything here to keep his boss safe.

KimiKatsu: Kirei moved a bit further off to the side and made her way over to a couch. She seated herself slowly. For just showing up, she could already feel the tension. It was quite overwhelming. Beavis shifted n her lap uncontrollably and looked up at Kirei. A soft whimper left his small muzzle. "This is how the big dogs play, B. Just be silent and stay in this spotunless mommy say otherwise." She smiled down at the pup and his eyes seemed to sparkle with trust and love. In the next moment both pairs of eyes were back on the source of the commotion.

YmmuriStalker: -Danchou lowered the pistol and gave it back to his bodyguard, then placed a hand behind his back while holding the vial in the other.- Yes, well, people would not have listened. I know full well how people are while they are caught within a club's atmosphere. -He exhaled slowly.- About time you decided to join us, Donnie. -He said without turning as his second walked through the doors.- I'm pleased to annouce that you may do what you like from now on. -He finally turned and gave Donnie a wolfish smile.- The police can no longer touch us. -He extended the vial to one of his bodyguards, who took it, then offered it to Donnie. Danchou cracked his neck.- Donnie, you know what that is. Hold on to it, but do not drink it. -His eyes ran over everyone still in the club.- Not just yet, anyway. -He crossed his arms.- As I am sure you've heard, Tasanagi, I've just given the good officers of our city a generous donation. That fluid that you saw on television is indeed the Z-Human serum, the thing that can give humans extraordinary capabilities. However, you didn't really think I would give them such a thing for little cost, did you? -He laughed.- What they have as a defective strain. It will give them superhuman capabilities, but it will also deform them, decrease other functions. In short, I've rather crippled the police force rather than upgrading it. -He jerked a thumb at the vial of blue luminescent fluid.- That is the perfected Z-Human serum. Capable of bestowing great strength, speed, and mental function. However, there IS a side effect that I could not work out..... -He looked at Donnie again.- I am going to ask you to drink ot, but, before you do, I will warn you. The gamma radiation that was used to temper and ferment the chemicals in the serum causes some damage to skin pigamentation on a molecular level. In layman's terms, your skin will become extremely sensitive to sunlight. Now... -He lifted a hand.- This may sound like vampirism, but I assure you, you won't burn to a crisp. Unless exposed to direct sunlight for hours. So, the choice is yours. -He turned back to the two in front of him.-

DarkKeyome: “ Wait, what?! That guys a fucking loose cannon!? Do what he wants are you out of your fucking mind?!” I eyed him, then eyed his 2nd. This is bullshit if I ever saw it. “ And, wait wait wait. Slow the fuck down.” My hands were getting animated waving around as I spoke. “ The fuck... do you mean the cops cant touch you huh? Danchou how long have you been investing in this project. This is sick man...” I eyed him, whatever resepct I had for him was depleting by the minute. “ That shit is right dog. Hell no it isnt, what would the old chairmen say that your gonna be feeding that shit to yourself, and possibly the family. We're brother clan... I dont know if I can let you do this man..” Me eyes scanned on him, and the vial... shit man, that shit... It must have been what happened to those cops. “Donnie... no, dont.. Drink that shit man... Dont.. it's not good for you.”

Pallas: -he takes the vile and listens as his boss man describes the drug and the downsides to it. But hearing what it could do for was an all to easy decision. He clutches the vile and drinks it. Then he smashes the vile on the ground as it tasted horrible.-"Fuck motherfucking son of a titty sucking two balled bitch! That shit tastes terrible."-He had drank all of the serum and looked over to Danchou. He felt it go into his stomach and ask-"When do I start to feel the effects of the Serum?"-He puts his hand on his stomach and coughs a bit from the taste. Then he looks to the people who still remained in the club and laughed. Looking at Danchou he says-"It's grow up with Captain America on the big screen...never thought I'd actually be him hahaha."-He laughs and looks at the people not giving a shit if they laughed at his joke or not. On the insid he was waiting to see if the effects would kick in soon or later. Then he looked up to Keyome and say-"Youre fucking right Im a loose the likes of you. I am gunna have my fun of doing what I want now. hahaha. Until I am told not too...I wont give to shits to what any one outside of Danchou has to say. hahaha"-He then cracks his neck and waits to hear from Danchou.-"Besides...what the fuck do I do during the daytime anways hahaha."-

NamikazeSoudai: She giggled and clapped her hands from the commotion, she was young looking girl of what many assumed was a high schooler, why she was allowed inside was a mystery unless someone took the time to think about it.. She probably had connections to the owner or one of the workers that permitted her in, she didn't bother anyone in here though and spent her money. She had a knife from the cleaned off plate where previous her mac n cheese meal had been, playing with it in her hand none threateningly it seemed, though it could take someone down if she wanted it to. She was thinking it was funny and clapping? A odd way to act, but for anyone who knew her in here they probably knew she was a druggie, the effects which changed her personality and how one should normally act in situations. She would have been in here still if she didn't do drugs and this was a place where she could get them or drinks, it was her job to listen to conversations and this was a place for people to have them.. The way she acted right now, one couldn't tell if she was listening or in her own little fantasy in her mind, maybe a bit of both. She was Nami "Lolipop" Kibou, her nickname coming from either the unusual hair color or more likely the lolipops she always had in her mouth, she was small but looked about that age that dangled on wondering if she was legal or not to have sexual relations with. She was beautiful, though the signs of a druggie were there often, sweating, nervousness, skinniness from forgetting to eat.. "Daytime has the sun!" She giggled out randomly, her ears picking up a conversation. Her hand was moving down up and her thigh a little, enjoying the touch, but she wasn't too drugged at the moment that she would jump anyone, but the way she say with eyes being able to see into her skirt suggested otherwise.

YmmuriStalker: -Danchou's eyes flashed at the mention of the old chairman.- I am Chairman now. I do what I must to further my clan and my people. That's all I do. You say that this is sick, but you tell me, what have you done to further your own clan? I have invested billions into this. And this is not the only thing that my team has developed... -He reached into his suit jacket again and produced another vial.- Donnie, as the serum works through your blood, it will start to take effect. The time varies, but within the hour, you will feel it. Now, what I have to say to you... -He lifted the vial to his lips and downed it, then continued as if nothing happened.- is that the police will have their own situations to deal with. Any business you have to conduct should be done now, while they are distracted with it. And... You will watch what you say about my subordinate. If you think that he is a 'loose cannon' that he is 'bad'. -He grinned wolfishly as the serum started to take hold.- It pales in comparision to my own ruthlessness. Remember that, Tasanagi. Remember that when I hold this city in the palm of my hand. -He lifted his hand and curled it into a fist to emphasize. He lifted his head.- Anyone that wishes to partake of the Z-Human serum, contact my aide Kairi about it, for I will start selling the perfected strain soon. -He crushed the glass vial in his hand.-

KimiKatsu: "What the fuck? Z-Human serum?" Kirei looked at Donchou and Donnie like they were crazy. It was one thing to shoot up with steroids, but this? This was about 20 times lower. Her eyes narrowed as she let this situations reality sink in. THe whole the palm of his hand? His dirty hand? Kirei shook her ead slowly. Beavis, sensing her emotions, huffed loudly and barked. The pup leaned against her, but kept his eyes on Donchou and his men.

Pallas: -He nods at what Donchou says and loks at his watch, keeping his hand close to his Desert Eagle. Then as he hears the sound of a cocked gun he remembers what happened last night. He quickly wastes no time and draws the weapon at Keyome. He moved with his normal swiftness as the Serum did not take effect yet but he was not about to let himself of Danchou get shot by some guy hiding behind a window. He points the gun dead shot onto Keyomes head. Any sudden movement fom him would be an easy headshot kill as he says-"You wanna bring your gunner down, Keyome? It's like you clan right..."-He does not sway the gun at all as he calculated the ellapsed time it would take for the shooter to pull his trigger and the time it would take to pull his own. Wether or not he was shot or not, he would take Keyome out with him. The gun was already aimed and ready to fire, it would only be dumb for the shooter to take a shot. Donnie had the upperhand in this situation and if Keyome was smart, he would call the shooter down. He doesn't take his eyes off of Keyome and hopes that Donchou would take some precaution as to the situation at hand. Then as he hears the woman talk in a disrepectful tone, he thinks to himself-"When this shit is over Im gunna kill that bitches dog just because I can."-He then waits to see what else happens in the situation from Keyo.-

DarkKeyome: I eyed him.... I eyed them both. How could they do this, Man.... this shit, just realllllyy fuckin grinds my nuts. I clenched my fist as I eyed down the barrel of his gun, fuck this gun shit doesn’t scare me. This anus mouth bastard thinks I haven’t been in situations like this before. “....” Donnie spoke to me, like our clan didn’t fight together in the slave revolt. Danchou insulted me... like our clans first leaders weren’t brothers from the start, like our history our hard work didn’t matter. The first thing that came to mind... Was to grab my gun, and shoot.... and keep shooting but no. That's what the fucking average thug would do. I heard the laughter of someone in the background.... in a odd way it calmed me. I took a deep breathe, and realsed my fist in the clench that it was once in. “Danchou, Chairmen of the Soramaru clan. Donnie, Aniki of the Soramaru clan, my clan brothers.” I eyed the men before. My old Chairmen... he was a kind man he was like my father, after my father died. “ I wont... stand around, and allow you to simply distribute such a product in our streets...” I looked to Hajime, and then back at the floor at the two men. “ I say this with the utmost respect when I say... that you please exit the area.... Were closing early tonight...” I said to the man. “ We.. will speak on this, another time.” My voice was calm. But... I was pissed fuming. But.... at the same time. I didn’t want to fight, not today. I had enough shit on my place.

HatakeHajime: Hajime looked to the two men and then back at his Oyabun, Tasanagi. He noticed how his boss was handling the situation at hand. Hajime sheathed his gun back onto his back and stroked his chin and his side burns. “You’re right, Bossu. It does seem like an early night.” Hajime said with quite the frown of anger on his face. Hajime’s reluctance to put his gun away drove him mad inside. It was as if Hajime was breaking the Yakuza code himself. The two men disrespected his turf and what’s worse, the two disrespected his Oyabun. Hajime felt that this act was unforgivable and counted the two men lucky that Keyome didn’t give the order to blow them away with his AA12. Hajime instead took out a tooth pick and placed it in his mouth to chew on to maybe get rid of the stress. He and his Oyabun had too much to take care of without having to deal with these two loons on the premises. Hajime looked over to his boss again for reassurance, hoping what he did was the right thing to do.

YmmuriStalker: -Danchou's bodyguards had all brought out weapons of their own, automatic pistols. Danchou cracked his gloved knuckles.- You will not allow me to distibute such a product? Tasanagi, you are mistaken. I intend to sell this only to people within the clans. But, as you wish. -Danchou had made no move to go for any weapon of his own. He shook his head and turned around.- Fine. We shall go. You would do well to join me in my endeavers instead of fighting against me, Tasanagi. I am not a man you want to make an enemy of. And in case you forget that, I remind you to think about how that leg of yours feels. -He continued to walk on, fearlessly. His bodyguards had their guns trained on the two men looking down at them, prepared to fire. Danchou exited out into the night air. As expected, a black limo was parked outside, with Kairi as the driver. The door was open. Danchou stepped in.- How did that go? -Kairi asked him. Danchou shrugged- As I expected. Our men are in position? -Kairi nodded.- Yeah boss. -Danchou's expression suddenly turned primal and he started laughing.- Then Donnie had best get out of there quickly. -He said with a grin as his five bodyguards piled in with him.-

NamikazeSoudai: "They should take guns away at the front door.." She commented to herself, laying back on the couch and rubbing lightly agaisnt it occasionally. She didn't carry guns but she knew them well, one of the trainings she went through and not at the high school she pretends to be a student at. She did enjoy her pretend role of a student, getting lessons that she didn't get before, having friendships that their was no time for, the drugs too was nice. "Omahgod that fish is yellow!" She said looking up at the fish tank.

DarkKeyomeDarkKeyome : I shook my head sitting down at the bar. My hands pressed against my face as I shook my head. “ When, the tides of war turn to blue will sin become all a new..” He said sighing. “ When suns of war drown in red.... then will satan be truly fed.” He looked down at a cup. “ The fuck happened to this Yakuza? Asking me what i've done for my clan? Why dont you go ask all the kids lives ive said with my programs... its not about your clan. The Yakuza was meant to help the community in there own way... “ He closed his eyes, placing another cig into his mouth. “ They don’t know honor...” lighting the tobacco product. My eyes scanned up to the girl flipping her shit. “ The fuck is she on.... I need some of that shit right now...” I said shaking my head.

HatakeHajime: Hajime delivered to himself a hardy face palm. He looked over to his boss, and followed promptly. As he sat with his Oyabun by the bar, he too noticed the hyped up female on the other side of the room. “Dunno, Bossu.” Hajime began. “…but I think you need to go up to the office and smoke one. If not, you should probably have a drink to loosen you up.” Hajime was concerned for his Oyabun, and wanted to help him in the best possible way he could. Hajime hopped over the counter. He opened the drawer behind the counter and picked up a nice packet of tea. From there, Hajime would put the tea into the brewer and grab some milk from the mini fridge beneath the counter. After retrieving the milk, he poured some into the brewer, and placed a cup below the dispenser. Before long, the tea was made, and Hajime slid it to his Oyabun.

KimiKatsu: Kirei held Beavis and scratched at the top of his head lightly. "That" She sighed gently, unable to really gather words to describe what had just unfolded within the club. Her eyes locked on the chairmen and she stood with Beavis tight in her arms. She began to calmly make her way over to him and smiled a bit. "Well, well. You seem to have better control of yourself than Donchou." She said as she approached them.

NamikazeSoudai: She jumped up from her couch and went over to the door, she was too short apparently for her head to reach over it, but her arms could reach. She placed down some money and spoke up, "Vodka and sprite please mr bartender" She asked for, looking to her right at the pinked hair woman, she was very cute in her dress with those tattoos. Oh god she wanted to touch her tattoos for some reason, it was scratching at her to do so..She took a few steps closer to the woman, pretending not to do so though..

HatakeHajime: After sliding the tea over to his boss, Hajime heard the voice of a girl at the bar. It was the girl whom his Oyabun and he thought was tweaking. “Oye, kiddo.” Hajime began with his rough voice. “Are you over old enough to drink?” Hajime chuckled a little bit to himself as he walked over to the tea brewer with a packet of vanilla chai. He put the tea inside of the brewer with some milk—as he did with his Oyabun’s, and proceeded to walk back. As he awaited the girl’s answer to his question, Hajime kept an eye on his drink brewing. After all that commotion, Hajime needed refreshment too. That shit was just wild.

YmmuriStalker: -Kairi spoke from the front.- Sir, Donnie has evacuated the premises. -Danchou bowed his head.- Good then. -He took a cell phone from his suit pocket, flipped it open, and pressed a number on speed dial. Someone spoke to him and Danchou smiled brightly.- Yes men. You may fire. -Dozens upon dozens of Soramaru thugs spilled out from alleyways, prowled out onto rooftops, and peered out from windows. All of them were garbed in black military gear, fitted with infrared goggles, kevlar vests, and black ops masks. They also brought guns, heavy assault rifles, automatic weapons, and even some with RPGs. They turned these weapons upon Club Lahara, and began firing. Bullets upon bullets ripped toward the club, as well as grenades, and missiles. Danchou whistled and switched on some classical music as this little operation took place.- I do hope that they realize that this was nothing personal, it's just business. -His bodyguards were looking at him incredulously. One swallowed hard and spoke.- Er, boss... They was your brotha clan, you really gonna wipe em out? -Danchou shrugged.- I don't brook competition or threats. All of you know this.

DarkKeyome: I nodded, taking the tea that was served up. “ Thanks, yo Haj... i've known you for awhile now huh? Since we were lil ants running around district 1. Ahh yeah, I remember when my pops would have to do some work, and we'd hang out around the park talking the girls. “ I drunk some of the tea. “ Pops, used to always talk about code. Haha, and rules. But his wife was black. Hahahaha. I remember his Yakuza friends giving him hell.” I smiled shaking my head as the exotic dancer spoke to me. “ Ha... no, it wasnt that... I just... I just didnt wanna fight today..It'd be pointless...” My ears rung as I heard something ring. No.. this motherfucker...” Fuck! Haji! Duck!” Out of instinct I gripped Kirei, tossing her over the counter on strength alone, possibly making her smash into Haji hopefully. I saw the girl the smaller one out of the corner of my eye. As I had tossed Kirei over I had attemtped to tackle the smaller girl. Gripping her in a tumble roll. My arm and back was getting nipped by bullets racing by slicing my arms and taking off small chunks around my lower back as I lay over the smaller woman or girl or whatever. I looked around us.... our men... getting ripped apart... You.. You have to be kidding me! “ FUUUCCKKKKK!!!!!!” the bullets ripped by madly. A massive explosion rocked the top of the establishment... large rocks falling down. “ Haji! Hajiameeee!!! We have to get to the office! Hajiameee!!! Lets movee!!” I said gripping the girl in my grip as I rushed us up there stairs. Bullets ripping through the walls... I got nipped two more times before I made it to the office door kicking it open waiting by the door for my friends. “ C'monnn!”

HatakeHajime: As Hajime was pulled into the back by his Oyabun, he got grazed once or twice in the arm. “Ow! Damn it all!” Hajime called out as he ran. Hajime took hold of the woman who was sitting next to his Oyabun. “Kirei, come!” Hajime pulled the woman’s arm as the trio made a running train into their office. *Panting Noises*. After making it into the office with his two friends, Hajime would lock the door, and activate the security sequence. A large metal polymer door slid from the wall like a vault door. Hajime ran right over to the gun cabinet and popped everything open. All of a sudden, guns would pop out from everywhere. Shelves were flipped. Book cases opened. Whatever could hide a gun in that room, did hide a gun in it. Not caring who saw him female or not, Hajime stripped down and changed into his sniper outfit. Complete with bullet proof whatever he could wear, Hajime strapped his sniper onto his back, his AA12 onto his back, and whatever machine guns he could find. Hajime walked over to the desk inside the office and hit some buttons on the dial pad. The screen asked for voice recognition and a password. “Jingi.” Hajime said to the interface as he shut the dial pad away. The screen read ‘Very Good, Master Hajime.’ Hajime then popped open the door on the ceiling which led to the roof of the club. As the machine gun turrets fired outside of the front doors of the club as part of the security sequence, Hajime made his ascension up onto the roof silently as he cocked his sniper rifle. Hajime stayed low, low enough that no one would see him Hajime would line up his shot. He was ready for blood as punishment for this act of vicious disregard for the Yakuza’s Code of Ethics. Using the turrets as a distraction—which would surely gain the attention of anyone who could see it, as the turrets were pretty loud and noticeable—Hajime would fire his suppressed rifle round right at the head of Donchou the Yakuza Lord of the Soramaru, a Clan that Hajime once respected. They were dogs to him now. Hajime would fire three more rounds from his rifle chamber as sure no man, superhuman or not, could dodge four high-velocity sniper bullets.

NamikazeSoudai: She was to reply to the man who spoke to her but the first sound oh a barrage of weapon fire and her training kicked in for it's reaction. But before she could jump over the counter, possibly save a bottle of orange vodka, a man landed ontop of her. "Mmmm well hello." She giggled, her hand gripping the knife thinking at first that it was a inside attack, not realizing it was coming from the outside at first but it was easy to learn. The man was kind enough to protect her from bullets while they pricked at him, avoiding vital areas it seemed due to their position on the ground. When they rose, her arm got hit, snapping her from comical happy streak. "Ow fuck!" She cried, looking to her arm seeing the blood come down her arm. She was brought into a room with three other people, including her rescuer. When all the guns showed up she was really really tempted to break cover and show her skills in using a few of them but she held her ground. It sure was nice of them to include her in surviving..She watched the man undress, her eyes clearly focused on him now, her escasty really tempting her to jump him right now..But put more clothes back on. "Those poor fishes.." She mumbled, looking at the others wondering if they too were going to mechinize themselves with weapons. She leaned agaisnt the desk, letting her arm bleed down forming a puddle, the drugs didn't really have her feeling the pain at too high a level.

DarkKeyome: I rested against the walls of the office. I was bleeding pretty bad. I shook my head watching as Haji was gearing up. “ Brother clan.... Brother clan.... Brother clan.... Brother clan...” I kept saying it to myself. Almost as if... you know I had lost my mind. Maybe I had... ever since I’ve been chairmen... it's been stressful. This was a grown man's job... maybe I wasn’t ready. I pulled myself up... I think I got shot... 4 times... and was nipped like 9.. I was bleeding all over pretty bad. I heard the shooting stop. It sounded like a war out there. Why would he do this, were Brother clans... Limp, I gripped my pistol after the shooting stopped. I didn’t care... I didn’t give two shits anymore. It only took me 5 minutes to get out of the club... it looked like hell. But yes, they never stated how long it took for them to get out so im going to assume, that by the time I was outside the soldiers were just now leaving the area. My 45 in hand. I aimed and shot one of them that was leaping over a fence right in the neck... One of them was running down the street... kinda slow. I shot him twice, my first bullet rocked him in the knee cap making him cut a front flip. As he was tumbling over in the air I manged a head shot. Swinging in a 360 motion I staggered again. One of them had turned around attempting to fire at me before I fired at him. I was walking towards him... I shot twice... nothing came out.. I tossed my gun to the side walking to him like a zombie. He fire at me with the assault rifle but he ran out after 4 shots. He had other weapons on him, but he didn’t have enough time to use em I had already made my to him. He pulled out a knife, swinging it up... the blade made its mark, it slit my right shoulder. I smirked and cocked my head back and headbutted the solider right in the head.... I shattered his skull... I know I did... I turned to my right. 4 of the men had saw what I did... they tried to save there comrade. To late. They got within 6 feet of me.. my battle range. With a roundhouse kick to the neck I severed ones spine from connection with his brain.... dead... I don’t like to kill.... but... this was my job... im nothing but a fucking gangster. The solider slashed at me 4 times... got me got across my stomach. I gripped his neck... and lifted him up above my head slamming him into the floor and mounting the dude ufc style. I began to wail him in the face... over... and over. The crunching noises echoed in the air. The cops pulled up... watching me brutally murder the man... smashing my fist in his head... over.... and over... and over...

HatakeHajime: Looking down at the turrets and the man who shot the weapons, Hajime would see what the turrets did to those it picked up at a bit of a distance. The bloody massacre happened. A couple of RPG’s were fired at the club and it sustained a multitude of damage, but with the rate of fire, and speed among the many thousands of rounds fired by the turret security system, there is no way that more than that could even fire from their launchers. Hajime smiled as he drew back a smidge to watch from a safer call. He awaited his Oyabun as he stared upon the wreckage. The turrets were stopped upon sensing Keyome’s ear piece. Hajime sent a call to his Oyabun on his own visor piece. “Oyabun, get here. We can’t have you in prison, We need to go, I’m startin up the copter.” Hajime said as he ran to the copter and revved it up.

KimiKatsu: It seemed that things were only getting worse. Especially because she could hear faint sirens in the distance. Kirei kept her grip on Beavis firm as she called out the window to Keyome. "I'm out, Small Fry. If you need me, you know where to find me. Or call. You're not as bad as Donchou." Then, she whirled around and zipped out of the office. Her heels clicked and clacked heavily against the floor as she scrambled for the shot up front doors. She prayed there were no more men out there to pick her off. Right as she got outside, she ran to her car. One of the windows had taken so much damage that it had shattered. She threw Beavis in threw the window while yelling for him to unlock the car. The pup jumped into the driver seat and pressed down on the lock button. Kirei jumped into the driver's side of the vehicle quickly and kept her head down as she pulled out her keys and jammed them into the ignition. She would have to take back roads and ride through emtpier streets. Once her Durango roared to life, she sped off. Not only was she pissed about almost dying and bleeding on her new outfit, she had to put her car back in the shop AND she had to worry about Doncho and his clan.