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Beautiful Japanese Music - Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful Japanese Music - Cherry Blossoms


♦"As you draw your last breath...remember me."♦
♦"Geisha isn't just a person it's a life style"♦
♦"Don't take me lightly."♦

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Lady Amai
Golden Lotus


04/15/2136 (Age: 20)






134 lbs

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♥ Amai Yoake is a vaguely simple girl. She tends to stay silent but she speaks loudly with her facial and body expressions. She is very protective of her girls and can't stand cheapskates or people with loud mouths. She has a soft but firm way of speaking which gave her the nickname of Hageshi or "Fierce". On the other hand, She can be a great ally who stands by her supporters and will lend them a hand if they need it but will not tolerate moochers. She is all-in-all a ruler with an iron fist and a heart of gold. She currently faces a slight sense of hostility against unknown people due to an assassination attempt at times she can be quite blunt. ♥ 


Amai  has long black hair that is usually worn down to compliment her baby like face due to her Asian heritage. She has light brown eyes and lips as pink as if she wears lip gloss daily. She wears a red kimono that she keeps her fans, dagger and other items with her at all times. She has a small frame, one that reminds one of Barbie dolls. 

~Hageshi, Amai's alter ego, usually had her long black hair tied into braid that lays on her chest. She wears a generally tight black outfit with slight cuts. Her mouth is covered with a mask that is specially crafted to filter air that is safefor her and provides her with a more pure form. The waste is then expelled into a very thin almost invisible  mist. She also holds a special sword that is from the Yoake bloodline given to her by her grandfather. She may wear school girl uniforms due its look and comfortability~

  • Young Amai Yoake (age of 13)
  • Drawing of Amai Yoake
  • Amai with her School uniform
  • Hageshi (Amai) in Geisha clothing
  • Hageshi (Amai) In school uniform
  • Hageshi (Amai) suited in her usual wear

Clan & RankEdit

Wakahisa Clan (Geisha Clan) ~

What district do you live in?Edit

*Southern District 2*

Building Anime Landscape 01

Geisha Main home




Dance instructor ~ Head lady of Geisha Houses

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~ The weapon style of using Battle fans; in the times of its creation, fans of iron base were often used for parrying and attacks. Upon her studies as a young girl, Amai has developed her skill in this area quite well. Her movements are swift and full of power even when it make seem as if most of her movements have no purpose. These attacks are like a "dance"

Ogawa Ryu TessenJutsu - Nihon Me to Sanbon Me

Ogawa Ryu TessenJutsu - Nihon Me to Sanbon Me

Amai's basic attacks shown by woman


-  the martial arts, strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare. Utilizing subgroups of this art: {Taijutsu: Body oriented attacks /Kenjutsu: Sword orientated attacks/ Shurikenjutsu: tool related attacks/ Shinobi-iri- art of  stealth/ Bo-ryaku- Art of strategy/ Chi-mon- Geography/ Ten-mon~> Meterology} These are all in turn used for assassination and stealth.



Amai's attacks shown by Ayane (Purple haired girl)

Perks Obtained:Edit

Enhanced Fanmanship

The ability to to wield fans with high prowess. Users are able to demonstrate fluid and graceful proficiency for the way of the fan. Also, capable of air based attacks. If bladed, enhanced assassination techniques. Due to this perk and Amai's superior knowledge, She can effectively redirect wind and human force into her techniques either as defense or offensive attacks.

Peak Human Celerity

The ability to have better celerity than that of the average human; which in terms, maximizes the user's agility, reflexes, speed and accuracy. User is able to move in any physical way flawlessly.

Pride Empowerment

-  The ability to be empowered by pride. User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by the power of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing existing powers. May even be able to draw sustenance from it and even slow aging.

Weapon of ChoiceEdit


characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. It has historically been associated with the samurai of feudal Japan. Her family are descendants of great samurai warriors. Passed down the family to first children, is the sword named "The Kaze Kattā" Made of a thick and dense metal known as Osmium. a transition metal belonging to the platinum family and is considered as one of the densest elements to occur in Nature. It is two times more dense than lead and is marginally denser than iridium. It is bluish gray in color, though sometimes blackish gray variants also exist, very hard and brittle in nature with an extremely high melting point. This makes it a difficult metal for processing. Osmium is highly lustrous and gives off a soft sheen even at night. When used with strong users this sword is barely seen besides its slight glare

Double Fans~

Due to Amai's expertise on these weapons; She has developed a keen liking to them and dwelled into the art of Tessenjutsu- (Art of fanfighting) These double fans, which are the color of red and golden yellow with the Geisha clan's symbol of the sun upon it consisting of a synthetic wood that makes it thicker than that of average trees which increased durability to the point where swords can get stuck into its wood and barely chip it, are always with her and have retractable blades that are coated with a potent poison that when introduced into the blood stream, it causes limp paralysis and causes skin deterioration. If in contact with organ, poison will erode the organ's tissue leading to hemerage. Amai herself is highly immune to this poison due to the constant forms of antidotes that she creates on a months basis due to the shift of the poison's genetic structure.

Throwing knives~

Amai has been highly trained in the art of tool based fighting (Shurikenjutsu) These throwing knives size only to 4 inches of Stainless steel metal. These weapons have a dragon of crimson red running up the hilt and the mouth opening to the blade. It holds her family crest that she herself had created upon her new life as a Geisha way back when. She holds a great speed and precision about these weapons; almost never missing a target.


  1. Andrea Williams
  1. Scorpion   


♣ Amai Shiori Yoake was born on the date of April, 15 2136. Her bloodline traces all the first reconstruction of the city. Her great grandparents both worked as chefs at a local store that they managed to create and keep up; this is where she had created her first Geisha home. In 2136, Her mother had her in District 1, where her mother had worked and earned a living off of selling her body for money and sometimes even food for 7 years. Young Amai was utterly captivated by this other side of beauty that her mother had possessed. However, as she hit the age of 15, her mother had became addicted to heroin and now she strived for drugs and drugs alone which forced Amai to work as a maid in multiple houses in the 2nd District to stay alive. One day her mother grabbed her from her sleep and attempted to sell her for her addiction. Amai was taken away but managed to escape where she was then found and taken into a Geisha house in district 2 where she learned all the tricks of the trade in 4 years she had become and still is the highest reigning Geishas of her time; which often she is referred to the "Golden Lotus" in little than a year she had taken the spot of the chair woman and now successfully rules over a massive Geisha empire and made it her duty crush any who stand in her way and helping those who help in return ♣  

Statbook/Rap SheetEdit


  • D.S: Driving Skill
  • M.A: Martial Arts
  • C.C: Chi Control
StatBook D.S Renown


Speed Combat Stamina Intell.


Ark 13 3/5 5/5 4/5 3/5 4/5 3/5 5/5 3/5 30/45

Roleplay SelectionEdit

  • ARC 13

Arc13 Episode 7: Suprize Suprize Pt.2

Arc13 Episode 8: The Meeting of dogs

Arc13 Episode 10: Whispers in the dark

Arc13 Episode 12: Saving Private Ryoji

Arc13 Episode 21: Yellow Sky

Arc13 Episode 23: Heavy Assassination

Arc 13 Episode 27: Amai's Struggle

Arc 13 Episode 35: Rise of the Phoenix part 1


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