As far as she could remember she had always lived in District 2, or how her father called it, Haven City. She was taught to never leave, no matter what. Even living in District 2 her parents kept tabs on her, limiting the places she could and could not go. They weren’t cautious of her, but of other people. Akio was a very gentle person, one who couldn’t sense when she was in danger. She would never guess someone would want to hurt her. She wasn’t the type of person to let other people down, or say no to someone without reason. Because of her gentle personality, she often smiled a lot. She smiled whenever she was upset or to make someone else happy. She wouldn’t deny that she loved everyone, no matter who they were. Being pretty smart for her age, it wasn’t hard for her. Her eyes, like an open book to her heart, were a bright lathery apple green; caught in the sunlight the color would lighten two shades brighter. She, as often told, had eyes that were like an imitation of her mothers’ and her shoulder length, blushing pink hair from her father; soft and silky to the touch.

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