Aerokinesis is the ability to control and move air. Like the other elements Aerokinesis is specific to a certain person’s chakra abilities. Aerokinesis is Not the control of the element O2 specifically.


People who usually have an alliance with air tend to be very shy or very bold. They are usually very creative and whimsical. 

Basic Abilities

Push: Push is the basic ability of forcing your chakra energy out to make the air around you push like a breeze. Say a baseball being thrown at you, you could send a small current to move it off course some. Lift: Pushing air around to lift small objects and be able to keep them floating for a small amount of time.  

Cleanse: Cleanse is being able to separate the air from other gases that may be in it. Say a dangerous gas or poisonous gas, you could separate them and push the other away. 

Intermediate Abilities

 Deep Breath: Deep breath is the ability to fill your lung with more air than a natural breath would take it and expand your lungs, then you could expel the air with chakra energy. Say if you kiss someone you could force so much air into their lungs that they rip.  

Advanced Abilities

Levitation: Levitation is what it sounds like, forcing enough energy out of your feet or hands to hold your body off of the ground with the force of the air pushing you up. 

Breathless: Breathless is an attack that when you hit someone in the chest with enough chakra energy and force that it pushes the air out of someone’s lungs and makes it hard to breathe.

Secondary Element




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