Jason CaldwellEdit


Raiju Physiology


Rail Barrage:tossing a dozen metal balls into the air Jason manipulates electricity to fire them as a dozen simultaneous railgun blasts at mach 7 trying to pulverize all that stands before him

Execution chamber: manipulating hundreds of metal balls Jason guides them to surround an enemy in a near solid dome Jason firing all of them simultaneously inward at the taget as railgun blasts going mach 7.

Master Spark:Jason gathers the elecricity around him calling lightning down from the sky to fuel his attack firing a single baseball sized mtal ball at the speed of light towards his target.

Quavering lightning:Jason draws electricity into his hand in the shape of a sowrd using it to draw small bits of iron from the land around him to form a blade which vibrates at intensely high speeds to slice through trees and flesh with ease

Cataclysm:The ground is superheated and sprouts into gouts of fire where Jason wills it in some cases if he has more time to prepare he will supeerheat the rock just below the ground melting it and causing a build up of pressure till coulumns of lava burst from the ground

The Rage of Heaven and Hell: casting lighting from the sky and fire from the ground in a twenty by twenty foot square he clashes the two in the middle the supreheated air forming a ball of plasma which explodes in a nova of energy within the twenty by twenty square

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